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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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sites and e-mail accounts. two diplomat compounds are being closed one in maryland and one in new york. >> the fbi will release declassified technology information on russian civilian and military intelligence and 35 russian diplomats have been ordered to leave the country. at ktvu reports, that includes staffers in san francisco. >> would you -- >> today a trickle of activity outside the russian cons lapointe in -- consulate in san francisco as they left for lunch and midday errands. the expulsion of 35 of their comrades on both coasts. president obama says it's retaliation for russian hacking and illegally influencing the presidential election. one consulate staffer seemed annoyed by the political move. >> i believe that this is very unfriendly step from the leaving administration. no more comment. thank you. >> the diplomats who have been sent packing have 72 hours to leave the country. experts say this is a new low
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point in u.s.-russian relations reminiscent of the reagan administration. >> the relations between the united states and russia have been in decline for sometime, so i don't think that this particular use of sanctions right now is going to make things qualitatively worse. i think in certain ways the russian interference in the election, the fact they did have a clear preference for donald trump over hillary clinton, is indicative that they see these relations are not going well and they wanted to try to set them right by getting a more friendly government in power in washington and obviously the current government in washington didn't like that kind of interference. so, this is i think part -- it's not an isolated incident. this is part of a larger pattern of deteriorating relations we've seen between these former cold war rivals.
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>> he says the obama counterpunch serves as a warning to other nations not to engage in hacking or election tampering, but it will also make it difficult for donald trump to forge a better relationship with this super power ally without looking like he's capitulating. >> it's going to be a tricky area for donald trump to walk. if he does try to be more accommodating, people may accuse him of appeasing moscow or of having some kind of ulterior motives. >> he says in the short term, he doesn't expect things to get better. a lot of people we talked to out here on the streets expect things to get a lot worse before they get better. ktvu fox 2 news. >> a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin says moscow is considering what action to take in retaliation for the u.s. sanctions. the spokesman denied any efforts to insurance fliewns
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the -- influence the election. he says president obama isworsening ties and dealing a blow to the incoming administration. this afternoon, president-elect trump issued this statement suggesting he'll seek more information about the alleged russian interference. he said, "it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, i will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to get updated on the facts of this situation." house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders including senator john mccain called the action by the obama administration overdue and some gop leaders are calling on mr. trump to impose stronger sanctions on russia once he's in office. >> new information opt two brothers -- on the two brothers accused of a fatal christmas eve stabbing inside a target in hayward. both are charged with murder, but their family says it's a
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case of self-defense. henry lee was in court today as well and has the latest. >> a deadly fight inside a hayward target store sparked by an argument over loud music. was it self-defense? alameda county prosecutors don't think so. they charged both franky archuleta and his older brother jesse in the murder of the christmas eve stabbing of tyrone griffin. they say jesse pulled out a knife and killed griffin in the toy section in front of his 4- year-old son. >> this man, he took my husband's life. it was so unnecessary. it was so unnecessary. it could have been totally avoided. >> they felt threatened. this is what it is. they felt threatened. they had to protect they have selfs and it was a -- themselves and it was a self- defense matter. >> i don't believe it was self- defense. i don't. it was two-on-one. they attacked my husband. they attacked him in front of my son. >> griffin was on a last-minute holiday shopping trip with his sonment he got upset because franky was playing loud rap music on his cell phone and the
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three men began arguing the the suspect's sister says it turned violent after griffin made a threatening violent. >> he mentioned he plays with guns and my brother said we don't. after that, they went their own ways and that the next thing he knew he got hit in the back of the head with a bottle. >> hayward police confirmed in court documents that griffin grabbed a wine bottle from a store shelf and hit franky with it. that's when jesse allegedly stabbed griffin three times in the chest and once in the arm. the brothers ran from the store, but were found hiding behind a dumpster at a motel 6 down the street. authorities say a police canine found a black folding knife along the path the brothers took while running away. jesse admitted to stabbing griffin, but said he was defending himself police say. the case against the brothers was delayed until january 6. >> when this case does end up going forward, i expect that he will be fully exonerate and that he was acting in self- defense. >> franky's attorney says he was too busy to excellent. >> i know people are going to judge by the way they look, by
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what this he hear right away or what they think. my brothers are family men. they stay home and go to work. they have their own children. they're not bad men. this was not a random attack. >> henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> police are asking for the public's help as they investigate a shooting at the bay street shopping complex. officers say they heard gunfire on shell mound street just after 10:00 last night. as they searched the area, there were several 911 calls about gunshots outside the parking lot of the hyatt place hotel on bay street. police found bullet casings and shattered glass, but the shooters and victims were not there. witnesses reported seeing people in separate cars firing at each other. >> a gilroy man accused of beating his mother to death with a baseball bat on christmas day was arraigned on a murder charge today. there's no word on what led to that attack, but neighbors say 39-year-old matthew salew ske suffers from an illness.
