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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 19, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> the 10:00 news, starts now. >> fireworks explode in celebration, capping off a concert at the link could be memorial in washington, dc on the eve of the presidential inauguration. >> i look so forward to tomorrow. we're going to see something that is going to be so amazing, so many people have poured into
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washington, d.c. >> good evening, everyone. the stage is set in washington, d.c.. you're taking a live look at the capital, it's 1:00 a.m. friday morning, already. live picture here. president-elect donald trump is set to take the oath of office on the step of the capital in about 11 hours. >> we have team coverage tonight. we are at the golden gate bridge where a first much the kind event will take place. the activities underway in washington, d.c.. we will go there first. >> reporter: frank, good evening to both of you. at this late hour, president- elect donald trump hopefully is getting some shut-eye at the blair house. that is the president's guest residence. donald trump was all over, at
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the lincoln memorial, dinner at union station, and securely throughout town is extremely tight with about 28,000 law enforcement officials insuring that everything goes smoothly ahead of the waring in, which is less -- swearing in, which is less than 12 hours away. an impressive fire work show, the finishing touch on what was dubbed the make america great again. trump taking it all in at the lincoln memorial, there were performances by toby keith, and lee greenwood. mr. trump eventually making his way to the stage, addressing his supporters for the first time since arriving in washington, d.c., earlier today, and for the last time, as a private citizen. >> so this journey began 18 months ago.
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i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. >> reporter: the pre-inaugural party capping off a full day of events for the president-elect, including a re playing ceremony -- wreath layering ceremony, joined by mike pence and the family. and later, before being sworn in as president, mr. trump speaking off the cuff deciding to show his lighter side. >> if it really pours that's okay, because people will realize it's my real hair, and that's okay. that's okay. >> reporter: so a little bit of lefty from the president-elect. the president-elect for the next 11 and a half hours or so anyway, but not everyone is laughing. not the majority, but a lot of house democrats say they will boycott tomorrow's inauguration. the number right now has risen
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to about 70 democratic house lawmakers. >> you know, what's the security like there? i'm sure you've seen a lot of what's been going on in term of preparation. >> reporter: yeah, it is air- tight. you hear the din the helicopters throughout the city. there are about 28,000 or so law enforcement officials, that includes about 5000 members of the national guard. obviously a lot of covert agents as well on the ground, just making sure that everything goes smoothly. some protests have broken out tonight in the northwest section of the district, and they are expecting and bracing for more protestors, expecting about 900,000 people at the inauguration, upwards of 750,000 separate protestors and so they want to keep a very watchful eye on the entire city. >> thank you so much. new fox news poll shows donald trump is under water with voters before taking office.
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the survey found 42% of voters have a favorable view of mr. trump, but 55% view him unfavorably. president obama leaves with a 57% approval rating. 25% is he the president's -- say the election exposed a sharp divide in america, and one event tomorrow is trying to bridge that gap. we are at the golden gate bridge, where people plan to form a human chain across the bridge tomorrow morning? >> reporter: yeah, frank, organizers say that this is not a protest. they promise no traffic disrupts on the bridge, no banners, for speeches. at 10:00 a.m., they want a human bridge of togetherness. tourists where tread.
