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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  January 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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major problems across the bay area. >> and george lucas says no to the bay area. he is building his museum in la. the four on two starts now. well, it wasn't as powerful as our last storm but this system is bringing with it some major problems. trees and power lines are down. there is flooding and several mudslides. welcome to the four on two. i'm ted rowland. >> homes have been red tagged due to mudslides. jesse gary is monitoring the situation. >> rosemary orozco is tracking the storm but we begin with a major delay on interstate 880 after a struck knocked down a power pole on the freeways. henry lee has more. reporter: we are on 880. the traffic is moving well as we begin the rush hour but that
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was not the case several hours ago. >> this woman took video of a white big rig that got lost at the dead end at 37th street. the big rid hit a power pole and the wires fell across both areas of 880 between high and fruit roll around 1220. >> he keeps trying to back out. people are telling him to make a u turn but he would not listen and tried to back out. when he backed out, he hit the pole. >> the truck driver left the scene. she showed the video to the chp and the highway patrol and oakland police had made contact with the driver. both southbound and northbound driver came to a standstill where traffic is bad to begin with. luckily this happened before the start of the rush hour and no motorists were hurt. pg&e crews removed the wires including from underneath this car on the southbound side. the c hp opened the free way at
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1:40. as we come back out traffic flowing on 880 in both directions and at this point, police have contacted the driver of that big rig and unclear if charges are citations are possible for him. this the latest from oakland. >> let's get the latest on this weather storm and bring in rosemary orozco. >> the rain has been going all day. we have more to go. the front will be moving through. the winds have been picking up and we have several advisories around the bay area giving you a live look from san francisco where everybody is covered in gray and just about everybody covered in rain as well. river, streams and creeks all spilling over. let's get in where where see the rain. east morin along the cora madeira creek. the national weather service this for the larksburg area and if we shift to the east, we got
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some over the napa area and st. helena and down through american canyon, flooding and the napa area near st. helena is going to reach flood stage and rise above it by a couple of feet before it finally recedes towards petaluma and going towards american canyon going on until 6:15 where we have a little bit of a river overflow and some flooding reported right around willow brook and the lower sonoma creek area. we are watching the russian russian river up to 32 feet. be prepared for flooding. in the santa clara area we have spillover and flooding near the
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lexington reservoir and the los gatos creek and the flash flood watch includes the coastline. we have been talking about the king tides in place and seeing flooding along the coast. mean while that shade of pink indicating high winds and that wind advisory until midnight for our northeast, south bay locations as well as the santa cruz mountains and a winter storm warning for areas over tahoe and blizzard conditions meaning completely without being able to see. we are talk about white-out conditions with the snow levels dropping to 4500 feet. we come back here at home and talked about it. covered in all that green, it is going to intensify as we get in the evening from north to south and the winds picking up tonight as well. we have winds gusting to 31 miles per hour in santa rosa and 30 in nevada. it will be a breezy one. anywhere from one to two inches of expected for the central bay
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and the hills. and the advisories in place through tonight. when i come back, i will have a timeline of the system and talk about how long before it pulls out and ways coming next. rosemary, thank you so much. in the north bay hundreds of people along the russian river are out of the homes because of flooding. several homes have been red tagged due to mudslides. ktvu's tom vacar has more. what is going on out there? reporter: well, it has literally rained here all day long from hear in gurnville to the ocean and back as you will see. the situation here is highly fluid. change literally by the minute. literally by the second and that's the problem. fluid, too much of it, rain. arising russian river is one thing and a steep hillside is another. 7 homes in mona river on santa rosa road are red tagged and far too dangerous instability that could take the homes and
