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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  November 1, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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think of all the great players current and past who never got to the world series. ernie banks, bryce harper. to name a few. these guys are here and they have a chance to win. >> kevin: for the dodgers, it's one of the historic franchises in baseball history and they haven't won in a long time. 29 years. what would it mean for the dodgers, for the city? >> alex: it would be amazing and monumental. it's amazing to see mark walter, the guggenheim group, magic johnson's ownership. what they've done in five years is awesome and fascinating. but like the yankees, they are judged with world championships. they've had a fascinating season but they can't drink champagne and have a parade if the season is a failure. >> david: this is one of the greatest franchises of all time. everybody knows what the dodgers are all about. the group who owns the dodgers came with one plan. leave here tonight and win a world series.
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i'm pretty sure they are going to use all the bullets they have left to win tonight. >> frank: if they don't get it done tonight, it's like alex said. it can be devastating to an organization. >> alex: making the regular season count again. such a big game deserves a home-field advantage. >> keith: historic franchise. the history of the los angeles dodgers. be a team that won and won here, the second one. you want to do that. >> kevin: think about that, all the history with the franchise. great point. it's prediction time. game number 7. papi, hold on. frank, start us off. >> frank: i hate to do this because i have a love for both these franchises. houston and 7. i've got to go with it. >> keith: it's tough.
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it was a big win last night beating verlander. i picked houston in six. they didn't get it done. eileen l.a. because they are home. >> kevin: you had houston and six but after they beat verlander, changing your mind. >> alex: both teams have played like champions. it's too bad someone's going to go home losing. i picked the dodgers because of home-field advantage. >> kevin: it that's big. we are letting papi go last because he has a history. the history is no bueno. every single prediction is wron wrong. >> david: the picks in las vegas. >> kevin: as you say, people in vegas might be going a different direction. who's going to win? >> david: if going to be big in vegas if i say who's going to win. i'm going to keep it on my card
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that i'm gonna keep to myself. i will tell you after the show. >> kevin: we need it now! what's on the card? it's blank. people in vegas are waiting. >> david: i'm scared. i'm not going to walk into it. i am bad. i am bad. >> kevin: i can't believe it. >> david: i think the red sox, how about that? >> kevin: you're going to lose that one. game 7 of the world series from los angeles. justin turner. he's been leading this team all year long. can he do it for one more night? it is about to get rocking and rolling in los angeles. altuve and correa and the astros against turner and the dodgers to win the world series. game 7. first pitch when we come back on
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>> kevin: welcome back to dodger stadium. you could not get a better night for baseball. 69 degrees and we are ready to go for game let's send it to the public address announcer. >> ladies and gentlemen, please rise and kindly remove your hats for our nation's colors presented by a joint color guard made up of the five branches of our united states armed forces. now fans, we ask that you please remain standing and join in the singing of our national anthem. led tonight by officers of the los angeles police department quartet. >> ♪ o say, can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's
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>> joe: and so it is a game 7. dodgers-astros. who will take it home tonight? joe buck and john smoltz have the call a on fox. "doggie lovers"? please! you know me. i don't even know where that is! look, i'm replying deny. see? oh, come on! [phone rings] hello? wells fargo. i did not make that purchase. i didn't do it! i'm so glad you caught that. uh huh. ♪ ("a bushel and a peck" by doris day) ♪ (whispering) i'm on the phone! ♪ towel please! (laughing) ♪
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while other insurance companies just see a house, state farm sees the home you've worked really hard for. so why not give it the protection it deserves. state farm. ♪ >> so much joy in this.
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set aside launch angle, spin rate, exit velocity. let's go back to the day. when we treasure the thrill of the moment. the yard became a stadium with everything at stake. all hanging on one pitch, one catch, one steal, one swing. yes, the boys of summer are men of autumn. thank you, baseball. we needed this world series. game 7. are you kidding me? >> joe: no, we are not, matthew mcconaughey. we are not kidding. texan living in los angeles. i'm sure a bit split on a night like this. what camp are u.n.? it is game 7 tonight, the first game 7 in the history of dodger stadium.
