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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i will sleep in another two hours tomorrow morning. >> i will text you. wake up! pam! we have some higher clouds in the east and south but low clouds. these other remains of what was once hurricane eugene. 50s for most, a few 40s. there is a lot of 50s. that may suppress the thunderstorm activity with some dry air coming in in the sierra. i would expect thunder storms to pop up. these are the higher clouds. we have a quick warm-up for inland areas. the heat advisory as temperatures will be near 100 for some inland. that is mainly in eastern celano, contra costa county and the santa cruz mountains.
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the fog is a huge driver on temperatures not being that warm. if you get that, 70s and 80s inland. 60s on the coast and a similar pattern to yesterday. it makes it all the way up highway 29 and up to santa rosa. 50s for most. if you 60s in the mix but generally 50s. 56, blackhawk. 54, livermore and oakland. lafayette, 56. if you have travel plans, watch out for thunderstorm activity. it's also going to be hot. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. what's going on with the traffic? not much. you know that in my family, i do not get to set the time i wake up. but it's later than i normally do. let's take a look at the commute . it is backed up at the east shore freeway although not very much. there is a little slowing but for the most part it is a good dry between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. of the bay bridge, it is backed up for a 15 minute delay before
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you make it onto the span. i think it's going to be a good day. we have a nice look at that ran. when that rep is doing well, it's an indicator that things are not that bad. this is a look at north- and southbound 880 in both directions. i nice commute as you drive through. on the san mateo bridge, traffic is easy over to foster city. later today, federal investigators will be in sonoma at the site where a plane crashed yesterday near an airport in sonoma county. the pilot was killed, three others on board were hurt. the pilot, the man who died, was from a san francisco family. christien kafton, you are in that area now. what's the latest this morning? >> reporter: we are waiting for the faa and ntsb to return and make another examination at this field behind me where the plane went down. they are hoping to talk with me
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this is to get a complete picture of what brought the plane down in a field about 1000 yards from the sonoma skypark airstrip. a single engine plane crashed around 12:45 pm yesterday afternoon. on board, 38-year-old, william goldman, a woman and coleman's son and daughter. william goldman died and the women and children were taken to hospitals. investigators and first responders rushed to the scene shortly after the crash. dispatched right away. fire and medical were dispatched right away. it's never a good thing when a plane goes down. everyone gets there as quickly as possible. >> reporter: goldman was an experienced pilot who flew mercy missions, transporting critically ill patients and their families when needed. he is also the grandson of richard and rhoda goldman, the san francisco threat -- philanthropists who established the goldman environmental prize. at this point, investigators are trying to find out why this plane went down yesterday afternoon. they are looking to talk with witnesses in the area and re- examine the scene to see if the
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engine was running at the time of the crash. there are a lot of questions to be answered here in sonoma county. happening today, sentencing is set for the man accused of a deadly rampage at a christian university and the east bay. one goh is expected to receive seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. he will enter a no contest plea in may. authorities accused him of killing seven people and winning three others at oikos university in 2012. he indicated he wanted the death penalty but prosecutors say due to mental health issues, they wanted to make sure he would spend the rest of his life behind bars. a hearing will be held this morning in san francisco for juan francisco lopez-sanchez,
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the undocumented immigrant accused of the shooting death of kate steinle two years ago. investigator say he shot and killed kate steinle as she walked with her father on pier 14 along the him back a very. lopez-sanchez pled not guilty to second-degree murder and claims the gun he was holding went off by accident. the prosecutor may ask for a delay because she has another case going on trial but the public defender says even with a delay, jury selection may start in a few weeks. >> we will probably have a lengthy jury selection because people are going to be familiar with the case and already have opinions about it. that's okay as long as people are willing to give up their pre-existing ideas about the case and listen to the evidence that they here in the courtroom. >> the case has received national attention and has been the driving force between kate's law which passed last month in the house of representatives. that bill would expand sentences for people who try to reenter the u.s. after being deported. lopez-sanchez is from mexico
