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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 18, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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safeway. why customers say a grocery store in the east bay has become a magnet for shoplifters. despite problems the safeway store says they don't need help from police. hello again everyone. the store management says it is taking steps to deal with rapid shoplifting and panhandlers coming into the store. the store is located on willow pass road in concorde. people have been complaining. rob's live there tonight with what safeway says it is doing about the problem.>> reporter: safeway officials met with city leaders in concorde. in february and june to address some problems. for a year and a half people say the store is still a hotbed of crime. they are reporting six to 10 shot lifters a day. -- shoplifters a day.
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>> the shopping experience at concorde's la paz safeway has been less than ideal. >> people asked for money in front of the store. sometimes in the store there are questionable people.>> reporter: for a year and a half the 29-year-old store has been plagued by problems. >> loitering going on. there have been people that will steal from the store. take merchandise out without paying for it. customers will call the police. we have had homeless -- trespassing issues.>> reporter: the mayor sent a letter to the parent company albertson's. outlining concerns about homelessness trespassing and shoplifting. city leaders would like safeway to allow police to site trespassers and shoplifters on the spot. they have been met with resistance. >> they were not interested in pursuing an authorization for arrest. or other crime prevention options. some other techniques and methods. they think their corporate
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standards are satisfactory.>> reporter: a spokesperson responded saying we have information about the concorde police department authorization to arrest trespass program. the company is not presently entering these programs. corporate says they have security measures in place and employees agreed this location has issues. >> we have a problem with the shoplifting. we have a problem with actual violence. we are trying to cut it back. but mac the authorization to arrest the site shoplifters would cut down on some of the problems. because this location is a standalone store in the property entirely owned and managed by safeway the city's hands are tied. the store did agree to some changes. >> they will look at the cosmetic condition of the building. they will look at the lighting.>> reporter: it is not clear if a facelift will fix
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the problem. better lighting and a renewed police presence should deter criminals. you just said the last hour the safeway is recently deciding to expand its hours.>> reporter: september 11 they decided to expand their hours to 24 hours. you can see behind me the store is quiet. there is not a security presence in the parking lot. a shoplifting incident at another safeway is put a man behind bars facing attempted murder charges. he is accused of hitting and injuring to police officers with his car. the suspect as 57-year-old terry gordon. initially he was wanted for shoplifting at the safeway in san leandro last night. they were trying to arrest him when he jumped into his car and drove off. he hit the two officers. they later spotted him and
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again he tried to escape. this time he crashed. the officers were taken to the hospital. both are recovering. belmont police searching for a man who robbed a donut shop this morning. pulling a gun on the cashier at chuck's doughnut just before 5 am. he was wearing a star wars character mask during the robbery. the man is described as six feet tall with a husky build wearing a green what shared jeans and a -- black and white vans shoes. san jose police investigators say a man killed in a police shooting last friday was in the middle of a 10 day crime spree. jacob dominguez killed during a traffic stop. he and two accomplices committed several crimes in recent days including a drive- by shooting and on the robbery. he had an extensive criminal history. he had bragged of wanting to shoot it out with police if caught. >> at some point we need to make sure that this crime spree
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ended. >> it looks like they are trying to justify the murder.>> police say the two accomplices were arrested a few days before dominguez was killed. they are being held charge and the armed robbery of a gas station. a woman accused of trying to flush her baby down the toilet appeared in court today. sarah lochner faces charges of attempted murder after she gave birth in a bathroom at a mcdonald's in redwood city where she was working as a cashier. one coworker claims she saw her try to flush the baby down the toilet. the baby survive. lochner claims she did not know she was pregnant and is not entered a plea. she is being held on $11 million i and is due back in court in october. the top democrat got shouted down today at her own news conference in her hometown. a group of dreamers called nancy pelosi a liar saying they don't trust her deal with trump
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to protect daca recipients. a look at the dilemma democrats are facing.>> reporter: pelosi says the democrats dream act bill provides a path to citizenship for 800,000 people. brought to this country illegally as children. it has nearly 200 co-authors. but it won't come to a vote unless it also includes enhanced border security. >> nancy pelosi the top democrat spoke to 10 minutes at her news conference. the democrats and republicans favor a path to citizenship or permanent legal status for daca recipients.>> just as she turned the podium over to a dreamer to tell his story dozens of people began to shout.
