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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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criticism for democrats about not addressing terrorism at the dnc. we are talking to nato consultants about the threat to the world and why he thinks we will see more attacks right here at home. plus, hillary clinton is set to take the stage after a night of heavy hitters. we're live in philadelphia as the democrats begin to wrap up their four-day convention. and the countdown continues to the olympic games as concerns over safety and health refuse to go away. we are talking with reuters chief brazil suspect. he has been reporting on the conditions of that country. [ music playing ]. >> all right. feeling good on a thursday morning. time to open up the 9:00 hour. socked in for a number of cities around the bay as we pan across san francisco bay from san francisco to the bay bridge
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right there. welcome to "the 9", everybody. alongside sal castaneda, gasia mikaelian, i am mike mibach. the major league all-star soccer game is today in san jose, and a little dead at the top for you. they are going to be at the shoreline amphitheater on the weekend. we will talk soccer a little bit later. first we have to go back east to philadelphia. high-profile speakers at the dnc boosting hillary clinton while taking aim at donald trump as the first woman major party presidential nominee gets ready to address the nation on the last night of this. caroline shively has more from philadelphia. >> reporter: hillary clinton thrilled the crowd at the dnc ahead of the biggest political speech of her life. president obama passing the torch to his former secretary of state last night here in philadelphia. >> there has never been a man or a woman, not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than
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hillary clinton to serve as president of the united states of america. >> reporter: hillary clinton making a surprise appearance on stage with the man who defeated her eight years ago, whose speech followed remarks from her vice presidential pick tim kaine. >> she is ready to fight. she is ready to win. she is ready to lead. >> reporter: the current second in command and clinton's one time potential rival vice president joe biden also speaking to the crowd. >> we all understand what it will mean for our daughters and granddaughters when hillary clinton walks into the oval office as president of the united states of america. it will change their lives. >> reporter: philadelphia adding to its historical significance tonight when clinton formally accepts the democratic nomination. >> in 2016, we are talking about how we are stronger together, and you will hear her flesh out not just what this means from a value standpoint,
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but specific policies. >> reporter: hillary clinton expected to work on her speech through the day today drawing inspiration from her 1996 book, it takes a village. >> protests continue outside the democratic national convention there in philadelphia. >> they have just broken through the barriers, guys. >> one group of protesters broke through a fence. they were arrested. police say some of the protesters are bernie sanders supporters. the ones who broke through the fence were outside agitators. another group burned an american flag and a woman was burned on her leg when she tried to step on the burning flag. >> tonight hillary clinton will wrap up the democratic national convention with her acceptance speech. she will be introduced by her daughter chelsea. aides say hillary clinton will lay out her vision for the future tonight and talk about how she plans to improve the economy and ensure the country's security. >> the dnc has faced criticism
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over its silence on both isis and terrorism in general. according to multiple reports and fact checkers, not one of monday's 61 speakers mentioned isis and there were five mentions on tuesday. last night president obama mentioned it saying, quote, he knows hillary will not relent until isil is destroyed. for the past few days we have been talking with joe thumann, professor of politics at san francisco state university. he is also a consultant to nato focusing on isis and use of social media to recruit and expand terror networks. joe is back with us again. i asked you about the terrorism and how little it was brought up yesterday over the convention. i mean, even pope francis yesterday had some strong words, saying, you know, there is a war going on in our world, although he cautioned that it wasn't a war in religion. as it goes further along with hillary clinton and the dnc. she was a former secretary of state, is it a bigger problem and will it last after the convention if it's not addressed tonight? >> well, i think for the democrats not to talk about it
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is to ignore a global issue. but to this point, i have to say that the convention so far has been, as far as messaging is concerned, really very disciplined. they have made a concerted effort, as we talked about earlier this week, to sort of express these community values. we, not me. us, not i. that sort of thing. we are thinking about the group. and they have been very inclusive of a broad number of people, backgrounds including, by the way, republicans getting lots of prominent mention and independent voters and last night people who are progressives being singled out. in terms of issues now, the discussion and focus on terrorism has not been as front forward as it has been for the republicans, and you can bet going forward, given the proliferation of these signs of attacks, including the outrageous attack in a church and killing of a priest during the service, you know, one of the problems, by the way, with