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and has been deported from the u.s. five times. republican lawmakers in washington will work through this weekend, trying to deliver on a seven-year promise to repeal and replace the affordable care act. yesterday republican leaders in the senate unveiled a new healthcare bill. it preserves the tax on people who earn more than $200,000 per year. it also allows the sale of deregulated insurance plans and $70 billion would be distributed to states to help reduce premiums. two republican senators have said they will not vote yes on the spell which means republicans cannot afford to lose another vote. >> i don't know why we didn't understand this earlier on. we are rearranging the death chair here. we are trying to make obamacare different but we are keeping it. what if we took the money and took it back home. put some restrictions on how you could use it to allow innovation to occur. keep the tax increases in place and see what they could do. >> one major area of concern is
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that the legislation does not address an estimated $772 billion in cuts to medicaid through the year 2026. here is martha washington. >> the american people deserve more than obamacare republicans have released the second draft of the healthcare bill while privately wheeling and dealing to even bring it to the senate floor. >> it does represent a ball that reflects the concerns expressed across the conference. i think that's how we actually come together and honor our promise to repeal obama care program if they fail? >> i will be very angry about it and a lot of people will be upset. but i'm sitting, waiting for the bill to come to my desk. >> reporter: here's what's different. an additional $70 billion for the state to create their own reforms. health savings accounts can be used to pay for premiums and additional $45 billion to battle the opioid epidemic and the ability to buy cheaper plans with less coverage.
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it's that last provision bothering some moderates. if the young and healthy can by bare-bones coverage prohibited under obamacare, then older and sicker americans would have to foot more of the bill and their premiums could skyrocket. they also do not like that medicaid cuts remain. democrats remain solidly opposed. >> this proposal is lipstick on a pig. it's cosmetic changes to a fundamentally flawed, cruel, and costly proposal. >> reporter: some conservatives back to provision giving money to the state to fund their own solution. but do not like that obamacare taxes on higher incomes are still in there. >> really come i think we're keeping obamacare as much as anything and that's not our promise. >> by next week, the congressional budget office should have an estimate on how much that healthcare bill would cost. 60 waiting in. changes could be on the way for uc campuses. coming up, new requirements are being considered for future college students. washington lawmakers can
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add one more item to their agenda. we would tell you what's being done about the capital dress code. fog, plenty of it for some. it may warm up quick for others. water for many inland over the weekend. we will look at that.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. uc admissions officers can request more information from applicants before making admissions decisions. the regents approved the policy
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that allows admissions officers to ask for letters of recommendation or a question from students who are on the fence about admitting. only about 15% of applicants will be invited to submit and for extra -- extra information to increase their chances. the new policy is systemwide. president trump and the first lady are aboard air force one, on their way back to the u.s. from france after watching the bastille day celebration in paris. the ceremonies included a military parade down the champs elysees. bastille day marks the storming of the bastille prison in 1789. it was a turning point in the french revolution. this year the event also marked the 100th anniversary of the u.s. getting into world war i. in the meantime come president trump face the international media yesterday. he was asked about the controversy involving his son, donald trump junior, meeting with a russian lawyer who claim to have damaging information about hillary clinton during the presidential campaign.
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>> it's called opposition research. i've had many people call. we have information on this person or this factor or, frankly, hillary. that's very standard politics. >> president trump was asked about his controversial decision to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate accord. mr. trump said his administration will talk further with other countries about that and he hopes something can be worked out. house speaker paul ryan says he will work with the house sergeant at arms to update the congressional dress code. currently the dress code calls for professional attire and the house chamber as well as a special hallway in the house called the speaker's lobby. recently several female journalists were barred from entering the speaker's lobby because they were wearing sleeveless dresses or open toed shoes. yesterday, republican congresswoman from arizona went on a rant about the dress code on the floor of the house while
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wearing a sleeveless dress. >> what do you think? >> i am wearing a sleeveless dress and open toed shoes. >> you can't go in. >> i don't think that's fair. this is an interesting conversation, sal , that my daughter wrote a paper in high school about this same thing for her english class. the dress code seems to be a little harsher on girls and women than boys and men. >> open toed shoes -- while, i never! >> you probably can't concentrate on your work. >> i'm losing sleep over this. actually, i'm not. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up for a 10-15 minute delay. i do see things that i like when it comes to looking at the back of. no one likes backups but it's better than normal. if you look at this ramp, this is what i look at.
