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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 8, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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clearer views are being offered online for as much as $15,000. ♪[music] >> 9:00. aretha is going on any day. we expect women and their supporters later today to gather on the steps of san francisco city hall to rally in honor of international women's day. you might be seeing more women wearing red today. i know a number of women are planning to stay out of school and work and they say i'm not going to do the things that i
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usually do, even if i'm unpaid, as in home work type of things. >> some women need to go to work. >> some women don't have that choice. absolutely. anyone with a phone can do thisment take a look at what snapchat is doing for international women's day. we see rosa parks and scientist curry. this is the only day that the lenses will be available. snapchat doing its part to mark international women's day. this year it is especially political. we had a good guest on yesterday, one of the organizers locally. my first question, is this an try donald trump march or a pro women march? she said it is pro women but a lot of women are interested in not what donald trump supports. i think everyone can uplift a woman they love today. >> i got a tweet about that saying she is not participating because she is a trump supporter and she feels the movement is against her. >> she is being left out.
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>> yes. >> on this international women's day, we know tens of thousands of women are taking part in international women's day events. organizers are asking women, men and children to wear red to show support for women worldwide. women's day organizers say shopping at businesses owned by women and minorities is fine. but don't spend money anywhere else to show the economic power that women day. the theme is be bold for change. >> today is also being called a day without a woman. and some people are striking to show the importance of women. >> ktvu's allie rasmus has more on that from san francisco city hall where a rally is being held later this morning. right, allie. >> that's right. we are hearing any time between 10:00 and 11:00 is when the rally is supposed to get starting at san francisco city hall. the originallers behind day without a woman or the international women's strike are the organizers who also put together the women's march on washington earlier this year. it is called the day after inauguration. they are calling on women to
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participate today by leaving work, either calling in sick or taking the day off to george marches and rallies across the country. as you mentioned, asking women not to spend money or patronize business that's are women or minority owned. some have pointed out that some women don't have the luxury of taking a day off work, whether it be paid jobs or unpaid work that a lot of women do at home taking care of families and kids. if women can't participate in a rally today, they can always wear red in solidarity. >> i'm going to be working today too. so i do think that you do what you can do and no one can judge anyone. if you can't take the day off, that is totally fine. if you can, that's great. i'm wearing red because i have to work. >> the intent is to support women. which it is. then they should be sensitive to certain careers that pose a hardship on women if they don't show up for work. that does not seem to happen.
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>> reporter: many bay area and san francisco women owned businesses are either closed today to give their employees the day off to atake part in the events or some are remaining open and donating a portion or all of the sales to nonprofit that benefit women. there are events happening across the bay area for day without a woman. one happening here at san francisco city hall around 11:00. we're hearing there are events planned throughout the afternoon at justin herman plaza. also for san jose and oakland. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus live in san francisco. thank you, allie. along with san francisco, here is a look at the international women's day events in the bay area today. at uc berkeley there is a rally beginning at 11:00. also a noon time rally at san jose city hall. oakland has a rally at 5:00 this evening. we have been asking you how are you participating in international women's day. going to a march or rally, wearing red, skipping work or doing nothing ditch at all. vote on our twitter page. go ahead ask show you how that
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poll is shaking out. 3% say they are going to a march or rally. the bull are wearing red or doing nothing at all. keep talking and tell us throughout the day. we also have comments we would like to share. here are some of them. doing what i do every day. if i stop, this household wouldn't survive. >> i'm just celebrating myself as a woman with my fellow ladies. >> and d.j. says yeah but i don't own any red clothes so my daughter will rep on my behalf. >> also want to give you a look at all of the pictures and quotes being posted by people all over the world. there are tweets of encouragement and tweets of support. generations of women posing together. people also wearing red. and others giving a shoutout to the special women in their life. a lot of engagement on social media. >> yes. we will keep the conversation going on facebook and twitter. we will share your responses at
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9:30. thanks for hughesing #ktvuthenine. the award ceremony honoring trail blazer women celebrated  women who give back to the community and support women in business. business. >> this is our annual event to really say thank you to the many tremendous. women providing the leadership, guidance and vision that keeps san francisco moving forward on so many fronts. >> since 1996, the san francisco mission and department on status of women have been celebrating women's history month with a public ceremony. mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors take part to recognize the contribution of women in the community. in the state of virginia about 15,000 students have the day off in response to a day without women. officials with alexandria public schools notified parents that more than 300 staff members asked for the day off.
