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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  October 6, 2017 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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and emotional vigil in the south bay for one of the innocent victims of the las vegas massacre. 100 people came together to agree. the wounds are still fresh. that evening. that vigil was held on the steps of city hall in san jose. in memory of michelle -- a graduate of independent high school. in san jose.
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and uc davis. she was one of the 58 who was killed in las vegas. rob was at the vigil and tells us many people struggle to find words.>> reporter: we had a small crowd. about 100 people. some of them are still here. many of them struggling to find words to describe the life of michelle. they did say her spirit will live on. in the face of this tragedy. they came with pictures candles and love in their hearts. difficult words tonight came from the older sister of michelle bowe. >> she called me at 1:00 on sunday. i was busy. i regret not picking up the phone. i called her back. and she said -- she said i will call you back later.>> reporter: michelle lost her life that night. she was full of life. love to travel and work as an insurance agent in los angeles.
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those who knew her say she had a lot more to accomplish before her life was cut short. >> i think everyone who died had all that plan for them.>> reporter: while las vegas mourns san jose city hall rotunda chosen for the vigil because it represents unity and strength. present family put aside their anger choosing to focus on a bright light taken from the world so suddenly. >> it feels like a dream. you think i need to wake up from the strain. it is not.>> reporter: the wills have moved might have moved slowly to -- it may come on a ban on bumps.devices found on 12 of the firearms found in the shooter's hotel room. a conversation which some say should've started long ago. >> every time we have a tragedy like this we are told not to talk about it. because that is not the time. i don't believe we should wait
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for the next tragedy to start to talk about this.>> reporter: that conversation will be for another day and maybe a year. the question that cannot be answered is why. >> we don't know why people do what they do. it hurts a lot more when you know the person. >> reporter: the family is working to have michelle's body returned to san jose. they have not yet announced a date for the memorial. they did say her body will be cremated and her ashes spread according to her wishes. she was a world traveler touched the lives of many. investigators in las vegas paying tribute to an unarmed security guard at the mandalay bay. he was the first person to locate the gunman. jesus campos was shot in the leg through the door of the hotel room after going to the 32nd floor to investigate a door alarm. even though he was injured he helped direct police to stephen
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paddock room. he likely prevented more depth. >> i can tell you this was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man. i will reaffirm jesus campos is a hero.>> he has not spoken publicly but he said he was just doing his job that day. five days after the shooting there is no clear answer on the motive. today we learned about new evidence found inside his hotel room.>> reporter: another day and despite running down 1000 leads investigators have no answers about white las vegas sugar stephen paddock did what he did. >> some of it has helped create a better profile into the madness of the suspect. we do not still have a clear motive or reason why. we all want answers. we have looked at everything.>> reporter: they contend there is
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no sign of terrorism. >> we are aware isis has claimed responsibility. which today i can tell you that we have no known nexus two. >> reporter: is vigils for the victims continue we do know more about what else he might have been planning. law enforcement official says he purchased 1000 rounds of tracer ammunition a month ago from a private seller. tracer rounds contain a pyrotechnic charge that leave a trace of their past when fire to ensure accuracy were found in his room at the mandalay bay. police found a document containing the name of the man who sold him the ammunition in september. other cities remain on alert as investigators look at his interest in attacking additional areas. also police say authorities will step up security for concerts and sporting events
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amid news he researched sites in and around fenway park and the boston center for the arts. >> they let us know boston was on the radar screen.>> we have information he was on possible sites looking at boston. nothing to indicate he made it here. >> reporter: officials still have not been able to establish a motive for his actions. focuses on his girlfriend. there are reports that say she told the fbi he was experiencing mental health symptoms and would lie in bed moaning and screaming. the lack of a motive frustrating to everyone especially the police. dozens of people left area hospitals. down to 59 getting treatment. 26 in critical conditions. tomorrow mike pence shows up a unity walk is las vegas tries to get beyond and heal from the tragedy. a vigil is ephesus go tonight together several