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the entire hill slide sliding away into oblivion. >> we are being cautious. >> the russian river will crest at 38 feet, 6 feet above flood stage and two to four feet below where floodwaters would hit downtown gurnville. one has a home towed up to higher land. >> i'm ready to go. if it is going to come up any higher than 40 feet, i have to go. and my family has had this since 1927. so we can do this. downstream a few miles monty's beach parking lot where pg&e contractors are expected to respond will begin to go under water but the town lies above the expected crest level. trees of all sizes, even big ones are falling over as the
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saturated ground loses strength. tributaries are swollen and branches and whole trees are being carried away. 15 miles downstream the trees spill in the ocean. more will come by the hundreds or thousands. okay. so that is the situation up here. now you noticed all of the trees that we talked about coming down the rivers. those are going out in the pacific but all of those tributaries that go to san francisco bay will be laden with trees. and that means that the army core of engineer will take the train belts out and fish it out of the bay. once it gets in the shipping lanes, it presents a grievous danger to trips in san francisco bay and this is a something that is bay for
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ferries. we will show you more at 5:00 in the meantime tom vacar from gurnville. ktvu news. well the south bay is another area that has saturated with water from the recent storms. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary is live along the banks of the jagas creeks where water is a concern tonight. jesse. reporter: the recent rainfall has turned this creek into a raging river. i want to show you how strong the water flow is. i will walk over and i will throw this stick in the current to show you how strong it is. look. and it is gone. just that quick. that is how strong the flow of water is here and it is not just flooding, there are other concerns as well. let's take a look at the video. when there is prolonged
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rainfall, the earth moves. many places this mudslide on oak glen area near willow springs road. crews used a front end loader for the roadway. until the weather clears for a more permanent clean-up. >> we have rocks sliding off the hills into the lake and stuff. we just clean it the best we can. >> try to stay ahead and keep everybody safe and keep keeping the rocks and addressing them one by one. we can't do them all but we are getting the major ones right now. reporter: we also checked on residents who were flooded out of their homes over the weekend despite the rains. sand bags are keeping the water out for now out of some homes but there are concerns that the rate of rainfall will remain
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constant or decrease. we are pray that we will get a let up in the rain coming back live in morgan hill and this is just one spot where the water has just been going everywhere. as a matter of fact this creek, a little creek, when it is not raining has overflowed it's the banks and made its way up here. if i walk here it has made its way here. the roadway is here and hopefully the weather will break. getting worse and not better. live in morgan hill. jesse gary, fox 2 news. thank you, jesse. it looks like a river than a creek at this hour. >> in san francisco, several downed trees caused damage. city crews are working to remove the trees and luckily no one injured. alley reports that the trees destroyed two cars. reporter: juan gutierrez never park their car under the tree
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because it was looking lopsided. 9:00 this morning the tree came crashing down on his uncle's car parked across the street. >> it started to squeak and crunch and it fell down. as soon as it hit the car the tires just ... and we started to hear a loud sound from the gas escaping and then we started to get everyone out. >> p g and e crews are working the gas main that bursts when the tree came down. none of the residents displaced by the deputy director of the housing authority says before the storm hit his department identified 8 to 10 trees on the properties that needed to be removed because they are in danger of falling. this tree that came down on blightdale was not one and surprised this happened. >> there are unknowns. you don't know how deep the root system is going and how stable things are so we are taking a look based on arborists working with us and doing our best with our resources. >> alley rasmus fox 2 news. a 77-year-old man from
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danville has died after crashing his pickup truck into a house this morning. the incident happened when he lost control of his vehicle and veered off interstate 680 near monument boulevard. emergency crews arrived and tried to help him before he was transported to the hospital but he was later pronounced dead. the chp doesn't know if he died from his injuries or a medical condition. drugs or alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the crash. the combination that we are learning from morin public works for francis drake boulevard is now closed in both directions at shafter bridge. the combination of rain and the high tides known as king tides add up to coastal flooding. here is a look at the embarcadero in san francisco where people couldn't resist getting a look at mother action. the king tides were estimated to reach 7 feet. as you could imagine, crews are keeping a close eye on many other areas prone to coastal flooding. stay update on the weather conditions.
