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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 1, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent protesters turn violent at uc berkely. hundreds storm the campus, setting fires outside the student union, and throwing paintballs at police. tonight's showdown was triggered by the scheduled appearance by a provocative right wing speaker.
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when police declared an unlawful assembly, his speech was canceled. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it prompted police to scrap a performance by milo yiannopoulos. the controversial editor with the alt-right breitbart website. >> deb, the situation is much calmer at this hour, than it was a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: a lot calmer. after that huge crowd, some 1500 people at its peak. take a look at some of the property damage students are going to find here at the student union in the morning. 500,000 protesters are still rooming, on and off, splinter groups. a notorious speaker was silenced. shut it down, they did. self-described internet troll milo yiannopoulos was already
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inside the student union. his speech sill two hours away, when the protests outside took a turn. throwing fireworks and rocks, breaking windows, using the barricade set up to protect a building as battering rams instead. then protesters set upon the light tower, toppled it, and set it on fire. only moments before, people with tickets to hear him. like this man, regards him as a performer. >> he's saying things that need to be heard, but not always agreed with. many of us agree with him only in partially. >> reporter: but for the hundreds who opposed the appearance, milo yiannopoulos is a hate monger.
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>> right now, the building's on lockdown, but we're hoping to continue. we don't want to be intimidated. >> reporter: that from the berkely college republicans event sponsor as the protests became chaotic. with only a few police officers visible on the balcony above, it became obvious the show would not go on. >> it's sad. it's sad to see our university like this. it's sad to see people behaving this way. >> reporter: in the next moment, we were among those targeted by protesters with a paint balloon. >> i have blood on my hand. what have i done? >> reporter: the club says it followed all the guidelines lead out by the university. >> we believe in discussion and -- if this was up to us, everything would be peaceful. everything would be civil. but these people, this is what they believe. this is what tolerance is at uc
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berkely. >> reporter: a protester calls this a para military force. and insists no amount on hand could have stopped them. >> i understand why people are upset for some reasons, but for a campus that was originally a location of free speech moment, it's kind of sad that we would resort to violent action. >> reporter: we saw a few protesters detained, but tonight, uc police say no arrests were made. and they are defending their standoff approach. they say the outside agitators numbered about 150. they say they knew they were coming, that they were coming down bancroft, and already committing some property damage. so they made the decision to stand back and not confront them directly because it would have risked student safety. coming coming back live, you can see university police, and there are police from cal, and
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also other uc campuses who were here for this event. they are still active, and still on alert, because protesters are still making their way around. they say the proof of their approach is in the fact that no protester made it into the building, and to their knowledge, there were no serious injuries. >> i heard from one student tonight who was saying that she was there, and that the protest was peaceful, everything was fine until all of those so- called anarchists, if you will, arrived, and that's when everything went to hell. you were out there, is that essentially the same feeling that you got? >> reporter: yeah. they came in, in a very organized fashion. almost like a march. they had banners. some of them, they had backpacks. they had tools inside the backpacks, fire extinguishers to spray. we have seen this group, they sometimes identify as the black block, and that would explain the full dress and black
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clothing. they are very organized and strategic. when they came on the plaza there was no missing them, and they launched into this action with the barricades, the fireworks almost immediately. >> are they still out there tonight? we heard at one point there are still 5 to 800 people marching down one of the streets there. are these anarchists staying together? or breaking off to different splinter groups from what you can tell. >> reporter: we're not right on top of them right now, julie, because they're not right here in sprout plaza. it was our understanding, they were approaching campus, and we have seen police moving and changing their skirmish line to accommodate. you can see they're lined up here on the edge of campus, and on the other side is bancroft. now we see protesters coming. let's walk closer. protesters coming on bancroft. as we make our way over, we can see that it's a crowd of a few hundred and i would imagine, that this would be a mix of
