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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 13, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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market. just about every sector in every industry will be affected by the new tariffs including cars, clothing, and even people trying to sell a glass of oj over in china. it's all going to take effect on june 1. china announcing $60 billion in penalties on thousands of u.s. products from batteries to coffee set to take effect on june 1. >> raising tariffs will not solve any problems. china will never surrender to external pressure. >> to tariffs range from 5% to 25% in retaliation to trump's tariffs on $200 billion of chinese goods the president saying china backed out of the deal at the last minute calling it unacceptable while the chinese call that accusation irresponsible. >> we have the right to do another 325 billion at 25%.
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>> is causing the stock market to tumble. >> we will suffer from the short-term damage, but they will too. >> chuck grassley is warning trump that the ongoing trademark will hurt both countries adding americans understand the need to hold china accountable but they also need to know the administration understands the economic pain they would feel. there are three concerns china has in terms of getting a deal done. one of them was the removal of all new tariffs. trump tweeted he may do that depending on how future negotiations go. they are set to meet at the g20 summit in japan later in june. shares of uber fell 11%
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today during their second day of trading. their stock closed at 37 dollars 10 well below the ipo price of $45. analysts are blaming the losses on doubts about uber's future profitability. a couple from livermore has been awarded $2 billion from monsanto. the couple is in their 70s and they say they use the weed killer for 30 years and they both develop non-hodgkin's lymphoma. this is the third charge against monsanto and the largest judgment so far. friends and family are gathering tonight to mourn the death of a 17-year-old boy from fremont killed over the weekend by a suspected drunk driver. as rob roth tells us, he was heading to the beach with
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friends when they collided with a driver going the wrong way. >> these are two of the people that loved armando the most. his brother and his hands. >> he will never know prom. he will never know graduation. >> a loving and sweet kid. he loved everybody. his friends and family were his heart. >> reporter: he was finishing his junior year at washington high school in fremont. >> a cheerful guy and always laughing. so sad to see him go. >> reporter: he was killed early saturday morning the victim of an apparent drunk driver. it appears that ashley marie oliver was driving in the wrong direction on highway 17 near redwood estates when she crash into a car with five teenagers aboard. he and his friends were driving to the santa cruz beaches.
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the other teens suffered non- life-threatening injuries. none of the teens in the back were wearing seat else. oliver faces charges of vehicular manslaughter. >> don't take off and then drive drunk and kill an innocent bystander. this should've never happened in the first place. >> armando was working toward becoming a fifighter. >> he wanted to save lives. >> he loved life. and that was the most important thing. if anything, he would just keep trucking along with this never say die attitude. >> a vigil is at for 8:00 tonight here at washington high school and a gofundme pages been set up for the family to help with funeral expenses. ktvu fox2 news . passages could experience
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brief delays this evening after a train car went off the rails in san jose earlier in the day. ktvu fox2 news 24 was heading in when the last passenger car came off the track. the train remained upright and no injuries were reported. the cost is under investigation. crews have been checking the tracks. a youth leader at a church is been arrested for chop ethnography and sex act with the minor. authorities say they have identified at least four young men as potential victims. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office arrested joseph silva junior. he worked at the used leader and as a teacher. he is accused of committing lewd acts and sexual battery among other
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things. investigators say he admitted to sending victims pictures of his genitals and receiving explicit photos from them and return. use social media and text messaging to do with. >> atlanta this person providing alcohol today's minors and ultimately led to some form of physical touching. >> authorities say they have identified four potential victims and are interviewing two more. >> anytime you have someone in a position like this as a youth leader or teacher, it's quite disturbing when we have these types of allegations. >> authorities say they are cooperating. silva has been released on bail and will appear in court on july 8. we just received a late statement from the church that reads in part the protection of
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children and young people is of paramount concern at saratoga federated church. abusive anyone is never tolerated. police in san jose have begun patrolling the city's waterways in hopes of reducing crime and pollution. the santa clara valley water district is paying the city of san jose $200,000 for an eight month pilot program. the water district says they expect to receive monthly reports from the officers. mother sue of lost children to police balance rally to press for legislation that change police standards on the use of deadly force. they chose the day after mother's day because it draws attention to their loss. assembly bill 392 would change the legal standard for use of deadly force from reasonable to necessary. if the bill becomes law, officers that kill a suspect
