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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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how the city is bracing for hundreds of thousands of spectators for fleet week and a few music festival. hitting a dead end. whether anyone else might have known about this incident before he carried it out. >> while investigators find a link between the shooter and isis a motive is unclear. jesus campos is a true hero.>> officials in las vegas putting a spotlight the security guard who gave his life to help others. he was shot and killed. not before learning -- alerting to police to the whereabouts of the gunman. his actions may have saved countless lives.>> officials from the clark county sheriff's office spoke about him in a
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news conference a short time ago. during that event police emphasize the point that no motive is clear in this shooting. >> in the past terror attacks or mass murder incidents motive was made clear. very clear in most cases by a note that was left or a social media post. by a telephone call that was made. by investigators mining computer data. today in our investigation we don't have any of that. i wish we did.>> investigators are now said to be looking closely inside the las vegas gunman's hotel room. >> carolyn shively is in las vegas monitoring the latest developments.>> reporter: more details coming out from what is inside the hotel room as well as the security guard pick he really helped out on the timing. on finding where the room was. the security guard was called
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up to the room up to the 32nd floor because there was a door ajar setting off an alarm. he was reporting on that when stephen paddock shot him in the leg. he was able to run away and radial to police and security team. it allowed them to pinpoint what room they needed to go. this was happening during the concert. apparently stephen paddock shooting on the concert the shot out his door hitting jesus campos who ran away from there. police calling him a hero. >> our hearts remain heavy and sad for the victims of the horrible mass murder in las vegas.>> reporter: trump weighing in as public tributes are taking place to remember the shooting victims. from a vigil morning a fallen police officer to a gathering honoring a california mother of three murdered in the shooting. >> we were supposed to have a long time still together. she wasn't the one that was supposed to pass away first.
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>> all of america is praying for the wounded and grieving.>> reporter: investigators found tracer ammunition in the hotel room stephen paddock used during sunday's massacre. document was also reportedly found. with in arizona man's name who might have sold him ammunition. tracer bullets illuminate when fired. shooters contract their aim. investigators are also looking into whether he was planning other attacks. researching other music festivals. in las vegas and chicago where he booked rooms. this as police in boston confirm agents looking into stephen paddock came across mention of boston. >> the fbi let us know boston was on the radar screen.>> reporter: he research areas around the city performing arts center insights near fenway park. >> there is nothing to indicate he made it here.
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he ever step foot in boston. he might have visited sites where he was looking in the area of fenway park.>> reporter: no word on motive. this case differs from other cases of terrorism according to the undersheriff in las vegas. in those past cases you can look at notes phone records and computer data and come up with some type of motive for an attack like this. in this case they have nothing. that is why the fbi reaching out to the public. rumors have been swirling around this. that is not helpful. they want people if you saw anything in the days leading up to this, if you ever met him and knew of a behavior that needs to be reported give them a call. carolyn shively life for us in las vegas. following developments story we brought you at noon. one person has been killed in a second hospitalized the stabbing attack in east san jose. 2500 block of story road near
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the intersection of galahad. jesse has been covering the story. he joins us from police headquarters where investigators wrapped up a briefing. what are you hearing? >> reporter: detectives say they have a true murder mystery. one woman is dead and the man she shared a house with has been hospitalized. lots of questions. but so far no answers. >> family of the victims were overcome with grief as they stood on the median of story road. unable to explain who would want to hurt the couple that lived in this house. >> nobody knows anything.>> reporter: someone call reporting a disturbance after 8 am in the morning. arriving officers found two victims inside with one stab wound each. woman pronounced dead at the scene. the man she lived with taken to
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a hospital in stable condition. >> homicide detectives are interviewing witnesses to establish a motive in any suspect information.>> they may have stab each other? >> we are not ruling it out.>> reporter: the artists -- they are collecting surveillance video hoping one of the cameras caught information vital to the case. they have lived here for about six years. there has never been any trouble before. they are shaken at the site of a victim being wheeled away by paramedics. >> i saw the ambulance pull the guy out.>> reporter: investigators were still working the scene this afternoon. no motive for this crime. i have learned there were no signs of forced entry into the home. raising the possibility the person who committed the crime may have been one of the two victims on the inside. not someone from the outside. we will continue following the
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story. 1 billion people are expected to descend upon san francisco for fleet week a dazzling display of the u.s. military's finest including an air show featuring the u.s. navy's blue angels.>> many spectators said they would not allow the massacre to deter them from having the festivities. the blue angels just wrapped up their performance.>> reporter: the blue angels just wrapped up. they started at 3 pm. we have beautiful weather. it is perfectly clear skies. fantastic viewing if you would like to see the blue angels in person. come tomorrow. that is not all. fleet week has to offer. >> they are called the leapfrogs for obvious reasons.
