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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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protests in the bay area and beyond as grief and sorrow over the recent mass shootings turns to anger and frustration. president trump under fire tonight as protests in san francisco and oakland, good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> protesters say the words are
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damaging to democracy. earlier today there were similar sentiments during the president's visit to dayton and el paso. ray bogan is live in el paso tonight for the president's trip and protests that greeted him there. first to ktvu's debora villalon live in san francisco where about 70 people gathered at 24th and mission tonight. deborah? >> reporter: this is a somber but determined crowd across the bay, the protest was more political in tone. the overlap of guns, racism and words is weighing heavily on everyone. >> it's easy because we hear these stories f paso's massacre held aloft. >> i actually grew up going to the house of these two people. >> reporter: emotional protest in the heart of the mission. speakers alarmed about keeping immigrant family's intact and keeping them alive.
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>> i never felt so small before. but you know what? love makes us stronger. >> reporter: on the other side of the bay, a crowd the same size but louder. >> [ chanting ] >> reporter: this protest along international boulevard also decried mass shootings and the heat behind them. and put the blame on the words and actions of the president. >> whatever words he might have been forced to say in front of a teleprompter, we know what he is. >> reporter: demonstrators determined white supremacy be rejected. >> not welcome in el paso, not welcome in oakland, not welcome anywhere. they don't belong to the america that we stand for. >> nancy pelosi and the democrats stop playing games, and to actually act and impeach him. >> reporter: drivers passing by say a chorus of agreement,
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border camps are intolerable and -- >> to our society and tolife. >> reporter: for others it's trump's indecision on guns. >> he refused to have any kind of changes having to do with assault weapons and that's a crime. >> got mad a couple days ago because of the shooting. >> reporter: it's the first protest since the '60s. >> i go into stores and i have to listen before i start going shopping and anywhere i can hide just in case. you're not supposed to live like that. >> reporter: at both, people found comfort and confidence coming together. while knowing they could be anyone, childhood friends. >> they ended up dying in each other's arms. and i want to keep that memory of them being in love and in heaven now and honoring and sending prayers. >> reporter: the couple she was referring to among eight mexican killed in the
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el paso walmart. both of these protests remain relatively small, peaceful, each lasting a few hours. >> what shirley said, just kind of she shared a few sentiments that so many people i've heard say, just that they are just looking for exit, looking for ways out, trying to figure out ways in which to hide their children when they're out and about. it's a really scary time and hopefully we can see some kind of change in the right direction. >> reporter: i was struck too, she said she hadn't been protesting since the '60s when she was out on the streets a lot as a young woman, pregnant. she said i was protesting up to the time i gave birth. she says now i'm back. >> all right. debora villalon live in okerlund, thank you so much. president trump spent the day visiting the survivors to console heartbroken communities but they ended up being politically charged as well. fox news ray bogan is in el paso with more tonight.
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>> reporter: good evening. the area around university medical center was completely blocked off by police when president trump was here earlier but there were two events, one was a protest a couple blocks away, anti-trump protest hosted by multiple different organizations and congresswoman veronica escobar spoke there. presidential candidate beto o'rourke also spoke. then the el paso republicans had an event supporting president trump and these two events were separate for the most part until they ended and the two protesters and rally years came together and had to be separated by riot police. out trump, that's how el paso protesters greeted the president in spanish. >> i hope air force one, i have some these cameras on, trump, you are not welcome in this community.