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terrorism, the terrorists learned that in order to generate news coverage, which they need, they have to progressively do more and more outrageous things. after a while, if you keep doing the same thing, we in news media stop paying attention. it goes from page 1 to 32 and sometimes we don't cover it. killing of a priest is the series in more outrageous things. the fact that it wasn't mentioned at the convention was newsworthy. it's as if inside the convention they were thinking about other things when the public is focused on that. >> do you think fear of terrorist attacks, fear of traveling, fear that americans and other people around the world have, but americans helped donald trump? he has been talking about it more, it seems. he talked about it a lot more in his convention. do you think that helps the republicans? >> the fact that they seem focused on that does. and the arguments that he is making specifically, i mean probably the best argument he has, because it's unfair, i think, to blame the existence
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of isis on hillary clinton or something like that, but his argument with reference to the conditions in libya. libya, by the way, is a target now for daesh, as i prefer to call them, to develop. daesh exist and they prosper in nations with failed governments. >> did it exist in libya before gaddafi -- >> no, it came afterwards. the linkage to clinton, is made by publications like the "new york times." it was miss clinton who persuaded president obama so trust the libyan rebels to say they could fill the space after gaddafi was gone. they overpromised and underdelivered. he might not have gone along with that had she not recommended it. that's a legitimate criticism. but in terms of daesh specifically, as they are losing ground today in syria and iraq, they lose militarily in the face to face combat that's going on.
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they are likely to expand their messaging through social messages, to singular actors around the planet, as you have seen. frankly, that's as effective as taking that territory in the middle east. it scares a lot of people. >> if i could ask, you make a point of using the daesh, as i think secretary kerry does. president obama uses isil. most people use isis. talk to me about the choice of terms. >> sure. so for me, as i learned actually at the last nato conference i attended for which there were lots of islamic military people from our alleyed countries, they took great offense to anything having isis or isil. islamic state in lef aunt, by the way, is what that means for isil. they don't like the words islamic state because they say allowing a group to call themselves that presumes they speak for all muslims. the number of muslims on the planet is 1.6 to 2 billion people. daesh is actually just an abbreviation, which in arabic
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is offensive to an islam -- it's offensive to abbreviate words. they say call them daesh. it's the least respectful way of saying it. >> i see. i will ask you real quick, they were showing pictures of terror attacks overseas. people have said pretty soon someone is going to come into the u.s. to cause harm here. we heard a of a number of attacks where people may have been inspired by isil, isis or daesh. talk to me about the difference. >> well, in many ways, there is not a lot of difference. the common thread for both was that daesh, when they recruit these people, do so through social media. they target millennials. we are thinking about voters. the same kind of voters bernie sanders is going after. 18 to 29-year-olds. these people as muslims are living in societies where they
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are marginalized, ostracized as being different. they go after them for the same reason our military goes after young people. they are less likely to be married, have children. they are more easily manipulated. >> more likely to give up their own lives? >> yes. frankly, by the way, on that front, these people in these attacks go in armed with a vest or whatever. they have handlers who have a remote detonation device. they have a last-minute change of heart, it's still gonna happen. this is the danger. those people can come from outside, but they can also be recruited from inside. >> weather terrorism is addressed tonight, surely in the debates we will see it. >> it's going to be the issue. and the question, of course -- see, this is a group that is fighting an asymmetric war. it's not our troops against their troops. we don't know where they are. so fighting them is kind of like whack a mole. it's hard to know where they are. and it takes very little effort on their part to scare people. it's not about the people that they kill or the people that
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they attack in that church. it's the message that sends to the greater global community, which is what terrorism is all about. it's scary. >> professor, thank you again for joining us. >> . coming up on "mornings on 2: the 9", a large fire continues to burn in monterey county. an update on the effort to contain it. plus, we catch up with the local crews on the ground. myhearts gone sayonara.
