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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 4, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PST

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far. these systems look good and look good then they go south. cloudy and rain later. if it makes itself felt with rain, near the coast you get 3/4 of an inch or some of the coastal hills, this system is moving south. this is a bigger deal for southern california, probably arizona than u.s. representative. why is that? the low will move in there. the cloud cover here is coming in. the better opportunity is santa cruz mountains and monterey and santa clara mountains and off to the east. there's northeasterly breeze good. if we had a west, southeast that would be better. cloudy skies, cool, 40s, we'll end up for mid 50s for some and low 50s for others. it will take awhile to get the rain going and some will be the and if we get some juiced up in the atmosphere, it takes awhile here, not so much for the
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morning, but later. 50s on the temperatures. 4:30 in the morning, sal is here and he's going to look at a supercommute or something else. >> surety commute and that's good, we don't have anything going on that's going to be, you know demanding immediate attention anyway, we had a little bit of road work here and there between fairfield and value hoe and it's much better now, traffic is moving well through hercules and getting out to the macarthur maze, this commute is taking 17 minutes, that's as good as it gets. it can take as long as an hour to make that same drive. that's the pay off there, you have some nice ligt the toll pl it's 4:41, lets go to the desk. for the second day well wishes are lining up by the thousands to say good-bye to the former president george h. w. bush, we're joined from
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washington, d.c. where the capitol rotunda is open right now to the publishing you, it's been open all night to give the public a chance it say farewell to george h. w. bush, a sleuth to a life of service, president trump and first lady melania trump say good-bye to george h. w. bush, congressional leaders, supreme court justices and his beloved family. >> arrests americans we have no more solemn duty than laying a great -- as americans we have no more solemn duty than laying >> it is not just the political elite t they're waiting thousands of hours to pay tribute to the 41st president. >> i want to come and pay respects for him and thank him for what he did for our
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country. >> renaissance man, a great gentleman, a great ambassador and diplomat for the united states. >> his body will lie in state rotunda, when the he public viewing ends, be taken to the state funeral where george bush will eulogy eyes his dad. and there will be a service at st. john's episcopal church. the president will be burriered at his library next to his our time is 4:33, back in antioch, they're investigating the death of a girl who died after being hit by a car in a
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parking lot. the little girl was rushed to the hospital, but later died. the driver who hit the girl stayed there at the scene and is cooperate being with the investigation -- cooperating where the investigation. drugs and alcohol do not a perfect to be a factor. the man who injured a san francisco police officer after hitting him in the head with a skate board is waiting to be sentenced. he was convicted of assault and other felonies on friday. officers responded to a call about a man harassing customers outside of a store. when they arrived, he took off on his skate board, an officer chased him that's when he hit him in the head. the officer lost consciousness, he needed brain surgery, but he has recovered. he's back on duty. the sentencing is set for january 15th. this morning, we're hearing from the sa couple to find thei bulldog lucy.
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her theft surveillance video. >> here's her little bed. me, her front yard. y bed and >> about here, he reaches down for her. >> she put him out at 8 and left the front door ajar for her to come in, but in a few minutes she hadn't. >> i call her and nothing. >> shouting for her in the downtown santa rosa street. a man passed and then returns. >> he actually opens the gate and takes a couple of steps back. >> he uses a flashlight top get her attention. >> she thinks he wants to play, so, she goes and runs down the yard. >> and he leans over the fence for her. she doesn't even bark. >> we want eyes out for
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her. >> and her facebook has attracted thousands of views and appeals >> i'm sure you had your reasons, but we want lucy. >> no questions asked, we love her and adore her, she's our family member. >> there was a sunday tip, a woman saw a loose dog resembling lucy. they're scouring the area in case she was abandoned there. they're notifying anyone who has a large expansive ground to cover, our baby may be on your property. >> they believe he planned on what he did, and they're going to stay focus and follow every lead. she has liver issues and requires medication. and they're concerned she may
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be suffering outdoors in the cold. he cold. >> the time is are investigatin chain reaction crash involving one of their police cars. the patrol car hit a small sedan, then hit a taco truck that was parked on the side of the road. knows word on what cause -- there's no word on what caused the crash, no one was seriously hurt. there's a new push to get help for students at san jose state. this week the student alliance is demand ing more help at the school. allie rasmus talked to a student from the benefits program. >> reporter: this is what this 19-year-old he shares this spac >> he it's not ideal.
