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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 20, 2018 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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. 17 people are now dead after a duck boat capsized in a lake. now investigators are blaming the weather for the accident. >> reports of a secret recording of the president discussing payment to an explayboy model.. >> and another new movie putting the city of oakland on the map as a new film blind spotting opens in select theaters. >> good afternoon. let's start with the very latest out of missouri. that's where the death toll is at 17 after a duck boat capsized in table rock lake in the town of branson. it was carrying 29 passengers and two crew when it overturned. the crew member operating the boat died. the captain survived. of the 14 survivors seven are hurt. matt finn has more on the investigation and the conditions that officials believe caused the deadly
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accident. >> its been a long night, long morning. >> reporter: a thunderstorm turns a boat tour into a deadly disaster. many are dead after a duck boat carrying tourists capsized and sank. several others are still missing with first responders, including missouri state patrol divers resuming the search friday morning. >> lot of the wind started to pick up. all the sudden we saw the staff running back and forth with life jackets, just trying to do their best to try to figure out where this is. >> reporter: the incident happened when the boat took a direct hit from a fast moving storm. survivors and witnesses describing a severe thunderstorm that came on with little warning, forcing crew to act fast. >> there were employees of the branson bell that jumped in and helped and passengers that were getting on the branson bell. >> reporter: the national weather service said wind speeds topped 60 miles an hour. police are crediting the work
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of first responders including the boat company security team for rescues so many when it started to sink. for now the focus remains on search and rescue and they say they won't stop until everybody is accounted for. >> we at a state will do everything with in our power to make sure they have the resources they need to come to a conclusion on the incident. >> reporter: the president is also monitoring the situation, tweeting his sympathies to the families and friends of the victims. in chicago. matt finn. here in the bay area police are asking for help in finding a missing 5-year-old girl. police say that the 5-year-old is with her father. she is not believed to be in danger. authorities say he did not return her to her mother at the time they agreed too and that violates their custody agreement. they were last seen in oakland. police have issued a warrant for his arrest. anyone with information is urged to call the police. oakland police chief and mayor said they are taking
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steps to rebuild trust between police and the community. during a town hall yesterday the police chief explained how the department is making changes to address racial problems. she said they are using data from stanford researchers to see how often officers stop and question people. the data has shown a difference between traffic stops with african americans compared to other groups. the chief said that officers are now required to focus on behavior and not race during traffic stops. >> we have stopped the last six months, 3,000 fewer african americans. >> these numbers, though, are a responsibility measure. it lets us demonstrate this is the baseline and we are going to hold ourselves responsible. >> until the officers put in what they learn in the streets and that's the only way change can. >> reporter: the chief said her mission is to eliminate bias from the department by changing
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the culture and the thinking. east bay leaders want the warriors to pay up before they go to san francisco. they map to move to the chase center in san francisco in 2019. officials from alameda and the city of oakland are demanding that the team pay $40 million in outstanding bonds, established in the90s to finance renovations. they spend seven million dollars a year paying down that debt. the warriors are inviting arbitration, a hearing that could last a week starts monday. happening today the trump administration and the aclu are due back in court to discuss reuniting families. >> reporter: both parties will be in court in downtown san diego in about an hour and a half. we are talking aclu attorneys and attorneys for the trump administration. now the judge in this case -- has made sure to have frequent
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updates by the government attorneys just making sure that everything is still going okay and that the children are being reunited. according to a court filing yesterday, over 2,000 children between ages five and 17 were separated from their parents along the united states southern border. we are told from that group, 364 have been reunited. right now the trump administration is having a hard time determining which parents are eligible for a speedy reunification. a judge last month ordered all children to be back with their parents by next thursday. that date is the 26th. that deadline is looming right now. the aclu which did sue to reunit the families said it had yet to receive critical information from the government including a list of those parents who had been deported or had final removing orders making them eligible for deportation.
