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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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a nine-hour traffic nightmare, finally ending. easing tonight. after ther is future bank robbery suspects forked the closure of highway 17. a frustrating day for drivers >> all lanes of highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains reopened about 8:00
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this evening, a full 9 hours after a bank robbery that sparked an intensive manhunt. >> reporter: this is a welcome cite for drivers after a horrible evening commute. the south blinds -- southbound lanes opened just recently. as for the suspect. he is still on the loose. >> reporter: this is what the highway looked like, nothing short of a nightmare an highway 17, as was closed down in both directions at redwood states, as police looked for suspected robber. >> about two and a half hours i've been here now. so, yeah, about the same as last week when we startrd having the mudslides. >> reporter: it started around 11:00 this morning, when police say this man robbed a bank of
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america in scotts valley. he led them on a chase before crashing. that's when shots were fired. >> there was an officer involved shooting, at part of this event by a scott's valley p.d. officer. it's unknown at this time how many runs were discharged. we have no report ares of any injuries to any of -- reports of any injuries to any of the officers. >> reporter: the suspect went into the woods. they shut down the highway. they were unsure if he was hit. >> i saw him just like. i didn't see his face or anything like that. >> reporter: sky fox captured the traffic mess backed up for miles. some motorists were stuck with no food, water, or bathroom access. >> i live in a pretty peaceful area here, and it's pretty quiet. not happy to be in this car for over three hours at the point. >> reporter: authorities
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searched cars and backyards, and a shelter in place was issued at one point. nearby schools were put on lockdown. that hats since been lifted. and the suspect was tressed all in black wearing a face mask, and that's the challenge here. his identity was concealed. officers say if anyone sees anything suspicious to call them. they are hoping tips will lead to the suspect's capture. >> highway 17 is finally reopened tonight in both directions. and developing news in dublin, where the chp is working to reopen all of the lanes of interstate 580 where a big rig crashed and caught fire tonight. it closed all of them eastbound lanes. at last check, one westbound lane was back open on 580. the chp said it's working to reopen the remaining lanes. the wall is necessary.
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that's not just politics. and yet it is good for the heart of the nation in a certain way, because people warrant protection, and a wall protects. all you have to do is ask israel. they were having a total disaster coming across, and they had a wall, and it's 99.9% stoppage. >> tonight president donald trump telling fox news that he is determined to move forward on his pledge to build a wall along the border with mexico, formalized with his executive order yesterday. earlier mr. trump told republican lawmakers that it is a matter of national security. >> most illegal immigration is coming from our southern border. i've said many times that the american people will not pay for the wall, and i've made that clear to the government of mexico. >> but president entrepreneur phoenix needs cans -- president nieto canceled a meeting with
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mr. trump, saying his country will not pay for the wall. here in the bay area tonight, ram yes, sir on opposite sides of the bay to protest various white house policies. hundreds gather outside the federal it will building in san francisco, and a smaller crowd sent a message at a park in fremont. we have reports from both locations. deborah, this group of protesters was focused on environmental policy, and reversalles on two oil pipelines. >> that's right. for more than two hours, a big crowd on the plaza here at the federal building for songs and speeches focused on those two pipelines in the midwest, which is come to symbolize so much more. in a show of defiance, activists took to the streets, angry about the direction the trump administration is taking on energy and environmentalle policy. >> it is our responsibility to
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put our ideas on the line in this moment! >> reporter: some in the line had been to north dakotaed to stand with sioux -- dakota, to stand with sioux members in protests that in the end turned violent. it was a cause they hoped was won, but now renewed. >> this we started, is just started, and your support is so needed. >> reporter: the dakota line to carry crude oil across power to states is finished except for that disputed section near tribal land. was under review until trump cleared the way. >> subject to terms and conditions to are negotiated by us. >> reporter: the keystone would add to an existing pipeline shelfed two years ago. it would move oil from the north to refineries on the south coast. >> a lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs, great construction jobs. reporter: but opponents say it per. you eights fossil fuel and
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ignores climate science, and amid songs and prayer -- >> i'm thinking it's going to be a long season of protesting. >> reporter: -- activists complain there's an overlap between oil profits, appointees, and public policy. >> the government at this point isn't even, like, doing a good job of hiding the corruption and the kroney capitalism that's going down, so it's a horrible situation. >> we have laws against this time of immediate conflict of interest between the president of the united states and members of the administration is and laws and powerful us they pass. >> reporter: they were encouraged to turn to the person next to them, network, and share. >> they've been organizing around this for a long time, so i think if you will feel helpless, join your local organization. >> reporter: those organizations said those oil companies may find that a backlash has been activated.