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the group emigrant liberation movement accused her and democrats of using dreamers as a bargaining chip in compromising with trump instead of fighting him. after nearly 40 minutes the news conference was called off. >> the organizers said afterwards they do not want democrats to allow compromises that could endanger the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are not dreamers. >> those who do not identify as dreamers are fit into the box of a perfect dreamer is the voices we need to uphold. >> our dream act is a pathway to citizenship without throwing our parents under the bus.>> reporter: meeting their demands might be difficult. in a republican-controlled congress. >> they are going to a bank that has no money. the democrats don't have the political power or capital to carry out the agenda necessary to meet their demands.>>
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reporter: professor of politics james taylor says the protesters biggest success was getting their message out to the larger public.>> they used her platform to speak largely to the country and to speak to donald trump. he needs allies.>> reporter: the democrats dream act bill has a path to citizenship that will cover daca recipients and school working or the military. democrats have support from 200 representatives spoke they will fight to pass it without border security. she doesn't know if it will be possible. special counsel robert mueller has possession of russian link ads that ran on facebook bring the presidential election. he is not commenting. there are reports facebook gave him and his team copies of the ads and information. the ads were targeted at american facebook users.
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that could help his office get a clearer picture of who bought the as part and if they influence voters during the election. facebook refused to give copies to congressional committees saying's privacy policy required a search warrant to turn over the information. trump will issue a stern warning to north korea tomorrow when he delivers his first speech before the un assembly. allison barber has the report.>> reporter: monday was a busy day for the president. he had bilateral meeting with his counterparts from israel and france and hosted a working dinner with leaders from latin america. tuesday will be a bigger day with trump giving his first address to the you and general assembly. >> we are thinking about fourth of july pennsylvania avenue having a really great parade.>> reporter: revealing plans to transform america's independence day celebration. into a military parade.
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similar to what he saw in france during his visit to paris. >> french president one of several world leaders meeting with the president on the sidelines ahead of the un general assembly. trump along with his vice president and secretary of state sat down with latin american leaders to talk about venezuela. a country plagued with political and economic turmoil. >> our goal must be to help them regain their freedom. cover their country. and restore they are democracy.>> reporter: in an earlier session the president criticizing the road body saying the un has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> i know that under the secretary general that is changing. it is changing fast.>> reporter: he will shift focus to escalating tensions with north korea during his speech
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on tuesday.>> he would like to have a show of consensus on the international community.>> reporter: he is expected to talk about global terrorism and iran during his remarks. governor jerry brown is in new york where he met with un secretary-general to discuss the future of the paris climate accord. president trump has pledged to withdraw from the agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. brown taking part in discussions not associated with the un to talk about ways for states to reduce emissions linked to climate change. a three-story building have demolished for months. why the project is in limbo as neighbors grow frustrated. the pictures barred police want you to see after a hold of note was passed to a passenger on a train. we are tracking
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category 5 hurricane in the atlantic. the fall weather visiting the bay area this week.
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police have a release pictures of a woman accused of threatening another passenger on a train over the weekend. julie jacklin of oakland says someone dropped a note in her lap while she was on a train in san francisco sunday afternoon. is said to guns were pointed at her and that she should quietly hand back her phone and wallet. the victim faked a seizure to scare off the suspect.
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barred police say footage from inside the train supports the victim story. >> all of our train cars are equipped with recording equipment. are -- are detectives that surveillance video. since we know the timeframe we were able to find out when it occurred. it does cooperate with the victim has reported. >> the suspect is described as a middle aged white woman with blonde hair rolling suitcase. there was no indication she had a weapon. she got off the train at the powell street station. lease are trying to find her. plans to build a shopping center in rockbridge have stalled leaving the residence and eyesore in the neighborhood. the discovery of his best those as part of the reason for the delay. it might not be the only reason.>> reporter: phase 2 of shops of the ridge was a vision to build retail in oakland
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rockbridge district. this is what residents currently see at the corner of broadway and pleasant valley avenue park >> it looks really bad. >> reporter: the have demolished three-story building sticks out like a sore thumb against phase 1 a new safeway and restaurants completed last year. >> to go half way and leave it as a have demolished shell -- it looks like a war zone.>> reporter: chair of the rockbridge community planning council is talking about the former chase bank. plans to tear down and rebuild our stock -- stopped indefinitely after the developer discovered asbestosis during the demolition. >> is very frustrating to have what could have been a good project that there was nothing happening.>> reporter: the as best those was reported in april. the city's deputy director of the planning and building department says it is unacceptable to leave it this way. >> we are getting complaints
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from the community. this is a major intersection. this is an important project. the community was excited to to have installed is something we should address.>> reporter: they can enforce fines penalties and legal action if the project lags too long. it has not gotten to that point. developers send us a statement saying the bank building contains as best those that is contained in the roof deck and no airborne hazards exist. they are working closely with bay area air quality management to ensure it will be addressed in the proper manners -- proper manner park >> it is so expensive to remediate. the developer is looking to see what the cost means for the rest of the project.>> reporter: they are rethinking the second phase because the temperature of retail is changing. the city says there is a demand for retail in oakland. it is expecting an update some. >> i'm okay with them trying to rethink things. i don't want them to build
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something that will fail in five years. we want something successful. if it takes a little while to come up with something that will be successful fine. get on with it. a group of oakland business leaders throwing support behind a plan to build a new stadium for the oakland a's. last week the team announced its intention to build a 35,000 seat stadium west of lake merritt. several local business groups including the oakland chamber of commerce and rotary club said the economic benefits of a new stadium are too valuable to pass up. >> we cannot afford to have other sports teams leave the city of oakland. having a sports team in your city put the city on the map. it is also a tremendous revenue source. >> the proposed side of the stadium is on land owned by the peralta community college district.