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about be given to the police commission in september before any potential candidates are interviewed. this morning we talked to one of the san francisco police commissioners about the process. >> we just want the best person. he know there are pros and cons. in the end we will be looking for the next person. the department is changing. a lot of tough incidents have shaped what the san francisco pd is. we want somebody to continue the new policing, the new way of policing we are going to be doing in san francisco moving forward. >> and if you want to give your input on san francisco's next police chief we posted a link to the survey at look for it in the web links section. our question today is do you think the next san francisco police chief should come from within the department or outside and why. gasia, you have received a number of responses? >> we have been talking about it through the morning.
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larry tweets, sfpd chief should come from inside. they need to have post executive certs. >> within and already residing in the bay for some time. a quality outside candidate could never afford housing at these prices. >> i think the police chief's salary is above the 300,000 mark. so they're doing okay. you know, if that's a consideration. i will just throw that number out there for you. checking more of your responses through the day, through ktvu "the 9". we appreciate your use of the hashtag #ktvuthe9. a fire burning in monterey county. >> it's been burning since last friday between carmel and big sur. >> janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we're here in the parking lot of the base camp in salinas where you can see there are fire engines from the bay area. all these strike teams are local, and they are getting ready to go out into the region where the wildfire is really raging. they are from san mateo, san francisco, santa clara county,
9:16 am
san jose, pacifica. >> monitor what's going on. >> reporter: these firefighters just got briefed on the fire which has now grown to more than 27,000 acres. they are still at 10% containment. to get a little bit more information, i am joined by brian rubenstein. you are the strike team leader. you're with san francisco fire. what is the plan today? >> today we have been assigned to branch one division bravo. we are going to go up and do some structure prep and defense and we are going to assist with mopping up the hotline. >> reporter: i am sure safety is at the top of your mind, especially with the death of the bulldozer operator. how has it been out there? >> the work is hot and hard. we are doing some good. we have saved some homes all right. the incident is being very well managed. >> reporter: good luck out there. thank you so much. and if you would like to help some of these people, so far there has been 34 homes that have been destroyed. 2,000 homes still threatened.
9:17 am
so there is a lot of people who are wanting to help and donate items. the red cross says that they would appreciate monetary donations. to find out more information, go to our website click on the web links page on our home page for more of that. reporting from salinas, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. all right. coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", some washington girl scouts plan a special surprise for police officers. coming up, the treat they put together to show their support. and just over a week to the olympic games and people are still concerned about the state of rio. up next, we talk live with a reporter who has been living in the country for the past eight years.
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the opening ceremonies of the 2016 summer olympics are a week from tomorrow. athletes from all over the world are heading for brazil. here is have a of jamacian superstar usain bolt arriving at the airport yesterday.
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he has six olympic gold medals from the beijing and london olympics. >> the russian olympic team preparing to board a flight yesterday. taking pictures and waiting with each other at the airport in moscow. controversy has surrounded the russian delegation and all of the track and field athletes were banned from competing over doping allegations. >> brad brooks is a brazil chief correspondent for reuters. he has been living in brazil for eight years. >> he joins us live via skype this morning. brad, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so let's talk about, first, i am curious about the super bacteria. you have been all over this story. does that super bacteria still exist, and to what extent right now off the beaches? >> there is no question that it still exists. the study that our report was based on was using water samples from 2013-2014 and the scientists themselves, she tells me she continues to carry
9:21 am
out water samples and she continues to find that super bacteria. >> in the past, the olympic games have always had problems leading up to it. i remember in china and then sochi and all these games have had concerns, and then the games start and everything seems okay and all of it fades into the background. do you think that's going to happen this time? >> i do to a certain extent. we saw that during the 2014 world cup in brazil where there were all sorts of concerns and problems leading up to the cup. the difference is, and what journalists on the ground try to distinguish, is the problems with the legacy, with the money spent, with the misuse of how that money is spent, and then the actual sporting events themselves. and we saw that in the world cup, and i think we will see that in the olympics. i think that the olympics will be a spectacular sporting event, but at what cost and who is paying that cost? that's the big question.