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welcome inside the broadcast booth, everybody. i am joe buck. hall of famer john smoltz is coming right out. we sat at the start it was going to be special. for the first time since 1970, two teams hooking up that won over 100 games during the regular season. has it been evenly matched? you bet. five of the six games have been decided by two runs or less, and the one exception was game 4. that was tied 1-1 going into the ninth. we have seen a record-setting number of home runs. two extra-inning games. it's been a blast. we've squeezed every drop out of this so far. it's kind of a shame one team is going to have to lose tonight. it's been so fun. john smoltz, you been involved in many game sevens. you have started and pitched in game 7. what's it like a player, let alone a pitcher? >> john: baseball players are creatures of habit. you tell yourself it's just another game. get to the park, play cards, do your thing and get as relaxed as
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you can until the game happens. it is the team and the players that can really play like a normal game, the ones that do have better, the one to temper their emotions, they are going to have a better chance of winning. >> joe: the difference in the bullpens, it's kind of a different story tonight. the dodgers are a little bit diminished because they are fatigued in their bullpen, but they've got arms dave roberts can go to. for the astros, a.j. hinch put it best. he said we have been beaten up in our bullpen but i have a different list of names tonight. charlie morton, he's been a starter. dallas keuchel, he's been a starter. justin verlander is lurking down there. it's going to be interesting. >> john: in an era of relievers, this game is going to come down to starters. i think you're going to see a time starters for both clubs. they are going to have to be good early. each manager, it's the hardest game they will ever manage. they are looking to see which starter gives them the most before they take them out. >> joe: it's been fun.
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game 7 coming your way from los angeles here on fox. >> in a series that's been so improbable, only the impossible can be waiting for us tonight. a champion will be crowned. a hero will emerge. and the moment will be etched into history. will we see the impossible tonight? it is game 7 of the world serie series. >> this moment took years of sacrifice, ours may cage and a lifetime between the lines. to dominate the field, you've got to put in the work.
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>> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by youtube tv. cable-free live tv is here. we are here just off downtown los angeles on a beautiful 69-degree night. to the field we go. ken rosenthal standing by with the manager of the astros, a.j. hinch. >> ken: game 7, how heavily we lean on starting pitchers out of the bullpen? >> may be its entirety. game 7, all bets are off. i don't think there is a right way to go into the game. we will go all hands on deck. >> ken: under what circumstances might we see justin verlander? >> with the lead late, depends on how we get there. it's a lot to ask of a starting pitcher who pitched yesterday. game 7. who knows. >> tom: dave roberts, moments ago, your entire team huddled in the dugout. what was said?
5:19 pm
>> it was led by chase utley just telling them we are prepared for this moment. we are the best team out there. play 27 outs and do what we've been doing all year. >> tom: you jarvis gave you five outs last time. what will you watch for? >> attack these guys. he's got all the confidence in the world and we know he's going to pitch well. >> tom: thank you. >> joe: these managers have been a joy to work with, a special moment before tonight's game. don newcombe, 91 years old. sandy koufax, 81 years old. throwing to steve garvey and rick monday. a great way to start the game 7. sandy pitched in four world series with the dodgers and tonight it is yu darvish. former texas ranger traded at the deadline and he makes his
5:20 pm
most important start of his career. and in a long time for this great franchise. >> john: yu darvish, the numbers. second time around he's been much better against a team when he hasn't had success. for yu darvish, he spends the baseball as good as anybody. he has got tremendous break-dance breaking ball. the houston lineup loves to hit the fastball. easy outs are tension breakers. if you can get easy outs early, it helps the whole team. it helps the manager and it helps the pitcher. >> joe: same look as last night for the houston astros. lineup brought to you by state farm. george springer, alex bregman, jose altuve, carlos correa, yuli gurriel, brian mccann, the catcher. marwin marvin gonzalez, josh re, lance mccullers, jr. how long did it take you to come up with this?
