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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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devastation. wildfires in the north bay rank among the deadliest in california history. hello again. >> the loss of life and property for so many people so hard to fathom. debra is in santa rosa where the death toll climbed to 11. >> reporter: at a community meeting hundreds of people turned out looking for answers even as fires still burn. the measure of what santa rosa is up against with strike teams at work, heavy smoke plumes go up. evacuations happening. >> as i am driving here people are streaming out on the 12. >> residents pack the gym
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traumatized. >> i can't tell you what will happen tonight or tomorrow or the next day. >> reporter: the crowd is reassured what happened sunday was unique, simultaneous fires and wind. the chief paused, emotional describing the scene. >> a lot of people lost a lot of houses. it is difficult for the community. i polk guise. apologize. >> victims want to know how to start rebuilding. they wish there was a master list of destroyed homes. >> people are trying to go in because we want to know is it gone? gone is gone. my house is ashes. it took two seconds to realize
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that. i want to none my mom's home is gone. >> people up here have your back. >> i came off the line this morning after 40 hours straight. [ applause ] >> time after time interrupting this briefing showing support for first responders. fire victims got to their feet for an ovation. >> it has only been two days. support services are coming together and evacuated areas will be reopened. there is a 30-person team dedicated to finding missing persons. today they found more than 100 people safe on this day alone. >> did we learn anything more
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about the circumstances surrounding the people who lost their lives? >> not many details except locations. there were 5 people -- there were 11 total is what it is up to. 5 of them were in the larkfield area. the other 5 around coffee lane. the rural roads and the country communities leading toward calistoga. >> deb, thank you. in just the past hour we received sad news about one of the people missing in santa rosa. at 10:00 we told you about 27- year-old christina hansen who used a wheelchair and was seen monday morning. 30 minutes ago a family member said a fire inspector went to her home and has confirmed she did not make it out.
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our prayers are with her family tonight. >> the hundreds of homes in clover leaf ranch burned. most of the 40 horses at the camp were rescued taken to the county fairgrounds. 2 of the horses did not make it out. we spoke to the owner. >> it is a big loss for my family. we celebrated our 70th year in business. my grand parents started it. so to see what a lot of blood, sweat and tear system gone. >> the camp has been in their family for three generations. she lost her home in the fire.
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they are determined to rebuild. >> a warning for people living in fountain grove. officials are urging people to boil water. make sure to boil water for one minute to ensure it is purified. failure could result in intestinal illness. jana is here and what people need need to know. >> reporter: mt. veder has a evacuation order. the fire was going up the side of mt. veder. elderly who were not able to walk and needed to be evacuated, there was a caravan
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tearing down the road to try to get to them to get them out. it was a very emotional tense afternoon. napa county sheriffs raced up dry creek road warning people of the evacuation order. cal fire said the flames jumped the county. a column of smoke rose along the horizon. >> it scared all of us especially those of us who live here. this is the worst disaster the county has seen, worse than the earthquake. >> they hope to help family and friends. the flare up frightening for those saving their homes for 48 hours. >> we have fire front and back of us.
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you watch your friends homes burn. you don't know which way to go. it is chaotic. >> he was at home and saw the flames spreading. >> it start ed on my property. there are 3 houses on the dirt road. i piled stuff in the car and headed down the dirt road. the fire was on both sides. smoke, i couldn't see. i couldn't see. >> he couldn't call 911. police closed off the road near the winery. >> extremely worried. we have had no cell phone service, no land line, no electricity the last 3 days. we can't contact anyone. >> we have been told we can't go up. we will lose everything that we
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own. i mean everything that we own. >> >> cal fire says east of napa they say that 37,000 acres have burned with 5 percent containment. back here live we are at the expo which is the command center. they are trying to get a handle at the mt. veder area. it crested over but we are getting confirmation and waiting for crews to report back to find out the status in those areas. it is volatile in that area and dense vegetation. another very important area of concern we will have to watch through the night. >> thank you. the atlas fire has crossed into
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solano county along twin sisters road and in the green valley area. deputies went door to door to make sure people were out of the path of the flames. there is no word on structures have burned. over all cal fire said the atlas fire is 3 percent contained and 5,000 structures are still threatened. >> new video coming in from san jose fire crews in the north bay helping to battle the nuns fire near glen ellen in sonoma county. you can see how intense the flames were burning. crews have been working around the clock. so far the nuns fire has burned 5,000 acres and is one percent contained. law enforcement agencies are
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helping out. >> what they are doing up there. >> they heard the call from berkeley to richmond across the bay area in the fire zone helping with evacuations, security and law enforcement. >> they called us. they asked for mutual aid response. oakland was the first to say yes we would send officers. >> oakland police have asked for help from protests. she is happy to lend a hand. >> they needed help. we sent two teams. we are on our third. >> there are other agents helping out, palo alto, san mateo fending off looters and giving peace of mind.
