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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  July 24, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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stanford was the top female finisher coming in. the record is 27,000 runners took part in the event, they close the golden gate bridge completely for three hours. president trump expected to make a push for healthcare reform today. also, the media's relationship to the white house. when it comes to rent, san francisco is a third most expensive rent in the country. the tough tasks still ahead of the san francisco police department. and what a kind of birthday cake he has tonight. we're listening to jenny from the block, or j low. it is her birthday today. i don't think she has ever been a better moment in her life. >> how old you think she is?
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>> 45? >> very close. 46. 46 years old. she is to twins. i love what she said here about getting older. i don't care what anybody thinks, i care more about what i think. yes. i think it is that attitude change that when you're in your 20s, you want to please everybody. in my doing it right? >> and have the certainty of, this is how i want it. >> can you find that when you're 23 instead of 46? >> i hope so. >> maybe some have it. >> is a big difference in the bay area. nationally, there a lot of news that are happening right now. will try to digest what is happening in washington. we will talk about what is happening in the east bay. they found a body by a hiker last night. there at the park to bring us what new information has been
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learned. >> reporter: good morning. very few details here on this investigation. i do understand that someone who was hiking in a remote area of the park last night came across this man's body. according to investigators, this appears to be a white man in his 20s. it is unclear how he died or what sort of circumstances might have been involved here. but we do know that the east bay regional parks police department has launched an investigation into his death. that discovery was made about 6:30 pm after a park visitor, someone who was hiking in the area, called 911 to say that they had found a body along the brandon trail. it is right near lakes about. they are trying to identify the man who was discovered. we reached out to the east bay regional parks police department for more information. we have yet to hear back.
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the bottom line is a young man's body was discovered yesterday. it was along the brandon trail. the police department is investigating the circumstances of his death. >> alex, thank you.>> jared kushner is talking to the senate intelligence staffers behind closed doors right now. this is video of kushner arriving at the capitol this morning. is a start of a very busy week on capitol hill. we have the story from washington. >> reporter: trying to make headway and capitol hill this week. democrats are looking in another direction. toward russia. today, they will be speaking to trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. what does the president's son amano about russia? democrats are anxious to face off against jared kushner. he played such a key role in last year's campaign. they're looking for information about meetings involving
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kushner, donald trump jr., and one time campaign manager, paul manafort. want to know when they took fate ãmy place, we have a lot to cover. is cancel says that we will have him for two hours. as we expect this to be just the first inter--- interview. the new communications director said that this will settle the matter. >> i'm confident that tomorrow when he speaks, it will probably be the last time that he has to talk about russia.>> reporter: but the other issue was scaramucci is trying to rein in leaks. an issue that has bedeviled the trump administration on this from day one. he is promising to crack down. >> if you're going to keep leaking, i will fire everybody. >> reporter: they will vote this week on whether not to undo major provisions of obamacare. there is still uncertainty. from the president last night, his tweet, that if republicans
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don't repeal and replace obama, -- obamacare, the repercussions will be much greater than they understand. they say this will be behind closed doors and kushner will not be under oath. joining us now in studio, clinical professor james taylor from university of san francisco. we have a quick line here. he said "i do not collude, or know anyone else who can dilute -- colluded with foreign government. >> he also put these matters to rest. you expect them to give an inch? today, tomorrow, next week? >> he has lawyered up. this is not under testimony. he can say whatever he wants. he still can't lie to congress, even if he is under oath, but i
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don't think he is going to be telling us anything that we do not already know. >> what is the point?>> i think this is part of a perfunctory necessary progress -- process to make sure that congress is doing its job. we have to respect it. but the idea that congress has come together and both parties have come together in a bipartisan way around sanctions on russia, is a new reality for trump to deal with. there's a millstone around the trump administration until they clarify what the relationship is with russia. >> and i talked about healthcare reform? today about 12:15 pm our time, we want to care for our viewers, do think is going to press for a straight repeal? repeal and replace?>> these are different things. with donald trump, at least i could predict which position he could take. but he has taken all three. repeal. repeal and replace. just get rid of it.
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we will take care of it later. >> they will be losses on this front. >> this is politically dangerous. this is the third row, like social security. this is like taking away something from people that americans are accustomed to. >> i want to talk to the president. the rumors are that he wants to replace his attorney general with rudy giuliani. do think that this is credible? >> i hadn't heard that. today was the first time i heard about it. but rudy giuliani's name was floated earlier. i'm from new york. scrimmages from new york. this is all about near politics. most people outside of your politics do not understand. this is all 1990 new york politics that we have to deal with with donald trump, who peaked in the area.
