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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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welcome back. it is 4:31. we want to show you this. this is a giant ice shelf, roughly the size of delaware. it has broken off antarctica. satellites confirmed it's floating separately. look at that break away. a crack formed several years ago. grew by miles in a matter of weeks. researchers say it will melt into the ocean, but that could raise the sea level by several inches around the globe. for now, it will be monitored to find out the direction it is drifting. >> pam, bring it back. >> massive, wow. >> all right. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week. it's wednesday, july 12th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook.
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thank you for joining us. let's check with steve paulson with a check of the weather. >> that's apart of the larson eye shelf. i think it will reduce it by 12%. that's a big chunk. >> that's a big percentage. >> that's a big percentage. i think it's hanging on by a thread. i don't think it's completely broken off. >> in a matter of weeks, it moved. >> this showed up two weeks ago. not that long ago. anyway. there you go. all right. yes, pam, that's true. our weather is mild, and for some, i mean, again, my forecast goes from here to way out passed the back 40s. so you do get the low clouds and i think it's going to fill in on most of the coast. it puts the brakes on point ray. it has taken the turn and it's moving to try to meet up with fog near the santa cruz area. we'll keep an eye on that. this is happening fast.
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50s, 60s on your temps. pacifica is 52. wood side is 53. 57 -- stanford at 56. belmont at 56 degrees. everyone is close. 22 , almost a gust of 30. that's a robust delta breeze. right now -- the fog and low clouds -- you can see it's beginning to form northern marine cost and off the sonoma coast. 60s and 70s and some 80s if you're far enough inland. 4:33 sal. focus on a super commute or what. >> that's right, steve. we're looking at salida county. things is looking great -- you remember yesterday we did have a couple of things to worry about this morning. we've had minor things, but for the most part, it's a light drive into vallejo with no
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major issues across the carquis bridge -- average speed almost 70 miles-per-hour. at the bay bridge, traffic is light. 4:34. investigators looking for the cause of an early morning fall in new york. it started as a car fire and at least three cars burned. the alameda county battalion chief says the fire spread to a kitchen and bath store. the building was not open. no injuries reported. fire crews are still out there right now. ktvu alley as miss is headed to new york. she'll bring us a live update in our next hour. alameda county sheriff's investigators are looking into the shooting death of a heyward man was connected to his job. 19-year-old romero worked for a legal marijuana service. he was shot several times outside of a home on hill avenue in an
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incorporated area in alameda county -- >> we're looking into the fact that we know that people who deal in marijuana are targets of robbery. it's a lucrative business to rob people who are involved in that. we're looking at that angle. >> authorizes do not know if romero was working when he was gunned down. anyone with information is asked to call the alameda county sheriff's office. time is 4:35. alameda county fire investigators are searching for the smelly fire -- there was a shelter in place order in san leandro. it started outside the metal scrap yard. workers says someone inside the building dropped a battery. that created sparks that hit a piece of scrap metal and that started the fire. the smoke was so thick it blocked the sun. >> the whole street was
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black. it was bad. >> [indiscernible]. >> you cout see at all and your eyes would hurt. >> everyone inside that building got out safely. bay area air quality officials collected air samples while the fire was still burning. they're going to figure out if the odors and the smoke caused a health risk for anybody. there's a ban of flavored tobaccos -- studies shows the closer of the products are sold close to school, the better chance the -- the ban would go into effect within 30 days. the restriction is flavored e-cigarettes, snuff and menthol cigarettes. there's a timeline for law enforcement agencies to release some police body camera videos. right now, everyone individual law enforcement agency sets its own rules on when and if it
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will release videos. this bill would require agencies around the state to release videos in cases where officers used force or there's an accusation officers violated the law or public policy. supporters says that will create more public trust of the police. >> without a uniform policy across the state, the public doesn't know what their rights are, when they can obtain this video, and each department will have its own policy. >> now, state sheriff's association and other california law enforcement agencies oppose this bill. they say the one size fits all policy won't work and takes discretion away from law enforcement. the bill will be sent to another committee before the full senate votes. the homeless -- the county's health agency and volunteers spent a day in january counting the number of people living on the streets and in homeless
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shelters. they found 1600 people were homeless in contra costa county during that 24 hour period. that's down 7% from the year before. the report found that many of the homeless people were dealing with substance abuse and mental health problems. our time is 4:38. money problems for a prominent community in the east bay. two weeks ago the town of that recognize george declared a fiscal -- they blamed infrastructure failures for their financial problems. a sinkhole that developed on rain boulevard and the closure of a bridge cost moraga $5 million in repairs. there's $4 million left in reserve. >> we felt it was appropriate to declare the fiscal emergency. >> while the price of an