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people. this could be students. this could be berkely citizens. this could be the anarchist group. hard it to tell, you know, people will stay out of participation if they want to. >> so debora, now they're not going to allow the protesters -- >> reporter: now we're being moved. >> they're not going to allow the protesters to come back on the the campus? is that what it looks like here? >> reporter: that's what it looks like. i would imagine, any of the places where there's easy access onto street from campus will be the places they're sure to stand guard, and not allow any property damage tonight. >> i know you're going to stay there and monitor the situation for us tonight. we'll be back if anything changes in the meantime. milo yiannopoulos posted a message to the protesters tonight, expressing disappointment that the event was canceled. >> i evacuated by my security detail from the police tonight
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from uc berkely. uc berkely being home of the free speech movement. ironic and sad, this campus seems to be no friend to free speech anymore. >> he went on to say the left is absolutely terrified of free speech and will do literally anything to shut it down. our coverage of the protest continues on there you will find unedited video, and there is a lot of it that unfolded this evening. after a week of sunshine, rain is returning to the bay area. the beautiful bay bridge in the distance. get ready for a wet commute tomorrow morning. >> bill, this is just the start of a couple days of rain. >> yeah, we got some rain in the forecast, it's rained a little bit on thursday, especially in the south bay. but the real rain comes after midnight. the story will be the next couple of days. basically into thursday and into friday, we're going to see a wind advisory in effect through tomorrow, and then a winter storm warning that will be in effect in the mountains.
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anywhere around the bay area gets from an inch, to an inch and a half of rain, over two days. here is the current set up. we've got the showers still showing up around santa cruz. a little bit in san jose. not so much around here. you can see it's mostly just a little bit further south of san francisco, and oakland. but you see san jose right now with a few scattered showers. the real rain gets going as we go into the overnight hours. let me show you the computer model here. here we are at 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, pretty wet. here we are in the morning commute. 6:00a.m., and then 9:00 a.m. scattered showers after that 6:00 a.m. pop. but we're going to see heavy rain, about 3:00 to 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. wet roads for the morning commute. a burglary suspect shot by an off duty sheriff's deputy in alameda has now died. police say the suspect was shot after he broke into the home of
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a contra costa county deputy. >> alameda police department. the entire house is surrounded. come to the front door with your hands up. >> reporter: a dramatic scene unfolded at this house on buena vista near chestnut. it all began at 10:45 a.m., when a man broke into the house, and was confronted by an off duty contra costa county sheriff's deputy. >> we know now we have an off duty officer that has been involved in a shooting. one suspect, or a person has been shot. >> reporter: first responders had to give him cpr. he died at a hospital. >> as near as we can figure, he broke into the house. broke through the window. there was a kid inside, he shot him. >> reporter: we spoke to a neighbor who didn't want to go on camera. >> all i heard were several shots. five or six shots. there was a pause, then more fire. a few minutes later police had surrounded the house, obviously, somebody who was
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injured. they were working quickly on this person. >> reporter: after the man was taken away, though, it wasn't clear whether there were other suspects still in sight. san leandro police came with their k-9 unit. neighbors were told to shelter in place, others couldn't get home. officers made their way into the home just before noon. they confirmed that no one else was inside. the off-duty deputy wasn't hurt. he was detained, and interviewed by police. neighbors were shocked by what happened. >> we've never had anything like this that we know of. >> it's frightening to think this is alameda. our quiet little alameda. >> reporter: they will reconstruct the events that led up to the suspect's death. in alameda, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up at 10:30, an act of kindness that keeps on rolling. we'll meet an east bay man who fixes bicycles, and puts smiles on the faces of many.
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>> first, a tense standoff in delaware, where inmates have taken hostages at a maximum security prison. latest on the negotiations there. >> and thieves using old tricks in a new way to steal your information. where criminals are putting card skimmers where you can't see them. >> reporter: and tonight, it is last call at lefty o'douls. we talk to people about their memories of this iconic restaurant that is closing its doors.
