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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 4, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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channel 2. good morning, happy fourth of july to. it is 4:31 am, mark miles and for steve this morning. and you are familiar with the county fair. every night you don't have to worry about fog at all. >> that is right, as a kid i remember going there. always some great memories. it should be in the clear and out toward san francisco, we are expecting low, but thankfully it won't be the dense fog. and it will probably be like this in fact, because it's dark you can't see it. and the nice fireworks show underneath that. that's what i'm thinking as we
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head toward your wednesday evening for your fourth of july. right now, we do have scattered clouds increasing coast side in a few patches around the bay and portions of the north bay and east bay. current numbers of 50s and 60s actually feels mild across portions of the region to start out the day. oakland, 59, livermore 55. another camera looking out toward the bay and toward san francisco, the key headline for today will be the coolest day of the week. still 90s and that much of the way of 80s. a few spots around 80 or 82, but 60s and 70s for your fourth of july. and the scattered low clouds this morning, is partly sunny and breezy this afternoon. temperatures ranging from about 60 coast side in pacifica and san jose in the 70s and talk more about the fireworks forecast for this evening and another he up that shows up in the five day -- heat up that
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shows up in the five day. organizers are putting together the last minute touches for the big fireworks show in san francisco. it can draw up to 1 million people as ktvu's reporter tells us it's a holiday people want to celebrate in style. >> reporter: it's a celebration that only the city knows how. >> the best way possible. >> reporter: at a peer nearby, 10,000 fireworks being loaded onto barges and a sound system for the choreographed show set to patriotic music. it will be from two spots were the fireworks will be set off. >> that is what it is all about. >> reporter: expert -- extra burger and fries on sale at the pub near the area. the family-owned establishment normally draws tourist but the
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area brings many locals making it the second busiest time of the be prepared to wait for a table. coming here after 6:00, you are looking at an hour and a half. two hours and depending on the closer you are to the windows because you have a pretty good, the best view for it. >> reporter: they are up to try to discourage people from driving to the waterfront. visitors and locals say they look for -- forward to honoring the nations birthday on today. >> i appreciate those who have served and give up their freedom for others. america is a wonderful country. i love all the freedom it has allowed me to have. for mac they said it depends on the weather, fog or no fog, the show will be gone -- allowed me to have. >> reporter: they said it
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depends on the weather, fog or no fog. the show will be going on. ktvu fox 2 news . the event attracts 40,000 people each year in danville, look at their chairs people leave their tears kostic out the prime spot along the parade route and the historic downtown danville. heavy done that before? >> yes i have. >> it begins at 9:00 this morning and does last 2 to 3 hours. aaa urging everyone to have a safe holiday. and it begins at 6:00 tonight with tipsy tow service, they will tow your car free of charge up to 10 miles. you can call the number one 800 aaa help. you do not need to be
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a aaa member for that. you can go to our website at, a full list of all the parade and fireworks shows in the area. and look for the headline right on our front page. the time is 4:36 am, no holiday for cruise battling the -- for fire cruise battling the fire. it has now burned more than 1200 square miles. 15% contained and while they make progress they said it will take another week to fully control it. the hotshot teams now setting backfires to create a fire brink between homes and the burns on. and other fire crews from around the state are also helping to fight those flames. >> no matter what community we are in, whether it's our back yard or the complete other side of the state we are happy to help. >> they said for people who normally crowd campgrounds and resorts, that people will stay home because of all the smoke out there. the california fire encourage
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visitors who already arrived to leave. also many workers told to stay home. >> we wish everyone was here to have a great time of course. but it is what it is. people need to be safe and do their thing and get there it. >> the manager of the cove resort said even though people are disappointed, most of them have already rebooked reservations for later this summer. firefighters made quick work of a grass fire. sky fox was overhead about 3:15 pm yesterday afternoon shortly after the flame started on the southbound side of interstate 680 can't see them putting it out right there. the right lane of the interstate was -- 680, can see them putting out right there. the right lane of the interstate was blocked off. and arson suspect is now behind bars in sonoma county.