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>> i think they should be scared. this will cause thousands of people to act up, and to actually fight all of the projects that are in people's backyards. >> reporter: at the end, the crowd marched a short distance, and sat down, block an intersection briefly before the gathering broke up. homeland security and sfpd were on hand. the demonstration was completely peaceful and went off without a hitch. the construction company behind the keystone xl pipeline said today it has submitted a new permit application with the u.s. state department. the application from trans canada corporation comes after president trump's order on tuesday expediting the project. a final decision on the project could come in 60 days. >> in fremont, a call for people to giant in the fight against president trump's executive orders, specifically the one to tighten the
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investigating of potential visitors from 9 countries with muslim ties. >> reporter: the crowd was small by passionate. the theme is be one. no matter what race or religion. these people say the tenor of the country has changed quickly, with donald trump's executive orders. >> i'm just so bothered by the proclamations coming from the president. i just think they are so discrime in a inventory, and feel bad for our country. >> these two orders are part of an immigration reform. >> reporter: the directives involve building a wall on the mexican boredder and blocking people from certain countries from entering the u.s. this group called the orders dangerous. >> i'm afraid somebody is going to tell me one day to go back home. i don't have any other home. >> reporter: this muslim american woman send home for decades is freely month, but she some others say -- fremont,
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but she and some others say they have seen a shift from inclusion to exclusion. >> next week it might be you or me, so i'm not going to wait. i'm going to stand up for my neighbors. >> reporter: a call to action, fight for change at the ballot box. >> we hope to mobilize people to actually goal out and vote in two years and four years. >> this is not the way to live in your own home. we have to fight, we have to resist. >> reporter: resistance comes in many forms. >> i'm for writing letters, making phone calls, for having demonstrations like this. >> reporter: putting signs at this major intersection they say is a reminder that democracy in this country is partly built up a diversity. >> we are taking steps backwards, and i want to do whatever i can to say stop. >> reporter: organizers tell me they plan to hold more demonstrations. they are also urging people to contact their local and state lawmakers to let their feelings
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be known. healther? >> all right, amber. thank you so much. earlier today on the 4, we spoke with the former chairman at the republican party of the state spend that he thinks president tropes's tough talk is all part of a -- president trump's touch talk is all part of a strategy. >> i see it as a negotiating tool to get a better job for nafta. >> the president has received that he wants to renegotiate the north american freely trade dell, or nafta, with mexico and canada. he said it has resulted in a quote massive number of jobs and companies lost. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. you'll find a political section right on our front page. a move to make california the first state if the nation to offer a third gender option on state documents. a bill by state senator scott weaner and tony atkins would allow an option other than male
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or female, on down a.m. comes such as driver's licenses and other applications. opposing groups, though, say that those documents should reflect biological facts for medical purposes. all the rain and snow is really starting to pay off. close to half of california is now out of the drought. the u.s. drought monitor reported today that severe or extreme drought now only exists in 51% of the state, and you can see that clearly hirepy looking at these two maps. the one on the left shows drought levels at this time last year. the one on the right shows the areas still dealing with drought conditions this week. only about 2% of the state remains in extreme drought, mainly in the vicinity is of santa barbara county, and although much of the state is better off, governor jerry brown said he is not ready yet to declare the drought over. and teach got some cool overnight lows -- and we've got some cool overnight lows, and
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some is valley fog, and then the weekend to talk about coming up. and we'll tell you about landfill violations that led to an order. and new home from surveillance video, as police look for leads in the kill okay of a woman from cast troll valley. -- cattro valley. -- castro valley.