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controlled gun-control groups to read the names of the las vegas victims. a call for action in congress. jana was there and she joins us from city hall with both sides of the gun debate.>> reporter: the vigil tonight was held on the steps in front of city hall. right under the u.s. flag. which you can see is still flying at half staff. they had prayers for the victims. also a plea for action. in what is a renewed debate over guns.>> reporter: reading the names of all 58 shooting victims some hits close to home. >> the vigil at san francisco city hall to dozens of people together. including the police chief william scot. who paid tribute to one officers wife was among the victims. >> it brings it close and personal. it makes it even more dramatic.>> reporter: it was organized by the brady campaign and included people from other
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mass shootings. >> the day after sandy hook. stay at home mom who started a facebook page.>> reporter: they want universal background checks nationwide. >> they failed to do it after sandy hook.>> reporter: democrats have proposed several bills. one would require background checks for sales at gun shows in private purchases. the nra called for federal regulations of bumps.devices but does not want a total ban. >> we did not say ban or confiscate.>> reporter: they want congress to -- require all states to recognize gun owners concealed carry licenses issued by other states. they also support a house bill to make it easier to purchase silencers pick >> with the nra is fighting for his reciprocity and forced existing gun laws and protect america's right to protect
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themselves.>> reporter: some people are vowing to fight the nra. whatever congress does they feel guns will always be around. ordinary people can make a big difference in other ways. >> maybe somebody touched that man's heart. maybe if someone would've helped him out when he was younger. maybe if someone would have showed him compassion and love. you probably would made this would have made -- he probably would have made a different decision.>> reporter: they take their message into the school to talk to young people. some of the people here said they planned to lobby in washington. they will plan to go state-by- state to continue their fight. if you are going to the bluegrass festival in san francisco this weekend you might see more security. seven cisco police say they are increasing patrols at the festival in light of the shooting in vegas. it is a free event so there are
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no security checkpoints. some of the people who are going to say what happened in las vegas is on their minds. >> we had a bunch of friends in vegas. we are country music fans. a bunch of people who where they are. we were not they are. it weighs on our minds. we are not concerned about it. you cannot let it ruin your life a rule your life.>> with a 90 artist will be performing over the weekend. crowds as big as 250,000 are expected to go to the event. abolish nuclear weapons has been awarded the 2017 nobel peace prize. known by its akerman -- acronym i can. they foster united nations treaty banning nuclear weapons. 122 nations signed the agreement. some of the world nuclear powers including the u.s. has committed to the treaty. they will receive the prize along with $1 million at a ceremony in december.
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one bay area high school quarterback raising awareness about suicide. after the loss of a friend. we will show you what he is doing. hillary clinton visit the bay area and talks about election interference. why she is pointing fingers at silicon valley. how the trump administration is changing the rules for employee birth control coverage. nate has been upgraded to a category 1 hurricane. it will impact the southeast u.s. of this weekend.
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hillary clinton got a welcome at two events today. this afternoon she was at stanford university to launch an initiative on digital policy and democracy. it was a topic the hits close to home for her. last year's residential nominee spoke about russia's deliberate effort to demoralize and disillusionment democrats and boost donald trump in key states ahead of the election. linton said new research shows content from russian trolls was shared 300 40 million times during the campaign. she pointed the finger directly at silicon valley companies for accepting russia backed ads.>> americans in the world needs to know the truth. about with the russians and their allies and proxies did and that includes a comprehensive honest accounting from companies like facebook twitter and google.>> earlier in the day she signed copies of
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her book what happened. and books ink on -- in san francisco.stretched for blocks. a lot of people were wearing t- shirts and pens from her historic run for the white house. the quarterback at san mateo sarah high school showing his leadership abilities on and off the field. after suffering a personal loss he launched a campaign to help troubled teenagers and prevent suicides. amber is live in san mateo where he launched his campaign tonight.>> reporter: the16-year- old quarterback is a leader to his team at sarah high school. tonight he tells me a personal loss inspired him to do whatever he can to prevent teenage suicide.>> reporter: friday night lights brings out a large crowd in san mateo. they host the monarchs of san jose archbishop high. they feel the sense. -- the stance.