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the district says it was not a political move. critics say the day without women movement is antipresident trump. nearly 76% of alexandria voters supported hillary clinton. organizers say they did not expect any school closures and say people can show support by wearing red or shopping at women owned businesses. because of the time difference, some countries have already held their rallies. philippines grew intense as marchers stared down police in riot gear. they demanded an end to an american imperialist over poor nations and women. a major financial firm is making an impact and calling for more women in leadership positions at companies around the world. they set up this bronze sculpture of a young girl facing the famous charging bull statue in new york's financial district. state street is the third largest asset manager in the
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world. oversees two and a half trillion dollars. state street is threatening to vote against any corporate board that does not actively work to increase gender diversity. they have considered making the statue of a little girl charming the bull but it would be more effective if she was standing there saying i'm here. let's do this. >> i have been acto new york city. i know where that is. i think i would be taking pictures right now. >> a quick welcome back to this one. >> you don't have to say that. >> we missed you so much. >> we work for a living and go on vacation. >> we don't have to say that. you're right. >> we missed you. welcome back. >> just in time for the pac-12 conference tournament. i'm looking forward to cal playing today as well as stanford. >> the weather is celebrating you being back. >> steve, i missed the storm. >> did you bring this weather back with you. >> i did not. it was chilly where i was at down south but i came home and
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it was beautiful. >> how often do we say that, it was chilly down south. >> yeah. >> warmer weather on the way. just except for a few high clouds, the pattern is looking dry. also warmer going forward. slight off shore breeze. even the coast will be nice. i think 70s, mid 70s for santa clara valy and parts of the east bay over the next few days. high pressure is here in the west and everything will be in the northeast and the deep south. that's where the action will be weather-wise. there are a few high clouds. no big deal. coastal fog playing in our pattern going forward. already 50s. it took a while. last couple of mornings we have been on the cooler side. temperatures three to five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. we're also going to bump those highs up about 5 degrees for many. 50 ukiah. 55 monterey. l.a. is already 71 degrees. 73 in palm springs. phoenix 63. if you're at spring training
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activities you are having warm weather. they will be in the upper 80s towards friday and the weekend. few high clouds overall. a nice pattern. still a little bit of rain up on the north coast. it looks like everything is drifting up to the oregon border. so no rain into sunday. there will be higher clouds breaking through. it is the main rain line. that stays up in washington, oregon. we will get clouding coming in here. it won't be severe clear but enough where temps will be warming up. 60s, mid-60s, upper 60s, low 70s and i see warmer weather in our horizon here. thursday, friday and probably into the weekend as well. >> looks like a beauty. >> common sense media surveys young people on the news. results how children feel about the news they see and fake news and social media.
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>> this morning san francisco
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based common sense media released a new report about children and the news. the company which educates children and families on safe technology and media did a national survey of ten to 18- year-olds. they were asked about their engagement with the news including where they get their news, their level of trust and various sources and the impact news has on their lives. and here are some of the findings. 74% of those surveyed think that the media should show people their age. 69% think of the media has no idea about the experiences of people their age. 79% use search to get -- use social media to get news. 63% say it makes them depressed. 44% can tell when a story is fake. joining us in the studio from common sense media is maria alvarez. thank you for coming in. one highlight for me, children who were polled value the news
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but they feel neglected and misrepresented. >> exactly. that's what the findings are actually. they don't see themselves in the news. that's like huh. and then they were also saying that they -- adults taking care of the news are not really thinking of the issues that they care about. so that was really, you know, one of the findings that we got. >> i thought it was also interesting because young children, not quite ten, that this poll were ten to 14-year- olds. didn't even know 10, 11, 12- year-olds are watching the news. they are. maybe not on the television but through social media. >> they are. actually one of the good news is that they are really valuing the news and they feel more smart and informed when they see the news. that is great. but then kids are getting news not just from -- even though they said in the survey that they use their friends as the main source of news for them.
