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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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. good morning, welcome to mornings on two. it's 6:00. work has stopped at the oakland warehouse that was the sight of the deadly fire friday night. investigators said the structure is not stable to go inside but we are hearing more from survivors. >> there was a wall of fire, well over 8 feet high. >> we are also learning more about the people that died in
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the fire and about the man that ran the warehouse. we have live team coverage as mornings on two continues. this is ktvu fox news mornings on two. good morning, thank you for joining us, it's monday morning, december fifth. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. we are expecting to get an update on the fire. fire officials told us that there is a work stoppage. they are not going in because the building is not stable for searchers to go in. the work may resume around noontime today after structural engineers get a closer look. the death toll has gun up to 33 but -- gone up to 33 but it's expected to go higher.
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there are still people unaccounted for. it's not clear how many people were in the building. one of the people that died is the son of an alameda sheriffs deputy. a criminal investigative team from the alameda district attorney's office is on site. oakland mayor libby schaaf said there are many witnesses to interview. the people that got out can hopefully shed some light on what happened. we are waiting for the press conference. we want to listen in. >> how is the sound for everyone? >> it's fine.
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>> all right. thank you. my name is officer watson, i am the possible information officer for the oakland police department. it's monday morning. maybe not everyone has watched or has information about what has transpired since last friday. last friday, december 2 at 11:32 p.m., a fire broke out at 35 avenue in oakland. last evening, the victim loss was 33. that's 33 families that have lost a loved one. that's 33 of our loved ones here in the city of oakland that we have lost as a community. this morning we would like to update you regarding additional
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information regarding our lossesnot only to families but to our communities. we have deputy sheriffs that will bring you information about the family's losses. we also have information regarding the work that the fire department has done, i would like to turn it over to deputy modess. >> good morning. i am tya modest. spokesperson for the alameda sheriff's office. we have located and recovered 36 victims. since our last update we have located and recovered 36 victims. 11 have been positively
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identified and their family members have been appropriately notified. that number is inclusive of the eight that was given last night. at this time we will not be updating the list of names of the located and identified victims. we are giving the family members an opportunity to update other family members, to notify them and give them an opportunity to grief together before we release those additional names. good morning, the fire department, last night at approximately 10:00, was asked by atf and our local investigators, to stop our recovery work in the back of
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the building based on the fact that we feel strongly that we have the area of the building where the fire started. the investigators will be here in a few hours to start to build out their team and get deeper into that area of the building. it's the back of the building. when we enter and go straight back, we have a square footage area that has been quarantined off for additional investigation. after midnight we had some crews doing some surveilling and reconnaissance on the next door roof and we noticed a light lean on the per -- peripet. we had a 3-inch lean on the
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building. for us as firefighters working under a wobbly collapsing wall is dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger and we will not put the alameda sheriff's department in that precarious situation. we did a full workshoppage at 12:18 last night and have not worked since. all of the structural engineers will be here at 8:00 a.m. to develop a game plan. we hope to be back in the building between 12:00 and 2:00 to continue the recovery efforts. >> we know you have questions. we will start here and work our way to the left. >> what is a peripet? >> at the top of the exterior building, where the roof meets
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the wall, there is a 5-foot, unreinforced section of the exterior wall. it's leaning in 3 inches, it should be straight. we are concerned that it could potentially collapse. at this point we have certificate much 70% of the building. the small area in the back, the area of origin, has not been searched yet based on safety concerns. >> concerns. >> we have no closer to finding a cause, we believe that the number of fatalities will
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increase. >> when you get to 100% of the building, will i be able to say that there are no victims or will it take more time to know if there are more victims. >> can you speak up a bit? >> when you get to 100% of the building, will the search for remains be over or will they have to dig through for remains, will the search for victims be done at 100%. >> when the search is completed, the primary focus has been on the location and recovery. that's what we have been talking about for the last three days. we are going on day four, this started friday, december 2. our primary focus has always been on the search and the recovery, when that is completed, we will
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start to have the conversations and shift the investigation to whichever direction is appropriate. right now it's too early, as the battalion chief said. atf has been here. they need to do investigative work to determine which direction the investigation is going to go. we will keep everyone informed. right now we have 36 families grieving for their loved ones. they also want answers. we as a city are trying to provide answers, not only for the family but for our community and also, what can we learn from this. how can we present this from happening. what have you heard about the rain coming and how that will impact it? >> we anticipate that the rain
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will start wednesday and crew by friday. -- increase by friday. the fire department is not going to get in too quickly today. the natural desire for firefighters in anyone in public service is to get in, mitigate a situation, mitigate an emergency and rescue or in this case recovery. we will not be going faster to get ahead of the rain. we will be just as comprehensive and methodical and analytical to make sure we are successful in a full recovery in the next few days. >> do you know where the bulk of the victims were found. or were they all over. >> as we stated for the last few days, the majority, over