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jumping from a plane at 4500 feet high in the sky one by one these navy seals fluttered down to earth. >> seeing them circling around -- it was below the ship. then around this point everything was spinning and swirling. >> we are doing a lot of things that are demonstration purposes. the ones we do for our mission is done at night. you would never hear us or see us.>> reporter:>> i was scared to death.>> mind blowing. >> reporter: at 700 miles per hour the air force viper demo team. >> our morning -- our main goal is inspiring the next generation. >> reporter: since 1979 the viper has flown in 25 airshows each year from here to canada to south america and the you -- united emeritus. >> i was was that small kit. that is why i joined.>>
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reporter: they marveled at the ships across the san francisco bay. there were demos by the u.s. marines.>> it is nice to be out. to walk around in uniform. almost everyone stops and thinks you for your service. it is great to have those conversations.>> if you would like to check out the action festivities start up again. i think we lost her. she was saying more show this weekend. what a beautiful live shot. >> the blue angels just amazing. they will be on from three until for every day during the weekend. the air show goes from noon until 5 pm. a lot to see. what great weather to see it. take a look at the numbers. this one of -- temperatures right now from the low 70s of the coast to the low 90s
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inland. santa rosa 88. san francisco 74. oakland 80. more upper 80s. a warmer day than yesterday by a few degrees in napa and livermore. closer to the bay 7 degrees warmer in oakland. 4 degrees sfo. tomorrow just a tad cooler. we will begin a cooling trend in the back end of the weekend. and for the days ahead. we do also have a high surf advisory. that will not only go for today what will remain tomorrow as well. sneaker waves and rip currents and high surf for the entire coastline. all the way down to monterey. the warm weather beach weather out there something to keep in mind if you're heading there for the weekend. temperatures overnight it is going to be a cool start. santa rosa 47. a lot of 50s to start tomorrow. 54 san francisco oakland. middle 50s livermore. mostly clear skies.
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patchy fog. for the afternoon mostly sunny again. upper 80s for antioch. upper 80s santa rosa. san jose 86. a lot going on in san francisco. mostly sunny skies and 75 outside. along the east bay shore upper 70s and low 80s. i'm tracking changes. cool down and fire whether. the fire danger will be back in the area by the end of the weekend. more on that coming up. hundreds lined up outside a bookstore in the city for a one- on-one time with hillary clinton. details on her visit and her push for new initiatives. stomach trump with some alarming comments about north korea. what he had to say. will break it down with our political expert coming up next.
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president trump issued a major new health director and defensive military threats. there is a lot happening up on capitol hill.>> reporter: that comment is making waves in washington and beyond. trump at a meeting with his top military commanders refuse to say what trouble spot he was referring to. many in washington speculating it is north korea which is carried out military provocations or iran is the president is expected to decertify the nuclear deal by the obama administration. >> only the president knows what he meant.