5:21 pm
keys to the game. >> john: sensational. embrace it. if you don't, you're not going to have success. be victorious. executing is always a key. settling your nerves. in the game like this, however can stay inside their body and knock it outside their body has the better chance of being successful. you cannot, cannot be afraid to fail. >> joe: home plate umpire tonight is mark wegner. first base, paul nauert. second, the crew chief jerry davis. at third, laz diaz. in left field, bill miller. dan iassogna in right. 69 degrees. the weather couldn't be better. the end of a long season. a cool breeze on a night like tonight does wonders for a starting pitcher, the great dodger stadium hosts its first game 7.
5:22 pm
>> john: everybody is running on empty. who has the most reserve in their tank to get through one more winner-take-all? the worst part, you are never prepared to end the season on a loss. >> joe: springer has been red-hot. takes a ball inside. you've seen the numbers. darvish was not good in game 3 in houston. makes his first home dodgers pro season -- postseason start. springer has reached in eight of his last nine plate appearances. a ball and a strike. george springer has gone three straight with a home run. james 4, 5, and 6. the first to do it from the american league since the great reggie jackson who has been here during the world season. he did it in '77. down the line and fair. extra-base hit for springer to
5:23 pm
start the night. into second with a double, a good start for the astros. >> john: springer stayed off the first slider but the second one stayed in the middle part of the plate. that's the kind of spin that will not be good for darvish and certainly want to keep him in the game very long. make adjustments off of that and certainly in a game like this, you never want the big inning to get away from you. settle down, get your outs. even if they do score one run in the first inning. that's the hardest part of a game 7. remember, play it as close as you can as if you are in a regular-season game. >> joe: bregman with a runner at second. nobody out. to the right side, darvish has to get over. tough play. while throw and into the dugout.
5:24 pm
astros take the lead. into the score is springer. in a blink, houston on top 1-0. >> john: two things. great piece of hitting. guaranteed he was going to get to third by hitting into the right side. tough play for bellinger. the pitcher has to get over there, find the ball, find the bag. once bellinger makes the play, a much more difficult throw in a difficult play for darvish. the second baseman would've been much easier for darvish. you see the side arm throw, and its sails. >> joe: error on bellinger. no rbi but the astros couldn't care less. they strike first and came 7. runner at second, nobody out. altuve takes a ball. >> john: that is the tension of a game like this. going to play out 12 lot of young players and only three have been in a world series before. >> joe: nobody on the dodgers
5:25 pm
has played in a game 7. the astros just went through one against the yankees. good breaking ball for a strike to altuve. >> john: perfect start for the astros. when you are the visiting team. they have not scored in the first inning a lot after the boston series. good start for houston. >> joe: they had gone 13 straight. there goes bregman. throw down. stolen base by alex bregman, and the astros have come right out, been aggressive. they have a runner at third, nobody out. >> john: this series has been filled with so many twists and turns. game 5. the stolen base, the aggressive play. bregman, so ready for the moment. what i'm sure he's been thinking about for a long time as a kid. >> joe: first attempted steal of the postseason. it comes in game 7 of the
5:26 pm
world series. here comes a 2-1 pitch to the right side. bellinger thought about it. a run scores. it's 2-0 houston here in the first. rbi ground out by altuve, and john, we've seen really good at-bats. >> john: yeah, and the approach is everything. i know everyone talked about this game, filled with homers, and we have seen our share of homers. it's been a home run derby. in the first inning, it's been executed perfectly with each guy passing on the baton. the read by bregman and bellinger realizing, get the bag. if he had a chance to get to the bag sooner, could make the throw to home. >> joe: bases empty with one out. the crowd is out of it for the moment, and the batter is carlos correa. 2-0 houston here in the first.
