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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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dramatically of a car going airborne at the end of a deadly crash in the heart of new york city. what we have learned about the driver responsible for the horrifying ordeal. david has more on the crash in the investigation. >> reporter: the scene in new york city times square today. our car plows into the sidewalk. video shows police removing richard rojas from the smoking car. he was taking into custody and tested negative for alcohol.
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witnesses recount the scene. >> he went to run the quarter and we heard a big crash and we saw people running away. we saw people laying on the sidewalk. around the corner we saw someone laying on the ground. police were running to help him.>> reporter: they said he was not the same from returning from the navy and he was having money troubles and posting crazy things online. officials say he told officers he was hearing voices and he expected to die. the mayor arriving at the crash site reassured people that the city is safe. >> for anyone who was concerned, my message is always the same. this is the safest big city. even when some things occur it should not change people's
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fundamental knowledge that their safe.>> reporter: authorities say the driver had been arrested for dwi and for threatening someone with a knife. david lee miller, fox news. a family speaking out after men involved in a deadly street racing crash was sentenced to one your county jail. the victim was a young woman who was out for a job.>> reporter: the family feels that the system failed. we are talking about a woman who had her whole life ahead of her. while the family realizes no sentence will bring her back there hoping for more than a year and county jail. it was two years ago that he lost his sister a student at
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east bay. for him time has not healed his wombs. >> it hurts every day. it is not something that just goes away. dry they been fighting for justice against the two drivers accused of street racing. back in january 2015 she was on a jog five blocks from her home in they crashed. they say their fight for justice came to a harsh and. >> there's people out there that get a lot more for not being tickets. >> reporter: a judge sentenced the driver to a year in county jail and three years probation and community service after he pled no contest. the other driver was acquitted by a jury last month.>> when you look at the laws that
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govern the state of california, this is within the realm of sentencing. >> it was a young person likely very immature, irresponsible, but there was no drinking involved. the court thought that there was no intent to kill or harm. >> reporter: an analyst said it would've been a game changer if alcohol was involved. for this family, it doesn't make a difference. there hoping no family goes through their pain. >> nobody walks out of the house thinking i'm going to take someone's life but at any minute -->> reporter: they have now been installed here after her death. i remember covering this case two years ago and a memorial here in the family was in tears
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and the community were in tears. the families biggest hope is that drivers slow down here on this road and think of caring because they still see a lot of racers coming down here. >> the person who was sentenced could've faced up to six years in prison and in said he got one year in jail. did the judge explain why he opted for only one year? >> according to the probation report they took him in account his age and prior criminal history also the intent factor. because of those reasons, i think that is why they decided on a year sentence. >> thank you. fire broke out this afternoon at a not the theater setting people to the hospital. it happened about 4:00 this afternoon while there were
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holding their conference. in a statement the fire broke out in the kitchen at the venue. they say the three people injured were staff members. fire officials said they were taken to the hospital and there are conflict to reports on the extent of their injuries. people living in a mobile home park are celebrating a big victory after a five-year battle to save their homes. today the housing authority announced an agreement to buy the mobile home park. the deal allows the for hundred residents to remain in their homes. the housing authority has partnered with the county and the city to buy the park for $40 million. back in 2012 the current owners gave notice that they intended to close the park until the lad. that was a long battle for the residence. a groundbreaking was held today in a affordable
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housing complex. they have taken 18 years in planning. half of the units will be dedicated to people affected by domestic violence. a local bond issue is what funded the project. weather to arm campus police officers was a question. they are currently equipped with a baton in pepper spray. the police chief wants them to have guns, tasers, and body cameras. opponents worry about adequate training and the use of deadly force. advisory council voted a numb-7 against recommending guns but the chair for can make their own recommendations which makes the final decision. trump today held his first news conference to take over the fbi's russia probe. standing alongside the president of columbia he said