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service quarterback is targeting with his message of teenage suicide prevention. his mother tells me he lost a handful appears to suicide. including a former girlfriend just six months ago. she was 15 years old. >> when she passed away it hit me that it is happening all around us. someone needs to do something about it.>> reporter: luca found it play for prevention a nonprofit. red stripes in honor of his friends favorite colors. the logo is an eyebrow arch. attribute to her love for makeup. on this night players on both teams wore it in support. his mother said they are designed to get people talking. >> it is happening. keeping it a secret is not helping anybody. the more we can talk about it to our kids and bring it into schools, the better off we will be.>> reporter: he hopes it will inspire and empower teenagers to talk about their
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struggles. bringing suicide out into the lights. they hope the darkness from becoming overwhelming. >> if you are in a struggle to reach out and say you have a problem. >> reporter: he hopes to use footballs popularity to raise awareness. >> i'm glad i could bring this to attention. to make a difference. >> reporter: he says tonight's event is only the beginning. he and his mother plan to bring the play for prevention campaign to other sporting events including basketball games and golf tournaments in the coming months. comedian ralphie may has died. tmz reports the 45-year-old died of cardiac arrest and had been battling pneumonia the last several weeks. despite being sick he kept performing and even performed at harrah's last night. was found dead at his las vegas home this morning. he became nationally known
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after placing second in the show last comic standing in 2003. stomach public utilities commission -- hit bart with a fine today over an action that killed two workers in 2013. christopher sheppard and lawrence daniels were inspecting the tracks when they were hit and killed by a train. the train was being operated by a manager in training bring a labor strike. bart violated several safety rules and has now put them on probation for three years. during that time bart has to review and improve safety training and brief the commission annually on its progress. labor department monthly report out today showed a loss of 33,000 jobs last month. the first drop in jobs in seven years. and ellis say texas and florida were heavily impacted by the hurricanes. they also suggest the disappointing numbers could linger over the next few
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months. stock slipped a here on the jobs report and losses by energy stocks. dow down by a point. nasdaq added four points. s&p 500 down about 2. the palo alto unified school district is investigating a data breach. it was alerted this morning a website had illegally published a student's information. officials say the site exposed the names student id numbers and gpas. for palo alto high school students 10 through 12. that is 1500 students. the district was able to get that site taken down. stomach police identified a woman who fell to her death from a steep cliff at san francisco's fort funston. she fell at about 5 am -- 5 pm yesterday. in the hang glider launch site. she fell re-hundred feet. they have not determined how she felt. tracking what was a tropical storm is now a category 1 hurricane.
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it has formed rapidly as hurricane nate. we talked about this. it showed up on the satellite imagery a couple days ago. it is a category 1 hurricane headed for pretty much southeast louisiana towards the florida panhandle. it is a category 1. it is ahead of schedule. he wants to remain category 1 by saturday. saturday night and sunday it is coming on sure. parts of alabama over towards panama city florida. as a category 1. it is going to be a wet hurricane bringing a lot of rain to an area that has already been saturated. if you have travel plans to the southeast certainly on sunday and monday check -- especially atlanta and florida. for the rest of us we get into a red flag warning. sunday night into monday.
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it will be the strong winds. late sunday night early monday as high as 55 miles per hour. it will be warmer as well. those of the two big weather stories. he will give you the specific forecast for your neighborhood and all the events going on this weekend as well. one of those events the blue angels. the are back in the bay area. the main attraction of fleet week. >> thousands of people gathered on the marina green to see the blue angels along with navy seals. jumping from plains. there was also the parade of ships in the air force viper demo team. it is always the blue angels the get the attention. >> it brings up a little boy in me when i hear those jets flying. the noise and the power. it is quite something. >> the blue angels come out it is a cut above everyone else.>> fleet week continues tomorrow from 10 am to 5 pm.