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>> parents and teachers. >> parents and teachers were the second choice. when we asked about how do you get the news, it is mostly social media. we know that you can get all kinds of social media. >> do parents behaviors influence the kids. i watch a lot of news obviously. my dad watched a lot of news. that may be why i'm in the business. does that have an influence on my children. i'm watching a lot of news. will they be interested in it too. >> they will. most likely. they try to model, repeat what the parents are doing. we see that parents and educators have an essential role in how kids are perceiving the news. right. we need to help them understand the context. especially these days. more than ever, they need to become critical thinkers about what they are receiving through different platforms. it's not just the traditional media that we were used to receiving the news from. now it is all of the social
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media sites, especially the teenagers. that's why we decided to create this survey. it was great, all of the findings we got. we are creating these resources for parents and educators about how to teach kids to be critical thinkers and how to spot fake news. >> give us parents some help on how to coach our children into this land of news, especially online and on the screen as well. >> yes. some -- the key advice that we're sharing with the parents these days is that we need to just talk to them, right, about what they are receiving. try to have conversations whenever possible and share our values on how we perceive. so they are able to give a trusted point of view about what they are receiving. we also need to show them how to use fact checking sites.
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right. because that helps them go beyond what they see and they are able to think about, okay, i need to know how to do this. actually one of the findings was also that most of the kids are fooled by fake news. >> right. 44% i think. >> yeah that. is a high number. we need to do bet tore help them. >> and also show that 63% of children find content to be disturbing. >> yes. >> and it scares them. it makes them feel depressed. >> yes. >> that makes me feel bad. >> i live that in my house. >> we have talked about this before. is it the -- do you feel that children should be watching the news? >> well, you know, we -- >> i feel high school age they should. >> yes. >> what is your response to that. >> i think they need to be exposed to news because that is the world they're living in. they need to know what is happening. we need to be careful, especially with the younger kids, right, because they get scared easier. that's what we saw in the survey. the younger they are, the more
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scared they feel when they see disturbing news because it is so many different sources. so that we need to pay attention to how our kids are. they are not understanding the information that they are receiving. we are making the point to be proactive as a parent and educator. >> it is very important. when my kids see something on the television, even in passing, i feel it important to sit down and explain it in conversational term what's that was. so parental involvement is huge. maria alvarez, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> always. coming up on mornings on 2, smart devices reportedly used by the cia to listen in on private conversations. next what we're learning about a massive release of cia documents by wikileaks and how the trump administration is responding. a blind dog lasts for over a week. how it was rescued from the santa cruz mountains.
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>> the last time i left, snap went public. >> yes. >> where is it now. >> $22 right now. >> interesting. >> it jumped since the initial. >> it was up 24, 25. >> yeah. >> wikileaks has shaken the tech world by releasing documents that appear to show how the cia acquired cyber weapons that could impact you. they believe all of our devices are vulnerable and this is a rude awakening. >> yes. anything connected to the internet is hackable. it is something that can be compromised and ultimately you have to be mindful of where you want your devices placed inside of your homes, offices and across your personal life. it has become clearer now that
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security is as good as the weakest link. whether it's vulnerability in software, a employee not properly trained on secure. we all have to make sure that we're investing the right amounts in infrastructure and protect our data. >> the fbi is trying to determine how wikileaks obtained these alleged hacking tools. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: this is a trove of information released by wikileaks saying it was leaked within the cia or somebody that worked with the cia. either way, some of these documents are fascinating and even disturbing. >> what new tools ares at the -- are as the disposal? self-driving cars and tvs and smart phones could be turned
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into surveillance devices. >> if they're tapping into cars, they're tapping into home tvs and every device that you would carry that has a battery in it basically. >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> reporter: white house press secretary sean spicer didn't want to touch the allegations but others are saying what this could mean for the cia. >> when you lose this capability which you will when your adversaries discover what you're doing, it's a real compromise. and it's really damaging. >> reporter: the leaks also show the spy agency has the ability to hack and then shift the became to other governments, including russia. for the rest of us, real questions about what we can do to stop either intelligence agencies or other hackers from listening in. and in the case of new smart samsung tvs with built in microphones, the abilities described in the wikileak documents are pro found. >> they can turn it on remotely but it doesn't turn the power light on. anyone in the room would be
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monitored without their knowledge or consent. it is a great spy utility. if that's what they're doing. there is no reason not to believe that. >> reporter: one of the controversial elements is that the cia never alerted the smart device manufacturers about the vulnerabilities. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. a bay area state lawmaker is proposing lowering the voting age in california to get more people to the polls on election day. evan lowe from campbell has introduced a constitutional amendment that would lower the voting age from 18 to 17 in california. 22 other states allow 17-year- olds to vote in primaries if they turn 18 by the general election. california would be the first state to lower the voting age for all elections. if the measure is approved by two thirds of the legislature, it will be placed on the ballot in 2018. san francisco she is new police chief is giving updates
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on the reform efforts. he made his first appearance before the board of supervisors last night. he told the board that the department's officers are using deescalation techniques on the streets. the chief says that training is ongoing over the next inform years. some on the board criticized the process and said it was going too slowly. there is a new group weighing in on the use of med marijuana, veterinarians. owners are using medical marijuana to treat their pets. they treat arthritis and seizures and cancer. but vets say there is not enough evidence to show it is safe for animals. here in california, veterinarians could lose their licenses if they prescribe or even suggest cannabis treatment for animals. a blind dog is getting a second chance at life. she was rescued by a firefighter after going missing for 8 days in the santa cruz mountains. >> i knew she was okay the minute i jumped in the stream and made contact with her. because i mean i'm a paramedic.