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there is new information on a local murder. >> reporter: six weeks have passed since somebody killed 59- year-old andrea st. john and then torched her castro valley home to cover it up. her body was found in a garage after firefighters put out a fire early the morning of december 13th. authorities won't say how she was killed, and whether it was a targeted or random attack, but st. john, they say, was an unlike legal victim. >> she was by all accounts a model citizen, and she was a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, a sister, and as far as why this happened, a motive for this crime, we're still trying to piece that together. >> reporter: her cellphone and call car were not taken. no one has used her credit cards, but investigators have this surveillance video they shared with ktvu. it shows a man walking nearly
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the victim's home. he walks in one direction, only to walk back from where he came. >> someone may recognize not only maybe even the clothing, but the way in which this person walks. >> the man has been linked to a silver 2011 to 2013 toyota corolla like this one. >> as far as the car you've told me about, i don't recall seeing any car like that. >> reporter: st. john was the third homicide in castro valley within a 16-day period. although the cases aren't related, neighbors are still rattled. >> the idea of it happening again in this neighborhood, it's like lightning striking twice in the same place, so not too concerned, but still concerned. >> astro valley is a little -- castro valley is a little community where everybody watches out for everybody else, and we wave to people as they go by. we don't expect this time of element. >> reporter: st. john lived along after her husband died
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last spring. despite her pain, her company is said she showed strength and grace. she was special apply proud of being a grandmother. if you recognize that toyota corolla, or that man in the video, you are encouraged to call the police. a federal judge today finalized pg&e's criminal sentence for it's part in the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire storm. it happened six and half years ago. the neighborhood is still trying to remember. 8 people were killed. many others suffered life changing injuries, and dozens of homes were destroyed. san bruno officials said they were pleased with today's sentence. >> all we were striving for all of these years was transparency and justice, and the judge served justice today, and transparency will come with the independent monitor and the results of that over the next five years, at least. >> the court appointed monitor will oversea all of pg&e's business during a five-year
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probation a period. a maximum five of $3 million is to be paid -- fine of $5 million is to be paid immediately -- fine of $3 million is to be paid immediately. a judge will be be asked to remove warning labels on the weed kill earl roundup. the state based a decision on the world health organization that said the chemical could cause cancer. now, the product's maker, monsanto, rejects any health risks for roundup, and sued to block the warning labels. california now hoping to see that case dismissed. >> connecticut county health official -- contra county officials have combined about a
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compost area in a landfill. we look at why the county is taking action. >> reporter: inspectors say this facility was accepting more waste than permitted, and that caused unsame buildup, and even fires at the so it's. the complaint started in september from residents near the west contra costa sanitation facility in richmond. >> there were a total of 400 calls that came in, not only to our federalty, is but to the air board. >> reporter: people described noxious foul smells in the air, causing other concerns. >> we did receive some reports of people with headache, unusualia, and some throat irritation. think correspondent sent environmental health inspect inners to the sprawling come post site site on par boulevard, operated and owned by republic services, and
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that's when they discovered that the facility was not in compliance. >> while our health inspectors there were, they noticed 7 fires, so when we see a fire at a come post facility, we know there's something wrong. >> reporter: these photos show smoke from the fires. officials say when compost is not turned enough, the buildup of heath causes the come post to self -- come post to self -- conpost to self come bust. >> although it's not tame russ, it is a nuisance, and it -- cage russ, it is a nuisance, and can affect the quality of life. >> county officials have ordered the landfill operators to submit a plan by february 1st details how they will correct the problems.