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new at 10:00 tonight, last call for a san francisco institution. lefty o'douls is closing down tonight, and it's unclear if the famous bar and restaurant will relocate. the closing brought many people out tonight for one final toast. ktvu, fox 2 news jana katsuyama joins us now from union square with reaction from customers. >> reporter: julie, it has been packed all night. people who have been coming here for years, coming here one last time just to have the food, a little bit of drink, and join friends that they have made here at this spot. >> ladies and gentlemen, i left my heart in san francisco. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the band members played their hearts out, in front of lefty o'douls. an iconic ballad, for an
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iconic restaurant. >> great food, hot meals. good companionship, tvs. >> reporter: one last plate. hot homemade comfort food. >> we've been coming here since 2004. i love this place a lot. love the food. good comfort food for a good price point. >> probably the first time i ate here was the first time i opened the gallery. >> i'm definitely going to miss it. it's going to be weird not having it on the block for sure. >> i'm going to miss the piano player in the bar, and the great people that work here, and the drinks. just the nostalgia of it all. >> reporter: all in all, the memorabilias and namesake of frank lefty o'doul. >> he opened this place in 1958. it's been here almost 60 years. >> reporter: lefty's cousin tom o'doul says lefty always wanted to help children, and the
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annual toy drive became a san francisco tradition. now the bitter dispute has sparked a legal battle. now lefty's is closing. >> it's home. it's home for so many people to come in here. the regulars are coming in daily. the foreigners are coming in from out of town. >> have been coming in for coffee every single morning for 18 years. i made a lot of friends. spent a lot of tears over the last few weeks. >> reporter: nick says they plan to come back at another place. >> his spirit is what this restaurant is all about. it's not the building. it's not the place. >> reporter: they say they're going to keep this party going until 2:00 a.m. nick says he wants to move the restaurant to a place a couple of blocks away, but he isn't saying exactly where. there is another court date set on this case for february 15. reporting live in union square
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at lefty o'douls, january -- jana katsuyama, ktvu, fox 2 news. investigators say two skimming devices were found a few days ago, but these weren't the usual type. they were actually found inside the pumps at a 76 gas station on el camino real. police think someone used a universal key to break into the pump and plant the card reading device inside. >> is this is little concerning that they found it on the inside of the machine, just because, inside the machine is someone is actually able to access the device itself. >> this video is from another incident taken from a woman who spotted a skimming device on an atm inside a is 7-eleven in san mateo. security experts say if you're worried about being skimmed, consider paying with cash. a standoff involving hostages continues tonight at a
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maximum security prison in delaware. this morning, prisoners attempting to escape from the james bond correctional center near dover took over control housing 120 inmates. they took four prison employees hostages. two of them have been released. negotiations have been taking place it to release the other two. inmates are reportedly demanding changes to the education and rehabilitation programs in the prison. a national adoption agency from east bay has filed for bankruptcy. it came with absolutely no warning, and hundreds of people hoping to adopt a child are now out of luck. ktvu's rob roth talked to one couple whose already paid thoughs of dollars to the agency, and they're not sure how, or even if they're going to get their money back. >> the signs went up without warning in concord. the agency has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy and closed for good yesterday.
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>> devastated. burst into tears at work. yeah. utter devastation. we never saw this coming. >> reporter: peggy and antony grasso are just one of hundreds of families across the country counting on the agency to help them adopt a child. they even have baby clothes and a bouncy chair at their ready. >> for our parents to not be grandparents. that's the hardest. that's the hardest part to deal with. >> reporter: the grassos say they paid the agency about $15,000. for them, this isn't about money. they've been waiting two years. now they fear they're in limbo. >> back at square zero. starting over. trying to figure out where to go to next. >> the hardest thing for us is the emotion that we've invested in this, and the time we've been waiting quite a while. >> reporter: our calls to iac
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went unreturned. but its statement says in part, quote, there are fewer potential birth parents than at any other point in iac's history. because of this, while we have striven to find financial solutions, we have come to the end of our rope and are declaring bankruptcy. there is some good news for couples like the grassos. they won't have to start completely from scratch with a new adoption agenciment. >> they will have a lot of paperwork done already, and they will have their criminal background checks done, so those reports are still good, and they should take all of that information. get their files from the agency, and take it 0 the new agency. >> it's going to be hard after this experience to put that trust into another agency. >> do you see a happy ending? >> yes, definitely there will be a happy ending. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. it's one of the world's
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premier big wave contests, and now it could be in jeopardy. the legal dispute that could put the brakes on the titans of mavericks surf competition held at half moon bay. >> mark will show us why steph didn't even need to play in the 4th quarter. >> donald trump is urging senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to go nuclear.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e.
