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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 14, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on the ktvu. people finding ways to beat the heat today as a mini heat wave sends temperatures soaring. >> it's the end of summer. and out of the house to have some fun before school starts back up. >> with our record temperatures in the bay area today and we are in for more of the same tomorrow. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the hot spot in our area today was fairfield.
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they hit 105 there. right now a heat advisory is in effect for the north bay, east bay and santa clara valley. after temperatures in those areas topped 100. farther inland as an excessive heat warning for the central valley from redding to modesto and including fairfield. >> some kids had the right idea. they were keeping cool splashing around in the water fountains at cesar chavez plaza. san jose saw a high of 98. >> it's hot. i was expecting it to be cold out here. >> in san francisco, fans at the giants game left early this afternooof the heat. some told us they moved up into shaded areas of oracle park from their seats in the direct sun. >> elementary school in pittsburgh had to postpone the first day of school today because of the air conditioning there. it wasn't working. families at highlands elementary received a notice informing them crews are working to repair the cooling system. the school is hoping to have it running by monday.
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let's talk more about this weather with chief meteorologist bill martin. hot today and it's going to be hot again tomorrow. >> perhaps not quite as hot but near. we had a lot of records today and as i said earlier this evening, when you break records in august, you have got a hot day in the bay area. check out santa rosa, 101 in santa rosa, mountain view 95, napa 100, sent was a broke a record 98 degrees today. salinas tied a record and oakland downtown 90 degrees. downtown oakland, that's hot. a lot of concrete around you. 101 in santa rosa, 107 in fairfield, 104 in antioch, heat advisory as we mentioned before, in yellow for much of the bay area, lasts through thursday now, excessive heat warning in red for this big valley sacramento valley from redding south of bakersfield. in effect perhaps till friday. as we move into the next 24 to 36 hours find temperatures almost as hot as they were today. there's a little bit of patchy fog at the coast but we are
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sweltering tomorrow with temperatures right now 89 degrees, in concord. 89, almost 90 degrees in concord right now. 82 in livermore. overnight lows in some places in the 60s. overnight lows. it's going to be a hot one tomorrow. spare the air day. what you can expect, coming up. today was the first day of school for more than 30,000 students. it figures they went back to class in stifling heat. ktvu's debora villalon live in santa rosa which hit 101 this afternoon. really hasn't cooled off all that much tonight. deb? >> reporter: starting to feel it now, the temperature, take a look. 76 degrees. downtown plaza was filled with people tonight, weekly wednesday market, and folks were roasting. a good band but the crowd hung back. was in full sun to. >> everybody's up there dancing but right now everyone is hugged up here in the shade. you have to.
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pretty hot. >> reporter: almost 100 at dinnertime. those doing the cooking felt it even more. >> feels like it's hot in here. >> reporter: heat seemed to keep crowds lighter than usual at this weekly event but ice cream counters were packed, the chess players made their moves, the snakes weren't moving at all. >> they like it hot. >> reporter: concussion crews rebuilding neighborhoods after fire, high temps are relative. >> we've been in vegas for the last four or five years. we've been 120 degrees during the day. >> reporter: working in coffey park, stay hydrated and covered up but doesn't quit early. >> this is wonderful. my crew does too. >> reporter: they've built a dozen homes. >> oh, yeah. the weather is good. >> reporter: on this first day of school in santa >> hold that line of.
