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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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sex, lies, and videotapes. >> we have a video view, a sex tape of you. if you don't send me money, we will send it to your family members. >> this man tried to extort thousands of dollars. if you're heading to the beach to cool off, be careful.>> this water can pull you over there and suck you out. >> the warning in effect for bay area beaches. the 4 on 2 starts now. anthony scaramucci has been pushed out of his white house communications job after less than two weeks. the brash, no holds bar guy ran into trouble with this crude and offensive comments regarding fellow white house staffers, even threatening to fire his apartment over leaks to the press. now scare in which he is unemployed. -- now scaramucci is
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unemployed. rick leventhal has more on the shakeup. >> reporter: another big shakeup on pennsylvania avenue. there is a new chief of staff and he's making his mark. general john kelly, the new chief of staff, has removed anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director. he lasted only 10 days. the white house saying in part, he felt it was best to give john kelly a clean slate. president trump is praising his newest hire at a white house cabinet meeting where just last week general sir -- general kelly served as director of homeland security. >> we know and respect him and admire what he's doing. at homeland what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous>> reporter: kelly's military background could bring
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much-needed order to the white house and he appears to be wasting no time>> he's got to be a strong leader. that is what he is bringing to the table. >> reporter: trump insists everything is smooth sailing and his administration tweeting, highest stock market ever.-economic numbers and years. wages raising, border secure, supreme court, no chaos. general kelly faces a packed agenda. he's dealing with a hostile north korea and an ever present russia investigation. in new york, fox news. let's talk more about this later shakeup in bring in david mcewen. first question, what you make about this move? >> it is a strong move for the trump administration and for general kelly out of the box. one of his jobs is to set order
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for was going to happen and who's going to see the president. that will challenge everyone else within the administration. >> this relationship between the president and anthony scaramucci, they were like blood brothers from queens, new york. they both had a brads -- brash, no holds barred and he was basically going to be able to do whatever he wanted. all of that changed. what happened? >> while the president might've been happy about the initial defense, that interview on the new yorker is certainly the dynamic change after that.'s that dynamic changed, the president changed his own tune and gave general kelly an opportunity to push back in the white house for how he wants the order and what he wants to do with the staff. anthony scaramucci went from being loved and thrilled to someone out after 10 short days.
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even the kim kardashian kris humphreys marriage lasted 72 days. scaramucci was out after 10 days . >> you mentioned the interview with the new yorker. it was explosive and there was exported filth. what did sanders have to say about the presidents thoughts on that interview? >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. and he didn't want to burden general kelly with that line of succession. >> president trump, he didn't feel like those comments were appropriate. >> that's a bit of windowdressing by the white house. there's a lot of kabuki theater going on there. what happens with folks like steve bannon and how they perceive going forward. a vodka trump, jared kushner, these are key personalities that
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general kelly will have to manage for trump. they have to accomplish some things and that's a challenge for this. if you want to think of it more broadly, the 2018 election cycle is right around the corner. >> you talk about handling all those different advisors who before, they had direct access to the president. he has an open door policy. general kelly likes of chain of command. you work your way through to get to the top. correct me if i'm wrong, he was hired with the understanding that people have to go through him to get to president trump. will that be the case with his daughter and son-in-law? >> that will be the case for the daughter and son-in-law until they have dinner with the president. and then are they providing reports back to general kelly? the model we are seeing is something like we saw with
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james baker and the bush administration. someone who is not only a gatekeeper, but keeps the administration on task and gives it order for priorities. that will be key especially in the fall because there are so many issues, foreign and domestic, that will challenge his presidency and that is where we will see what president -- see what general kelly is made off. >> we've seen a lot of faces coming in and out of this administration. do you anticipate more new faces? >> that is something to watch. whether secretary tillerson is the next ago. he has been mulling his opportunities. and whether or not there will be shifting. who takes over homeland security. will jeff sessions head over there or move out as he faces more and more pressure from the president? >> i think a lot of people are hoping things settle down a little bit and the white house.
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keep the ship on course. we will see of general kelly can do that. thank you for your time. we really appreciate it>> inc. you for having me, it was a pleasure. an armed man with an hour- long standoff with police when it to police custody within the last 90 minutes. >> police have been trying to get that suspect to surrender since midnight. >> he shot a woman and barricaded himself inside of the house. the woman has since died. >> we have been at that standoff and we are joined live with an update.>> reporter: the standoff is finally over after some 14 hours. it happened inside a home here on 15th street of the hill near castro. it was resolved in the gunman came out this afternoon after apparently shooting himself in the stomach.