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if it's pretty cold out there tonight, running a few degrees cooler tonight than it was last night at this time. the snow report, you don't even really need it. there's a lot of snow in the mountains. this weekend will be about as good as it gets for skier. so if you get a chance, i would head on up. the clouds offshore here all heading to the north. that's a significant weather plume, but it's not heading towards us. what is heading towards us is the large surf underneath this. the winds are blowing a swell, or blowing across the water, which causes a swell, and it's generate something large surf. surf advisory through tomorrow morning, then it will start to go away. nothing to show rain-wise. it's been quite nice out there. as we look at the temperatures, it's down to 40 in napa. the dewpoints in these areas are in the low 30s.
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you can expect plenty of valley fog in the inland bay valleys tonight. napa three degrees cooler right now. concord is three degrees cooler. it's a chilly night. your friday night starts off cold with some frost and valley fog. when i come back, we'll lay it all out for the valley weekend. >> coming up, a new effort for california to secede for the country. and then a bay area jazz musician and it's accomplished career. how 30-second audition got him a gig that has now lasted decades. >> we'll have is your sports highlights later in sports. and cal's chancellor calls him a troll, but won't stop his so a speech. the controversial right wing writer now coming to u.c. berkeley.
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u.c. berkeley confirming that a controversile figure on the political right there speak is on campus next week. the chancellor has called my lowe, who write -- milo, who writes for bright better as a troll, but he is allowed to speak next week. the u.c. bored of regents today approved a tuition hike for students. the meeting was held in san francisco. the vote was 16 to 4 in favor of raising tuition. it is set too increase 2.5% in the 2017-2018 school year, a $282 dollar increase per student each year, and tough little now be roughly $11,500. this is the first time in seven years the tuition is forecast up, and students aren't happy about it.
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>> what happens, you're forced to go to food pantries. you're forced to make go monday me accounts on your social media, begging people to help you survive. >> a spokesperson for the u.c. system said enrollment has increased since the tuition fee six years ago. former california's schools chief delayne easton is now hoping to become the state's first female governor. she began her political career back in 1980 as a union city council woman, and also represented the bay area in the assembly. she joins a very crowded field seeking the position. position. another attempt is underway to make california into a separate country. the plan has been submitted to
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state election officials that would ask voters to repeal part of the state constitution that declares california an inseparable part of the united states. supporters need to collect nearly 600,000 voters to put it on -- signatures to put it on the bat lot. >> the dow reached another record today, closing above 20,000 for the first time today. today, they added another 32 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 fell a little more than a point. oakland's post ship fire killed 36 people last month, and the outpouring of support has been tremendous. coming up, why survivers still haven't gotten any of the money raised by one particular foundation. >> a bay area jazz musician talks about playing in the saturday night live band.
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one of the world's best jazz trombonist has been a member of the saturday night live band for three deck aids. >> this weekend, he is playing with the joe henderson legacy band. we have more on this weekend's big performance. >> reporter: inside this music hall, 19 musicians fathered. their individual sound -- gather. their individual sounds joining together for are joe's band. >> joe started this band in 1966. he won three grammys. >> reporter: henderson died in 2001, but his friend, warren gale, has made sure his music goes on. >> i want a bunch of food jazz players. >> reporter: this weekend,
10:31 pm
some good jazz players will come together. >> we have a special fest artist, steve turet. if you've watched saturday night live, you've lively heard him play. >> the fall of 1984. you know, when eddie murphy left the show, the very next season, i came in. i've been there since the fall of 1984. i've been there 32 years. >> wow. why did you want to join saturday night live? >> it's a good job. and it's fun. what other job could you do where you're just laughing all the time, but then when you play, it's serious business. >> reporter: he grew up in lafayette, and said music has always been there. >> my mom and dad met at a count basie dance, and then i
10:32 pm
joined a school band in the fourth grade, and enjoyed it, but didn't have that e. ipyny until stanley middle school. i realized this is what i want to do in my life, i wanted to play music. it just felt right. well, i chose the trombone. don't ask me why. >> i was just going to. >> reporter: he said jazz just made him feel right when he played it, and it has taken him around the world. ? there are two jobs i've auditioned for in my life, ray charles and saturday night live. >> reporter: ray charles was his big break, and more than a decade later, he would get a 30- second addition with saturday night life. >> after the audition, we ate dinner and said what was that deal? we played for 30 seconds. a waste of time. a week later, we government the call and said, you've got -- we got the call and they said,