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i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. there is word tonight, president trump cut short a phone conversation with australia's prime minister. there is word president trump was frustrated over an obama administration deal for refugees to settle in the u.s. the president issued a threat to democrats today if they
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tried to hold up his supreme court nomination. >> judge goresuch is an exceptiony qualified person. >> reporter: in a meeting with organizations that helped shape his choice for judge goresuch. he laid down a marker to democrats. he would urge senator mitch mcconnell to pull the trigger on a nuclear option. >> if we end up with that grid lock, i would say, if you can, mitch, go nuclear. because that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web. >> reporter: the nuclear option why change the threshold for confirmation from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. while democrats have previously gone nuclear on some of president obama's lower level appointments, using it for a supreme court nominee would
10:25 pm
break decades of precedent. >> it's up to mitch. but i would say go for it. >> reporter: the president is asking for an elegant, and dignified nomination process. he fears democrats would try to drag goresuch through the wringer. >> because they're very demeaning on the other side, and they want to make you look as bad as possible. i'm sure the press will be very dignified in this case. >> reporter: there was new criticism of the president's extreme vetting order. teresa may, who seemed in lock step with the president when he signed the order, told the parliament today, the order is a travesty. >> this government is clear, that that policy is wrong. we wouldn't do it in six years, i never introduced such a policy. we believe it is divisive, and wrong. >> reporter: the white house
10:26 pm
continues to tweak the application, clarifying today, so-called green card holders would not need a special waiver to reenter the country. the united states has a new secretary of state. former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson was sworn into office tonight. >> so help me god. >> vice president mike pence delivered the oath to tillerson, with president trump looking on. tillerson's confirmation in the senate was 56 votes to 43 along party lines. one of the president's cabinet picks has lost the support of two senate republicansment that means that the nomination of betsy devos-- [no audio] said they could not vote for her. the vote would be 50-50, a
10:27 pm
potential tie vote would be settled by vice president mike pence. tensions are rising between the u.s. and iran as the trump administration puts iran on notice over its latest missile test. the u.s. says the test on sunday violates a u.n. security council resolution linked to the 2015 nuclear deal with 6 world powers. iran intivities the nuclear plan is not part of the nuclear agreement. >> instead of being thankful to the united states in these agreements. iran is now feeling emboldened. as of today, we are officially putting iran on notice. >> white house officials say they're looking at a range of options, including financial, and economic measures, as well as providing support for opponents of iran. the white house would not discuss the possibility of military action. coming up here, we continue to follow developing news of protests at uc berkely. >> we'll have the latest next, plus -- >> this may look like a bike
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shop, but it's actually the garage of an east bay man who made it his hobby to help others, by giving away bicycles. we'll show you the incredible work he's doing. i can show you the world shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide
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we want to go back now to uc berkely for an update on the violent protests this evening. >> deb, what's the situation right now. >> reporter: this is dwindling, frank and julie. take a look behind me. this is bancroft. we're on the edge of sprout plaza. there are a few dozen police officers still here. on the other side of the street there have been maybe a few dozen protesters. but, looking through the officers you can see that their numbers are really shrinking. although this block between bancroft and durant is closed off, you can see a police cruiser there on the other end,
10:31 pm
so that more people cannot make their way towards campus, this situation appears to be over, so this ends a very chaotic night here at uc berkely, as these protesters make their way home. at its height, there were 1500 people on campus, for the appearance of milo yiannopoulos, that alt-right editor, that has attracted so much attention as he makes a tour of college campuses across america. this was to be his final appearance. he was at cal poly last night. tonight, an organized group of protesters stormed the barricades around the student union and managed to throw fireworks, molotov cocktails, break windows. and security said they could not guarantee the safety of their students. over for now. certainly, there will be
10:32 pm