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>> reporter: the el paso republican party wanted the president to know they support him. >> there are tens and tens and tens of thousands of people in el paso that appreciate the president coming to as we say in spanish, share his condolences with us. it is the proper thing to do and our president is doing that and we are thankful for him to do that. >> reporter: president trump praised first responders during a visit to el paso's emergency operations center. >> what a job you did. >> reporter: the president visited dayton, where he met with first responders and injured victims. president trump tweeted, it was a warm and wonderful visit, tremendous enthusiasm and even love. >> the mayor and i asked the president to call on senator mcconnell to bring the senate back to session this week, to tell the senate that he the background checks bill that's already past the house, that he wants it on the floor. >> reporter: afterwards dayton's mayor reacted to the president's visit. >> reiterated to the president
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the importance of action. around these issues in guns and that the people of dayton are waiting for action from washington, d.c. >> reporter: while here in el paso, president trump met with army private glenn oakley, he's being lauded as a hero because when he heard the shots, he ran towards the walmart and help children escape. back to you. >> ray bogan in el paso tonight, thank you. the president also took time today to trade barbs with the presidential candidates. the president suggested the gunman in dayton back to senators sanders and elizabeth warren. sanders on twitter called the president an overt racist and xenophobic. former congressman beto o'rourke spoke at the rally in el paso opposing the president's visit and his anti- immigrant rhetoric. >> live in a country where we have a president who demonizes communities like this one, who vilifies immigrants, who says that those from mexico are criminals and warns of
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invasions and infestations. >> joe biden accused the president of, quote, fanning the flames of white supremacy in a speech in iowa area the president hit back while on board air force one it. he called biden's speech boring and added our country will do poorly with them. east bay congressman eric swalwell hosted a town hall meeting tonight on the topic of guns and gun control. it drew a large crowd to hayward. coming up in the 11:00 news, we are there during the discussion and opinions on how to stop mass shootings in america. analysis of mass shootings this year by the associated press shows nearly half were carried out since 2006, 12 mass shootings have been committed by gunmen 21 years or younger, that includes the 21-year-old suspect in el paso. the median age of those who commit mass shootings in public is 28 years old. the survey defined mass shooting as four or more people killed not including the
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gunman. a reminder tomorrow night, ktvu will take an in-depth look at gun laws at mental health, and at what lawmakers are doing to try to prevent more mass shootings. you can join us for our special report guns in america, it's here at 10:30 at ktvu. now to developing news from southern california where four people are dead after a stabbing spree in orange county. police say there are as many as nine crime scenes in garden grove and santa ana. a 33-year-old man is in custody. officers arrested the suspect at a 7-eleven where police say he emerged with a knife and a guy that he allegedly stole from a security guard. the and then developed into stabbings. four people were stabbed in garden grove including two who died. two more people were stabbed to death in santa ana. we have no motive at this point. we don't know, it's pure hate this guy did this. we heard i don't know, if he
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was under the influence of drugs or not but we know it's full of anger. police have not released the suspect's name. say the suspect and all of his victims are latinos. new at 10:00, calls for a boycott of two well-known fitness clubs. the backlash is because the founder of the clubs' parent company is hosting a fundraiser for president trump this friday in new york. ktvu's amber lee is in the castro in san francisco where protesters gathered tonight outside the soul cycle location. amber? >> reporter: soul cycle in the castro is located at the busy corner of market and castro. ga under the pride flag in the castro, soul cycle, a fitness club with locations around the bay area and beyond. the workout chain is feeling heat because the chairman of its parent company plans to host a fundraiser for president donald trump. >> here in the castro, right?
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>> that's right. >> the irony that we are sitting here in harvey milk plaza makes my blood boil. >> boycott soul cycle! >> reporter: anger has led to calls for a boycott of soul cycle and equinox. the chairman is stephen ross. a wealthy real estate developer and the owner of the miami dolphins. he's known mr. trump for 40 years and that he's never been bashful about expressing disagreement on issues with the president. ross describes himself as an outspoken racial equality, inclusion, diversity, public education and environmental sustainability. >> this is not negating us coming out to protest when that same owner is helping to reelect donald trump. >> this is a time and a moment in 2019 where i need to really,
10:12 pm
really sort of consider how i spend my money and the companies i'm spending it with. >> reporter: on social media, the club's ceo said, quote, soul cycle in no way endorses the political fundraising event being held later this week. soul cycle has nothing to do with the event and does not support it. >> they don't really have anything to do with that. yeah, i think i have to learn a bit more about that. >> some issues around you know, like rights for and about racists. in their words, follow the money. >> amber lee in the castro in san francisco tonight, thank you. a san jose family is remembering a grandmother killed in a house fire earlier this week. coming up, how a school community is helping the family during this difficult time.
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temperatures have fallen off a few degrees, as much as 10 degrees in places continued mild the next few days and then we'll talk about the weekend. the weekend. the star of the hit broadway musical hamilton is from venetia and told us he didn't start out in theater. >> there's been some times where like, i'll miss a queue or something and i'll be straddling the turntable and one will go that way and the other will go that way. here's your buick sir.
