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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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late today at the office of special counsel, robert mueller released a statement challenging the accuracy of the report. >> tonight, but speech sent me a statement saying they stand beside their article and their sources and they want mueller's team to give specifics on what is not accurate. >> on friday controversy exploded over a report about the mother investigation. it said information from 2 anonymous official lie to congress about details.
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>> i think the president outside counsel addressed this best. and said in a statement earlier that is categorically false. >> the president calling the article fakeness. cohen pleaded guilty in november to lying to congress and hiding his role in the trump tower project in russia. >> if the president directed michael cohen to lie to congress that is a clear case of participating in perjury an extra and obstruction of justice. he should resign but if he does not resign, he should be impeached. >> friday afternoon, a the special counsel's office. both the description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by the office pertaining to the testimony are not accurate. both feet and one of the report's authors say they stand by the all by the article. >> this is rocksolid
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information developed over the course of a long period of time. michael was used two compartment. >> in a special counsel statement it did not see the busey report was entirely false. >> uc berkeley political science professor eric sheckler says there is room to read between the lines. >> it is essentially saying not all of the not all of this is true. we do not have all of this evidence. at least unclear what evidence do they have? it's been it right now, cohen is scheduled to publicly testify on february 7 before the house oversight committee. right now, his spokesperson said tonight he may be reconsidering that. >> this is democrats all riled up. they have to backtrack because there is no real way to know what the special counsel report says right now. >> one of the things that the things that professor sheckler said if it increases the stakes. everybody will be waiting to try and see what it says.
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>> president trump is promising a major announcement from the white house tomorrow on the government shutdown and border security. it is set for noon our time. the president plans to offer specific proposals. they could pave the way to the end of the government shutdown. however, he is not expected to declare a national emergency to try and build his board while. >> i am not going to get ahead of the president but i can assure he will continue fighting for border security. you will continue looking for the solution to end the humanitarian and security crisis at the border. >> nancy pelosi accused the white house of leaking information about her planned congressional trip to afghanistan. president trump canceled her military flight yesterday and said the impossible to make a t commercial flight. >> there is a new area to of th
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and the families who are going without paychecks during the government shutdown. debora lee alone his life with a preview of the event taking place tomorrow. >> andre, tomorrow morning almost 100 coast guard families here in novato are invited to shop among donations, a mountain of donations. they say they are humbled and grateful for how the community delivered. >> two men's deodorants. >> upstairs and coast guard quarters. free shopping is underway. >> windbag of the dried beans and one bag of the dried beans. >> one can of of the applesauce >> i feel blessed. i feel relieved. >> this mother of 4 leaves with bulging bags. her husband with 14 years in the coast guard. >> he is under stress. we are under stress. it is a big help.
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>> they are among 73 families who report to stations around the bay area. the coast guard motto always ready. >> this time we were surprised. we were waiting for someone to come to the rescue. we didn't know someone was coming. >> very excited. this is less than 48 hours. >> the scarlet a surprise collected as soon as word went out. >> there is people in need. we are going to help them. it does not matter why. it does not matter what. there is no politics involved. our neighbors are any. >> not getting paid was rough. we have case. we want them to live a normal life. >> make it would organized the she is also a recipient. >> we have had a lot of our communities say you have helped us, let us you have always got our backs, let us have yours now. >> i think were good.
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>> from soup to diapers, every item is one less expense on a tight budget. >> without a paycheck, the money we do have is going toward necessity bills. just the uncertainty of well, we have this amount of dollars in our savings account how long can we ride this way out? >> for as long as it lasts, supporters say they will be here. >> we are grateful for everything they have sacrificed. this is the least we can do. >> a lot of work went into this weeklong effort. again tomorrow morning from from 9-new mac from 9-noon pet supplies from the humane society. andre the coast guard has stations from petaluma to rio vista, monterey to bodega bay. everyone is welcome as long as they have a military id. >> it is good to see the community help. thank you for that report. as we go further south families
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who work at the center received food assistant. organizers want to keep people from having to choose from putting food on the table or paying bills. >> viral video showed henry trashing a homeless man's belongings last year. the next day the man who recorded it try to talk to him about the episode. he five years of probation for misdemeanor, battery and vandalism in order to apologize to both men. >> 2 people are in custody tonight following a police chase in oakland that led to a lockdown. investigators say the pursuit ended in a crash off interstate 5:80.