questions in the days ahead about how this was handle. i can tell you, the police chief was asked if there's any chance he may appear tomorrow and speak, but she said no, and neither did she rule it out. >> i'm still not sure i understand the police response tonight. earlier, during the height of all of this, we were talking to you, and you were saying, you really couldn't even see the police. there were some inside the student union, but outside, there was really no police presence. now we see there are dozens of police. they've formed that line, and shut down streets. what are the police saying about that? >> reporter: the police have been here. they were visible, and they were not confrontation. we're told that was a conscious decision the police chief and them made to stand back, and not do anything that could incite violence. because in their view, that's what they wanted. what they said if there's property damage and a few
10:33 pm
broken windows, but no one is injured, and student safety isn't jeopardized, there were many students, over a thousand people here. and many were just onlookers. they weren't participating in the protest. if this had turned into an all out riot, the administration felt it would come back onto them. so they decided to take their lumps with the property damage and try to minimize any injury to anyone. >> all right, well a very turbulent night coming to an end there it appears in berkely, thank you. new at 10:00, police in pittsburgh are on the scene of a shooting that killed a 19- year-old. officers were called to leeland court. that's where the 19-year-old was found shot to death. authorities did not offer any information on a suspect or a motive. anyone with information on this case is asked to give police a
10:34 pm
call. the big wave surf contest known as titans of mavericks, today, event organizers, cartel management incorporated, and titans of mavericks, llc, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. one of the surfers who got an invitation to compete the last five years took the announcement in stride. >> that's sad. but carry on. there's still going to be really big days that are really good that the whole world is going to fly in to surf, and we still get to party afterward. >> they hope another organization, such as the world surfing league will take over the big wave contest at mavericks. but this year, it appears there's no chance for a formal competition to take place. new at 10:00 tonight, a castro valley man with a love of bicycles has made a hobby of helping others. amber lee is live in castro valley after seeing for herself what this man does, and why.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: we're inside the garage of billy bradford's home. it looks like a bicycle shop. just about everywhere you look, you can see bikes, and he calls this his happy place. >> i love the art on these old bikes. i just love collecting them. >> reporter: by day, he works for a san francisco law firm. by night, he rebuilds bikes in his garage. >> i fall in love with every bike. this is a beautiful thing, and then i let go. >> reporter: he started giving them away to friends. then to friends of friends. now it's grown to people he doesn't know. connected by social media. he says he gives bikes to people who need one, free of charge. >> i feel like i am the recipient. i get to work on bikes. i get to collect bikes and i
10:36 pm
get to give them away. it's liking about santa claus all the time. >> so don't call that hoarding show, don't do it. >> reporter: donated bicycles fill his yard on both sides of his home. >> people can sell stuff and they don't. they bring it over here and let me restore it, and make someone happy. they don't have to do that, but they do. and that's how it should be. >> reporter: bradford estimates he's restored, and given away about 200 bikes in just under 2 years. he gave a pair of bikes to this homeless man and his fiance recently. he found them through a local church. bradford painted the bikes to match. >> talking about blessed. >> that was a blessing. >> yeah, that was a blessing. it just broke us both down in tears because i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the couple tells me their own bikes were stolen recently, and it's been
10:37 pm
difficult getting to medical appointments. >> it's good for me. i feel like i'm the benefactor. >> reporter: he says his hobby offers him hope. >> always a bike to work on, and always something that will put me back in my happy place. work on a bike, give it away. it's like a little happy zone in the garage and i need that. i truly need that. >> reporter: bradford tells me, he never expected his undertaking to grow so large and that it's the best gift he's ever given to himself. live in castro valley, amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> i think everybody needs a happy zone. >> i just feel like we needed a story like that tonight, especially given what was going on at cal. what a great attitude that man has. coming up, today is national signing day for national athletes heading to college. >> which stanford's recruiting class is said to be one of the
10:38 pm
