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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 10, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us. >> there will be more protests in response to president trump's announcement of a supreme court nominee. doug luzader joins us now live on capitol hill where this morning, judge brett expected t
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with senators. >> reporter: good morning. and the selection of brett kavanaugh is not exactly a shock. we have known he was on the top of the president's derail the nomination. it was loud and at times out of control outside the u.s. supreme court. the pro-esters for and against a nomination just announced. >> tonight it is my honor and privilege to announce that i will nominate judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court. >> reporter: president trump had built up anticipation for this moment as brett kavanaugh and his family emerged at the white house. the federal appellate court judge promising to faithfully interpret the constitution. >> a judge must interpret the constitution as written informed by history and tradition and precedent. >> reporter: the speed of the opposition was something to see. about seven minutes after the announcement, outside the court, protesters hung a
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printed sign that said stop kavanaugh. about six minutes after that. the democratic committee put out an antikavanaugh video. the women's march denounced him but forgot to replace an xx place holder with his name. >> i am not going to kid anybody. this is a tough fight. but it is a fight that we can win clam. >> reporter: as for kavanaugh, his record as a judge is relatively lengthy, giving the senate plenty of material to go through. the margins will be very tight in the senate. >> the white house has made it clear they want to get it down by october 1st. things will have to start happening quickly here. pam and dave -- >> last tin
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collins and lithey said anythin this nomination? >> reporter: just putting out statements that they'll consider the nominee. this is not the most conservative candidate that the president could have gone with so he may win over the republican moderates. and if that's the case, the republicans may be able to do this all by themselves. happening today, more than 50 young immigrant children separated from their families at the mexican border are expected to be reunited with their parents. the children impacted by the deadline are all under the age of five. they've been held by the government for weeks now. a federal judge rejected the administration's attempt to keep detains the families in
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long-term facilities. background checks are still underway trying to confirm the relationship between the adults and the children. the government is facing a july 26th deadline to reunite older children with their parents. days after he said he was denied access -- he toured a facility in his district where two migrant girls are being housed. the two teenage girls are separated from their families and are being kept at a home in pleasant hill along with 23 other unaccompanied minors. he was able to speak to the two girls and they seemed shy but they have been able to talk to their parents on the phone. the facility appears to be well run. >> i think the staff there -- my instincts tell me they are doing a good job. the problem is not in the facility. the problem is in the washington, d.c. and the actions by the president of the
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united states. >> he said there's no word on when the two girls will be goin to talk about the weather. and it felt wayou. >> too dang hot. and i just heard from robert, one of our viewers, who lives in livermore with no air- conditioning. he agrees with me, too dang hot. >> it's july, what do you want? >> i want a cool july as well. >> it looks pretty warm to hot. the next couple of days should ratchet down a little bit. the tropical moisture which went crazy. lasvegas, southern california desert. and over to yuma, a massive dust storm. it was impressive. it was all over twitter. we do have some of the cloud cover in the santa clara valley. not a lot. a system to the north is preventing that.