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there is a sense of unpredictability with trump.>> reporter: they are accusing him of escalating tensions at a time and implements -- diplomats are having negotiations. it was a shot across -- to unfriendly countries. >> we continue to modernize the military. he wants the world to understand that is important.>> reporter: he is shaking things up on the domestic front. new rules allowing employees to opt out of providing control for religious and moral reasons. a number of groups have already said it will amount legal challenges. planned parenthood calls it an attack on basic healthcare the vast majority of women rely on. the trump administration says it is trying to protect the religious freedom of all americans. >> the president believes the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country. all of us do. that is all that today was
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about.>> reporter: justice department revealed religious freedom guidance to serve as a roadmap for enforcing the new rules. we are joined by political analysts brian. another interesting day in washington. >> every day in washington there are four directives. and executive paper in whatever. >> in today we saw -- we are hearing cryptic messages from trump. the calm before the storm. in the company of top military commanders. what do you make of this? >> we are getting to a place i think where we need to really concentrate on what he does and not what he says. these kinds of comments we have been covering them since the beginning of his presidency. making that comment and winking. the problem is as we know is it signals something to the rest of the world. that means the state department
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and the defense department are out all over the world trying to keep a handle on it. he did not really mean what it sounds like. most of the world does not know what he means when he makes these comments. >> we have not seen what he has men's. >> a lot of reporters chasing sports people -- spokespeople about is there some message behind that? there might be no message at all. >> it seems like a game. >> it is a unique presidency and president. not someone we have seen before. >> another moment today on this friday in washington. president trump looking to rollback mandates on birth control coverage. what are your thoughts on this? a lot of critics have said we are going to expect and see more unintended pregnancies.>> i go with what the experts in the field say about that. this is another example of the friday night dump that happens in washington dc.
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i monday all sorts of people are weighing in again. with all of these the directives, the sessions and religious guidelines were released earlier. these other things going on in washington dc. it takes a while. to figure out what these orders actually mean. they are very complicated but you don't roll anything back in washington dc without a lot of complication. like pricing on birth control. >> i was looking at pricing today. 20-$50 per month per package of pills for example. for a woman who obtains birth control without insurance. 200 $4600 a year. in added costs. something many women cannot afford to do. which is why they go to planned parenthood. president trump has been vocal about trying to implement these tax incentives to help working families. these child credit -- childcare
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credits. this kind of -- you see a step in the right direction. what some would think a step backwards. >> another way to view it is it is inconsistent in its application. you see the president and the first lady talking about certain protections and that sort of thing. in another department there is an order issued that counteracts that. i think at the end of the day again we are coming to a place where we are going to have to see what happens rather than a lot of the rhetoric that surrounds this president and what is announced every single day. we have not seen in our time a president that is on one hand so active. on the other hand the directives lack clarity. on all of these fronts. we can say it over and over. that needs to be cleaned up.
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so far it has not been cleaned up. >> we have to keep our eyes glued to washington. trying to decide what is going on in his mind. paying more attention. >> it is very difficult right now.>> it was great to have you. we will keep the political theme going. former secretary of state hillary clinton in the bay area for a pair of events. hundreds of people cheered as she arrived at a book signing in san francisco around noon time. line stretched for blocks to get her signature. many people were wearing t- shirts pins and other gear from her run for the white house. they waited to meet a woman they called inspirational. >> the opportunity for me to thank hillary for everything she has done and how she inspired me for the past 30 years. very proud i voted for her.
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since 2008. >> ms. clinton signed copies of her book what happened about the 2016 campaign as well as her new illustrated children's book it takes a village. following the event she went to stanford she is taking part in an initiative focused on digital policy. the sentence handed down for a former hercules police officer convicted of trying to kill his wife. and her encouraging message to other victims of domestic violence.
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how's it going down there? that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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former hercules police officer was sentenced to more than 28 years in prison for trying to kill his estranged wife in a drive-by shooting in antioch. attempted murder assault with a firearm criminal threats and stalking in january 2015. he drove by his wife's home and fired several rounds into her bedroom. she was not hurt. i would like to speak the woman who are suffering from domestic violence to be your own voice and to be strong. no matter what position a person holds. stand up for yourself. even when it seems like the fight is long. this has been a long long haul. hang in there. >> goodner was with the hercules police department for more than 10 years. seven cisco county medical examiner identified the woman who died falling from a cliff. she is 36-year-old -- of tracy.