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his mother was a retired teacher, an active member of the gilroy community. >> police are looking for two thieves who shot people during aburg will i -- burglary last night. police say there were several young adults inside the home when the intruders confronted them and at least one of the suspects opened fire. the two victims were hit in the legs and then rushed to the hospital. they were expected to survive. the robbers took electronics and valuables. no arrests have been made. >> paramedics and emts who work for an ambulance company in san francisco say their cars are getting broken into at work. they say they've even been physically threatened wild returning to their vehicles after going offduty. break-ins have been happening at american medical responses headquarters outside the corner of 23rd and illinois street in the city's central waterfront neighborhood. ktvu tells us how workers say management needs to do more to keep them safe. >> every day, paramedics and
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emts and american medical response save lives. now they are say not enough is being done to protect their safety and belongings. >> there's glass everywhere. >> a field employee who only wants to be identified as jim says his car and many others have been broken into while parked at the amr headquarters over the past six months.  >> me personally, when i got my car broken into, they stole my go pro. >> workers say they noticed a psych in break -- spike in break-ins when management forced employees to park outside a secured lot. >> it's taken up essentially all of the area and our secured parking. >> managers here at amr have installed more and better quality security cameras like this one as well as better lighting outside of the building. they also say that soon a monitor will be accessible for all employees inside which will give them an idea of what's going on in the surrounding streets. employees tell us that's not enough. >> we as their employees should
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be treated a little bit better. i think we should at least have our own designated parking space or at least have security that's roaming around. >> believe me. we are taking this very seriously working with pd to see what we can do to increase patrols. >> this is a growing epidemic. reality is this is a nonviolent offense. auto burglaries are on the rise. until these criminals are getting convicted and facing charges like incarceration or paying restitution, it's going to continue to happen over and over again. >> the company won't pay for it. your insurance won't pay for it. so, it's out of our pocket to get our car fixed. >> workers say they've been physically threatened by car thieves when they got off shift. while amr says it offers incentives for workers to take mass than sit, those -- transit, those aren't options for those who work late or overnight shifts. in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. >> there are new reports today of a rotten egg or sulfur smell
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in san francisco, but investigators have not pinpointed the source. pg&e says it got more than a dozen calls including a call in the area of the fairmont hotel and nob hill about that smell. crews say they did not find any gas leaks in the area. as we told you last night, officials also received a number of calls about a bad smell in the air yesterday morning. people in the marina, bayview, outer richmond and sunset districts told us they can also smell it. >> it was really strong. it was a stench. it was like an hour ago. it was pretty strong like it definitely weirded me out like what is that. i started looking around on the ground and everything. i didn't know what it was. it could have been gas. >> the bay area air quality management district says it's looking into a number of possible causes including two flaring incidents at the chevron refinery in richmond this week as well as emissions from ships, landfalls and waste
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water treatment -- landfills and waste water treatment facilities. >> dangerous lead in an east bay neighborhood. the action being taken by local leaders. >> first, honda is recalling one of its most popular minivans. the reason the auto company is pulling more than 500,000 odysseys. >> in weather, very nice thursday in the bay area. right now a few high clouds moving in. though high clouds stick around in your friday forecast and bigger changes as we say hello to 2017.
