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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 14, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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starts now. police in philadelphia say the gunfire began when narcotics officers attempted to survey drug warrant. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the gunman continued to fire. the standoff finally came to an end about two hours ago with the gunman emerging from his home to surrender. we get live coverage tonight from ray bogan in philadelphia right now with the very latest. ray? >> reporter: julie and frank, good evening. you can imagine how tense this neighborhood was as for 7 1/2 hours, there was a large police presence, residents who had come home from work at 5:00 but were prevented from going into the neighborhood because they were told there was a hostage situation. it was scary, a lopeople who weren't exactly sure down a remove the caution tape, to business as usual.
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a tense situation unfolding in north philadelphia as a gunman opens fire on police. >> one of the cops was running past me. he had blood all on his head. i think he might have got hit. >> reporter: wednesday afternoon, philadelphia officers were serving a narcotics warrant searching the house when shots began. there are reports of more than 100 rounds fired. many of the responding officers escaping through windows and doors to escape the hail of bullets. but two became trapped inside for about five hours during the standoff. >> swat was able to successfully extract the two police officers that were trapped upstairs as well as three prisoners. they were all taken out safely. >> reporter: the situation shifting from hostage to barricade with the armed suspect remaining inside the house. both federal and local authorities on the scene pleading with the gunman to
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surrender eventually making contact. six officers were injured by gunfire and by wednesday night, all of the wounded were released from the hospital. as they left, they were greeted by salutes from their fellow officers. so there were two key moments when we realized this was really starting to take a turn and head toward the end. the first was when we mentioned in that story the two police officers and three prisoners were evacuated safely. the police came out and had a press conference and said we are really optimistic that the gunman is starting to realize that surrendering would be beneficial. the final moment was just a few moments before they announced that he was taken into custody. it happened right here. they had caution tape up and they lifted it up to let the police commissioner through and one other person who we believe was the attorney for the gunman. so when we saw them go by, we
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started to realize something was about to happen. back to you. >> ray bogan in philadelphia, glad it ended peacefully. thank you. here in the bay area, a man accused of attacking a woman outside the front entrance of her condo in san francisco has been released from jail. three days later. now the victim is concerned for her safety. ktvu's amber lee joins us live from the city after speaking with that woman. amber? >> reporter: the victim tells me she always felt safe walking in her neighborhood until early sunday morning. she says she was trying to go into her condo building here at the front entrance on beale street when the man attacked her. now she's questioning how he could be released from jail. >> i never felt so unsafe in my life. >> reporter: paneez who asked us not to give her last name says she is scared and angry the man she said attacked her in the surveillance video was released from jail wednesday morning. just three days after the incident. police have identified the
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suspect as austin james vincent who has no known local address. paneez says she's recovering from the bruises left on her hands and body but that she can't escape the trauma. >> it's all over my mind. i can't stop thinking about the fact that this man is free after what he did to me. >> reporter: free despite being charged with false imprisonment, attempted robbery and two counts of battery. and free despite a public safety assessment done by the san francisco pretrial diversion project which recommended that vincent remain in custody. it handles a pretrial assessment. the workup is done based on a number of factors including age, criminal history and past failure to appear in court. >> you enter the information and there's an algorithm that determines the recommendation and in this case it was released not recommended. >> reporter: the judge did release vincent on the condition he checks in with a case manager at office on a regular basis. the 25-year-old was not ordered
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to wear a monitoring device. >> what is preventing him from attacking another woman tonight? get on drugs, get high again, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: she was notified by the district attorney's office after vincent was released. she says she blamed the city for not cracking down on criminal behavior. >> what are we waiting for? what are they've been doing? they have one responsibility. that's to protect us. >> reporter: since the city announced plans to build a navigation center on the lot next door to paneez's condo building she says she's seen an increase in homeless people who use drugs and have mental issues in the area. she tells me she plans to move out of san francisco. julie? >> amber lee tonight the city, inmates were injured today during a riot at the state prison in soledad. the incident began around 11:00 a.m. when 200 inmates began fighting
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in the recreation yard. prison officials say officers deployed chemical agents and fired warning shots after inmates ignored the initial orders to stop fighting. eight inmates were taken out to a hospital. they are in stable condition. 50 others were treated by the medical staff. authorities in rodeo are investigating a troubleshooting that sent two women and a man to the hospital. it happened about 1:00 this morning near mariposa avenue and california street. contra costa county deputies found the female victim ages 41 and 54, suffering from gunshot wounds. a third victim, 23, went to the hospital on his own. the shooting in rodeo is troublesome to leaders in neighboring hercules which has seen an uptick in shots fired calls and the number of guns seized. >> over there has been an increase and it has been noticeable. in regards to firearms taken during traffic stops.