5:27 pm
good velocity there. strike one. >> john: that pitch for the fastball, he pitches away from it and only relies on breaking balls, i think that's a mistake. that's where you can get out of yourself. the last start, he did not have success. already in the first inning, given up two. a hard mental hurdle to get over. >> joe: the 0-1. strike two. the astros scored 8 runs during the first inning in the four-game set against boston. had not scored in the first inning in 13 straight postseason games until tonight. 0-2 to correa. chopped to the right side. bellinger has been busy. so has darvish. two out.
5:28 pm
the rest of the defense for l.a. joc pederson, a hitting hero for the dodgers. chris taylor, the same can be said for him. yasiel puig and rights. around the infield, justin turner, corey seager, logan forsythe and cody bellinger. the catcher is austin barnes. the batter, yuli gurriel. here is the match up. gurriel tips his helmet toward yu darvish. it was in darvish's direction when gurriel hit the home run against him in game 3 that he made the gesture in the dugout. while he is booed, he took his helmet off and tipped it toward darvish. strike one. >> john: in case you didn't see it, while he was getting booed.
5:29 pm
>> joe: strike two. a couple wide strikes, and the count is 0-2 on gurriel. >> john: that is the better side of the plates for both pitchers tonight if they are able to be successful, especially mccullers. he likes that side, especially with the curveball. >> joe: 2-2.
5:30 pm
gurriel, 15 total bases in the world series. time for the fourth best. among rookies. 2-2. >> john: darvish is underneath. what i mean, his breaking ball, that's where the cement mixer and the side spin comes on and i can be a combination of mechanics and nerves. when he gets to this pitch right here, you've got to stay on top and he's got to turn the corner. if it turns the corner, the astros hitters will have different results but that is not turning the corner. >> joe: 2-2. just got a piece. >> john: interesting enough, he got two strikes fast with the
5:31 pm
fastball and has yet to go out there. he has tried to spin the breaking ball against gurriel. you've got to get them out away. the theme is, i haven't seen enough starting pitchers go in to get outs away. make the offense feel more uncomfortable at the plate. >> joe: darvish doesn't get the corner this time, and it's a full count. 24 home runs. the inability to command one side of the plate will do that. >> john: that's why you have to make a couple hitters feel uncomfortable. >> joe: breaking ball fouled back behind the plate. out of play. i know where you are going with the 24 home runs, a record number of home runs hit in this
5:32 pm
world series. at the end of a regular season where there were a record number of home runs hit. 6,105. in the first inning, it's been more small ball. leadoff double. bregman hit the ground ball to the right side, and error, another ground ball to the right side. two runs are in. it stays 3-2 on gurriel. >> john: over the course of the season, i get it. that's how they runs percentage wise have been scoring. if you can put pressure on the other team, especially in a gam. this is the kind of game where you can't afford to make a bunch of mistakes. >> joe: clayton kershaw in the bullpen, loosening up. he is getting his legs loose. another 3-2. it another foul ball. astros, with the home runs, 20 of 29 runs have scored in this world series via the long
5:33 pm
ball. 69%, the fourth highest in world series history. this season, you see where we are with regard to the home runs. it's been a record year. two out, nobody on. 3-2 pitch. gurriel is making darvish work. >> john: sure is. the one thing darvish cannot do is throw a high fastball because that's going to be right in the sweet spot. he has spun a few he fouled off. fastball and that he fouled off. back away right here. >> joe: half the pitches so far in the opening inning to gurriel. 12 pitch of the at-bat, and we will have another. yu darvish came to the texas rangers in 2012.