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interstate 580. police eventually did arrest 2 people for unspecified felonies. >> thousands gathered in davis today for a memorial service to honor 22-year-old officer natalie corona. >> the rookie police officer was shot and killed last week when she was ambushed by a gunman while investigating a car crash. today's memorial service was filled with emotional moments. at one point her supervisor read a list of her qualities were members of her police academy class responded. >> natalie was hard-working and dedicated. resilient, triumphant. she was brave, courageous. she was a go-getter, spirited. she was enthusiastic and
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energetic. she was reliable and relentless. she was heroic. >> a crowd of more than 8000 mourners filled the indoor arena. police officers from as far as new york city, chicago and boston came to honor the young policewoman. >> final preps for the third annual women's march is said to take place tomorrow in washington and cities across the country. >> they represent. >> members of the democratic club are celebrating nancy pelosi resuming her position as prepare for the woman's march 2019. >> capital. >> this year's theme is truth to power and the woman's wave
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honoring the record number of women now serving in congress and other public offices. newly elected california state treasurer the owner will be the headline speaker for the woman's march in san jose. she is the first woman of color to take the office. the highest number of any state is now held by women here. >> we bring any number of dynamic, dialogue, queue work and cooperation. we really want to get things done. >> she says her message is about fighting for change with a focus on the 2020 presidential election. issues such as the government shutdown and immigration have galvanized one volunteer to participate in the event for the first time. >> there are's children involved and there is no family there is families being torn apart. >> one man says he will march in support of the women in his
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life. >> we need to empower women so that we are all in the same playing field. >> these marches bring a sense of camaraderie. to give us a way of getting together, sharing our stories and coming up with strategies. gives us a new way to collaborate and work together and form coalitions. >> people tell us they are excited about the high number of women elected in public office. they still say there is a lot more work to be done. organizers expect a high turnout for the march. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tomorrow's march in san francisco starts with a rally at 11:30 at civic center plaza followed by a marched on market street at 1:30. in oaklitheater. san jose's event starts at 11. at city hall. >> bar service to san jose. descent help the construction expected to get underway and
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what that means for businesses nearby. >> first, a new name for the oakland coliseum. the bay area company reportedly in talks to put its stamp on the facility. >> we have light showers bombing in the bay area. our unsettled pattern continues. we do have a little bit of a break and a little bit of rain. and then we have sentient. for 5 day forecast and all of that is coming up next. the latest innovation from xfinity isn't just a store.
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>> and 11, the oakland coliseum may be in for a name change. e name. the deal would likely be short- lived since the raiders are expected to move to las vegas. the athletics plan to move into a new ballpark by 2023. >> oakland teachers took to the streets today after calling in sick or taking personal days. >> that is why today's rally
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was designed to draw attention for their demand for a fair contract. the district is offering a 5% pay raise over 3 years. teachers are asking for 12%. they are also asking for smaller class sizes. there are expected to make a final offer next month. the union says they are prepared to strike. >> tesla is cutting 7% of its workforce. elon musk announced in an email this morning that the cuts are necessary to make the companies electric cars more affordable. right now, the standard model 3 cost about $44,000. musk says the cost it needs to come down to $35,000. tesla had roughly 45,000 workers in 20 18. 2018. tesla shares tumbled 11% today following the announcement. >> from cars to public transportation bart is getting
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ready to proceed with the next phase. the promise of rail service has been decades in the making. >> the signs and cones are out. starting next week bart gets down to the business of determining whether what is underground in san jose. >> we have to understand the soil conditions and where the utilities are placed underground in the path of this project. >> brandy childress says crews will burrow in the sidewalks around santa clara street from market to north third street. they would then test the soil, mike utility lines and make sure there are not artifacts needle removal before digging begins. bart is using a single bore option with north and southbound tracks on top of each other instead of side-by- side to reduce traffic disrupe single door so that we preserve our downtown as we outunnel that will bring
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to san jose. >> before the promised benefits of bart's extension, local businesses must deal with the cooling effects. blocked the street and a single lane of traffic, santa clara could have it on their. >> it will have an effect on us. we do not exactly what. >> next door at the newly opened nutrition sports shop, managers say heavy lifting now will pay dividends down the road. >> i think this will be a minor setback for a little while but it will be a huge advantage in the long run. >> this will last for 7 weeks. tunnel construction with no delays will begin in 2020 and would be completed in six like years. >> two workers are being credited for rescuing a man.