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i looked at her quick. she is holding her posture up. she didn't have any broken bones. she is wagging her tail. she wasn't crying. it turned into a good day. >> sage disappeared on february 24th when she failed to return home, everybody feared the worst. then a neighbor dan estrada and a friend saw her in a stream. the family could not have been happier seeing him bring sage up the hill. >> dan was bringing sage up over a steep hill on his shoulders. and it was just amazing. she was -- she was pretty perky considering how long she had been down there. >> it turns out that sage had slipped on sleep terrain and landed down near the stream. the sightless dog was too weak to walk so evan acarried her to safety. the dog is back home and doing well.
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i'm going to walk behind the camera and say hello and welcome to director danny boyle. he will be live on the set in just minutes. another beautiful day in arizona for spring training baseball. the giants and a's will be plenty busy. but it will be a very unusual day for both. we will explain it next with a live report from mesa, arizona. ♪[music] (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> welcome back, everyone to mornings on 2 the nine here. we're checking twitter. the question of the day is how are you participating in international women's day? we put up some options going to a march or rally, wearing red, skipping work, nothing at all is one of the options. some of the responses here as you can see on your screen, 48% said nothing at all.
9:30 am
38% wearing red. 11% skipping. >> what are you seeing out there. >> a lot of responses. mark chang says i will be getting a haircut and changing the headlights for my wife. live, love and prosper. that's the best that i can do for the world. >> i don't need special recognition. the liberals ruined the day and the march. i won't be participating anymore. it is taken in context that barbara thinks this is anti- trump. some of my contacts on twitter have said that. >> okay. >> whatever you're doing or not doing, we appreciate you sharing it with us and for using #ktvu. for some on the other headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark in the news room. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. still following the mudslide that closed sir francis drake boulevard near fairfax. it may take all day to clear
9:31 am
the road. our cameras are out there live now. you can see the situation. it is still being watched. you can see the damage to the road right there. mud, rocks, trees are being removed. this is nearby wood canyon road. the second slide in a week in that same area. drivers we talked to today were surprised to see this major road shut down again because it means more driving for them. >> it is usually 25 minutes. now it will add another half hour to 40 minutes to go around the back side. >> a little frustrating? >> it is frustrating but it is understandable. >> got to deal with it. >> yeah. >> we wanted the rain, right? >> we got the rain. unfortunately there are consequences. and so i'm -- we will just have to deal with it. >> yeah. that's one way to look at it. even after that road is cleared, it may still be closed because more mud and trees may fall on to the road. the crews are going to be out there watching things all day.
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san jose mayor sam liccardo is promising the san jose promise program to provide free thank you wigs to city colleges for low income students. it may close the funding gap left by state and federal grants to provide free tuition for san jose residents. ed lee also launched a program to provide free community college tuition to city residents there. those are just a couple of the headlines from the news room. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. in 1996, train spotting became a cult classic telling the story of a man in the drug scene trying to get out. >> train spotting 2 is being released this week. >> the man behind the camera is danny boyle. he joins us live to talk about t2, train spotting. we're thrilled to have you here. >> delighted to be here.