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>> reporter: the cheer squad soldiered through practice. >> hold that line! >> reporter: inside or out, everyone sweltering. >> we've got our first game in a week. got to make sure the girls are ready so they can go out and perform their best. >> make it quick. >> reporter: grabbing water often but broken a.c. and some classrooms, nothing to share about. >> i wanted to cry a lot. and go home. and i was trying to look cute but that didn't work because i'm sweating my makeup off. >> times like this the water truck is big hit. >> very thankful we are here. >> would you advise water over the beer? >> on a day like this, yes. >> we have one farmer. >> reporter: this fairfield brewer has a secret weapon. cooling mister. >> i amonly guy with mr. 's and people love it because the wind has been blowing that way. >> might have started something. >> i think so. >> reporter: santa rosa says it's water vending truck, just once a month. this turned out to be a very
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good day to come. another 30,000 sonoma county children go back to school next week. hopefully it will be just a bit cooler for them. >> it's just with 101, temperatures now only 76 really isn't getting that much cooler tonight. thanks. hardware store is keeping busy selling items to help people stay cool. at the ace hardware in antioch, fans were big sellers along with room air conditioners, customers were also looking for ways to keep their pets cool. >> we sell a ton of plastic kitty pools. especially for dogs. people want to keep the dog school. i've got two packs of chlorine for $6.99. that goes out the door. the yeti coolers keeping your food cooler for your parti. of well. >> also a number of power outages today. pg&e thinks were heat related including 3,000 customers in danville and al.
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with more hot weather on the way tomorrow, be sure to download the ktvu weather app so you know what to expect when you're heading out the door. new developments in the case of a homeless man arrested for allegedly attacking a woman at the door for condo building in san francisco. the suspect was released from jail today and has already been back on the streets just three days after the incident happened. ktvu's amber lee is in the city tonight. you talked with the young woman. what did she tell you? >> reporter: the attack happened right by the front entrance of this condo building on beale street where the victim lives. she's angry and scared but the suspect is out of jail. paneez who asked us not to give her last name says she is scared and angry that the man she says attacked her in this surveillance video was released from jail wednesday morning. just three days after the incident. police have identified the suspect as austin james vincent who has no known local address.
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paneez says she's recovering from the bruises on her hands and body but that she can't escape the trauma. >> it's all over my mind and i can't stop thinking about the fact that this man is free. after what he did to me. >> reporter: free despite being charged with false imprisonment. attempted robbery. two counts of battery. and free despite a public safety assessment done by the san francisco pretrial diversion project which recommended that vincent remain in custody. it handles pretrial assessments, the workup is done based on a number of factors including age, criminal history and past failure to appear in court. >> you enter the information and there's an algorithm that determines the in this caer: bu release vincent on the condition he checks in with a case manager here at the project office on a regular basis. s not ordered to wear a monitoring device. >> what is preventing him from attacking another woman tonight? get on drugs, get high again.
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it's unbelievable. >> reporter: paneez says she was notified by the district attorney's office after vincent was released. she says she blames the city for not cracking down on criminal behavior. >> what are we waiting for? what are they doing? they had one responsibility, that's to protect us. >> reporter: since the city announced plans to build a navigation center on the lot next door to paneez's condo building she says she's seen an increase in homeless people who use drugs and have mental issues in the area. she tells me she plans to move out of san francisco. frank? >> has anybody explained the rationale for releasing him? he was accused of very serious charges. >> reporter: i reached out to the contact person for the court. i have not heard back yet. no one can tell me whether he has, would not say anything about whether he
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we do not know the rationale. >> amber lee in the city tonight, thank you. authorities released body camera footage today of a law enforcement shooting in santa rosa where a sheriff's deputy shot a shoplifting suspect who was armed with a knife. >> i will tase you. >> you can see a sonoma county deputy spotting the suspect near santa rosa plaza. the man refute commands. the deputy used his taser but it had no effect. the man ran to the patrol car and got into the driver's seat. the deputy tried to pull him out, the suspect pulled a knife. that's when the deputy shot this happened on august 1st. su charged with multiple felonies. now to philadelphia where a standoff with a gunman who shot and wounded six officers is over tonight. the gunman had been holed up inside a home since the shooting began around 4:30 this afternoon. that's when narcotics officers
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tried to survey drug warrant. one office arm, another in the hand and a third grazed in the head. police say the standoff ended an hour ago when the gunman emerged from the home and surrendered. he's been identified as 36-year- old maurice hale. from philadelphia and has a long history of gun convictions. >> little angry about someone having all that weaponry and all that firepower. we'll get to that another day. that's all about the officers and their families right now. >> reporter: two officers were trapped inside during the standoff but managed to escape before the gunman surrendered. all six wounded officers have been treated and released from the hospital. we as fremont need to come together as a community. >> a heated debate in fremont tonight coming up, hundreds of about the best location for a proposed navigation center in the city. first, fears of a recession send the dow down by 800 points.
