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stamps, see how federal agencies nationwide are trying to keep up with the shutdown. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday morning, january 15th. >> good morning. where's your umbrella. steve has got a lot to tell us. >> it's on its way tonight and then again wednesday and thursday. there's a little bit around. splash yesterday was more than just a little bit here and there. plenty of moisture making the turn now. it's on but if thing is beginning to take shape as you can see a lot of moisture streaming up from the supper that's all rotating around the system which will then set the stage for what looks to be a rather wet evening and then again wednesday night into
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thursday, thming in and it will start to pick up. 40s and 50s on the temperatures per too much cloud cover. that will be the main system for thursday. cloudy, rainy especially later on. breezy and cool and a lot of low to mid 50s. >> morn. off to a decent start but you heard the man, it could be raining at any time. if so we will be looking at the commute so far. it looks pretty good on 580 and 205 coming up through dublin and lemoore. and contained out to the castro valley where traffic looks good on interstate 880. no major problems at the bay bridge and it is light so desk. the attorney general nominee has is first-come formation meeting before the
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judiciary committee. both california senators on the committee. we are now in washington dc where william barr is faced facing tough testimony. >> the republicans have the votes of the senate to make it happen but that doesn't mean anything about this will be easy. william barr has been through this before. he was attorney general almost 30 years ago under president george h. w. bush. but getting confirmed under president trump is a different matter. washington insiders. barr was nominated to replace jeff sessions. and he would have to oversee robert mueller and his investigation, democrats will grill him. >> i need a firm commitment that he won't allow any interference in the robert mueller investigation and allow it to release a conclusion and
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release the report to the public. >> he has to answer questions about the investigation in particular. this is the first comfort confirmation battle of its kind and the judiciary committee has a new chairman >> every nominee needs to be challenged because these are big jobs they are about to take. he has been attorney general before so he certainly capable. he's an outstanding choice. >> he will certainly be challenged today and tomorrow as the confirmation hearings get underway a little bit later today. 150 unpaid be back at work risk food inspections. that includes cheese, dairy products, some fresh produce and even of most of the countries food supply but meat and some egg products are
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expected by the inspected by the usda. those inspectors are still on the job but working without pay. mac contra costa and santa clara counties are among those that will release foodstamp benefits early because of the shutdown. the agriculture department is using a budget workaround to make sure people are getting benefits through february. officials with those counties are asking recipients to plan their budgets carefully knowing that this will be the only benefit they will receive until the end of next month. the governor will be out in san jose listening to what peoplet california's housing proms. thmeets with san jose the short of affordable and accessible housing hurts california's growth because low and middle inco move out of the state. >> the mayor is back at
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today. he had a fractured sternum and vertebrae but yesterday he tweeted this that he was happy to join the team at work. tonight a candlelight vigil in memory of the two teenagers who died in a car crash in antioch on friday. they died when the car they were in slammed into a tree. four other teenagers in the car were hurt including at least one who is still in critical conditions. the vigil will begin at 7:30 pm tonight at the crash see seen near deer valley high school. police think the driver was speeding and lost control road. vacaville police say a man suspected of stabbing a woman and a girl sitting at home on fire is now in custody.
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just before 7 pm last night, police found a ,16 goal and a 43-year-old woman with stab wounds in the driveway of a burning home on alderwood way. they also found a four-year-old with burn injuries inside the home. one witness who did not want to show her face, said there were other children inside who made it out safely. >> i seen a couple people run across and then i heard a loud boom. i got out of my car and there was children running from the house screaming. i purchased the house and the house was on fire and the kids are saying he stabbed my mom in the neck. >> police say a tip led them to the suspect. 37-year-old nathaniel holland. when he was confronted, a police canine was injured. please say the canine and holland are both being treated for injuries. the investigation is early and more information to be
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released. pg and e said despite the announcement it will bankruptcy, customer service be the news was not a surprise but it's not expected to have far- reaching consequences. >> reporter: of the 2017 and 22 northern california wildfires destroyed entire communities heard in a finally money, pg&e said it cannot cover potential liabilities from 750 lawsuits and complaints blaming pg&e equipment for sparking the fire and also insufficient maintenance of transmission lines and vegetation. pg&e, if they are filed found liable, and it could exceed $30 billion. more than their assets. >> they have not been a trusted player in the past. >> reporter: the governor said he's concerned about protecting
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taxpayers, ratepayers and fire victims. the governor said power supplies are sufficient for pg&e's more than 5 million customers across the service area larger than the state of florida. but the ly showed active management after the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion. >> they misrepresented their inspections of pipes and they misled the public. that is simply unacceptable. remake an attorney for victims of the wildfires who are suing pg&e said the chapter 11 filing does not mean they won't get paid. >> the filing of the bankruptcy in no way means that their claims are not going to be fairly compensated. remake legal proceedings would likely be delayed in bankruptcy court. pg&e customers could face high rates. >> the people pay the bills, we get stuck with the bill. >> reporter: attacks baker's payers could bear some of the burden if there's a state bailout. >> there may be state funding just like general motors. >> reporter: the ceo announced