10:33 pm
you've got it. it's not just because it's a great job. it's a lot of fun, and the musicians are really on a high level. snl has always been terrific at political sat fire, and the -- is a tire, and the thing is everybody catches fire, andette not just the president. alec baldwin, i love it, it's him airious. i see folks i've seen in a while, and they said, hey, steve, you're on saturday night live? if i said, yeah, i'm going to ride that horse tell it drops. >> reporter: that horse has more local connections than people realize. >> the band leader, lenny pickett, he used to be to a player with the tower of power. alex governmenter is from lafayette. will forte, the actor, he's from lafayette. >> reporter: but whenever he gets a break from snl, he comes back here to visit his mom, and
10:34 pm
he always bringing his trombone and his shell. >> this is my thing. think other people are playing shell is now in jazz. bust i started -- but i started it. >> that was the only thing with joe henderson. he was a great improviser, and creator of original composition 0s, and so is steve, and so is warren. well, i've written some songs, too. so that's the beauty, we get to play the arrangement, but we get to improvise on it. >> reporter: which mean's even though they aren't sure what you'll hear when you take them stage, you'll probably feel a bit of him. >> it's a living and breathing thing, and that's the beauty of it. >> i could just keep listening to him talk. i just love the way he speaks. that was a great story. on saturday, you can watch him and the joe henderson band.
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the show starts at 8:00. tickets are still available. it's at the empress theater are in vallejo. well, construction of a suicide prevention net on the golden gate bridge bridge could come with some traffic trouble for drivers. the transit district is expected tomorrow to approve spending $2 million for the chp to provide traffic enforcement during the construction. that's for overnight lane closures. plans call 0 for a stainly steel neat to be installed 20 feet -- stainless steel net to be installed feet below the bridge and extend out 20 feet. >> there is word that a private ferry freighter is having problem with a plan that starts commuter service tomorrow. the timeline company said it is record to start that service tomorrow morning, however, the east bay times records that the
10:36 pm
city of berkeley said that tide line hasn't finished the application process. san jose police have arrested a suspect after a a series of robberies at banks, pharmacies, and be check cashing stores. 45-year-old robert rainbow was arrested on january 11th for the robberies. price say he was a crime spree. police say he would a present demand note before taking the money or narcotics. he was identified through surveillance video and witness accounts. >> for the second time in less than a week, a car crashes right into an east bay creek at almost the exact same spot, but today, the story had a very different ending. >> and i'm tracking that friday afternoon forecast, plus there's some significant rain coming around again. i'll show you that in the five- day. >> and $900 in money raised --
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$900,000 in money raised for ghost ship fire victims. why that mon hasn't been distributed yet. lives star wars,
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a car veered off niles canyon road this morning and plunged into alameda creek near fremont, at almost the same spot where a similar accident 457ened over the weekend. crews say the driver made it out on his own. unfortunately, on saturday, 18- year-old jada jenkins collided with another car and skidded off that same winding road, and investigators think she was swept away by the water. >> survivors of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire said they still haven't gotten any of the aid promised to them. that time for killed 36 people. the local nonprofit gray area foundation said it has raised
10:40 pm
almost $900,000, but had to wait to give out the money while it identified fraud you lent claims. >> it's pretty complex work, and there's no real guide book for it. another example, the orlando fund, that shooting, those funds took 3 to 4 months to distribute. with a try weekend finally on tap, this might be your chance to get out doors, and there are plenty of events around the bay, both inside and out. >> we're into the final weekend of january. here are some of the events takes place. we'll start in the east bay, where it is time for the oakland a's fan fest. the a's will host the free event at jack london square. some of the highlights include players and coach q&a, photos, autographs, and a kids play area. in san francisco, you'll find
10:41 pm
one of the oldest dog events in southern california. more than 150 breeds. this is a bench shot show, which means you can walk around and talk with breeders and see the dogs between events. interested if seeing the first half to to the world? the world fair nano will feature a two-day festival. you can find worlds fair nano at pier 70. in the south pay, celebrate the year of the rooster at the san jose museum of art this saturday. it honors the sayreious through far new year's traditions with live performances for the entire family. in the north bay, beer lover will have the opportunity to taste some of the world's best brews. over 34 breweries will be pouring. sonoma county food vendors will also be selling food. the beer fest will be held in a
10:42 pm
private hanger at the santa rosa hanger. that is your weekend watch. well, coming up next, your weekend forecast, and beyond. our chief meteorologist bill martin has his full forecast coming up right after this. >> look at that shot. beautiful.