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it happened near lake merced after 5 pm yesterday. sky fox showed emergency workers the base of a cliff. so far authorities have not released details on the circumstances surrounding her death. the southbay saratoga one of two supermarkets is getting ready to shut its doors. why the longtime family-run grocery store says it is shutting down after 47 years.>> reporter: since 1970 genes fine foods is -- is where customers shop for groceries and gourmet foods but bonded with the 50 employees. the independent business considered a staple in saratoga. now closing on october 15. >> in this community. it is friendship. it is a great market. it is sad how it is being forced out.>> reporter: for 20 years this is where -- worked his way up from the deli to assistant store manager. commuting from sacramento to work here. last week came news of closure.
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>> i'm very shocked the store was doing good.>> unfortunately the market what it is -- being what it is in grocery stores. we were not able to make a sale happened.>> reporter: the financial advisor says the 75- year-old owner is retiring. he was close to finalizing a deal with a grocery chain. that fell through when amazon announced it was buying whole foods. >> it was significant. as a matter of fact as soon as that news hit, that began to impact our negotiations.>> reporter: with profit margins tight already -- the 20 year lease is up the landlord raising rent to market rates. now reality is sinking in for customers and employees facing uncertainty. >> it is terrifying. i haven't slept in a week. i'm scared about not finding a job at my age.>> reporter: as
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they say goodbye everything is up to 75% off. amount lowered hoping to rent to a new grocery operator. everyone knows it won't be the same. >> -- the landlord is hoping to rinse. >> the minimum wage has gone up. our wages have not gone up.>> reporter: the storms are gone. recovery is just beginning. a report from san juan puerto rico of the effort to rebuild the infrastructure on the island. after our record rainfall could we be hit with more rain? we will talk to an expert about la niña and what it means for us in california.
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at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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meteorologists are under watch for what could be a potential la niña winter on the west coast. equatorial waters cooling down. that could have a big affect on our weather in the months to come. could we have another rainy winter? joining me via skype is neil leroux associate professor meteorology and climate science at san jose state university. >> why don't you give our viewers a primer on what la niña is. >> la niña as part of a
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variation and ocean surface temperatures. it occurs along the equator and the eastern pacific. la niña is when those ocean temperatures are cooler than normal. what that does is it forces the thunderstorm activity that normally occurs along the equator into the western pacific. where those thunderstorms are, it impacts the position of the jet stream which impacts california's weather. it is one of the climate signals we look at to get some sense for something that might be happening in the seasons to come about how much rain we will get an snow in california. >> what are the chances of la niña winter?>> right now the current forecast is a 55-60% chance of la niña conditions developing and persisting. we see some a little bit of warming in the eastern pacific.
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we are going to have to closely monitor that to see how it evolves. the big question is if it does develop was sort of impact will have on precipitation.? is not as clear of a link as you might think. >> it really is a crap shoot. we talked about this. last year's models were similar for a week la niña. we got a ton of rain and snow. it is an imperfect science right? >> it is. one of many factors that influence the state of the atmosphere. the typical la niña signal is we will have a little bit of a dryer winter in california. especially to the south. wetter to the north. if you issues is here in the bay area we are in the middle of that -- went to the north and drive to the south. a shift in the jet stream can impact what type -- what type of signal we get. it is a crap shoot.
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it describes 25% of year-to- year changes in precipitation.>> i would imagine ski resorts for keeping an eye on this as well. they had such a monster season last year. could stay -- we have to get wet for them to get wet. it all depends. >> that is right. the areas -- one of the interesting things about not -- la niña winters. they are characterized by colder storms. they have less moisture. they also had have lower snow levels. even if the total precipitation is lower sometimes the skiing is good. going back there has been some winters that had great conditions in the mountains with la niña conditions in place. >> i guess we will find out together. thank you for your thoughts. hurricane hermine and maria
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are gone. the effort to rebuild puerto rico's devastated infrastructure goals on. san juan with the latest. >> reporter: the biggest threat is still the -- that dam had not been updated since the 80s. the output pipes jammed during the course of the hurricane. tremendous amount of water that field into the reservoir. a lot of water going over the spillway. it is meant to take water but it hasn't handled this volume before. >> such a volume of water came through so fast. the spillway itself has some structural issues. it undermined and ripped out the bottom half of the spillway. it is starting to the road in the bottom of the dam.>> reporter: the foundation is sand. if it the roads all the way to the top you could be talking about a catastrophic failure of the dam which would flood the hundreds of families down below. what the marines are doing is hooking big jersey barriers to
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the bottom of the ch 53 helicopter and dropping them at the foot of the spillway to make a pile of rocks. if that pile of rocks is big enough in theory you can stop the erosion of that spillway. beyond that we see three particular activities happening on the island. rebuilding and cleanup. that is happening by individuals by hand. you have the restoration of power. that is a big job and taking a long time. the distribution of aid. from that we get a lot of remarkable stories. the elite hostage rescue team. their tactical helicopter unit. they were in the island and they saw the need and ran into a private-sector aid donor and took his eight and started flying to remote parts of the island. anywhere there was a baseball field there were lending the helicopter and getting the aid to people who need it. the sad thing we are hearing -- there is still a tremendous amount of aid in the center of the island in the remote towns were there are bad roads.