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they were working around lucas valley road when they saw a man fall down a 30 foot cliff and hit his head on iraq. marin county fire says the workers found the man face down in a creek and pulled him from the water. the man was taken to the hospital in serious condition but fire officials say it without the efforts of those workers he likely would have died. >> several feet of snow was brought and was brought to light tahoe. this is typically one of the busiest ski weekends of the year in the tahoe area. currently, there are no chain requirements on interstate 80 and highway 50. those of the 2 main highways from the bay area to the hot tahoe basin. a high surf warning along the bay area. coast expired today. beachgoers are being warrant by potentially city by potentially dangerous ways. folks are taking no chances. restaurants have been damaged so this time they are making sure they are prepared for
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this. >> they did have a window busted out. i can imagine we have to be on the lookout. while we are speaking of the ocean, i wanted to mention we have king tides coming in. hopefully our clouds will clear out. sinan monday sinan monday you may have some coastal flooding. 58 in san jose.
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dc moisture in the air? you can to get in the light. that is because you do have some showers rolling through. you have high pressure trying to protect us from the low pressure system. because the high pressure is not strong enough it is not completely knocking it out. that is why we are seeing a few showers. we have had some role through san francisco. we could see more sprinkles along the way. lets timeout futurecast. overnight, pops on the rater. by the time we get into saturday night sprinkles are there. here we are sunday. this is the neck system rolling through on sunday. it is not just going to be the north. it is going to roll all the way through to the south bay. not huge totals. it will be wrapped up by sunday night. all cold we are talking basically attempts a tense to have a vintage. we are done and we had into
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nice weather. overnight lows you can the upper 40s and low 50s. as we keep the chance of showers in their sunday we have the rain coming through. it is not going to be a lot of rain but it will be enough to make it so i say saturday is the ability to be outside. monday we dry out and we have nice temperatures coming our way tuesday into wednesday. notice sunday night monday night if you are in and the lows are getting back into the 30s. the chill will be in the air returning. >> we have had a little break from that. >> the warriors cousins make his long-awaited debut. if anybody doubted his strength he should put all of that to bed tonight. this is a slamdunk right in your face. we have the highlights and reactions nixon sports. >> first from, a total lunar eclipse like few others . this one coming up sunday. it is being called super blood wolf moon eclipse. the rare event and how you can see it on our website.
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cousins has been gone for a year. everybody has been weighted. i think he showed everybody what he is made of.
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>> a lot of hype leading up to this. getting the rest of the nba isn't paying attention right now? it was on national television. the heat called it one of the best days of his life. he was extremely nervous but he had the support of his teammates. they all got together on the floor. they will be playing the lakers on mlk day monday. is is a day to look at the pick and roll early. he finds him fighting in the bucket. watch kevin durant. he had 24 points tonight. warriors never in doubt in this ballgame. tremont directing traffic. he will get it outside to the big man who hit 3 out of the 4 from beyond the arc. 6 assists before a file out.
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fake the 3 move into the middle. the warriors were called for 3pointdistance. 7 state. he talks about getting family support to get over his nerves. >> i was telling them how nervous i was. they said i have been doing this my whole life. it is like riding a bike. once you learn you never forget. once the ball went up, everything went out the window. it also familiar. >> around here we have the warriors. we have usf meplaying great. doing it upright on the farm again tonight.
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>> under control again. a great defense. loose ball, kiana williams will go to the bucket. the cardinals 5 evans i in the pac 12. cal also a lopsided winner over wsu over in berkeley. it is friday night. time for this evening's edition of check this out. back to los angeles where staff doing his pregame drill. watch this. messing around. throwing the ball about 35 feet in the air. the warriors have one prim 7 in a row. >> have a good night everyone. jay doesn't find out.
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