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a fast-moving vegetation fire in eastern contra costa county burned about 60 acres today and prompted evacuation order. that fire broke out just after noon in oakley on sellers avenue. skyfox was overhead as crews worked to contain the blaze. the flames ended up destroying three outbuiin residents were on edge as they waited to hear whether they could be evacuated. and you and a litter box. >> pg&e decided to shut down power to 5600 customers as a precaution. they had power restored to most residents buy 6:00 tonight. no word on how that fire
10:16 pm
started. new details tonight on a deadly house fire in south san jose that claimed the life of a grandmother earlier this week. the family has now identified her as 82-year-old sydney brookbank. another family member, 11-year- old niece, is on life support due to smoke inhalation. ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose after talking to the family. >> reporter: i spoke with sandy brookbank and her husband and their dealing with several layers of grief. he lost his mother, they could lose their niece, and their home is a total loss. ying to help them. >> no place to go home to. >> reporter: this is whsandy and barney call home for now. a room at the homewood suites in san jose. after a tragic fire shattered their lives on so many levels. >> devastated. couldn't believe it. it's a nightmare.
10:17 pm
>> reporter: just before 7:30 monday, barney left to go grocery shopping, gone for just 45 minutes. when he returned to the family home on green more court, he saw smoke billowing in his cul- de-sac. the home engulfed in flames. and his 82-year-old mother was inside. >> i knew she was bedridden. this really was her worst fear. multiple sclerosis that is dying in a fire. >> reporter: his mother sydney, the original owner, bought in the 1960s. barney, her caretaker, recalls the last time they spoke the night before when he got her ready for bed. >> said, love you, mom. love you, barney, thank you. and so glad that i held her the night before she died. >> reporter: 11-year-old niece jessica sleeping on a couch in the front room, suffered smoke inhalation.
10:18 pm
now on life support, at children's hospital. her son jumped out the window and escaped. >> my heart sunk. i couldn't believe that that could happen to somebody that was such an angel on this earth. >> reporter: julie howard is the principal at robert sanders elementary in san jose where sandy works as a librarian. the school created a gofundme for financial support. the staff is offering meals and furniture. >> it's a way to show there is good in this world and we're not going to stop, we're going to move forward. >> what's going on. >> reporter: on top of funeral arrangements, they are trying to figure out where to live. the school is accepting donations on their behalf. i reached out to the fire department for an update. i did not hear back. earlier reports say the fire started in a back room. the cause of the fire is under investigation and the family
10:19 pm
tells me it is a fairly old home d there are no smoke alarms. frank? >> azenith smith in san jose, thank you. no verdict today in the trial as the jury wrapped up a fourth day of deliberations. nine women and three men are deciding whether or not ghost ship master derek and codefendant max harris are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. jurors asked for an ipad that would allow them to view 3-d images of the ghost ship warehouse. been talking but the rough the 36 co trial in american history with 36 counts. and it's been a great tragedy. >> the largest homicide case was the oklahoma city bombing with 168 counts. let's take a look at some of the temperatures from today. cooler than yesterday by a good
10:20 pm
five and 10 degrees. one of the worst spots at 90, fairfield down to 86 degrees today. that is the trend, temperatures are cooling off and tomorrow notice another few degrees of cooling as well. so a little fire in oakley and you noticed they got out and quick and that has a lot to do with the weather. not as hot as it normally is. at the coast, some fog obviously, inland, warm, 30 degrees difference or so between coast and inland. tomorrow that's going to narrow a little bit as those along the west slope, can you see them a bunch of them right here over the last six hours or so. see it pop up, that's subtropical moisture lighting up in the afternoon over into reno and towards elk grove and central nevada. a little patchy fog forming at the coast, tomorrow is a replay, slightly cooler. that's how that's going to go, temperatures generally in the
10:21 pm
80s and warmest spots, see you back here at 10 with updates. the rodeo has come to gilroy. organizers say a fun event is what the community needs after the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. organize are hoping for a big turnout and so far, say they've sold three times more tickets than last year. >> it's a new event that you can come together and make new memories to have fun and it's going to hopefully take your mind off what happened. >> there will be stepped up security with private guards and santa clara county sheriff's deputies patrolling the grounds. the proceeds from this year's rodeo will go to local youth groups, cancer charity and to victims of the gilroy shooting. still to come here, last minute change for weekend's outside lands music festival. tonight's announcement about the sale of pot and use on the festival grounds. in three minutes a crack down on drug sales in a san francisco neighborhood. why federal authorities are
10:22 pm