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>> upon the arrival, we came upon two individuals. one elderly female who suffered from a single gunshot wound. she has since succumbed to her injuries. the second individual retreat back into the residence. >> -- >> reporter: police responded to the shooting of the woman and took her to the hospital. she later died. the gunman went back inside the house were in negotiations continued for hours. the man did come out after shooting himself in the stomach. he was transported to the hospital. his condition is not believed to be life-threatening. they will not release the names of the gunman or the woman and they will not tell us what the relationship is between the two. while all of this was going on, there was a shelter in place order for the people and the
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red cross set up a shelter. very few people went to that. we just got word before we went on the air that shelter in place order has been lifted. >> just to clarify, that shooting spec -- suspect was injured, but it was a self- inflicted wound. >> -- >> reporter: yes. police did not fire any shots at all during this entire incident. it was self-inflicted. they have been talking to him and were hoping they could bring him out peacefully. it went this way. police are not responsible for the man's injuries. we go across the bay to fremont where a man is in custody and accused of recording a couple having sex and then trying to extort them for money. our crime reporter is there. henry, this involve the man's former roommate. >> reporter: yes. the police say the suspect
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demanded $5000 to not post the sex tape online. this couple went to the police. >> a 33-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of extortion and invasion of privacy. he lived with his wife at this complex and rented a room to another couple this past spring. the couple moved out and began getting emails from an unknown sender >> the sender was saying we have a video of you, basically a sex tape of you. if you don't send me money, we will send it out to your family members.>> reporter: they didn't believe the suspect at first, but then he sent them screenshots showing them in their apartment. the suspect threatened to post the video and tagged the couple unless he got $5000. the suspect gave them another way to make the video go away. >> at some point the suspect
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said you don't have to pay me the money but to the female victim, if you want to have sex with me i can give you the video back>> reporter: police had to make sure the suspect was in a hacker. they pretended to be the female victim and that led back to him. he have accorded the couple from a laptop that was made to look as if it was blacked out. >> it is scary, right? their privacy was violated. they were threatened to a point where it would have damaged the lives forever. >> people were shocked by the allegations. >> this is gary. we have to be more careful. >> it's really expensive here. someone tried to ask you for money. >> the alameda county da is reviewing the case to see a formal charges will be filed. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news.
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>> that the police say anything about the bravery of this couple to come forward? obviously, you wouldn't want anything like that to get out but at the same time, it must be embarrassing to go to the police and say here's pictures of us making love and some was trying to extort this from us. that must've been a challenge. >> they were very brave indeed. a lot of family members didn't know about their relationship. they did come forward and do the right thing and now the suspect is free on bail. >> henry lee, live on fremont. think you. parking proctor -- parking problems. the new restrictions to go in fact tomorrow. a former doctor appears in court after allegedly unlawfully prescribing opioids to a woman who later overdosed on those drugs. we're still tracking the
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heat. in the central valley and in the foothills, heat advisories for this week and some big heat in our inland valleys.
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new parking restrictions go into effect tomorrow for those who take the harbor bay ferry in alameda. the ferry terminal parking lot only has 250 parking spots. demand for parking exceeds the supply. >> reporter: the parking lot at
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the harbor bay ferry terminal fills up fast when it does, drivers park on the residential streets in the neighborhoods nearby>> we live a couple of blocks away and there's always a lot of cars there. >> reporter: ferry commuters will be able to do that and drivers will need of residential permit to park there for more than four hours. officials urged commuters to rely on buses, bikes and ride sharing some residents acknowledge is not always an option. >> this area is always packed. people are lining the streets. if they want to encourage people to use public transportation, they've got to drive there to get it. >> reporter: this woman takes about to work sometimes. she empathizes with commuters who will struggle to find parking. >> to me, it is taking away means from people who absolutely need to go to work>> reporter: they created a
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parking website to rent out some of the driveway spaces in her neighborhood. the goal is to help commuters in a pinch at a cost of eight dollars a day>> giving an option to the people who need it. i would rather have my driveway stay open, but there are people who need it more than i do. >> reporter: the hope is that the commuters will only use her website in an emergency. she says there are eight other homeowners that are willing to share their driveways for the service. her website goes live tonight and the parking restrictions go into effect tomorrow. ktvu fox2 news . it's time to take things outside. things are warming up. a beautiful shot, bill martin. gosh. a lot of people are probably going to be heading to the beaches things warm up >> to get away from the heat. we have heat advisories. in these areas painted in orange or
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-- they are going to last. it will give you a parameter. basically right now, monday through thursday at 8:00. if you will notice, these heat advisories are in the hills, not the big urban areas. san francisco and san jose do not have heat advisories. when you get out into the central valley and into the livermore valley, fairfield, that's right there on the edge of the heat advisory. what they are saying is that it will be hot and stay hot for the rest of the this week. there is a statement put out to the national weather service which is about the southwell. it was pretty good-sized in mexico this morning. it's been good in san diego. if you see something about a beach warning or advisory, it's
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south and not getting into most of our beaches. just be prepared for that and know that it's out there. there will be lots of waves in different directions than you are used to, but they're not that big. and then you will see the cloud cover. low clouds and fog right along the coast. that will stick around all week. it stays mild right at the coast. but these inland valleys are going to stay hot. so the bay will be nice. even in oakland, 1 degree cooler. it is hotter in the valleys. this is all going to be about the central valley, the in the bay valley, and they keith. we have a heat warning in the northern part of california. a heat warning is a big deal. that will be with us right through the week for reading, red bluff, and those areas.
