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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:29pm PST

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good evening everyone. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> they operated for several years in the neighborhood despite a number of safety violations. 36 young people died in the fire and tomorrow the two men responsible will appear in court. ktvu's andre senior with how the people came together today remember the victims. >> reporter: since that day we talk about the accused, people being responsible but on days like this the focus shifts back to these folks here. the more than 3 dozen people who lost their live on that night. a quiet gathering outside a place filled with so much loss. a memorial set up in front of the gutted remains of the ghostship warehouse. >> it is never the same. >> reporter: mourners lighting candles, sharing hugs. leaving flowers to remember their names. the names of the 36 lives lost in a fire two years ago.
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>> strong, just -- >> reporter: the pain of loosing their 20-year-old daughter may never really go away. she died in her boyfriend's arms that night. >> here we are standing -- you you you know -- where my daughter died. just surreal. i have mixed emotions. you know? i have -- i have anger. disbelief. i don't know what to think about this place. if it is cursed. >> reporter: that feeling was also felt by her friends who also stopped by. >> like a piece of you was missing. >> she was big on be kind and so whenever i think of her i try incorporate that in to my life. >> reporter: it is something he can hold on to while the wheels of justice move along at a pace
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some say is a crawl. prosecutors say they are responsible. in august it appeared the case was over but the judge rejected a plea deal that would have landed him 9 years and him 6 years. while it meant the process would drag out, it was a victory for some families who thought the punishment wasn't enough. he believes there are others to blame. >> many people are responsible for this. the city. the owners. i feel the people that lived there. the people -- never did anything about it. they are also responsible. >> the grieving father telling me only then will the healing process begin. >> we have been given a life sentence of pain. okay? the void that is in our heart can never be replaced because
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of what happened here. >> reporter: tomorrow they are due in court and they could learn the judge assigned to the trial and the prosecutors allege they created fire conditions that lead to the fire. >> thank you very much. evacuation orders lifted today in some areas of butte county. people have 24 hours to return to their homes and inspect the damage. they will have to show identification and proof of resdancy to be allowed -- residency to be allowed back into the area. >> i have been in the paradise area since i was four so it is not just losing the house, it is losing my community. >> restrictions for non- residents will lifted tomorrow. students from paradiseiments that was destroyed in the fire are
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heading back to class tomorrow. they will be attending a different school that see community starts the slow process of rebuilding. >> we have been through a lot. >> she sits next to her children in the chico apartment they now call home. >> it is been a long process. >> reporter: she is one of thousands who escaped the camp fire, now working to rebuild after tragedy. >> you know, there is so much up in the air. >> reporter: after three weeks students will be returning to neighboring schools set up in the county monday morning. >> these situations the superintendent reached out to me and said can you help. >> reporter: oroville mayor said the community immediately >> the bird street school, 90 children and all their teachers and principal decide they would move their campus to another sister school. >> reporter: while the students are excited to get back to they
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rebuild the town they called home, one stone at a time. >> i have a lot of memories there but it is going to rebuild i am pretty sure and i will be able to go back up there. >> coming up in 20 minutes we will hear from a family who lost their home in the camp fire and decided to move to rockland. how their neighbors are making their first holiday in a new town extra special. late word that the body of the radio host has been discovered in a wooded area of kentucky. the 79-yield was last seen on november 10. his wife told police he was getting forgetful and may have been dealing with dementia. the circumstances aren't known at this time. his family is asking for privacy. police are looking for a hit and run driver who struck a woman while she was crossing
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the street in her wheelchair. the hit and run happened before 3:00 a.m. this morning. ktvu's azenith smith is in the news room with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police are asking for help. the area from what we saw when we were there doesn't have many cameras and likely not many witnesses at the time. police are hoping to catch the suspect knowing she is someone's loved one. investigators in a antioch picking up a mangled wheelchair and placing it on the sidewalk. the wheelchair's wheel broken off. a purse and shoe are also lying on the road. the wheelchair belonged to a 65- year-old woman. police say at 3:00 a.m. in the morning she was crossing the street when she was struck by a driver who took off. police found her unresponsive with major injuries. from the police markings it
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appears the victim was hit 50 feet away from the closest crosswalk. >> i hope she good. the pictures you showed me, looked like her wheelchair and belongings. >> reporter: he believes he helped the victim in the afternoon. >> she was on the street and having trouble getting on the sidewalk with the wheelchair. doesn't look like she was in good health. >> reporter: she said she was waiting for her daughter, what stood out, her bright red lip stick. he said she was wearing dark clothes and appeared homeless. >> that is horrible. i hope -- that is -- doesn't surprise me. doesn't. >> reporter: she says hit and runs are too common. she is hoping surveillance video will lead police to clues. >> people have little respect for other people.