9:33 am
>> it is gritty and dark, a little bit of humor. much like train spotting. >> like the first one. >> yeah. it is very funny and very brutal at times. and it looks -- the most brutal thing about it is obviously they have aged 20 years. >> that is brutal. you're right. >> it's a kind of reckoning for the cast. but also for the audience. >> right. >> remember the first film. they talked to you about when they first saw the film and who they were dating. is it 20 years? it is, i'm afraid. >> have you heard from people who connected with the film who wanted more or did you want more, danny. >> you do films it doesn't matter if they're successful or not, they kind of fade. but this one didn't. it has remained in people. people talk to you on the tube  in london about it. they talk about the characters like they knew them. they are fictional characters but they talk to them like they were alive and they clearly
9:34 am
were in their minds. when the 20 year anniversary was coming out, we thought we would have another go and try to make a film about what -- what that 20 years has meant really to them. >> you knew pretty much almost immediately that you had to make another one, did you? >> not when we made the first one, no. it was very successful but it was such a surprise because of the subject matter that you never really thought there would be a second one. it was only the infection that people held for it all the time that it might be possible to go back to it. >> your first train spotting wad shot quickly on a small budget. things have changed for you in the past 20 years, mr. best director, oscar winner. tell me how that affected t2. >> it didn't actually because they -- the actors knew me before all of the shenanigans. you can't parade your oscar in front of them. we knew you before all of that kind of stuff. no. they -- it was -- it was
9:35 am
extraordinary to go back together with four people that you had worked with. we all benefited so much from the first one. it was -- it was very actually. we didn't take a lot of money. we set it up so everyone was equal. so no one could get their agent saying he is worth that now. they did it for the same money. not a lot of money. they all did it out of respect to the value that the original film had given us in our careers. >> we feel you're a story teller. i like to ask actors, do you like to ad lib. as a director, do you like to do that, do you have the freedom to do that? >> yeah. not with the script. i'm not a big ad libber but they are free within the constrains of what is written into the script to invent. so it's weird. but not language really. it's just ideas within the scene. because the way that you can
9:36 am
make films for a reasonable budget is get your script right first. the way that you can hemorrhage money is if you're fussing around and not knowing what to do with the script and you lose a day and somebody comes up with a great day and it is actually a dead end. you find that out three days later and you have lost days. so you try to kind of do all of your experiments in the script stage. >> danny, i have a question from a viewer who says that they love the music in your films. how involved are you? renee says how involved are you in your music choices. she mentioned small owe grave -- shallow grave. >> i do all of the music all the time. >> yeah. >> it is one of the few things that i'm adamant about, that i will not let anyone else do. >> why? >> i just love music. probably more than movies is the honest truth. >> music on its own or music in movies. >> both. i can't sing a note or play a tune but i love absorbing and listening to it. i'm getting a bit old now and you learn that thing where you
9:37 am
know everything about music. someone mentions a band and i go who? >> i do that too. >> the music in "slumdog millionaire" was incredible. that movie lives on. we saw it after the birth of our first child. some of the scenes involving the young children stick with me to this day. you're saying it's real in real life but you also make it purposely dark. you could have prettied it up. >> you could but that wouldn't be true to it. i've never been anywhere quite like that where the two just face you the whole time. and you have to learn to live with that. almost it becomes part of your philosophy of being there. if you can't cope with that, with the horrors that you see, you have to leave. people walk away and say i can't see that. >> here in the bay areas, steve jobs film i loved it because it talks about our area and the amazing man. and i really loved that movie which is, you know, most people mentioned train spotting or slum dog. i really love your steve jobs
9:38 am
movie. >> i had a wonderful time here. i was saying earlier i'm not a big -- a lot of people in the film business work in l.a. i'm not a big l.a. fan. i came to san francisco to make the steve jobs film. i loved being here. >> for those who did not connect maybe with train spotting or who are interesting in seeing this, this movie is about aging, about mid life crisis, everything that pulls for every generation. >> it is like a school reunion. it is like a school reunion or incredible adrenaline. and when they reunite, there is great joy in that reuniting and also a lot of accounting to be made. particularly the guy walks out of the first film with all of their money and never came back. so everybody can relate to that. >> danny boyle, congratulations. >> what an honor. thank you so much. >> t2, train spotting. >> spring training is underway in the state of arizona. and today the a's take on italy
9:39 am
as one of their exhibition games. mark ibanez joining us live from mesa with the shades on. the a's looking for a win. >> reporter: it is one of those occasions that i feel like i'm working for the chamber of commerce. it is a truly beautiful day for the a's in mesa. same can be said for the giants in scottsdale this afternoon. both will be playing. as the a's take batting practice here prior to the game, i wanted to you look at an unusual sight. the american flag on the left and, yes, as mike mentioned, team italy will be here as we're getting ready for the world baseball classic, which will begin. so the a's in an exhibition game within an exhibition season against team italy. hard to know what to expect this afternoon. ands you watch the a's continue to work out here, kind of cool because we're so close to the
9:40 am
action. and it's one of the things that makes spring training baseball so special to the fans. they're going to let people in. and you get close to the action. i am right up against the rail where fans can be pretty soon. but as i mentioned over in scottsdale, an unusual day for the giants as well. they will be taking on team puerto rico in an exhibition game. that is worth noting as well because pegan will be back facing his former team. he hasn't signed on with a team yet. earlier this week we interviewed the new ace out of the giants bullpen. they gave him a ton of money. $62million to come out -- whoa. a ball almost nailed me. thank you to our producer pete for giving me a heads-up. i almost got nailed. all of that money, i asked him if he feels extra pressure having to produce as the giants closer this year.
