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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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the last time they did this. they were wildly off. >> before the report came out, the american healthcare act was facing criticism and not just from democrats but from health care providers and conservatives that call the plan obama care like. hundreds of people with concerns about the new health care plan packed a town hall meeting today in san rafael. tom vacar was at that meeting and here now with what has so many people looking for answers. tom. well as wealthy as many people had morin county is those approaching retirement and the elderly and not happy with this new plan. >> a crowd gathered at the civic center with jarrett huffman. even before the town hall the overwhelming majority showed ops to the republican replacement plan for obama care. >> it was meant that this is unworkable plan. however, i think that it is most important that we keep the
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best of the affordable health care which is provided access to 40 million americans. >> we found one lone center in the bluest of blue age centers. >> if we have the means and a lot of us do have. we should be able to go out and make it a competitive market. >> inside it was a hand wringing session than pep rally as a primero the republican plan. >> i think we ought to be talking about fixing the affordable health care act rather than repealing it. >> as folks just show up at hospitals when they are sick, those costs have to be spread throughout the health care system and it means even if you are on an employer plan your premiums are quite likely to go up. >> states will lose billions of
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dollars. >> with those large budget costs it will make cuts about eligibility and service. 50,000 morin residents and one out of five is at serious risk of losing coverage. >> if people lose coverage, more people will become sick and more people will die earlier. my parents had to tell my sister that i might die of cancer. >> representative huffman produced a young boy that says his life was saved from leukemia as a toddler by three- and-a-half years of intense treatment thanks to obama care. >> improve it? why? because my name is written as i give a damn. now, from the get-go. premiums are expected to rise and will not drop below current levels into 2026 but add the
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decades of in inflammation they are likely to be higher. the 337 billion-dollar reduction will be eaten away by inflation. there is a health care plan for california. lieutenant newsome wants to introduce it as part of his run for governor. providing health coverage for income or immigration status and would preserve coverage for the five million californiaians that may lose the health insurance. it is based on the health care program that he signed into law when mayor of san francisco. now to the weather and while it may be nice and sunny here in the bay area. the east coast is blasting for a blast of winter as the  nor'easters blasting its across
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the country. how much snow. >> maybe two feet in boston and two feet in connecticut. huge amounts of snow in a short amount of time. as you know that is why they are canceling the air flights. airports will shut down on the east coast and that will impact chicago and that impacts dallas. and the two major hubs. here is the system as it comes together. this low is going to hook up with this moisture and right in here. it becomes a nor'easter and goes toward the northeast. that's why they call them nor'easters because they travel basically to the northeast. come in closer here and we will show you this is the computer model. this is tonight at our time tomorrow morning basically four a.m. this is what 8:00 a.m., local time on the east coast and you can see all of this snow being brought down and the cool air, this moisture source along the atlantic continuing to feed the system and moving across the eastern seaboard at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. or pardon me 7:00 a.m. eastern time.
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there it is 9 a.m. our time. you can see the system moving out of new york and off. i'm talking about they are closing some -- almost all of the schools in new york state and washington d.c. north is going to get hammered by this. reporter jay rosslin has more on the timing of this strong storm. residence in and around chicago received up to 6-inches of snow on sunday and monday prompting the delay or cancellation of the airports. true hubs across the country. i'm a heavy business traveler and i will be traveling to chicago. so i will make it. in wisconsin and other counties near milwaukee authorities issued a lake effect warning as they brace for a warning of 8 to 15- inches. in pockets of minnesota residents reported driving zero visibility. >> march madness weather it is a hockey tournament or
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whatever. will get 8 or 10-inches. >> traveling was the nor'easter to hit east coast by boston predicting up to a foot of snow and down power lines impacting thousands. this snow coming down this intensely it is dangerous and dangerous to be on the roads. want to urge eventual to to -- everyone to not make plans. this says more than 4600 flights scheduled for tuesday have been canceled. with the cancellations coming wednesday. if you are planning on flying you will want to see if your flight is still on. outside washington. james rosen fox news. and a reminder now. you can download the free ktvu mobile app for the latest. taking aim at the east coast. we are posting updates on facebook and twitter.