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>> sessions is in trouble because the president has lost faith in him. is ahead of the justice department, he has no credibility of the american people know that he has told us different things and he has not been fully forthcoming with the form 86 is closure forms. is like kushner, he has come back and had to amend again and again. there's something going on. but the defenders of donald trump say that there is no evidence yet that there is nothing that we can move on. so to stop -- so it is still politics. >> he says he's a businessman three or four times. and his comments to the media. to think the flow of information coming out of the white house changes? >> i think it does. he is sharp. he is the it factor. he said some comments about sarah huckabee sanders that may be construed as against her
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gender. that is a worst possible way to start. it is donald trump part two. even if he didn't like donald trump during the campaign and called him negative things, >> he deleted tweets, i think. >> yes. >> he said it fire everybody. he does have the power to do that. how does the director of communications for the white house have the power to fire people? >> that is the presidents responsibility and members of other ministry of officers to deal with. for him, for example, reince priebus should be saying it. >> we are bringing in a berkeley professor of journalism to talk about this development of scaramucci heading up the munication spartan at the white house. firefighters in mariposa county are making progress on
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the wildfire. they said that that while -- detweiler flower is 40% contained. over the weekend, more evacuation orders were lifted and people were allowed to return home. firefighters say that it may take another two weeks before the fire is 100% contained. plans to research and find safe injection sites may move forward. provides a safe place for drug losers -- users. it is during business hours or 24 hours a day. coming up at 9:30 pm -- a.m. what is next for the cities safe injection task force. >> we're asking you the question of the day. would you support safe injection sites in your city?
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jenny tweets, would be used correctly as intended. will include options for a next step? >> the versus do not encourage or enable intravenous drug use that would turn our streets into filth. >> another says that they are encouraging drug use. do not encourage, help.>> i was life report is coming up at 9:30 pm. >> right up on raqqa -- mornings on 2, we will see what is one of the toughest jobs ahead for them. >> san francisco has one of the most expensive skylines in the country. we will look at a new report on rental prices and why oakland is not too far behind.
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stomach the tao is dropping. they say more than 50 points, down about one 12:45 %. report is now out in san francisco, it has been determined, is the third most expensive skyline in the nation. after new york city and washington, dc. oakland is number eight and san jose is just outside of the top 10. thank you for coming in. i appreciate it. san francisco, icy construction cranes all over the place. oakland, that surprised me little bit coming in at that listed eight, because i don't see a lot of the construction that i see across the bay. what is happening in oakland? >> i think oakland has some new
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construction underway as 601 city center is under construction now. another project is ready to start next year. the new construction, developers have been cautious before starting it and rents have risen to the point where justifies building more space now.>> your methodology was only in the buildings that are tall and kind of iconic, not shorter buildings. but the buildings that if i was taking a picture of oakland or san francisco, they would stick out. >> exactly. this is the skyline report. it focuses on the largest things. more trophy parties. we do this for 57 markets across the country. >> is it possible that this could skew the results somehow? >> i don't think so. these are definitely the top buildings. the oakland market is definitely
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a tight market. rates are -- rents have risen across the board. to me, it seems to follow what we have seen in the residential housing market, especially in oakland. 20 years ago, people would buy a home in oakland. 5 years ago, they said they might consider it, but now they say they can't afford it because it is too hot.>> oakland has, in terms of the office market, great transit options. it is less expensive than san francisco, despite strong rent increases. and i think that as we have seen in recent years, there have been a lot of restaurants, a lot of services, oakland is a place where people want to live and employers are looking to
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attract the right talent are finding it to be a good spot. >> talk about employers. growing up, we always thought of the tall buildings in san francisco as law firms, banks, what companies are we seeing? is that were still seeing, or is it a different set of companies? >> it has traditionally been lawyers and accountants and whatnot in the tall buildings. but increasingly, tech tenants want to be there. across the country we are finding that tech tenants are going into more traditional office buildings. i think the owners are also putting money into the buildings to offer the amenities which make the space more useful for them. >> so they are ripping apart floors? >> yes and they are creating amenities like bikes and gems. places to park the bikes. other services. it also in the space itself. >> i remember growing up. the peer made came along. and those were the skyline. now we have the salesforce
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tower. we have more of a skyline. does that affect anything. did you see that grow over the past few years? >> i think in san francisco, we have seen what used to be the traditional north of market financial district. now people are wanting to be south of market. especially with the terminal coming on. i would not say that the north of market financial district is very attractive, but people still have more growth in the south of market area. that is where a lot of the new construction is. >> we haven't talked about san jose. >> i would think that the price per square foot would be a little bit higher, but maybe it is going in a different direction. when you see going the next year to 5 years? >> there exciting things happening in downtown san jose. their big temps -- there are
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big tech tenants coming in. like we're seeing in the rest of the bay area, people want to be in these urban nodes. so i think that there is exciting stuff going on their, too. >> a lot of the companies have their own complexes. they don't build -- worry about building a high-rise. they have made a little city. >> yes, they have, but once again, in the bay area, it is a drive for talent. trying to find -- trying to make yourself as an employer, tracked the talent you need to grow and succeed. i think that you might have a campus, but people also, you have to be aware of what is going on around it and where people want to be. >> there is not a lot of vacancy in oakland. it's less than 5%.