9:41 am
that was a near miss. >> that's what i'm here to do. i expect that out of myself. and, you know, i look forward to it. it's -- that's my expectation as well, you know. so i'm not putting more pressure on myself. i want to do what i have been doing. that's why they brought me here, to do what i have been doing. so not more pressure by any means. it's just -- just continue what i have done. >> and that's pretty good. >> yeah. >> reporter: i'm happy to be here. as you can see, like beyond my left shoulder, the a's taking batting practice. there was a left-handed batter up. right before we went to the interview, he hit a line drive that missed me six or eight inches. >> was it coming at your head, mark? was it more of a body shot if you didn't move. >> it would have been a brutal, brutal body shot. but i would have had battle scars to talk about. >> be careful. >> reporter: that is the danger
9:42 am
of being this close. i hope you can see from this camera shot our proximity. you have to be on your toes at all times. it will be a cool day. team italy coming to mesa. and puerto rico against the giants. that is pretty much if it. it is another glorious day here in the day. >> i would say enjoy yourself but i don't think i need to say that. good to see you, mark. >> thanks, mark. coming up on mornings on 2 the nine, a new competition series that pairs up survivalists and fashionistas
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9:44 am
>> tomorrow night right here on ktvu the new fox competition series kicking and screaming premieres. >> it teams up ten expert
9:45 am
survivalists with people accustomed to more luxury in their lives and drops them in a jungle to compete for a $500,000 cash prize. >> simone is hosting the competition and joins us live this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let me ask you this off of the top. in regards to reality television, i'm curious, are you a fan before you even did this were you a fan i should say of reality tv? >> oh, yeah. i'm a huge fan. fox knew that. i'm a huge fan of reality tv and i'm a huge fan of travel and adventure. so usually when i'm shooting new girl, that's what i'm at home doing. i watch those shows. because i have to stay in l.a. to shoot new girl. as soon as we wrapped season five, fox called and said we have an opportunity for a brand- new show. it's going to be really funny. it shoots in figi. would you like to go. literally i was packing my bags
9:46 am
as they were talking to me. >> right off some of these people are not used to say putting it lightly to being in these conditions. right? >> no. not at all. not at all. so we had a lot of people when were cheerleaders and people who play video gapes professionally. not used to the outdoors. they were paired up with the expert survivalists who are not used to working with other people. they have like a lone wolf kind of mentality. they can survive the jungle easily. surviving someone like that, like a cheerleader if her eye lash is lifting off of their face, that is not their comfort zone. everybody was put in a new environment and coped and worked together to stay in the game and win the money. >> which group changed the most, the survivalists or the fashionistas? >> i mean to be honest with you, both groups grew a lot. i think the survivalists really
9:47 am
were surprised. and so their growth was really strong because i think they thought we're going to be hanging out in the jungle with each other. it will be okay. they had to really dig deep into their social skills and compass and empathy to keep their partner in the game. if your partner quit because they couldn't handle the bugs or the juggle or -- jungle or quit because they didn't like how you spoke to them, you were out of the money. >> did you face the challenges that the contestants did. >> there is a clear reason that i was the host of the show. >> hannah simone the host of kicking and screaming debuting tomorrow night at 9:00. thanks again and congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> all right. coming up next on mornings on 2 the nine, a food and wine festival celebrating new movies and a superhero summer. more on the new features and
9:48 am
changes happening at disneyland. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> recently we told you about the main street electrical parade returning to disney land. that's not all that is happening at the happiest place object earth. >> a celebration is underway for the release of beauty and the beast. we're joined by disney ambassador alexa garcia. good morning. >> good morning. it's a pleasure to be here.