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he did not ask former fbi director james comey to shut down the probe into his former national security advisory michael flynn. trump denies that there was any collusion between himself, his campaign, and russia. he says he respects the naming of a special counsel. >> i respect the mope but the entire think has been a witch hunt and there's no collusion between myself and my campaign. i only speak for myself and the russians zero. >> did you urge james comey in any way shape or form to close or to back down the investigation into michael flynn?>> no. next question. >> the president said he looks forward to getting the situation behind them and expects to name a new director soon. this topic is said to be joe lieberman who now works in the same law firm as president
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trump's longtime attorney. president trump is going to go to his first foreign trip as commander in chief. their first stop is saudi arabia and then israel before meeting with the pope. he's also scheduled to meet with union leaders and attend a meeting in belgium before heading to sicily for the summit. some observers are wondering how he will very diplomatically with his history of off-the- cuff remarks.>> they are going to be finely tuned to every word that he says. how he refers to their country and refers to their leaders and how he refers to the religion. anything that is worded can get them in trouble. the timing of the trip could help divert the spotlight from the russia investigation. they are expected to return to washington on saturday. a man that suffered a heart
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attack at the airport had opportunity today to think the four nurses who saved his life.>> reporter: once -- once complete strangers in a longtime friends were reunited on thursday with the four med remind -- responsible for saving his life. >> it is wonderful to meet them and see them. it is remarkable that they were there and did what they did.>> reporter: moments away from boarding an airplane they made a last minute decision to not get on the flight because he became ill. only two minutes passed before registered nurses walked up having just returned from a business trip in las vegas.
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>> we were not supposed to be and that's where we saw him on the ground with his head on the ground.>> they literally took over and started compressions immediately. he eventually asked for the the -- defibrillator. >> reporter: deputies arrived and then since his recovery he is to find the odds and functioning as if nothing ever happened. a testament to the quick response from his four angels. >> it is a beautiful thing. their overwhelming. none of us have experienced something like this before. it is a great feeling. >> reporter: a simple thank you was not enough. after the reunion they watched as the four of them were honored by the community.>> thank you so much and congratulations. >> reporter: the officially recognized their heroic
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efforts. some might call it a coincidence and others might say it is vague but the cardiologist was four floors up from where the four nurses worked. he stopped the gunmen in his tracks. coming up a new milestone for a northern california man. plans for a new coffee shop came to a halt. the neighborhood that resisted bluebottle and why city leaders back them up. the week and is around the corner and you can almost smell it. when we come back i will have the numbers for you.
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this is justin. they're asking for help locating a missing 15-year-old girl. when a great has not been seen since yesterday morning when she left her home and then never arrived at school. family members say they are worried that she may be a victim of human trafficking. she weighs 160 pounds and if you see her ask desktop police. a copy company has been shut out of the lower haight neighborhood. they tell us why people said no to bluebottle.>> it is
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unbelievable. >> reporter: they packed up on city streets from san francisco to tokyo. >> every time i visit san francisco -->> reporter: when they wanted to open a shop in san francisco neighbors were jolted.>> they wanted a starbucks.>> reporter: the owners of bluebottle cafi needed a conditional use permit because the neighborhood has a ban on a chain that has more than 11 locations and they got denied the permit. >> she has run the cafi for more than 20 years. >> i just want to have more family oriented businesses.>> reporter: they qualify as a mom
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and pops bluebottle has been called the next starbucks. >> the impression that we got from bluebottle was that they wanted to in-n-out.>> they say people like that -- to take their time to socialize.>> it was a blow to was that somebody coming in and not having a connection to the place. >> reporter: we reached out for comment but did not hear back. san francisco, ktvu news. there's a new plan tonight to keep people from littering into lower spark. they propose new legislation that would increase fines for people who letter or leave