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especially around here. especially this neighborhood. >> reporter: it is unclear why the victim was in the area. police did not provide a description of the suspect or the suspect's car. anyone who knows anything about this case is asked to contact police. >> do we know how it woman is doing tonight? >> at last check, she remains in critical condition at a hospital and you see the pictures of the wheelchair, you can imagine how severe the impact was. >> yeah. azenith smith, thank you. an art project has been commissioned to honor oscar grant. he was shot and killed e a mura the station there in oakland. b.a.r.t. signed a contract with a muralist. the final design hasn't been decided yet but oscar grant's uncle is hoping it will resemble his innephew and
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capture the love he shared with -- his nephew and capture the love he shared with others. the final design hasn't been decided. oscar grant's family hopes one day the station will be renamed grant-fruitvale station. a high school basketball coach is under arrest accused of sexual assaulting a student two years ago. the 32-year-old was booked into the sacramento county jail. he was hired to coach the boy's freshman and junior varsity basketball teams in 2011. and was named head coach two years ago. the sheriff's he is for bail after violating probation. developing news, the sheriff's department bomb squad is responding to a suspicious device. the device is in the parking lot of the commons shopping center in front of the costco.
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the parking lot has been closed off and the sheriff's department is asking the people to stay away from the area at this time. remembering the life of former president george h. w. bush. how people in texas are paying their respects. >> plus fresh snow means great news for skiers and snowboarders and businesses in the sierra. the surge in tourists this weekend coming up. >> rain coming our way toward the 5-day forecast. and the freeze warning in effect now through tomorrow morning. [ phone rings ] what?! ready for christmas? no, it's way too early to be annoyed by christmas. you just need some holiday spirit! that's it!ud tjust went m. with xfinity xfi you get the best wifi experience at home. and with xfinity mobile, you get the best wireless coverage for your phone.'re about to find out!
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the life and death of former president george h. w. bush. he died last friday night surrounded by loved ones. fox news has our report from houston. >> what do -- >> the passing of a former president is hardly an event to celebrate but the family of george h. w. bush said there is no reason to be upset. >> not like there is mourning and sadness. my dad lived 94 amazing years and he was ready to go. >> reporter: his father accomplished enough for several life times. a world war ii navy pilot, congressman, head of the cia, vice president, and the leader of the free world. at a vigil this weekend outside the bush presidential library they talked idol. >> he was the best person to --
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>> reporter: while the world lost a icon, the sports world lost a fan. it wasn't uncommon to see george h. w. bush in the stands. the texans football team honored him with a moment of silence before sunday's gamogeneses the cleveland browns. -- game against the cleveland browns. even union pacific is paying tribute. they will carry his remains to the bush presidential library. air force one will fly from texas to u.s. for the state uniful and then back -- fun toial and back to texas a&m university. fox news. there will be several events in houston is pwashington, d.c. to -- in houston and washington, d.c. to honor former president george
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h. w. bush. his body will be flown to washington, d.c. and then he will lie in state from tomorrow night through wednesday morning. a state funeral will be held wednesday that national cathedral in washington, d.c., following the services he will be flown back to houston where another public viewing will be held and then on thursday he will be buried in college station texas in the family plot near his wife barbara. the national hanukkah menorah lighting ceremony in washington, d.c. brought mmitme anthe great state of israel. the 7.0 magnitude quake that hit alaska friday did not disrupt the delivery of food, fuel and cargo. officials say a damage assessment continues but one
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major cargo company is unloading there as normal and the other operator that state's largest port expects to off load a barge tomorrow. 90% of all goods sold in alaska comes through that port. the snowstorms brought people out to the lake tahoe area which is good news for the businesses up there. the drive shows powder everywhere above 4,000 feet. stores and restaurants in the truckee area say 2/3 of towners who came to enjoy the snow. they are hoping the next few weeks ensures season. >> this first snow wasn't as exciting as it typically is but you have to regroup and replenish everything. >> among the items anticipated to sell well shovels, they should sell about a thousand
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between now and new years. checking in on the freeze warning that is in effect for the north bay, east bay valley. cold tonight. most of us notice temperatures in the 40s. even the bay. san jose will be in the upper 30s. cool night and freeze warning through tomorrow morning. won't see one on tuesday morning. it will warm up because we have showers back in the forecast ar tonight. as cold as they get all week. there is the freeze in santa rosa, napa, 32 33 in morgan hill. chilly. the story is the clouds moving in. no rain yet. you will see tomorrow clouds moving on shore. that is dry stuff. just cloud cover. and then this up to the north is the weather system that will bring rain on tuesday. tuesday morning is wet, tuesday afternoon is wet.