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>> we're looking for a beautiful symbol of togetherness. >> reporter: imagine a solid line of people on this pedestrian path. >> it takes 2500 people joined hand in hand to get across the bridge. >> reporter: they are urged to wear purple, a blend of red and blue. there are space limits, but everybody is welcome overflow will extend into a continuing line on north and south side. >> we need people to come to fill out the beyond the bridge spots, just as much as the bridge spots into two business partners want to turn their experience staging presentations into a statement against negatively and division. >> it's an unifying moment. it is not a direct action against anything. it is not a protest against anything. it is a first step in how we mobilize together. >> reporter: the days after donald trump's election saw protests in the bay area and the country. emotions that are inflamed
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again by the inauguration. >> how can we get together and do something about it? >> reporter: a wide cross section of groups will rally friday afternoon in san rafael. >> we have young people, we have a definite good lineup of people coming from different walks of life, and different sectors. >> reporter: marchers plan to merge. >> we want to stand for all people, shared planet, and progressive principles, and protect the values. >> all the volunteers -- >> reporter: the events started small and exploded. the bridge idea began as a facebook post a day after the election. >> i started this on my page, and if we got a thousand likes at the end of the day, we will organize it. >> reporter: as the hours count down, organizers say the first human chain on the span will
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bridge people and ideas. >> it's about i lifting each other, and telling each other's stories, and moving forward. >> reporter: donations have helped offset permits, shuttles. there is no parking here. 4000 people have registered for transportation, some may stay away bag of rain, so -- because of rain, so organizers say come on, come out, and come early. >> oakland, a small group of demonstrators braved the cold night air to gather outside the oakland police department. the group represents survives of gender based violence. organizers have labeled the trump administration predator. their pledge is not to remain silence, and continue to fight. as for tomorrow, there are
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events planned around the bay area, including a rally and march set for 8:00 a.m. at justin herman plaza in san francisco. not to mention another morning demonstration at the oakland federal building. police say they are ready and prepared. >> it's time to gather to be heard, to listen, to share. in a safe place, and a safe space. >> all days off have been canceled for oakland police and other agencies, including the highway patrol, who plan to be on hand. on saturday, there are women's marches in oakland, san jose, san francisco and other cities with the biggest in washington, d.c.. tonight, we're learning the editor in chief of the san francisco chronicle has told staff they should not take part. according to the uc berkeley magazine, the editor said no newsroom employee, regardless of job, function or title can
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participate in political determine. such actions violate ethical, profession ago conduct. you -- professional conduct. you can walsh it live here. -- watch it live here. if you're away from the tv, you can watch it as it happens at the owe baud administration is -- obama administration is planning to move. more on president obama's legacy, and look how the 44th 44th president will be remembered in history, at 10:30. the weather and next storm heading our way. this is a live picture from the camera on top of san francisco's financial district. the skies are clear, but we do expect more rain overnight, and a soggy morning commute. >> take a look at this. the recent storms have wreaked havoc on a home where the deck and hot tub collapsed. the ground already saturated, and more rain in the forecast, residents are worried about
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more slides and other problems. >> let's bring in bill martin. it looked like judging from deborah out there that it looked like it was starting to rain. >> in fact, it is we will see scattered showers in the bay area, but it's the calm before the storm, if you will. the real rain gets here at 2 or 3:00 in the morning. lot of cars are out there, a little wet on the roads, most. bay area seeing some form of light drizzle, or shower activity, but the main pop from the storm is about four hours away. so there's the rain, you can see the widespread distribution, and the white and pink areas. that's snow showing up in the lake county area, snow just east of plassville, rain -- placerville. light rain, just wipe terse going entire met tenth, but it -- intermittent. but here is the model. about 2:00 a.m., there's the line, you can see it, and it's going to rain hard 2:00 a.m., and this line swings through
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about 4:00 a.m. the rain will be coming down heavy, rainfall rates will be high enough to see a your ban and small stream advisory. most of us will be sleeping when this occurs, but don't be surprised if you wake up for the commute, 6:00 a.m., the early one, if you have ponding on the roads, rock slides, issues like that, especially in the san cruz mounties, by 8:00 a.m. -- mountains, by 8:00 a.m., the rain is over, but the damage is done. the commute tomorrow will be dicey. not a ton of wind, but a ton of rain, especially in the early morning hours. when i come back, we'll go through the afternoon. early morning commute tomorrow, very wet. coming up, holding a mother and daughter at gunpoint while robbing the home. the video that police want you to see. >> bay area couple honoring the life of their son. the new restaurant and how it caters to people with food allergies. >> first, late word of bay area
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school closures, five schools set to close at the representative -- end of the school year. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. oakland diocese says it is closing five schools. three schools are in oakland, they are saint jarlath, st.
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martin de porres, and also -- all shutting down in june. the diocese made the announcement in a letter to principals, teachers and staff. the letter said staff members will keep the jobs for the rest of the school year, but after that, they'll be encouraged to apply for other jobs in the diocese. turning to new video from a home invasion in december that fremont police want to solve. four intruders tie up a mother and daughter, and hold them at gunpoint, while ransacking their house. the robbery happened in the cameron hills neighborhood of fremont. we are live at police headquarters, police say it appears to be a random act of violence. >> reporter: yeah, police are calling it a crime of opportunity, and i couldn't help but think about my mother, myself when i heard about what the women went through. according to police, the suspects followed the women into their garage, and terrorized them for 45 minutes. home surveillance video released by fremont police, the first clip you see is a masked
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man pointing a semiautomatic handgun at the victim. >> it happened a lot. the video, there's much more video, and it's very, very disturbing to watch? according to the police, back on december 8, at 10:45 p.m., mother and daughter returned home on sunrise drive when four men followed them through an open garage door. inside, they stole cash and valuables. what you do see, police say the women's wrists were tied up, being held hostage. >> grabbing their hair, holding the gun to their head, threatening them. it's awful. >> reporter: police say it appears the suspects and the victims didn't know each other. >> it feels random, it does not feel targeted. there's nothing about the family at this point in time that makes us believe they were a target. >> reporter: while the robbers' faces concealed, the police hope someone will recognize their clothing. for example, their shoes, and
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branded underwear, and mannerisms. they are seen pulling up their pants. >> it's not easy to imagine -- could have been yourself. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke to are well aware of the crime. we did encounter one his without cameras, as home invasions are rare here. this, one of three in all of last year. >> we're very watchful. we are keeping an eye on everything that's going on here. >> reporter: and police tell us the daughter actually injured her finger. she was treated at the hospital. police are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood, but in talking with neighbors tonight, as can imagine, their nerves are shaken up over what happened. >> i'm sure they will be on edge until those guys are caught. thank you so much.