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the trucks are not getting to them. tropical storm nate could turn into a hurricane with an eye on the gulf states. the latest on this path coming up next. sunny skies this afternoon. little change getting into the bay area we can. a look at the numbers coming up. -- weekend.
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bracing for a possible hurricane. nate is a tropical storm in the gulf of mexico. it will pick up strength. it has killed 22 people. in the walkway in costa rica. leaving plenty of damage. the governors of louisiana and florida cleared states of emergency preparing for a hits from the storm. >> i've activated our operations center to level i. which engages 24 hours staffing to make sure resources are being provided. as we prepare for the storm.>> the national hurricane center predicting tropical storm nate could hit the gulf coast is a hurricane on sunday. is bring in rosemary. what a season we have had. tropical storms. >> we are not done yet. we have nate on the way. along the gulf coast as early as saturday. perhaps into sunday. we will start with nate and track it. the wind sustained 50 miles per hour. still a tropical storm.
4:40 pm
21 miles per hour. it is right in here. right skirting just the peninsula along the yucatan peninsula. this is going to continue to move north and northwest. into the weekend will make tracks to the u.s. by saturday it will become a category 1 with winds expected to range is 70 miles per hour near the i wall. it could come ashore may be mississippi and perhaps alabama and maybe louisiana. we have a little bit of a stretch we can see it move on shore. i sunday it is making its way to areas like tennessee and kentucky. it will begin to weekend. wins 60 miles per hour. on sunday. it moves to areas like new york and new england. to about monday when it becomes a depression. expect it to continue on as we move through the next few days. perhaps a category 1 saturday
4:41 pm
into sunday. at home high-pressure in control of our weather. we get into the days ahead a system will drop from the north. that will bring back our wind. it will cool us down. the wind will be the factor that brings up the heightened fire danger. that is expected to start on sunday. more on that. this talk about today. it is a warmer day. half moon bay 75 degrees. upper 60s along the west edge of san francisco. 80 degrees oakland. upper 80s in your 90 inland. those numbers anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. overnight hours temperatures cool off again. a lot of 50s to start tomorrow. mostly clear skies. patchy fog. 54 san francisco. some valley locations in the 40s. areas like santa rosa for tomorrow. upper 40s in your neighborhood. afternoon highs similar to today. cooler for some. warmer and other areas.