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we'll take a look at what triggered the concern on wall street. be on
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the horizon prompted a steep selloff on wall street today. the dow plummeted 800 points for its ggnts. tech and bank stocks were hard-
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indexes down about 3%. ktvu's jana katsuyama here now with late details on what sparked the selloff. >> reporter: it's a good day to have a strong stomach. the markets erased the gains from yesterday when president trump delayed implementing tariffs on china but concerns over a trade war and one economic indicator was enough to put the markets in turmoil. anheuser-busch rang the closing bell, many brokers and investors may have needed a drink after that dow's 800- point plunge. >> i don't like it. i like it when they go up. portfolio is diversified and fine. she worries about the u.s. economy. >> i think we are going to be in a recession in a few years. i think it will be global. >> reporter: that fear of recession was one factor in the stock market slide. that's because of a brief inverted yield curve when the shorter-term two-year treasury
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yield jumped higher than the long-term 10-year treasury yield. that inversion has proceeded a recession five times. >> the u.s. economy remains very strong. >> reporter: jim wilcox, professor of economics at haas school of business, is a former fed economist. he says wednesday's inversion is not necessarily a red flag because long-term interest rates have been falling. >> over the last four or five years for example, the long- term interest rate has fallen more than two points, two percentage points relative of. >> reporter: wilcox says so far consumer confidence and employment rates signal the fundamental economy is still strong. >> we've got a national unemployment rate that's below 4%. jobs are still plentiful. >> reporter: wilcox says data wednesday from china and germany shows those economies are stalling. and concerns remain over the continuing u.s./china trade war, brexit and a global
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slowdown which could hurt american companies. >> those weaker economies often end up having weaker currencies and that makes it tougher for american businesses to compete both abroad and here at home. >> this guy looks prosperous and i think he's going to tell me the truth. i can tell by looking in his eyes. >> reporter: for michael russell, getting advice from a fortune teller is fun but it isn't the way he's counting his fortune. having lived through the volatile markets of the 2007 recession. >> i let it slide by. i lose tons of money ye. trying to have a plan and sticking to it. >> at the same time, you want to kind of keep track of what's going on. so it is very uncertain times. >> reporter: wilcox says he will be looking for the next round of data on consumer confidence and jobs to get a real sense of the u.s. economy.
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the next meeting is in september and so a lot of people are saying that they might do a little bit of movement and lower interest rates but we'll have to see how things are at that time. >> thank you. silicon valley tech giant cisco has laid off almost 500 employees according to a state filing. the job cuts affected a wide variety of positions including engineers, designers and product managers. 397 of the job cuts or at the san jose headquarters. another 91 from the milpitas office. chinatown merchants association continued their campaign against naming the new chinatown subway stop after the late rose pak. business owners hold a rally t chinatown station. supervisor aaron peskin has proposed naming the new station, the inleader died in 2016. >> we are urging the mta to follow their policy and that is clearly stated.