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the mexican drug lord el chapo guzman is to appear in court in new york. he arrived in plane after being he can tremendous indicted. he had -- extradited. he was recaptured about a year ago, and has been finding extradition since. he could spends of rest of his life in prison, and facing indictment in six u.s. juries including new york, san diego, and chicago. more than 30 people are feared dead from an avalanche in central italy. two bodies have been recovered from the ruins of a four star ski resort. 30 others are missing. as much as 9 feet of snow had fault lend, making -- fallen, making it difficult forest cues. gusts had checked -- guests had checked out and were waiting to to be taken down the mountain. george hw bush is still in
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the intensive care. he has been hospital size since saturday. doctors hope can he be moved out of icu in a few days, his wife, who is 91, also entered the hospital. she was diagnosed with bronc skies, but is said -- bronchitis, but it said to be feeling 1% thousand percent better. the company says it has the financing to continue operations, the move is a critical step as it moves from a hardware focused company to software, and services business. on wall street, stocks drifted lower today ahead of the inauguration. dow fell for a fifth consecutive day, closing down 72 points. nasdaq lost 15, s & p 500 dropped by 8. traders appear to be taking kind of a wait and see attitude following a lengthy rally after donald trump won the election back in
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november. the price of postage is going up. on sunday, the cost to mail a first class letter will go from $.47 to $.49. it's the second time that's happened. in 2014, the cost went up to $.49, but last year, the regulatory commission ordered the usps to lower the price again. president obama and the legacy he leaves behind from healthcare to the housing crisis, and bin laden. how the 44th president will be remembered. >> the raiders made it official. submitted an application to the nfl to relocate to los -- las vegas. >> a couple shares a painful loss of their son in hopes of saving lives. their want their new cafe to said an example for new restaurants to do more to
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protect against food allergies.
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new competition, following last year's controversial price hikes, competitor will -- the maker says people with insurance, or income less than $100,000 will get the injector, but may nothing out of pocket. the cash price will be $360 for two. by carton, two epi -- comparison, two epipens cost more. tonight, we're going to meet a south bay couple that helped get laws past to help protect those with food allergies. their son died from a severe allergic reaction. >> reporter: they are planning to open the cafe behind me in memory of their son, bj. he died from his allergy to
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peanuts. opening the cafe was a dream that bj shared with his parents. they wanted a family owned business. the teenager died 8 years ago. now, they plan to open the restaurant february 2. >> by doing this, it's a way to honor my son and help save other lives. >> reporter: in 2008, he just turned 18, and graduated from high school. the family was on vacation in mexico. a short while after arriving, bj ate a dessert that had peanuts in it. his parents say the previous reactions had never been severe, he would suffer hives. this time, he had a reaction that was deadly. he stopped breathing. >> we just, just in shock. we didn't know what to do. >> reporter: the youngest son also suffered from a peanut allergy. they turned grief into action.
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they helped get federal and state legislation passed to prevent other families from losing a loved one to a food allergy. >> losing a child is the parent's worst nightmare. you never think of burying your own kid. >> reporter: the recent legislation is a law that went into effect january 1, allowing epinephrine to be stocked at the restaurants. it is injected. >> you just click, hold it for 10 seconds. >> reporter: they hope to set an example by stocking the epinephrine in their cafe. every customer will be asked if they have a food allergy, and will have separately stocked utensils. if something happens, they have an alarm. >> mom copies with the loss by open -- copes with the loss by
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opening up this cafe. >> he always said, i love you, mom. i miss that call he would make. it's real hard. >> it's something that's very hard to live with. but we live with it. it's something we'll nevada -- never forget. >> the couple tells me they visit the son's grave site often. they learned a lot from the death, but their work is not done, they hope to raise money for research to find a cure for food allergy. after the break, the 44th 44th president's final night in office. >> history will record president obama as being one of the more successful presidents in our history. >> his accomplishments, challenges and legacy. >> why the cna sugar plant is a
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lot more "c" than "h" now.