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if this ramp is not doing poorly, that means, in general, the commute is moderate. will not be very tough getting onto the bridge. this is a look at 880 north- and southbound in front of the coliseum. there have been no major problems on the san mateo bridge or on the dumbarton bridge. if you're heading over the peninsula, it looks good. when you get to the bayshore freeway, it is not been a bad commute at all. we have a couple of things going on. some bands of high clouds are coming up from the south, they are over parts of the south bay and east bay. some high, in mid clouds coming in as well. mainly to the east. you can see this band rotating up. that was once hurricane eugene and became a tropical storm and is now falling apart but sending in high and mid-level clouds. that may take the edge off of some of those afternoon temperatures. a lot of this is to the east livermore, this week, have they been average? they have been above average.
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if i showed you san francisco, they have been below. the average high for this time of year in livermore is 89. on monday, 94. tuesday, 89. wednesday, 91. thursday, 90, today, the forecasted high is 92. it's been above average. san francisco has been 65 all week and their average high is 67. if you get that fog, and many do, they are staying cool or warm. if not, you are probably warm to hot. sunday looks to be the hottest day. cooler penalty kick and monday and tuesday. here is the cloud deck. it does not last long but wanted fills and, that means you will probably be stuck in the 70s and 80s. or the 60s on the coast. some of those higher clouds are coming in on top of the fog so you may not be able to see. 50s and 60s for the temperatures. temperatures on the peninsulas, upper 50 through 60. stamper, 50 a. redwood city, 60. 57 in woodside and los altos
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hills. thunderstorm activity continues to fire south and east of reno, tahoe and truckee. it so close i have to mention a. this is a band of higher clouds coming over >> the monsoon has been going crazy in tucson but it looks like it will stay there for now. travel plans in southern california, and the desert, keep an eye out for that. it will be mostly sunny for us. anywhere from 60s to 90 >> some areas a little below and somewhere they should be. some will be a little above. warm to hot for those inland for the weekend. >> that is pretty typical. >> summer in the bay. >> you are still getting complaints though, i think. >> not too many right now. >> it's just about what we expect. when it superhot in the city or supercold and east bay, then you get complaint. >> superhot in the city is around 76. >> thank you. 6:17 am.
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nevada and the so-called marijuana emergency they are having. coming up, we will tell you how lawmakers plan to restock shelves after many stores ran out. some people thought it was a joke. how a guy got stuck inside an atm. and how he got out.
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[ music playing ] >> a song with baby in the tunnel. i know you were wondering, pam. we were talking about britney spears. i am picking songs that have bb in the title. beyonci recently broke the internet posting pictures of her two children, her two new children. and that's all the rage on social media. in case you use social media, you might, if there is a special song you want to hear. i will play your request this friday. make sure the song has, baby, in the title. we can go deep with this. there are a lot of songs. >> that's a good thing. we have a lot of babies and babies to be in our newsroom. we have a baby boom here at channel 2.