4:42 pm
85 novato. 76 sausalito. a lot going on around the area. a great time of year for festivals and the festivities in san francisco. upper 70s for alameda. upper 80s antioch and brentwood. southbay -- 79 santa cruz. tomorrow 81 redwood city. a beautiful 75 in san francisco. if you're going to tahoe it is nice. saturday the warmer day. overnight lows it is chilly. freezing even in the afternoon on saturday upper 70s. dropping off to the upper 60s by sunday. our extended forecast. temperatures continued to cool into the days ahead. fire danger of becoming a little bit more relevant into sunday and monday.>> a great weekend. >> fleet week -- the bluegrass festival. as the trump administration
4:43 pm
promises to crackdown on illegal immigration thousands are crossing the canadian border. >> there has been an increase in illegal crossing. more on how the country is handling it.>> reporter: they are pouring in from around the globe. people seeking asylum leaving america for canada. >> most people want to come to canada to become citizens.>> reporter: more than 13,000 crossing the government -- the border the sea. five times the number intercepted by the mountain police and 2016. the summer surge was dramatic. in quibec authorities set up a temporary camp near the border. in montrial officials converted the olympic stadium into a shelter. more than 5700 asylum seekers crossed in august alone. affording checkpoints and the risk of being sent back to the u.s. most of people who walk in cross a rural dead in -- meets the canadian border. when we came in february this
4:44 pm
was gravel. they responded to sporadic crossings. they have erected tents and simply wait. >> as we are living in uncertainty about immigration reform in the u.s. what will happen with calls for even a smaller intake of refugees. >> reporter: between the truck and ministrations hard-line stance on immigration versus the welcoming image projected by the prime minister. they worn there is no guarantee status will be granted. >> the government has been accused of misleading migrants. telling them things would be easier than they might sound.>> reporter: outside a ymca where migrants are housed a melting pot of cultures. families from syria alongside men from africa. we spoke to people who stopped in america first. the believe their best shot at refuge lies in canada. >> my hope for the future is to
4:45 pm
seek a better life. a better future. a place where i can be free.>> reporter: the prime minister will visit washington next week. the official focus of this meeting is expected to be on international security and trade. is not the negotiations continue. -- as nafta negotiations continue. stomach action taken after one of hollywood's powerful moguls is accused of sexually harassing women for years. details ahead.
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the employment report shows a loss of 33,000 jobs last month. this is the first time there has been a drop in jobs since
4:48 pm
2010 during the recession. they predict the employment market would grow by 90,000 jobs in september. analyst say texas and florida were heavily impacted of course of the hurricanes. the disappointing job numbers could linger the next few months. amazon testing a delivery service. the company wants to make more products available for two day shipping to help relieve overcrowding at warehouses. to make it work amazon will pick up items at third-party merchants and deliver them to customers. it will cut out the delivery service companies like ups and fedex. tests are happening at select markets. cosco adding a new service to compete with amazon. cosco grocery include two day deliveries of hundreds of bulk items like cleaning supplies cereal and canned goods. orders over $75 are free. for five dollars you can use the service even if you are not
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a member. if you're looking for same day service you can receive fresh groceries and other products from cosco through the delivery service is the car. there will be a day will we don't leave the house. hope you leave the house. there is lots going on. have the bluegrass festival. of course the blue angels. there is a few other things going on this weekend. >> rosemary joins us again with the details.>> reporter: the weekend is approaching in san francisco. fleet week festivities continue in the air and the ground. a full air show coast guard rescue demonstrations. navy ship tours. music and a parade. and of course the blue angels. the air show schedule runs between noon and 4 pm friday through sunday. golden gate park for three days of hardly strictly bluegrass 2017. over 90 artists will perform on seven stages friday through sunday. 22nd annual arab cultural
4:50 pm
festival will fill union square. food and entertainment on saturday from 10 until 6 pm. day day on angel island. the beach party celebrates the bait with activities ranging from photography to kayaking lessons. the sent karlos arts and wine fair celebrates the 27th year on saturday and sunday. live entertainment. hot rod car show. kid some food and beverages. in the east bay celebrate 43rd annual oakland black cowboy parade. it begins at 10 am on saturday. followed by a festival featuring live music food horse and pony rides and entertainment for the family. water for weekend featuring music food and entertainment. saturday and sunday 10 until 4 pm. 40th annual field festival is in full swing. it runs now through tuesday.