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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so take a look. on segment two, the obama legacy this. video shows a visit to the ktvu studios 8 years ago, when the future president was on a campaign swing in the bay area, and appeared life on mornings on 2. tonight, president obama is spending the last night in the white house. >> how will history remember our 44th president? we have a look at the obama legacy. >> reporter: we certainly have been hearing a lot about president obama's two terms, and how they'll be remembered. tonight, we take a look at his achievements, his actions and whether they will stand the test of time to become a
10:30 pm
lasting legacy. >> >> reporter: barack obama, who campaigned on hope, and change and the words yes we can became the 44th u.s. president, the first of african-american descent. 8 years later, his place in history politically polarized. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the suspicion between the parties has gotten worse. >> reporter: but history, he hopes will be on his side. >> we've made extraordinary progress as a country the past 8 years. >> reporter: the facts first on that track record. in 2009, president obama began with a nation in a financial crisis at home, and in two wars. the u.s. economy was in a recession with the collapsing housing market, weakened banks, and unemployment rate above 7.8%, and broken auto industry with gm and chrysler in bankruptcy. but within a month, president obama and a democratic controlled congress acted with
10:31 pm
the american recovery and reinvestment act. $800 billion stimulus plan. it passed. but with no republican vote. then, a federal auto bailout, steering gm and chrysler through bankruptcy. 14 months later, president obama worked again with congressional democrats hoping to enact bold sweeping healthcare reform. the affordable care act dubbed obamacare, narrowly passed congress, but the legislation came with a political price. the president's hope of compromise disappointed liberal who saw it falling short, and angered conservatives who called it unconstitutional. once again, not a single republican vote. >> he arrived with a set of radical beliefs. >> history will record president obama as being one of the most successful presidents in our history. he did everything he could do with republican congress that would not support him. >> reporter: barbara lee of
10:32 pm
oakland, and former chair of the black congressional caucus said she will remember president obama for what he did manage to accomplish. reopening relationships with cuba, appointing two liberals to the u.s. supreme court, just as sotomayor, and kagan. he followed through on a campaign promise to bring troops home from iraq and afghanistan. >> our combat mission will end. >> reporter: president obama would win a nobel peace prize, and he led to the strike that led to bin laden death. and then bitter clashes with republicans over isis. president obama still won a second term easily, but republicans won control of congress. >> i think barack obama can be measured as the democratic president, i think barack obama can then be measured as the
10:33 pm
first black man to occupy the office. >> reporter: professor taylor says that image of the first black family in the white house will endure. but he says some blacks felt president obama fell short, and in the end, all that hope he brought to the nation's highest office could not repair the nation's race relations. >> i think barack obama represented a great deal of symbolic importance for the african-americans. i don't think there's a specific policy outcome that african-americans can point to. >> reporter: the flare ups around police shootings and church shooting in charleston forced the president to address those issues, and his lead -- >> we see at the end of his tenure as president he's confronted criminal justice reform, mass in car racial. >> reporter: but the repeated calls for compromise at times left both size discontent. -- sides discontent.