10:18 pm
that every public transit stop should go by geographical location always. >> some people in the chinatown community say rose pak was a divisive figure but supporters say her efforts to help raise money for the central subway should be recognized. school was the place to be for many people around the bay area with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. the city of walnut creek decided to open one of its pools during the heat spell after getting dozens of requests from people looking for ways to stay cool. >> we had quite a bit of a feedback and people saying i have another week or two before my kids' start, extend the hours and we have in the last week or two received at least tens if not maybe 100 or over 100 e-mails. >> the memorial swim center at heather fong park will be open from one to 430 for the rest of this week. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin here with a look at some of the temperatures and several
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cities topped 100. as we pointed out earlier, a number of cities and i think we might see a couple records tomorrow, these were the rest of the highs from today. you get the deal, it's always one hundreds. even morgan hill and san jose coming in and upper 90s, san jose 98, that was a record. fairfield 107, 100 in napa. toasty day out there, that's why there's a heat advisory in effect through tomorrow and then there's that excessive heat warning. i say it all the time, it's the weather event that is the most damaging and the most dangerous to humans. to actually all of us. more peo waves and heat stroke and things like that than from hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. tomorrow's another hot day, slightly cooler, a little bit more of an onshore flow. that's going to help. a little bit of patchy fog as well. but one more day of heat and then temperatures start to trend down. into the weekend, numbers are
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going to fall off rapidly, current temperature, conquered right now at this time of night is almost 90 degrees in concord. warm tomorrow, see you back here with the five-day forecast and when that cooldown will start. still to come, a serious medical mistake at a bay area jail. 2 investigates looks at how jail medical staff unknowingly gave a man medication that unfortunately ended up killing him. a tense discussion tonight over a proposed homeless center here in fremont. coming up, what city leaders said to naysayers. the bay area's iconic paris restaurant celebrates its 50th anniversary and ktuu welcomes perry himself along with a former anchor steve mcfarland to whip up their signature bloody mary pat. down on monday, up on tuesday and down again. the ope ktvu monitors the roller coaster stock market and what it means for your money.
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new at 10:00, a big crowd in fremont for a community meeting to discuss the location of the city's first-ever homeless navigation center. >> the city is considering two locations, one on surplus city property on dakota other is a parking lot right behind city hall. ktvu's azenith smith is in fremont with more on what happened at the meeting. >> reporter: city staff anticipated a large crowd and they got one.
10:24 pm
hundreds of people showed up at harbor life church. lyft are concerned for their safety. they worry about a magnet for more homeless individuals to move to fremont. >> i don't appreciate hearing shaming coming from this crowd to other side of the discussion. >> emotions heightened in a meeting in fremont, city staff got an earful from the community over a proposed center. >> it's unfortunate that choosing to locations only divides the city and have. >> reporter: city leaders narrowing down the center to city-owned property on dakota road or behind city hall. supporters say a center is necessary, me >> i was impressed at the center, very organized, very clean. >> reporter: vice mayor visited the berkeley stair center. navigation center fremont remodeled theirs. he said it's not what people think. >> they had navigators that helped work with folks that were homeless to try to get a
10:25 pm
job, try to get benefits, try to help with mental health issues. >> spending more and more of our time dealing with negative interactions between homeless and the general population. >> reporter: fremont police chief says 10% of the department's call for service deal with homeless individuals. this is the way to get them off the streets. >> i'd like to see more empathy coming from the people here. when talking about those who are homeless and those who need more help. >> reporter: yet voices of support drowned out by residents worried about their quality of life and don't want it in dakota poe. >> which side can provide better location because the jobs are there, near restaurants. >> reporter: this downtown restaurant owner thinks otherwise. he says the existing homeless population there is already problematic. >> we are powerless. we can't do anything when they come in the restaurant and disrupt the business. >> reporter: as for the resistance, leaders are hoping
10:26 pm
a change, so far it's been an uphill battle. >> and i think this is the whole problem with the city of fremont. we are not being heard here at all. >> reporter: there will be two more community meetings, one on august 24, again here at harbor life church and then another one at the fremont center on august 26. city leaders hope to make a decision on a final location next month. >> azenith smith, i'm sorry, fremont, in fremont tonight, thank you. cars, coaches, kitchen appliances and more dumped in rural marin county. later tonight the cleanup effort and how authorities are hoping to stop p in sports, we' introduce you to the alameda native who is battling for a spot on the raiders. up first, a man dies after being gijail's guards confiscated the one could have i'm just angry right now
10:27 pm
because their neglect killed my father.
