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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 5, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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morning talk about local hours scattered around the bay. today, a little bit of a bump in the numbers. not too much working her way into the coast. san francisco from 64 to 67. 81-83 degrees. the main weather feature keeping us on the cool side over the past few days is the circulation spinning out to the west. this has been somewhat of a factor. this will begin to lose the grip of the bay area especially as we head towards the weekend. this morning, we keep our waking up a greater santa rosa and san francisco. lots of 50s. santa rosa and the lower 50s. walnut creek is 53. it looks like san jose and sfo the two warmer spot checking in round 60. here is the deal for today. the clouds this morning and skies becoming partly sunny. patty overcast near portions of the shoreline. the red counter with the links in the 90s. locations with 90 degrees or 60s
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to the 80s by 4 this afternoon yesterday. warmer tempera it is 6:01 and salas updating the roadways. if you have to go to work it should be okay. a little bit of a delay. compared to what you normally see on thursday, i think you will take it. the major issues driving through the area. also interstate 880 and oakland common traffic is moving well. the fire we talked about in oakland has never effected the freeway international boulevard . the shock of the community a 80 in fremont partners shortening trains today because of the later volume running a regular schedule some trains may be canceled because of the
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light ridership on thursday after the fourth. 6:01, let's go back to the desk. breaking news in oakland weren't early morning house fire has plead the planes. christien kafton is right there what is the latest about what we know about what happens there. >>reporter: a lot of the made it out safely. we are joined by oakland fire to tell us about the fire your initial reports were that people were trapped inside the home. >> one of our initial reports with that we had occupants still in the building upon our arrival. when we did show up we had heavy fire on the first and second for. fire units made an aggressive interior attack. we got hose lines in there and people up on the roof to get e re people in the ase some of buildingt in there and
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not a majority of the fire down and get an interior search and realize. >>reporter: one woman we understand was sent to the hospital with smoke inhalation with burn injuries. i asked you this before. anytime a fire happens around the fourth of july you cannot rule that out. at this point it is still under investigation. >> we had the investigation on scene. we do not rule anything out. they are interviewing all of the occupants. we are trying to figure it out and narrow it down. it is kind of a needle in the haystack as far as what we are doing. because it is difficult. with fires and buildings. >> your priority is making sure thnice enough to spend a few moments with us there. you got the basic information that insix people inside the house when the fire started. one and neighbor said the house
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just exploded in flames. he said that he thought one man run out of the home. unfortunately he thought the cats come running out, that was on fire. that gives her a sense of how dire the circumstances are. one woman was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation and burn injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we are live in oakland, christian captain. ktvu fox 2 news. more breaking news in oakland. another team of oakland firefighters is at the scene of this building fire. 44th avenue and international boulevard. firefighters told the photographer is started because of fireworks that were being set off from the roof. the business was not occupied. no injuries reported. dramatic video overnight. this shows a contra costa firefighters actively working on an early morning house fire in walnut creek. you can see the huge flame pouring on the name. in the neighborhood for north
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main street in leland. we understand the good news was have a house was not occupied. trial contrare tells us the house is a very old abandoned house. there is no electricity to the house so that is why the fire is being investigated as suspicious. neighbors reported seeing the fire after 1 a.m. flames were pouring out of the unoccupied single-story house on first avenue. was fully engulfed by the time firefighters arrived. crews were able -- unable to enter. they did have the fire out by 1:30. investigators searched the house to see if anyone had been inside of the time of the fire. pg&e was also cut out to the scene. contra costa county fire said that no one was injured. >>reporter: fireworks were being set off around the area and fire into whether or not fi contributed to this house fire.