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download the free ktvu weather app. live radar and up to the minute forecasts. the trial of dylann roof has ended and the jury handed down the decision. president obama prepares for his address. we will prepare the speech
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coming up next. a jury sentenced dylann roof to death for killing 9 people from
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a church in 2015. the 22-year-old was convicted of all 33 counts of federal hate crimes. it took the jury three hours to reach a verdict. the first person to receive the death penalty for federal hate crimes. in less than two hours president obama will deliver his farewell address to the nation focusing on his achievements in office and the affordable health care. joe waldman has a preview. reporter: hoping to motivate more americans to get involved in democracy at a time when the country is more divided than ever. >> he made a difference for america. reporter: president obama returning to where it began delivering his final speech as president from chicago's mccormick place. the president's supporters starting to get nostalgic.
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>> barack obama was a blessing for america. reporter: president obama is expected to defend his legacy the passage of his signature piece of legislation. affordable health care. however not everyone considers obama care an accomplishment. with a new republican led congress and incoming trump administration taking steps to dismantel it. >> when he came in, there was no obama care. now there is obama care. maybe that is why 65% of the country think the country is moving in the wrong direction. >> the president plans to highlight how far the country has come and the focus will be america's future outlying what he believes americans need to do to confront the challenges that lie ahead. >> the president believes that diversity in this country is a strength and for all of our differences there is more that unites us than separates us. >> free tickets given up on a
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first come, first serve basis and selling for as much as $5000 apiece on ebay and craigslist. >> you can watch president obama's final address live on ktvu fox 2 at 6:00 tonight and you can watch it on the state assembly is starting the confirmation process for governor brown's nominee for general. republicans want to question him about law enforcement matters. the 5 8-year-old has served 12 terms in congress. he would replace connelly harris elected. he would be the first latino attorney general. governor brown this morning released the first draft of his state budge proposal for the next fiscal year and says california has state revenue growing but slower and calling for prudence saying the
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surpluses can turn into deficits. >> we are at the end of a recovery. we have money that people want to spend at the time when you have to pull in and provide a budget to reserve and build it up. the budget does not include the impact of the president- elect donald trump's promised repeal of the affordable health care that brown said would be extremely painful for california. brown said in his view taking health insurance for millions of americans would not be a very smart political move. and increasing number of republican lawmakers are expressing care about the affordable health care without a replacement health insurance ready. it would leave 20,000 americans
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without insurance. covered california was the first insurance built for the affordable health care and california has done better than other states. what is your message to californians in this time of flux because there will be change? >> the main message is we are open for business. we are in open enrollment, the one time a year that people can't be turned down by their health insurance company. sign up and get insured. we will be lock solid for 2017, 2018 it may change and 2019 fuzzier but every model says people need financial help and they will have it in covered category the model facilitating the california care act is a tax credit for people that are buying their own insurance. you don't believe that model will change no matter what the finished product looks like? >> there is two core elements in california, one we expanded medi cal. the program for medicaid.
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three to four million more californians have insurance. and 1.38 million people get tax credits and how they work, it is a check written to the health plan that you pick that lowers your cost. just like if you have employer based coverage. every republican proposal says tax credits are the way to go. the basic structure will be there and for consumers we are hopeful it will be similar to what we have today. >> you have a long background in this and you studied it and now you have been leading the california version of the exchange. what do you think should happen to fix the inherent problems that are in the affordable health care? >> let's be clear. inherent problems, california has from day one put politics behind us. we were established with a republican governor. arnold schwarzenegger. we have premiums going up and we got a new study released
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that came out yesterday finding that premiums the last two years went up only 2 to three percent percent for consumers in covered california. we have a working model. >> i thought they were up 13% from last year. >> they year they went up 13%. a one year bump that will go down next year, the prior two years that the average increase was four percent, because people could shop, they only went up half that. >> nationwide it is a problem. >> absolutely. >> there is six percent in some area and california hit everybody right away with the realities here and other states have been lagging on that. but regardless of california's fitness, are you concerned that it will collapse because of other states, dereliction through the process? >> i am not. the thing that i am worried about is that congress needs to focus on the consumer. health care in america is expensive. we have a health care system that needs to focus on getting
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consumers care at the right time and efficient care and part of that is getting everyone in. we reduced the rate of uninsured to 7-and-a-half percent. the lowest rate in history. we don't want to go back to having more people show up in er with no health insurance and we pay the bills. we have good lessons from california to washington to build on. >> and it does sure seem that the political rhetoric is toning down especially on the republican side from repeal obama care to let's figure this thing out and as you point out it will take time. thank for coming in. great to be here. thank you. coming up, nearly two weeks of storms put a dent in the state's drought? we will speak with an expert about current water figures and the need to conserve after the break.