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10:29 pm
. medical alert tags are supposed to save lives but earlier this year the solano county jail took away his medical alert necklace. then the doctors unknowingly
10:30 pm
gave him the exact medication that ended up killing him. >> 2 investigates joins us now after spending weeks trying to figure out how this happened. candace? >> reporter: this was a major mess that cost him in his life. 83-year-old kenneth was at the solano county jail on a psychiatric hold but ended up with and i allergic reaction so bad he died at a burn unit. some of the images you're about to see may be graphic. >> i hadn't talked to my father and years have. >> reporter: more than years it's been decades porter: 83-ye vallejo navy veteran kenneth utterback to survive fighting in the vietnam war when his sons were boys, he also survived his first seizure on a navy ship. >> they gave him dilantin. he was highly allergic to it. i remember him being swollen up and peeling all over. like if he was burned. >> reporter: doctors diagnosed their father with epilepsy. va medical records document his
10:31 pm
severe allergy to dilantin just as far back. since then eric and trent have lost contact with their father until one day earlier this year. >> he had been arrested. >> reporter: the brothers rushed to the bay area. records show their father had been suffering from dementia and seizures since january. in february vacaville police arrested him for acting violently. mr. utterback was booked into jail where he reportedly stopped eating and started hallucinating. the weeks following, staff transferred him to two hospitals. >> they couldn't figure out what was wrong. >> reporter: not charged but be released, mr. utterback was sent to mercy hospital in sacramento where his sons say there was better equipment to track his continuing seizures. >> at first, stepped into the hospital at mercy and my father was laying in bed and he was peeling. and i relayed that to the doctor. i said, doctor, that is just
10:32 pm
exactly what my father looked like 50 years ago. in san diego when he, when they gave him that dilantin have. >> reporter: the reaction was so severe, mr. utterback was transferred for a third time to you see davis burn center where he died in april. postmortem photos show his skin peeling and face blackened as it scorched in a fire. mr. utterback's cause of deatce septic shock, organ failure and stevens-johnson syndrome which is a rare skin reaction caused by in his case, the dintright n because their neglect killed my father. >> reporter: going through their father's belongings, eric and trent found that key piece of information that they say doctors and jail staff missed. his medical alert tag. it had been in a plastic bag near their dad all along.
10:33 pm
turns out when mr. utterback was booked into solano county jail, confused and delirious, a correctional officer took away his medical tag along with his other things. >> didn't do their job. >> reporter: according to records, staff at the jail and north bay medical center gave mr. utterback dilantin, sometimes daily for at least a month. >> epileptic, severely allergic to dilantin. how could they miss that? >> reporter: doctors repeatedly reported no known allergies. north bay declined to comment on this case citing patient privacy laws. >> the only picture whenen my dad his four kids and one of his grandkids. at 83 years old, this is what he had to hold onto. and he wasn't able to see any of his grandkids or his kids anymore. >> since you've e-mailed us we've implement the changes effective immediately. >> reporter: solano county sheriff's spokesman practices
10:34 pm
after being contacted by 2 investigates, the agency immediately launched an internal investigation. >> how could this happen? >> it's a very good question and if we could talk to the sun, i haven't met them personally. i'd like to let them know that this is an incident that has a lot of different moving parts. i've been advised by our administration that mr. utterback did go through a 10 page medical screening and during the told medical staff that he wasn't epileptic and di >> to hear them try to say something like we think he self reported that he was supposed to take dilantin, that is so lame. >> it's a slap in our face. it's a slap in my father's face. >> reporter: even though the investigation is ongoing the sheriff's office changed its inmate property policies as a result of reporting. on january 9, the agency released an internal memo announcing all officers who
10:35 pm