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>> apple stop is reportedly working -- amazon is reportedly work on an airborne warehouse that would supply drones with goods to deliver. a tech analyst spotted the at that tent which was a-- patent which was awarded in april. it will be like an old- fashioned zeppelin and drones would fly inside to pickup wares. there is new trouble for samsung. some owners of the galaxy s7 smart phones are reporting a mysterious problem with the camera lenses. complaints are the lenses are shattering for no apparent republican. according to a law firm investigating the complaints, the company is not covering the problem under its warranty. earlier this year, samsung recalled many phones because of battery fires. >> honda recalling odyssey fans
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because of second row locks. it may remain in an unlocked position and allow the seats to move unexpectedly. no injuries have been reported because of the problem. the recall will be issued next month for 2011-2016 odyssey minivans. we have reported on problems involving self-driving cars, but tonight we have an example of where the new rapidly improving technology actually works tom has the story. >> from a mounted camera in a tesla, this shows the automated braking system seeing a situation developing into a crash and it stopped well short as other drivers to the right stopped well pass. there are reports some officials believe a similar system probably reduced the number of people killed in the berlin christmas attack because the truck stopped after just
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250 feet. these events may hasten the day that all new vehicles have such systems before the u.s. mandates them five years from now. san francisco personal injury attorney hague harris say juries may force it. sometimes juries insist -- >> we argue that if the technology is available, then that technology ought to be integrated in the vehicle to make it safe. >> automatic braking is installed in some models from 10 automakers mostly from asia and europe. sometimes they accept the cost of lawsuits over the cost of safety systems. >> it's usually negligible per item. >> in the past, juries have assessed huge damage awards against car makers for not having readily safety devices on board. >> sometimes standards follow that jury verdict that the jury says, look, the technology was
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there. you should have incorporated that into your vehicles to make it safe. >> big verdicts hurt the automaker's bottom line as well as the vehicle's reputation and future sales. that will often force automakers to install the devices well before federal standards are actually mandated. ktvu fox 2 news. >> a very nice thursday here in the bay area. we were advertising a warmup and a few neighborhoods warmed back up nicely into the 60s for san jose and morgan hill. even san francisco 60. look at oakland 66 degrees. antioch maxing out to 60 as well. other satellite. we are tracking two things. you can see this area of low pressure here. some clouds and high pressure at least for tomorrow. cold air developing to our north will sync up with another system for early next week right. now scattered high clouds. you probably noticed high clouds moving in throughout the afternoon hours and up to our north as i mentioned, things developing for a very cold
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weather pattern into next week. as far as current numbers out there right now, showing you some 40s and 50s already. here is santa rosa. 47 degrees. san francisco 54. treatment 54. livermore in the upper 40s checking in 48 degrees reporting pardon part -- pastily cloudy skies. beautiful -- partly cloudy skies. beautiful here. a nice thursday evening setting up and friday is not too bad out there. overnight lows, coolest locations back into the lower 30s towards santa rosa, napa, san francisco 45 and lots of 30s towards livermore and antioch. here are a few scattered high clouds and partly cloudy, evenmostly sunny skies friday afternoon. after the cool start, there's the eventual temperature range in the lower 60s and rainfall towards southern california, santa barbara and los angeles. this is friday morning 8:00. you'll notice the bay area we're kind of to the northern extent of the -- to the
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northern extent of the cloud here. cloudy for your afternoon hours and we head into the weekend, saturday morning we're talking about another system moving in from the north that will bring in more clouds and the possibility of a few scattered showers first thing saturday morning. coming up, we'll let you know if the showers stick around for the evening hours. more with your five-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> more after shocks being felt across the california-nevada border following three sizable earthquakes yesterday. bodie park is closed due to the quakes. there are reports of damage to the facade and rooftops of buildings along with broken windows. the park is a gold mining ghost town that has been turned into a tourist spot. they jolted the sierra nevada early yesterday morning. >> crab fishermen from the bow diggia bay -- bodega bay are on strike. they had agreed with whole sale buyers on a price of $3 and now
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they are offering $2.75 a pound. they say they have been getting $3, but the season hadn't started yet farther north. the strike could effect prices and availability for crabs during the crucial new year's holiday. >> still ahead, a fight breaks out on board a delta flight causing the pilot to land the plane. [ screaming] >> in minutes, the couple who police arrested for that disturbance. >> the raiders are going to have their hands full this sunday in denver trying to win the division against the defending world champion broncos. we'll have a preview coming up in sports. >> first, an uber driver from northern california helps rescue a young victim of sex trafficking. the actions he took and what tipped off the driver.