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tuesday is the west wet day. not as robust that see last systems but rain. half inch of rain. the cloud cover for tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. and then we transition to wet which is tuesday morning. wet. morning commute -- early morning commute might be dry. 9 a.m. showers. lunchtime it is wet. and the afternoon commute is th a chance of show -- chance of showers. tuesday all day. tomorrow the transition day, a cold start and clouds. nice day. wet. transitioning away from wet and then a few clouds. and this is unsettled. a chance of a sprinkle on thursday. nothing -- no game changer stuff yet. if something gets going i will put it on the 5-day forecast but right now tuesday is your
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wet day. the other days are clouds and temperatures in the 50s. the warmth is done for a while. the rain and the snow are here. >> it got chilly tonight. >> yeah. tomorrow morning really, down to 30 degrees, 38 in santa rosa tomorrow. san jose tomorrow morning. that is cold. >> are we looking below freezing? >> it will be closes. close. most areas will be at -- close. close. most areas will be at freezing. >> real rain starts tuesday. >> thank you. in southern california the rainy weather is causing debris and trash to wash up on local beaches. look at these pictures. authorities are warning people to stay out of the water. the trash in the harbor. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a bus to catch fire on highway 580 around 5:30 p.m last night west
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of highway 24 in oakland. the highway was shut down for four hours. the bus was heading for los angeles with 7 passengers on board when it caught fire. no one was hurt. the passengers were put on to another bus bound for los angeles. a problem with the engine caused the fire. in san jose more than a dozen people are taking part in a fast that started today. they say their fast is for housing. not google. they are concerned about the impact that google conspiracy campus will have on -- google's campus will have on people. the san jose city council will vote this month on whether to sell 20 acres of downtown land to google for the project. sports wrap join us with a look at are working on. >> a rough day for the 49ers and raiders. we will go inside the locker room to hear what they said.
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>> and college football, stanford and cal going bolling. we will have the details. sports wrap, bottom of the hour. still ahead at 11:00 p.m. a family gets a surprise from their neighbors after losing almost everything in the camp fire. >> santa turned to an alternative method of transportation. hundreds of santas hit the slopes in main. 300 skied and snowboarder. everyone donated $20 with the proceeds going to education and recreation program. the 11:00 p.m. news continues in 2 minutes. nues in 2 minutes.
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people turned out for a benefit concert tonight for the victims of the camp fire. of the camp fire. >> the event was held on vintage way. 100% of the money raised will go to the north valley community eleaf efforts. the one -- relief effohelps her heal. >> i lost my house in the camp fire tten a lot of support from friends and family and i just want to say thanks to 47 all the love and -- thanks to everybody for all the love and we will get through
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this. >> more than 7 performers hit the stage at tonight's concert. the california marathon was held today in sacramento county and two of the runners lost everything in the camp fire. they both lost their homes and their family business that destroyed paradise. they had been training together for the race, many said it would be understandable if they decided not to run after all they have been through. >> my thought was the opposite. the fire took everything. our home, our business. my job. everything. but i had a choice, like, for this i could let it take it or do it in spite of it. >> hard to get up in the morning when you don't have the same structure and routine and know i am meeting my sister to go for a run today and we are going to do this. >> they also lost all their racing gear in the fire but other runners stepped up with
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donations so they could race today. the process of healing is just beginning for many people effected by the camp fire. one family decided to move to rockland after their house burned down and they received an outpouring of support from neighbors. >> reporter: in rockland it is the story of neighbors helping new neighbors that were forced to flee the flames of the camp fire three weeks ago. >> today they offered to put christmas lights up for us. >> reporter: an incredible journey for the family whose home burned to the ground and now there is nothing left. but using money from their insurance claim they are now renting this house in rockland. and thanks to their neighbors it is starting to feel like home. >> they had anxiety, crying,
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sad. missed their friends, their house but now that everybody has been so good to them and loving them, they are happy to be here. >> the two older kids are enrolled here in elementary school where she is learning to make new friends. but it has been more challenging for her brother. >> he -- brother. >> he gets sads sometimes. he misses -- sad sometimes. he misses his friends. i tell him it is okay and give him a hug. >> so this is from our neighborhood. >> reporter: today the neighbors surprised them with more than $500 in gift cards to help them settle in. >> there is a lot of people coming together. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: for the families helping out they are finding in the spirit of christmas giving is far better than receiving. >> i think watching effects eve but nobody knows how to help and this was a way to come out and give back and welcome them
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to our neighborhood. >> nice to see strangers coming together. >> it really is. that is our report for tonight. thank you very much for joining us. sports wrap with jason and scott is up next. >> we will see you later.
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the raiders give the chiefs a run for their money. >> we had a chance. >> how the likely mvp won out in the end. >> winless in seattle. still, why richard sherman's return dint go as plannedlen didn't go as planned -- didn't go as planned. >> one warrior returns. >> a big set back for him and us. >> why they have another big 't where stanford and cal will finish


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