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authorities arrested a male, a transient suspected of starting at least 12 small fires. investigators say he set the fire along the santa rosa creek trail and west county trail less month. but he is facing two counts of felony arson and violation of probation. investigator said at this time, it does not appear he is responsible for any other fires in the county. our time is 4:38 am, police want help to track down whoever stabbed a man last night near a donut shop. it happened at a strip mall around 5:30 pm, the victim was fumbling about a block away and taken to the hospital but we don't have any information about him including how serious his injuries are. the police do not have any information about a possible motive. if you have any information call the police. and seeing action while on
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a ride along with officers. she tweeted that she is assisted with the suspect does make arrest of a suspect from texas. the family is opening up about the death of the teenager after suffering cardiac arrest during tonsil surgery at oaklands children's hospital. her family said doctors declared her brain-dead and urge them to pull her off of the ventilator. she suffered from intestinal problems and was announced ad again. they report on the struggles of the family. >> am grateful for the extra four and half years i got with my daughter and i'm so happy i did not pull the plug on her. for mac the mother and family breaking their silence for the first time since the teen passed away in new jersey. she says she spoke to her daughter and do 22nd before she had surgery to treat an
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intestinal issue. you can go. and she died a few hours later. and she died on her own without being removed forcefully of her -- off her ventilator. for mac to her family, that proves she was never brain-dead but the california examiner declared in 2014, the mom and stepdad moved her to new jersey where she received 24 hour in- home care that was mostly covered by insurance. >> i did not -- i seen how she was kicking and moving and moving her fingers and you know, she was fighting. >> if you are dead, your heartbeat does not crying over bedside. >> the family attorney is hi and ruling the death certificate invalid in california and medical malpractice.
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>> especially their own family member. >> my daughter never died in december 2013. there is no way i would hold onto a corpse for four and half years. >> she said she should've passed away in california, and a plan i'm bearing her on friday in hayward following a service in oakland. she said she hopes her fight open the door for other families struggling for whether to take a loved one off life support. she is glad they never did. >> i am so proud of her. >> reporter: in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 4:41 am, tell you about a plea d two men right at the heart of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire and show you how much time they will now spend in jail.
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plus if you are selling a home in san jose, you will probably make a lot but for those looking to buy cow you are out of luck. just how high prices have climbed in the past few months. a cooling trend for the bay area that will continue for the day for the fourth of july forecast. talk more about the low clouds possibly that could move in for this evening and another warm-up as we head to the weekend and that coming up after the break. add the activia 2 week probiotic challenge to your healthy routine and see how activia yogurt with its billions of live and active probiotics may help support your digestive health so you can take on your day. text for a coupon and start the activia probiotic challenge today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 county markets are closed in observance of independence day today. they will open up again tomorrow and here is where they will start the market at dow jones 12,000 174. a lot of red down aerials -- down arrows. and taking the brunt of it and nasdaq down 65. we will follow the business news for you tomorrow morning in the open back up. the time is 4:45 am, a new report is now number one in the country for the biggest jump in home valley -- value depreciation in the last year. >> saying the despite unprecedented growth, they are seeing signs of a little softening in the market. >> reporter: moving day is especially exciting for this mother who recently purchased a
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home in santa clara. >> i'm going to become a grandmother at the end of august and i'm looking to watch the baby when i go back to work. the longtime bay area resident says she knows how much it has jumped. since her son and daughter bought a home 2 years ago. >> the realtor told it's -- told them is 1.8, up 450,000 dollars in 2 years. it's crazy, market is skyrocketing. >> reporter: topping the nation with the greatest home price appreciation within the last year.vae dropping $1.2 million. >> it has been a rough run if you are a buyer these days. >> and not surprised by the report. the senate be -- and a santa fe metro area, we saw 10 to 15, 20%
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increases on sales prices just an individual sales throughout january, february and march. >> reporter: this house on the market for $1.3 million would've sold a year ago for $200,000 less. marking a twin 9% increase in value. but several realtors say the red-hot marking housing has cooled a bit in the last six weeks. with more homes for sale, with jobs and listing prices. dickerson says the home she but was on the market two months and purchased for significantly last than asking. -- less than asking. >> a lot of it has to barkers - to the market. and i can finally get what i want and sell the house and they come on the market to high. >> reporter: but they said if the market continues it could be in -- bring relief for those looking to come into the