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10:44 pm
all right. this is how some people felt their thursday today. take a look at this. plenty of surfers off of mavericks today. surfers today didn't need a contest to take advantage of the big wave. the contest window closes on march 31st. >> there was a time not that long ago there would be two guys out there, maybe jeff -- >> and jeff is the guy that >> yeah, rib back in the 1980s,
10:45 pm
when that place was empty all the time. >> is this normal? do they get people like that awful the time? >> yeah, they do now. especially the continues were good today. the wind, you can see there's not a lot of wind. >> how big were they? >> there were some 15-foot sets, i believe. you don't don't see them right. >> waves funny, all of a sudden they'll turn on. you can come back 20 or 30 minutes from now, and that whole place could change. especially when they come from a great distance, thousands of miles away. but the sir san francisco still big. a high surf advisory stays in of course until tomorrow morning. so kind of dangerous, high interval swells. here is the jet stream. and that's where that is going. it's going to miss us. but on the surface, those winds
10:46 pm
are blowing across the surface, across the fetch, the distance of the ocean, and it creates waves, and the larger that fetch, the larger body of water, the big err the waves. that's why the waves get so big. you have 3,000, 4,000 miles of ocean out there, you can have a 2,000-mile fetch. there aren't many on or about 0ens that can create that much fetch. temperatures tomorrow will get down. it's go it will to be cold and chilly. that valley fog will be out there. the waves keep coming in, but tomorrow a mostly sunny day. warmer than today. as a matter of fact, the warming trend, as we go into the bay area weekend, and that meanspy sunday, we might be up into the mid-860s. that's going to -- mid-60s. that's going to feel warm. tomorrow we'll be into the maybe upper 50s, low 60s, and then we'll be mid-, low 60s,
10:47 pm
maybe even some areas like monterey or carmelo, they could see a temperature around 65, 68. tomorrow is a beautiful day. warm for the weekend. starts to transition on tuesday. this is the big picture. and it goes off. i think we're getting into a series of rain events starting wednesday. and this model kind of just shows the break down. i stop it on wednesday morning. and look, before the jet was way up here. and now in it's down here, and look at the summer flow. right? and that's just wednesday morning, and you see what's happening? you can see the summer jet. and that's a formula for rain. so we may be getting back into it. i don't know if it could be as big as that last round, but there will be some rain around here. starts on wednesday, but stunt start tomorrow or sunday, or monday, or tuesday. it's going to be a nice weekend panel the five-day forecast, cold in the morning, chilly in you will. patchy valley fog.
10:48 pm
there it is. so just enjoy, because i think it's returning to the wet. a significant wet pattern appears to are coming wednesday. >> esday. >> sports is next. college basketball, and which warriors players are going to the nba all-star game. reen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing.
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and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now.