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as we are in front of the courthouse here in downtown san diego, this hearing should be taking place soon, with in the next hour and a half. we will update you guys as soon as we know more. in san diego. eric richards. now to new details on the investigation into the president's personal lawyer. he reportedly says he secretly recorded the president discussing a payment to a former playboy model who said she had an affair with him. it was made before the 2016 election. the fbi seized it earlier this year during a raid on his office. the trump lawyer said that the president did discuss payments to karen mcdougal but said a payment was never made. the justice department is investigating cohen to for paying women to stay quiet about embarrassing stories about the president. moscow is ready to discuss a possible visit by putin to
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washington. the secretary of state is weighing in on allegation that the president has dirt on president trump. >> reporter: russia's ambassador saying they are open to discussing a possible visit by putin to the white house. the white house announced their plans to extend the invitation just days after both presidents met in finland. the decision caught the top intelligence officer by surprise. dan coats said that he will make sure that the president is a ware of the risks involved with such a meeting. >> we will look at what the potential intelligence risks could possibly be and make that information known to the president. >> reporter: a senator tweeted if anything approximate you inshould be indicted, not invited. the president seeing it differently. in an interview he defended his
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relationship with putin. >> getting along with president putin, getting along with russia is a positive, not a negative. with that being said if that doesn't work out i will be the worst enemy he has had. >> reporter: the secretary of state also pushed back on criticism, particularly allegation that putin has dirt on the president. >> i think those allegations are ridiculous. this administration has been relentless in its efforts to deter russia from its bad behavior. we inherited a situation where russia was running all over the united states. >> reporter: putin met with george w bush here at the white house in 2005. reporting at the white house. a professor was caught in the fall out from the summit. michael mcfaul teaches political science. he was the united states ambassador to russia under president obama and he has criticized putin. just before the summit the justice department indicted 12
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russian agents. president putin said he would let the united states talk to them if the kremlin could interrogate americans including mcfaul for unspecified crimes. the president called it incredible but the administration has since rejected it. >> sort of comes across to me about this is that putin is a man who has personal obsessions and those obsessions include his enemies. >> the senate approved a resolution telling the president that it can't allow moscow interrogate any current or former diplomats. mcfaul said thank you for all your support. still ahead the nfl called time out on its new national anthem policy. why they won't punish players after all. >> another beautiful day around the bay area. we have a bit of monsoon moisture entering the bay for your afternoon. we will look at the current
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conditions and what you can expect coming up.
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. new information about the nfl's national anthem policy. the nfl has decided to postpone the start of that policy. the decision comes after the dolphins were criticized for saying player woulds be suspended to they kneeled during the anthem. its nfl said it wouldn't
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enforce punishments for several weeks. two months ago the nfl announced plans to fine the team ifs players don't stand while on the field during the anthem. the movement was started by collin kapernick. some of the first showings of a new movie featuring the city of oakland are playing right now. the movie was filmed in oakland and it features some iconic landmarks. lee martinez is by the grand lakes theater with more on a surge of movies that have put oakland on the map. kwame. oakland has been the museum for several movies this year. it was the opening scene of black panther, it was in sorry to bother you and now in blind spotting. from what we hear it is almost like a character itself in the
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movie. it's a buddy film about two men who meant at berkeley. the two started writing it in 2009 after oscar grant was killed by a bart police officer. it's about two best friends, one was three days left on probation when he witnesses a police officer shoot an unarmed black man. they then navigate the next few days together. the film explores race, friendship and the changing economic and social make up of oakland. oakland being a big part of the story is the reason for the draw for the first showing at noon. >> it's fun to see parts of oakland in movies like places -- here and places i have walked through. e. the movie based on oakland. if it's about my city i got to come check it out. >> reporter: and if you come back out here live i'm in between the two posters that feature oakland in their