best ever. >> tracking some wet weather for your thursday commute. we'll have the computer model loaded up and ready to go. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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today was national signing day for college football. the first day recruits are allowed to officially commit to the school of their choice. >> ktvu's scott reese tells us, stanford's 2017 class may be one for the ages.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: college football programs coast to coast spent the day securing their respective futures, as recruits faxed, yes, faxed, their signed letters of intent right around the crack of dawn. >> we started a little before 4:00 a.m. >> reporter: at stanford, the bounty was well worth the long day's worth. places the 2017 cardinal class in elite company. tied for fourth best in terms of star ranking. >> is this the best recruiting class that you've had? >> i'm not going to touch that. >> reporter: it certainly might be. it includes the nation's top high school quarterback. top tight end, who committed via snowboard, and top two offensive linemen. >> for the next four years, i plan on attending stanford university. >> stanford university, going to be a cardinal, how about that? >> in average quality, this is an extraordinary class. stanford has three different players we signed this class
10:42 pm
that are ranked in the top 10 overall in the nation. stanford had had two top 10 players in the previous 15 years combined. >> reporter: hard to believe, when you consider the litany of talent that has donned them over the years. >> early on, we felt that way, and now it's just great to finally get here and be able to talk about them. >> reporter: stanford's haul is even more impressive, given the school's unique academic restrictions. substantially limiting its player pool. >> every college program is putting out offers in the hundreds, and ours is measured in dozens. >> you're looking at these guys that say i want to be successful this everything i do. i want to go to a top level institution of higher learning, and i want to go to a top level football program. so now, if that's what you're really looking for, and you do the work to get admitted here, it's hard to say now. >> reporter: they spent a
10:43 pm
couple of hours exhaling. it was back to work on the class of 2018. in this day and age, recruiting is a never ending, year round kind of business. scott reese, ktvu, fox 2 news. across the bay, new cal coach justin willcox announced his first recruiting class. it's comprized of 14 players. ali walsh is the top running back in the state of nevada. he says he wants to be more than just an athlete, he wants to be a spokesperson, just like his grandfather. the super bowl countdown has begun. do babies come from? well, they come from our hope and a longing to bring something new into the world. it's fitting, then, that classrooms of children are born every day in northern california --
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we're tracking the weather out there. we've got some raindrops in the forecast coming your way as we head into the overnight hours. there's been some drops and there continue to be drops in the san jose area right now. down around santa cruz as well, and along the coast. for the most part, those showers are going to fire up late tonight, and early tomorrow morning. here's the shower, way south right now. look at all that, way down there. that's monterey, santa cruz, gilroy, morgan hill. got a little snow showing up here by mount cob. scattered showers up in the north bay. here kind of north of santa rosa. so, the showers will increase tonight significantly, and they'll really get going late tonight as well as the wind. we've got a wind gust. the winds aren't too bad yet. we do have a wind advisory in effect that lasts through tomorrow. we could see gusts 30 to 40. then the winter storm warning in effect through the mountains. here's the breakdown of what
10:47 pm
we've got. we're looking at the system that's moving in now. that's going to stick around thursday and friday. mainly overnight tonight, and then again overnight thursday into friday morning. those are the big events. your weekend is a pretty good break. then we get into it again on monday. that's how you want it to happen by the way. this is money right here. plus, nice to have a dry weekend, but you can get a bunch of rain here. get a break, and get a bunch of rain here. we should be in good shape. in the mountains, i said there's a winter storm warning. they're going to get 3 feet of snow easy. snow levels are a little up there. maybe 3500 feet. here we are, when our storm comes in tonight. to the north bay about 3:00 a.m. then 4:00 a.m., rain south of san jose. there's the morning commute. roads are wet. some drip drip from the sky. lunchtime, more drip drip from the sky. and then light scattered sprinkles on the afternoon. so not a bad day really, but it's going to be showery all day. morning commute will have water on it. there's your friday morning
10:48 pm
commute. that's pretty significant. after the morning commute starts, this thing kind of dries up a bit. afternoon commute, maybe a few drops. so nothing, nothing, nothing like we had a few weeks ago. there's the five-day forecast, and just, there it goes, there's your breaks. there's more rain. the weekend looks good. i'm betting on the falcons. >> you are? >> i think i am julie. i'm just going to do it. >> we'll see. we'll find out sunday. ladies first. >> sports is next. we'll be right back. >> snappy.