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it was unoccupied. it has been abandoned for some time according to fire officials. and is still under investigation at this time as to whatexactly caused the fire. in walnut creek, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san bruno received 170 phone calls about illegal fireworks. 25 people were arrested. each suspect will be fined $1000. one person was charged with gun possession. san bruno police say 400 pounds of illegal fireworks were seized. police in san jose sent the fourth -- spent the fourth of july caused by illegal fireworks. there were making sure nothing got out of hand. they wrote at least one citation. >> he was writing a bottle rocket -- lighting a bottle rocket off. we gave him a citation for possession of fireworks. one man told his family he has been putting on a big fireworks show of his own for
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21 years. they say they tried to get a permit for the show, which they say last more than an hour but they say the city refused to issue a permit. he said they take precautions to keep people safe. the runway at san jose airport opening this morning. they were shut down last night because of the cities fireworks show. it was held at discovery meadow in downtown san jose and the faa was worried about the danger to planes for flying overhead. between uncle and 30 and 10 there were no takeoffs or landings. it only affected three commercial flights. the chp was also checking the roads for people watching the fireworks show while driving. >> you have a freeway traveling at 65 miles per hour. that is the expected speed for everyone else and you come to a shot. your focus is either to the front or to the side. it creates a very dangerous situation. part of highway 87 of downtown san jose was reviewed
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closed the fireworks show to make sure drivers did not stop to watch the fireworks. cooler weather is helping firefighters battled the fire near lake mary esther. it has burned 134 square miles. it is 27 percent contained. almost 3000 firefighters are there in napa battling the flame. some are literally going over every square foot of burned ground, looking for any hotspots. calfire now has a target date for full containment. >> we have an objective date of july 10 two of 100 percent containment of the fire. we will not call us 100 percent contained until there is zero chance of it escaping the containment lines. >> there has been high humidity overnight and temperatures are expected in the mid-80s. it is also supposed to heat up this weekend. the fire has been burning since saturday and they are hoping to gain more ground before the heat up this weekend. some people living near the
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fire zone are back home. the yellow -- yolo county sheriff lifted of it mandatory evacuation orders for the areas including east of the napa and yolo county line, to state highway 16 and south of county road 53, to state highway 128. a group of alameda county firefighters said the spending the independent safe holiday at the -- at the fire. they pose for a team photo. the healthy american flag. take a look. the team includes firefighters from oakland, hayward, and fremont. they are appreciated. knew this morning, man arrested and is facing drug charges after an early morning chase in the east bay. you are looking at video of the suspect's car moments after he was arrested. the chp says they spotted him about 3 a.m. going 100 miles per hour in pleasanton. 680 near castlewood drive. when the police tried to pull them over they say he slowed down to about 80 miles per hour but he never stopped. he was forced to pull over after hitting >> strips. police set up there
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are a bit boulevard in walnut creek. the police say they found methamphetamines and the car. they planned to test him for a possible dui. six: tennessee time. and the federal government do anything to do -- prevent school shooting. coming up, here why people are criticizing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell over his recent comments about it. visiting voters led to a visit by police. warned by someone calling 911 by lawmaker and are gone. we have a pretty decent drive to work. this is san francisco. a little bit of fog. traffic looking good into the downtown area. the fog since the fireworks show extending coverage so far this morning for your thursday. what that means for today with the changes headed our way by by the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. news agencies around the world being urged to observe a moment of silence for the five people killed last week in maryland at the capital gazette newspaper exactly one week ago, gunmen stormed the building in annapolis maryland. the 38-year-old suspect at a longtime five counts of murder and his being held without bail. senate majorityho
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shootings. >> i don't think at the federal level there is much we can do. we put a school safety measure and the big spending bill we did a couple of months ago. >> scooter -- he said that school shootings have become an epidemic and washington try to do more and ultimately he said is in the hands of the local government. president trump is asking his vice president to weigh in on some of the possible us supreme court nominees. there are reports this morning that mike pence is also meeting with some of the candidates. a person familiar with the search confirmed that mike pence is participating that would not -- but would not say which president. the president has spoken with seven possible nominees were chosen from a list of 25 names approved by conservative groups. mr. trump plans to ahis choice on monday. and african-american
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lawmaker in oregon says one of her own constituents called the police on her while she was canvassing in a neighborhood that she presents. state representative donal bynum said she was knocking on doors on tuesday afternoon. the sheriff's deputies said a woman called and reported the woman appeared to be spending a long time a houses in the area and appeared to be casing the neighborhood while she was on her phone. ms. bynum said she understood the woman concerns but felt the woman could've tried to talk to her first or contacting a neighbor to speak to her rather than calling the police. we wanted to check in with sal. i know there was a problem in stony point. that is a very busy area.a traf accident. traffic is lightly travel. there was a detour in place and
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it did not cause too much of a dam. there is -- let's go to the bay bridge. not too much of a jam. until just a few moments ago. just as we suspected, takes one thing on the bridge. there was a collision westbound 80 at fifth. three cars on the san francisco side of the bridge. it was beginning to backup traffic onto the stand. they turned those metering lights on now traffic is very slow. we always do the south arrow test. you can see you pick a car and it is going along slowly. will just stay right there for a while. if you are coming to the bay bridge toll plaza, of your down. let's move along and take a look at a 80. this continues to be lights. santa maria are dunbarton bridges, they are light. there almost holiday light. you may waad of using the bay bridge saving yourself time.