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movies. blind spotting and sorry to bother you. the first showing here in the grand lake theater here in oakland is at noon. there's another showing at 12:45. it opens nationwide june 27th. in oakland. lee martinez. fox 2news. >> i love it. oakland in the spotlight. thank you so much lee martinez. oak. oakland also under a lot of sunshine. rosemary is highlighting changing weather patterns. >> yeah. we have some pretty weather in the forecast for today with temperatures ranging the mid60s to the mid-90s. the low clouds burning away. we have a change in cloud cover coming our way. it adds monsoonal moisture working back in to the area. here is a beautiful view of san francisco. here is another of sfo. san francisco right now in the west edge reporting a low 60s. lost that shot, and it came back. 74 right now in areas over santa rosa, oakland reporting 72. livermore already a warm day
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for you. upper 80s, san jose at 81. we continue with the microclimate in place. the state, we have that fog right up along the coastline. over the sierra, the possibility of thunderstorms for the weekend. if you are traveling to the sierra, maybe going to be on the lake or doing some hiking or backpacking, 30 to 40% chance of thunderstorms saturday and sunday. for the rest of us this moisture, also streaming in through southern california and into our area for the afternoon today. we have just a very slight chance at thunderstorms. especially for the higher elevations. we will track that for you. it's a slim one. it is there. here is a look at some of that low cloud cover. i have a three hour time l aps e and you can see this morning is widespread. it's pulled back and now we are partly cloudy, mostly clear for most. have just a little bit right along the east bayshore. from areas stretching through richmond, berkeley, emoryville and oakland. as we come over toward the west
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we have the golden gate bridge still covered in cloud cover. look at how.pulled back from the coast. areas like pacifica and half moon bay. then into santa cruz a nice enjoyable day for you with partly cloudy, mostly clear skies. afternoon highs, 60s expected in the city of san francisco, for the east bayshore low to mid-70s. the inland areas will be warm. low 80s to low 90s. for the east bay -- then some of the hotter spots 96 expected for brentwood. south bay for the afternoon. 84 for san jose. 89los gatos. 74 with mostly clear skies. beautiful there. going to see the a's and giants as we continue the bay bridge series, part 2. 6:35 is game time. still about 70 degrees. we are going to be a nice evening at the coliseum. here is a look at the extended forecast. the temperatures cooling off just with the morning clouds
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and the afternoon sun. temperatures remain locked in. 60s at the coast. low 80s around the bay. we get into monday, tuesday, farther out it looks like we may have another warming trend but that's a nice looking forecast for summer. >> it is. not really extreme. >> rosemary. thank you. let's go to that wildfire near yosemite. it's still growing. the ferguson fire grew to 220- 0892 acres. it's burning southwest of yosemite valley not far from the highway 140 entrance. it's just 7% contained. more than 2700 firefighters are on the frontlines, visitors saw heavy smoke from the fire hiding the view. the park however remains open. now to the north bay where a new documenty about the north bay wildfires is helping some heal. it premiered last night. it tells the story of the fire storm through video from cell
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phones and body cameras. the many who lived through it this film means so much more. >> you don't know what it's like to be there with us. this is what the story is about. >> reporter: it's a documentary hatched at the dinner table by two married doctors who also make movies. >> seven thousand homes were burned. just go around the neighborhood and start counting. when you get to 7,000 let me know. >> reporter: their home survived but they couldn't know that grabbing their cats and running for their lives. they lived it so they wanted to capture it. >> there were people who went to bed and two and a half hours later they had to decide which of my neighbors do i save? everybody was making decisions just like that. >> reporter: the 40 minute film uses raw footage from cell phones and body cameras, interviews with survivors and first responders. many in the throes of the fire
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and aftermath couldn't grasp all that was happening at once. the film helped. >> you have time. you have conditions. now you get to watch a different perspective. police were tackling women running down the street who nightgowns were on fire. >> reporter: the film was followed by discussions because of the trauma it dredges up. >> people start talking. they start telling their stories. i think that is so helpful. >> i feel like we relieved it. it's real. it was raw. >> reporter: the lourde family watched it together. their film burned down. as hard as it was to watch it i think they did a great job capturing the essence of what it was about. >> reporter: capturing the courage in and out of uniform and the best of human nature. >> this video showed it in a different way that we didn't get to experience. it was eye opening for all of us. >> reporter: after this premiere the documentary moves to another theater downtown
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where tickets will be five dollars and it'll play for as long as people come to see it. all sales will be donated to a community fund dedicated to fire recovery. in santa rosa. the nuclear disaster at the power plant in japan is having a small effect on wine here in northern california. the disaster in japan has led to a spike in levels of a radio active isotype in local wine. they looked at the vintages between 2009 and 2012 and said the wine tested far below the threshold believed to cause sickness. still to come facebook taken over by robots. how they hope to use them to learn more about ai.