stepping in. tomorrow mornings on two talks with oakland's superintendent about what's working, the challenges facing ousd and the latest on possible closures. muss ktvu tak kills an issue of white nationalism. with warm ridge virginia governor and author about his new book on how he dealt with the charlottesville aftermath and the widening divisions in america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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federal authorities announced a major crackdown on illegal drug sales in san francisco's tenderloin. u.s. attorney david anderson is leading the effort. he says for too long parts of the tenderloin and south of market area have functioned as an open-air drug market. he's dedicated a 15 member team bringing in agents from the fbi, the d.e.a., secret service, even u.s. forest service. >> those persons living and working and visiting the tenderloin neighborhood should not be required to run a gauntlet of crime. >> so far 32 people have been charged with working in two different trafficking operations. authorities say they lived in the east bay but commuted into the city to sell drugs. san francisco police had their own operation in the tenderloin today. the department released pictures of some of the evidence they recovered. police say officers from the tenderloin station arrested more than 50 people from
10:26 pm
fugitives to drug dealers. hundreds were arrested in mississippi today in the nation's largest i.c.e. raid in a decade. the agents targeted several food processing plants in and around the state's capital of jackson. a total of 680 people were taken into custody. they are being processed at a military hangar. the plants targeted were coke foods and pico foods. there is no. a bay area man was released from i.c.e. detention on monday after three months in custody. jose armando escobar lopez was turned over after a traffic stop back in may. he is free now while his case moves through the courts. advocates say his transfer was a violation of the states sanctuary law. escobar lopez says he will talk about his experience at a vigil friday outside i.c.e. offices in san francisco.
10:27 pm
a first of its kind permit for the outside lands concert this weekend. why adults at the festival will be allowed to buy him smoke marijuana in golden gate park. later, the niners' top pick, well he got hurt at training camp. sports director mark ibanez has new information about nick bosa's injury plus why today was dwight clark day at 49ers headquarters. up first the bay area man behind hamilton. claudine wong introduces us to the star of the hit show who just happens to be from venetia. here's your buick sir. actually, that this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees
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that tony award-winning show "hamilton" has been the hit and the star of the show is from right here in the bay area. >> how great is this? he didn't grow up dreaming of a starring role in theater. told it kind of just happened. she went back stage in new york to talk with y from benicia to the bright lights of broadway. >> i love that they are doing it, mike checks. it feels so, how close we are to the start of the show >> reporter: a lot of pinch me known as alexander "hamilton." >> what's so cool is i can,
10:31 pm
here we go. the cool thing is the skeleton of it never really changes >> reporter: it's been an incredible ride but an unconventional one. >> i tell people often i think i'm the worst musical theater person that there's ever been because i don't know a lot of shows. >> have there been moments where you've had to fake it till you make it? >> oh, yeah. the stanislaus technique. >> reporter: we went back stage. >> my favorite is probably this black suede. >> reporter: to get to know the man behind "hamilton." >> my girlfriend and i've got some fan art here >> reporter: next to his dressing room mirror, a picture of the two people who have been there through it all. >> this is my dad austin and my mom pat. we were in vegas, you know? living it up. >> reporter: scott beams when he talks about his parents. >> crazy support, i'm so lucky. >> reporter: the star went to benicia high school but he will tell you he was known more for
10:32 pm
basketball and improv than theaters. >> i only did one show the very last year so i don't think they would call me the theater kid. but i was just kind of that dude that did a little bit of everything. i was weird and i was funny and i kind of tried to make friends with everybody. >> reporter: pictures and home video show you the boy who always loved entertaining. >> i did technically start when i was probably eight. that's when i first started really like saying this is something i was interested in and my mom and my dad started taking me to things. so i don't know how many additions i've been on. probably well over 400. >> what percentage worked out for you? >> 2% maybe? so i mean, i've heard a lot of noes. >> reporter: they didn't stop him from auditioning. >> even before i threw the first punch. >> reporter: or dancing. or singing.
10:33 pm
his social media filled with joy of doing what he loves. and he's made the most of every yes he's gotten from san francisco state to los angeles and new york city. >> tell me about the yes that led you here. >> let me tell you about the no first. so i went out the first time, i went out for a different role. i went out for george washington and maybe jefferson, a couple different ones. i had a string of eight callbacks. for tommy and lynn and all of them. and eventually they were like, no, same thing, too young for washington, too whatever, but we like you. we'll keep you in mind. >> reporter: two years later he was asked to read for "hamilton" and the note turned into a very big yes to play him onto her. >> that's like the ultimate yes. >> it was such a huge jump. so fast. yeah.