4:51 pm
niners are away and raiders are home. the -- that taught us how to text two decades ago is calling it quits. aol shutting down the instant messenger on december 15. it has been running since 1997. it dominated online chat. as facebook and what's app have become more popular. the number of users has dropped to fewer than 10 million. the cost of aol to keep it running has become too expensive to justify. report now accusing one of hollywood's biggest power players of a decades long pattern of sexual harassment. harvey weinstein has been suspended by his company after accusations of inappropriate and predatory behavior.>> reporter: the report details allegations of sexual harassment by a number of women including employees and some
4:52 pm
very high profile actresses but including rose mcgowan and ashley judd. judd tilts the paper of an incident that happened two decades ago. she was asked to meet him in his hotel room. he greeted her wearing a bathrobe and asked her to watch them take is to shower. at least eight women have received settlements from weinstein over the years including rose mcgowan. of the stories include accounts of weinstein coercing women into giving him massages while naked a watching him in the shower. all in exchange for a possible career. for his part weinstein says he came of age in the 60s and 70s when -- were different. in a statement he said i appreciate the way i behaved with colleagues in the past. has caused a lot of pain. i sincerely apologize. are brought on therapists and will take a leave of absence to deal with the issue head on. despite that he says he plans to sue the new york times for reckless reporting. top democrats are distancing
4:53 pm
themselves from the outspoken democratic donor. several senators including elizabeth warren and richard blumenthal are announcing they will be donating weinstein's campaign contributions to charity. last night cameras caught up with steven spielberg of the red carpet. when asked about the story he did his best to dodge the subject. >> it is a subject i don't shy from. it is not relevant to what we are discussing today. i have opinions about that. not for this event tonight. >> one of the attorneys working with weinstein is lisa bloom daughter of the very high profile women's rights attorney lori allred. perhaps an ironic twist. coming up, nobel peace prize goes to a group opposing nuclear weapons. details on the winners of next. -- of next.
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the first friday in october is national manufacturing day. trump was joined by representatives from the manufacturing industry to sign the presidential proclamation. >> from the founding of our nation, from washington to jefferson. from jackson to mckinley. our nation is understood our
4:57 pm
strength as a country depends upon the strength of our domestic industry. we are all better off when we make buy and sell more products made in the usa. that is what is happening in our country. the levels of enthusiasm are incredible. >> the next few weeks companies will hold events like robotics competitions to inspire young people to get involved with manufacturing. the 2017 nobel peace prize awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. the organization seeks to eliminate atomic weapons through an international treaty.>> reporter: the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons. has been awarded the 2017 nobel peace prize. known by its acronym i can. the group was honored in part for its effort to foster a global ban. >> there is real danger that
4:58 pm
more countries would try to procure nuclear weapons. as exemplified by north korea.>> reporter: in july after pressure from icann 122 nations a un treaty designed to band and eventually eliminate all nuclear weapons. however none of the worlds nuclear powers including the u.s. have committed to the treaty. >> this is a sign of great global attention. rhetoric can easily leave to unspeakable horror. this award shines and he did light the path -- towards a world free of nuclear weapons.>> reporter: comes during tensions over both north korea's aggressive development of nuclear weapons and president trump's persistent criticism of the deal to curb iran's nuclear program. icann will receive one $.1 million along with a metal and -- at a ceremony in december.
4:59 pm
a former police officer sentenced to 30 years for stalking and trying to kill his wife and she has a message for other victims. >> i would like to speak to the women who are suffering from domestic violence to be your own voice and to be strong. >> good evening everyone. a former hercules police officer will spend decades in prison for trying to kill his estranged wife in a drive-by shooting in antioch. henry was in court today when that former officer was sentence.>> reporter: that former officer showed no visible emotion as the judge send him to prison. his victim was there in the front row finally getting the justice she had been waiting for. former hercules police officer
5:00 pm
john goodner sentenced to more than 28 years in prison for trying to kill his wife in a drive-by shooting in antioch. he was convicted of attempted murder assault with a firearm criminal threats and stalking. in january 2015. investigators say he drove by his wife home and fired rounds into her bedroom. she was not hurt. >> cindy said she was frustrated by many delays in the case. she said getting justice was worth the wait. >> i would like to speak to the women who are suffering from domestic violence to be your own voice. and to be strong. no matter what position a person holds stand up for yourselves. even when it seems like the fight is long. this is been a long long haul. hang in there. >> reporter: in the request for a restraining order she road he stopped her walked around her neighborhood would drive drunk pastor house and send messages that he could see what is going on in her house. he put a tracking device on her car. when she called antioch police


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