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developing news now from antioch where at the moment hazmet crews are working in a residential neighborhood. we have learned the environmental project agency is on the scene. we have talked about sycamore drive in antioch. mercury has been found in several areas. rob malcom with the latest on the investigation. rob. and good evening, frank. still plenty of activity on manzanita way in antioch. take a look behind me. the green vehicles you see, just down the road be longing to the contra cost ta health department. we are hearing around 1030 this morning. the resident called after spotting mercury underneath it underneath a home. the contra costa health department called the hazmet teams from the epa to help assist in the clean-up and that
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clean-up we don't know how long that will take possibly tonight or tomorrow morning. what they have to do basically is clean up this road and they have already vacuumed it, the mercury earlier on. you couldn't tell it was mercury. it looked like broken glass. hard to see with the naked eye. hard to see according to the epa. they told us that they believe someone inadvertently with the trash. there was a pickup earlier. that was brought back and inspected right now they are still trying to clean up and trace the cause. the road remains closed and the sidewalk he remains open and residents access. i want to bring in rusty from region 9. you have been brought in to assist. what are you looking at? >> we are assisting contra costa county hazmet teams to find out the extent of the contamination where the mercury
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is. in going through it, the area, we found in several spots so we are now bringing in bigger vacuuming equipment to do more effective clean-up of the streets. >> you said to me when you look at it with the naked eye it looks like broken glass. >> mercury breaks down as tiny beads and it gets into little cracks and crevices and liquid at this temperature and it will go in the small crevices and liquid metal. >> one of the men at the station asked what the mercury is used for. it is used in metal and we know it can be dangerous. just explain that where it can be found. >> mercury is in old thermometers and blood pressure meters and thermostat ic switches and metal refining would have mercury. >> and the headlights. >> it used to be in that.
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but the risk is basically we don't want people to step in it and track it in their homes because it is dangerous in inhaling it because it is a vapor at 84 degrees. you can breathe it in and it causes neurological problems. >> the road remains closed and the sidewalks are open. the residents don't have to worry about tracking it from the sidewalks. what we are doing is making sure that they don't get onto the street. it looks like it was under car and in this parking lane so hopefully we are not going to see it going. we are now going into each walkway. >> we have to run. how long do you think the clean- up will take? >> we will be here tonight and in the morning to see if we got it all. thanks rusty. from the epa region 9 assisting contra costa health department. they could be here until 9 tomorrow. residents being told that risk is minimal. we are live in antioch. >> you are saying the last time we talked to you during the 5:00 newscast, this is the 3rd
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time they found mercury in that area. the third time they found mercury in this area. when i was talking with the contra costa health department, they had no real idea of where that mercury came from. the source of that mercury and hopefully they will have answers later tonight and possibly even tomorrow morning. frank. bob malcom reporting. thank you. coming up. california joins the legal fight against the revised travel plan. details on the move by the state attorney general. new details from vallejo police about the arrest caught on video. what we are learning about the cameras started to roll. i would say to the say to
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the officer ... >> the vallejo officer is spencer munoz bottomingly. a former marine that has been with the department two years. in this video taken friday, the officer is chasing and 21-year- old dejuan hall that sits down on fairgrounds drive in the
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vallejo gas station and the officer tackled him. the crowd comes near and the officer punches him and first with his feiseanna flashlight. the officers yells at him and you can hear bystanders using excessive force. after a backup officer arrived, hall yells repeatedly. officer munoz unholsters the service weapon and points it in the crowd. he then hits the suspect again. in a statement vallejo police chief andrew badu says the department is investigating. he says i have complete confidence in our internal affairs division to conduct the investigation. upon completion i will review the entire investigation and personally make a final determination. i spoke by phone to don cameron a former berkeley officer that teaches police tactics. he says that the officer used the appropriate amount of force. >> the people don't realize
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that number one this guy is probably researching and they want it under control. i say the officer was trained what he was able to do. >> the incident happened after the man was acting ir ratically and employee toll hall tried to buy a bus ticket and his credit card was declined and he threatened a clerk. the clerk says she knows the officer well. i don't think that -- i don't know what you did was wrong. >> i do know he is nice. >> the father that retired from the police department was one of several officers accused of force in a separate incident last year. the man filed a lawsuit saying the officer hit him with a flashlight all over his body. that suit is pending as far as de one hall the man arrested him on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs and probation violation, resisting
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arrest and resisting an officer with force. in vallejo, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new at six. a calm dispatcher is helping a pregnant woman give birth in the east bay. dispatcher janet campbell received the emergency call just on with you. the couple was pulled over on westbound highway 4 near highway 60. the baby's father says the baby was not going to wait. the dispatcher's supervisor says that campbell had to multi task giving the officer instructions. >> talking the parents through having a baby and at the same time telling them where they are at getting them there. so within 6 minutes of that call. the little baby girl had arrived. an ambulance arrived a short time later and took the child to the medical center in walnut creek. >> despite the storms.