come across medical information like alert tag or paperwork must now notify medical staff. >> that didn't exist before. clear like that? >> no, it wasn't. it was always kind of led to believe that that's kind of common practice. i guess you could fall under common sense. >> if this was your father, what kind of questions would you have? >> i would have the same type of questions. >> reporter: which is why deputy pratt says his team is working hard to get answers. answers that trent and eric say they need as well as justice. he's not going to see us again. >> reporter: comparison, we checked the other jails in alameda and san francisco to see whether policies are. they also do not explicitly instruct staff on how to handle medical alert tags but they say it is common practice to notify staff but as we know from the story, that's what solano county was doing in something, something terrible happened. >> your hearts go out to mr. utterback's family after
10:36 pm
hearing what happened. are officials saying anything else about their role in this? >> no, they're not. i checked today and they said the internal investigation is still ongoing. there figuring exactly that and this investigation has gone on a lot longer than we were told it was. they said several weeks, spokesperson said the results when they get them will be released publicly. >> what happens now for the family? re saying they have no hired an attorney? >> they just obtained an attorney. when we were doing this investigation, that wasn't even on their mind. they just learned their father died and the nature of it. they were scrambling getting his death certificate, getting information. at that time, that wasn't on their mind but right now they are looking at other options. >> all right. thank you. coming up, why the owner of an online message forum is being being asked to testify in front of congress in connection with recent mass shootings. tracking the heat out there, heat advisory in effect again for tomorrow, details on
10:37 pm
where you can expect and when a cooldown will occur. also ahead, a doctor is facing murder charges. what he prescribed that authorities say killed five of his patients. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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view tonight after an overturned sanitation truck spilled sewage across the freeway. skyfox captured images of the highway patrol and crews trying to clear that scene. it happened just before 12:30 this afternoon on the southbound side of 101 near the san antonio exit. of the eight without a verdict. nine women and three men are deciding whether derick almena and max harris should be convicted or acquitted of 36 counts of manslaughter from that deadly fire in december 2016. we are learning now that the jury has asked the court clerk to only read back parts of almena's testimony. not his entire testimony as we initially thought. the jury is also asked to reread the testimony from two other witnesses. a doctor in the north bay is facing second-degree murder charges. prosecutors say five of his patients died from the opioid he prescribed. dr. thomas keller of santa rosa was arrested on monday for
10:41 pm
overprescribing addictive opioids and narcotics to nine patients again, five of them ended up dying. authorities say he consistently increased his prescriptions despite red flag warnings from pharmacies and insurance companies. the owner of the defunct online message board eight can has been subpoenaed to testify. the site is owned by jim watkins unis military veteran who lives in the philippines. members of the house homeland security committee say the site is linked to at least three acts of white supremacists, extremist violence and the last six months. the man suspected in the el paso shooting reportedly posted anti-immigrant writings on that site. a new poll finds a strong majority of americans support gun control measures. the poll finds 90% of registered voters favor background checks. 81% support taking guns from at- risk people. 67% want to see a ban on assault weapons. nearly half said they feel the
10:42 pm
trump administration has made the u.s. less safe from mass shootings. as for president trump his disapproval numbers are on the rise. 56% disapprove of his job performance. up from 51% last month. 43% approve. coming up, the special honor today to remember a chp officer who was killed in the line of duty. two junk cars, hundreds of tires, kitchen appliances and a couch all dropped on someone's ranch. the efforts to clean it up coming up. the summer scorcher continues. chief meteorologist bill martin shows us the temperature range for the rest of your week.