9:22 am
>> brad, let's talk about the infrastructure, if you will, inside the olympic village, inside some of the venues. i am reading reports that essentially i can't flush the toilet while my roommate is in the shower. tell me what's happening in that respect. >> yeah. we did see, similar to the winter olympics in russia, which i think was a little worse situation, you know, basically this athletes village is the largest that has ever been built for an olympics. i have seen it myself. it's amazing. i think 30 some towers. it's huge. and they clearly did not do the proper testing before having some athletes move in, and so they had to send in a crew of about 500 workers to work 24 hours a day to try to get these apartments in shape. it seems that most of those problems have been resolved. >> brad, the mayor of rio has
9:23 am
been getting slammed on social media, on twitter especially. and he is kind of engaged with those critics. just to read one for our viewers. he said in response, stop being so grumpy, go play some soccer. go to church. go hang out with your girlfriend. tell me a little bit about this mayor, and does a lot of this responsibility and these accusations fall on him, or more so the bigger picture of the olympic committee? >> mayor eduardo baez is a figure. he is quite a figure. he is kind of a rudy giuliani of brazil, if you will, in some respects. a lot of it does fall on him, to be perfectly honest. for instance, the big issue of water pollution, he has nothing to do with that. that is the responsibility of the state, and it's a complete failure of the state utility to
9:24 am
clean up rio's waters for the olympics. so he has no blame for that. he does have some blame storm of the problems with the infrastructure, with the legacy, with the urban mobility and transportation issues. but those, to be perfectly honest, those are turning out to be kind of the high points of the olympics. >> brad, i guess what a lot of people are wondering is, this is not a surprise. these games didn't just roll up out of the blue. they have had plenty of time to prepare for them and now it seems like everything is being done at the last minute. what kind of -- what problems did they have? what happened that it is going down this way? >> well, i have to be careful here because i am married to a brazilian. i have lived from this country for eight years. if you know brazil, it's no big surprise that things are kind of done at the last minute. but it should also be emphasized that rio de janeiro, you know, it's a fascinating
9:25 am
city. it's a beautiful city. and every year they host massive events like the new year's eve party, the carnival celebration that they are famous for, and they somehow always pull it off. i think that will be the case here. there will be problems. we may see breakdowns in some sort of transportation. there could be problems with the venues. but i think by and large we are going to see the sporting event itself is going to be a pretty interesting spectacle, you know. the legacy of the games. the promises that were made by the local olympic committee in terms of cleaning up the water, cleaning up the air. they totally failed on that. they missed the boat. they are not gonna be able do that. >> before we let you go, we are expecting to hear from health officials with an update on the zika virus. what are you concerned about there in rio whether it comes to zika? >> you know, i got to be honest with you. one of my colleagues is really
9:26 am
focused on that. reuters has put out, i think, quite a bit of like silver stories on this. it's less of a concern here than it seems to be in the united states. i hear from my own family in the united states. there are reports. it's been cold here for brazil standards, for rio standards. it's been dry. that means from the mosquito population is going to be from what it would be at the height of the zika season. so i think it's going to be less of a concern, less of a problem than people are -- have made it out to be. >> all right. brad, nice reporting down there. now i know someone who lives in rio. if i swing down for carnival, i will give you a buzz. >> come on down. >> i will seriously consider that. thank you. cup next on "mornings on 2: the 9" -- coming up next on "mornings on 2: the 9", the conflicting reports as to what a bright light racing across
9:27 am
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checking twitter as we do this time every day in response to your responses. the question. day. today it was this. do you think the next san francisco police chief should come from within the department or should it be an outsider? we talked with one of the members of the f police commission earlier on "mornings on 2: the 9" the more responses now. >> a message from keith. he said yes. as someone originally from outside california, the police departments are too incest uous. >> nick washington says the next police chief should be an outsider. also should be a minority, black, or hispanic and a female. >> okay. >> let's see. there is one more.
9:30 am
>> i have one more. you bring the most qualified candidate from in or out as long as they pass the standards of citizens. that is la la. >> that's what the commissioner was emphasizing that. meanwhile, this is the fourth and final day of the democratic convention in philadelphia. live pictures of what's happening inside. doesn't appear to be much from this long shot inside the wells fargo center. last night we saw vice presidential nominee tim kaine and vice president joe biden and president obama take the stage. tonight hillary clinton will be giving her speech. >> joining us now, joe, we made it. final day of all these conventions. >> final day. we are not through it yet. >> who is more articulate? bill clinton or president obama? >> wow, what a question.