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nevada approved emergency regulations for solving a marijuana supply problem at recreational marijuana stores. >> leaders are speeding up the licensing process for pot distributors. before nevada lawmakers change the rules, only alcohol wholesalers could transport the drug from growers to storefronts. now, license retailers can transport their own pot. recreational marijuana went on sale july 1 and stores quickly ran out. the nevada tax department argued emergency rules were needed after marijuana retail is recorded more than 40,000 transactions in the first weekend. and airbnb host in southern california has been banned from the site and has agreed to pay a $5000 fine and taken asian american studies course after making a racist comment to an asian guest. the incident happened in february as a guest and two friends were driving to big bear for a ski trip. the host said she was canceling because of the additional guests. despite previously agreeing to them. at one point, the host sent a text that said "i would not
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rent to you if you were the last person on earth." one word says it all. asian." the host as agreed to apologize and the fine and other measures were imposed due to an agreement between airbnb and california's department of fair employment and housing to fight discrimination. a program that pays for emergency rides home for people who work in san francisco is no longer working with uber or lyft. under the program, if you walk, bike or carpool to work in the city, you can be reimbursed up to $150 to pay for transportation. if you have a personal or family emergency while at work and you need a ride home. according to the san francisco examiner, the county transportation authority voted to no longer allow uber or lift rides but people can still use that money for taxis and public transportation. homeowners in the south bay
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are being reminded about maintaining defensible space after a fire this week destroyed a home. marine nailer shows us how to prevent an expensive mistake. >> reporter: for some from life has returned to the east san jose for buzzword watts bar swept five. firefighters and cal fire launched an attack from the air and on the ground. but one home burned. >> pretty scary not knowing. >> reporter: he was not home at the time but his teenage son was and did not realize how close the fire was until he walked outside. >> he was in the backyard. he could see the neighbors house which is next door, essentially, on fire. and the hill on fire. when he walked to check the house out in the front yard, he noticed that our yard was on fire as well. >> reporter: firefighters save these hills are packed with dry, brutal fuel which is why it's important to clear 100 feet around your home for protection. >> down the street we lost a home.
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you could see how this stuff, how dry this is. >> reporter: san jose fire fasciitis which homes were best situated. >> this is a good defensible space. the composition roof. 100 feet in all directions. >> reporter: and which were lucky their homes survive. >> citrus trees. this stuff will burn easily. it's close to the house. this stuff will burn. >> they stopped it from getting into the trees which would have been a problem. it would have essentially burned the house. >> reporter: singh flames come so close, he plans to change his yard. >> the way i look at it, is going to be different. rocks. cut the trees back a little bit more. i thought this was a good defensible area at the bottom of the hill. but it's not. >> reporter: firefighters thursday monitored hotspots but declared the fire 100% contained. >> the home is to stay home. it's really nothing. the family, that's everything.
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it really doesn't matter as long as everybody and my neighbors are safe. that's the big thing. >> reporter: police in corpus christi are calling a recent rescue a once-in-a-lifetime experience after a man was trapped inside an atm. this happened at a bank of america downtown when a repairman sent in to fix the machine got stuck in the atm room. he did not have a cell phone with him. no one was in the bank. he improvised. he started sliding notes with his boss's number through the receipt slot. someone eventually called police. police were skeptical at first but then they called the boss and he was finally freed after being stuck in there for two hours. i would think it was a hoax as well if a note come out and said i was stuck in here. a week ago, at this time in oakland, we were watching as
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fire destroyed a new apartment complex under construction. now the city of oakland wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> i have to prepare and prevent the possibility that oakland development is being targeted. >> coming up come you we hear more from the oakland mayor, and what she says about possible arsonists. >> reporter: a controversial medical marijuana company gets approval to open in the sunset neighborhood. coming up, the boat and what could happen the september. handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99.
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you crave it. we serve it. crave van! good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's friday, july 14. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's 6:30 am. thank you for joining us. some good things are coming up throughout the morning. steve is talking about a nice day. >> you were mentioning dress codes. goldman sachs said you do not need to wear a suit and tie. >> of putting this on my facebook page. check it out in a moment. there are interesting dress code conversations going on. one is goldman sachs talking about easing it up because they cannot get good tech workers. those guys do not own suits and ties these days. >> they may have one skinny tie in that said. we do have higher clouds
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coming in east and south from the remains of what was once hurricane eugene. there are low clouds to the west. i don't think today will be much different. overall, temperatures will go from the 60s through the 90s. tomorrow, inlet temperatures will start to warm up. there is that band of higher clouds. san francisco, 66, 54. the average is 66 and 54. 92 and 1972, the record. san francisco has only been over average two times this month. generally they've been below. it's been cool for some. if you get that ball, temperature stay in the 60s, 70s or low 80s. if you don't, your probably in the upper 80s and 90s. some of the talk continues to push toward napa and santa rosa. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. low 50s around san martin and gilroy. if you 40s and 50s right there for the santa cruz mountains.