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. the market, just about a half hour to go. not a lot of movement on the dow jones. that story is the same on the nasdaq. tesla is meeting its target for the model 3 but a lot of customers don't want to wait. about one in every four model 3 orders has been canceled in recent weeks. that's double the rate from a year ago. customers who cancel get their 1,000-dollar deposit back. apple watch and fit bit are facing a 10% import tariff under the latest round of
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tariffs. it could impact streaming music and other accessories. facebook is being invaded by robots. why they are expanding its venture into ai and. >> reporter: hoping to get the upper hand on a human, facebook is hiring more engineers who specialize in robotics. they aren't suddenly interested in life like robots but want to use research to better their artificial intelligence. they use ai to recognize people in photographs and as a way to moderate content, a growing problem for the site. the chief ai scientist said clearly we are missing something in terms of how humans can learn so fast. most artificial intelligence systems need millions of data points labeled by humans before they can recognize patterns. it also has to learn to deal with unexpected rare events and use that data for problem solving in the future.
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at least one computer scientist suggests that facebook should broaden its reach in ai and take on something unrelated to the company's business, much the same way google did with self-driving cars. facebook said the goal is to create ai with common sense that will learn by watching, like young children do in the first few months of life. a youth football league struggling to build teams. why a misunderstanding about concussion safety is likely to blame.
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. more on the deadly tour boat accident. divers found four more bodies, bringing the death toll to 17. the duck boat was carrying 31 people including several children when it capsized last night and sank in high winds. the officials say that for now everybody is accounted for. the victims range in age from a year old to 70. investigators are blaming stormy weather for the accident. passengers on a nearby boat saw people in the water and helped with their rescues. >> lady actually came from under the boat. we started pulling her up and i was yelling for people to get cpr. a man who was an emt started cpr. >> investigators are at the scene and say it could take days to raise the duck boat
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itself. authorities say it came to rest in 80 feet of water. back here, a group of students who survived the high school shooting in florida is scheduled to visit oakland this weekend. its part of the march for our lives road to change nationwide tour. organizers are set to stop in oakland and bring their message for school safety and against gun violence. the students say they want to create debate and encourage people to vote in the november midterms. other cities on the tour include los angeles, chicago and las vegas. now to the south bay where a coach has been arrested on suspicious of molesting a 17- year-old student. investigators say that the 37- year-old had inappropriate relationships with the girl. he was arrested by park rangers at joseph grant park who found him inside his car with the girl last week. he was a badminton coach. he has been released on bail. now to the north bay where the city of santa rosa has filed a lawsuit against the utility for damage suffered by
12:31 pm
the october fire storm. this all comes as the utility company works toward redoing it's fire safety and prevention program. >> reporter: santa rosa paid the price for the october wine country fires, more than 2800 homes destroyed. 1500 in the coffee park neighborhood alone. the city of santa rosa has sued pg&e along with other counties as well as hundreds of homeowners who filed previously. santa rosa's lawsuit, seeking unspecified damages alleges that pg&e failed to exercise safety and maintenance precautions and protocols as well as a willful and conscious disregard of public safety. >> we don't know if pg&e is responsible for the tubbs fire that caused the most damage but we know that cal fire has determined that most of the fires last year were pg&e
12:32 pm
related. the odds are that this one was too. we have filed this lawsuit to protect our interest. >> with our focus is on helping people in the north bay recover and rebuild and then updating our infrastructure and updating the laws here in california. >> reporter: to that end pg&e showed bay area reporters a installed weather station near the mouth of the tunnel. the weather stations are being put in areas with the highest likelihood of spawning wildfires. >> since the start of 2018 we have installed 50 of these weather stations. by the end of this year we will have 200. >> reporter: the weather stations will all connect to pg&e's recently opened 24-7 wildfire safety operation center in san francisco as well as it's inhouse weather department. >> having these weather stations installed at a more detailed facial coverage definitely will give us more information. for each weather station. we have a fire weather index that we work out based on all
12:33 pm