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the flow there is out of the southwest. you need more of an east, southeast. there's a cutoff line about santa clara valley south. that seems to be the line. 70s for some and 50s and 60s for others. vallejo, 60. 51 and 52 in bodega bay. and there's just not much of a breeze. it's on shore and that's barely. twelve is not much. you can see how the cloud cover -- so close by. i think the flow won't allow it to make it. we're just on the cusp there of think they'll out of there. 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. 4:36 and you're looking at your
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screen. we have some breaking news here. and i'm going to try to get it on the screen here. there's a fire of a building burning in oakland. we can see it from our camera. and we see white smoke. the 5200 block of international boulevard. and international boulevard will be affected with fire crews. the smoke is coming up there but it looks like the smoke has died down. i want to show you where it is. let me see if i can advance my maps to oakland here. it's right here in oakland on international boulevard as you head down. so this area is going to be blocked. you need to stay away from the area if you can. shore freeway. s go to the east traffic is moving well. that includes solano county traffic. and if you're getting to the
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bay bridge, traffic is moving well. 4:37, back to you. new details from san francisco where opening statements began in a lawsuit filed against monsanto. duane johnson is suing monsanto claiming his cancer was caused by roundup made by monsanto. he's 46 years old. and worked as a grounds keeper for the benicia school district and often used roundup. lawyers argued that roundup has a 40 year record of safety. >> the evidence is overwhelming. the scientific evidence is overwhelming. these products do not cause cancer and did not cause mr. johnson's cancer. if a chemical company sells a
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product and they know or suspect that product can cause cancer, they have to warn. they have to give us a choice. >> reporter: this case is expected to set a precedent. there are 4000 other people claiming they too got cancer from roundup. firefighters are getting a handle on the fire north of lake bare yet that. it's 75% contained and cal fire expects full containment thursday. well known activist erin brockovich is trying to help victims of the fires in the wine country. she made a name for herself years ago fighting pg&e. >> this company doesn't follow rules. >> reporter: erin brockovich whose battle against pg&e was
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made into a movie -- taking on the company again. >> it's been a 27 year experience of the same repetitive corporate behavior. time and time again. >> reporter: she's teaming with a law firm suing pg&e on behalf of residents who lost their homes in the fire. they are trying to stop two proposed bills that they say would let pg&e slide when it comes to the fires. >> now pg&e back door deal is going to get them off the hook one more time. >> reporter: the destruction by the wildfires is estimated at $15 billion. some lawmakers worry about the financial stability. assembly bill 33 would allow pg&e to pay damages through state bonds. >> i think it would be a very
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sad day if we give them another pass. >> pg&e said the much does not absolve them from responsibility. instead it takes a balanced, common sense approach. this man lost a home in fountain grove in santa rosa. >> why is that fair for somebody living in santa cruz right now to have to pay for what pg&e did in santa rosa? it just doesn't make sense to me. >> reporter: the other bill would require utilities to submit disaster plans every two years. but critics say it could potentially lead to higher rates. state lawmakers could vote on the the end is 4:41. a major court ruling involving
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the -- reservoir. what the court decided about restoring it to its natural state. their seats. d giants fans on a recap of the game that went into extra innings.
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welcome back. we do continue to follow that breaking news in oakland. sal was just talking about it.
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take a look at the live camera. a fire is burning on international boulevard near 52nd avenue. this is a live picture from our tower camera at jack london square. you can see the fire there sort of in the middle of the screen. we do have a crew on the scene. there's a map showing you the fire. and we're going to check in with our reporter for an update in the next 15 minutes, and sal is keeping an eye on any effects this is going to have on traffic. the semifinal matchup takes place this morning. at 10 a.m. it's world cup live. after that at 11 a.m. france and belgium will play for a trip to the finals. both of those squads came in ce to win the whole tournament. we'll have the match right here on ktvu while the noon news will continue on ktvu plus during the match. ktvu is helping to host a
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viewing party today at san francisco's sue beerman park across the street from the ferry building. there'll be soccer games, a rock wall. face painting, food trucks. admission is free. ktvu anchors will be out there. >> sal and i will do it on sunday, on sunday, yes. >> it's a free event. should be a lot of fun. >> very nice. the giants -- guess what? they beat the cubs. nt reras. he's going dirt. >> base hit! this game is over! >> pablo sandoval, a great game for him. the giants are three games out of first place with a week until the all star break.
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same two teams tonight. >> how about the oakland a's? they beat the astros in houston 2-0. >> the first six innings. left field. crawford-- gone. >> steven persico tee put the a's on the scoreboard. these two teams play again tonight. it is 4:47. went to check in with sal. you're keeping an eye on the fire in oakland. is it affecting traffic? >>s the affecting international boulevard near 52nd. that's a good area to avoid. we have a crew on the way. this area here, i'll put the
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indicator here to stay away from. ac transit should be rerouting. let's move along to the tracy commute. and you can see 580 is slow. so is 205 as you come over the altamont pass to livermore. and also going to see traffic at the dublin grade getting congested but not stop and go. this is 880 oakland north and south. and traffic is moving well up to the bay bridge toll plaza. and there's a little bit of a backup. looks like it's in the left lanes. other than that, looks pretty good. the traffic pictures are clear. i don't see any fog that's going to get in your way as a driver. >> unless it's highway 1. that would be it. san mateo coast. otherwise, you're correct. the monsoon moisture going crazy in las vegas and arizona from phoenix to yuma and also
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into southern california. we're-- santa clara valley gets a little bit. the system to the north is preventing it from coming in. and it just clip it is sierra nevada as well. probably a better opportunity thursday and friday. 50s to 70s on the temps. san jose, 64. brentwood, 76. berkeley, 61. we are running warmer by anywhere from three to 7 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. if you are getting ready to take the dog out. probably don't need a jacket. 60 at stanford. 60 los altos. and hayward and union city at 60 as well. there's not much of a breeze. and yesterday pretty good one. and temperatures were in the upper 90s to 100 for some. 55 in monterey.
