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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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>> that standoff in sacramento is still underway. the suspect is barricaded and firing his weapon from inside a home. i'm julie haener. >> i'm alex savage. frank is off tonight. they say their officer was shot helping a woman collect her belongings following a domestic violence call. the standoff is still unfolding on the northeast side of sacramento near the del paso heights neighborhood on redwood avenue. deborah joins us with more on this developing story. deb? >> reporter: alex, it's been five hours. the area still under siege. take a look. this is a neighborhood that is surrounded no word yet on whether the rifleman is still a threat. the area has been swarming with law enforcement since just after 6:00 pm. at least two officers were accompanying a woman to
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retrieve personal items from a home. she had had a dispute with the man in the house earlier today. about a half hour after their arrival, the suspect started firing a high-powered rifle, wounding a sacramento pd officer, and spraying so many bullets the injured officer couldn't be rescued from the backyard for almost an hour. an armored bearcat had to be brought in. >> shortly after 6:00 was when the shots were fired. and our officer was struck. and all the responding officers, they took extreme measures to make sure that everybody stayed safe. when somebody has a rifle and they're firing at police officers, it'ss >> reporter: the wounded officer went to uc davis medical center in sacramento. listed as series condition. and a large turnout of law enforcement personnel are at the hospital, showing their concern and support. even as
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this incident continues. >> we had one officer who's been shot. and our priority now is making sure that we take every safety precaution to ensure that no other officers are shot, and nobody else in our community is shot. so this is very unique and a critical incident for not only all of our officers. but all the crews who are here to help us. and plus for our entire community. looking again at the live scene, we're being kept some distance away for safe. we heard some loud cracking noises. could be gunshots, but it could be those flash-bangs, stun grena that s.w.a.t. uses to distrac suspect so they can move in. nol contact with the shooter but he had been fired on. and they couldn't be sure whether he had been hit. that's the latest from here. really just a status quo
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situation as police work this scene. most likely trying to get closer and closer to that home. >> one officer wounded and a very dangerous situation unfolding in that neighborhood in sacramento. now to san mateo coyne where two men were stabbed to death about 24 hours apart along the same stretch of highway 35. one victim a 32-year-old cabdriver from pacifica. the other a 31-year-old tow truck driver from east palo alto. both responded to calls. . >> reporter: family members and coworkers here at specialty towing call john a hardworking and caring man. author ahere trying to
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determine if homicides are connected. it appears the suspect did not know the victims. >> this is a random stabbing. and i guess my brother office a worm call. he was on a route that it happened at. >> reporter: john was killed tuesday night in a remote part of unincorporated san mateo county. depose found him injured, calling for help. he died at the scene. >> it was a late-night call. >> reporter: deputies were there investigating another homicide from 24 hours prior. a yemeni american cabdriver, abdul nashar of pacifica, who also received a work call monday night. >> both homicides happened within close wounds. >> reporter: deputies detained the suspect of pacifica after
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discovering pekipak i. he has a mental illness. he tried to flee and fired at his car to stop him. >> the suspect was not hit, but the vehicle went off the roadway into a ditch. the suspect was taken into custody and receiving medical care for a laceration to his arm. 72 it was foggy up there. and he couldn't find the person who called for service. >> reporter: lena worked at a tow yard next door. she last saw him tuesday evening. later that night, she was dispatched to a call. >> the person who called for the service, is that the person who killed him? that i don't know. >> t me running back-to-back. >> reporter: she shared with us this video of her brother at work. she says he was a caring man, loyal to his family.
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>> reporter: he leaves behind an 11-year-old son and one-year-old daughter. the district attorney's office tells me they haven't received the case. the suspect is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries. a motorcyclist was hit in a hit and run crash in fremont this morning. this collision happened at about 5:30 am on mission boulevard at brown road. the motorcyclist was taken to a trauma center but he died there. he is identified as a his 20s.d abanded the car at the s they needed to determine who the driving the car at the time of the crash. the highway patrol is investigating a rash of five freeway shootings across the bay area in the past few days.
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on saturday, a man died in vacaville after being shot on interstate 80 near the 505 split on. sunday night, two people were wounded by gunfire inside. on monday night a man was shot and killed on highwa. and two more shootings last night. t night. >> reporter: chp detective says this isn't the first time they've investigated a south bay freeway shooting. >> they don't happen with on thy here. >> reporter: on tuesday, two shootings just hours apart, and both cases bullets fired from one car and into another. first cam 8:35 at night on is be 680 near king road. the female driver was americaing onto 680 from king when a male driver pulled up beside her and pointed a gun.
