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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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the election cycle and a conscious effort donations state to achieve the specific effect said nsa official michael rogers. senator lindsey graham said this week that it is clear to me that wikileaks was designed to hurt clinton and it could be us tomorrow. the obama administration accuse russia of conducting many hacks the service during the run up to the election. they denied there was any impact on the actual vote outcome. >>reporter: asked about it at the apex summit in late november, the president said the topic did not come up in conversation with russian president vladimir putin. >> i made it clear to him our concerns around cyber attacks in general. >>reporter: because the review comes after a democratic loss in the election instead of after victory in 20 eight and 2012 they suggest that bipartisanship could be effort on behalf of the obama administration but white house officials insist that the person most likely to benefit his president-elect donald trump. at the white house, kevin
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court, fox news. with about six weeks to go until donald trump takes the oath of office his administration is beginning to take shape, we know former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani, has removed himself from consideration for position in the new administration. the trump transition team filled several cabinet rolls from top generals like john kelly and he is for homeland security and onetime political rival dr. ben carson who accepted the nomination of secretary of housing and urban development. a big vacancy remains open with many wondering who will be top for secretary of state. >> we obviously are way ahead of schedule when you compare us to pass ministration including president obama when he was president-elect. president- elect trump is expected to select goldman sachs gary cohn to head the national economic council but in the days after his when he shut down some corporations with possible ties to saudi arabia and he said he
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considers it important to eliminate conflict of interest. one of california's oldest and most trusted polling companies is calling it quits, the field poll was created by mervin field in 1947 and served as an independent nonpartisan opinion service. over the years they issued thousands of opinion reports and is highly regarded as one of the most accurate polls in the nation. marvin field died last year and the firm is currently owned by a french advertising company. they announced today that they are shutting down the pole as a cost cutting move and they will close sometime early next year. a 12-year-old girl from the bay area who has dreams of changing the world was invited to give a speech at the vatican recently, ktvu had rob walk -- rob roth speak with her today about the message she wanted to deliver. >>reporter: in the seventh grade history class in a middle school this 12-year-old girl a
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few weeks ago made some history of her own. >> i was really nervous, of course. it is hard not to be nervous. >>reporter: this is youtube video of vivian harr. >> i am honored to be here with you today, thank you for having me. >>reporter: making a speech of the vatican last month at a conference attended by not the pope, but political and business leaders from around the world. she helped to inspire them to change the world. >> i'm grateful to be alive at a time in history where anyone, anywhere, conserve the world's poorest people in big and beautiful ways. >>reporter: the conference export ways the catholic church can promote financial investments that will serve the poor and underprivileged. vivian was the youngest person ever to make such a speech. >> slavery and animal cruelty and unemployment. i think there are things that we can do but we just don't. i think that the more people you inspire to do something, the more they know about it and want to help. >>reporter: vivian drew
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worldwide attention after she raised more than $100,000 from a lemonade stand that she set up to fight international child exploitation, her father helped to use social media to get the message out and contributions in. >> i think i was still eating kranz at 12 years old and i think this is what every parent hopes for this is inherent in all of our children. >>reporter: the school principal says visit that -- vivian is committed to social causes. >> she is a mighty might've a girl but has a strong sense of goodness and right and wrong. vivian says she is a normal kid with dreams. >> i love soccer. i think that the only way to have a really amazing life is to do something that is not completely ordinary. thank you.[applause] >>reporter: rob roth, ktvu fox 2 . coming up startling new statistics about a growing
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federal agents today announced the arrest of an alleged child predator calling him one of the most wanted fugitives in the bay area, kevin tress was arrested in fairbanks, alaska, according to the custom
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enforcement agency and he was indicted on 2012 on federal charges of possessing and distributing child pornography, at that time he lived in san francisco and told ice he was moving to san diego but dropped out of sight. they say he is now in custody awaiting extradition. new numbers from the cdc show more people died from heroin overdoses last year then gun homicide. death from here when rose to more than 12 thousand also surpassing death from drugs such as oxycodone, the cdc says debts from all opiates climbed above 30,000 for the first time in recent history unless all congress approved one million dollars in funding towards treatment and research on opioid abuse. flags nationwide fly at half staff in tribute to american astronaut and senator john glenn, he passed away yesterday afternoon at a cancer center in columbus, ohio. today president obama ordered the nations vikes be lowered.