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let's bring mr. mark tamayo back. i think it would nor to hav directly at my car. but maybe you will be the lucky recipient over the next few days. this morning, as far as the commute we are talking about low clouds and fog. the clouds cleared out yesterday. this morning the clouds are hanging out coast side around the bay and even a few patches inlet. the sky becomes partly sunny. probably still stubborn patches near the coast later this afternoon and temperatures in the 60s to the 70s. the warmest locations back to the upper 80s. as far as the fire zone, the weather has been helping out the crews over the last few days. this morning a lot of moisture in the air. both the warming weather pattern will be an extra challenge over the next few days. today is not extremely hot. mid 80s and lower 90s. relative humidity values coming round 50 percent. no red flag warnings. still talking about warmer and drie for today and as we head toward the we can. the satellite showing you this weather system officer
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was adjusting yesterday to be one of the cooler days of the week and we will warm things up by a little bit today. not too much. here we go with the cloud pattern towards santa rosa. widespread santa rosa toward san francisco and san jose. even starting out thursday morning. current number showing his 50s on the board. sfo and san jose. with the two spots around 60 degrees. santa rosa, one of the cooler spot at 52. warming inland heading towards the weekend with the area of high pressure expanding and flexing the muscles over the next few days. that means more 90s by the weekend. around that comedy circulation was some moisture looking -- working closer to the bay area. this is moisture from what was once a hurricane is now a tropical storm. tropical storm fa be a. we are expecting more high clouds in your friday forecast and just with the nature of the system, the tropical system and a good feel muggy around friday.
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here is the forecast model shiday. more cloudsg in from towards friday. we could have the clouds scooting out later in the day tomorrow. forecast highs today doing 80s towards antioch and brentwood. san francisco 67. pacifica 62. it will actually send in a swell closer to the bay area. maybe some sneaker waves and soccer rip currents especially to the south facing beaches for today right through the weekend into saturday. here's a look at the five day forecast. we are heating things backup. thankfully we are kind of showing triple digits but possibly by sunday. we will feel muggy around tomorrow. let's get ready for the change. rescue
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are busy raising . children are still trapped this morning. the latest on rescuing a huge soccer team before they run out of time. what san francisco is doing to try to help people in the middle of a crisis.
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welcome back. happening today, the first woman will be inducted into the ufc hall of fame. rhonda rousey is a pioneer for women's mixed martial arts. she will be honored at a ceremony tonight in las vegas. she is the first woman to win a fight in the ufc. she went on to defend her title six times. she retired earlier this year. she now works for the wwe. congratulations to her. struck the city of san francisco is falling short on the promise to hire crisis workers to help avoid shootings by poljury report director public health barbara garcia has only hired three out of the five clinicians and psychologists that she said would make up a new crisis intervention specialist team. she made the announcement in december 2016.
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the team is supposed to be ready to respond around the clock to calls from police to help de-escalate situations. this is part of a series of reforms by late mayor adley after the marwood shooting in 2015. worker crews spent the night repairing a water leak in san francisco that forced the closure of one lane of mission street. the department of public works responded to 14th and mission at 2:30 wednesday afternoon. you can see the leak that created a small hole in the pavement. that led to concerns it could turn into a big sinkhole. the public works department blames at the lake on fire service equipment. former rustlers at ohio state university accused the teams former dr. of sexual abuse. the allegations are against dr. richard strauss who committed suicide in 2005. the former rustlers also blame someone else. congressman jim jordan who back in the 1980s and 1990s was an assistant coach on the team.
