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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 2, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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in california rose -- roads. this is mornings on 2. good morning this is monday morning april 2. let's check your monday weather pick -- whether. by the time we get to thursday and friday, more the next half hour or so. a few hard clouds coming in -- high clouds coming in pick about first 10 days of april, fewer clouds to the south, partly sunny, mostly sunny for partly cody to the north. things start to develop and more of a rain pattern, more of that coming up pick 60s and 70s -- coming up.
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60s and 70s. >> let's take a look at what we have with a super commute pick you will see the traffic is going to be okay -- commute. you will see the traffic is going to be okay. you can see traffic is looking good pick containing out to highway 238. it looks very good with no major issues. traffic looks very nice and no problems there pick at the toll plaza, -- no problems there. at the toll plaza, we are getting a bit of a break. a san jose man expected to come home after being held for six months in an immigration detention center. >> they say once he is back with them they will start fighting for other families who
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are also facing off with immigration agents. >> on the holiest of days, they tell me her family has been blessed with an easter miracle.>> birthday wish, easter miracle, thing i want for her birthday this year's for her daddy to be home. and thank god he will be home. >> for six months, he was only allowed noncontact visits with her husband while he was detained in richmond pick -- richmond. she traveled -- struggled to be a single mom. >> to stay strong for my daughter and for myself. >> ice agent said he had been deported to mexico previously and had a dui conviction. it
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garnered protest and every month of hearings, fernando who was undocumented was able to be -- able to prove he would be persecuted if he was sent back. a judge ordered for his release. >> which many of our clients do not, evidence from the alaskan government itself that he really -- from the mexican government itself that he really could not return. >> she said she would fight for other families who are not so lucky. she took aim at ice officials. >> after spending six months speaking to their father behind a glass window, they are eager to hold them closely. >> i cannot wait to see what
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the future has for all of us. >> that's one of the things i am excited about. >> and the is a request of his own. >> first is church, we want to thank god for this miracle. and i think step two is tacos, he is dying to have his tacos. >> still strings attached, he is still not allowed to travel outside the continental u.s. which is just fine for the family who came so close to losing their family -- father and husband indefinitely. ktvu fox 2 news. the time is now 6:04 am, the director of san francisco is posting -- apologizing for the post on social media. of three patio umbrellas and along with the photo hero i spent 30 minutes talking to them to learn more about their culture until the barman told
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me they were umbrellas. any people were offended by the photo enos, and say it's insulting to muslims because they say the photo could resemble three muslim women covered in burqas. the post has been removed, the ice director said he did not intend to offend anyone. >> vehicle carrying a family of eight may have intentionally driven off the road. they stopped and then accelerated straight off the cliff. three other children were all found dead and the parents were all found dead. they were no break marks at the scene and appearance were the only ones wearing seatbelts pick just three days before the crash, child protective services was investigating allegations of child abuse at the family's home in the state of washington . >> just observing the behaviors
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i was concerned that their welfare was not being taken care of. >> the families neighbors called cps after they said they were being starved and abused. they tried to go visit their family at the home the same day but no one answered the door. >> happening today, the first day it is legal for drivers with cars to be -- for driverless cars to be on the roads without someone in the drivers seat. he should not see anyone out there will without someone working on autonomous vehicles. they need to apply for a state permit, the dmv says no cars have applied at this point. they said there are strict requirements for the permit but they can be approved quickly if the company meets all this angers -- all the standards. >> scheduled at several stations and sierra nevada near tahoe.