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and 72 in santa barbara. and the cloud cover will fire up the thunderstorm activity. lasvegas down to the desert. and also into arizona. they need the rain. record rain in phoenix yesterday. almost a half inch of rain. you can see right there just missing, just south. except for a patch or two of fog. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, near 100 degrees. it looks like the fog wants to creep back tomorrow. we'll take that to thursday. and except for the tropical clouds, might make it a little on the muggy side which makes people very happy. >> let's say tropical. we prefer tropical over muggy. >> tropical. time is 4:50. she worked alongside kevin spacey. and now she's speaking out.
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it's nutrition that fits my healthy life. ice cream inspired iced coffee is here at dunkin' in the flavors you love, cookie dough, pistachio and butter pecan. and now, enjoy any medium iced coffee for $1.50. america runs on dunkin'. welcome back. a 5-month-old body survived bei mother's boyfriend. deputies found the baby boy buried under a pile of sticks and bebrie on saturday. he was taken to a hospital and
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is in good condition. the baby was in the care of his mother's boyfriend, 32-year-old francis crowley when he went missing. he was threatening people with a gun before taking off with the baby. he's been arrested. in the united kingdom. the man whose name and face became synonymous with brexit is stepping down. he's upset that britain plans to maintain trade ties with the european union. david davis also stepped down, citing the same reason. theresa may faced the british parliament and outlined the plan for brexit to happen eight months from now. >> mr. speaker, this is the right -- leaving the european in 2019. a complete end to free movement taking back control of our
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borders. >> 64% of britains do not trust theresa may to run brexit negotiations. robin wright talking about kevin spacey, her former costar on house of cards. he was accused of sexual assault several times. robin wright says they never socialized and they were more coworkers than friends. she hasn't heard from him since the scandal broke. he was first accused october and people accused than 15 men hav allegations against kevin spacey. harvey weinstein is free to yesterday he was back in a new
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york city courtroom facing a third charge of sexual assault. what's next? >> reporter: harvey weinstein answering to new sexual assault charges. prosecutors say he forced himself on a woman in 2006. he pled not guilty just as he did when previously arraigned on charges, including two charges of rape. >> any suggestion that mr. weinstein raped anyone is a ludicrous suggestion and mr. weinstein has vigorously denied that suggestion. sexual misconduct by 75 women. he became a symbol of men abusing positions of power. and united the me too movement. gloria allred represents the woman at the center of the
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allegations. she says her client will testify. >> are you ready to state unequivocally that mr. weinstein is ready to take the witness stand and testify as well? >> weinstein remains free on bail, awaiting trial though his lawyer expects additional charges could be coming. it's coming up on the 5:00 hour. voters said yes but one group is now saying no. what we're learning about a lawsuit against the toll authority over the recent toll hike and how it could potentially delay the measure three program. a 2-year-old fell out of a second story window in antioch. up next, the latest on his condition.
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add the activia 2 week probiotic challenge to your healthy routine and see how activia yogurt with its billions of live and active probiotics may help support your digestive health so you can take on your day. start the activia probiotic challenge today. it works or it's free! a firefighter was injured and nine people are displaced after a fire tore through this iconic building in san francisco. and just within the last few minutes, we learned that all 12 boys and their coach have been successfully rescued from the cave in thailand. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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>> that's really good news. they are being transported to the hospital. and we'll get as much information as we can in just a bit. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, tuesday morning, july 10th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we do have developing news. >> let's go to the details in thailand. all 12 boys and their coach have been rescued from a cave, ending that ordeal that lasted more than weeks. today's high risk divers and a medical team. heavy rains earlier in the day have cleared. they were really worried about the weather and that helped rescuers. they were worried that monsoon rains could endanger the rescue efforts. in the past -- they are being tested for infections from


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