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the last two days, since i have been on the scene, were in the center of the building. >> we know that there is been a lot of talk about how inspectors have not been able to gain access to the building. we know that the police had been in the building, at some point this year, would they have been required, if they saw something in there, to let the city know that maybe people were living in there? >> that's a very good question, we anticipate a lot of those answers to come in the next days and next weeks. i am going to answer your question. so any time law enforcement, like the oakland police department, or the first responders go into any situation, if they should notice any type of violation or
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any criminal activity, we report it and document it and forward it. the oakland police department was one of the first departments in the country to have body worn cameras, a lot of activity that we do is say we came to this location and there were some concerns, maybe a kribl concern or a violation, we may have captured that on our own body worn cameras. -- criminal concern or a violation, we may have captured that on our body worn cameras. everyone has been working through the weekend. we have a lot of answers that we need to provide to the families and the communities. we are look at everything from our body worm camera footages, how many calls we as a
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department have gone to. we are working with the planning and building department, with the alameda district attorney. we have a lot of moving parts. we will find answers to all of these questions. we request patience. we want to do a thorough investigation, whichever direction that takes us, whether or not it's criminal, we want to be factual with our information. >> can you tell us more about the point of origin that is being investigated by the atf? >> i think that her question was more information about the potential point of origin is that correct? >> yes. >> based on the charring and damage in the building, we have some areas where the steel is twisted and wrapped.
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we can see the fire spread. atf and our local investigators said they feel sure that was the area of origin. >> it happens to be the back of the building. potentially the dance floor of the concert was just above. >> do you know what kind of fire it was. >> hot. extremely hot fire. >> an electric fire? >> no way the telling the cause, an creamily hot fire. >> -- extremely hot fire. >> what can i tell us -- what
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can you tell us about the stoppage. >> it's a work stoppage over concern for the safety of the workers that are going in there. i know we want to get into the questions about the cause of the fire and where it started. the fire department is doing an excellent job of facilitating a lot of complicated situations. we want to talk to atf and give them the opportunity to do a full inspection. i will take one last question. >> for the fire official, did you indicate that this area that they are looking at, the origin, would have been on the first floor or the second floor? >> it's hard to determine based on the fact that we have fire damage all the way through to the roof on the back wall.
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it's in the rafters and on the steel beams. until we have an absolute, i do not want to speculate on whether or not it was the first or second floor. >> we will provide more information but we would like to have atf on board and let them have the opportunity to determine the causes and areas and things like that. we are going to conclude this portion of our media briefing. throughout the day we will continue to provide information to you, we will send out a media availability for the next time and location. because of the work stoppage and because we have other crews joining us, it's difficult to set the time now. we will provide names of the
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lost loved ones later today. we will make sure that you have that information. thank you for your patience. if you are just joining us, we are listening into this live press conference regarding the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people are now dead but they expect to find more victims inside. 11 have been identified. part of the reason that they cannot go inside is because the building is not safe. they said structural engineers will be on site at 8:00 this morning. we have bill tweedy a retired vallejo firefighter. they said they sur vaifd the building from a nearby roof and there is a leaning wall. what -- surveyed the building from a nearly roof and there is
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a leaning wall. what can be done to let them continue? >> they can bring in structural engineers and put up shoring to keep the unreinforced masonry walls in place. >> that sounds like it could take quite a bit of time. >> a lot of times in urban search and rescue, we are able to go in and structurally make the building sound so we can search inside of the buildings. it's something that can be done relatively quickly but it still takes some time to get there and get it all shored up. >> talk to us as a firefighter, the unknown that you are dealing with when you go into a building like that, you do not know what is in there, what you
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are walking into. talk about it from the perspective of a firefighter. >> any time that you enter a building in a fire, it's not a building that you are familiar with, most likely. even in a residential home, people may have stuff all over. the house would be full of debris. this building had a lot of different concealed spaces and little cubbies where people stayed. it's hard to navigate through something like this if you are unfamiliar with the building. >> we heard that the intensity of the fire was so hot. is that a reason that it was hot and fast moving, because of all of the debris inside. >> from the pictures from facebook, you can see that the i want your was wood
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construction, a lot of overstuffed chairs filled with a foam which catches fire easily, when that starts to burn, everything will burn at the same time and create a large fire storm. the flames melted a ladder which melts at 1200 degrees. that shows how hot the fire was coming out of the building. it's like the fire chief interest menlo park said yesterday, the building was like an oven, it had unreinforced masonry aspects. when we go in during a fire like this we are trying to save life and property. when we assess the building, we
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decide if we are going to stay inside and back out. >> that's an incredible thing that is melted a ladder. thank you bill for joining us and giving us that perspective. he is going to come in later this morning. we are going to have a number of guests to talk about the fire. the new information, 36 people are dead. they expect the numbers to be higher. they are not able to go inside of the building. they have structural engineers. it sounds like if they have to shore up the building, it could be longer to get inside. many people are waiting. meap people are listed as missing and they are no closer to determining the cause, we continue our coverage throughout the morning. we will be right back. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you?