5:34 pm
16-game winner that year. he missed 2015 with tommy john surgery. came back stronger, traded at the deadline. willie calhoun, a prospect. here he is starting game 7. into right, puig is there. it's a productive first inning. for the houston astros on the road in game 7. the error, a big part of it. after it started with a double by springer. it led to two runs. after half, at dodger stadium in game 7, 2-0 houston ss towing... best-in-class payload... and best-in-class torque... the f-150 lineup has the capability to get big things to big places- bigtime. so bring out your atvs,
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if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. ♪ sir jeremdilly, dilly.true friend of the crown. dilly, dilly! dilly, dilly! here's to the friends you can always count on. >> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by the 2018 ford f-150. it doesn't just raise the bar. it is the bar. and by steal a base, steely taco
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only at taco bell. starting lineup for the dodgers brought to you by state farm. same as game 6. chris taylor, corey seager, justin turner. he's been shut down in this world series for the most part. cody bellinger, yasiel puig, joc pederson. who has not been shut down in this world series for the most part. the back end back, logan forsythe, austin barnes, yu darvish pitching and batting ninth against the right-hander. 24-year-old from tampa, florida. >> john: you prepared to say i'm not giving up any runs. then you get two runs in the first inning and you start thinking about oh, my gosh. i've got the lead. this is mine. the biggest thing for mccullers will be establishing the fastball. he has the go to pitch to the curveball. he's a rhythm pitcher. can he stay in rhythm despite the lineup and the power they
5:38 pm
possess? the one that said, the dodgers hitting .208 in this series as a team. they've been able to string together hits at opportune times. taylor, the guy at the plate, the biggest hit of the night last night, rbi double off verlander in the sixth. this one into right center field. back at springer. to the wall. just like the top of the inning, a leadoff double. >> john: breaking ball came out of his hand up instead of behind his hand. meaning the ball was flat.
5:39 pm
much like the series, whenever you think someone has an advantage, the other team answers in a way that gets them right back in the game. the dodgers are going to have to execute the way the astros did. find a way to get at least one here in the bottom of the first. >> joe: corey seager, the number two spot. takes a ball. seager has done his damage in the postseason here at home at dodger stadium. .316 hitter, five of his six rbis this poses and have in this park. the go-ahead sac fly last night. to the wall against verlander in the 2-run sixth. taylor has been all over the place. at second with nobody out is seager. takes a strike. >> john: here's the problem i see at times with all of this great information we have. it can sometimes paralyze pitching into thinking about
5:40 pm
always exposing the weakness of the hitter and set up establishing your strength. let the hitter addressed to you. verlander and kershaw have done the best in the postseason establishing the fastball and their command. >> joe: another way of saying it is in a way, you see guys pitching to not make a mistake as well instead of saying i have a good fastball. in the case of darvish, use it. >> john: say my fastball is better than whatever you can do, even though you, as a team, like to hit the fastball. if you -- got to take every chance i can to get every hitter out. >> joe: that has been a hole in his swing, down and in. >> john: when he gets to two
5:41 pm
strikes, he's more disciplined. it's a great pitch. going to ask the height to the umpire, just to give him his bearings on the pitch inside. >> joe: bregman, after the double the top of the inning, was up there to move the guy along. it turned out better than that. seager takes down. full count. >> john: that's where he does a great job. gets shorter with his stroke, a little bit of a choke up. realizes the ball is spinning. >> joe: the crowd is back. struck him out on the pitch down and in. one away. seager does not advance the runner, and mccullers put that right where he wanted to. >> john: if they don't know by now, the video and information, that is the pitch mccullers is going to go to a lot.