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the blue angels will perform between 3 pm and 4 pm. both tomorrow and sunday. changing the rules for employee birth control coverage. what the trump administration is doing and why some say women's health rights are other -- under attack. stomach staffer running back -- powered up the ncaa. he is part of the heisman conversation. see what he told us coming up. we hear from a carpenter who was so moved by the tragedy in las vegas he built 58 white crosses. and drove them halfway across the country. las vegas is having one of its darkest days in american history. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪
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(vo) the best things in life keep going. that's why i got a subaru, too. introducing the all-new crosstrek. love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. president trump announced he is willing back obamacare contraceptive mandate allowing businesses to become exempt from providing coverage for birth control. critics call it an attack on
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women's health.>> reporter: a change that could impact hundreds of thousands of women. the trump administration announcing an expansion of exemptions to the affordable care act contraceptive mandate. requires employers to provide birth control coverage for its employees. before these exemptions were limited to churches and some religious organizations. now according to a rule released by the department of health and human services those exemptions have been expanded to include any company or nonprofit with moral objections as well. >> he believes the freedom to practice one's faith is a fundamental right in this country. i think all of us do. that is what today was about.>> reporter: planned parenthood said that administration took aim at birth control coverage for 62 million women. this is an unacceptable attack on basic healthcare that the vast majority of women rely on. aclu calls it discriminatory
10:25 pm
and has filed a lawsuit. trump is also reportedly picking apart the affordable care act by refusing requests from republican governors and senators. in a state he one by 10 points. iowa. according to the washington post he has personally directed administration officials to deny request to fix the state obamacare market. despite a letter from kim reynolds which claims her constituents are facing an immediate collapsing market that could leave thousands without health insurance and the rest with 56% or higher premium increases. they have cut the enrollment period in half and the advertising budget by nearly 90%. democrats say it all amounts to sabotage. president trump has repeatedly said that perhaps he should just let obamacare implode. then maybe republicans and democrats might be more in the mood to cut a deal. the
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state of california suing the trump administration for the rollbacks on birth control. california's attorney general set the rule is an unacceptable attack on women's healthcare. some say the change will mean women have to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for reproductive services. what this new rule does is really open up for just about any employer to come up with any justification to not cover contraception. right now that coverage saves woman over $1 billion.>> reporter: health officials say only 200 employers have filed lawsuits taste on their religious objections. san jose police investigating a double stabbing that left a woman dead and send another to the hospital. 2500 block of story road. jesse has the report.>> reporter: family of the victims were overcome with grief as
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they stood on the median on story road. unable to explain who would want to hurt the couple in this house. >> police say someone call reporting a disturbance here after 8 am. arriving officers found two victims inside. with at least one stab wound each. the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. the man was taken to a hospital in stable condition.>> detectives are interviewing witnesses at this time trying to establish a motive.>> reporter: the possibility they might have stabbed each other. >> we are not ruling it out.>> reporter: they are collecting video hoping one of the cameras capture information vital to the case. neighbor say the couple has lived in the block of story road near galahad for six years. there has never been any trouble before. they are shaken at the site of a victim being wheeled away by paramedics. >> i saw them pull a guy out.
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>> reporter: investigators processed the scene into the afternoon. so far no motive. there is no sign of forced entry into the home. raising the possibility that one of the two victims carried out the crime. up next we will reflect on the week that was part the unprecedented violence and the 58 people who won't be coming home. and update on nate. it was just upgraded to a hurricane in the past hour. a look at where it could make landfall next. food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark.
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we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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there is a touching memorial that has gone up in las vegas for the people who were killed last sunday. 58 white crosses each with the name of a victim and their picture. this video sent to us by rochelle stone. she grew up in the bay area. she told us it was so surreal standing in front of the crosses. one by one seeing each name. for the first time in my life my heart is in my throat. the crosses were built by a carpenter who lives in chicago. he put them in his pickup truck and drove them to las vegas.