9:31 am
i think for the time and place, obama is sort of the zeitgeist at this point. >> did his speech last night, does this help hillary clinton at all? >> oh, absolutely. to have a president whose approval rate something in the positive, more than 51% of the country does trust him and approve of his work as president, that was a huge endorsement and absolutely full throated endorsement last night and done arguably one of the top five or six obama speeches ever. he definitely helped her. who does he help her with, is the question. he helps her with, you know, the people who like obama. but he needs to sort of -- she needs that to sort of make sure that she captures the obama base that elected him. >> joe, i notice a lot of the speakers last night mentioned things. they mentioned republicans. president obama also mentioned
9:32 am
some very conservative values. he was talking about his ancestors working hard and not liking braggarts. not liking bullies. that stuck out to me. are these people trying to make a play for disaffected republicans? >> absolutely. and the best ambassadors for that, maybe not necessarily obama, but a couple of guys named joe and mike, who wrote about in "the chronicle" today, and that would be joe biden -- sorry, joe and tim. tim kaine. these are blue-collar white catholic guys who grew up in working class families, and those are the folks who are most mistrustful of hillary clinton right now. you will see them on the road in ohio and pennsylvania. places that i have been touring in the last couple of weeks, talking to the voters who are really dubious about hillary clinton. those two guys are her ambassadors there. >> during president obama's speech last night we saw shots of people in the crowd crying,
9:33 am
getting very emotional. it was sort of a big sweeping emotional speech. not the kind of speech hillary clinton is known for giving. when it comes to the importance of tonight's speech do you think she needs to do something completely different than essentially stand at the microphone and say what we have heard her say so many times before? >> right. i was talking to a speech expert who has written about hillary, written about female candidates in general, and as she -- a very bold idea posted in "the chronicle" just now was get away from the podium. walk around. be like, you know, phil donahue. remember he used to walk around the audience? get around and show that she does care. a week of people talking about how much she cares about people, how much she cares about the issues. maybe mix in the audience with them. it may be radical.
9:34 am
but why not. the most relaxed on the trail is when she is striding around the stage. it would be -- why not? try something different because, you know, her behind the podium is not her at her best. >> joe, i know there has been discontent from bernie supporters. there was still shouting when leon panetta was speaking last night. do you think there will be yelling or chanting tonight when hillary clinton is speaking? >> absolutely, sal. there will be. the chanting and shouting, that's not going away. and there is going to be talk about her and her record as secretary of state in terms of getting involved in wars in the middle east. so that you will definitely, definitely hear that. people will continue to hold up signs that say no ttp, the trans-pacific partnership she was for and now against.