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the whistleblowers the jordan knew about the repeated's conduct, but did nothing about it. >> i never knew of any abuse from dr. strauss. it wasn't a comfortable joke that the doc wanted to give you a genital exam every time you saw him. slightly congressman said he is willing to talk to investigators but denies being contacted by them in the past. in illinois, two men are dead and five others are hurt including a pregnant woman after a big tree branch fell on them during the fourth of july fireworks show. this happened in rock island, illinois. the branch fell off of a tree that is more than 100 years old. several people tried to lift up the heavy tree branch.are trapped . >> looks like one of the trees on the courthouse lawn, one of the big oak trees, a large limb let loose and fell. >> a pregnant woman who was hurt was near full term with her baby when this happened. she was rushed to the hospital
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where she gave birth. she and her new baby are in good health. tonight, travis air force base in fairfield will have a high-tech fireworks display including 500 drones with tiny led lights synchronized to music. it was rescheduled for today because there wasn't too much wind yesterday and fire concerns as well. take a look at this. organizers say the technology is environmental friendly her version of a fireworks display. it could be seen three miles away. the best of you will be west of traverse air force base. the statue of liberty was evacuated yesterday on the fourth of july. coming up, more about this. the arrest and the political fallout from a growing protest.
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a good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> i am pam cook. thank you for making up with us at 6:30. coming up on the weeken it is still going to be pretty hot. hot inland. when i say fa you think that means. there is a fa be a part of the forcast over the next few days. we will talk about that. might be confused. have tropical storm fa be a spending to the south impacting the weather pattern.
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outside we have the typical low clouds and fog looking towards the transamerica pyramid toward san francisco bay. the fog has increased in coverage over the past four or five hours. a little bit of a bump and the numbers for today. san francisco is still in the 60s and san jose from 81 to 83. most of the inland warming. not much of the change. there is tropical storm fa be a. some of the cloud cover will be approaching tonight it could feel muggy because we are expecting changes not so much today but by thursday night and into friday. here we go with the low clouds hanging out near the shoreline right around the bay checking in on the current numbers. san jose 60 degrees. livermore 66. santa rosa and napa the cool scott -- spotted 52. san francisco at 54. looking out toward san francisco bay, it cleared out nicely last night looking for fireworks shows.
6:31 am
it could change over the next 4 to 6 hours. temperatures this afternoon ranging from the low 60s coast side. ormiston locations inland low 60s for the coast. upper 80s and around 90. we will update the weekend outlook in a few minutes. let's check in with sal. he has a look at the roadways. good morning. we may have a surprise. the bay bridge was alive but then there was a crash that blocked lanes for a time and a 5 hour. they cleared it, but traffic is flow. a normal day at the bay bridge, which is unusual because it had been light. now we have optional routes. if you want to drive down 880 to thelooks good. more people are getting on the san mateo bridge but it still is not that crowded. traffic is also looking good highway 101 through san mateo entity silicon valley commute we are off to a nice start.
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oakland firefighters are on the scene of a fire that destroyed a home early this morning. enforced the family out into the street. christien kafton is that live at the home. you have and talking to witnesses and firefighters in kristen. truck let's first have the good news. let everyone made it out of the fire alive. one person was taken to the hospital injured. we understand she has smoke inhalation and burn injuries. take a look at the oakland firefighters still inside the home. we are on hayes. kind of boulevard. just to give you a sense of where we are. firefighters are working to make sure there are no hotspots in the fire does not flare up again. we have video from earlier so that you can look like. when neighbor is telling us the fire exploded onto this home.