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it received a dismal report on snowpack was 75% of the state same drought conditions. officials are optimistic, you can see the wide results on the department of water resources facebook page. >> the time is 6:07 am, on friday three people were arrested, suspected of bart fair at the stations. a lorenzo man was arrested at the powell street in san francisco. bart says it loses $25 billion a year to people who don't pay their fares. testing underway at schools and to see if there is blood in the drinking water, according to them, at least one phone was
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shut down due to contamination. dozens of other public schools in marion county have been tested -- marin county have been tested. it is a state requirement that they are tested by next july. the time is 4:08 am, if you take any bridges you may want to consider an ultimate group for parts of today and tomorrow. they are inspecting the park street n high street bridges. at least one lane will be closed on all three of the bridges between 10 am and 2 pm this afternoon and the same thing will happen again tomorrow. it is starting at 9 am tomorrow night -- 9 pm tomorrow night, all lanes will be closed on the bridges. due to be open at 1 am wednesday morning. a earthquake retrofit
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project, proposing not running trains through the trans bay to between 4 am and 5 pm -- 5 am in the morning. they will take buses into the city. it could start as soon as september. the transit agency is still working out details but officials say the buses may not be put into effect until next february. two days meeting is this morning and oakland. the time is 4:09 am, they got a call about an injured man lying on the rocks at mitchells cove beach just before 4 am. emergency workers use rope to get down to them. they get down to him and got him safely off the rocks and airlifted to an ambulance which took him to the hospital. there not expecting an update on his condition or how he ended up on the rocks. six people in san francisco being
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helped by the red cross after a fire that started any close dryer. is started just after 8:30 am yesterday morning. no one was hurt, the firefighters were able to put out the fire quickly. before dosing three children about -- were needing help. they say the fire was accidental. bill cosby's retrial is expected to start today. for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home in 2004, experts are watching how the me to movement can affect victim jury -- affect selecting a jury. they believe it can be more hostile toward him because of the nationwide movement, others think it could cause them to think men are unfairly being accused. the first trial ended in a hung jury. you might want to
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double check your bank account, hecker still information for more than 5 million credit and debit cards used at those stores. they have posted records for more than 100,000 of those for sale on the dark web. offering free credit monitoring for anyone affected, again double check your statement. a time is for 11 am tie was started with a walk in the park in san francisco ended with the man hit by a falling tree branch. then update on his condition. space station falls to earth, we will tell you where it finally landed coming up. good morning, traffic is doing okay. if you are driving on the bridge into san francisco, tell you more about that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, the driver hit and killed a woman and they found her lying on highway 101 about 6 am. the two lanes were closed for about two hours while the investigation took place. it is still not clear why she was on the highway. if you have any information call the police. police are searching for the person who shot a man across from the oakland public library early sunday morning. the bay area news group reports
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two men were arguing when one shot the other. it happened right across the street from the main oakland library near lake merritt on 14th street. the 26-year-old victim was shot more than once but was able to get to the hospital. nowhere at this point on his condition. the police and crimestoppers of oakland are offering $5000 for information leading to the shooter's arrest. time is 4:15 am, police arrested a man suspected of trying to shoot someone on saturday. he was arrested at south third street just after 12:30 pm. witnesses told police they saw a man loaded gun, pointing at a neighbor and pull the trigger. the gun apparently jammed and did not fire. no one was hurt. the police say they found a loaded gun and a man's pocket. is main -- name and the charges against him have not been released. rallying to defend the second amendment in minnesota. in st. paul were dozens of people gathered for a pro-gun rally at the state capital
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building. they feel like their gun rights are under attack and he inflected -- and the elected officials are not doing enough to protect it. >> we have 4000 drownings in the united states every year. life is dangerous, we can't legislate perfection. >> the rally comes after some people on the other side of the issue have asked lawmakers to do more to pass stricter gun control laws. the time is 4:16 am, right there ready to take care of folks this morning. >> good morning dave and pamela, we do have traffic that is doing pretty well. on the freeway, northbound 101 looks very good. it continues to be a very nice drive into morgan hills. we kind of push and can't show you a little more detail, you can see traffic continues to be very nice all the way up there morgan hill into sano is a -- into san jose.
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also 280 looks very good, approaching to 18 -- 218. let's go to steve.>> quiet and thursday, it looks like rain will come in for april. friday into early saturday, then decreasing, cooler and breezy into sunday. might be some light rain starting on thursday, monday, tuesday was a you are all right. partly cloudy to the north, mostly sunny to the south and overall temperatures today. we are running 60s and 70s. right now 40s and 50s. a little cool for some kind not too bad for others. up for 50s here, -- upper 50s. 52 in lafayette. a little seabreeze here west
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but for the morning that is not too bad. breezy conditions over by the coast. southern california has 50 patchy clouds, mostly sunny south of that. sunny and the rain returns thursday, it could be heavy at times in fact some of the productions are pretty good here. -- projections are pretty good here. that really cranks up friday afternoon into saturday morning. you see 2 to 3 inches, if that comes through, this will be warm, not much for snow but very good for rain. a be a little too much but four or five days to iron out the details. i sunday things will calm down. attempts to the east and also to the south, today through wednesday, not too bad and after that we cloud up and rain by thursday and friday saturday.