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>> it is important we have an event like this that everyone pulls together. mutual aid was called for. >> it doesn't come without risk. some have had to evacuate their own families. officers helped residents doing what they can. collecting water and other supplies to residents. these police officers will be here to serve and protect no matter where they are needed. >> still to come the north bay wildfires forcing tens of thousands of people from their homes. >> when you reach my age, it will be okay. >> the smoke and atmosphere picking up in the sunset and
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the moonlight. you can see the red. a lot of smoke. the red flag warning again and what we can expect down the road. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings.
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introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone. tonight we are getting a look at one of the fires as it broke out. this is the video outside of calistoga as flames spread
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north to windsor. the winds were above 50 miles an hour. 48 hours after the flames broke out we are beginning to understand just how devastating the fire storm would become. >> 30,000 people evacuated, emergency responders are helping everyone who has been displaced. there are 24 shelters set up to help those in need. in santa rosa a shelter has been set up to accommodate evacuees with pets. >> when you have reached my age it will be okay. we will come out of it. >> most evacuees are remaining optimistic. the overriding concern is housing. they are worried with so many
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who are homeless, finding a place to live will be a challenge. >> the devastation, some well intentioned giving can lead to problems. >> family homes in the north bay reduced to ashes inspiring others to take action. >> who wouldn't want to help? >> the outpouring of help has started. >> sand bag and dog food. >> put it by the post. >> we are just getting started. >> this 4h volunteer started collecting animal feed donations. >> i have 3 different families who offered to drive stuff up to the fairgrounds for 300
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horses. >> they are asking for diapers and dog food. others are saying thanks but no thanks. some are not able to accept donations of prepared food. state professor spent 14 years as director of emergency services and teaches about management. she recommends giving money to an established charity. >> they can buy in bulk. the other advantage is because they are working with the victims every day they know exactly what is needed. >> victims feel a loss of control after lowing losing a home. >> edward says well intended
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owners can drop off unneeded items that need to be disposed of. give to a charity backed by a church or gift cards. ktvu fox 2 news. >> keeping an eye on the weather. fire is what we are worried b conditions are continuing to be advantageous for smoke and blowing in moist air. napa 87 percent humidity is huge for firefighters. they will start tomorrow with a jump on things, or it will be a little easier. the fire will slow a little. right now the winds are west. watch the green arrow. that's get getting us into
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tomorrow. the north bay region for sure, about 4:00, 3:00 in the morning thursday that's the peek of the wind. it is a bad direction. justy winds, 20 to 30-mile an hour winds maybe even 40 but this is nothing like the other night. i am highlighting the red flag warning and timing. it is that window. wednesday -- i will say wednesday from midnight to 5:00 in the morning, something like that, 5-hour period we will be under the gun. the red flag warning is in perspective. julie said a red flag warning isn't a red flag warning?
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there are varying shades like hurricanes. it is the same warning for a category 1 or 5. this is a category 1. it is not good but it is not a cat 5. temperatures will stay on the mild side. today 70s. tomorrow 70s. a good opportunity to get on the fires. there is fog there along the coast. there was a good opportunity today and tomorrow. then we have a 5-hour period. there is the moon. that is looking at the smoke hanging around. we will deal with smoke through thursday. friday it may blowout. the other thing, the lows it is cool in the morning. the cold air sinks.
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napa and santa rosa, the smoke will come down on the ground. you will notice the smoke in napa. the forecast highs. 84 in morgan hill. so good opportunity to fight fire tomorrow all day. tomorrow the over night hours into early thursday good opportunity. category 1 not 5. >> 5 wineries have been destroyed by fires. a dozen have sustained damage. most remain closed because they don't have power. some wineries were more fortunate than others because they harvests before the fires. some are not known. >> we haven't seen the economic
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done yet. >> the association says it will not devastate the wine industry because 4 percent of the grapes are from napa valley. an motional home debut for the vegas knights. the new team of the nhl. back to the fires burning in california. picture and videos and messages of support pour in on social media. people using california wildfires hashtag. ktvu fox 2.
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>> joe, it is hard to believe team usa will not be in the world cup. >> they had a chance to wrap up a berth. a win and the u.s. would be in. a tie would get it done. things did not start out well. the u.s. down 1-0. no chance. u.s. in a 2-0 hole until the second half. early minutes the 19-year-old gets the u.s. on the board. 2-1. one of the hopes for the u.s. but the future will be 4
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years off. 69th minute u.s. has a chance off a free kick. the shot is saved. the u.s. went down for a 2-1 defeat. panama and honduras kick the u.s. out for the first time since 1986. the raiders will only go as far as their quarterback derek carr takes them after 3 straight losses. he should be back in the line up against the chargers in carson. suffering a fracture in his back was 2-6 weeks. the warriors are close to the defense of their nba championship against the rockets. they have one more pre-season game and jet lag to get over
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after a week and two games in china. advice fromion of his assistant coaches. >> we are all complete plea ly out of it. we should not scrimmage. the guys are zombies. >> the pre-season i have been watching baseball and college football. >> we leave you with the nhl's newest team the las vegas knights. the celebration was altered. the players were accompanied by medical and law enforcement from the shooting tragedy as part of the puck drop after a
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moment of silence. they are new in the community. the golden knights won the game. they are 3 and 0 in their inaugural season. >> thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. next modern family. >> good night. ah, dinner.
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