9:51 am
>> beauty and the beast is a classic that is coming back. >> we have a celebration in fantasy land in disney land. we have get entertainment offerings. belle and the beast come out and do a dance with the disneyland band. we have the red rose tavern serving delicious foods. including the gray stuff. i had it the other day and it was delicious. >> i can see how this is working. i can take my girls to see the movie and go to disneyland this spring and summer and it will be fresh in their mind and they will be able to recognize the movie. >> yes. it is a nod to the classic animated movie. you may even see gaston walking around, flexing his muscles. fun entertainment offerings we have in fantasyland right now. and over in california adventure park, we have the food and wine festival. so much is happening at the
9:52 am
disneyland research right now. >> there is frustration because the pirates of caribbean were closed. do you get people who get dedicated to certain rides and they get mad when they get there and they don't know that something is closed. >> there is so much that is offered at the disneyland resort in general that people, you know, maybe something is not available at that time but there are so many other things to partake in that they forget about it. >> mike says there's a lot of people going, even now, even though schools are in. >> yes, it is very popular like i said with the experiences with beauty and the beast. we have the food and wine festival and you mentioned the main street electrical parade is back. so many things are happening and so many reasons for people to visit right now. >> the food and wine festival, let's talk about that. your favorite. >> oh, my gosh. last year they had the marketplaces with a bunch of different food offerings and
9:53 am
they touched on different tastes of california. this year it is totally expanded. there is more marketplaces, more flavors to experience. we have signature events with celebrity chefs that people can register on you can see the full menu of what will be offered throughout the food and wine festival. >> take a look at some of that menu for what is being served at the food and wine festival. let's send it over to gasia. >> thank you. i am here with a disney chef. >> yes. >> when i arrived, i thought great we're making nachos. you said no. take a look at this bowl. >> no. >> i thought this was shredded pork. but this is jack fruit. >> it is jack fruit. we're bringing all of the flavors from the country, right, the united states, bringing it all together for this food and wine festival. one of the items we wanted to do that was these nachos.
9:54 am
you have flavors from vietnam. >> this marinade is incredible. we have ginger. >> yes. >> soy is one of the main ingredients in that. brown sugar to cut down on the salt e-- saltiness. we're going to saute the jack root. we're going to heat it up. and then we're going to build the amazing nachos that will be one of our kiosks at the food and wine festival. >> wonderful. >> yes. coming up. >> i remember going to disney growing up, it was hamburger or a chicken sandwich. you are branching out. i see that you were born in mexico. >> yes. >> so the nachos, do they eat nachos in mexico. >> no.
9:55 am
it's californian. >> that is an american thing. >> yes. this is truly a fusion. >> yes. >> california is a fusion of all of the different countries, flavors from every area in the world. >> they smell so good. i'm allergic to sesame. >> let me do this. i'm going to have the boys come over. the boys can try the sauteed stuff. are you okay with that. >> another great flavor that we have is the crema. you can do a mayonnaise but we have sour cream and jalapeno in there and salt and pepper and vinegar. >> what a surprise. it looks like meat. >> yes. >> you're saying the real jack fruit is about 80 pounds, about the size of my 8 years. >> yes. it is huge. is native to indonesia. but the filipinos decided to use it. >> i love that flavor. >> i heard the story many
9:56 am
times. >> do you see how it is won -- >> it looks like carnitas. >> we're going to build them. >> it is lunchtime for us. >> make a big one. >> yeah. >> we're going to do it like at a party. right after the nachos or the chips, you're going to go in with the carnitas which is the jack root. >> nice. >> and then after that, we have the crema, which has jalapenos and cilantro and lime. >> you're taking my language. >> yes. >> it brings all of the flavors out. you know what, before we go to the next one, i'm going to put a pepper in. >> what do you think just looking at this. >> delicious. >> now you've got your pico. you find it in sandwiches. >> yep. yep. >> we're going to put it on top. >> i love it. >> i have to ask you, favorite
9:57 am
ride at disneyland. >> oh, my gosh. >> space mountain. >> space mountain. old school. >> my favorite character is goofy actually. >> really. >> a little nontraditional. >> thank you for joining us today. >> take a bite, sal. >> today on the nine. we will be back with more news at noon. focusing on the fact that it is national women's day. we will tell what you is happening around the bay and the country and the world. sal, it is lunchtime. it smells so good.
9:58 am
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. live from new york "the we." >> how you doing. we don't judge. but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now, here's wendy! >> wendy: wow. welcome to our show. thank you so much for watching. i mean the cheerleaders are here. you're


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