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she was stepping down with a multimillion dollar severance. the interim ceo did release a statement reading, we believe a court supervised process under chapter 11 will best enable pg to resolve its potential liabilities in an orderly, fair and expeditious fashion. rain in southern california is forcing evacuations in the fire zones. flooding and mudslides could be a problem in the areas of last year's woolsey and thomas fires. evacuations start at 8 am this morning in the los angeles area, santa barbara county and evacuations start at 10 am this morning. home surveillance captures capture a video of the room and play for several crimes. one of the victims are a nine- year-old boy. >> democrats and republicans coming together calling for one congressman to resign. we will explain why, after the break. >> we do see that traffic is
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off to a nice start. if you are driving on highway four up to the willow pass grade. >> a lot of hit and miss shower activity but the rain will pick up later today so there will be two bands. one tonight and the strongest system will be here wednesday night into thursday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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british lawmakers will vote on prime ministers teresa may plan for leaving the you name european union. they will vote to accept the plan or risk leaving the eu without future negotiations with the union. britain is scheduled to leave the eu on march 29 with or without a deal in place. the uncertainty though led to protests on the streets of london. new video to show you of three men who may be connected to several crimes in the east bay. in one case, the men knocked down a nine-year-old boy who answered the front door of his house saturday morning. police say one of the suspects pointed a gun at the boys father but the father and son are okay. we obtained video of this, what appears to be the very same man four days earlier stealing packages from a home in oakland
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hills. police tell us they were able to track down the blue toyota suv they were driving but the suspects are still on the run. in this case the suspect vehicle both touched the license plate reading cameras and the public safety camera. we are very fortunate in piedmont to have a strong technology footprint. oakland police say that lou toyota suv was recovered eventually at 34th and macarthur in east oakland. both piedmont and oakland police are investigating the case. police in san mateo looking for robbery suspects and hoping new surveillance images will lead to arrest. the robbery occurred december 9 in the area of east poplar and north ellsworth avenues. the victim said he was approached by two men and then was punched in the face before his property was stolen. look at these images here. if you have any information, call san mateo police. mountain view lease arrested seven people accused of stealing mail and packages.
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how police were able to catch the suspects. >> these seven people are facing federal mail theft charges. part of a sophisticated operation where dozens of people were victimized in mountain view. >> this is an affluent area. i'm sure thieves thought that they could score something in the mail just because of where we are in the bay area. >> the uptake in berkeley started in august, targeting complexes. residents need a key card to get access to mail. >> they would follow people into an apartment complex and they would actually walk in and wait for them to go away and they were using counterfeit us postal mail keys. >> please say they would open up the mailboxes and develop a duffel bag. early saturday police arrested
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these three after for spotting a gold mercedes tied to a prior home burglary. inside the car they found shaved and counterfeit keys, stolen mail and stolen credit cards. >> we had a lot of concern around these cases because we saw so much of it so the officers were very much on hilar. >> police are contacting victims. kristen maybe one of them. still tracking down her christmas present from her sister. >> i just thought it was a way to get things forwarded a typo somewhere. i didn't consider that. >> it seems like a really easy target especially when you just have a multitude of packages being dropped off. >> sean said he received delivery confirmations for six packages last month but never got them. he luckily got most of the items we place but is now taking preventive measures. >> i know i will be traveling, i don't order anything unless i know that i will be home when it gets delivered.
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>> a stranded surfer very lucky to be alive. thanks to the san francisco department and the coast guard. people started calling 911 yesterday afternoon right near the rocky shores below the cliff house restaurant. witnesses saw a man struggling out there in the water and did not have his surfboard. a fire department rescue swimmer with a longboard went out and managed to make it to the stranded surfer and got him back to shore with the help of the coast guard. that man is okay, he did not need any extra medical attention. we could be in for a rough commute here and there. mostly in the evening it sounds like. >> that's right. if it does start raining at any time during the day, that's when the crashes start piling up. just from experience, we have seen that happen. northbound 101, gilroy to san jose, that looks good with no major issues. driving into san jose along the way between morgan hill and san
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jose, we are off to a nice start. it continues to look good at the bay bridge. this is a good time of the day to avoid the crowds and looking at the list, we don't have a lot going on. which is very nice. let's bring stephen with today's forecast. >> i think it will deteriorate from the south. already some rain up in santa rosa as well. so we are in a donut hole right now but plenty coming up from the south. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. and i don't think these will change too much paid you can see the bands beginning to make their move and within that you can get isolated thunderstorms. thundershowers. some lightning strikes off the coast so certainly a possibility. everything taking place. the low is setting up and tap into the deeper moisture and that's what we have been waiting for. everything is taken the term as that moves in and that will move in by later this afternoon and tonight for more moderate
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rain. 40s and 50s on the temps. to the north the same as well. a couple of low 40s in there. kelsey bill 43. a stronger system on the way on wednesday night into thursday. rainfall this week looks good. i know it has been rather non- eventful so far but we will pick things up not so much today but later today, tonight into tomorrow. there was a night into thursday. 2 1/2 maybe four inches of rain for some. the bigger system will be here wednesday night into thursday. 50s on the temps. these won't change at all. very cool with the cloud cover. a lot of rain and cloud cover on the way through friday. a break on saturday with one less system looking not very strong coming in on break, a wa about a rash of thefts on the delta. and an accused murderer opening up to detectives about when he
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decided to kill a wisconsin couple and adopt abduct their daughter. plus how she he how he was able to keep her secluded in a cabin for weeks.