5:42 pm
it's a pitch he feels so comfortable throwing that he never throws it warming up. think about that. that, to me, of all the things in the series, it blows me away. he doesn't warm up throwing the curveball and that's the most important pitch he has, as he showed in the previous series. closing out the game with 24 straight curveballs. >> joe: justin turner. only two rbis in the world series. they came in the sixth inning of game 1 when he took keuchel out of here. mccullers told us when you see me throw a curveball in the first inning, in game 7, it will be the first curveball i've thrown since game 3 of the world series. that's last friday. >> john: yeah. he played catch late last night because he had to be prepared to pitch out of the pen so he didn't go through his routine. people are like, why is he throwing late after the game? he likes to throw before he
5:43 pm
pitches. >> joe: strike two on turner. what's >> john: darvish has dift spins, different speed. this is a one speed. it's a power breaking ball off of fastball that's pretty good as well. and you see the swings and misses, the hitters are not recognizing it coming out of his hand and has great depth. >> joe: turner has to protect with a 0-2 count. here is lance mccullers, jr. last night after the game when the dodgers won 3-1. after everybody was clearing out, lance went out and got his
5:44 pm
work in on the side before tonight's. >> john: we are creatures of habit. you have a routine pretty want to try to stick to it as close as you can. unlike this game, everybody but the two starting pitchers will be out of their element for starting pitchers coming in in relief. >> joe: 1-2. that hit him. and it will put two on with one out here in the first inning. they are on the phone to make sure in their clubhouse on the replay that this ball did indeed hit turner. and it didn't come on the right forearm. >> john: that's the right approach. for a great header, you've got to make him aware of a pitch in there so you can have a pitch away. >> joe: the rookie cody bellinger who set a national league record with 39
5:45 pm
home runs during the regular season. he's got three in the postseason, but he has set a world series record with his 14 strikeouts. he >> john: he would like to atone for the error in the first inning. at least driving a run. he tried to tell yourself if the breaking ball starts at my knee, i cannot swing. if it starts at my belt, i've got a better chance to do damag damage. >> joe: strike one. >> john: that started at the knee, the tight break. the reason it so difficult is you don't want to come off the fastball. most hitters don't want to get beat. you stay on the fastball, just to the curveball or breaking ball.
5:46 pm
>> joe: hit batsmen last night in the 2-run sixth inning. chase utley was hit by verlande verlander. he came around to score. here is the 0-1. blocked by mccann. the veteran mccann at the end of a long year and a long postseason, able to block it. >> john: each pitcher has not had anything easy to happen. the easier the outcome of the easier the inning, the more you can get in the flow. darvish didn't have that luxury and right now mccullers is facing the same stress with runners on even though he's been given a two-run lead. >> joe: taylor, leadoff double, strike out of seager. turner hit by a pitch. strike two.
5:47 pm
>> john: we have seen a lot of big swings out of bellinger. it looks a little better than i did about five days ago. he got some hits and made an adjustment. the swing is still pretty big. trying to hit the ball in the air. >> joe: struck him out on the pitch down and in. that's been the problem for bellinger in this world series, and with two outcome of the factor will be yasiel puig. >> john: i will be shocked if bellinger gets more than two fastballs off mccullers. he had a breaking ball there. that one, a wasted one but then he comes back with two beautiful breaking balls. bottom of the zone and below the zone. almost a defensive type swing, trying to find a way to make contact. >> joe: here is puig.
5:48 pm
see the bottom line, that's this postseason. here at dodger stadium, a .391 career hitter during the postseason. had a hit last night. takes a strike. that is high for ball one. >> john: i know it's only the first inning but if the dodgers aren't able to score in the first after leadoff double, you've got to believe that feels like they gave up some more runs to the astros. in a game like this, you don't know how many opportunities are going to get. that's why it's so essential to
5:49 pm
put the ball in play at certain times to advance the runners. >> joe: that just missed. 2-1. the third game in a row that both seager and bellinger struck out in their first plate appearance of the game. unable to get any action going with their bats, they've left it up to puig. mccann out to talk, so we will give you a look at the defense for houston. bottom of the first. marwin gonzalez, george springer in center, josh reddick in right. around the infield, alex bregman, carlos correa. jose altuve, yuli gurriel. mccann behind the plate. nine years and atlanta braves, three years with the new york yankees.