10:34 pm
he was breaksed on immigration -- blasted on immigration, while the high number of deportations disappointed liberals. republicans criticized him for not rejecting siren -- syrian refugees. now, as he leaves office, the tide has turned. and the republican majority may undue many of president obama's historic actions. iran nuclear deal, the paris climate accord, clean energy initiatives, and the tpp, transpacific trade agreement. >> welcome to the dawn of a new unified republican government. >> reporter: what is less controversial is the president's personal side. his decorum. some say it's that image he projected that will be remembered. a black leader who was young and fit, and a family man who always aimed to balance his duties as commander in chief with his devotion to his wife,
10:35 pm
michelle, and their two daughters, malia and sasha. he remembers taking leave of guests. >> a time came he said, good- bye, i have to go. i have to get upstairs and be with the kids. >> barack obama has been an amazing model for america, independent of race, for how a president should look and behave himself. >> reporter: and yet, professor taylor says -- >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: as the second term drew to a close, the white house website posted a record of his accomplishments. in the final week, president obama stopped at a school on martin luther king junior day
10:36 pm
to paint butterflies on a mural. both black men with dreams of transformation, and change. the legacy of one still to be written. >> i'll be right there with you as a citizen, all my remaining days. yes, we can. yes we did, yes we can. thank you god bless you. my god continue to bless -- may god continue to bless the united states of america. >> reporter: there were other issues that were controversial, including the support for same- sex marriage, and lgbtq right. he's still young. >> very young. i think people want to know, what's next for president obama? he said he wanted to spend more time with his wife, he has
10:37 pm
created a foundation, and he said he wants to continue fighting for the same things he started out w it will be interesting to see. >> you wonder what it's like in the last night in the white house, and going from the most powerful man in the world to private citizen. we posted more details on president obama's actions while in office. we also have a survey to hear what you think his legacy will be. up next, raiders make a bid. >> we have rain to talk about when we head into the bay area. the friday morning commute will be wet. we time it out, and more rain for the weekend. >> raiders make a big move towards las vegas. that's coming up there is a place, like no other. where a walk down main street,
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can fill you with wonder. and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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nfl says the raiders have filed the official paperwork needed tore a move to las vegas. the league said the relocation application will be reviewed before team owners meet in march for a possible vote. now, any move must be approved by 24 of the 32 owners. oakland hopes to convince mark davis to stay with plans for a new stadium at the complex. local c and h sugar factory received its last shipment of refined sugar. located in crockette says it is considering changing it gets its materials. the amount coming from hawaii has been shrinking. less costs is cited as a reason for the change. the factory employs 450 people, and says their jobs are secure.
10:41 pm
from political protests to fine dining and flowers, there's a lot happening this weekend. we have the weekend watch. >> reporter: there are a couple of bay area event taking place, the woman's march will go on in several local cities this saturday, the national movement is a stand for human right, civil liberty, diversity and compassion. san francisco's march will begin at civic center plaza at 3:00. in oakland, madison park at 10:00 a.m., in san jose, at city hall at 10:00 a.m. in the move for fine dining -- mood for fine dining? eateries from the bay area are participating for the next several days, you have the opportunity to eat at many local polices at a -- places at a more affordable place. chinatown will flourish. the fair takes place before the lunar new year holiday so people can purchased flowers and food.
10:42 pm
there will be lion dancer, giants walking puppets, dancers. pier 39 is celebrating the arrival of the sea lions. it starts with walking he walking education all tours along the pier. up next, floodwaters recede from a bay area park. the damage left behind and there's a lot as another storm's bearing down. >> we have the timing for friday's rain, and the next round over the weekend.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
crews clean up a huge mess, the month's storms caused flooding, the beach is now covered with debris, tree limbs and a lot of mud, and officials say bottom line here, it isn't safe for
10:45 pm
visitors. the park may know reopen until the end of the month, and if there's more flooding it could stay closed longer than that. turn to built martin. -- bill martin. you've been talking about tomorrow's morning commute. >> exactly. it's going to be a wet one. the friday morning commute, the day will be wet, but that early chunk of the morning will be really, really wet. with rainfall accumulations come up on half an inch of rain or an inch. in the mountains, it's snow. if you wanted to know about the ski report, there's tons of snow. it's hard to drive on it, and getting up there is going to be at best dicey. it's going to be difficult to get to lake tahoe. there is a winter storm warning in effect through tomorrow away, or through saturday morning. it goes back into effect on sunday. the whole winter storm warning will only go down for a little while. oakland, some showers right now. you might be noticing it, but it's light stuff. the real heavy stuff, the big
10:46 pm
stuff comes in late tonight, and about 2, 3:00 in the morning. here is the current radar, you see bright banding. that doesn't mean heavy rain, just ice crystals. but, we're seeing moderate rainfall showing up in the north bay. this will generally pick up, and you see snow around lake county, snow up east of cameron mark, and grass valley. so scattered showers now, priming the pump for what is to come which is this. yesterday's storm dropped about 3 inches, more in some places, less than others. tomorrow's storm will be about the same in terms of rainfall, accumulation. so we saw 6 inches in the last 24 hours in the north bay. we could see another 6 inches up there. we could see from half an inch to 3 inches around the bay. sunday's storm proposes to be the large -- promises to be the largest. and friday morning in san francisco, you can see it's going to be scattered showers. i wanted you to see the sky
10:47 pm
cover. it's going to be like this, nuisance showers, but in the morning, right here, it's going to be off. next three hours, it starts raining hard to the point i wouldn't be surprised weather service stuck up some urban flooding, but the early morning commute, you're getting a lot of water on the roads, scattered showers throughout the day on friday, which is kind of not bad, the creeks will come down, the morning will be the big hit. then we get a break, some showers, and a break all day saturday, and here comes sunday. sunday's got a pop. it's going to be the biggest, so most likely as we go into your sunday afternoon, you can just count on being raindrops all day. as we look at the five day forecast coming up, you'll see it's just wet, more wet, and more wet, but the upshot is we're getting the breaks. if we didn't have the breaks, we would be, the rushing river
10:48 pm
would be all over. this is giving us a break. when all said and done, maybe 7 feet of snow in the mountains, 6 inches of new rain in part of the bay area as -- parts of the bay area. >> the small creeks and streams will have a tendency to come up. might see urban small stream advisory tomorrow, and more chance on sunday.