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he wanted to make it clear that so far no deal with the a's has been reached. to community groups opposed the stadium idea are planning a protest tomorrow. a measure to raise $4 billion for parks and water projects is waiting for the government signature. they approved the bond measure as the session wrapped up on friday. it would provide to $.8 billion for parks. the rest would go to water improvements including recycling and pollution cleanup. includes funds to restore the russian river and guadalupe river. if you find the measure boaters would have the final say in june. a quick look at hurricane maria -- category 5 hurricane. a major hurricane. it is right over dominica. heading for san juan puerto rico the next 24 hours. there is the system. we will come closer. you can see the forecast tracks. it is encouraging. these are all the different models. generally it will go well. unfortunately for san juan it
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will go right over to the north of the island. then it bears general to the north track. which is really important. if you can get the turn from the hurricanes early in the atlantic ms. the eastern seaboard. irma did not do that. it came straight in. this all develops -- it is developing now. in terms of landfall thursday night or friday. there is this -- one of the first times i have seen that. the bay bridge lit up as well. with patchy clouds. not a lot of coastal fog. rain to the north of us. it is a fall like pattern. we are going to be at the equinox on friday. autumn equinox. latin for equal. equal day. it is not exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night.
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it is pretty close. that is on friday. that is the beginning -- the astronomical beginning of fall. forecast numbers for tomorrow. yellow is 70s. tomorrow will be a lot like today. we are not dealing -- this is the height of fire season. these numbers don't -- a huge danger. this is nothing like a couple weeks ago when we have the records. hopefully that continues. hopefully maria takes that northern jog up into the north. and east of the carolinas. that would be good news for them. we will watch. it will be a while for it to develop. the a's on the road. taking on the tigris this evening. the highlights and the rest of
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sports coming up. a farewell to the boeing 747. the queen of the skies. united announced a final flight from san francisco to honolulu as it retires the 747 fleet. the flight set for november 7 sold out in hours. they have flown various models since 1970. 70.>
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after today's big victory from the a's they are 24 1/2 games back. any victory is a big one.>> at this point of the season. it is just a bonus. as they cross off -- a big x on the calendar. you have to give it to them. they seem pretty engaged as they close it out. the young guys getting involved. in detroit tonight one of the veterans jet lowery continues to pound the to base hits. jacoby jones. unable to handle it. marcus simeon strolling around from first base to score. three rbis. for lowering his 46 double. one shy of a team record. for run third. matt olson called of july 21. his 22nd home run and 54
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games.>> reporter:-zero lead. here is a tough moment in this ballgame. tigers pitcher jeff farrell -- places one at 102 miles per hour. look where the ball goes after ricocheting off his head. he never left his feet. you can see the expression from the fans and the players. he was hospitalized. he underwent a ct scan. he is said -- to be okay tonight. thank goodness for that. 8-3 a's. monday night football. the new york giants have major problems. the detroit lions one of three teams in the nfc undefeated. odell beckham junior back in the lineup. sprained his ankle in the preseason. his first game. gametime decision. was no factor. the lions go of top. matthew stafford perfectly
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placed from marvin jones junior. touchdown ,27. 7-nothing lead lions claiming -- clinging to a lead in the fourth. jamaal coming back through the pack. nice move. the jew 88 yards. gone. lions 2-zero.>> we have arrived at that time of the evening. where we must check this out. all the highlights came from the same game. chris taylor. tell me if you have seen an easier home run. usually a close play at the place. look where the ball ricochets. he is halfway to third base. this is about as easy -- for inside the park as you will see. the dodgers lost the game. that is the good news.
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jp -- with a beautiful play at third with the bare hand. it doesn't come much better than that. look at -- looking over at him. how dare you do that. phillies pitcher nick better. he caught it. in his shirt. the replay was cool. good night. well well well, what have we here?
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