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>> there you go. time is 4:18 am, the chinese space station punted back to earth, been out of control for 2 years. >> it reentered the earth's atmosphere about 5:15 am pacific time on sunday. it likely burned up before crashing into the pacific ocean. it was lost in 2011 simulation, stopped functioning back in 2016. the country's first basis and has since lost another one. the time is 4:19 am, they are hosting the annual white house easter egg roll. >> dating back to 1978, parents and their parents filling in the lawn of the white house. thinks to nancy reagan, they received an egg with help from the first lady herself. ? they will have ideas on the
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colors, designs, what goes on them sometimes it's whimsical. sometimes it's more serious. the wooden eggs are actually sourced from new england, hardwood, and turned -- and turned and only make a certain number of them a day.>> all of the eggs this year feature the signature of president trump and the first lady.: has the presidential seal and the other colors has the seal of the united states. -- first lady and the other has the presidential seal. pretty cool keepsake. voters in southern california will soon head to the polls, more on the open sea -- seat.
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♪ ♪ ♪ raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ♪ ♪ bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens ♪ ♪ brown paper packages tied up with strings ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2, we are taking me -- and i at the tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. u.s. goods go into effect today, importing and so far no comment from me -- from the present. there could be another change to the presence cabinet, reports that epa secretary scott pruett could be on his
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way out. after spending for $3000 for a secure phone booth in his office -- spending $43,000 for a secure phone booth in his office. now he is accused of paying $50 a night in the home of an energy lobbyist, bring an issue to democrats and republicans.? it did look so bad. >> i don't know how you survived this one.>> the latest rumors follow president trump's former va's secretary saying he was fired, he says that is because he opposed having private sectors doctors replace the medical system. it will have hearings for the replacement of the positions. speaking out against president trump after the
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president tweeted about how the governor pardoned several x convicts. he pardoned 56 x convicts including to that faced being deported. by giving the record, the governor eliminates the browns -- grounds in which they can be removed. that led to a tweet by president trump that said pardoning aliens who have crimes including the following listed on your screen, the words about redemption saying this month we celebrate those who have exited the prison system and successfully reentered society. the time is 4:25 am, voters in los angeles head to the polls for special elections for three open assembly seats. resigning because of sexual
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misconduct allegations, sebastian thomas resigned last year because of health reasons. those men could be replaced by women. if any candidate wins more than 50% of the votes, they went out right otherwise the top two finishers move on to a runoff in june. it is 4:26 am, making a trip over the golden gate bridge could be a problem this week, the reason you might want to leave the car at home. the president has been tweeting and talking a lot about immigration. as we head into this new week. good morning, traffic is off to a nice start, so far if you are driving on highway four coming up, we will tell you more about the straightahead. pretty quiet through midway, rain is on the way, april rain and that showers come on your money forecast coming up. -- and showers collier forecast
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coming up.
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this is news 2, morning on 2. >> that is new york city, times square. they have snow and rain, 32 degrees. it's about 7:30 in the morning in new york city. so you get to see what they have. welcome back to mornings on 2. >> it has almost 4:30. thank you, steve for letting us know it was going to be wonderful. it was a beautiful easter weekend. >> rain. we're not done yet. it won't be today, tomorrow or wednesday but starting thursday, cloud cover will come in. this could be pretty good by
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the time we get to friday and saturday. sure looks like a moderate rain to heavy rain friday into saturday morning. could be lingering on sunday but it will ob on the back side, cooler and breezy. there's thursday into friday and then they really pick things up friday night into saturday. so you can plan accordingly. mostly sunny to the south. 40s and 50s on the temps. a few differences by 10 degrees for some. 50 los altos. san mateo is in is there. a little bit of a westerly breeze. look for the cloud cover each day to increase. so some patchy low clouds. thursday night, friday into saturday th


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