10:32 pm
>> las vegas is having one of its darkest days in american history. i'm trying to shed a light on that by bringing hope with the crosses and showing that you were not alone when this happened. chicago was crying at that minute. the whole country is shock. >> he said he hopes the crosses will stay up for 40 days. if people want to take them they can. he did the same thing last year for the victims of the nightclub shooting in orlando. this is been a difficult week for many americans. the violence unleashed in vegas was a gut shock for the nation. as the weekends we pause again to remember the 58 people who were gone down. the more than 400 wounded in the countless traumatized and heartbroken. >>
10:33 pm
shots fired from mandalay bay. there are many people down. >> everyone was just like literally laying on top of each other trying to get out the way. the shots kept coming. >> we went back. i'm a nurse. i felt i had to.>> i saw people get hit by bullets.>> we need your truck. we need to get people to the hospital.>> go ahead.>> people holding their next -- next. in the back of their heads. i looked in the ambulance. i said i need to be here. you need to take care of these people. >> we are angry. we are grieving. we are confused. people are hurting. >> he just wrapped his arms around me from behind. we started running.
10:34 pm
that's when i felt him get shot in the back. >> we heard he shielded her from the bullets. that was the type of person he was.>> people have said your greatest fear for a lot of people is to die alone. i did not let him die alone. i sat with him. he wasn't that nameless body under a sheet somewhere. he was jordan michael doing. >> wife was a great person. i was with her for over 30 years. i cannot believe she is gone. i am lost right now. [music] >> she was a vivacious tough as nails person. someone who never gave up. we are going to miss her.>> she was very caring and kindhearted. just a very caring person.>> she was an amazing mom. i know that is why he fell in love with her.
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she was an amazing mom. [music] >> ah, dinner.
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the gulf coast is again in the crosshairs of a hurricane. tropical storm nate has been upgraded to a hurricane after
10:40 pm
pummeling south america and killing 22 people. the category 1 hurricane is speeding to the yucatan peninsula. louisiana and mississippi have declared state of emergency. some coastal area and barrier islands are being evacuated. >> i'm worried. i lost my house in katrina. i know they are saying maybe just a tropical and even a category 1. when your whole life is under one roof and you have to go away. >> people in louisiana are stocking up a last-minute supplies in preparation. the national hurricane center says it is expected to make landfall late saturday or early sunday. forecaster say it is too early to tell where it will come ashore. itches stay around a category 1. wins 80 or 85 miles per hour. it has been upgraded in the last hour or so. the models keep it there.
10:41 pm
they don't push it into a category 3 4 or five. it will still have a impact in the southeast. on saturday night. into sunday morning. is it makes sure east of new orleans and west of panorama city. -- panama city. just east of there is a category 1. will be very wet. flight delays are a possibility. we had temperatures today that look like these. lots of 80s. 88 antioch. 85 concorde. some 90s the showed up and backyards pick tomorrow will follow suit. exactly what we saw today. ridge of high pressure. where you see the white the cloud cover. it is an area of instability of lower pressure. when you see this area it is higher pressure where the air is sinking. the clouds cannot form.
10:42 pm
is the air sinks it warms. as it sinks on sunday night into monday it will set us up with strong winds. that is where the red flag warning comes in. wind gusts up to 50 or 55 miles per hour. that is significant. it is still 80s and low humidity. it is really windy. the winds are not a factor. there is a 10 mile-per-hour winds. at sfo. by tomorrow morning will be a cool start as you look at the picture. live picture of course. it will be a cool start as it has been the last few mornings. lots of upper 40s and middle 40s. and low 50s. cool start to your saturday morning. sunday morning will be similar. forecast highs yellow is 70s. oranges 80s. tomorrow is like today. friday and saturday very similar. and the temperature profiles. it cools off on sunday. 88 in brentwood.
10:43 pm
forecast highs. 87 outside of livermore. there is the five-day forecast. you can see that we hold steady. it doesn't get real hots. we do have a red flag warning sunday night into monday. the winds will be hammering sunday night especially after midnight. it looks like a nice weekend. more news coming up at 11. jason appelbaum is here. >> big-time matchup in high school football. a great game. big world cup qualifier for the u.s. a crucial game for them. plus baseball playoffs hitting full swing with a docket of games including a 13 inning thriller in cleveland that ends in dramatic fashion. input the yankees on the ropes. derek car has not been ruled out for this weekend. despite fracturing his back
10:44 pm
last sunday. we will have that story in a whole lot more when we return.
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