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under unnecessary reasons could be charged. >> we have to create an environment where everyone feels protected by law enforcement. law enforcement is truly our friend. they're here to make things better and not worse. >> lawmakers tried to pass a similar measure but failed after facing strong opposition from law enforcement groups. felicity huffman pleads guilty in the college admissions scandal. after a long meeting, a decision regarding the waterfront stadium at the port of oakland. we are looking into that rain. it's going to happen, especially in the northbay. i will let you know how it times out. a vigil this evening after another pedestrian death. 13 pedestrians and cyclists have been killed so far this
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year. the cold and the city to take action. traffic is moving tonight, kind of fun i-82 emeryville and heading up toward berkeley, richmond, and el cerrito.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ check the second week of testimony and the ghost ship warehouse fire got underway in oakland with former tenants of
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the warehouse taking the witness stand. henry lee was in court and has a report. >> reporter: former goshen tenant bob testified he tried unsuccessfully to rescue a friend from the warehouse fire. he told jurors he noticed two many did not recognize talking quietly before the fire broke out. >> that was an area of the warehouse where people were not allowed to be and was off limits. >> the fire killed 36 people. >> it is highly suspicious at this point only circumstantial. we are saying that this was arson and those two will credit been connected to that. >> he wrapped up his testimony telling jurors at oakland police stop by to check up on them and intervene in disputes with tenants. although people were not supposed to be living there, police told tenants they had
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squatters rights. police and firefighters visited many times. they say the city and sublime and not their clients. >> you had to be so unreasonable and criminally negligent not to recognize the fire danger. that does not go hand-in-hand with oakland fire and oakland police going in there and basically saying the places okay. >> also understand was a tenant who heard the screams of people. he said i looked up at the ceiling and there was nowhere to go. >> the musician is back on the stand tuesday. struck four people were shot and wounded overnight. three shootings within 90 minutes. the first happened near 24th street at 10:00 last night. the second at 10:36 at first
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and nevin. a third near south 47th street at 11:00. two people were wounded where police were seen searching a white van. 30 minutes later another person was shot in the iron triangle neighborhood. police were called to 47th where investigators say a man was shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex. dozens of shell casings were scattered on the ground. >> i'm scared. i have 15-year-old daughter and i want to feel safe in my home and i don't. >> the shots sounded like firecrackers. i ran to check on my kids inside the house. >> a car was towed from the scene. investigators say there are no suspects in custody. felicity huffman pleaded guilty today with charges related to a
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bribery scandal. the 56-year-old appeared at the u.s. district court in boston as he entered the plea to mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud. she paid $15,000 to have her daughters sat answers corrected to improve her score. prosecutors are recommending she be sentenced to four months behind bars and pay a $20,000 fine. it looks like were going to get a little rain in here and this is not february, this is right now. that's pretty significant. the whole pacific is lit up. there's a lot of activity. in some cases past the date line with rain and clouds and the jet stream aligned to come on shore. we will have a wet wednesday afternoon and a little bit on saturday as well. it's not a winter like storm because it's not winter. it won't be 5 inches of rain,
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but we could see 1.5 inches of rain which is a lot for may. some showers are showing up around lake tahoe with thunderstorms. current temperatures, here they are. there is still live camera. the fog is going to go away. you can see the fog lingering. it will pretty much go away. the overnight lows tonight will be in the 50s mostly. tomorrow it's not rain but increasing clouds. so it's mostly cloudy on and off all day. wednesday we get into that opportunity for a few showers. wednesday night into thursday morning. the thursday morning commute look sketchy. and so as they get closer to her, we will dial it down.
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you can see the gellis represents 70s. the greens are 60s. a little fog along the coast and mostly cloudy. we will have the latest model and look at your five day. jimmy carter is in the hospital after breaking his hip. he fell this morning at his home in georgia while leaving to go turkey hunting. he underwent surgery and is recovering with his wife rosalyn at his side. he was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015 and received treatment and later announced his cancer was gone. que sera, sera, whatever will be will be. >> doris day died today at the age of 97. she recorded que sera, sera for the movie the man who knew too much. she started that movie with
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jimmy stewart. she made nearly 3 dozen films and made more than 600 recordings and topped both the box office and billboard charts. she is considered one of the most successful movie stars of all time. doris day died of pneumonia at her home in carmel valley today surrounded by her friends. a green light for the oakland a's. we will hear from the team president on the decision regarding the future of the team's new waterfront stadium. a live report is next. easy access to carolyn, opioids and other illegal drugs. drug dealers are operating online using and arresting codewords. why they are so difficult to track down. we sit down with the oakland mayor to discuss the new affordable housing project in her right just to help the
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homeless after governor newsom frees up money for people living on the street. watch morning sun two.
