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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 4, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PST

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reflects on her time at the white house. and what lawmakers are doing today, the reason there are few options on the table. good morning, had thanks for wakeping up with us on "mornings on 2", i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark, good morning. paulson is, he's over in his office. >> where? >> right there. >> rain is coming in today? >> kind of more show than go, it's cloudy and cold. rain will develop, colleagueser to the coast, better opportunity than inland. it looks good, there's a little easterly breeze at the surface, high pressure in the inner mountain region. that takes some of the energy out of it. look for off and on light rain, it's picking up later on. fine. it will be light, more likely in the afternoon, there's the northeast, that takes a lot of the moisture out, it dries out the lower layers of the
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atmosphere, this system will give us cloud cover, 40s on the temperatures and we'll end up with the upper 50s with some, southerly breeze later, a lot of cloud cover, there is some rain in the forecast, not a lot, the models starting to trend drier here going forward, we'll see how this develops, look for 50s, cloudy skies, with light rain and more likely later instead of sooner. >> 4:01 on a tuesday, my good friend mr. sal clear and sunny made a -- mr. sal castaneda, lets go and see what we have with 580 westbound, it looks good through the tracy triangle. there's work on 580, you can see a little traffic there, that's about it. it looks good going into dublin from livermore. this is 880 in front of the coliseum, had traffic is light, 880 and 23rd there's a
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the freeway balls of the work going on until 5:00. this is a look the desk. the caskinvited pay their respects. the flag draped casket will remain in the rotunda until tomorrow's funeral. this is what is happening right now. yesterday, members of the bush family, president trump and lawmakers came together to honor the 41st president. mitch mcconnell compared president bush's time as a any ofy pilot with his time leading the nation. he kept us flying high and challenged us to fly higher still. and he did it with modesty and kindness. >> now, after tomorrow morning, state funeral, prest
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's -- pres his library in college station texas his wife and daughter. flags are flying at half- staff at the state capitol in sacramento to honor the former president. >> we reflect in the life and times of the former president george h. w. bush, if we could a brief moment of silence for respect and remembrance. >> he called for a moment of silence in the state legislature and he said we have lost a voice for community and engagedment and we have lost a true public servant. and president trump has ordered flags being flown at half-staff for 30 days and the u.s. postal
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service and financial markets in new york will be closed. and most people are remembering george h. w. bush as a public official, one bay area woman has more personal memories. we talked to laurie firestone who worked as a social secretary for 12 years during the reagan reagan bush administrations and she saw the private side of george and barbara bush. >> her personal memories show another side of presidential history. >> it was an amazing time in my life. >> every day for 12 years, she served as social secretary for george and barbara bush, first when he was ronald reagan's prviesident and later when he was elected president himself, this would have been in '89, this is right after he we were in california meeting
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bob hope. this is years, the social duties. >> i was arranging the flowers, running the staff in the kitchen and doing a lot of other things, often involved planning parties with an important purpose. >> everywhere he went, he would entertain, because his philosophy was that he wanted to break bread with all of those foreign leaders. particularly, if he was going to have to negotiate something. because he felt like he wanted to know the person and that's the kind of man he is. >> firestone said she'll remember his sense of humor and generous spirit, caring for family, friends and staff, and man she saw many times in private, put the value of personal relationships above
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political party affiliation. >> he was devoted to many people and he didn't ask whether you were a republican or a democrat. he worked across the aisle. we don't see that today. and i think that's what has made me so sad, to think of losing this really giant of a man who was so great for our country, and we don't seem to have that today, total generosity, humility, humor, family man, loved his family, his country, his fellow man, all of those things. on, we have expanded coverage of the life and the presidency of george h. w. bush, you'll find more
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videos including video of his bay area visit after the earthquake in 1989. and happening today the codiscuss the future of gun shows in antioch, many counties in the bay area have adopted ordinances to prohibit gun shows. this is more complicated. it's owned by the 23rd district of agriculture association, not the county, and local lawmakers cannot ban gun shows with you they may ask them to ban one. and they're looking to take a big step to shore of up the leaning tower the millennium tower. itift