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10:45 pm
a in marin county were at work cleaning up an illegal dump removing rusted cars, kitchen appliances, couches, and a lot more. ktvu's rob roth tells us making matters worse, the trash is near a creek that feeds bodega bay. >> reporter: these back roads of western marin county hardly look like a city dump but some people are treating it like one. this is one of two cars the
10:46 pm
marine resource conservation district found dumped down a steep embankment on private property but that's not all. cleanup crews are also pulling out kitchen appliances. at least 200 tires, couches and other junk. even that's not all. >> somebody that keeps throwing dead goats out over the fire. >> reporter: a third of a mile long, unclear why this spot off valley road attracts illegal dumping but some say it's been going on for years. >> there's just a few landowners here with large acreage of land they own, ranching, egg land so it's just really, really steep as well so i think it's really easy for people to be like out of sight out of mind. >> reporter: making all this even worse, this dumping ground as part of a natural waterway that flows into bodega bay. some of the illegal dumping may contain chemicals. >> when you start thinking about the contaminants, and what it does to water quality as well as discharging. >> reporter: the cleanup work is expected to take the rest of
10:47 pm
the week. the junk is being hauled away to junkyards and recycling centers at the very places they should have gone in the first place. >> really disturbing to think human beings have the capacity to do something like this and not think about the consequences. >> reporter: the district says they are not clear just going to clean up and leave, they plan to install cameras and or catch those responsible for all of this. in marin county, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. all right, the hot one today. noticed it out there. air quality not bad, spare the air day tomorrow another spare the air day. heat advisory as well for much of the bay area as well as extreme heat warning and the inland bay valley. modesto, sacramento, davis, fairfield. record, some of the records today, lots of them. 97 redwood city, 90 or 94 at sfo, that was a record. these were more of the highs we saw earlier but they bear looking at again because those
10:48 pm
are significant numbers and tomorrow we'll try to duplicate. a little bit cooler but again that excessive heat warning and heat advisory remain in effect through tomorrow. heat advisory extreme heat warning made to the red areas, may stay in effect through friday. we'll see along the coast we've got patchy fog, that's helpful. winds are out of the north or northerly components. once those clock more westerly which happens on friday, saturday, temperatures will bottom out or drop out pretty quick. meantime, numbers like this right now, 82 in livermore at this hour. conquered number stands out at 89 degrees. you can see by looking at the colors, where is the sea breeze? you see the greens, those are 60s. sfo at 68, not seeing a huge sea breeze, and that's the reason. if it was, in a lot of wind blowing right now, we'd have fog rolling in at temperatures cooling. that's how it's going to go down friday but not how it's going to go tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be patchy fog right at the coast, this is the model. there is the temperature
10:49 pm
footprint, reds, purples i guess that's purple, or 100. you see them popping up all over the bay area with threads, which would be 90s and then 70s right to the coast tomorrow. another hot day and that bears watching as this high builds out of the south and it really infiltrates our inland bay valley through a significant heat. that's the extreme heat warning. the highest temperatures, 105, going to be far inland bay valleys and the big valleys. reading south, to bakersfield. the cooling starts on friday. drops off, not going to get cold but it's going to cool as the low comes back, sea breeze kicks up and the fog comes back so the cycle repeats itself. this is a pretty significant heat spell when you get records in august. 105 in fairfield, 106 in vacaville, 105 in pittsburgh, 106, forecast highs tomorrow, 103 in morgan hill, 104 in gilroy, a hot want you on the coast, 70s, normally this time
10:50 pm
of year you expect low 60s. five-day forecast, there goes. cooldown, really noticeable on saturday. supposed to be a celebration today of the chp's 90th anniversary turned into a tribute to a fallen officer. >> in the watch, august 12, 2019. watch. >> the belt holding salamoni was held at the chacademy in west sacramento this morning. the agency said it was more appropriate to pay their respects to 34-year-old officer andre moye jr. he was killed in riverside monday when a suspect opened fire during a traffic stop. coming up in sports, the a's sign a former all-star. we'll tell you who after the break. on the 11:00 news, a massive prison riot in monterey county leaves doesn't hurt.
10:51 pm
how prison officials were able to stop the fighting. (music throughout)
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10:53 pm
mark is here now with sports talking about the bay bridge series. >> you know, a pitcher named homer, i like that. seems like it should be a slugger, a guy, homer bailey
10:54 pm
say what you will, this guy owns the san francisco giants. 5-0 lifetime for including a no- hitter along the way. just about there again in another fantastic, that gives you an idea how things were sailing out there. and the ball was too. first inning getting rolling. his 26th. off tyler beede, continues to struggle. eight hits, four runs. matt olson that ball had home run velocity, wasn't high enough. chapman and grossman, look at the replay of how strangely it pinged off the wall out there. two runs scoring, his seventh loss of the year. also going deep, robbie grossman in the sixth inning for the a's. a two-run shot. they are often rolling. eighth inning, here come the giants making their move.