9:35 am
tim kaine is fast tracking it. now he is backing off of it. you are going to see that in the audience. and last night leon panetta, of all people, was shouted down many times by the people in the audience. of course, secretary of defense, long time congressman. so, yes, you will see that tonight. >> tim kaine went hard at trump regarding his tax returns. i wonder if hillary clinton will do the same. interesting idea about getting her away from the podium there. one of the first public speaking classes joe ever took was a teacher who took the podium away and said here you go. >> how did you do? >> here we are, right? >> he did okay. >> have a great night out there. we appreciate it. look forward to your article in "the chronicle" tomorrow. >> thanks, guys. >> 9:35. we sent our meteorologist mark tamayo to one of the warmest spots in the bay area. the far east bay. live from concord, what do you feel like outside right now,
9:36 am
mark? >> reporter: hi there. it's not extremely hot just yet. right now temperatures are in the 60s across -- actually, in concord right now. we are at the home depot. you can see we are in the garden section. look at these beautiful colors out here, guys. coming up in a few minutes after this weather update we will be talking to a gardening expert because, as you know, we are still in a drought. they have some great tips to help you have a beautiful garden and also use less water as well. that will be coming up in a few minutes after this weather segment. right now in concord it's warm, it's sunny. temperatures on track to reach the 90s today. let's look at the forecast highs across the bay area. low clouds and fog near the immediate coastline. hot numbers inland. today we will be a little bit cooler than yesterday. you can see a few triple digits out there for antioch and out towards livermore. concord we are going to put new the upper 90s. if this breeze continues, might trim that to the mid 90s later
9:37 am
today. your five-day forecast. hot temperatures inland tomorrow. we will continue to cool things off. there is at the five-day forecast. if you want more noticeable cooling, that really kicks in by the weekend for both saturday and especially by sunday. warmest locations will only be approaching the 90-degree mark. mark and gasia, beautiful out here. can you see the clear skies. hard to ignore the pretty colors in the garden. whenever you walk by your neighbor's house, you admire their garden, we have some great tips with a gardening expert to use less water and have a beautiful garden out there. look forward that in a little bit. >> thank you very much. reporting live from concord. happening now, oakland police are preparing to release more information about the recent arrest of a number of murder suspects. also, we expect an update on a case in which an oakland police sergeant was shot at while she was in her vehicle. live pictures from inside oakland police headquarters. the briefing is just about to get underway. at this point it's not clear if the arrest of the homicide suspects and the case where the
9:38 am
officer was shot at are related. we will bring you more information as we get it. by the way, you can watch a live stream of the entire breaching by going to our website we will have it for you live there. richmond police say they have been working to curb violence in their city. they have been using a strategy called operation ceasefire since 2011. they meet weekly about members of the community to talk about ways to stop gun violence. they loss organize walks and vigils against gun violence every friday night. they say the community has to stick together now more than ever. >> the community cannot do it by itself. law enforcement cannot do it by itself. we both bring different things that can work together in concert to help quell gun violence. >> without the trust of the community, there is no way they would allow us to police them. we have to have legitimacy in their eyes in what we do. >> richmond police say they
9:39 am
have worked hard to build strong relationships with the community and to be transparent. a small girl scout troop from the north seattle area wanted to send a sweet message to the city's police department, but the four girls didn't offer up scout cookies. instead, they sent each officer an individual bag with candy and a note to decode the meetings. snickers to remind them to laugh, chocolate kisses because they are loved, and life savers because that's what police are. >> we felt bad like there were so many cops being killed. we felt so bad for them that we wanted to give them symbols to show that they are special. >> for the hug that you can't see. it's great. it's nice. >> it really does help you feel like you're doing a good job. >> the girls were all -- scorery. can't say that. developly delayed autistic. they hope this leaves a lastk impression. the officers were obviously impressed and featured a photo
9:40 am
of the special delivery on the department's facebook page. turning to the sky. mystery solved. more information coming out about that fireball blazed across the sky late last night. ktvu viewers posted on facebook numerous clips of the bright light. at first speculation was part of a meteor shower. the u.s. strategic command indicates it's debris from a chinese rocket apparently launched last month. an astronomer tells the "los angeles times" that most of the space junk melted, traveling through the earth's atmosphere. however, there are no reports of anything landing. the streak was seen across the western half of the u.s. some of the best soccer players in the world are here in the bay area. >> they are taking part in an all-star game between a league in the u.s. and a popular club from london. >> while soccer players are adept at using their feet, this morning they are offering a
9:41 am