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some of the weight of the the b below. the job would take 18 months and it will leaning 14 inches o center and it was opened 9 years ago. and there's a plan from google that is controversial bringing a development to downtown san jose, it will bring 20,000 jobs and they are arguing that it will bring higher rents and a bigger shortage of affordable housing. and some are in the third and final day of fasting in opposition of the plan. >> the city can't reach the housing goals now, bringing in the google campus here would not make sense. concerns by cials are working
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requiring 25% of new housing to be affordable. they said they tried to negotie the best deal possible for all people in jose. hotel workers will return tomorrow after reaching a deal with marriott. there was a 99% vote two half t they got a small raise and they won't have to pay more for health care and they also have a safety button against sexual harassment, sexual harassment received by guests. >> we're happy to be here before the holidays and christmas. we're proud of what we've done here. >> now, the contract runs through 2022, any cuts in hours or loves of jobs due to automation will require at least 6 months notice, marriott issued a statement, it's happy
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to welcome there's a new report a rates have dropped a lot, but african-americans are arrested more than whites. the report is by the public policy institute of california. it found that the arrest rate dropped 60% in california since its peak almost 30 years ago. researchers say that african- americans were three times more likely to be arrested in california in 2016. that's slightly better than the early 1990s when they were 3.6 times more luke hi to be arrested. -- likely to be arrested. and police in san raphael are investigating a deadly shooting in the canal area. it happened near pickle weed park on canal street. a man's body was found in the car. he'sdescribed as and young adult. they saw a man running from the scene of a shooting, police are investigating this as a homicide. we have an update from
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butte county officials on the number who died in the camp fire. 85 people are confirmed dead. the number of people still unaccounted for has dropped to 11. earlier that number of missing was 25, but they do hope to account for all of the remaining people, 11 people by the end of the week, that's their goal. it's been two years since the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland. the city of oakland is taking steps to insure it doesn't happen again and we'll show you what's changed in the areas that still need to be improved. and spacex heads back to work with special cargo and what the space agency is doing today. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. welcome back, mornings on 2, the cia director will testify on capitol hill briefing them about the death of journalist jamal khashoggi. she's expected to brief senators behind closed doors and explain the cia's
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assessment that the crowned prince likely ordered the death of khashoggi and punishing the ally. and special counsel robert mueller is focusing on michael flynn, the national security advisor. there are new details about the russia investigation. he lied about the conversations of the russia ambassador. he agreed to cooperate with the special counsel robert mueller's investigation. and two men are charged with involuntary manslaughter in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. 36 people died in that fire. there had been a plea deal and the original judge decide reasonable doubt not to follow through with it because he had
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not been remorseful enough. now, a new judge will see the criminal case and first motions will be heard on january 2nd and the actual trial is scheduled to start in april. well, after that deadly fire, many agencies in oakland said they would work harder to protect the public. and we'll have a look at what's changed since then and what still needs to be done. >> reporter: the fire that raced through the ghost ship, killed 36 people who were unable to escape, they tripped the number of fire inspectors and doubled the staff to 27. the red tag two illegal work buildings and put people on fire watch for faulty alarm systems and others will be on fire watch and for 24/7
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livewire monitoring. >> and some are not client with the codes. >> and they're looking for safer diy spaces, it's an organization dedicated to making life safety improvements to dwellings, and to advocate to not allow dwellings and to help tenants to move into legal dwellings if need be. getting there is quite another matter, even though the mayor has issued an executive order to avoid displacement unless there's an imminent hazard. >> we found that universally ignored, you know by the actual regulators, the housing while the highest levels of oakland play and at the level, there's a lot of hard and fast rules, they're essentially living in