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average home in moraga is $2.-- declaring a fiscal emergency allows moraga the possibility of placing a utility or flat tax on the ballot. they say moraga -- the city of oakland is adding 300 new jobs to its summer program. the commission made the announcement yesterday. the program is called classroom 2 careers and the jobs are in various fields including research, construction and working for nonprofits and the 300 jobs bring youth jobs this summer up to the mayor's goal of 2,000. >> i hear over and over again that our young people want jobs and not just a paycheck. they want opportunities to explore what the world of work has to offer for them. >> the jobs are available to oakland residents
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between the ages of 16 and 24. applicants can log onto city's website for more information. mayor shaft says she's happy a bike sharing program launched in san francisco last month is expanding to the east bay. fords go bikes are available in oakland, berkeley and emeryville. the mayor shaft was among those at yesterday's rule out of the go bike expansion and says she plans to use go bikes on a regular basis for both her personal and professional travels. >> it will get me down to my police headquarters faster where i have to travel from time to time and get me to jacqueline square. i can visit my mom and pick up my kids from summer camp. i'm excited to bike around in my go bike. >> you can pick up a bike and drop it off at any station throughout the system. you also have an option of signing up for single use rides, day
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passes, 3-day passes or annual memberships. shoppers in san francisco are being told to watch their heads when going into the safe way store in the castro district. caught this video on our cameras yesterday afternoon. this is market and church street. birds attacking a half a dozen people outside. people who live in the neighborhood say this happens every night. >> i walk home this way everyday, and for maybe three weeks now, just about every time i go by here this time of night, i get clumped in the head. >> i was walking to safeway and i felt a scratch on my head and i thought it was some meth addict attacking me and i turned around and it was the bird attacking me. >> there's no word why the attacks are happening. the birds become territorial and protective when they have little ones in the nest. this happened in
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corta -- it was a bird protecting the nest. you have to run through with your head down. >> alfred hitch cox, the birds. a fast moving brush fire in san jose destroys a home. the -- a cold-blooded crime at a new york airport. what custom officials found inside this package. good morning, traffic is moving well if you're driving on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. we'll tell you more about this commute, coming up. fog is forming fast. i mean very fast. there's a decent onshore breeze for chicago. they have a west wind at 24 mile-per-hour. i don't see much change today. olay eyes
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:45. the animals rights group peda arguing an indonesian monkey that took photos of himself has legal rights to those photos. a lawyer -- yeah, he's looking at you. an attorney for the people for the ethical treatment of animals is arguing this 6-year-old macock owns the selfies he took here in 2011. lawyers are appealing the case in the u.s. court of appeals. they're saying $2011. lawyers are appealing the case in the u.s. court of appeals. they're saying the copy rights act got -- it does not limit own up ship. a discovery in new jersey almost as old as the united states. the staff at liberty hall museum
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found almost three full cases of wine dating to 1796. they found it find a wall when they were restoring the wine cellar. also found were glass jugs used to hold alcohol from the 1820s. the museum believes prohibition in the 1920s caused the room to be sealed off. >> the cage where the wines are kept was boarded up when the museum took over in 2000. it was covered. we didn't realize what was back there. the reason it was covered up because of prohibition. >> the wine was forgotten about after prohibition. the museum claims to create an exhibit -- time is 4:46. custom officials in new york seized five live king cobra snakes while inspecting express mail from overseas. the package was described as a plastic tray, but the
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x-ray revealed coiled snakes and there were -- they turned the animals over to the fish and wild life service. >> all right, 4:47 is the time. let's check with sal for the traffic. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's not a bad commute. >> that's good. >> i like it. we can go and start off with some slow traffic though. it's not completely light either. i wouldn't call it something that you won't expect. this is a look at 580. you can see the slow traffic here. not only on 580 but 205. the speeds are down. i can put my indicator down here to less than 20 mile an hour on some stretches. definitely as crowded and truck traffic coming through: when you get to the other side of 580, better. but a quick drive. when you get to livermore and dublin, we have speeds up to 60 miles-an-hour. and it does look pretty good as you get closer to castro valley. so the traffic does get
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better getting closer in. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. traffic is moving well. a lot of people out there, but we have plenty of room. at the bay bridge, we have a light commute. not too bad out there, although just as steve said as we bring you in, more fog is developing. >> by 7:00, i think your traffic cams are going to be covered up. >> i'll watch for that. >> thank you. the fog has ramped up. morning fog, well, cool, and nice and mild to hot. depending on your proximity to the coast. it does look warm, but not as originally thought by the time we get to the weekend. if you're away from the coast, mid 90s. far enough inland, maybe 100. they have backed off by 5 degrees. i use livermore as the dividing line. if it's hot in livermore, it's hot just about other locations as well. but it doesn't look