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and then look at the purples. these will be the one hundreds. they are hanging in those in the bay valley's. when i come back, we we'll show you how this plays out for the rest of the week. we will see you back here in a few minutes. for the first time, tesla ceo details the pricing of the new model three. we were at friday's big event. he is here with us today to talk about just how much more extra it's going to cost. ♪ what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die!
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the major challenge for us over the next six months or nine months is how do we hold a huge number of cars. >> that is elon musk speaking of friday night at the automakers party there in fremont where he discussed the challenge facing his company. that is meeting demand. i am joined by tim higgins. you were there, tim. what did you make of it? >> it was classic elon musk. a lot of show and a lot of sizzle.>> i know that you did. what did you think of it? >> very quick. the interior was better than some had feared. they were able to design something that looks sleek and could petillo -- and could appeal to a lot of folks. >> let's talk about what you
4:24 pm
caught your attention. when he talked about the challenges that lie ahead. meeting demand and saying it will be a complex issue. >> this is a straddling situation. he wants people to know this is a cool car but it will be hard to make it and mass quantities. he said it will probably be manufacturing hell. he is signaling that it will take a while to get the cars out of the fremont factory. >> so the people on the waiting list will have to wait longer works >> it's unclear when people will get them. employees got the first few vehicles. we are expecting august or september, when they arrived to customers. and mass quantities, sometime last year. >> how did elon ms. -- elon
4:25 pm
musk appear quick >> he seemed tired. someone remarked upon this. he has had a long go. think about all of the things he's doing this year. he has a space company, he's talking about the hyperloop and now he has this mass-market vehicle. >> when you talk about the complexities in the supply issues, how many vehicles has tesla been able to produce since 14 years ago? >> last year they made 84,000 vehicles. he is talking about 500,000 vehicles. a run rate of 10,000 vehicles per week. >> is that attainable like >> it will be very hard. that's why they talk about a run rate of how many they will do per week and per year. most analysts do not think they will have 500,000 next year. >> so limiting expectations. he did, for the first time, mention the cost and what it will take of you want the bells and whistles. were you surprised that that? >> the thing about the model
4:26 pm
three, the entry level, he hit the mark of 35,000 for that entry level. in order to get the features, it goes up quickly. a longer-range battery is $44,000. of premium interior, autopilot, and all of the bells and whistles, it gets close to $60,000.>> we are not talking toyota corolla pricing. we are talking bmw and mercedes- benz. >> before i let you go, how would you rate that event? >> i would say it was classic elon. he was using it to temper expectations that it will be a while yet. >> always a pleasure to have you one. stay with us, the 4 on 2 will continue right after the break.