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in washington d.c. hearings got on point to talk about president obama's appointments. one of the more controversial nominees jeff sessions. lauren blanchard has more. reporter: former senator john kelly went before the senate as part of the venting president to join donald trump's cabinet. >> i love my country and i will do everything to preserve our liberty and protect our citizens. >> a contentious back and forth taking place between senators on the judiciary committee and
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alabama governor jeff sessions poised to become the next attorney general. sessions served on the committee since being elected in 1996 defended himself against accusations of racism while serving as a federal prosecutor in the 80s. >> i supported integrated schools and prosecuted the klan. >> protestors interrupted the hearing several times. democrats currently lacked the votes to prevent sessions from being confirmed publicly tried to paint the 69-year-old nominee as out of touch with real america. >> how do you intend to put behind you what are the strongly felt personal views take off of the political hat and be an attorney general who fairly enforces the law? >> the hearing for sessions will continue tomorrow when new jersey democrat corry booker is expected to become the first sitting senator to testify
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against another sitting senator in a confirmation hearing. in washington, lauren blanchard fox news. joining us to talk about the congressional hearings and president obama's farewell speech is political analysis brian sobbal. let's talk about jeff sessions grilling. what was your take away, do you think there's any bump in terms of his progression to attorney general? >> no. ted, you hit the nail on the head. they have worked together in washington d.c. for many years. they will have tough questions, the democrats but they know this person and they are not going to rough him up too badly. >> and they all frankly -- the other republicans are jealous. he has a great opportunity. >> no question. and the republicans, yes. they are going to give him -- they will be firm but he will get -- >> one of the things that people have a problem with, jeff sessions is his record in
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terms that people believed that he may have been racist or had racist tendencies years ago and that has created a unique situation in that corey booker and a few of the other members of the congressional black caucus are going to testify against his nomination tomorrow and this is a unique. because that is a club member going against one another. >> yes. the testimony tomorrow will be interesting. i will be interested in how booker and others frame their argument. but at the end of the day, i don't see it changing. the ultimate outcome. he will be confirmed. >> let's switch gears. coming up, president obama saying goodbye. after 8 years it should be quite a scene in chicago the same spot where he accepted the nomination in grand park. what do you expect he will say? >> his mission is to solidify is legacy, he will be talking a lot about what he has brought to the nation, he will talk
4:30 pm
about the affordable health care act. the so call obama care. he will talk about the future. and by the way this is not unique to barack obama. the first presidential farewell to the nation was in 1796 when george washington issued a 32- page handwritten letter published in philadelphia and other newspapers that talked about ironically making sure the geography of the nation doesn't pit one part of the nation against another. he had all of these things, worrying about alliances that stay so long you don't review them and update them. a bunch of things. party politics. interesting. quickly, final thought here. time usually is a friend in terms of legacies for presidents. how do you think baram obama will go down? >> we won know for two or three decades right now we are pretty
4:31 pm
well assessing jimmy carter's presidency. it will be awhile. if you look at the polling after a president serves, it goes up and it goes down over time. for example, ronald reagan, and others. we'll see. he was the first president of color and i think a lot of people look at that as very important milestone for this country and it was. >> absolutely. >> we'll see how it all shakes out over time. a decision has been made on the future of the lucas museum coming up. will the future structure be built on los angeles or not? we'll tell you after the break.