the different weather parts. >> this is a pillar of this program. these weather stations help us gather data and information in realtime that the wildfire, safety operations center which is manned 24-7. >> reporter: cal fire said it's still working on determining the cause of the fire. now ten moss down the road and still no report. officials now say that some mosquitoes that tested positive for west nile virus. they were found in traps in discovery bay and agriculture areas east of brentwood. this less than a week after chickens tested positive for the virus. people are told to report any dead birds and to use mosquito repellant. an avenue closing foreign vacations because crews are converting the road into a
12:34 pm
trail for pedestrians and cyclists. cars will be able to access the field from mcdowell and lincoln boulevard. highway 92 is back open right now. it was shut down for hours by a big rig crash. it was on the highway between interstate 280 and skyline. crash happened just before five this morning and we brought it to you throughout mornings on 2 today. the big rig was heading east on 92 when it hit a truck and rolled over. the truck driver has minor cuts and said he feels lucky that he and the other driver are not more seriously hurt. >> i see the big branch coming in to my windshield. >> you ducked out of the way? >> yeah. >> if you didn't move? >> i would have got killed. >> chp had to close all lanes in both directions for about an hour to get that truck towed out. the highway reopened about eight this morning. there's now a new option when comes to traveling between the bay area and los angeles.
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a bus service called flexspa announced new routes. it's similar to mega bus. right now it's offering ten dollar one way tickets between san francisco and los angeles. the buses all have free wifi and inseat power. happening now the rugby championship is underway at at&t park. 24 countries competing in the men's competition with 16 nations in the women's tournament. the first time its being held in the united states. it involves seven players on each side playing seven minute halves. manchester united will play as part of its summer tour of the united states. they have won several english and international trophies. the team will face the san jose earthquakes in a friendly game at levi. >> we host all of our mls games here.
12:36 pm
18,000 seats. this place rocks. when we bring in the big international opponents it's great to have a partner that can host it and fill up the big crowds. >> tickets still available for sunday's match. the quakes say it's important to get as close to a sell out as possible. the stadium is in the running to host the 2026 world cup. also youth football around the corner with registration open right now. some league officials in the east bay say though they know parents are concerned about head injuries it's a different game now. how football has changed for the thunderbirds. >> i like playing football because my dad played it and it's my favorite sport. >> reporter: henry can't wait for youth football to start. is he following in his dad's footsteps as a member of the thunderbirds football and field. he said that the game isn't what it used to be. >> there was that mentality that, if someone smashes
12:37 pm
someone and they are hurt you tell them to get up and get water and you are back in the game. that doesn't happen anymore. >> reporter: the organization has seen fewer children join? the 6 to 8-year-old group. there is hesitation from parents concerned about concussions and cte that has been found in people who play contact sports. football's reputation has taken hits but the game has changed for kids. >> the biggest thing is safety. i can tell you anyone who plays football from 2004 and before, you wouldn't recognize the sport today. >> i want to you work on that three step drop. >> reporter: t bird coaches are also working on heads up techniques teaching players to tackle without their heads. >> learning how to use your body and legs and not using your helmet and putting in the chest or going helmet to helmet like we were taught years ago to do. our particular team had no concussions and no injuries. we still were able to put together an undefeated season and win the championship.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: the coach said parents shouldn't wait. >> at eight they aren't crushing each other. they aren't big enough but they are learning so when they get old of in they can protect themselves and play right. >> reporter: they say they learn about team work and responsibility. >> it's changed. without that i don't think it would change. >> it's probably one of the safest youth sports right now. >> reporter: we are told they are given some of the best safety equipment to play with. if you are interested in having your child tryout the deadline is july 29th. in danville. still ahead the idea of space touring isn't a new concept but we will talk about one man's effort to send humans to mars and how close is he to achieving that goal. >> another warm day around the bay area with partly to mostly clear skies expected. i am tracking a little bit of monsoonal moisture that will bring a slight chance of thunderstorms. i will explain that and have details on your weekend
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. ryan zinke is in california to see the state's water infrastructure. is he touring water systems in the sierra foothills. he will discuss the trump administration's efforts to improve the state's fra construct and protect water rights in central california. he will then go to the yosemite area for a briefing on the damage caused by the ferguson fire. the state of california is suing the epa over its planned roll back of pollution restrictions early their -- the lawsuit by california and 14 other states said the decision could put thousands of highly polluting trucks back on the roads. the rule harms small businesses.