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she slowed down, but he matched her speed, pointed the gun again and fired. >> the party feels like they may have been wronged and the other party may not have been aware of an incident occurring. >> reporter: the victim had a window blown out, and a 12-year-old girl was injured by broken glass. in the second instance, a male driver was transitioning from southbound 17 to northbound 85. a gold-colored vehicle was tailgating. as that driver passed to left, the victim heard a thud. he didn't realize his car was hit by gunfire until he got home, saw a bullet hole and called the chp. >> it's incredibly dangerous. it's not somethi >> road rage was linked to 450 fatal crashes in 2015. that is concerning. >> karen sobrick of the menneta transportation institute says there's been a 500% increase in road rage fatalities from 2006 to
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she says betterng could partially explain the increase. also social pressures and a lack of learning. how to deal with them can push some people past the brink. >> when you're already dealing with many stressors. one more incident on a road may cause you to act out. >> reporter: investigators are asking for help identifying the two shooters. additionally they say if you find yourself a victim of road rage, don't fight back or argue, move away and call 9-1-1. a new study finds three bay area counties are died for most expensive rent in the u.s. the annual out of reach report is compiled by the national low-income housing coalition. it says renters in marin, san francisco, and san mateo counties need to earn $127,000 a year to afford the average
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two-bedroom rental at nearly $3,200 a month. vallejo is the most affordable bay area city. a pilot program in san francisco this summer will offer 24 hours access to a public toilet with attendance in the tenderloin. bus drivers voted on a new contract offer today. the results are expected tomorrow. union workers reject the offer, they could strike as early as next week.
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that would help offset the 4% pension contribution. ion contribution. >> one of the biggest, i would say, most contentious for the union, but most compelling is the pension contribution. a very long-term financial commitment. and we're asking that atu contribution to their pension s. >> if the workers reject this offer and strike, we're told they need to give v, it a 72 hours notice. f> this is a movement >> p pride 2019. behind the scenes to see how san francisco is getting ready for the celebration. >> and ride-share issues at sfo. how the airports changing how passengers get rides for the second time in just two weeks.
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san leandro is showing its its pride with new rainbow-themed crosswalks. they were unveiled this evening at parrot street and washington avenue downtown. city hall will also display rainbow lighting. and the pride flag will fly in front of city hall. in san francisco the pride parade is ten days away. preparations are well underway. amber lee got a sneak peek tonight at some of the floats. >> reporter: at a whatever house along the waterfront, crews are using foam and glitter to make 35 floats for the pride parade, 2019. an even that started as a protest. >> this is a movement for equality. >> reporter: lots of rainbows
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and some racy images. this year's theme, generations of resistance. >> our identity is under attack and we need to make sure bee come together with the entire lgbtq community to make sure we address these issues. >> i am so excited and scared about tonight's event. it really gets down to the deep, personal parts for so many of us. >> reporter: a pride celebration hosted at his cafe in the mission district wednesday night. a gathering of lgbtq folks who shared their personal stories about coming out. >> to see that there were people who could be happy, who could be partnered, who could be themselves, out in public and be loved, allowed me to know that it was gonna be okay. >> reporter: organizers say there will be more than 280 contingents in the parade,
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ranging from communities to corporate groups that support the pride movement. an event that draws an international crowd to numbers in the hundreds of thousands. arriving in san francisco during the week leading up to the pride parade and festival. >> as a native san franciscan, i'm super proud that san francisco is one of the oldest prides in the country. >> reporter: the san francisco pride parade takes place on sunday, june 30th. it promises to be big, bold, and entertaining. >> celebrate pride month with a new episode of our bay area people pod search for bay area people on your podcast player or look for the bay pair people section of there are going to be more
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changes involving ride-share services at san francisco international airport. it's been two weeks since sfo first revised the pickup policy for ride-share companies like uber and lyft. many users and drivers say the new location has led to long lines and delays for passengers. >> you can't get into the airport. ten minutes. t. ten minutes. sfo is making changes. including eliminating a turnaround lane to prevent bottle necks. the airport has installed severa nrivers and hoy reduce confusion. on. the golden gate bridge district will hear input tomorrow on a proposed ferry from larkspur to the new chase centern the ferry would offer service to warriors games and other evens there. the boats would dock at an interim ferry landing while a permanent dock is built at