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>> in the skyline report, it is less than 5% in the skyline buildings. tenants have come in and they are saying that this is where they want to be. >> hopefully this means of people are working. >> which also pulls up other businesses. is not just people in the office buildings, but it supports the local small businesses. >> i pick up earrings. coffee, all of that. >> thank you for joining us. >> there's a brand-new creative -- medication structure. -- communications director.>> a video from a police party now going viral. ámac ktvu fox 2 news.
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. anthony scaramucci says that he will not tolerate leaks in his department. he said that those on his staff will stop leaking if they want to keep their jobs. if they don't, he will have to fire everybody.
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>> we are as strong as our weakest leak. if you want to keep leaking, get together and make a decision is a team that you will stop leaking. but if you keep leaking, i will fire everybody. it is very binary. >> he said he wants to express the full nature of his personality. and he is not too concerned about the president twitter use. >> we welcome the uc berkeley journalism professor. >> good morning. so scaramucci himself says that there is a communications problem within the white house. how effective do you think the trump white house is in getting its message out? >> well, i think it is fair to say that it is not working. that's not just my appraisal, the trump administration appears to have decided that as well. they're bringing in somebody who is coming in with a strong assertion of loyalty to
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president trump personally with some communications background. but with a clear rededication to a more competitive edge. so, i for some of us, that is a little bit disappointing. i would have liked to see some expression of conciliation, some expression of moderation. and maybe some expression of loyalty to the public to keep the administration transparent and to allow the public the kind of access it should have to a white house decision- making. instead, scaramucci made it clear that he serves one person and that is the president. he repeatedly said he loved him. what we see here is the likelihood of a rededication to a very strong, aggressive, and combative approach to administration. >> let me jump in.
9:25 am
you said combative. this is not the first president being criticized by the media, that it seems to me that he is very surprised by any criticism . what you think that is? certainly president obama was criticized by the media. >> sure. and president bush, and present clinton before him, and so on. i don't know. it is surprising to me that a guy who rose to the presidency, thanks to his mastery of the media, his ability to get his message across, has proven so bad and so inept at managing his own messaging. it's partly, i think, a function of his own temperament and lack of discipline and access to twitter accounts. he continues to frustrate any efforts to impose coherence and discipline in the messaging by his own tendency to fly off the
9:26 am
handle, if you like. with twitter denunciations of things that is often contradicting the messages that his own media consultants have come up with. it is a flaw in the guy and it is a flaw that manifests itself in the inability of the administration to rally its own forces and immobilize behind policy objections. -- objectives. they are not really imposing leadership on the administration. >> they bring up twitter. i should add facebook in this question. one fourth of the world's population is on facebook. when you look at britain, there is a swell on facebook that led voters to leave the eu. to think social media today, the way it is used, is it changing our political history
9:27 am
and unpredictable ways right now?>> it certainly changes the atmospherics. it creates a lot of clutter. i think for the news media, encourages a lot of things that are not to be red herrings. the news media finds itself chasing down allegations that the administration has made you twitter that tend to divert them from the more seasoned and the more mature and the more in- depth coverage of policy initiatives and what is happening to the quality of governance. so i think that to some degree, twitter and facebook have served to throw people off the track. it will create another cloud of allegations. a cloud of cross talk and of denials and denunciations. the media find himself chasing these when other things that
9:28 am
are going on, such as the fact that the executive branch of government is basically not staffed at the moment, such as that their foreign initiatives and other countries are making that we are not countering because we don't have a state department with people in charge of regional coverage. these things are not fighting themselves into the news.>> professor. waterman , could i interject here? time but twitter and how might be creating a diversion. about to pop up a tweet by the president that created a lot of concern if the journalism committee. they say maybe one of the first things is to hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy. since he tweeted that back in may, we have seen the white house reject video and audio coming from daily press briefings. if you can put into perspective for us how this white house department of communications is operating, have you ever seen anything like this? is it unprecedented?