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everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. we are checking the weather this morning. steve? >> sunset is very early this time of year, but wait until you hear something coming up. the sunset in san francisco
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tomorrow is at 4:51 p.m. that's the earliest sunset, of course the shortest day is on the winter solstace. we have a dry system and a northerly breeze. there are some cool readings to fairfield and stockton. 30s and 40s for many. look for a mostly sunny day getting cool. then the rain works its way in by wednesday. sal? >> all right we have slow traffic already building. we going to look at the silicon
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valley commute. north bowbd 280 to highway 17. it's getting more crowd -- bound 280 to highway 17, it's getting crowded but no major problems on the freeways. there is a stalled truck on south bound 680. it's a white utility truck in one of the lanes. so 680 is backed up from the dublin interchange all the way down. lets go to the bay bridge, the traffic is filling in. the metering lights are on, this is a 20 minute delay before you make it on to the span. lets go back to the desk. bart wants to ease overcrowding by taking out some of the seats.
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the seats will be removed, leaving more room for people to stand up. the board of directors will consider this at the meeting on december 17th. bart hopes to pay for the project with a $1.6 million federal grant. in two days, america marks the 75th anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor, the unexpected announcement from the prime minister of japan. >> we are learning more about the man that ran the artist's collective. what former 10 he wants are saying about him. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break -- former tenants are saying about him coming up. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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. this is ktvu fox news mornings on two. good morning, thank you for joining us on mornings on two.
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it's monday, december fifth. i am dave clark. i am pam cook. we continue to cover the tragic warehouse fire in oakland. we just listened in on the press conference. 36 confirmed deaths. they expect more people to be found dead inside. 70% of the building has been searched. it's structurally unsound. the crews are not going inside of the building. engineers have determined that the warehouse is not stable enough. there is a risk it could collapse so they are not going in until at least later today. >> the fire department last
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night at 10:00 was asked by atf and our local investigators to stop our recovery work in the back of the building based on the fact that we feel that we have the section of the building where the fire started. when we enter and go straight back, the center of the building, we have a square footage area that has been quarantined off for additional investigation. >> the search teams hope to be able to get back to the building between noon and 2:00 p.m. to look for more people that were not able to escape the flames. officials have identified 11 of the 36 victims but they are not releasing any information about the three latest victims that were found. and we still do not know the cause. >> they are no closer to
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determining it because they cannot get inside. right now we know that it's going to be an interesting week with a lot going on. we have fog and cold and then rain. but not all today. its going to take a few days. some cold air is already in place. the wind is out of the north and that's going to bring in colder air. thick fog is moving around the area. a few high clouds in the mix. this may be one of the quietest days of the week. the cold stays to the north and east of us. it could be very cold late tuesday into wednesday. then we cloud up and bring in rain. 30s and 40s for some. 10 to 12 degrees spread on the temperatures. get ready for cold and rain
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coming from hawaii. morning fog, sun and clouds, the wind picks up later. 50s on almost all of the temperatures. sal? >> we have a lot of slow traffic out there, steve. the bay bridge is not taking a break, it's backed up to the maize. 25 to 30 minutes delay before you make it on to the span. the fog we had here earlier has lifted. if you are driving north or south on 880 into hayward you will see slow traffic approaching san leandro. the traffic is moving slowly heading south as you drive down here. also a lot of slow traffic on
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80, its backed up to berkeley. also a lot of traffic near petaluma on 101. traffic is busy as you drive to petaluma boulevard south. this is slower than it normally is. lets go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal, the man that ran the oakland warehouse known as the ghost ship collective is facing criticism for his response to the fire as some of his tenets are speaking out. we have more on what people who lived there said and how they said this was bound to happen. >> reporter: that's what a lot of people are saying. former tenets are telling ktvu
6:36 am
fox news that the warehouse had faulty wiring which would have been part of the problem that led to the deadly fire. the man that ran the collective was derick ion, some people that knew him said at times his behavior was erratic. this is you tube video of derick ion. he built this artists' collective and rented out living spaces to people. there were even 5 rv's parked inside of the warehouse. he is facing a backlash over his response to the fire. in a facebook post after the fire broke out he wrote, everything that i worked so hard for is gone, he did not
6:37 am