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new developments from oakland. after more than three hours of public comment, commissioners voted to enter into an agreement to build a new ballpark at howard terminal along the oakland estuary. it came down about an hour ago and it's the first step in a long process that they hope will bring a new stadium to
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life. >> andre, there is some opposition from those in the shipping industry. >> longshore workers said the development would mean their jobs would be pushed out of the area. >> a great day for oakland and the oakland ace. >> he to victory lap after they got a go ahead. it's the first of many steps. >> it will be important to get through the environmental reviews in the state legislation done and bring it to a city council vote. >> and you would sacrifice the port for privatization of the public resource, the third busiest port on the west coast
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for a baseball stadium and condominiums. >> these condominiums are not for port people. they are for people who want to watch a baseball game. >> reporter: the team is planning on the long-term success of the port. >> we want to enhance the maritime capabilities and make sure jobs are here and grow in the future. >> this poor tenant says he was concerned about the cheaper rent that the a's would be paying for the land . we're hearing a monthly rent for around $76,000 and even lower per acre on a yearly basis. gsc is paying close to $100,000 per acre. that is extremely concerning. >> there were defenders including kim smith a resident of oakland. >> we need to 6000 jobs and we
6:24 pm
need the affordable housing that will be coming to oakland. >> oakland will get both. expanding, successful maritime industry as well as an exciting mixed-use development where people are truly excited about keeping our bart nine rooted in oakland . >> there's a lot of work to be done here and i could take a couple of years. he wants to stadium completed by 2023 2024. what is the next step in this long process? >> right now they're going to have the environmental impact study which i was told just a short time ago. they will start with that initially and then look at the contamination and how to clean that up. they will bring that information back to the board and the city council to show them what they plan to do to get this road ready.
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thanks. ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 gets next. the new purse to prevent deadly accidents with the focus on san francisco's most dangerous intersections after a pedestrian was killed in the tenderloin over the weekend. oakland is explore the idea of the safe injection sites. an update on kevin durrant's calf injury. we will hear from steve kerr about when he could be back on the court. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah.
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and now to write top stories. a major selloff on wall street today. all three averages were down regarding tension between the u.s. and china. friends and family of, or
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mourning the death of a 17-year- old from fremont killed over the weekend by a suspected drunk driver. armando was headed to the beach in santa cruz with friends when a 28-year-old driver is under arrest in connection with the crash. >> the port of oakland approved the first step toward building a new waterfront ballpark for the oakland a's. it gives them four years to complete an environmental impact report for the 35,000 feet baseball stadium. >> you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. 2019 has not been a good one for people walking the streets in san francisco. 13 pedestrian some bike riders have been killed this year. people are saying not enough is
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being done. tonight a group of people gathered for a vigil to pay tribute to the victim who died at after being struck by a bus. they honored the other people killed on san francisco street says here carrying signs representing each of the victims. here's the report. >> investigators are piecing together the event that led to a deadly collision between a pedestrian crossing the street and a golden gate transit bus. the intersection is notorious. >> we know that particularly in the tenderloin we have the worst streets and intersections. this particular intersection has been a problem for a long time. >> there are known dangerous intersections that require little money for the municipal transportation agency to make safer. >> we set up a tenderloin traffic safety task towards to
6:31 pm
identify dates intersections. >> this group says that the golden gate and hide is only one of the notorious intersection and there were many more known to be dangerous. >> the city knows what species are. they have the maps showing where the highest injuries are. >> just one block away a truck driver struck and killed a woman in march. since then the pedestrian lights have been changed to prevent pedestrian cars from being in the intersection at the same time. >> no one should have to die for us to add that to his street. >> supervisor haney wants to see more action protecting pedestrians and cyclists before tragedy strikes rather than after. >> what i've been saying is or should not be any delay. we can change these right now. it's the right thing to do.
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>> we heard from the agency saying we know that 75% of all injury collisions happen on 13% of our streets away our deploying our crews including timing changes following a process to identify funding, design, and implementation. the city of oakland is considering backing a bell that would allow safe injection site for iv drug users. they are supporting an assembly bill that would allow san francisco to set up such a site. the resolution asked the state to expand the measure to include oakland. safe injection sites can help reduce overdoses and keep dirty needles off the streets. they are set to vote next tuesday. many drug dealers are hooking high schoolers and others on heroin, meth and
6:33 pm
opioids. they are posting trucks for sale. >> they are anonymous and use code words. the drug deals can be made on a smart phone. you found that stopping low level dealers posting on the sites is a little tougher than we thought. i'm 61 and i didn't just fall off the turnip truck but i found it surprising you can purchase drugs like that on craigslist. >> it is surprising but it happens every single day and police aren't able to keep up because they have more serious cyber crimes like human trafficking and child . when police get tips they do investigate and try to track the posts. it is far easier said than done. we found these drug posts are anonymous and frequently disappear after the dealer connects with the buyer.