9:29 am
>> that is a good question. i think that this represents the fulfillment of a yearning that successful in -- successive administrations of had a long time. it is how do we get the message out there. how do we circumvent the white house press corps to get our messages directly to the public? in the past, people have done, the ministrations have gone, say to newspapers and local media, they can get their messages out there without being suspected -- subjected to withering scrutiny i reporters. they have not done as effectively as the trump administration has done. they're able to get the message across about going to the press corps. this is something that other administrations have tried to do, but not have been as
9:30 am
successful. i say successful, but it is not clear that it is working in terms of mobilizing the public. we still rely on the mainstream press to ratify and legitimate the stories that they want out. so even though the twitter feeds can be out there and many people will see them, the amount of weight to that the paper like -- public puts on them and the degree to which they sway public opinion still don't -- depend upon other media picking up the stories, developing them, and ratifying them as important to the public. they tried very much to circumvent the white house media, but i don't think it has worked in terms of advancing their agenda. there agenda right now is stuck in the mud. >> thank you for joining us this morning.
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a number of car break-ins. the damage caused to dozens of vehicles in those two e. bay cities. should san francisco create safe sites for injection drug use. we shall explain some of the questions and items up for debate. ♪ keeping up. it takes hard work, tight budgets and a little support. and pg&e is ready to do our part. our care program can save you 20% or more on your monthly bill. it just takes a few minutes to apply and you'll see the savings on your next bill. when having a little extra can mean a lot ...turn to care. go to and enroll today.
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join us monday, july 31st for net generation kids' day. the ultimate family tennis experience! don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford. welcome back two mornings on to mac. >> it was close to 100. >> they say that it is going to cool off. >> if you don't like the heat, i have good news for you today. if you like the heat, stay tuned. temperatures are falling as we speak this morning. we're down by several degrees in the and it -- inland communities. we can see some blue coming through. the cloud cover was not here yesterday morning, so the marine layer is deeper, the onshore breeze is low but
9:34 am
stronger. 50 degrees at this hour in santa rosa. mid 60s in oakland, livermore, and set as a -- san jose. it is nothing like what we saw this last weekend when the east bay hit 100 degrees. yesterday, santa rosa hit 95. we have 70s in the forecast for today. 79 near redwood city. in south bay, we will remain partly to mostly cloudy on the coast. here's a look at your extended forecast. not a lot of chain -- change going on. than the heat kicks back in and we're looking at temperatures back into the mid-90s by wednesday. then to the upper 90s, near 100 degrees by friday. we begin to cool it off just a little bit in the bay area week.
9:35 am
should san francisco create safe injection sites? the questions are among the items that city officials will discuss of the next meeting next month. we're joined live from san francisco to discuss was on the agenda. >> reporter: we have reached out to the department of public health here in san francisco, that we have yet to hear back from them. it appears that city officials are exploring this issue seriously. some public health officials and some commanders from the police department are scheduled to go to vancouver next month to tour one of the safe injection sites in operation here. the idea behind it is the at a safe injection site, drug use is supervise. the make sure that people get immediate help in the event of an overdose. >> we spoke to a san francisco man who says that he has been
9:36 am
sober for nearly 2 years. he got help, now has a steady job and a place to live. he says that initiatives like this really helped him combat his addiction. he said that safe injection sites would also help people struggling with drug abuse. >> i think that it is good to monitor the situation. to not just let everyone run wild. and michigan can buy them in an area where you can monitor these people. and we can contain the situation. >> there are mixed problems i could come with it. namely areas where people are going to be congregating or they are shooting up. i can see a lot of crime popping up in those areas in the could be a problem for neighbors. >> i think it would be a good idea. that there be a lot less homeless people. >> according to recent survey from the san francisco department of health, there are an estimated 22,000 people who inject drugs.