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>> all three victims are expected to survive. so far no word on any suspects or possible motive. new information about the circumstances surrounding jeffrey epstein's death in jail. "the washington post" is reporting that an autopsy found he had multiple broken bones in his neck. experts say the brakes are common in people who hang themselves but they also say the injuries are more common in people who are strangled. the suspected sex trafficker died over the weekend after he was found hanging in his prison cell. it has been revealed the guards had not checked on him for several hours. the coroner has listed the cause of death as pending. turned to wall street where signs of economic slowing in germany, china and here in the united states prompted a broad selloff. the dow fell 800, biggest drop of the year. nasdaq was down to 42. s&p 500 was off 85. all three fell about 3% overall.
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one morning flag came from the u.s. bond market. the yield on the 10-year treasury briefly dropped below the two-year treasury yield this morning. it's the first time that's happened since 2007. in past years it's been an indicator that a recession is on the way. the u.s. china trade war, brexit and a global slowdown or other sources of concern. >> those weaker economies often end up having weaker currencies. and that makes it tougher for american businesses to compete both abroad and even here at home. >> analysts point out strong consumer confidence and historically low unemployment signal the u.s. economy remains sound. developing news in the east bay where crews are battling a fire near the community of byron, flames broke out about 9:30 at marsh creek road. the east contra costa county fire department tweeted a photo from that area. here it is. the fire burned about 15 to 20
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acres so far but it appears crews are getting a handle on it. they say the fire is no longer spreading. today's hot temperatures had people across the bay area searching for a spot to cool off. many families headed to hurricane harbor. in concord to try to beat the heat. temperatures topped 100 in some inland areas. a heat advisory is in effect for tomorrow. with more high temperatures around the bay area. some cities are setting up cooling centers, brentwood opened two of them today. a center downtown and the senior center off of balfour road. both locations will be open tomorrow for anyone who needs a place to cool off. in sonoma county, thousands of students started the new year today in triple-digit heat. ktvu's debora villalon is in santa rosa where it is still warm at this hour. debora? >> reporter: we've been watching this gauge downtown, temperature has dropped three
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this plaza hosts the popular wednesday night market, summer tradition which was sweltering tonight. a good band but the crowd hung back. the lawn nearest the stage was in full sun. >> normally everybody is up dancing but right now everyone is hugged up in the shade. you have to. pretty hot. >> reporter: almost 100 at dinner time. those doing the cooking felt it even more. >> it feels like it in here. >> reporter: crowd lighter than usual at this weekly santa rosa events. >> i think this is wonderful. my crew goes too. >> reporter: for construction crews, rebuilding neighborhoods, high temps are relative. >> we've been in vegas for the last four or five years and we've been 120 degrees during the day. >> reporter: working in coffey park, this crew stays hydrated and covered up but doesn't quit early. they built a dozen homes in 18 months. >> oh, yeah. we want to get them done while the weather is good. >> reporter: on this first day
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of school, in santa rosa, the panther cheer squad soldiered through practice. inside or out, everyone sweltering. >> we've got our first game in a week so we've got to make sure the girls are ready so they can go out and perform their best. >> make it quick. >> reporter: grabbing water often but broken a.c. and some classrooms was nothing to share about. >> i wanted to cry a lot and go home. i was trying to look cute but that didn't work because i was sweating my makeup off. >> reporter: times like this the water truck is a big hit. >> very thankful we are here. >> would you advise water over the beer? >> on a day like this, yes. >> one out of sacramento county. >> reporter: this brewer has a secret weapon. cooling ministers. >> i am the only guy with misters and ev >> the wind has way. >> i think so. >> reporter: santa rosa's water department customized its truck with public events but it
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doesn't come to every wednesday market. just once a month so this was good timing. sonoma county has thousands more students going back to school next week. hopefully they want to get scorcher like today. >> debora villalon in marin county, thank you. the heat advisory remains in effect for tomorrow. more temperatures possibly in the record level and then spare the air day. details and when the cooldown will come. a city divided over the location of a proposed navigation center. what hundreds of people in fremont had to say tonight. outside land made history this year by being the first music festival to allow legal pot sales. and wait till you hear just how much marijuana people bought.