10:34 pm
i was just floored. i couldn't tell anybody for four weeks or even longer. >> no one? not your parents? >> well, i probably wasn't supposed to but maybe i called my parents. sorry if the producers are listening. i called my parents and my girlfriend. >> reporter: he made his debut traveling to city after city and sold out crowds. last february, he took the stage as broadway's "hamilton." >> i'm the leading man in one of the most popular shows on broadway. and i was just, don't mess it up. like, you know, don't let your first show be, you know? >> reporter: while the turntable stage keeps him on his toes -- >> there's been some times where i'll miss a queue or something and i'll be straddling the turntable and one will go that way and the other will go that way. >> reporter: in the whirlwind of his life, the pinch me moments continue. >> like the moment, i think it
10:35 pm
depends. sometimes when i come out, that first moment when they say what's your name and i say alexander hamilton, all the lights shift to me and all the focus is on me. that sometimes is the moment. there's sometimes at the end of the show where everyone can look out, everyone's clapping and crying and i just realize what we just did. >> reporter: so each night, the bay areas austin scott takes a moment as the show booms around him. >> this is my stop. >> do you sit right here? >> i sit right here. >> reporter: and he breathes it all in. >> welcome to the dream, you are living the dream. >> thank you kindly. >> seriously, is that the exact story that you needed to hear tonight? what a wonderful story. boston scott is not sure how long he's going to play hamilton or what's next. but he says he's open to it all and excited about his journey and what a journey it is. you can hear more by listening
10:36 pm
to our bay area people podcast. to find all of our podcasts, look for bay area people in your podcast player. new at 10:00, outside lands festival will be the first event in san francisco where adults can legally buy and consume cannabis. the permit ushers in a new era of legal cannabis consumption at qualifying events. officials say cannabis products to be sold at the three-day festival will be lab tested and cannabis will only be allowed in a designated area called grasslands. area will be restricted to those 21 and older. officers will be on site throughout the festival along with police and rangers. attorneys general in 43 states are asking the streaming industry to limit depictions of tobacco use in their videos. they signed a letter saying the videos open a pandora's box of tobacco imagery that can influence children to become smokers.
10:37 pm
they said a finding, watching movies with tobacco use increases the likelihood that adolescents start smoking. they want the industry to recommend tobacco-free videos and children, for children, families and general audiences. turning to wall street, stocks recovered from early losses to end mostly on the plus side after a late afternoon rally. the dow had been down as much as 580 and closed lowpoints and the s&p gained two points. a first of its kind high schoup on treasure island. why these are so important to the success of students who are living there. the weekend is not that far off now. let's talk about what you can expect for saturday, sunday as we come back after the break. also the search for an arsonist targeting high-rise hotels in hawaii. the possible motive for setting the fires.
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
authorities in hawaii are looking for an arsonist after at least three fires at hotels in waikiki since sunday. the most recent was last night. on monday the fire was set in a hotel that prompted evacuations and caused almost $2 million in damage. police say two rooms were burglarized while guests were evacuated. from the hotel which could point to a motive for the fires. surveillance pictures show this
10:41 pm
person of interest the same man was at the scene of all three fires. the good news if there is any is that no one was hurt in a fire. and livermore police say a man is behind bars after shooting another man to death during an argument in a shopping center parking lot. elk grove police arrested 30- year-old john inocencio this afternoon. investigators say he took off after using a rifle to shoot at the arroyo plaza shopping center in livermore create investigators say both lived in a homeless encampment that runs parallel to the arroyo eek and interstate 580. >> we believe at this point this was a feud between the suspect and the victim. and that they got into an argument. >> that's a live, doesn't matter whether they're homeless or not. it's kind of scary. you know? too many people shooting. you know? nowadays.
10:42 pm
>> reporter: authorities say a large number of homeless people live along the creek. while there have been some cases of violence, they say this is the first homicide in the area. a judge sentenced an oakland man to prison today for his role in a 2015 gun battle that left an innocent woman dead. 30-year-old pierce was killed by a stray bullet as she tried to shield her children when shots rang out down the block in her west oakland neighborhood. 33-year-old shelton mcdaniels was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. seven other defendants were also convicted of charges for their roles in gun atpierce's death. still ahead, the upcoming runway closure that's going to mean delays at sfo. a new dormitory for high school students. how it's helping them focus on school instead of housing situations. chief meteorologist bill martin has been double checking his forecast models. he will let us know if there any changes on the horizon.