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thunder storms continue to inch closer to the sierra nevada. it looks like some a pop for the weekend but the main thing is everything is the same. from yesterday. something on your screen? >> we are looking at routine traffic. if there has to be slowing, and there is, at least we do not have any major problems for most commutes. we are looking at a commuter traffic is going to be moving along slowly at the bay bridge toll plaza. it seems a little better than normal as you drive through. traffic is going to be okay. we are looking at the commute if you are driving on some of the other bay area bridges. this is a look at interstate this is a look at interstate 880 and the traffic is moving along okay. the san mateo bridge traffic is not bad as you drive through. getting into the area is not bad. we do have a collision on highway four westbound. this is westbound highway 4 dig at railroad avenue. the traffic coming out of
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antioch this morning is going to be slower than it normally is. in fact, the slowdown is here. if you're getting on the freeway in pittsburg, you may wonder, where is everyone? the answer is they are being held up by that crash that is in the pittsburg-antioch area. if you're in antioch, allow extra time if you can. let's go back to the desk. plans to open a marijuana dispensary in san francisco's outer sunset is moving forward despite neighbors opposing a. leigh martinez joins us from the future site of this dispensary that one the planning commission approval last night. >> reporter: at one 5-1, but not without a fight. if you look across the street, that will be the future home of the apothecarium. hundreds of people, allegedly, signed up to speak at the commission meeting last night about this. the apothecarium will be run by
6:34 am
a doctor and his wife, former oakland mayor, jean quan. the already own a cannabis club in the castro. some residents feel that the dispensary will attract client -- crime to the sunset and pose a risk to children. others say medical marijuana is a better alternative to more serious, stronger drugs. >> we know there are a lot of kids there, a lot of senior citizens there. i don't think this is a fit for the neighborhood. >> my grandmother is 80 years old and she has chronic pain from lung cancer. for a lot of time she was purpura -- prescribed opiates for pain. >> reporter: the former mayor said the location is perfect for the dispensary since there are dozens of medical institutions in the area and the building itself is a former pharmacy. city officials are scheduled to begin discussing and approving regulations regarding recreational medical marijuana
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use in the city. we did hear from one of the other co-owners of this apothecarium who has expressed an interest to also sell recreational marijuana here as well. it's been a week since that big fire in oakland destroyed a seven-story building under construction. it was one of four fires in the area over the past year that have caused tens of millions of dollars in damage to unfinished apartment complexes. earlier this week, the oakland mayor met with local developers about security and expediting the permit process. we spoke to the mayor yesterday about the fires and the possibility this could be arson. this is aimed at upsetting or overturning the gentrification of oakland. >> the way to address the escalating rents in oakland is to build more. and that is to build more for every income level.
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i always say that i am not going to be like donald trump. i'm not going to vilify outsiders or newcomers. i'm not going to build a wall around oakland. >> the mayor said her team is making a list of higher risk construction projects so the city can be proactive about defending them. you can watch more and see more about the mayor's interview at fire investigators in lafayette say it will be hard to determine the exact cause of the fire that destroyed several businesses in downtown lafayette. the italian restaurant, la finestra and the city's chamber of commerce were among the nine businesses that burned down in a commercial building on lafayette circle. damages estimated at more than $1 million and many people stopped by to look at the burned out building and reminisce about the local history that is now lost.