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mark's here, we have sharks highlights. but they're going to take a back seat to college basketball. >> in numbers, in terms of numbers, there's a lot of hoop ball. it is the time, of course, for college hoops, and the saint marries girls, they are nationally ranked. ranked hermanson knocks it down. hit four 3s. they are 6-1 in a conference
10:52 pm
where every team looks up -- who took over down at santa clara. former cal star, the transfer, jordan matthews will convert, and the easy win, 18-0. now, there's pack 10 stuff, but none of the bay area teams are ranked, hence the wcc is in the lead spot. number 11, never let's the bears breathe. school record 15 in a row. casey benson 5-5 from 3. he had 15 point for oregon. bears get 86 by oregon.
10:53 pm
86-63. stanford, they were doing their best, and they do come through again. marcus allen with a drive. he had 12 point, and up 2 at the half, and increasing that after intermission. they blew it open. humphrey with 21. 62-46. looking good. and then there's the king of all, the golden state warriors, such a wealth of talent, and the warriors are starting to get their just due. not only on the court, but with the mention for nba all-star time. they have a couple starters, kevin durant, his will apparent in the all--- 8th appearance in the all-star game. 26 about the 2 points a game -- 26.2 points a game. steph curry has adjusts his game, he's going for the fourth
10:54 pm
consecutive year. the last warrior to do that was wilt chamberlain. >> you can make the argument -- i appreciate the honor. [ inaudible ] >> he's having a good time, and will be joined with the likes of james harden who he will face tomorrow night, as the warriors go after it in houston. all right. frank, here's your sharks. hockey time. and they are well worth showing. they are on a bit of a role as they near the all-star game in the nhl. ryan carpenter, where's he been? with a shot like that, he will
10:55 pm
blast away. second goal of the year. it's 1-1, 22 ticking into the third, the puck shoots up hyped the next. -- behind the net. the sharks have now won five of their last seven. all right. san francisco 49ers, ready to make a move on their coach. i guess they're running out of candidates, the man they want has a lot to do, how, before he can -- however, before he can take that job. kyle shanahan was named the nfl's offensive coordinator, for the nfc. you knew when he spoke to the media he would be asked about the job hanging out there for him. >> i think there's some
10:56 pm
interest, obviously, but there's definitely -- i felt that in my interview a few weeks ago. i think i'll have an idea after the game. i don't know whether, what date that will be, whether it's monday or the following week, and right now, i truly don't care. >> other things to think about. talking about russell westbrook. he was left out of the starting lineup for the western conference. he was out, and then a little out of his mind last night against the warriors where his mind was other places. >> this is unbelievable! inbound the ball to him. i've never seen this. >> they never call traveling in the nba. if you're going to do it, do it up right. he took like what, five -- >> i guess! >> on that note, everyone, have a great night. see you later. ?q
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hey, thank you. here's an andrew jackson. make a clean set of sheets happen, i'll introduce you to his twin brother. (chuckles) you don't have to do the banter, but what's it cost me? manny, it was a great idea to come on the train. rail is the last bastion of respectable travel now that every airport has become a sweat-pant convention. we are all traveling to portland because jay's ex-wife, dede, is getting remarried. we're so happy. for us. it means the end of those damn alimony payments, so i'm gonna make sure dede goes through with it. it'll be, "i do," "i do," "i'm done." (bell dinging) how much choice action are we gonna get on this trip? i'm managing my expectations. don't you know anything about trains? chicks go crazy. the vibrations get them all worked up. also, they're trapped, which is nice. hey. we're just gonna go bang out this toast for mom. yeah. shouldn't have waited till the last minute. it'll be a nice distraction from your motion sickness. it's good, as long as i'm not facing backwards when the train is -- oh, god, no.


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