6:33 am
when they came initial 911 call said there were six people inside the home and perhaps not everyone had made it out. unfortunately they were able to confirm everybody did in fact make it out of the home okay which is remarkable considering just how fast witnesses say the fire spread.>> basically started with a fire on the porch in the front of the house. at the same time i saw a guy run out and no more than two seconds after he ran out after leaving the porch, it blew up behind him and went up in flames.>>reporter: six people in all were inside the home. all of them made it out alive. one woman taken to the hospital investigators are trying to examine how this fire may have started. with the fourth of july just being last night our questions i'll whether it could be
6:34 am
firework related. it is certainly one of the avenues that oakland fire inspectors are looking into the scene if perhaps the fire could have been started by fireworks or started some other way. that is under investigation. the good news is that everyone made it out of the fire alive. we are live in oakland christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. walnut creek. look at these pictures. contra county kelsey investigators -- contra costa county investigators looking at this house fire. 1 a.m. near mainstreet. people living nearby with did not know yet if that cause of the fire. investigators are treating this as suspicious because pg&e had turned off power to the house. and immigration protest that shut down deep statue of liberty as part of a new campaign to eliminate the ice agency. the movement is gaining momentum. as doug luzader reports from
6:35 am
washington, it is also threatening to divide opposition to the president. immigration and customs enforcement is facing a lot of blowback after the separation of families along the southern border to and this could rapidly become a big issue for the midterm elections. truck was an unexpected fourth of july spectacle at the statue of liberty. torres were evacuated as police were ever able to eventually apprehend a woman that climbed label that liberty is a protest against law enforcement. and i.c.e. immigration customs enforcement isly the target of those but up with the administration's approach to the border. began on the far left but started to gain traction even among democrats and congress. >> we need to rebuild our immigration system from top to bottom. starting by replacing i.c.e. with something that reflects
6:36 am
the morality. >> it is creating a comfortable divide among democrats. many democratic leaders are not willing to join the calls to abolish i.c.e. >> people are upset on what was going on with with immigration of the country. calls to abolish i.c.e. placeholder to reform the system. >> placeholder or not this may play right into the law and order platform president trump keeps returning to. >> here democrats saying we want to abandon i.c.e. we want -- we are not abandoning i.c.e. and we are not abandoning our law enforcement. just the opposite. >> this has become a public relations campaign as well. the sive in describing exactly what i said that -- i.c.e. does. doug luzader, fox news. protesters against president trump immigration policy are continuing their demonstration at the i.c.e. offices in they called their independence
6:37 am
day protest the block i.c.e. block party. about 100 people participated. activist with occupy sf i.c.e. started campaigning outside of the building monday. they are demanding the immigration and customs enforcement agency be abolished. demonstration was not part of the independence day resistance. >> we see this is not a just society and it is our duty to stand up and fight for a socialist system -- society that enshrines rights for people. >> happened and it caused some of the streets to be shutdown. >> posted this message on twitter. eight immigrants signed the declaration of independence. she added our nation must not lose our commitment to the values and blazon of the statue of liberty. give me your tired, your poor,
6:38 am
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. firefighters in napa spent the night watching for flareups after a grass valley flared up. people to live and work in the area that i heard and saw fireworks in the area. near a homeless camp yesterday afternoon charlie before the fire system. -- started. if asked would and gas station shutdown while the flames were put out. it was the first time in four days in napa was not covered in smoke coming from wildfires in the idea of another wildfire just months after the wildfires what has a lot of people >> it is not if it will happen it is when it will happen. it will happen again. of smoky conditions. nerves were on edge. >> it took firefighters a couple of hours to put out the
6:39 am
flames. the poni fire still burning is now 90 percent contained. they hope to have a fully contained. it has burned 15,000 acres. people living in a subdivision who had to evacuate are now being allowed to go back home. the french government anti- smoking campaign appears to be working. the health ministry of france reports a number of daily smokers has dropped by 1 million in the last year. 12.20 people still smoke everyday comparing to 14 percent who smoke. they recently pictured -- put pictures of deceit longs on the packs of cigarettes. they raised taxes to the equivalent of three dollars a pack. the two men at the center of the ghost ship warehouse fire are headed to prison.
6:40 am
coming up, the great case against the city of oakland comedy buildings owners and pg&e. a very busy morning for firefighters. the very latest of several fires including at least one that may have been started by illegal fireworks.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. officials in thailand trying to rescue 12 young boys and their soccer coach trapped inside of a flooded cave. as you can imagine it will not be easy. they have been trapped for almost two weeks. more than a mile under the ground. their health is getting worse. it is dark and cold and it is flooded. making things worse is a huge rainstorm in the forecast. rescuers essay getting to the entrance of the cave is hard, even for a healthy, experienced diver. >> we will try our best to bring the boys out as soon as possible. when the boys health is good enough we will get them out. like the crews are also trying to drain the water from the flooded cave. you the some of the young men they have been pumping out water for days. if water levels are low enough, they may be able to simply walk out. 2 investigators following
6:44 am
up on what is next. the plea deal in the ghost ship fire case. we have learned that both men criminally charged will provide information to the larger civil case. 2 investigate brooks road looks at the city of oakland repeated legal effort to get dropped from the case entirely. freeing the city from the responsibility. >>reporter: attention is shifting from the ghost ship criminal case to a civil case. >> the civil -- city of oakland watch this entire situation with the ghost ship fire happened there were 300 warehouses just like ghost ship. thousands of people exposed to the warehouse is in danger. and it is only because of luck that mark tragedy did not happen. >> the city of oakland comedy buildings owners and pg&e called out for negligence. >> years and years of being in the building and knowing it was a death trap and doing nothing. under the law, they had their mandatory duty to do something.