6:37 am
>> this is part of that old school town that we all grew up with. we are losing something that's been here for this long. is heartbreaking. >> the chamber of commerce is one i was worried about. the old records -- i don't know what happened to those. i'm sure they were all digital. 50 years or so of recording things. i hope everything is okay with them. >> firefighters say because of the unusual shape and architecture of the building, pinpointing the cause of the fire may take some time. they will look at video and talk to witnesses as part of their investigation. a possible break in the case of a missing san mateo county man after car parts were found at montero state beach yesterday. richard mossman disappeared may 25 while driving to work on highway 1. family and friends say they found a wheel and a partial hub assembly beneath some steep cliffs. the parts still need to be checked out and analyzed but friends say they maybe from the
6:38 am
blue hyundai that moss was driving. about two weeks ago, moss's aaa card also washed up on montero beach. the pennsylvania men who admitted to killing four missing men says he's sorry. cosmo dinardo admitted he killed the man after he felt "cheated or threatened in separate drug deals" where he was selling them in marijuana. he told authorities where the bodies are buried on his family's farm. the burned remains of one of the men has been identified so far. >> i don't understand the science behind it but those dogs could smell these four boys 12.5 feet below the ground. >> donato was once involuntarily committed for mentor issues. his lawyer said he confessed in exchange for prosecutors to remove the possibility of the death penalty. a federal judge in hawaii expanded the list of relatives considered exempt from the trump administration's revised
6:39 am
travel ban. the u.s. supreme court exempted visa applicants last month from the travel ban if they could prove a bona fide relationship with a u.s. citizen or entity. many people were upset that grandparents, aunts and uncles and several other relatives were left off the list. a federal judge ruled that the order should not exclude them saying common sense would say that grandparents would fit the definition of a close family member. the u.s. border patrol agents a clarifying cell phone searches after a senator raised questions and said the rights of americans were being violated. border agents reportedly were pressuring americans into giving access to their social media accounts and information they stored in the cloud. the border patrol clarified that while it can search electronic devices at the border without consent, it has no authority to search information that is not stored on the device itself. it's a case that's getting national attention. coming up, what could happen
6:40 am
today as the man accused of killings kate steinle heads back to court. some doctors were not more prescriptions for controlled substances in one month than entire hospitals were writing. >> hundreds arrested in scams worth more than $1 billion but we tell you more about the doctors targeted by the department of justice. san francisco zoo transbay transit center gets a huge financial boost but it does come with a catch. good morning. we do see it's going to be a nice drive in many areas. highway 24 does not look bad on the way to the tunnel. our weather does not look that for some. cool for others and maybe too warm for others as well. we will break it down for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:43 am. here's a live look at wall street. hopefully, wrapping up the week on a positive note. we've had a lot of activity this week with the fed chairman speaking before congress. here's a live look at the dow, up about 6 points. the s&p and the nasdaq are also back. many banks are reporting warnings this morning. wells fargo is done quite a bit after a disappointing report. adobe systems will double
6:44 am
its workforce in downtown san jose. they will expand its main campus on park avenue, adding a fourth tower. it already has 2500 employees and three towers and the new building will house 3000 additional employees and will be connected to the other towers. they plan to finish the purchase of the property by january. if you are on social security your payments are going up. recipients will get a 2.2% increase, $28 more per month. the largest increase in several years. the trustees overseeing social security and medicare released a report yesterday that said unless congress acts the trust fund that supports social security could be empty by 2034. fiat chrysler issue two recalls affecting more than 1.3 million cars worldwide. a wiring problem can cause the airbags to inflate unexpectedly and some of the models and another problem affects the antilock brakes. the first problem affects more than 771,000 dodge journey and fiat fremont suv from 2011 through 2015.