helping hand. ktvu's alex savidge with a day of service that's happening today. >> reporter: right. good morning to you guys. major league soccer absolutely giving back to the san jose community leading up to the all- star game which happens later this afternoon at avaya stadium. we are inside the san pedro square market. just to give you a little bit of the scenery, this is the major league soccer digital headquarters here. you see employees preparing the digital content for mls. the scene a short time ago here, we had dozens of volunteers who showed up here for registration for the mls day of service. now, among the people participating were major league soccer employees, wells fargo employees, also a number of fans and community members from across the world. participants are going out right now and they are taking part in one of five different volunteer opportunities, among other things. they are doing some clean-up work along the guadalupe river. pitching in at second harvest food bank. we caught one a couple of
9:42 am
volunteers heading to unity care foster home to help with improvements there. >> i like doing community service my whole life. been doing it through church, boy scouts, all that stuff. this is nice because i can do it at work, you know. it's for a good cause. >> just knowing that you are helping a home for foster children is really great for these kids. >> reporter: is it exciting to have the mls all-star game in san jose? >> very exciting. people from different countries. we met someone from colorado. so this is bringing people from all over the country. >> reporter: and the all-star game happens later on this afternoon. 4:30 at avaya stadium. that's when the mls all-stars will take on arsenal. the club from the english premier league. that's 4:30 at avaya stadium. it's been a week of festivities here and that day of service underway in san jose. we have a couple hundred volunteers who are pitching in through the community to make improvements. they will be doing that
9:43 am
volunteer work until 1:00 this afternoon, and then the big soccer march-match 4:30 here in -- soccer match 4:30 here. eating healthy on a budget. we bring in darby jackson with good ideas on eating clean and not blowing your budget. what makes a lipton meal? well, first you start with this. then add this. and this face... wait, we can do better. yeah... that's the one. and of course fresh brewed lipton iced tea. because it goes great with this. woops, more of these. and definitely more of this. ah, that can wait. but not you buddy. huh what's this? ah... i like it. what makes a lipton meal? what you bring to it. and the bright refreshing taste of lipton iced tea. lipton. be more tea.
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this weekend holtby will be holding freegarden work -- home depot will be holding free garden workshops. >> an early look at some of these tips. good morning, mark. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly where we are at here. we are at the home depot in
9:46 am
concord. a lot happening this weekend here on saturday and again on sunday in san ramon at the home depot. the garden, of course, to get the beautiful healthy flowers, you also need water. we have been talking about the drought over the past few years. joining me is shirley with hallmark channel's home and family show. thanks for joining us. >> great to be here in the sunny beautiful day. >> reporter: yeah. you might be -- when you talk about drought, you might be thinking, my garden's gonna go or i use too much water. you are going to be talking about tips this weekend? >> absolutely. you know what guys? i am encouraging you learn about drip irrigation. we are all under drought and every precious drip of water matters. a lot of times the water hose, we are watering our planters, it's too much water going on. or we have old antiquated irrigation systems and it's really, really simple. i am going to be demonstrating the patio kits. anybody can open up a box and
9:47 am
just run drip irrigation to their plants. >> reporter: you are be leading the mini classes? >> exactly. >> reporter: here a concord -- and then -- >> between 12 and 2. >> reporter: again in san ramon on sunday. >> it's so simple. okay. in this kit what you're gonna have is you're gonna have a little pressure reducer, which you just put on your water hose. just like that. and it's connected to a little tube that runs to your plant. we have right here on a pepper plant, look at this little emitter. this is just at the end. it's a little red emitter that is just gonna drip the exact amount of water that your plant needs. and the fun thing is that it's not splashing all over the place. it goes right to the root. that's where the water needs to be. >> reporter: it's making the most out of the water? >> yes. so a kit like this, it's really
9:48 am
inexpensive. it's under $30. with this kit there is enough tubing and emitters that you can rig up ten planters. i mean, forget about killing your plants because you forgot to water them. >> reporter: and you talk about significant savings of water. up to 40%? >> absolutely. even more sometimes than that because really what a lot of people don't understand is in order to keep a plant alive, you really need to have water go where it brings it up, to assist them, which is in the roots. so why spray it all over the place? come on, guys. get it right into the root zone. that's what you need. >> reporter: check it out this weekend. saturday here at home depot in concord and then again on sunday -- >> we are going to have gifts, too. >> reporter: a lot to learn. the reality is we have a very extreme drought here in california. so any tip we can get is a great tip. you can learn a few things this weekend saturday and sunday. >> all right. thank you very much. that's mark giving us some planting tips.