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well, it has been an epic battle but the george lucas museum has a home. it was announced late this afternoon and it is not san francisco. the george lucas museum will head to los angeles. it will be the new home. the museum will be built in the los angeles expedition park and it will hold the film maker's personal collection of fine and popular art. the second time a plan for the museum in the bay area fell through. this has been the saga. like george lucas' movies there has been so many episodes.
4:35 pm
what a disappointment. >> the force was not with us in the end. >> san francisco, there was some bumps but you can't say that san francisco didn't go all out. i just talked to the mayor's office and they are disappointed. this is something that they felt could make a difference to san francisco and the tourism business. >> the plan was to put treasure island, there was going to be money coming from lucas himself for this one. it would have been a beautiful -- when you look at the rendering it would have been gorgeous and compliment the bay area. the los angeles park he is leasing property for $20 a year. he has enough money. >> who would have thought it would be hard to give away a billion dollar museum? i think the money may have been part of it, i think the real deal is that treasure island is what could have been. that's a community that could be something. los angeles is already set, settled, an area of town that
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is well populated. i understand that george lucas' wife, melanie was interested in a diverse group of people there. watts may have been a factor. i hope it wasn't because he had such a negative experience at the presidio. >> the treasure island and we get over the heart break, treasure island will be a neat deal when it is done. >> you always point to -- look at mission bay and they put the giants ballpark there and it kicked off. you would like to have that corner stone project and that would have been that. last year tourists spent 9 billion dollars in san francisco and i think they would have loved it. to take a ferry and go over to treasure island when it kickstarted. a lot of reasons why san francisco wanted this to happen. >> you say the mayor's office
4:37 pm
are disappointed. >> bitterly disappointed. >> he pushed for this. >> he did and he was tweeting out in his yoda language. i think they thought they had a good chance to get it and i think that's adding to the disappointment. >> chuck, sorry to bring you in on a sad day in the bay area. >> we will have to go somewhere else to see the mad magazine covers. thank you, chuck. >> you bet. coming up. update on california's historic's drought. have the storms made a difference? >> rain and wind in the bay area. what is going on for your current conditions and when the next system will pull out.
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for the first ten days we have seen one dry day. the pass week of storms has added 350 billion gallons of water to the reservoir. experts say we have not seen that in year and for more on current conditions i'm joined by climatologist mike anderson. thanks for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> we got good news and bad news. the good news will be welcome to folks in the bay area.
4:41 pm
>> first the good news. reservoir recovery. the storage emptitiness, we are getting it back. fast and furious up north and that's leading to the flood conditions. >> and i have been hearing that reservoirs are filling up so fast that they are having to dump the water out because we can't hold or contain that much water. >> well, some of the facilities have used up their conservation space, the space that they can use water for water supply and in the winter time we reserve space in the reservoirs for flood management and those reservoirs, a number that have water in that space and are having to dynamicically manage it. >> people want to know is it safe to say that northern california is no longer in this major five year drought that we have seen?