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well, the warriors cruise to an easy victory tonight. >> very splashy. >> steph didn't even play in the 4th quarter. >> yeah, like usual. they don't need him. you know the deal with steph. when he's playing anything to do with charlotte, his hometown, i'm sure his buddies watching, and he sends a little three mail to them from long distance. he had 11 threes tonight, but his dad might have had the shot of the game. because dell curry, now one of the charlotte announcers before the game, yeah, he's still got it. he's still got it.
10:52 pm
no problem. that's right. absolutely. looking good, and then steph says all right pop, move over. he steps right in. he had 6 1st quarter threes. hitting them from way out. klay was right there with him. he had 29. fans digging it. curry, his way all night. watch him just lose marvin williams, as you look at the replay. watch the moves. poor guy trying to defend him. had it it in cruise control. they were up 21 at halftime. the beat goes on after intermission. the owner likes it too. they take steph out for the 4th
10:53 pm
quarter. he's had 82 his last 2 games. and the rookie, damian jones, the number 1 pick getting his first bucket in the nba. the teammates liking that. he got the game ball. the warriors are 42-7. they win it 126-111. look over the stat sheet, because it looks slick. time to talk about super bowl li. the atlanta falcons and the patriots of course. we're getting down to the nitty gritty time. the media the last time of preying on these guys. it will be uninterrupted preparation from here on out. you can just ask devontae freeman. he grew up just outside of miami. he's got a different definition of distraction. >> where i come from, where i grew up, i could be playing in the middle of the field.
10:54 pm
we call it the oak. we would throw the football in the park in the projects and a shootout might happen. that's a distraction. dodging a bullet, that's distraction. going to sleep, and you might hear gunshots or you might hear people arguing or a car accident or something going on, because it's crazy like that growing up. so that was the stuff that's distraction to me. this is football. it's talk, it's clutter. >> it's all about your definition of distraction. think about this team through recent years and history. they always seem to plug in some guy who turns into a star. this year, it's chris hogan for belichick's team. this is a guy who had 9 catches, 180 yards, 2 touchdowns in the afc championship game against the steelers. he was a lacrosse player most of his life. played only one year of college
10:55 pm
football, and he wouldn't have done it any other way to the big time. >> i went about the same, you know. my route to the nfl has obviously been different. i was always getting better. i still look to, i'm always watching guys, trying to pick up things here and there. i talked to tom. i learned a lot. i don't know how much different it would be. i definitely took some less hits in lacrosse, so that might have helped me. moving onto the actual game, it will be at 3:30 this coming sunday as you well know by now. let's talk a little about the 49ers, the new general manager, he didn't just fall off a turnip truck. he knew what he was doing before he took the job. he knew about the 49ers and the propensity for leaks in the organization. so he did a little homework before accepting his deal.
10:56 pm
>> i made a deal that this stay quiet. part of the rumor, things fly out of that building. i wanted to see if i could trust this building and if i was going to engage in these conversations, we can't beat around the bush. we've got to get right to, do i want to work for these people? this is one of the iconic franchises in football. the opportunity to restore that to its glory, and to work really hard to do that, that just got me. >> all right, that's been one of the problems in the organization is their inability to keep things within the building and he checked into it. i kind of like that. >> he is intense. >> i know a great football player, but he's intense. >> we'll see how it works out. >> thank you for joining us tonight. have a great evening, everyone. see you tomorrow.
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