mention the people that died. one of his former tenants said there was not much chance to escape for the people at the party. the people that called the building home said the ghost ship exists in part because of the bay area's housing crisis. >> san francisco has always been a home for artists and writers and musicians and people that do not fit in anywhere else. there is no play to go any more. there is no place that we can afford. there is not a lot of space that anyone can afford any more. spaces like these need to keep happening. >> reporter: the owner of the building leased the space to derick ion to be used as an artists' collective.
6:38 am
it was not meant to be a place to live. before the fire broke out city inspectors have been investigating the collective for illegal construction. derick ion is also serving three years of probation for a charge of receiving stolen property. >> a lot move information is expected throughout the day. we will continue to check in with you alex. the death toll from the fire just wept up this morning to 36. the fire department told us that in the last 30 minutes. what do we know about the victims? >> out of the 36 people that died, 11 have been identified by the coroner. authorities are not releasing the names yet of all of the people because they want to give the families a chance to
6:39 am
notify relatives. there is been a huge out pouring for the victims. 22 year old cash askew lost her life. she was a member in a bawnd call them are us too -- band called them are us too. also day david cline was a victim and nick gomez hall who was an artist about to work in book design. also sarah hoda, she was a teach. travis hough was 35 years old
6:40 am
and had joined mix tape rtist management. he -- artist management. he was a pleasure to work with and he brought light to every interaction. friends also shared condolences to donna kellog and brandon chase, friends said the 32 year old went by the name chase or next. on his facebook page, it says, i am art. the coroners office also identified a 17 year old whose name is not being released. we are told by the oakland police that more names will be released late today. thank you. the alameda county coroner and
6:41 am
the red cross are still operating the family is assistance center on 12th street. grief counselors are available. the county is also asking you to not call the coroner's office unless you think that a family member is a fire victim. you can go to oakland to get more information, you can also call (510)238-2181. we have that information on our website, on the web links tab. the oakland a's stepped up and promised to match up to $20,000 for gifts to a you sight. that has jumped up to $50,000.
6:42 am
the raiders also are donating and they held a moment of silence before their games, they offer prayers for the victims and their families. >> we are proud of the people in this area. people had their lives taken away, it's really sad, really unfortunate. our praise go out to all of those people. >> the totals have top $82,000. the golden state warriors have pledged another $50,000. new this morning. this coming wednesday is the 75th anniversary of the japanese attack on pearl harbor. for the first time ever, a japanese prime minister will visit the sight. he will go along with president obama. it will be the first visit to the naval base that was
6:43 am
attacked by japan. earlier this year, president obama was the first president to visit the memorial at hiroshima. coming up we have more on the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. the death toll is up to 36. that's expected to go up when they can go inside of the building. we are learning new information about the challenges that the crews are facing. the standing rock sioux tribe celebrating the decision to block the access pipeline but why an alternative route is not guaranteed. >> we have slower traffic at the bay bridge. >> we have plenty going on, we
6:44 am
have fog and an increase in higher clouds, they will thicken up in the next few days along with bringing in colder air. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break
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development. carson who is a neuro surgeon has no previous experience in urban development but he believes he was considered for the position because he grew up in the inner city and understands the struggles of the people that live there. plans to build the controversial dakota access pipeline are about to be changed. >> we are celebrating a victory. the company has been denied a permit. >> the army corps of engineers is turning down a permit for the pipeline to go under a north dakota lake after a month's long proat standing rock. >> i feel thankful for all of you and i am proud of each and every one of you, you if think about it and if you realize
6:48 am
what has happened. we have over 10,000 people coming together and creating a community that self-polices and self-organizes. >> the building of the pipeline is on how old while officials look at alternative routes for the pipeline but president- elect donald trump has said he supports the pipeline, policy experts think that he may reverse the decision when he takes office. lets go back to sal. the traffic gets easier about now. >> one of the things that we have been watching is the fog. it seems to have lifted from the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning when we got on the air, i could barely see those radio towers. now i can see all the way out. traffic is backed up for a 25
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to 30 minute delay, it's a sluggish drive on the bridge. also looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge, highway 101 sees slow traffic. the traffic is slow this morning getting into petaluma, there is a crash at petaluma boulevard south. lets go to the silicon valley. north bun $100.01, 85 -- north bound 101 seems to be slowing up. >> we had a lot of fog and now the breeze is picking up and the fog is moving out. we have some fog in the north bay and east bay still.