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the bay area's water district proposing raising water rates. why they say that is necessary. >> phoenix lake and morin reservoir headed over to the bay. that's a site seldom scene in the last few years. the more rin water district is raising water rates in the next two years. that would be an $84 increase for the average user. many customers are dumbfounded. >> there is plenty of water. that is commodity. why should we be charged we have plenty of. >> the reservoirs are flowing and why do we need more money. >> the water agency says heavy rains or drought, the district still has a water system to maintain and that costs money. >> you are paying for the infrastructure to collect and store and ship it out and treat it and deliver it through a
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series of 900 miles of pipe throughout the the entire more rin county. final rates in may and take place in july. why there is water conservation efforts, less money in the water district. >> more rin is not unique. we contacted three others and all are considering rate hikes. the water rates are locked in and after that, rates are likely to rise. >> we are currently building the spillway and doing that with rate payor dollars. that's what rate increases pay for. >> the water agencies say maintaining the system is never ending but to many customers paying more is still a head scratcher. in morin county. fox 2 news. it was a toasty one out there. really all week but again today. that might end up being the warmest day.
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tomorrow will be nice. just not as warm. 83 in fairfield and that's the hot spot. 80 in napa and 81 in santa rosa. coming in the mid-80s in some of the midland valley. warm. 79 in san jose and 76 in fremont. nice, good weather. this is the change here. clouds will start to move in as we head into tuesday night. wednesday we are going to see increased clouds and certainly cooler weather. because the cloud cover. the rain is still to the north of us. there is a slight chance on wednesday for a sprinkle but i am not buying it yet. i think if it happened, it would be a nonevent. at this point get into tomorrow and we will see 10:00 an update on the wednesday deal. right now wednesday will be fine. cooler. so right now you got fog working its way to the coast. beautiful out at the beach. beautiful sunset shots. from ocean beach. right now it is 72 in oakland. 75 in napa and 77 in concord. warmer than yesterday.
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livermore is two degrees cooler. fog back at the gate. the fog will come back to the coast and that returns us to an onshore flow that returns us to a cooler pattern. so oakland tomorrow, 52 degrees. in the morning. and then late in the day, lunchtime you are already at 69, almost 70. with that side cover and 74 degrees at 4:00. see you back here with the five day. coming up a mother in mourning after her 18-year-old son was shot and killed in the east bay. i can feel him leaning over me. i heard him say mom, i love you. going to be okay. coming up next. how he is being remembered and the search now for the person who killed him. the warriors andre iguodola is fine for comments on break. iguodola has been fined for comments that the nba says were appropriate.
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we will hear from him and coach kerr. >> the woman at the center of a standoff with san francisco police and the gun is not what it appeared to be.
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investigators say that helstrom allegedly pointed a gun at a pest control worker and refused to come out of her room at a residential hotel. the barricade situation went on for about 7 hours shutting down traffic on a block of valencia street between 16n and 17th street until helstrom surrendered peacefully friday night. we are hearing from the mother of an 18-year-old man shot and killed this weekend in oakland. she told paul chambers that her son was set to graduate from high school in may. and then go to college in the fall. i could feel the energy. his presence. a mino robinson is talking about her son 18-year-old salten bay. >> he wanted to be an engineer. oakland police say colten was shot on 60 street near martin luther king junior way. the family says he was sitting in the passenger seat of this
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car waiting for another friend to join them when someone came up from behind and shot and killed the 18-year-old. >> shot in the head twice. and in the neck so i believe he was targeted for what reason. i have no idea. >> salten was taken to oakland's children's hospital where robinson was told he walked in and collapsed and later pronounced dead. that night when she got home robinson says she called out for his son because thought he was still alive. >> i could feel him leaning over me. and i heard him say mom, i love you. it will be okay. >> for now robinson says she wants the community to come together so her son's death will not be in vain. she want people to talk about the black on black crime in oakland. >> we need to be marching and talking and need to be you know bringing it to the table so we can address why this is happening. because this is happening to too many innocent black males.
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>> police have not made an arrest. there is a go fund me account. go to and click on web link. paul chambers. fox news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a bill to make all california a sanctuary state. we can control the trump administration. we can control how california spends it's the precious tax dollars. >> coming up next. the legislation moving forward at the state capital. >> working on a plan to help students pay for college. details that would be the most generous in the country. and we will tell you what brought former president barack obama today to california.
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fox 30 is next.
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hazmet crews have been called to a residential neighborhood in antioch. after a mercury contamination was detected. authorities have shot off manzanita way and mahogany way. it is thought that mercury was in the trash and come from a trailer park in the street. authorities say there have been two


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