12:43 pm
. >> these are pumps. >> reporter: a former nasa astronaut said the rocket will be able to send humans to mars and quickly. we are talking a mission to mars in a matter of weeks. >> this idea started as a simple catch. >> reporter: the idea 40 years in the making. heating argon gas to a temperature that takes the form of plasma and using that to power a rocket. the subis made out of.
12:44 pm
he uses a tube shaped metal shield to house the plasma. >> it can control and guide the hoss plasma. >> reporter: air is pumped out to create a space vacuum for testing. it's in a three year contract with nasa building and testing the rocket. >> this year we are reaching very important milestone which nasa wants to see which is to run this engine for 100 hours nonstop. >> reporter: he said that the test run will start in the next few days and will determine whether the rocket engine can run for days without over heating or eroding. if it work as cording to plan they will do a demo flight testing engine in space around the year 2022. >> reporter: he said the private rocket company will likely first make revenue with
12:45 pm
missions closer to earth. things like space debris removal. >> our engines could be used to drive a trash truck. it's good business. >> reporter: he wants to make the space station more efficient. >> in doing so we will be developing the technology that will enable us to go to mars. >> reporter: it'll be a nuclear reactor that attaches to the rocket and heats the plasma. it's powerful enough to shorten a human mission to mars from eight months to just a 39 day trip. >> 39 days, a reasonable thing to do if you have the right reactor but we don't right now. >> reporter: he said that creating that reactor and finishing the mars bound plasma rocket is something that can and should be done in the next decade. fox news. bay area weather has
12:46 pm
something for everybody. fog, sun and everything in between. >> temperatures from mid60s to mid90e. we have the summertime pattern. we have that gray sky, fog and low clouds. all the people trying to cross and get a nice look. in fact take a look at the coast. we have -- mostly sunny skies in and around pacifica. looks like the fog has pulled off the coastline of santa cruz. we have a little bit of sunshine and then you get right in here. that golden gate bridge hire where we continue to see the low clouds and the fog. little bit of fog imagining on to the east bayshore. it's probable just a little bit of mist in there in that area. a view here at what is going on with the wind. the on shore breeze thoroughfare field through about 30 miles an hour.
12:47 pm
we will remain with temperatures in check. in addition to the low cloud cover that's going to remain at the coastline you may notice the clouds coming in from the south. that's that monsoonal moisture we have been talking about. there's a very slim chance that we may see thunderstorms in the afternoon. it's 20%. it's almost not worth talking about but it's something we have to mention. for the area, very slight chance of thunderstorms. it's more so for the sierra. those higher elevations. if you are going in that direction. ly have that forecast for you for the weekend. tomorrow morning we wake up to the low clouds, near repeat morning clouds, afternoon sun and sunday we will do it again with temperatures only changing ever so slightly. here is a look at the temperatures right now. . >> it's i warm one already.
12:48 pm
60s at the coast. we will go 66 san francisco. low to mid-70s for the east bayshore. low 80s for the north bay. low to mid90's for the east bay and san jose about 84. there is a look at your tahoe forecast. those afternoon thunderstorms could be risky if you are going to hike or camp or perhaps hanging out on the lake. something to be aware of. there's a look at the extended forecast for us here at home. temperatures come down just slightly. may not notice. getting in to saturday. sunday and more of the same monday, tuesday. hope you are enjoying it. >> i am. very much so. summer in the bay area. >> love it. >> rosemary. thank you. a pop up shop opened in san francisco focusing on a red panda that has a boring office job during the day but lets loose during the night.