6:45 am
because they didn't, we feel they bear responsibilities for the fire. >> the city has fired back filing in court it should be three responsibility including the state determined sitting for liability for failing to inspect the property. attorney bobby thompson represents the buildings families and says with the city learns of a life-saving -- issue it must act.>> doesn't make sense that holding a building inspector could see that there are no smugglers in the building. i do not think so. i think any person, a firefighter who is actually trained to inspect buildings can see that there is no sprinkler system and the building is dangerous. or that a fire exit is blocked. it doesn't take a building inspector to notice these life safety issues. >>reporter: records show firefighters and police officers have been to the ghost ship on many occasions. last year 2 investigates also uncovered a backlog of 1000
6:46 am
building inspections that oakland failed to perform, violating state law. the city promised it was overhauling the inspection program and hiring more people to get buildings up to code. >> we welcome to the public to question how we are doing things. to look at our processes and procedures because we have to preserve public safety and we are committed to doing that. >>reporter: the city is also looking at the potential legal loopholes claiming here that it would be impossible for local governments to formally inspect and abate every hazardous condition for itself on private property. what they are trying to do has no basis on the law. it has no case law. no precedent to support it. it is a novel theory seeking skirt responsibilities under the law. >>reporter: civil attorneys argue that the does have a mandatory duty to inspect once they have learned of a safety issue. oakland claims that is not what the law says but the city in san francisco filed paperwork
6:47 am
in the civil case backing up the city of oakland's position. berkshire rose, ktvu fox 2 news. turning to a lighter note. happening today, musical filled san francisco golden gate park it is the annual botanical gardens family display. there are 12 pianos scattered throughout the ground for anyone to tickle the ivories. there were also be scheduled professional performances through july 16. i expect you to head out there. but even people who cannot play. >> they definitely do not want to hear me play. the botanical gardens are gorgeous. i love that. let's check in to see what is coming in the next hour of mornings on 2. when i join you we will welcome barbara lee to the studio this morning. the talk she is considering running for one of the top spot in a
6:48 am
democratic party. we will ask about her intentions and what she thinks the democratic party needs to do differently in the lead up to the midterm elections. if you've ever tried to cancel a substance and you know that you can spend a lot of time on the one 800 numbers that you have to call to do so. now, a new law is in effect. it should make it easier to get out of of agreement that you have made anything from a digital music service to a meal plan we will ask lane what is different and what the company has to spell out for you. so many of us get drawn in by a first free month of our, try to first two weeks three and before you know you have to hurry up and cancel. i will see you in minutes with these stories and more. since steph curry and his wife are celebrating his the first son will be canon w. jack curry. born on monday yesterday. the curry family shared the
6:49 am
photos on social media. the baby can and will join his big sisters, riley and ryan. i also found it incredible. aisha curry took the photo of the two girls holding the baby boy. adding to her many talents. congratulations i would like to welcome them to the royal family. >> maybe another basketball player.>> all three of them are playing basketball. let's go up and take a look at what we have. 80 westbound parking is bridge to the macarthur 80 minutes. that is a little later than usual. when you get to the bay bridge, a backup now. it was kind of dissipating. it is dissipating a little bit but there was a crash on the bridge. that is why there is a backup to begin with. i think it will take a while to dissipate but i also don't believe it will be like a
6:50 am
normal thursday. i think we are in better shape as long as there are number crashes on the bridge. this is a look at interstate 880 n. and south. a nice-looking drive. san mateo and belmont bridges are pretty good for you to use to get across the bay in case you do not now at 6:50 let's bring mark tamayo and. good morning. we're talking about more low clouds and fog. the cloud cleared out nicely for the fireworks shows. we are waking up to more overcast to start off the thursday morning, july fit and a little bit of a bump in the numbers. nothing major. we will keep it cool near thefe close to 80. a tropical storm to the south sending in high clouds heading towards it tonight and into friday. scattered clouds blanketing a good portion of the bay area from santa rosa to san francisco down towards san jose. we will check in on the current numbers most areas in the 50s
6:51 am