6:45 am
the second problem affects almost 600,000 chrysler 300, dodge challengers and durango -- durango suvs from 2011 through 2014. the justice department has taken down a healthcare for -- fraud scam that totaled more than $1 billion. hell -- thousands of healthcare providers have been suspended and arrested. here are the details. >> we are sending a clear message to criminals across this country. we will find you. we will bring you to justice, and you will pay a very high price for what you have done. >> reporter: it was a largest healthcare fraud takedown and u.s. history. 412 defendants charged including 56 doctors, caught any web of deceit and greed that the was attorney general said cost american taxpayers over $1 billion and ruined countless lives >> these people inflicted a special kind of damage. some doctors wrote out more prescriptions for controlled substances in one month than
6:46 am
entire hospitals were writing. >> reporter: the bust comes as the united states struggles with an opioid epidemic and has seen the number of drug overdoses quadruple since 1999. consider and 2014, over 47,000 americans died of drug overdoses, most in u.s. history in a single year. 61% of which were opioid -related. that's more than the number of people who died in car crashes that year or were killed by gun violence. >> 49 innocent people were murdered at the pulse nightclub by a madman. imagine that happening three times a day. once in the morning and once in the afternoon. and once in the evening. and imagine that happening 365 days in a row. >> reporter: congress has made tackling the issue a priority, passing the 21st-century cures act which sets aside the billion dollars over two years for the fight. experts worry that the arrests are only the tip of the iceberg. >> the vast majority of
6:47 am
healthcare providers are honest and do what they need to do for their patients but it only takes a small number to really have a negative impact on the entire system. >> reporter: critics say the troubled ministration has not done enough to combat the opioid problem in america. you may remember it was back in march that the president commissioned a study of opioid abuse in this country, its affect and more effective ways the government could deal with that. the commission has yet to produce a report of its findings. it is headed by the new jersey governor, chris cristie. thank you. 6:47 am. let's check in and see what's coming up in the next hour. good morning. when i join you in minutes, is one of the busiest and some people would say worst part stations in the system. san francisco leaders are taking steps to clear homeless people from the area around the civic center park station. the department of public health is doing to put the people that set up camp there on notice. the action that could come as a
6:48 am
result and the long-term plan to clear the area and get the homeless people there the help they need. also how the trump administration is reconsidering major steps taken to help students who were duped get there student loan debt for given. the key california player whom laid much of the groundwork for that loan forgiveness and what the department of education is proposing. the stories and more when i join you in minutes. thank you. a six-time champion reclaimed the crown at the 54th annual cable car bellringing competition. >> that's awesome. he was crowned the winner yesterday. he beat last year's champion for the title. h bell ringer had two minutes to perform. contestants were judged on rhythm, originality and style. and there is sal.
6:49 am
sal, -- >> that's cool! >> sal and i talked about this before. in here we are on tv every day. it's harder than it looks. >> that's different. >> byron had some special motivation. i heard him talking about his mom. >> yes. his mother was his inspiration and he became -- after he won, he became very emotional. he has one before but this year was special. as you know. he is a very nice and humble man. he always says hello. one of the things about byron -- he is not a conductor. he is a grip men. do not call him a conductor. he made a point of saying that. byron, i got you. >> you had the chance to try that. it's harder than it looks. >> they make it look easy.
6:50 am
good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what we have. we will start with highway 4. it's a mess coming out of antioch. we had a crash at railroad avenue. a couple of incidents there. you may think if you're getting on the road in pittsburg or bay point that there is light traffic. the problem is, it's held up behind that point. it may be good for you and some places but it's going to be terrible if you're in antioch. also looking at the commute approaching the san mateo bridge. it's going to be okay as you drive across to the highrise. this is a look at the south bay commute where we have slowing on northbound 101, 280 and 85 did has some slow traffic but it's better than it normally is. there is 280 in downtown san jose. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up for a 10-15 minute delay before you make it onto the span. great weather for that event yesterday in san francisco. >> it was sunny.