4:42 pm
are we pulling out or too soon to stay? >> it is too early to say. we are making ground but we have some reservoirs that have room to catch water. >> it is up to the governor to make the call. deciding whether we are in a drought or not. we still are. can we expect him to make regional changes for the drought. comparing northern and southern california? >> i don't know how the governor's task force makes those decisions. i try to provide them climate and water information so that they can make an informed decision. and you know a lot of people at home have been kind of already in the practice of water preservation and turning off the springers and saying we have had days of heavy rain, we have to be close to getting out of the drought. >> certain places are and you
4:43 pm
have to look at it by each kind of water system's ability to meet the obligation that they have relative to their supply portfolio. some places in the state that have missed out on the storm. santa barbara county have gotten a couple of inches of rain out of this if you can believe it. >> wow. >> and their reservoir is almost empty and while we are seeing hundreds of thousands of acres gained up north, they have only gotten one hundred. they're still in an area where they will need state support in terms of drought relief and from that perspective as long as we have communities like that in that situation, the state will have a drought responsibility. >> so not out of the woods yet but hopefully getting closer to it. thanks so much. >> and you know we will send things to rosemary keeping an eye on the storm what we are
4:44 pm
seeing and expecting in the coming days. rosemary. >> a messy one and just in time for the evening commute. the winds are strong in some areas and no let up in store for the next few hours. giving you a live look here at all of that gray sky. the overcast and the rain started earlier and it has not stopped. light to moderate rain reported. the storm tracker 2 showing you from the north to the central bay into the south just about everybody getting wet at this point. santa rosa we continue to watch the genville area and wide spray in the san francisco area and moderate in the golden gate bridge area and a break in the peninsula, light showers there and you get in the south bay, we got moderate to heavy rainfall in the santa cruz mountains and the east bay getting wet and the sierra, i- 80 is closed down in some
4:45 pm
certain areas with no anticipation of it opening before 9:00. if you do know somebody traveling and if you are thinking about traveling this way, not a good day, blizzard conditions there. that going all the way until tomorrow and then a winter storm warning will follow after that. look at the winds. we got gusts of 31 in santa rosa and 33 in napa and 30 in oakland and concord. breezy and the arrows indicating they are coming from the south, which means if you are crossing from the san rafael bridge or the san mateo bridge, the winds are hitting your car from the side and causes hazardous conditions. folks need to hol tight to the wheel. we will continue until the evening. you can see here at 7:00, anywhere from 20 to 40, even 48 reported at sfo. very windy at sfo. that will continue. once the front swings through that is going to happen in the next few hours, behind it, the winds will calm down just some.
4:46 pm
it will be breezy finally before they begin to come down. rainfall, an inch to two inches over the next 24 hours for most of us. our hills as well as the north bay could pick up from two or three inches. and we continue with the flash- flood warnings as well as the wind advisories and here is a look at what you can expect for the flash flooding in and around the russian river all the way through tonight and we will continue to track that for you. and the wind advisory for our hills as well as around the bay and along the coast with gusts possible to 45 miles per hour also going through tonight and expiring right about midnight. for some that high wind warning can go until tomorrow. we are watching the napa river because we are looking at flooding in st. helena. tonight we are expected to go above flood stage in both areas and we are watching the genville area that this is
4:47 pm
expected to reach 38 feet by tomorrow. flood stage is 32. that is an advisory for genville will last until friday morning. in the afternoon it slides through and we have it all the way through the evening drive. takes until 8 or 9:00 until it pushes out and scattered showers for late tonight and wednesday and thursday, scattered showers remain in the forecast. temperature-wise in the 50s at this hour. tomorrow morning scattered showers in the forecast. a few scattered showers left as we move through thursday. we finally dry out as we get into your bay area weekend. temperatures remain on the cool side. upper 50s in the afternoon. but today is the big event and then wednesday, thursday, it is just going to take us a little bit of time to finally get rid of all of the wet weather. >> and then the weekend. and that's just in time. >> we pull out the shorts. thanks, rosemary. well julie joins us with a
4:48 pm
look at the stories for ktvu fox 2 news at five. julie, i know we are watching the storm's impact. >> we will have continuing coverage of the flooding and mud slides and red tagged homes. we have reporters in the north and south bay and the santa cruz mountains and plus we are following the latest conditions from the sierra where i-80 is closed right now because of blizzard conditions. and from i-80 to traffic on 880 came to a halt today. >> a big rig knocked down a power pole and authorities shut down the freeway creating backups this afternoon. coming up at five, we talk to a person that tried to warn the big rig driver before it happened. coming up at five. looking forward to those stories. thank you very much, julie. the digital personal assistant. making a growing number of tasks.