and a couple of 60s. and san jose. walnut creek is 53. in fairfield it is 54. lots of gray to start off thursday. mostly cloudy skies. what is interesting is the cloud deck is beginning to come down a little bit. that means the fog is depressing and we have warming happening up above. that is all happening because the sky is starting to build to the state. an area of high pressure will warm up inland. especially by the weekend. here is the tropical storm. tropical storm fa be a was sent high clouds by tonight and into friday. it will also set up an environment that could be muggy. humid conditions in your friday forecast. in addition, we will have some energy in the pacific moving in from the south. we could have building a surf and waved around 5 to 8 feet especially for south facing beaches. a lot of energy being directed and from the south. just be extra careful heading
6:52 am
to the coastline for today. tomorrow and saturday. for this morning, the clouds across a good portion of the area and as we take this into friday, some higher clouds are streaming in from the south and west. that is why it could be a bit buggy for the friday forecast. clouds will gradually kick out later in the day on friday. the forecast ties this afternoon, santa rosa is 81. san francisco is still in the 60s. not much of a warm-up for the bay. once again, these guys are becoming partly sunny this afternoon. san jose is 83. in gilroy it is approaching the mid-80s. the five day forecast with more high clouds for friday and will continue to heat up inland this weekend. the hottest days could be sunday and monday. summer is here. any families are just trying to cool off. coming up, the reason the risk of drowning is significantly higher for someone in particular and what can be done to keep them safe. a lady liberty mix up.
6:53 am
the multimillion dollar payout for an artist. for --
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6:55 am
welcome back. throughout the bay area we are getting calls about illegal fireworks. last night in oakland you could see a steady stream of illegal fireworks and it looks like a professional so out there. this is all along the oakland skyline. we saw this from our rooftop
6:56 am
camera and jack london scared looking towards the oakland hills. u.s. postal service have to pay $3.5 million for an error a forever stamp featuring lady liberty in 2011. instead of showing the famous landmark, they actually featured image of the liberty replica at the new york new york casino las vegas. the sculptor who created the biggest design sued for copyright infringement. his attorneys argued payment was undeniably different from the original. more freshfaced, sultry, and even sexier than the actual statue of liberty. the new ultra cut subscription service. the video streaming company says the new service would let your videos watch on portable devices at the same time. is already an option under the premium plan. the price is $14. altar would be $20. that flex is not think that he
6:57 am
was would get for the money but it does say it is testing different price points and features to better understand what is users value. the user plan may not be permanent. for children with autism, accidental drowning is one of the leading causes of death. reporter james rose talk to experts about what attracts children to water and how to keep them safe. >> e itsy-bitsy spider. >>reporter: all three of these mothers have one thing in common. children with nonverbal autism. children who are prone to wander off at a moments notice. with a coit that causes them to be drawn to water. according to the national autism association, the children are 160 times more likely to drown. >> being drawn to the water, everybody knows what it is that is attracting them but that is something a physical comfort that we know that kids many times will feel with autism.
6:58 am
>>reporter: ú-- dr. sally friar dietz has worked with autism children for nearly 30 years. >> water is calming. it is like being wrapped in a blanket or pool therapy. >>reporter: she says that pool therapy can be life saving. just ask sherry kraft. >> my fear of him being in water is completely gone. >>reporter: this is video of six-year-old hayden learning self rescue. his class was swimming in a pool for 10 minutes a day, every day for six weeks. he learned instinctively how to look up to breathe and flow. >> hayden had done regular swim lessons for a couple of years. until he did these isr lessons where it was very specific to him learning swim and come afloat, swim. 12 hayden can now swim, float, and swim until he is able to get to the side of the pool, and by the loimportant this is.
6:59 am
jordan taught hayden how to swim and also have a six-year- old boy who is autistic named jackson. >> these kids do not have words, but they can develop the skills to give them an extra two seconds. that is the difference between faceup and facedown. >> james rose, fox news. following breaking news in oakland. we will have the latest on a two alarm house fire. why the fire is proving to be extra difficult for crews. the contra costa county fire investigators investigating an early-morning house fire in walnut creek. the latest details are coming up.
7:00 am
all week long it is beginning to lose its grip a little bit for today right now we have overcast from santa rosa to san francisco down toward hayward and fremont and san jose numbers, lots of 50s you can see some in the lower spots they've warmed up one degree from 60 to 61 degrees. concorde reports 56 degrees we have the overcast out there this afternoon skies becoming


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