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market. accused of eliminating a key test as it raced to meet the production go pick have turned internal documents of the ceo ordering the employees at the fremont factory to skip a standard brake test. called the break and roll test to make sure the car is properly aligned. in a statement they said business insider every car goes through rigorous quality checks including brake test. it is 4:48 am, and because of the fourth of july holiday, typically there isn't a lot of traffic today. if there's any breaking traffic news we will get that to you. don't worry, we are keeping an eye on the cameras francisco. no free parking, no, i'm not kidding. do need to pay for your parking. street sweeping restrictions
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also being enforced today. kind of surprising. >> the local transit agencies on their sunday holiday schedule today? it begins a 8:00 this one. it will have longer an extra event trainings for the show and also running longer trainings on the springs line and getting ready for the is game at the coliseum. i do know if you pick the fairy art take the ferry, -- if you pick the ferry, they are on time mark. a bit of a breeze out there but today is probably one of the coolest days of the week. w caught one it will raise the fog bank, so not talking about dense fog at the service and helping the cruise -- the fire crews battle those blazes today. that is good news because we are expecting more moisture in
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the air and also cooler temperatures. skies becoming partly sunny this afternoon and the temperature range, 60s to the 70s. hurricane five io with winds of 105 miles an hour. have you ever met a five io? smack if you? >> there's another one. -- have you ever met a fabio? >> a few? >> there is another one. and possibly a few high clouds working array closer to the bay area by friday and a slight chance of thunderstorms to the south. maybe it would feel a bit muggy a few days away. at least for today, a cooling trend out there with the scattered low clouds grouping right now. the weather pattern in terms of the east bay and the north bay, santa rosa with call cover
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there. santa rosa right now mid-50s. oakland 59 and santa fe 58 degrees. off to a mild start this morning. here is the live camera looking out toward the flag here at the bay. we do have scattered low clouds back in the picture but not talking about dense fog. and that will definitely help the fire crews for today. temperatures about 62 to 65%. than the afternoon hours, reading only in the mid to upper 80s. the 90s and a bit of a breeze other. notice the direction of the wind arrows here and probably improvin days the improvement because they southwesterly flow and help push that smoke all of the bay area. here we are this morning and take this into the afternoon hours and the skies will be partly sunny with the clouds of
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regrouping just in time for the evening hours. by the way, not just san francisco with the fireworks so all scattered around the bay for this evening. the big one closer to san francisco, we had to add patchy fog clouds in the evening. temperatures in the upper 50s. forecast highs this afternoon, low 90s barely in the low 80s. for antioch in brentwood. here is a look ahead five day forecast and we will warm things back up by friday into the weekend. and mid to upper 90s, a reciprocal weather pattern where we have a heat up, hold on and then it heats back up. so nothing stays the same here. looks like we see it heating backup by the weekend. >> an interesting fact that people might not know. i was you had a photo. but dave clark used to take the trash out. with fabio.
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>> [ laughter ] >> okay so there's a connection. okay getting ready right now, this fourth of july a bay area legend will defend his title. he wolfs down 72 hotdogs. kenny set a new record today? -- can he set a new record today?
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welcome back toon 2, new claims of sexual assault after kevin spacey in the united kingdom. three more men told london police that he sexually assaulted them. and the claims go back to 1996. he has already been investigated for at least three other claims of sexual assault. the la district attorney is also looking at alleged evidence for an incident 1992. the faa rejecting the idea of setting minimum standards as a safety measure. now a group called flyers rights was fighting for more. and larger these days and the planes are cramped. that makes it difficult to evte and the ys it sees no immediate safety issues that requires new regulations. and also cited recent accidents
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-- in which passengers were able to evacuate. entity and some plans, it is as tight as 20 inches. the football team in oakland is one step closer to getting their championship ring. back in december you might remember the lawyers with the team 42-12 to be -- the consecutive trophy. but the donations are being collected yesterday. they donated $1000 to the cause. the time is 4:57 am, he is going to try to win his 11th contest. it is a fourth of july tradition. if you can eat the most hotdogs in 10 minutes un.
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and he scarfed down 72 hotdogs. >> the competition will be there and it will be warm. there's a heat wave going on and i will be spreading like a beast and i'm going to have fun. is the fourth of july and i'm willing to push myself to the limits. the women's competition starts at 7:50 am in the men's competition is that 9:00. i was talking about this in hawaii if you go. one is just plenty. we are coming up on the 5:00 hour, and of course we are celebrating the fourth of july holiday today. and richmond celebrated one day early, we will take you to their annual celebration and show you the special honor for
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the oldest living national park ranger.
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