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he considers it a godsend after spending it at a library and other places. >> i couldn't study correctly. >> he is one facing a growing issue, according to the student homeless alliance, numbers they receive from the california state university's office 4300 students have experienced homelessness in the past year. >> i can't do my job as a professor if my students don't have the basics. no water what i do and -- no matter what i do and what i teach, they can't perform at the highest level and graduate. >> and this prcosts are too hig 700 at san if they share it's $
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they're demanding 10 safe parking spaces and a dozen bets for homeless students to stay for days. >> it's really a bad situation for a lot of people. >> he's focused on looking for a job and saving money for his own place and hopefully graduating to become a graphic designer. >> going to school is hard and if you don't have to a place to stay or a roof over your head, it's not appealing to keep going to schoolery, members of the alliance plan to camp overnight thursday at the student union. our time is 4:39, had should your digital footprint play in your rights to buy a gun. the social media activity that may play a role in the future purchases of firearms. the gender pay gap, what experts say tech companies should do to even out the playing field.
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traffic is off to a nice start. a lot of people are on the road but not enough to make a crowd really as you get on the east shore freeway. cloudy, where is that rain? most of the morning will be fine, thereby a lot of cloud cover this morning, but later today things will pick up.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", happening today, the mountain view city council will consider a request that could
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delay a small pay raise for minimum wage workers. they raised the minimum wage to $15, a cost of increased 15.65 was set to start in the new year, the association that oversees wage increases have asked they will to stall the increase to allow them to catch disparate in workers, the gender gap still exists the big nucounty has earned the reputation as a tech d it has the widest gender pay gap in the area. >> it's a call to action on what we need to do to improve things, the associate dean says the tech industry is largely responsible for the pay gap, according to the most recent figures from the u.s. census
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bureau, workers earned 62 cents for every dollar earned by a man, and san francisco is 83 cents for every dollar, san mateo and alameda counties are at 78 cents and the average is 76 cents. the numbers reflect both gender and race. >> we have much more demographic diversity, we have many more latinos, asians in comparison to other counties, we tend to have more high tech focus. google is one company that tracks pay relation to gender. the lack of minority participation has been documented, that increases the pay gap. the way to reduce the gap is to increase the participation. >> the reason we're having the conversation today, there are not enough women who look like
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me in the board rooms, the decision makers, the entrepreneurs building the big companies. >> this company was designed to the tech industry. >> we want to show 8-year-olds what can be done if they want to go into tech and they can be the ceos in the future. >> and the ex wit may be -- the equity may be years off. the u.s. department of justice is asking for the federal appeals court to side with president trump on the issue of asylum. they were trying to make an imposition that they can't come
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in illegally, only through the official ports of entry for asylum, and and judge wouldn't allow it. they want a public charge rule it. they want to refuse green cards so they can't get benefits and some have been health and nutrition programs. lawmakers will introduce propos the chinese scientist who made worldwide headlines who created the first gene edited babies is now missing. he was being detained by the chinese government. he appeared at the scientific
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summit. he altered embryos for 7 couples. and one was two baby girls, who were twins, to help them to resist aids, crowded on that will 580 and on eastbound 580 and the altamont pass. it's creeping there when you get over the pass. once you get to livermore, it's looking good and most of the road work should be picked up or picked up very soon. this is a look at the bay bridge and traffic is moving along okay. the flags are moving a little more now, but it's not too windy on that span. 4:48. lets bring steve in.