6:51 am
thank you. temperatures in the city have a generally running below average which is around 66, 67. today will be around 66. if you're close to the coast and bay, is about where we should be. even a few degrees below. inland, not hans josi or santa rosa, concord, livermore or lake county or in vacaville , it continues to be very warm and running above average. higher clouds are coming up from the remains of what was once hurricane eugene. extending in a band right there drifting over us. san francisco today, 66, 54. what's the average, 66 and 54. 92 in 1972 was the wrecker. hold on? were you in san jose in 1972? it was hot. 108 was a record on this date. today, 83 and 59. the average is 82 and 58. there are many signs that say
6:52 am
high pressure will kick in and we will see another warm up inland on the weekend. temperatures for some, low 90s and mid-90s. for others, near 100. it does look like it will warm up monday into tuesday. then i think we go back into this pattern again which means fog and low clouds for some. and we start to warm up quickly. there are plenty of low clouds in place. it looks like a push compared to yesterday. the search up to napa valley and highway 29 and for some areas from san rafael come up 101 in santa rosa. a repeat performance from yesterday. 50s on the temperatures. 61 in mountain view. a few upper 40s. sebastopol, 41. 53, san rafael. calistoga, 52. windsor, 51 if you're heading to tahoe or truckee, this afternoon thunderstorms are getting close. they have been going up the crest of the sugiura and it looks like they will be close again today.
6:53 am
a higher cloud deck is moving in. if you heading down to southern california, they make it some of that monsoon but it's mainly going to be hot for the weekend. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. inland temperatures will warm up over the weekend although i think there will be thick fog on the coast. thank you. new questions about what is in our food. coming up, the potentially harmful chemicals found in popular brands of macaroni and cheese. >> i don't really know what happened. >> a close call for a family. more on this experience when we return.
6:54 am
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6:57 am
it. >> nice theme. >> all right. nice. >> the long-time voice of consider mitt the frog is devastated -- kermit the frog is devastated after being replaced. >> steve whitmire was fired: he said he would never have left the job voluntarily. he took over when his mentor, the muppets creator died. he offered several remedies to reasons he was given for being fired, but they were not accepted. right now, neither he nor disney, which by the way own it is muchet studio have said what those reasons are. potentially harmful chemical versus been found in boxed macaroni and cheese. the calls called phthalates. it can disrupt male hormone versus been linked to birth defects in boys and learning
6:58 am
and behavioral problems in older children the chemical is apparently migrated to food from the packaging and equipment used to manufacturing. the chemicals were banned from children's teething rings and rubber toys years ago. time is now 6:58. a south bay mother describes what she calls one of the most terrifying experiences of her life. somebody fired a pellet gun at her car and hit her 7-year-old daughter. it happened yesterday morning in morgan hill on santa teresa boulevard. someone fired appelleet gun, and the little girls ear was grazed by a pellett. they later found it lodged in her hair. >> so we were singing in the car and then we just heard this like pop, and i take my hand off of my ear and there's blood on it. >> i am like so grateful to god that she's okay because it could have been a different story, you know, one inch over.
6:59 am
>> now, people in the area were questioned by police, but so far, they have no suspects. time is 6:59. sales force will have the naming rights as the new transit centner downtown san francisco. they the joint power authority approved a $110 million deal to name it trance force center. sales force will be allow today put the logo in almost 200 signs all over that facility. and the roof top park will be named sales force park. the new transit center replace it is old trance bay terminal. it is due to open next year. we are expecting federal investigators to come out to scene of this airplane crash here this morning, and we're learning new details about the man killed in that crash. and we're taking a much closer look at the senate republican health care plan, how it differs from the previous version that was
7:00 am
released and much more on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome you this friday, july 14th. welcome back to mornings oning. good morning. i'm dave clark we will talk about your weather on this friday morning and all of the clouds. >> did you see clouds. >> i did. >> there are high clouds and low clouds. the combination of the two are moving through. actually three and a half, it will be never average, if you are up in lake county, it will be above average and hot our good friend chloe here, the record is on repeat. for the wetup in lake county, a slight touch of hayes with an east-southeast breeze, 97 to 99 high. i will buy that. that sounds right to me and probably some of those as we get into the weekend, up into lake county and for some to the inland areas, those higher clouds coming up on what was once hurricane and tropical storm eugene now


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