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a former surgeon pleaded not guilty today to charges he unlawfully prescribed opioids to a san francisco woman. that woman was found dead inside her apartment under what police are calling suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: do you have
4:30 pm
anything to say about the charges against you? >> reporter: he walked out of the courthouse avoiding questions. the former vascular surgeon entered a not guilty plea on monday of charges he unlawfully prescribed oxycodone 36w2 people who were not under his care. >> my wife was one of the people he was writing these fraudulent prescriptions to>> reporter: this 35-year-old worked at the medical center and she died last june and what investigators initially thought was a mere drug overdose >> she became involved with chris. she was found deceased. he was the last person with her. >> reporter: he was placed on leave. he was fired five months later after he was booked a local drug charges. those charges with the das office never stuck. >> i think it just shows that the federal courts are going to take this seriously and start cracking down and they need
4:31 pm
to>> he was arrested as part of the nationwide crackdown on opioid prescriptions spearheaded by jeff sessions. >> a person in a position of power contributing by providing very strong opiates. to someone not one of their patients. >> she admitted that she suffered emotional abuse with him and he got her hooked on opioids as a way to control work. >> she told me, if i don't get out, i'm not going to live. i will never be able to get over that. we have been best friends since we are kids. >> reporter: -- >> i'm heartened to see we will get some justice for danielle to >> reporter: they would not comment on the case and an investigation is under way. the
4:32 pm
next court appearance is set for september 12. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. a search is underway for three main who smashed the jewelry case. the men were surgical masks and entered a cosco right after it open. the thieves used a hammer to smash the glass case and stole an undisclosed amount of jewelry. the thieves jumped into a getaway car that was waiting for them right outside. that vehicle was a black chevy sonic with the paper license plate. police are investigating whether this case is connected to other similar robberies police arrested a man on suspicion of setting a string of fires. the 23-year-old from palo alto is facing four felony counts of arson for four fires early friday morning. among the fires between 2:00 and 4:00 a car was set on fire in a caltrain parking lot. a dumpster was also set on
4:33 pm
fire. there was another dumpster fire on high street and a small brush fire on a bike path. police say an officer took him into custody after recognizing him from a surveillance picture. a federal judge has convicted a former arizona sheriff for refusing to stop traffic controls. the former sheriff violated a court order to stop the traffic patrols so he could promote his immigration enforcement efforts during his 2012 election campaign. the 85-year-old faces up to-six months in jail. 's lawyer says they will appeal. hayward is waiting for immigration and customs enforcement about the arrest of two men reportedly taking into custody as they went to work. hayward is a sanctuary city. the mercury news says that on
4:34 pm
thursday ice agents arrived at an apartment complex looking for undocumented immigrants to live there. instead, they arrested two neighbors who were on the way to work. the mercury news says that the men are undocumented immigrants, but they've lived in the u.s. for more than 10 years and they have children born here. the city calls the circumstances concerning saying such operations could undermine the trust between officers and members of the community. mike pence sent a warning to russia while touring a soviet republic today. he sat down with baltic leaders in a show of support. he confirmed that trump will sign legislation and for its destabilizing actions in the ukraine. under president trump, the united states will continue to hold russia accountable for its actions we call on our european allies and friends to do the same. >> this comes as the russian president is telling the u.s.
4:35 pm
embassy in moscow to withdraw more than 750 employees. it is believed to be paid back over u.s. sections and the expulsion of 35 russian diplomats from the u.s. last year under president obama extranet learning of the death of sam sheppard. he died last week from complications of als. he was both an acclaimed playwright and an oscar- nominated actor. he had strong bay area ties with 24 place produce in san francisco including his pulitzer prize winner, barry child. jonathan hunt looks back at a career that spanned broadway and hollywood. >> reporter: sam sheppard died on thursday at his home in kentucky. he died from complications of als. sea it sounds dangerous. is very dangerous. >> reporter: his portrayal of chuck yeager in the right stuff
4:36 pm
earned him an oscar nomination in 1983. he also penned 44 place in several books of short stories. in 1978, he won a pulitzer prize for his play, barry child . >> the writing takes care of itself. i think the reason, this flurry of activity has to do with aging. >> reporter: his acting credits include the notebook, still magnolias, and the netflix series bloodlines. >> i like to say a few words about my kids. >> reporter: sam sheppard was 73 years old. and hollywood, jonathan hunt, fox news. new evidence of the housing crunch here in the bay area. a new study shows just how is getting for the middle class. we will talk with a real estate expert about that when we come right back.