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jason is here. we're starting with hockey. unfortunately the sharks didn't win. >> well, mark was off tonight because he was at the sharks game. would he bring the sharks good luck if they were riding a 6- game win streak, and a battle with the edmonton oilers in town, and jack del rio in the house, as was mark ibanez, not found by the cameras, though.
10:52 pm
the sharks are on the board first, 1-0 san jose. second period, we're tied at one. oilers on the power play. he hits the post. the puck goes in the next. two goals, as the oilers would thick take the lead for good, but sharks here with a chance to tie it up. 32 saves by cam talbot. oilers win 4-1, and that six- game win streak comes to an end. the two teams go into the all- star break tied at the top of the pacific division. >> st. mary's in action tonight. the gales have 7 aussies on the team. early on, usf gets sloppy with the basketball, and st. mary's's going the other way.
10:53 pm
the slam dunk, 18 points for hermanson. first half winding down. justin, a little freshman here, three-pointer, top of the key, beats the halftime buzzer. ties it up at 30 for the dons. the second half, all st. mary's. a three-pointer in transition. the gales win big, and they are now 18-2. byu at santa clara, a team they haven't beaten in 45 years. some of the parents weren't even born the last time they beat the cougars, that all changed tonight. the broncos snap a 13-game losing streak. for are the first time in warriors history, they will send four players to the nba
10:54 pm
all-star game. every warrior except papelbon, who actually got 1.5 million votes is headed to the all-star game perform the reserves were selected today. draymond green and klay tom 0 son will join steph curry and kevin durant will will start the game. steve kerr will coach the western team. he's a triple double waiting to happen. but it's the defense and energy that really make the warriors who they are. klay thomas is 5th in the nba. having four all stars on a team, that ties an nba record. no team has ever sent five players to the all-star game. >> oklahoma city's russell westbrook was also named an all star today. and the put back and the foul, no triple-double for westbrook,
10:55 pm
punt he did have 45 points and 8 rebounds. the thunder worn the game tonight, but they lost one of their key players. we'll circle him here. watch as he punches the chair. turns out he fractured his forearm. he is out indefinitely. he's their third leading scorer. asked what he did after the game, he said quote nothing smart. >> tiger woods struggled pig time in his first pga tournament in 17 months. he hasn't won a major going on nine years, put is still a huge draw, especially at tory pines in san diego. he has won 9 times there in his career. he was one under par through 11, and then fellle apart for tiger. his tea shot, you can see by the body language, not good. the drive entire the crowd. four botheringies and a double
10:56 pm
bogey -- four bogeys and a double dogie. he shot a 76, which is his worst season opening round of his career. he trails just rose by 11 strobes. so lots of work to do for tiger if he hopes to make the cut. by saturday night, we could definitely know that kyle shanahan is indeed the 49ers next coach. why saturday? that's when the 49ers will meet with shanahan for a second time, which every assumes is just a formality. assuming it goes well, the news could like out later that shanahan is the guy, and they are also going to bring two general manager candidates on that trip to meet with him. so they will talk to him individually, and see how the chemistry. >> see you later. >> good night. ren wailing,
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
indistinct conversations ] do we know anything? oh, no. they're in there now with the doctor. we're lucky, though. the paramedics said it could've been a lot worse. my god, how did this even happen? there he is. big day's coming up. what do you want for your birthday, big dog? it's okay. i'm good. come on. the sky's the limit. dream big, my boy. well, i guess i could use a belt. a belt? yeah, you're right. i don't need it. an extension cord works pretty good. phil: every year, luke's birthday falls right around thanksgiving, and so it gets lost in the holiday shuffle. yeah, one year we forgot completely, and we had to improvise a cake out of stuffing. which, by the way, he was fine with. he's one of those kids, you get him a gift, and all he wants to do is play with the box. yeah, one year we actually just got him a box -- a really nice box. and we made the mistake of putting it in a gift bag. so he played with the gift bag. w-we can't get it right. no.


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