6:50 am
you have clouds over some parts of the bay, 30s to 50s in the area. we have colder air coming in tonight and tomorrow. there is a tremendous plume of moisture coming in from hawaii tuesday night into wednesday. lots of rain coming up after wednesday. we have a breeze out of the north. that's bringing in the cold temperatures later today and tomorrow. walnut creek, we have 37, a dry cold front on its way, there are many signs that the moisture is going to play into a wet week. rain is on the way. today is dry, we get the cooler
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air tuesday night into wednesday morning. then wednesday night, thursday and maybe into friday, it's raining. the timing on it looks like it starts wednesday afternoon. wednesday early, clouded up. rain coming in late morning and early afternoon in the north and everyone gets it late wednesday into thursday. amounts? one model is really wet. that's thursday through saturday. so get ready, morning fog, a mix of sun and clouds. the wind picks up. 50s on the temperatures today. colder tomorrow. the cold air to the north works its way in. tuesday night and wednesday morning could be really cold. then the cloud cover comes in and traps it. that makes for freezing rain in the mountains. for us, rain thursday, friday
6:52 am
and maybe into saturday. >> thank you steve. >> the raider's quarterback engineers another come back. double digit wins on the season. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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. welcome back, people in
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cuba continue to say their good byes to fidel castro. the tomb is a simple round stone with a plaque that says fidel. yesterday there was a private service at the cemetery. fidel castro ruled cuba for 50 years, handing over power to his brother in 2008. m in the meantime people in miami is celebrating -- in the meantime people in miami are celebrating his death with party packs including toilet paper with the face of fidel castro on it. the raiders came back to
6:56 am
beat the bills. they scored three straight touchdowns, this was the go ahead pass from cooper in the fourth quarter that did it. there were also some great defensive plays. allen intercepts this pass. the raiders are now 10 and two. raiders player king has become a social media sensation. he gets this first down, they he picks up the flag and dances with it a bit and spikes it. he has made dancing a part of his celebration. >> the 49ers are not dancing. they lost 26 - six against the
6:57 am
bears. colin kaepernick made only one of five passes, he was sacked five times, then he was benched. the 49ers play the jets sunday. chip kelly has not made a decision as to who will start as quarterback. there are reports that colin kaepernick will be a free agent after the season. in october he waved injury guarantees in return for shortening the contract. he has a player option this season. yesterday he said his focus had been on the bears this week but this report comes as he puts his home in san jose up for sale. we are coming up on the 7:00 hour. coming up next we have new information in the deadly oakland fire. we are learning more about the
6:58 am
people that lost their lives. >> 36 victims have been found inside of the warehouse following the fire on friday night. what we leadershipped about where the fire started and why there is a temporary stop on the search of the building. >> we have more coming up on ktvu news after the break did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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they have identify the section of the building that is the area of origin. >> the deadly square test the deadly warehouse fire. they just revealed an hour ago. >> we are on the scene of how it looks this morning. recovery crews, investigators, they are waiting for the building to be deemed safe. and, you have team coverage. thank you for joining us. good morning. >> and, of course, are big story, the deadly warehouse fire we want to check in who is nationally who is out in oakland there, a


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