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>> a plane headed to los angeles was forced to turn back to minnesota after a disruption began involving a female passenger. she was being told to wait to use the bathroom. [ screaming] >> this is video taken of the woman and her boyfriend being taken off that delta flight yesterday in minneapolis. flight attendants say the 36- year-old woman refused to follow instructions and she and her boyfriend became aggressive. they were arrested after the pilot returned to the minneapolis airport. police reports show they face charges that include disorderly conduct. >> an uber driver in the sacramento area is being credited with helping to rescue a young victim of sex
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trafficking. keith avila was driving customers to elk grove when he overheard a conversation between them. an older woman seemed to be coaching a young girl who was scantily dressed on how to prostitute herself. >> she had on a really short skirt so you could see all her legs and it struck me as odd because she was so young. she was dressing like that. >> after he dropped the women off, avila called police and as a result officers investigated and arrested two women on sex trafficking charges. >> the number of police officers across country killed in the line of duty is up sharply this year. 135 officers lost their lives nationwide while on the job since january 1st. some of them were killed in car dents, but about half of them were shot to death. that's up 56% from the previous year. 21 were killed in ambush attacks fueled by outrage of fatal shootings of minorities by police. police on the scene of a
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military helicopter crash in galveston today. they say it will take some time to figure out why the apache chopper crashed into the water today. both crew members on the chopper were killed. they say it was based at the nearby ellington field and was on a routine training mission when the accident happened. witnesses reported hearing what they called a pop before seeing the helicopter go into the water. >> people shouldn't do that. they shouldn't have options of calling a taxi, uber, a place to -- sleeping at the place to party or ask a friend to take them home. >> a 14-year-old boy from the south bay killed early christmas morning after a suspected drunk driver hit his family's car. the new details about that driver's legal path. >> dangerous levels of lead found in a neighborhood. what leaders are doing to try to make the area safe again.
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>> we're following several breaking stories at this hour. police are on the scene of a shooting in san francisco right now. they say it happened along golden gate avenue near market street. we're now learning one man was transported to san francisco general. we still don't know his condition. golden gate avenue is closed now between hyde street and
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leavenworth street. we are working to get more information on the breaking news story. when we do, we'll bring you the latest. >> earlier tonight, we told you about an accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge blocking part of the lanement that has since been -- lane. that has since been cleared. you see traffic moving in this area of the bridge closest to san francisco. >> want to show you a live picture of the toll plaza. you can see the accident caused quite a mess at the toll plaza as people try to make their way into the city right now. if you are heading into san francisco from the east bay, expect big delays. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. >> dangerous levels of lead have been found in the fruitvale neighborhood in oakland and that's prompting local leaders to take immediate action. >> ktvu joins us live from the newsroom. leaders are telling you the concern focuses around lead point and soil and not water. >> families in fruitvale are now realizing just how vulnerable they are to being exposed to dangerous levels of
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lead after a report released by routers. they town 7.50% of children tested in the 94061 zip code have elevated levels of lead in their blood which far exceeds the national average of 2.56% and the 5% of children in flint michigan, during the water crisis. >> this has the highest concentration of children in the whole city of oakland. all these elementary schools, they are over enrolled because children are here. that's my greatest concern. >> councilman noel gallo lives in that zip code and tells messhe's -- me he's received concerns. they clarified the likely lead source today and it's not tap water. >> because of flint, michigan, lead has become synonymous with water. what we think is happening in the east bay and what the alameda public county


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