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the contra costa county sheriff has a warning for boat owners along the san joaquin delta. thefts on the rise and we see that the thieves are leaving the boats stripped and abandoned. >> we are always looking for
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suspicious activity and boats abandoned on the waterways. remix patrolling the delta is a 24/7 job. >> unfortunately the theft of boats is a concern. >> reporter: the sheriff's office marine services unit says there has been 11 boats stolen from arenas since october. add in segmental and san joaquin counties and there has been a browned two dozen. >> a rash of thefts from pittsburgh to discovery bay area so there's no pattern to where they are striking or when. >> reporter: the boats are being stolen and strip. >> people are after the electronics or navigation systems and the upward engines. it's a profit motive and they strip the things that are easy to take and transport and worth money. remix some boats are found floating here on the delta and other cases they are abandon our rural roads. but authorities believe they arall beings stolen under the
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cloak of darkness. >> they are casing before hand and going out looking for boats they might be able to come back and get later. >> reporter: this boat was set on fire desert appeared >> it concerns me a lot because as a new boat owner, i don't want to find my boat missing. remix the sheriff's office is telling people to report anything suspicious. >> we saw a guy come in the other day and we didn't know who he was. he was cruising around in a little boat looking around. >> reporter: they are advising owners to lock up their boats within a fixed chain. >> records your numbers for electronic equipment and boats in case they are stolen we have a way to track them back. >> reporter: one man was arrested in december for about thefts but more rest could be made. what happens now that pg&e is filing for bankruptcy. up next, the role of california state regulators and whether
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they share the blame for pg&e's failures. plus, tsa agents across the country have stopped showing up for work during the government shutdown. up next, how major airports are coping with the cutbacks. >> you can see traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the macarthur approach. it looks around. coming around the corner to the bay bridge. >> not much in the way of rain totals but that will increase, coming up from the south. more moisture and rain. we'll see more later today. it's a brand new morning for breakfast. introducing the jimmy dean delights breadless egg'wich. we got rid of the bread, and replaced it with two egg fritatas. for a protein packed start to your day. and that is something else. kinda makes you hungry don't it?
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it's tuesday morning, waking up with us. if you're waking up litting ste
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>> we will be fine next week. removing appeared it's on the way. i know it has been kind of hit and miss, but there's deeper moisture and heavier rains just to the south and it's beginning to make its move. as it does throughout the day, rain will be more widespread. a lot of moisture beginning to take the turn and there it is, cloudy and rainy. wednesday night into early thursday will be the main system. you can see the moisture beginning to make its move. there been lightning strikes as well down off the mendocino coast. you can see some of the moisture right there. it will take the turn and as it does, that will move in and then the deeper system will come across late wednesday to thursday. 40s and 50s for the temps. a lot of cloud cover and some rain but it will be on increase and heavier amounts. 50s on the temps, quite cool for many here.
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>> good morning everyone. let's look at the commute on 80 westbound. it looks pretty good. southbound 680 as you drive across the bridge, getting there on 680, there might be a little bit of a problem at the interchange. a crash over to the side. is not causing a lot of slow traffic as you drive through. westbound 80 at hercules and richmond looks all right. fog on the east shore camera but at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. traffic moving well. let's go back to the desk. two hours from now will you bar, president trump's nominee for attorney general, will go before the senate judiciary committee for his confirmation hearing. he has been through this before. he was attorney general under
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george h. w. bush. president trump nominated bar to replace the former attorney general jeff sessions and is expected to face some tough questions from democrats. because he would likely oversee special counsel robert mueller who is investigating alleged meddling by russia in the 2016 presidential election. >> i would need a firm commitment that he will not allow any interference in the mueller investigation, he will allow it to reach its conclusion and he will release the report to the public >> every nominee needs to be challenged because these are big jobs you are about to take but he has been attorney general before so he's certainly capable. i think he's an outstanding choice. but i want him to be challenged. >> and his prepared remarks for the confirmation here, barr said it is vitally important that mueller be allowed to finish his investigation. the majority of americans oppose building a wall on the southern border. that's according to a new poll.


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