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glenn was a national hero in 1962 when he became the first american to orbit the earth. he spent 24 years as a democratic senator from ohio and briefly made a run for president in 1984. his former colleagues describe him as an honorable and humble man. there is no subject matter that john glenn studied or was not the most informed person in the room. >>reporter: when was the last survivor of the original mercury 7 astronauts. he was 95 years old. it is the season that a lot of people are focusing on christmas trees and visitors to the state capital of sacramento can see a redwood that has been on a mission to the moon as a seed the tree was carried by astronaut, stuart russo on board the apollo 14 mission and he conducted science experiments while in place in the tiny seed was one of those experiment. >> whoever thought about this at nasa was a genius because that's a lot of budget and a
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lot of money, why not connect america to the mission? the 45-year-old moon tree as it's called blends into the small grove near the capital on the 120 foot tall tree is slowly reaching brands by branch toward space where it got its start. it has a long way to go. >> it still one big tree. >> the moon tree. at the capital. bay area officers running for a cause.>> this symbolizes the pain and discomfort that this profession is evolving through right now. >> the mission to pay tribute to fallen officers across the country this weekend. we are tracking the raindrops that are headed our way. we have had some breaks today but the rain gets going tonight into tomorrow.
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20 law enforcement officers from the bay area are heading to dallas this weekend to run the dallas marathon in their uniforms. >> as ktvu news reports they are paying tribute to the five officer shot and killed in dallas last summer and all officers killed in the line of duty.>>reporter: on the bay trail at the marina this group of law enforcement officers are training to run the 26 mile dallas marathon. >> we see a lot of death, we see a lot of violence. >>reporter: the group has been training for months. they plan to wear their uniforms when they run the marathon in dallas. they want to feel discomfort. >> this symbolizes the pain and discomfort that this profession is evolving through right now.
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it symbolizes the pain and discomfort the officers who have sacrificed felt on their chosen days.>>reporter: service and sacrifice as a badge they were probably but the inherent danger of the thin blue line brings added stress. >> i found running and that's why i have gathered all of these police officers together to give them a way to cope and show them that there is a that we can cope and process what we have seen.>>reporter: processing this loss has been constant and he was friends with the oakland police officers killed in february 2009. >> in july 2015 another officer that he worked with, scott wondered, of hayward was shot and killed during a traffic stop. this summer when five officers were killed in dallas in an ambush, it was a breaking point.>> i just don't know how their families deal with it. >> in ambush, they're trying to ambush us. >>reporter: gill points to an
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incident on october 16 in vallejo, a gunman targets officers at a coffee shop. gill says the fear of ambushes ever present. >> we go to work in some of us halfway expect this to happen. we go to incidents and we get nervous and scared that this might be it. >>reporter: he says he is on guard even when off duty. >> i had people show up at my house they knew who i was and my family, we all have plan for what to do if someone comes after dad. >>reporter: for rookie alex perez a deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office the current anti-police claimant was not a deterrent but a challenge. running the marathon in uniform sends a message.>> we have a badge and a gun and this does not mean we are robots, we have families and feelings and goals. >>reporter: he says there will be about 20 officers running with him in dallas.
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sheriff's deputy sierra scully says that for her law enforcement work was a calling from childhood. >> we are relentless and very brave. we represent really strong force. >> i love serving the community, i love seeing little kids wave at me. i love everything about it. it is my opportunity to give back before my time is done.>>reporter: the marathon is set for sunday and these law- enforcement officers tell me that their fallen brothers and sisters and lou will be with them every step of the way on this journey of a lifetime. amberly, ktvu, fox 2 news . what a great story and an important cause, asked if they will be running and they are running in their full uniforms. i asked if they were running in their work shoes and they are actually running in tennis shoes. 26 .2 miles. >> good for them. feeling the pain. >> they want to feel the pain.
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bill martin? we are setting up for more rain tonight and into tomorrow morning so the heaviest rain will be early in the morning as we had to the bay area saturday morning. that means for you basically we are talking about rainfall accumulation with up to one inch of rain and a chance of showers on the side and showers coming on this evening and into tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain will be somewhere around 8 am or 9 am and then it will clear out. sunday right now is the best day of the weekend and we step live and you can see this camera shot which has a little bit of wet on it, you see that embarcadero's there lit up we have had this on and off deal with rain and sprinkles and we have son coming out later on this afternoon and that was pleasant.