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limbo. >> in other words, the city bureaucracy's conduct has been such that not one single unpermitted building has had status, and that's if these buildings still exist. >> you create a game of guacamole, you know you have two or three smaller warehouses that are percolating up. >> for example, this space was called the death trap at the time of the ghost fire is being converted to a coffee shop and two other commercial spaces but the tenants gone long ago. all right. our time is 4:18, let's get blue moving and out the door. the person who can take care of that is right there. sal. >> hello dave and pam, i'm looking around and i'm looking to see if there is anything we need to worry about. it's nice and early, you can
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get on the road without any major delays, especially if you're doing the gilroy supercommute, gilroy to san jose looks nice and no major issues. driving through, the traffic is nice, going up to san jose, people get up so early, and one of the reasons we're on air so early, people get out the door and do these long commutes and give them news as we leave. this traffic looks pretty good and the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light, you can notice if the flags are at half-staff there, for former president bush, the flags are not moving that much. they're moving a little bit. certainly we've seen them move more, they're for thes a windy right now. lets bring steve in. >> it's the direction, do you notice the direction on those flags, it's it's hard to tell. it's almost east coming off
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that lower level keeps the atmosphere dry. i've seen this he said, and you ere wait for rain, eventually it shows up or goes south. this may be what this system does. that's a better opportunity -- there's a better opportunity on the coast and not inland. it will move in here, and it will be cloudy and cool, we'll need to juice things up a little bit. for the morning we're find. there's a northeasterly breeze and there's the oakland airport northeast at the that is atelie most are northeast, northeast, northeast. with that in place, that's a drier pattern. that doesn't mean we won't get some rain, look at half moon
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bay. 57 balmy degrees. forget in the sierra. it's too far to the east. this is a system closer to the coast and it may be better for the santa cruz mountains and monterey. we're expecting some rain to make it here, not a lot. this might even be a little overdone, unlessthings get kicking around pretty quick. the cool air is already capped. it's going to be a cool day. cloudy, some rain developing, better opportunity late tonight into wednesday, it takes itself to southern california, and it looks on saturday, increasing clouds. still ahead for the warriors, what we learned about a scare that almost derailed the defending champs. the recording artist, we'll
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show you what it takes to reach the top of spotify ease chart. spotify's -- spotify's chart.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, happening today spacex is set to launch a rocket with unique cargo. scientists are taking worms to study muscle loss in a low gravity environment. muscle loss is one of the now, that steph curry is
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back from his injury, the warriors are rolling. >> steph curry, 2-1, he's hammering it home. >> how do you it? he missed 11 games in november, the warriors lost 6 of those games. the warriors dominated the hawks all night. the warriors had a 17 point lead after if the first quarter, they cruised to a 128- 111 win. a try to cleveland to play the cavaliers tomorrow night. we found out about a major health scare for the warriors, an outside vendor that prepares the warriors food in the practice facility, he came down with a contagious form of meningitis, he went back to the warriors, practices were moved so that facility could be sanitized. that scare happened at the same time the warriors were dealing with injuries and they lost ten of 17 games.
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music streaming service spotify is taking a look back at 2018 and it looks like drake artist of the year. he had 18.2 billion this year. more than 42 million listeners he also has this year he's most streamed album and song with scorpion and god's plan. following drake on the top artist's list is post malone, x who was killed in june and jim bowden and ed sheeran. i'm learning, a family in santa rosa wants you to look close at video, that man is stealing
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good morning, welcome back to "mornings on 2", it's tuesday, december 4th, i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook, good morning. morning. what's the commute look like. >> it's going to be fine opport
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if you're north or inland by far. these systems look good and look good then they go south. cloudy and rain later. if it makes itself felt with rain, near the coast you get 3/4 of an inch or some of the coastal hills, this system is moving south. this is a bigger deal for southern california, probably arizona than u.s. representative. why is that? the low will move in there. the cloud cover here is coming in. the better opportunity is santa cruz mountains and monterey and santa clara mountains and off to the east. there's northeasterly breeze good. if we had a west, southeast that would be better. cloudy skies, cool, 40s, we'll end up for mid 50s for some and low 50s for others. it will take awhile to get the rain going and some will be the and if we get some juiced up in the atmosphere, it takes awhile
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here, not so muc


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