9:49 am
while most of us try to eat healthy, it can be hard to do on a budget. this morning we are showing you how to shop in season, buy less expensive cuts of meat and shop the clean 15. >> the key here is preparation. health and wellness coach darby jackson joins us on "the 9". what a beautiful spread. i have to say first, when you are hungry, anything looks good. a one dollar hamburger. a two dollar bag of chips. i am satisfied. not a good plan in the long run? >> no, when you are moving into a healthy diet you have to be prepared. that's what i want to talk about today, so you don't get that sticker shock walking into a specialty grocery store. >> because one pineapple can be $5. let's start with some of the most beautiful produce. i don't know how many boxes of strawberries from watsonville we have gone through this summer. >> when you shop seasonally, it's way less expensive. things that are in season right
9:50 am
now strawberries, apples, avocados, grapefruits. i shop at the farmers market. if you go in the last hour of the farmers market you are going to get deals. they are trying to get rid of everything. >> everything is $2 a pound. you buy broccoli and they give you charred for free. let's move over to this display. when people think about going organic, people say i can't afford to do that. there are foods maybe we don't have to worry about? >> yeah, this is called the thrown 15. these have a protected outer layer or don't use as much pesticides to grow them. pineapple, you are going to take the skin off so you are not getting those pesticides. melon. corn is a great one. if you fine non-gmo, that's important. watermelon, onions, mangos. things like that, that's going to help bring your budget down. >> strawberries, blueberries, the things where you pop it in your mouth? >> yeah, organic wash them very
9:51 am
well. they are in season so they are not quite as expensive. >> let's talk about protein. you talked about the importance of getting enough protein. keeps you satisfied. keeps you lean. a lot of us think about meat. sometimes i joke if it's $20 a pound my kids will eat the steak. if it's cheaper, they will tell me it's too tough. >> a couple of things is don't buy your conventional cuts of meet. boneless skinless clicking breast. look for bone in skin on chicken thighs. a whole chicken, like i have here. or a chuck roast. so that might be a little bit tougher. throw that into a slow cooker. cook that overnight and you can feed your family for a couple of days. >> talk about salmon. boneless skinless -- sorry, the filets of the wild salmon, that can be $20 a panned. this is a can a salmon. is it's the same nutritionally? >> pick it up, look at the back, and make sure there aren't any additives in there.
9:52 am
things like olive oil and salt are great. no added chemicals. >> you get a delivery to your house. >> i do. >> and it works out to be less expensive? >> it is. this is from my local csa. it shows up once a week. very inexpensive. i got the produce for under $20. >> but you don't get it pick? >> yeah, it can be fun experimenting with new fruits and vegetables. this lasts a long time and i am getting the fresh nutrients that are grown locally as with. >> if it's in your fridge, you don't have to struggle. i know you have a great blog online with all this information. i read this morning. i am inspired. we hope you are as well. head to, click on web links. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> we will be right back. ck.
9:53 am
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in sports the giant are in a slump and could sure use a few wins. the giants -- i know, right? the giants yesterday lost to the sunrise reds, by the way. one of the worst teams in baseball. they lost 2-1. it was their ninth loss in 11 games since the all-star break. with the score tied at one in the seventh reds outfielder jay bruce again smacked a home run off madison bumgarner giving the reds the victory. while the giants' slide
9:56 am
continues, the a's keep rolling. they beat the rangers 6-4. a 9- 4 record since the all-star break. coco crisp, chris davis hitting home runs. davis has 25 big boys on the season. do you remember the little boy who had his prostetic legs stolen? he is getting a new leg thanks to the generosity of strangers. he has been using an older leg, but this older leg is about three inches too short. police are looking for the stolen one. meanwhile, a star from the tv show shark tank has a better idea. he heard about liam's loss. he decided to step up and donated the money for a new leg for him. >> with everything in the world and so much negativity, i just thought if i had the opportunity to make him grow up in an environment where he thinks there is some good people in the world, why not?
9:57 am
>> a local prosthetics company says it will help liam and his family. they should be able to fast track the prosthetic tet so he could get it soon. a pleasure. i got to run. but for good. i will be back at noon. >> i was like, wait. >> i have a meeting to go to. >> thank you for joining us. i am going to grab some mangos and all that stuff darby brought us. ?q
9:58 am
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. >> my girls have always turned out. >> i give it to you straight. no chasers. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: yes. come on now! thank you for watching our


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