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mission bay. that public hearing is at 9:30 tomorrow morning at the golden gate bridge district administration building. >> checking in on the weather again. we've got a warming trend coming our way. but not tomorrow. it's gonna show up on friday and saturday. the air is gonna compress. and we're gonna see a little bit of an offshore flow. very subtle compared to the last record-setting temperature that we had. but it'll be warmer. these are the highs from today. and you see they're nothing like they were last week. and certainly nothing cooler than yesterday. and temperatures tomorrow will that. the coast, a big deep layer of fog. and the idea is that if that's close enough to us, it's taking the marine layer and stretch today out and has given us kind
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of a mild pattern. that's how it goes tomorrow. the low translates out, the high builds in. and bang, we're back into summer. more typical summer. as we go into tomorrow evening, and friday specifically. and saturday. current temperatures are running behind. fog out at sfo right now. and you can see the fog up in the back. hanging up on the ridge up there by san bruno. you can see the low clouds tomorrow morning. san francisco, oakland. and for fremon. most of it around the bay burn offense quick. help you get this. partly sunny. 56 in san francisco. maybe 76 in san francisco. and the yellows are 70s, greens are 60s. it's a nice day, but it's gonna be warmer friday and saturday. that's really the weather story. friday, saturday, we get back into some heat.
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86 in gilroy. that's warm. but it certainly isn't hot for this time of year for that area. here's the five-day. and you see what happens, the high builds in friday and saturday. peaks friday night into saturday morning. and that's the day, i think we'll lose the coastal fog as well. and then sunday cools off a little bit. a nice warm weekend and a typical weather pattern for this time of year. sprouts is recalling frozen spinach because of possible listeria contamination. leaf spinach, dimensional and 16-ounce cut bags with a sell-by date of december 3rd, 2021. symptoms include fever, nausea, and abdominal pain. products were sold in at least 19 states, including california. customers should throw it away or return it to the store for a refund. could the giants bounce
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back from their shutout loss last night against the dodgers? and cal fire's version of smoky the bear. he's part of a campaign to teach young people about fire safety and wildfires.
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the giants down in l.a. for a series. and they're clearly outmatched here. >> yeah. if you're a giants fan, the depressed disparity between talent on display again last night. 9-0. tonight, 9-2. and the giants, you have the feeling, never really in this thing after the 1st inning. is they send this y two on, two out. christaylor. drew pomeranz who gave up seven earned runs in four and a third. in san francisco we've got garlic fries. in l.a. they've got kyle garlic. the impressive thing was the fan out there. the chase utley jersey.
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that's a nice snag. the giants had few highlights. one of them off the bat of tyler austin. sixth home run. solo shot. yastrzemski also went deep. tomorrow night, matt bum against max muncie. a little matt may against the worst team in baseball. o's 32 games under. looking like josh bagley, three-run shot in the fifth. look out. the cameraman there. big play here. 7th inning. 4-3. a's lead it first and third. alberto unwisely throwing to the plate. the a's open up an inning. 8-3 final. the manager of the orioles there. that is a tough job. tomorrow, the nba draft day. 363 days in the news.
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the warriors because they are so good will pick 28th. and 58th in the second round. still no news on klay thompson's surgery. it hasn't happened yesterday. a week from tomorrow. no word on kb. the general manager talks about the person of the draft. >> mow decisions we make tomorrow and i next couple weeks will affect next year, the following year and the following year. you really have to be on-point. you rely on your group. and make the best decisions you can. >> a lot of spots on that roster to fill up for next year. this is one of theays you'ln baseball. check this out. happened to us tonight. minor league game. the norfolk ties,
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the yankees team. the outfld the game is over. flips the ball into the stands. the catch serfreaking out. and they walk off with a win. all of his teammates are looking at him. this is the macho award. max scherzer yesterday. got hit in the face with a bunt. and he was scheduled to pitch tonight. and he did. with a black eye. and what did he do? seven shutout innings. >> wow. >> struck out ten with a broken nodes. broken nose. got a fan wearing a band-aid shirt. that is the sporting life. that kid who made that big mental error tonight won't be promoted to the majors to soon. >> goodnight. >> see ya.
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