6:34 pm
we spoke with the recovering addict who used to buy and sell pills on craigslist. he's warning the world about how the drug trade operates on open access websites. there are ads for clear sealant and gunpowder which are nicknames for carolyn, meth, and fit now. the mother shared her story about her son's battle with addiction. she was shocked when her teenager admitted he was linking up with dealers almost daily after responding for ads on craigslist. they would text and meet up. >> the saddest thing for me was that there was no text messages to friends like you want to go to the movies or get something to eat. it was just drugs. it was pages and pages of drugs. and then i flashed back to those times when we were sitting in the living room like
6:35 pm
teenagers do. he was talking about drugs. he was a full-blown addict at that time. >> her son to get clean and lived in a sober home by five months ago he relapsed, overdose, and passed away. we will hear what this mother wants to see done and her efforts to educate other parent's. we also look at the lack of resources. all of this will overdose deaths dramatically increase. and 2017 the number top nationwide. that's really something hearing her talk about how she thought her son was on his cell phone just talking to someone. >> it's shocking. pages and pages and text after text of all drugs. not just meeting on the street corner. this is happening in the heart of napa and sonoma county.
6:36 pm
>> it's one of facebook's toughest jobs. the content moderators will receive after reports on unfair wages. a pilot program that uber is trying that doesn't require people to be matched up with specific cars. [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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[ commentatora 1-iron from the 17th tee. [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open.
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suck a legal setback for apple at the supreme court ruled in
6:39 pm
favor of consumers suing the company. brett kavanaugh joined the courts for liberals and rejecting apple's request to end an antitrust lawsuit. iphone users are taking issue with the 30% commission apple charges for any apps sold through its app store. it could force apple to reduce those rates. it allows the case to move forward. facebook will increase wages and offer counseling to thousands of content moderators. moser contract workers set of complaint about unfair working conditions. facebook will pay $22 per hour to content moderators in the bay area, new york city and washington dc. they review graphic or sexually explicit content for review. they will require content moderators to have access to on- site counselors at all hours rather than just stirring certain parts of their shifts.
6:40 pm
uber is testing underway for healing a ride from the portland international airport. if you halo right at the portland airport you will get a six digit 10. if you can step into the first uber vehicle the company said the idea is to get passengers into their rides faster and more efficiently. if it works in portland, it may expand the method to other airports across the country. tax money race the repair seat, streets in san jose will not go as far as they thought. bids are 81% over city estimates. even the lowest construction dates are coming in more than 30% higher than expected. officials say this could delay work on potholes. they are considering having some of the work done by city
6:41 pm
employees. were talking rain and your five day forecast. it will be here and it will be pretty wet. heather holmes joins us in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories were working on for the 7:00 news. alyssa milano is calling on women to join her nsx strike. we will hear about the backlash she's facing after she took the stand and support of abortion rights. more under the state's incredible career. the music and movies that made this carmel resident one of the most popular stars of the 20th century. eight people arrested in a number of gun sees. the pattern set detectives looked at as part of an 18 month investigation to cut down on gun violence in the bay area. here is a live look outside. as we listen to que sera, sera
6:42 pm
as we pay tribute to doris day who passed away today at the age of 97.
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federal and local enforcement agencies in the south bay are celebrating the success of an 18 month operation to remove criminals and guns from the street. we learned the unique techniques they used in the crime crackdown. >> then we started our analysis
6:45 pm
it was because of a series of linked to shootings. >> investigators with the crime strategies unit map heat signatures from gun clients from 2017 until this past april. each red dot is a crime. detectives were able to trace shootings to the seven trees neighborhood. >> gun violence is an everyday reality for even our teenagers. >> these patterns are similar to other metropolitan areas across the country. >> gun violence and illegal weapons are a national epidemic that everyone in law enforcement is aware of. >> detectives linked the patterns for suspects involved in overlapping crimes. last month multiple search warrant served throughout the neighborhood netted eight arrests, nine firearms, two pounds of cocaine, six pounds of marijuana, two ounces of heroin and $40,000.