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i am checking the weather out there. it will be hot in the inland valleys. we will talk about the specifics as we move into the week ahead. i will never
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. home sales are up but not if you're looking at anything that is less than $500,000. the sale of single-family homes
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listed at $500,000 or less fell 17% last month because there are so few of them on the market. across the bay area, sales grew 9% for sales above that price mark. the housing supply may be at its lows of a lever. i am joined by patrick carlisle from the paragon real estate group. this is depressing news for anyone trying to find a home the costs $500,000 or less in the bay area. are they fading away?>> housing affordability maybe the biggest social issue were facing right now. quite honestly, as far as san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, you will find a house for $500,000 or less. you might find a studio condo. the farther out you move from east central counties where the high-tech boom has been concentrated, the more likely
4:41 pm
you are to find more affordable housing or possibly things under $500,000. they are becoming much rarer. in san francisco, finding a house for under $1 million is becoming increasingly challenging >> we're talking about neighborhoods for that wasn't a problem. even neighborhoods that some of is considered not the best parts of town. you can find homes for less than $1 million. >> when the recovery first started in 2012, it started by the most affluent people in the bay area. in the last 1.5 years, that has shifted. in a desperate search for affordability, the rear pressure of buyer demand is in what we call the lower price points, but no one else would call the lower price points. a lot of competitive building as people try to find a house they can live in and raise a family and do their normal things in life.
4:42 pm
>> i am thinking of two groups of potential homebuyers who would be looking for a house around $500,000. that would be a couple from the bay area who wants to settle down and start a family, or a good job transplant. they're attracted to a high- paying job from the place they live in. when they come out here, they get sticker shock. what is your advice to these people trying to find a house for $500,000 which is not cheap, even here. >> yes. finding a house for under $500,000 will definitely be a challenge in the bay area. solano county has the most affordable houses in the bay area. that is someplace to look. the northern part of contra costa county is a good place to look if you are willing to go up into the wine country and into sonoma. the issue, of
4:43 pm
course, you have to go further out and you will have a longer commute. the farther right you get, the more you will give for your minor -- money. >> i hate to interrupt you. is this a trend that will continue? do you think if anyone is sitting on the fence and they're thinking about jumping into the market they should wait and we could hit a bubble that's bursting? what do you think?>> it's hard to protective -- predict the future. our economy is so strong is pulling in people from all over the world. as long as that continues, it is hard to see significant decrease in home prices. >> all right, patrick carlisle. good news for those who might think about selling their homes. we appreciate it. i am completely frustrated and crying every night. i can't find my house, bill martin. >> you own in the city.
4:44 pm
>> no. i rent. >> riding my bike around, it was such a pretty weekend. what i noticed about san francisco, it's a much younger city than it was. you can see that there's a lot more money. you see the affluence. it didn't feel affluent a few years ago. now it feels very affluent. definitely tough. we have temperatures outside today that are on the warm-up. inland, especially. we have a heat advisory for the hills around the area. you can see the or injurious. east bay hills, and that heat advisory stays around until 9:00 on wednesday night. it's heat you don't typically see in these areas. certainly up around fairfield. cities like san francisco, san jose, livermore, they are not
4:45 pm
going to have the heat advisories which is helpful. oakland and san francisco and oakland are excluded. they don't have air conditioning. there is fog along the coast. scattered thundershowers. right now, temperatures, 92 in fairfield. 93, livermore. a little warmer in fairfield and livermore. tomorrow, it will be 10 degrees warmer. temperatures are going to come up and they will be 10 degrees, five to 10 degrees from where we were today. i love that shot. that caught me by surprise. we are looking over the golden gate. isn't that beautiful? we are looking at fog. [laughter] okay. you can see the marine layer. it looks like diablo but as
4:46 pm
mount tam. you can see how shallow the inversion is. i just love that shot. it's beautiful. i probably shouldn't have drawn on it. i just showed you the inversion . and then tomorrow and san francisco, if you don't like the heat, go west. the livermore valley will be 100 degrees tomorrow. a couple of those inland spots like vacaville, over 100. around the bay, not painful. the walnut creek, concorde, danville, 99 or 100. 84, heyward. san jose, 95 degrees tomorrow. the heat advisory in effect for the santa cruz mountains. here is your 5-day forecast. i didn't know you were looking right now. >> i have been for quite some
4:47 pm
time. >> wait until the next's earthquake. property values, that's what i do. the next 5.0 or over. >> that is great advice. wait for a big earthquake. in 1989, they dropped big time. >> i'm not advocating an earthquake. >> i know. millions of people could die, but heather will get a house. frank joins us with a look at stories were working on. people in san jose are fed up. >> they say their streets of turned into an illegal dumping ground. homeowners have started clearing away the garbage on their own. a new partnership with silicon valley tech to get these piles cleaned up faster. a big day tomorrow for bay area fishermen.