12:49 pm
we tell you more. >> reporter: a red panda who looks like this by day. she goes through the daily grind but gets stressed out and this is what she looks like by night. she likes to take out that aggressive by singing death metal at karoke bars. a nontraditional addition to the family. a mash up of the word aggressive and the name of the red panda. the character is supposed to be in her 20s, stuck in an office job with a boss she hates. . >> when she gets stressed goes into rage mode she turns in to a raging, thrash metal dynamo. >> reporter: the pop up in san francisco includes a replica of her life. people can take pictures at her office space and at the karoke bar where she rocks out. there's all sorts of items,
12:50 pm
some of it san francisco themed, t-shirts, coffee and toilet paper. fans lined up outside the pop up, some in costume and say her struggle to find balance between what she has to do and what she wanted to do is something they can relate too. >> there's not a lot of representation of what it's like to make that transition from school to your dream job and there's a lot of frustration. >> i felt like the character is one of the most relatable to like my age group at this point in time. like -- cartoons don't really age well, especially with the characters, they aren't relatable. this is one like even as i transition into a new job i related too. >> reporter: it'll stay open for the next two weeks. if you want to join in on the fun and learn more about the character it is located on 3rd and king street just across from the ballpark. in san francisco. still to come we reported on the mad rush for a promotion at the build a bear store. now how a police officer comes
12:51 pm
to the rescue of a little girl left disappointed when she didn't get a bear. you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. get your yes for less at the ross grand opening on saturday in south santa rosa.
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. a special surprise for a 7- year-old girl in utah after she walk away empty handed at the pay your age promotion at build a bear. >> that and that? all right. i guess you are ready then. >> more than ready. you remember the long lines, build a bear didn't anticipate tens of thousands of people to come out for the special promotion. many stores ran out of items. however, after a police officer heard the little girl easterly sided to step in. >> that night we were having dinner out -- in north orem and she was outside after dinner and saw a police car drive by. >> i waved at him. >> she had a big smile on her face. i thought i need to stop.
12:54 pm
> at first he gave her a stuffed bear he had in his trunk but then he took her to a build a bear store and picks up the tab. colleges getting creative when it comes to helping student was debt. some are asking for a share of a student's future salary in place of student loans. how the trend could change the college landscape and more today on the four on two. and if you are looking for something fun to do there are new films hitting the big screen. the new movie about oakland is set to open. there are also several other new films including an action thrill, a musical and a horror film.
12:55 pm
.. >> reporter: denzel washington is back in action as robert mcall. this time seeking revenge for his friends. mama mia here we go again. the story getting even more star power with the addition of cher as grandma. this. in horror movies there's dark web. the sand lot. the baseball flick marks a 25th anniversary. screening in more than 400 theaters nationwide.
12:56 pm
summer vacation. and after banking an estimated $44 million its debut adam sandler will put up a monster of a fight to hold onto that number one site. after the a's won last week the two teams battle again this time in oakland. gates open for tonight's game. first pitch is 6:35 and then the team also open on mount davis where fan cans buy tickets for ten dollars a seat. they will sell especially priced food but you will have to bring cash only. thank you for joining us. a brief look as we look forward to the baseball game set to start in just a few hours in
12:57 pm
oakland. good luck to both teams. that's alky say. have a great afternoon. thank you for joining us. see you back here for more news of the day. ,,
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dr. oz: do you know where your hamburger meat really comes from grocery o buy at the store? we investigate the biggest questions you have about the america, ar meat in ground beef. plus -- >> there is a cell phone tower front our dr. oz: they're smaller and they're also controversial. >> i think it's outrageous that to be bathed in 5g frequencies. dr. oz: they come with health told you're not even about, like cancer. coming up next. are you ready to save some lives today! yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz! [cheers and applause]


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