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broken glass of the park. the people who go there need to be responsible for their trash. right now the finance after san francisco park is $192 but i did this legislation the pendency could increase to $1000 but only in dolores park. uber is making their weight into another industry. the company launched a new app. matches truck drivers with companies that have shipments the delivery. the company shipping will pay over and then overpays a driver. this is the third standalone app. a young man that stopped the terrorist attack on a train in france almost 2 years ago has graduated from college as we can. he's getting his diploma from sacramento state. haman two france managed to tackle and tie up a would be gunmen before he could open
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fire on a train headed for france from belgium. the three return to a hero welcome. it's being turned into a movie by hollow -- hollywood legend clint eastwood. >> this was like our first chance that we got to sit down and reflect on how we spent -- felt about it. >> reporter: he says they're having at great time. richard branson was in san francisco to announce the launch of virgin sport san francisco. he said it would be the first ever festival fitness abbi in the u.s. festival fitness abbi in the u.s. managers are promising fitness events in the parks and on the streets welcoming everyone to go fit themselves.>> sporting events such as for participants but for the whole family. more like a music event where everybody can have a good time
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and it can be a magical day out with the whole family.>> the festival includes a half marathon in a mile run at twin peaks. their promising food, music, art, beer, and fitness. it is october 13, 14th, and 15th. the temperatures warmed up a few degrees and highs will be warmer. tomorrow ties into the 90s. tomorrow we will see low 90s and beautiful day today a beautiful day tomorrow. fog will return saturday afternoon. there are patch the fog right now. temperatures are in the 60s. beautiful sunset out.
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beautiful sunrise tomorrow in the bay area and no clouds. cloud free for the most part. this is the model thing tomorrow morning a little fog and then we watched the temperatures. you can clearly see the orange working its way in west. is going to be a beautiful friday. there is the fog tomorrow morning and it stays offshore and then by tomorrow night and saturday morning the fog comes back to the coast. it will not have much cooling impact in lead because it is shallow. maybe saturday afternoon it may clear out a little bit and sunday comes back. [ whistles ]
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huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. it is a good day for oakland a fans. >> we take a look at what transpired out there at that ". tonight it was sharks hockey night and the oakland a's in their mascots. brought the first pitch in pok and then it is time for chris davis. he right to over now 3-2 late
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for the oakland a's. sonny gray his best performance so far he goes six innings. he gets great help from adam. laying out to make the play. that is encouraging for the oakland a's. they are leading the league. not tonight later it is chad. three run homer and it is kind of funny. they always seem to find a way to make the best of the out there. the golden state warriors seems again like it's been a while since he played. they will be back at it not until saturday night in san antonio. leonard probably will not play
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for the spurs. however, the news looks pretty good for the golden state warriors as a board the airplane. his questionable with the entry. it looks like entrie -- he practiced fully today and he may play. they were talking about this. shows that mbas first team. not on the list stefan corey and hard to -- steph corey coming off as two straight mvp seasons is on the second team and then green on the third team in klay thompson inexplicably left off any of the list. >> the warriors have the best record in the nba.
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>> i think it is [ bleep ]. to not be on the mba team i think it is pretty crazy. i don't understand it.>> just when the championship. meantime when the sharks are eliminated we out west tend to forget there is a lot of hockey last and they have a great series going on oregon ducks and predators went to overtime. corey with the flip in front of the net and actually as you will see hit a predator stick. 10-25 into overtime. they're headed back to overtime. that is sports.>> thank you for
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joining us. goodnight. have assembled.
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let's go, buddy. school time. oh, and, gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later, i could just, you know, watch the football game or something. that means he wants to watch the football game. i'm not talking to you. and what are you drinking coffee for, anyway? it's my culture. i'm colombian. oh, yeah? what part of colombia are those french toaster sticks from? gloria: babe, i'm not sure about the game. the whole family is coming over for the barbecue. it's today? si. it's the ohio state game. so, everybody can watch. i don't like watching the game with people who don't know the game. people talk. you talk at my football games. for one thing, it's called soccer. your team's scored two goals all season. i'm not taking a big risk. [ hollow clank ] how much of this did you drink? give me a break. i have to climb a rope today. haley: hey, mom? claire: yeah? can i have $40 for lunch?


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