4:48 pm
salmon boats are ready to go fishing. a fishermen explains why this season is so important after what some are calling the worst years of fishing in their careers. the story of an iranian immigrant helping bolster of a cities reputation as a favorite in the film industry.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
the bay area and san francisco in particular have been the setting for some of hollywood's most memorable films. the city of petaluma has a flurry of filmmaking activity what about by one man. >> george lucas is american
4:51 pm
graffiti put petaluma on the map . an iranian immigrant is keeping that movie spirit alive today. >> i just think the people here are so awesome. all of my friends and family that have helped have been off the chart. >> reporter: he was born in iran but grew up in petaluma. he is shooting his seventh film and his former hometown for lucas oil. the company wants family oriented movies that they say may cause a tear, but leave you with a smile. >> all of the residents and the politicians on the government officials and business owners, everyone is so welcoming and open. they've opened up their lives to was. >> reporter: sharon stone and john foyt are those they've brought here. this is a sikh goal -- this is a sql. the first feel is in petaluma for part two. >> all of the extras have been really cool.
4:52 pm
>> reporter: they say petaluma and the surrounding area offer a wide array of filming options . >> you get the best of both worlds. we do a lot of stuff that's rural and dogs and horses and race cars and all that. and then you could be urban. >> reporter: it's a long way from the soundstages of la or new york. >> i love coming out here. i want to make movies and he's a great person. go, petaluma. [laughter] >> is like a little norman rockwell town with farms. i'm ready to buy a house out here. >> reporter: he estimates his movies have's -- upon $20 million into the local economy. >> a lot of extra hours. tiring. it's a fun thing. >> i've never met so many people on one set that are all from northern california. >> reporter: the director is from chico.
4:53 pm
>> everything is about respecting the location and community and the people. is been a wonderful experience. i would like to shoot here again. >> reporter: petaluma might not be hollywood not yet, but it's on the moviemaking map.>> our offices are at warner bros. the president of warner bros. was born and raised in petaluma . >> reporter: american wrestler the sql is wrapping up for production now. he will be back in a couple of months to begin production on his next film with another movie to follow shortly after that more employees are using smart phones at work doing things other than work. >> a new survey shows that employees are spending five hours a week of personal devices to websites and artwork to shop online, watch sports and go on social media. smart phone use is causing money in lost productivity every single week >> this brings us to our
4:54 pm
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the u.s. is carrying out the selection of itself after a north career it -- north korean rocket test. they are trying to rain -- rain in kim jong-un and his military. >> unacceptable is a message from the white house on north korea's continued missile launches. the latest rocket tested on friday reportedly reached the u.s. mainland. it is a disturbing escalation, prompting mike pence to issue a stern warning. >> the united states of america will continue to marshal the support of nations across the region and across the world to further isolate north korea economically. >> reporter: the u.s. has support from japan. the prime minister said on sunday that he spoke with president donald
4:58 pm
trump about the situation. >> the two leaders are promising strong unity the counter north korea. >> we will have tangible action regarding the literary measurements and to improve our military capability and to ensure the safety of our people. >> reporter: the u.s. flexed some military muscle of its own. a pair of supersonic bombers flew over the korean peninsula in a show of force against them. the u.s. also tested out in alaska-based defense system and they say the system successfully detected in american ballistic missile, tracked it and intercepted the target. resident trump and the japanese prime minister are putting more china on china to rain and north korea. kelly wright, fox news. ktvu fox2 news at 5:00 starts now. shock and east bay
4:59 pm
man has been arrested and is accused of recording his roommates having sex. he then tried to extort thousands of dollars from the couple. that man is accused of telling his former roommates that if they didn't pay up, he would post a video on facebook. this is how police were on -- able to unravel the case. >> reporter: the suspect demanded $5000 to not post a sex tape online. this couple went to the police.>> reporter: a 33-year- old man was arrested on suspicion of extortion and invasion of privacy. police say he lived with his wife at this apartment complex and rented a room to another couple this past spring. the couple moved out and started getting emails from an unknown sender who claim to have a sex tape of them. >> the sender was saying we
5:00 pm
have a sex tape of you. if you don't send me money, i will send it out to your family members. they name specific places where they lived. >> reporter: they didn't believe the suspect at first, but then he sent them screenshots. the suspect threatened to post the video on facebook and tact the couple unless he got $5000. police say the suspect give them another way to make the video go away. >> at some point the suspect said you don't have to pay me the money. the female victim, if you want to spend the night having sex with me, i can give you the video back >> reporter: police had to make sure the suspect was in a hacker. police pretended to be the female victim. the man recorded the couple from a laptop made to look as if it was blacked out. >> it is scary. this couple, their privacy was violated and they were threatened to a point where it would've damaged their lives forever.>>


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