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they're out of the northeast. it does not bode well for rain. that's for sure. we have cloudy skies, and the northeast brings in clouds, there's not a lot of rain coming in. it should make it lakely. chris henry says i don't like the trend of lowering rain for this storm p first of all, it's not a storm, and the one for early next week, not looking dry after that, the trend is not good. i would agree with that on almost all levels. these kind of systems look good and lo much more than here. the trend is to, they've been lowering rain totals. it makes sense, it is easy to get six months of high pressure and hard to get six months of rain it, really is. and i think wednesday night and by thursday it moves south. the best opportunity will be in santa cruz mountains to
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montreal. there's a good looking system out here, the low is back here. with the low there and high pressure, the high doesn't like the low, it feels fills with a northeast breeze. it takes awhile to get things going. a lot of cloud cover but not much in the way of rain. there's northeast at oakland airport and northeast at sfo, hayward and livermore, it doesn't bode well for rain. we need it to the south, southeast. itant do mean we can't get a little bit of rain, more likely later, not sooner. 40s on the temperatures rather than 50s, many are stuck with low cloud cover, there are a few in the 50s, i doubt these change much. 50 down in monterey, and for today, look for a lot of cloud cover, most of the morning should be cloudy, cool and dry, and this afternoon, we can get the low close enough when we start to get rain in here, it favors the coast far more than anyone inland. this is not a big deal for the
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sierra, it will be a big deal in southern california, it will be excessive rain for us, and wednesday night, thursday, it goes south and looks good, increasing clouds on sunday. the time 4:-- is 4:50, the terms of a deal, what will change on the campus, concerning free speech, a lawsuit. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", our time is 4:53, tumbler, the video sharing website will block content on its platform. tumbler was removed from the app store because of a child pornography incident. they will ban pornography, child photos and others, and there will be switching to private mode. ready to get to work with a democratic supermajority. governor jerry brown was there as ok the oath of office, and gavin newsom spoke to the group. the state senate selected tony atkins as the president. democrats hold 60 of 80 state
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assembly seats. you have 29 of the 40 seats in the state senate, it's a supermajority with plenty of power to push through tax hikes and other legislation, of the 17 newly elected lawmakers, 4 of them are republicans. the legislation, the new legislature begins january #th. they're going to expand preschool in california. they're going to make an extra 100,000 children between 3-4 fo preschool. it will cost taxpayers 1.3 billion over three years. and the comment on specific bil generally he approves of expanding early education. and uc berkeley is making policy changes after settling a lawsuit over claims it discriminated against conservative speakers on the campus, this he filed that
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lawsuit last year after a speech by conservative commentator ann colter was cancelled. they will change fees and security requirements. the university agreed to pay $70,000 for the plaintiff's legal fees. that settlement gives both sides room to claim a victory, they agree. >> the college republicans say they won, they won because there are some changes being ented and they got a payment of $70,000 in attorney's fees and the university said we won because these -- >> now the current policy is what has allowed them to have several events that on the campus. the finals last week got to de- stress with animal therapy.
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this event was called llama palooza. they got to guide the animals through an obstacle course and groom them and brush them and spend time with them. this is the 4th time they've hosted llama palooza. a coming up at the top of the hour, why critics say the proposed project of the google campus is a bad idea for pay up why the actress owes thousands of dollars. more about the morning commute and the bay weather. >> you heard of stormy monday, today will be cloudy tuesday, there may be rain later, with
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you for the morning -- but for the morning, it looks good. ♪ jack in the box ♪ pannidos ♪ no-mess bag ♪ ♪ deli trio! ♪panni-do it while you're twerking at a construction site♪ ♪ wear a hardhat you're gonna do it right ♪ ♪ panni panni panni-do it low ♪ panni panni panni-do it slow ♪ panni panni panni-do it low [airhorn]
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[construction noise] san raphael police investigating a shooting at a neighborhood park and the search for the is you is still on. still on.
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honoring george h. w. bush, we'll show you what's happening today at the nation's capitol and the bay area woman who reflects on her time in the white house. e. and good morning, thank you for joining us on "mornings on 2", tuesday morning, december 4th. i'm pam cook. >> lets talk about your weather, i'm dave clark, steve paulson and has everything you need to know. >> i don't know about that. >> i believe it. >> it's a tough storm to call. >> there's no wind with it, there's no storm. >> rain? >> later. >> this is one of the ones -- one of the ones i've seen before. it will be cool and rain may make it eventually. better than inland. the low is too far to the west.
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it's 500 miles out there. by the time it moves inland, it will have a lot more going through it, a lot more die name. >> , we get the cloud cover in advance of that. it doesn't bode well. look for cloud cover, we'll try to bring rain in later. that wind, that takes all of the moistu layers of the atmosphere, there's a dry the valley, the cloud cover, we're trapped. it doesn't mean we can't get light rain, better opportunities as the day goes as we head to the afternoon and evening h40s and


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