5:50 pm
first year for a.j. hinch and the astros. >> john: is the game plays on, dodgers are well-built for national league style. they can handle the movement and change is than the astros can. >> joe: ball three. 3-1. maybe the hottest hitter in the dodger lineup, joc pederson waits on deck. >> john: puig has expanded the zone and he's been patient. >> joe: see if he jumps at this. that hits him. second hit batsmen in the inning, and the bases are loaded with two out for pederson. why do i say he's most likely the hottest player in the lineup for the dodgers? player resume sponsored by indeed, the world's number one job site. three home runs, the first
5:51 pm
dodger to do that since '78. 1 of 3 players all time, five or more extra-base hits and no singles. he is hitting .357 with his three home runs and five rbis. >> john: he's been outstanding. some kind of switch happen for him in the postseason. coming out of the regular season on the big slide. for the starting pitchers tonight, you don't want the ringer to the phone. there's a chance the ringer to the bullpen could break. that's how many calls are going there. >> joe: pederson, bases loaded. strike one, outside corner. extra-base hit in all five world series games he's started. strike two. mccullers could strike out the
5:52 pm
side here in the first inning to go with his double and two hit batsmen. >> john: that swing was huge. if you are mccullers, you love to see that. pederson has done a better job with two strikes, staying off it. but that was a huge swing trying to hit a 7-run home run. >> joe: hit right at altuve. dodgers load them up and leave them loaded. after one, behind lance mccullers, jr., 2-0 houston give it to the friend that you think is most dependable. ohhhh. ughh. wow. that's just not fair. does she have to? she doesn't have to! oh, i don't? no, but it's a tough choice, isn't it? yes. well luckily, chevy makes it a little easier. cause it's the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs - two years in a row.
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5:55 pm
>> joe: welcome back to the world series presented by youtube tv. cable-free live tv is here. so is the second of game 7. astros got 2 in the first. here is mccann. strike one. >> john: you wouldn't say this and any other game, but this is an important inning for darvish. he is due up third next inning. it's the second inning. you think about the statement and you are like, yeah, he's going to get an add back. nothing guaranteed in game 7.
5:56 pm
he needs to show his manager he's going to settle down and pitch effectively with his command and start spinning those breaking balls a little better. >> joe: in the bullpen for dave roberts, clayton kershaw and alex wood, two left-handed starters. to go along with his usual complement of lefties and righties. cingrani and watson and maeda a. just inside. for houston, they have charlie morton. brad peacock ready to go. dallas keuchel in the bullpen and may be justin verlander. last night's starter. he threw 93 pitches. here is the 2-2. off the end of the bat, out of
5:57 pm
play. harris on the right, and charlie morton. he has been so good when he's have a chance, to grab the baseball, on the left. >> john: there will be growing adrenaline for verlander if he is to get in late in the game. >> joe: 2-2. verlander has never won a world series game. he has certainly never saved a world series game, but anything is on the table tonight. >> john: he will watch with anticipation if the score remains a two or 1-run game. he will start preparing by the fifth, i would think. >> joe: 2-2 to mccann. full count.
5:58 pm
3-2 pitch. inside, and a leadoff walk. very defensive pitching by yu darvish here to start the night. >> john: he tried to get mccann to chase on something inside on a tight break but mccann was more disciplined. right now, the command for darvish, usually his strength. he needs to find it quickly. >> joe: here is marwin gonzalez. third time over the last four years there was a game 7 in the world series. the fourth time over the last seven years. the astros struck first tonight.
5:59 pm
that sends austin barnes out to talk to darvish. chevrolet is the official vehicle of major league baseball and the only brand to earn j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks, and suvs two years in a row. >> john: somebody asked me before the game, what's going to happen? anything can happen. i made a comment that might seem obvious or strange but the pitcher who gets the most at-bats is going to give his team the best chance. it's going to be up for debate each pitcher, how many at-bats they may get. >> joe: darvish pitching to stay in there. >> john: as a manager, you don't have the luxury, even as patient as you want to be, you don't have the luxury of the letting your guy have two innings to figure it out. national league, they have to
6:00 pm
come up to the plate and that stunts your offensive strategy unless you choose to pinch-hit. >> joe: 1-1 pitch. 2-1. on deck is reddick, and then the pitcher lance mccullers. brian mccann, the leadoff hitter, set up at 0-2 and darvish lost him. mccullers throws right, bats left. >> john: i asked dave roberts, would you have preferred from a strategy standpoint to not be so consumed with double switches, pinch-hitting, better to have american league style rules? he said no, this is how we are built. we can do this better than the astros can as far as depth on the bench and double


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