10:55 pm
mike yastrzemski in the middle of it. pretty much as usual. 13th, that's a three-run shot. giants will now trail only 7-4. and it's now 7-5 and chapman again strikes, 27 the period ticket to ride, 9-5 final. homer bailey, seven innings, two hits and no runs. the giants fall shy. beautiful afternoon out there and scott reiss got to take it all in. >> reporter: the giants did make it interesting but the a's come away with a series of splits. homer bailey improves to 5-0 against san francisco and the offensive hero, matt chapman with his first multi-home run game of the season. >> i think it's the hardest place to hit in the big leagues. oakland is second. if you are hitting home runs, you've got to get them because both pitchers' ballparks by far. >> the atmosphere is great. it's fun to play here. the weather is always nice.
10:56 pm
they really get into it. >> it's a good bullpen over there. for us to climb back in and give ourselves a chance, that's all you could ask for in a game like that. they did a great job getting us on our heels early but we were able to string some at-bats together late and make it a game. >> reporter: with the wind the a's pick up a four-game on everybody in front of them in the wild-card race. that's a good thing especially with the giants head to arizona for four with the diamondbacks. in san francisco, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. major league teams, never ending. the search for pitching and the a's are taking a flyer on a former met all-star. matt harvey once known as the dark knight, he was, everybody loved him when he was good. the angels released him after 7.09 e.r.a. in 12 starts. get this, he signed a one year, $11 million deal with the angels. he will report to the a's aaa team. see if he's got anything left. we've got a great chip on the
10:57 pm
shoulder, local kid makes good. long shot opportunity to go with the raiders. coming up for you, also don't forget hbo jon gruden, stealing the show in hard knocks last night. take a look at a little bit of his activity. >> i want better etiquette. more than anything i want better execution. are we clear on that? i want better [ bleettle bit [ bleep ] >> all right. jon gruden. yeah. worth checking out. two episodes in. riveting tv for raider fans especially. here's the story i was talking about. this is a kid named keylin. remember him, he's out of alameda, went to alameda high. then on to you see davis where he set a few receiving records. got a great shot to stick with the raiders. a little thin behind antonio
10:58 pm
brown and tyrell williams. a great attitude, scored a touchdown in the preseason opener. so he sees all this and just a great opportunity for him. >> for me, i always have a chip on my shoulder. wanting to prove myself and work harder than everybody so i can make that i belong or someone should have drafted me. at the same time it's like you've got to put that in the past and keep going. >> keep on rolling. check this out, this is nolan arenado with a chance to win the ball game, bottom of the ninth inning. this is just a moonshot in colorado. thin air, a walk-off. two-run homer for the rockies, archie bradley the loser. astros/white sox, game tied at nine, bases loaded. a grand slam her. the white sox take it, 13-9. and here's your little league inside the park home run. angels, brian williams, want to get away? chase it down. that is always embarrassing.
10:59 pm
look at this kid. how cool, to the plate, the dive, he's in easily. inside the park home run. and all worth checking out. that is the sporting life as well. 11:00. frank and julie. >> thank you. next at 11:00. >> he had blood on his head. i think he might have got hit in the head. >> six police officers shot during a standoff with a gunman in philadelphia. the 11:00 news on ktvu starts now. police in philadelphia say the gunfire began when narcotics officers attempted to survey drug warrant. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the gunman continued to fire. the standoff finally came to an end about two hours ago with the gunman emerging from his home to surrender. we get live coverage tonight from ray bogan in philadelphia right now with the very latest.
11:00 pm
ray? >> reporter: julie and frank, good evening. you can imagine how tense this neighborhood was as for 7 1/2 hours, there was a large police presence, residents who had come home from work at 5:00 but were prevented from going into the neighborhood because they were told there was a hostage situation. it was scary, a lopeople who weren't exactly sure down a remove the caution tape, to


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