9:37 am
with about one third of them are living in the tenderloin area. the survey also found that offering things like on-site counseling, food, and showers at the safe injection sites would create more of an incentive for drug users to use them. the city's task force is scheduled to meet next month, where they will discuss the issues and more items that came up in the survey we just mentioned. our question of the day has been about her report. would you support safe injection sites in your city? 41% say yes, 59% say no. you can keep doing that on the ktvu twitter page. i love it when you leave responses. your some new ones. i was support injection sites. on the other side, some us of their already multiple safe zones and drop off zones, they think that leadership should
9:38 am
consider enforcement. >> another says i hate to support drugs, but i do want safety for others. >> some people can smoke a blunt outside, but they want to make it safer for those who smoke dope? it seems that the priorities are messed up. there are series of car break-ins. >> it is unusual that's that many of us got hit. i'm really shocked. i'm very surprised. >> surveillance video shows a white car cruising through the neighborhood with the suspects jumping out and breaking into 34 vehicles in a very short time. police say looks like they were mostly trying to cause damage, because very few items were actually taken on the cars.>> they were very quick. within a short time, between 4
9:39 am
am and 428, they committed all of these crimes. >> they say they don't have a description of the suspects, but they say was stolen from brett word -- brentwood, where cars were broken in. anyone with information about the car or the suspects is asked to call police. it has been six months since san francisco police chief took over the department. sat down with the new police chief within exclusive 101 interview with the reforms he would like to see. >> i've never seen a big city have this kind of small-town feel. in a very good way. that's really nice. >> chief of police for the city and county of san francisco. >>'s it has been six months since the san francisco police department swore in its new lease chief. after 179 days in the job, i
9:40 am
sat down with the chief, bill scott, to learn how he is settling into the position of the city she now calls home. >> i'm working all the time. so, a lot of times it's just to go home, go to bed, get up, go back to work the next day. i have been able to enjoy the city somewhat, not as much as i have liked to. but it is good. >> the lead up to chief scott taking the helm was marked with cough -- controversy. former south -- san francisco chief have been asked to leave. >> scott was born in two months later in december, he says that
9:41 am
he feels that they have made significant progress when it comes to the report. >> we set the mark in terms of where we need to be as a city, as a police department, in terms of recommendations. numerically, we have submitted 80 of those recommendations. as far as the documentation, to the department of justice. >> a big parties changing the culture of the department, especially when it comes to de- escalation tactics. >> we want to de-escalate. we want to employ the proper tactics to prevent incidents from going to a level of deadly force.>> and alabama native, he served for 27 years and an office that -- department that allows them to use tasers. >> the short answer to your question, i support a leslie full -- less lethal tool. it is not designed to take a person's life. >> six munson, he tells the he
9:42 am
is encouragement where they department is headed. well cry might be up across the country -- >> in our city, we wanted to go in the other direction, but it ties into the reform work that we have to do. how we do that is very important. for more in the some of the other headlines we have a working on, let's go to dave clark. >> your some of the top stories that we're looking at right now. two men were detained in san jose after shots were fired near santana row. lee say that shots were fired inside of a townhome near olson drive at were fired inside of a townhome near olson drive at 12:25 am. the s.w.a.t. team search the area, but no shooting victims were found. they say that two men found its i would of the units are being questioned. attempt person has died in the human trafficking case in san antonio, texas. the truck driver officially was
9:43 am
charged less than one hour ago in federal court. temperatures top 100 degrees inside that trailer and there was no air-conditioning. eight people were found dead inside the truck, to others died at the hospital. 20 more were treated for each stroke -- heatstroke and extreme dehydration. the truck driver was officially charge this morning for illegally transporting immigrants for financial gain. coming up on mornings on 2. she knows how to defend herself. we will introduce you to a bay area woman who used to martial arts training against a home intruder. my sweetheart's gone sayonara.
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issue might be only 5 feet tall, but she definitely knows how to defend yourself. we're being introduced to ruby chung, who used her martial arts training to hold on an attacker until police got there.>> reporter: and only 5 feet tall, she might not look intimidating, but she catches you at the right angle, and get a little bit of leverage, you may learn very quickly not to underestimate her. >> my whole side hurts right now. [ laughter ] she took me down easy. >> reporter: we can only imagine what went through the mind of an elected home trespasser. ruby was inside when she heard a noise. >> i was studying upstairs and i heard footsteps. so i came out to see who it was. >> reporter: you came out the door? >> i was here, i came out and
9:47 am
was here. >> she said the woman with a child walked up to the side of her house. when question, nothing she said would make sense. >> she kept changing her story and i made sense. she started getting hostile, asking me what i was doing at her place, at that point i thought i should call the police. when i turned around for a few seconds, she tried to punch my face. it glanced, and hit my upper lip. >> reporter: she did not go down. she went on the offense of.>> i grabbed her coat and took her down. >> reporter: what she did know is that she spent her entire life training in martial arts. >> i started doing it in 2005, currently i'm a purple belt. i did compete and have metals from the u.s. open. >> she said she talked -- took us through what happened.