6:46 pm
>> now went to be victimized because of a small number of individuals are armed with firearms. you are not just a dot on a heat map. you're not a crime scene. you're a school of students, churches of worshipers. homes of hard-working people. >> reporter: the same analytics that lead to success. can be duplicated and other sections of the city. >> this is an operation we can replicate in other parts of the city. >> reporter: one of the eight suspects, jose ramirez is facing charges for the murder of nathan johnson harper that happened just before christmas. ramirez shot harper as he sat in a carmen then ran away. ramirez is due back in court will people enter a plea for a charge of murder. officials say criminal should start looking over their shoulders because, i'm quoting, we are coming for you. ktvu fox2 news . sec let's talk
6:47 pm
about or weather now and bring in our chief meteorologist. we're looking at potentially some real rain. >> yes like .5 inches to 1.5 inches of rain. places like marin county could see 310 seven inch or three quarters of an inch of rain which is significant rainfall for this time of year. when you talk about 1.5 inches in the santa cruz mountains or hills of the northbay, it's pretty significant. so this will mess with your wednesday afternoon commute and your thursday morning commute. those are the two most tangible things not to mention the thursday afternoon commute. i'm not is a significant looking system that stretches out there. it goes out past the dateline. all of this moisture.
6:48 pm
if it was winter wheat be hoisting up the flood advisories. is not winter and we are not looking at any concerning rainfall other than for the commutes. snow levels will be super high. this is not a cold storm. it is a mild storm typical for this time of year. the hills are starting to turn brown, but the upshot to that rain is things will turn green and forestall fire danger season . you will have more breasts but in terms of the longer we can wait before fire season starts, we are doing a good thing. with that said, rain shows up wednesday into thursday and lingers a little bit into saturday. forecast highs tomorrow morning. it will be cloudy. tomorrow afternoon, cloudy.
6:49 pm
by wednesday morning, it's going on up north. wednesday afternoon is wet. thursday morning will be wetter. and then scattered showers all day thursday. it will be interesting for sure. >> we will get some rain on the garden some pollen out of the atmosphere. it hasn't rained in a while so the roads when they get wet and they get that little buildup of oil. it will be slick. people haven't been used to driving in the rain. i think the commutes might be the big story on wednesday night, thursday morning especially and then thursday afternoon. the warriors are returning to the western conference finals for the fifth consecutive year and they will host the trailblazers in game one tomorrow night. it will be a family affair with steph curry going up against his brother from portland.
6:50 pm
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it's a good time to be a bay area sports fan. >> first of all, my blatant attempt. >> let's take all the fans we can get. >> the warriors, it's time to look forward. one of the greatest in franchise history is great, but the port untraceable, trailblazers are coming down tomorrow. i think it is time for people to pump their brakes a little bit on the kevin durrant thing. first of all, they are a better team of kevin durrant. secondly, it does not look like he will be available for the first couple of games. he will be reevaluated this coming thursday. but do not expect a return for
6:54 pm
him real soon it sounds like from the coach. >> he hasn't even stepped on the floor yet. he still has pain. there is some time ahead of him on the rehab process. we will have more details on thursday. >> this kind of a cool subplot to this thing. if you didn't know, stefan curry comes from a basketball family. his dad was an outstanding player and his brother is on the portland trail blazers. the two brothers will be facing off against each other. but if your parents like sonja angelle, who do you root for? that's an interesting conflict. they are close enough where stefan curry says they've got it all figured out. >> i guess technically it's a win win for them. >> is kind of crazy to think
6:55 pm
were on the stage and we get to play in front of our family and there's happiness and joy that comes with it. >> it is hard to believe right now how many years i watch staff and be in the crowd. is going to be fun to be out there on the court competing and to get to that final. it's a dream come true for us and i think my family will have a lot of fun with it as well. >> just knowing that they are a decade plus. i wonder who they're going to root for. it is a win win situation for them and pretty incredible. >> quite a bit of pressure on sportscasters. >> the quarterback at the seattle seahawks, his mom had a sensational day. have a look and to listen.
6:56 pm
>> this is the key to your house. >> visited your house. open the door. >> so. here's the key. that is his mom tammy. he's a highest-paid player in the nfl and he signed a huge contract eventually i think sickos in the house. >> meanwhile, i think by now everyone has seen the unbelievable shot that leonard made yesterday for the toronto raptors that eliminated the opposition and had them moving on. have you heard the call and korean? here it is in case you missed
6:57 pm
it. >> the philadelphia 76ers don't think it's quite so entertaining. a shot of a lifetime to win a game seven. look at the track meet. 400 meter hurdles. that's what he did to get across the finish line. he beat his own teammate right there. i have never seen anybody do that. but he won and it worked. whatever you've got to do to win. >> he just had to get carried off the track. >> we will have all the shark stuff tonight. they are trailing by the way 1- 0. >> it's still early. >> the news continues at seven on our on ktvu plus.
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