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the popularity of digital personal assistants are growing and with products from amazon and apple and google there is a lot out there. >> casey stengel shows us the difference between convenience and privacy. >> what is the weather alexis. >> 36 degrees with intermittent clouds. >> from getting personalized weather forecast ... >> play classical music. >> to playing music on cue. digital personally assistants like amazon's alexa and apple's seri can perform tasks by
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saying the command. >> it isolated the person that is speaking. >> the voice prompts are stored and analyzed. but the convenience of not lifting a finger is a tradeoff. >> the average user you and your friend you would never know it is recording. >> the small wi-fi enabled device may know so much it could hold clues to an unsolved murder. authorities in bentonville arkansas have asked amazon for help after they recovered an echo inside a crime scene. >> they believe it is possible that some of the events that took place in the night and early morning hours of this murder could be recorded. >> amazon says it will not release customer information from its servers unless the company is legally required to do so. it is a bit reminisce send of the fight between law
4:53 pm
enforcement and apple over unlocking the iphone be longing to the san bernardino gunman. >> it doesn't matter who it is. the list goes on and on. anything with voice recognition software opens you up to privacy concerns. you can disable the features on the actual devices or through the software. just check the manufacturer's website. the latest from dallas, casey steegal fox news. as if they didn't need more to fight about. an argument over artist further dividing lawmakers. will the art stay or go away after one congressman has it removed. we will explain when the four on two returns.
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it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. more than 3000 u.s. troops are preparing for military exercises in eastern europe. it is aimed at reassuring al lines that the military will protect them from russian aggression. in washington there was more testimony from top officials on russia's efforts to disrupt the presidential election. administration officials and lawmakers are calling on the trump administration to continue sporting sanctions against russia. president-elect donald
4:57 pm
trump is denigrating the intelligence community by calling them into question and impairing his own presidency. >> today senate republicans and democrats joined forces on new legislation to beef up existing u.s. sanctions against russia. it would impose mandatory band and freeze the assets against computer systems or institutions. lawmakers faced off over artwork in capitol hill that some say are anti police. >> a painting with civil unrest and derogatory pictures of officers is back on the wall in capitol hill. >> it is very strange. i dob understand why democrats and the congressional black caucus stand for portraying cops as pigs. >> democratic congressman
4:58 pm
william lacey rehung the painting after hunter removed it. it was from ferguson, missouri shows confrontation between black protestors and police officers portrayed as pigs. >> i am not anti police. i have numerous family part of law enforcement. >> the painting had been on displayed since june as part of a high school competition. congressman hunter removed the painting friday says it be littles law enforcement. >> you have a thin blue line in this country. you have law and order and that is what america great and we need to support the police and not paintings that depict them as pigs. >> but congressman clay says returning it is about defending the constitution. >> this is really not about a student art competition. it is about defending the constitution. >> i do not agree or disagree with the painting but i will fight to defend this young
4:59 pm
man's right to express himself. >> representative hunter says gop leaders will seek permanent removal of the painting by order of the architect of the capitol. shannon bream, fox news. fox 2 news at five starts now. trees crash down on to san francisco participates and water flows through backyards causing mudslides that shut down roads and so much snow, i- 80 and ski resorts in the sierra are closed. good evening. i'm ted rowland, frank is off. >> and i'm julie haener. the heavy rain is sending creeks and rivers over the banks and the hillsides are giving away. this muddy mess on old santa cruz highway this morning. >> as the wet weather continues, we are seeing more big trees toppling over in san francisco. a huge monterey pine came crashing down at the sunnydale housing development. fortunately no one was hurt. the sierra, the storm is
5:00 pm
bringing heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. higher elevations could see as much as 7 feet of snow by thursday morning. interstate 80 is closed at this time because of dangerous conditions. we have live team coverage of the storm. ktvu's tom vacar is in the north bay where homes are red tagged. >> maureen naylor is in the santa cruz mountains where heavy rains are soaking the area. we begin with bill martin, it hit hard in time for the afternoon commute. >> this day has been wet. both of the commutes wet. the afternoon commute getting high rainfall rates that set up more flooding concerns on the russian and the napa river and mountains. we got that winter storm warning upgraded. we don't get that all of the time. i can remember years we haven't had blizzard warnings. i talked to people at lake tahoe that could see 6 feet of snow in 24 hours. this system as it moves onshore is winding down and becoming closer and the heavy showers are right in


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