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as hot. we'll see what they say in the next couple of days. watch the fog here. takes the turn at point ray and it's filling in the on marine cost and the san mateo cost looks solid. i think it will link up with a patch of fog on the monterey bay. low clouds and fog with us. 50s and 60s -- excuse me -- it's early. it happens. >> it's early. >> can you do that at home. i bet you did. it's early. 51 in scotts valley. 6 0 san jose. the meteorologist department, san jose state meteorologist department, 50 so cal. that's cool reading. gilroy, 51. a couple of spins in the atmosphere and one visiting las vegas, but the monsoon cloud -- it's out of the state unless it's in the southern sierra. travis, a
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gust of the 28. chicago, 25. alto mont pass -- 39 in truckee. low 60s. san francisco and redding 71. monterey, 55. you lose that cloud cover and the lows rebound pretty quick here. bookends and phoenix at 87. flagstaff, 49. the tropics are quiet. the outlook for the next ten days for the atlantic and the pacific -- there's not going on -- very quiet. a couple of systems that's falling apart, but that's it. things for mid-july don't look active in the tropics. they look active for the fog. 60s, 70s. no change, i'll tell you. san francisco has been stuck on that high temp. 70s to mid 80s. upper 80s for -- it does look warmer, but originally it looked really warm. not that warm as we go to the weekend, but
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still mid 90s. >> your expertise is wine, the wine industry. >> i think that's turned. that's 1700. [indiscernible]. >> i believe so. yeah. do you think -- there it is . do you think -- it seems like there's -- >> i would think you want to try it. that's probably turned. >> it could be bad. it's a 300 wine, why not try a little bit. do you think they will. >> i'll try a little snort. i bet it's turned. >> it will be a little [indiscernible]. >> it can last longer -- it's fortified. >> i knew you would know that. thank you, steve. 4:51 is the time. los angeles and paris are guaranteed to host the summer olympics in the near future. the international olympic committee decided it will host the rights for the 2024 and 2028 summer
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games -- l.a. and paris were the only cities left bidding for the 2024 games and the committee was impressed with both. it's unclear which city will host. it wasn't your typical smash-and-grab. the equipment used by a thief in san francisco, and why it took an hour to break into this store. from the moment you met you wanted to surround them in
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:56. crews will continue their work o remove a sunken barge south of the bay bridge. crews cut that barge into two pieces yesterday. each piece weighs 300 tons. it's sitting in about 40 feet of water. one of those pieces was removed yesterday by crane and crews say workers expect it to be completed by today or tomorrow. >> this is a challenging project. the main challenge we have is the water conditions on scene, the water currents during the tidal exchanges are extreme. >> the 112 foot barge sank in april during a heavy storm. it was there to help in an anti-corrosion project. bart says the sunken barge did not damage the tube. time is 4:55. right now, an insect that can be deadly to citrus tree spreading in california. state agricultural
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officials found the insect near sacramento. the third time it has been spotted in the region since last fall. the latest discovery prompted a quarentine in the region. >> its brought up by the local resident that has one or two lemon trees or -- from there, it goes to the commercial orchards. >> the experts warn that tiny insect can carry a disease known a citrus greeny. it has devastated the -- they're trying to isolate it now and get rid of that threat. san francisco police are releasing a surveillance video in hopes of catching a serial burglar targeting businesses in the castro area. the burglar spent an hour blow torching a window frame near the entrance to a store and lifting the glass panel out and walking into the shop. within six minutes, he stole $700 worth of merchandise including high end spray
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paints that graffiti artist are known to use. >> he came over here to, and trying to get this open. >> that same morning, investigators believe the thief hit a verizon store and a tobacco shop. surveillance video showed the burglar using the same methods to break-in. police say they are zeroing in on the suspect. local businesses are asking for more plain-clothed officers in the neighborhood to catch thieves in the act. time is now 4:57. water rates going up. the vote by east bay mud. it means more than 1 million customers will see a jump in their water bills. donald trump jr. says looking back he probably would have done things differently when presented with the prospect of getting information from russia. i'm jackie bonez in new york, i'll have the details straight ahead. it's not a bad commute right now if you're up in adam. you did the right thing when it comes to getting on the road.
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it looks good coming around the corner to the bay bridge. over at the coast, they're cold this morning because there's a lot of fog. it doesn't look like a change on the temps. the last one out of the building, turn out the light. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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good morning. a san francisco police officer hurt during a confrontation in dolores park as hundreds of skateboarders take over that park. details over what happened late last night after police told them to move out. and some of the most popular beaches in santa cruz are closed this morning after a shark attack. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us, wednesday morning. july 12th, i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we'll talk about your wednesday morning. it's good sleeping weather. dave paulson is right over here. >> dave. >> yes, sir. >> the cage goes in the water. >> oh, dear. >> shark is in the water. >> we don't like to hear sharks in the water. >> no. >> okay. >> let's get


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