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and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. taking a live look at sfo, sfo is warning travelers to expect delays next month as repair work begins on one of the airport's runways. construction of a new base for runway 28 is set to begin
10:46 pm
september 7 and be completed by the 27th. this is video of the busy runway back in april when crews had to make emergency repairs after spotting a pothole. sfo says it's been working with airlines to reduce the number of flights by 13% but airport officials expect delays between 30 minutes to two hours. a is opening a dorm on treasure island and officials say it's the first of itkitvu's rob roth got a look inside today. >> reporter: this san francisco student came to treasure island to check out his new digs. a room in a brand-new dormitory. his own bed at last, something he doesn't have at home. >> two of my brothers sleep in the room and my parents sleep with my other brother so normally like, where would i sleep, right? i would sleep in the living room on the couch. >> reporter: one of more than two dozen high school students who will soon be living in this dorm full-time. while they attend school at life learning academy across
10:47 pm
the way. it's a charter high school for at-risk students who struggled in traditional schools. and the dorm is for students who are homeless, in shelters or unstable living situations. >> i'm so excited. this is like a dream. >> it's not just a dorm. it is a home where kids can thrive. >> reporter: at the grand opening, san francisco mayor london breed called it a model for the rest of the countries. >> this is going to save and change lives for future generations. >> reporter: the students will have roommates and there's a community room. the dorm will have a chef and the students will not be on their own. >> round-the-clock staff that will be around them. and that's what it's about. building a home for kids that mediate. >> reporter: the school he is spending 800,000 a year to house the students. it means not having to take buses across town to get here and back as students say it will be easier to focus on their schoolwork. >> i would bring my family
10:48 pm
stuff and home stuff to school and i would be mad that entire day because why did that happen this morning? i feel like here i have more time to focus on myself. >> i'm ready to try something better. >> reporter: the students are expected to be moved in by sunday august 18. school starts on the 19th. on treasure island, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. checking in on the temperatures again, highs from today behind me, they were cooler by 10 degrees than what we saw yesterday so fairfield was downed, 79 in fremont, highs tomorrow are going to be another five degrees cooler in many cases, hotspots are going to be generally in the mid-80s, upper 80s, inland, mid-80s so that's kind of the pattern for tomorrow, microclimates are there but not real pronounced. kind of when two or three microclimates at best with lots of cool around the bay. thunderstorms in the mountains,
10:49 pm
those have died down now that the sun has set and they might trigger again tomorrow afternoon southbound towards bishop and around here looking at the fog reforming. the real ne here is temperatures are running behind where you might expect this time of year and that's how it's going to roll into the early part of the weekend when temperatures will be in the mid- 80s. that's great news for friends at cal fire and folks at the district because the pattern because of that low, i'll show it to you in a minute, that comes in all the time, this one right here. because that's there, you're not supposed to be there. that high, that's a high, the four corners high but the pacific high usually sits right here in conjunction with that. this low keeps pushing it out and when that happens, you go through this cycle of cooling. right now in the cooling cycle. same thing happened last week and the week before that, it's been going on and on so cooler pattern is destined for the next 72 hours. warming for the weekend.
10:50 pm
so maybe a little drizzle too. i've noticed some drizzle in the morning especially on skyline boulevard and some of the areas above the road. forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s, look at that. that's a cool footprint. 60s, 70s and 80s. that looks like something you might see early spring. mid-spring. forecast highs 84 in vacaville, where you expect 92. 82 in brentwood, 80 livermore, forecast highs pretty darn mild. air quality is good, grass pollens are moderate, that's the only pollen that's an issue and they are kind of moderate right now, trending higher a few weeks ago. the temperatures along the coast, low 60s. what did i say? more of the same. that's how it goes. top-tier number, those are the big numbers. the heat, that's nothing. 80 on friday, saturday 82, sunday warms a little bit and monday warmed a little bit too. wrap in sports, the niners
10:51 pm
top pick hurt at training camp. mark ibanez has new information about nick bosa's injury. plus why today was declared dwight clark day. on the 11:00 news, gun reform front and center. a town hall meeting in the bay area to hear what people think needs to be done to prevent mass shootings.