9:48 am
>> i grabbed her, and i hooked across and then, this is where she started backing away, so i got her with this. >> i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry. that was an uppercut. >> then she grabbed the front porch to open it and then this is when i grabbed her back and then i stuck my choke in there. she started biting me, so i had to hold her head down and then she appeared to be passed out, so i let her go. i grabbed my phone. >> reporter: she picked up the phone and called police. >> what is your emergency? >> someone attacked me in my house. she has a great hope -- coat on
9:49 am
. >> reporter: officers arrived quickly. >> i'm going to send the paramedics out to you. do see an officer pulling up to? >> yes.>> reporter: they had to -- arrested the woman. >> she was under the influence of a controlled substance. she does not live in that neighborhood. she had no reason to be in that neighborhood. for my understanding. >> reporter: the child with her was not hurt, but she was. she said the images -- injuries, much worth it -- much worse if she had not been able to defend herself. >> have you ever had use of the real-life scenario that you are not competing on a mat? >> no. >> i think it worked. [ laughter ] >> fresno police are calling a starbucks customer a courageous hero for stepping in to stop a robbery and it was all caught
9:50 am
on surveillance video. a man walks into a starbucks last thursday wearing a transformers mask, caring a replica handgun and demand -- demanding money. the robber pulled out a bit -- large knife. that's when he grabbed a chair and hit the robber from behind twice. the suspect turned the knife on him, but he overpowered him and managed to stab him several times. another starbucks worker did not seem to notice what was happening. just keep doing what you're doing there. >> i don't want to get involved. are you kidding me? >> he was caught a short time later and taken to the hospital. jerry received minor injuries, but he is expected to recover. if you're in that position, do engage or not? >> even if i'm one the one wiping the table, do i get involved? >> i my back away and call 911
9:51 am
immediately. >> if it gets aggressive, i would step in. >> i'm glad that you are in there to do that. i don't think that i could physically do it. >> would you have put a beat down on the guy like he did? >> he was at the wrong store. good for him, but wow. a long-lost military metal is finally back with the heroes family. it was a purple heart medal that was found about 10 years ago. he had been missing since 1962. it was a great on the back. there's no registry listing all of the service members who have been awarded purple hearts, so there is no easy way to track down who it belonged to two. new york senator chuck schumer's staff got involved and discovered it was earned by staff sergeant. bernard mcnamara who was wounded by a [null] artillery. he spent time in a prisoner of war camp. his wife pinned the metal -- metal on a grandchild told her
9:52 am
not to play. that's when it was loss. >> ident was a quiet, humble man. having these metals given back to us is great. >> they did not find the other metals, so both metals were reissued to the family. coming up next on mornings on 2. great white shark for olympic swimmer? shark make -- week starts off. why some feel duped or let down. pampers.
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unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers.
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caltrans is letting writers weigh in on some design details for its new electric train. you can vote on the colored seats for the electric cars. there holding a weeklong survey . you can vote in person or online. head over to for quick web links on how to vote to where you can see the chairs in person. a police block fire -- party from present was going viral. >> there are bad guys out there. >> the bad guys are at the waterslide. >> oh my gosh. >> a 5-year-old girl in the front seat of a fresno police armored car told people that she wanted to fight crime.
9:56 am
they played along for more than an hour, chasing down pretend that guys. the first company in the nation to install microsoft chips -- microchips in their workers. it was implanted between the thumb and index finger. it can be used by snacks in the break room, use the coffee machine. they say that the chips do not have tracking devices, but a lot of people say no thank you, because you don't know what is -- it is doing. >> what if you get fired? some people watching michael phelps felt that they would be victims of bait and switch. they found out that michael phelps used computer-generated
9:57 am
images with was shark races. they thought that he would actually be swimming in the water with sharks. >> he would not risk his life. his or anyone else's life. >> he would do it, by himself, but not with a shark. we will be expecting a special announcement by president trump . when that happens, we will let you know. ♪ bee to hive to the o ♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy. >> wendy: thanks for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. yes! how you doin? okay. let's get started. it's time for


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