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tomorrow will be about clouds and rain in the morning. as we head into the afternoon we will get some breaks. kind of like what we had today. >> if i am planning my weekend, which i am. sunday is the day to go after. that will be the best day. >> saturday afternoon go take a walk or something. i believe you will be dry but sunday afternoon is your day. >> there showers that you see are working south and by the 10 pm news tonight i will show you showers around santa rosa or a plug of moisture here on shore.>> the rain begins and i will show you the computer model in a minute that will show you the timing of the rain through tomorrow morning when it does get going pretty well. >> this is kind of an interesting stationary front and we don't see a lot of these. it feels like a warm front as well. >> either way it is not progressing fast and it will not leave a lot of cold air in its week. >> as we had to tomorrow morning this gets close and the wind comes up in the rain begins. what is the timing? basically tomorrow morning with gusts of 40 and rainfall
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accumulations of 1.5 to an agent a half we will have some snow in the mountains and this is the model. after 8 am here's this and then it starts to translate. saturday afternoon you are out walking the dog and here comes your sunday, this is the best day, not bad and then monday the clouds pick up and we have another opportunity for showers next week. what is going on? saturday morning is wet and sunday is not so bad. 62 in vallejo, 62 in cochran and that is it. the five day forecast, saturday morning this part of the day is good and that whole day is good. then you get to next week where it is wet and a nice-looking five day forecast but keep the umbrella out and get what he for the commute as next week will be what as well. it >> bring it on, thank you. a four-year-old girl experienced in the afternoon fit for a princess. a lilette stamp is battling leukemia and the make-a-wish foundation granted her wish to be given the royal treatment in
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sacramento, she was given a pink dress, pink slippers and went on a treasure hunt, she wrote in a carriage to her coronation and prince charming was there, he should up with pomp and circumstance and it was a welcome distraction with a princess who is been dealing with the effects of leukemia for a year and a half.>> such a relief. >> it is definitely a weight lifted. even for a day. especially for her she does not have to worry about anything, she just gets to have fun.>> she is still undergoing chemotherapy and that will continue through most of next year but if all goes well she will be in remission by november. let's hope so. >> we hope so, what an adorable princess. >> coming up raiders defensive lineman met with league officials today about a possible reinstatement. plus the giants introduce their new closer. can't wait to see what he can do. a lot of people think this is what happened last year. if we had this guy we would've one the world series.
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sports director mark is up next with sports.
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will the cubs are lucky we did
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not have mullins in this year. >> i thought you would say melatonin. >> i looked at his name and it looks like that. >> it's spelled differently and joe fonzie interviewed the closer today and asked if he was sick of people mispronouncing his name, it is mark millions and and we will make sure we pronounce it correctly, if you can save baseball games like he has for the last few seasons for the pittsburgh pirates in the washington naturals dust nationals he had 47 saves combined and 1.46 era looks good in the giants uniform, that was the problem with the giants, they blew 30 saves and this activity of him in action, they could not get that ninth inning lockdown and they brought him here and he will anchor the bullpen, this is what he says is the real reason he wanted to come here aside from the $62 million. >> that was one of the more impressive things that i witnessed throughout, how many guys have reached out to me in
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such a short period of time, the camaraderie and the clubhouse in the close-knit clubhouse that they have, everyone has just been on the same page and all about winning and very excited. very welcoming.>> in the about time department a matter what your opinion is about the some time troubled defense of linebacker, pass rusher, whatever you want to call him, the guy that deserves to have his situation heard by the commissioner has been suspended for one year for substance abuse. that suspension ended on november 17, finally, today, the commissioner roger goodell met with him and i assume his agent to discuss whether or not he will be reinstated. there is no timetable for the nfl to actually say whether or not he will be back in eligible
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to play in the raiders final 3 games, they are taking their sweet time and we will see how that works out, he is probably in great shape. he is the kind of guy that never gets out of shape. the raiders would love him attacking the oppositions quarterback for sure. they could've used a little extra on for last night in kansas city although it seems like the day after their tough defeat against the chiefs, a lot of the talk centers around this man, who is in my mind the afc mvp. the finger in the cold down around zero and had to affect his passing statistic, 17 out of 41 for 117 yards and a pass quarterback rating of 49.1. if you know anything about derek carr, he was not about to make any excuses. no, it is good. it definitely was not the fingers fault. it was a bad night. there is no getting around that. i hate to have a bad night come on this one, out of all the games that we have had.
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but obviously we did not do enough. i feel sick to my stomach. when we put something like that out there on film. it hurts i promise you that. >> that was a tough loss and in the meantime you've heard of having a be in your bonnet, this is a little unusual one, a be that decided met cooter's golf ball was a good place to set up camp. this be they try as best they can to get him off and then they finally find a pga official to officially remedy things, they are tied about that in golf, if you move the ball or anything they will disqualify you. there you go, that is how the solution was finally met. >> high-tech, i don't think i've seen that happen.>> he did not want to leave. >> i would just hit it, just whack that thing. the be will come off. >> the be will be after you then. big time. good night. ktvu 10 pm news weeknights
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