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sports director mark ibanez is here with our good and bad sports news. looks like the cubs seem to have gotten their revenge. >> yesterday the a's battered them around at wrigley field, they flipped the script but the a's, i'm giving in favor of a pitcher with the name of homer, homer bailey is the starting pitcher tonight, gave up seven runs, most of them having to do with the home run. that is one of the a's clubhouse guys. getting the day off, hanging out with the bleacher bombs at wrigley. five run fourth inning was homer bailey serving it up for ian happ of the cubs. into the cheap seats out there, that's a grand slam her. it's 5-1, a four run fifth inning, kyle schwarber to the opposite field. he's got 26 homers for the cubs. that happens to be a three run
10:55 pm
jimmy jack as frank likes to call them. and it's a 10-1 rally, homer bailey surveying the scene. all right, july, we've got to see the rise and august looks like the demise of the san francisco giants. get this, they've lost seven out of nine, and the food was definitely the best thing they were serving up at willie mays ballpark today. in downtown former giant who played a couple months with the team, gerardo parra earlier this season. saenz the shaun anderson pitch yonder. three run homer, that pretty much seals it with the way the giants are not scoring these days. just to make matters worse, juan soto in to center field, steven duggar, nice catch but immediately you know that he is hurt. the same shoulder that was operated on in the off-season last year. he recovered and very frustrated, 4-1 final.
10:56 pm
calling it a left shoulder sprain. the giants get swept by washington. getting to the point these days where you just cringe when any of these players are not actually playing in a real game. nick bosa gives the 49ers a scare. the top draft choice goes down today. near the end of practice, however happy to report tonight it does look minimal. calling it a sprained ankle. surprised if he plays at all until the games really count. meanwhile a very special day in santa clara, it is august 7. 87, the number worn by the great dwight clark. many in the organization wearing number 87 to honor d.c. and of course bring awareness to a.l.s., the disease that took dwight's life last year. that guy has so much love and respect from the men who played with him and knew him at all.
10:57 pm
>> he's helping you knowing that you're trying to take his spot. that didn't matter to him because he was a team player. it was all about a brotherhood with him. you know, he thought like this. if you see the team succeed, he succeeds. that's the way we looked at it. >> great to see john taylor talking about it. he didn't do much talking, that his actions show for themselves. john taylor down on the field. for the raiders, they were on hard knocks last night and the second highest hard knocks debut in the time that show has been on. so last night a lot of showing interest and today, the rams come to napa, scrimmaging, sean mcvay in town along with jared goff and todd gurley, one of the best running backs around and pass rusher supreme aaron donald, all in the napa valley today. you know what, scrimmaging, that makes great sense and give
10:58 pm
up this preseason exhibition football stuff. that seems to be doing nothing than rip off the fans and it seems derek carr is in agreement with that idea. >> we get to get third-down work, second and long, different situation, we get to see a different defense. it's really good. like i said i'd rather do this any day. >> i thought it was a really competitive, for both sides, two good teams able to get great work in. a lot of different situations and looking forward at the tape and coming back with a similar format tomorrow. >> going to scrimmage tomorrow. why not cto? check this out. i don't know why we are showing this except that this is a fan who showed up like that to the houston astros game in houston. he's cool. check him out. a philly fan arizona, the diamondbacks game. watch this. makes the grab, there he is.
10:59 pm
the father of the year. look at him. check this out in baltimore. a little frustration tonight, tempers flare. chris davis is taken out of the game and his manager brandon hyde from santa rosa is the object of his score. lots of frustration the orioles are terrible, got beat up tonight 14-2. more at 11. that is worth checking out right now. that's the sporting life. time for more news. thank you. coming up next at 11:00 i listening to everybody what needs to be done instead of having their own agenda. >> a community conversation over what the u.s. should do about gun laws and gun violence following the two mass shootings this past weekend. east bay congressman eric swalwell held a town hall meeting tonight to hear what
11:00 pm
community members are saying about the recent mass shootings. hello again, i'm alyana gomez. >> and i'm frank somerville. tonight's gathering drew a wide range of opinions on where the country should go from here. new at 10:00, ktvu's jana katsuyama in hayward where she heard from people holding out hope that this time tragedy will lead to real change. jana? >> reporter: frank and alyana, were appalled and frustrated by last weekend's mass shootings. but there was some very different opinions about what should be done. flags flew at half


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