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the gilroy foundation hit the $1 million fundraising mark today donations have
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from community members, businesses to, teams and nonprofits. following the july 28 shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. all of the money will go to the victims who survived the shooting and the three families who lost loved ones. the mother of a murdered teenager says she is still helping her son's killers will be found. 13 years after the shooting. paulette brown says her son 17- year-old aubrey was warning people about armed suspects in san francisco on this day back in 2006. she says those gunmen turned on her son and killed him. every year she visits the intersection where that shooting happened. >> it hurts, you guys. i don't even know. i still cry after all of these years. i still go to the police commission and ask them, who's going to solve my son's case? >> there is a $250,000 reward in this case.
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san francisco police say this is still an open and active investigation. new tonight, hundreds of people attended a meeting in fremont over where to put the city's first ever homeless navigation center. the city presented two possible sites, one on surplus property along decoto road, the other behind city hall. ktvu's azenith smith tells us people don't like either location. >> i don't appreciate hearing shaming from this crowd to either side of the discussion. >> reporter: emotions heightened at a packed meeting as city staff got an earful from the community over a proposed center. >> it's unfortunate that choosing to locations only divides the city and have. >> reporter: city leaders narrowing down the navigation center to city-owned property on decoto road or behind city hall. supporters say a center is necessary, homelessness has jumped 27% in 2 years. >> i was impressed at the barclays center, very organized, very clean. >> reporter: vice mayor visited
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the barclays center, the navigation center free fremont will model there's after. >> they had navigators that worked with the folks that were homeless to try to get them jobs, try to get them benefits, try to help with mental health issues. >> spending more and more of our time dealing with those negative interactions between homeless and general population. >> reporter: fremont's police chief says 10% of the call for service deal with homeless individuals. >> i like to see more empathy coming from the people here. when talking about those who are homeless and those who need more help. >> reporter: voices of support drowned out by residents worried about quality of life and don't want it in decoto. >> which side can provide a better calming environment, city hall.of the jobs, it's near barth. >> reporter: this downtown restaurant owner thinks otherwise. he says the existing homeless population is already problematic. >> we are powerless, we can't
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do anything when they come disrupt the business. >> reporter: resistance, leaders are hoping to change the perspective. so far it's been an uphill battle. there will be two more meetings, one here at harvard church on august 24, and then at the center on august 26. city leaders hope to make a decision on a final location next month. in fremont, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. last weekend's outside land festival marked the first time attendees could legally buy and consume cannabis products. now the chronicle reports festivalgoers bought at least $1 million worth of weed and edible products. organizers wouldn't share specific sales numbers only that purchases amounted to seven figures. many of the people attending the concert left credit cards, keys and wallets behind. a virtual lost and found on the festival's website shows more than 650 unclaimed items including more than 300 credit cards and i.d.s. if you think you lost something
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it might be listed on the website. claim form to get your items back. getting you ready for your thursday, looking at temperatures that are going to be pretty darn warm again, heat advisory as we mentioned in yellow, that's the area behind me and the red is the excessive heat warning. vacaville is involved, you can see the differentiation. either way it's going to be downright hot. certainly i think it might be a degree or two cooler than today but has the potential to be as warm or hot. so with that, waiting for the cooling which will occur on friday. good onshore flow and temperatures on the weekend come down quite a bit. that's the weekend. tomorrow isconcord is 84 degrees. 11:20 at night. 84 degrees, that's warm, way above. even dare say low 70s when you wake up. that gives you nowhere to go but up.
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fog is not in the city, there will be a little patchy fog. a little patchy fog tomorrow morning. but as you can see there's not much of it, it goes away. purples are 100, so look at that. that's very warm all the way to the coast. 70s all the way to the beaches. even mid-70s. san francisco upper 70s, this high continues to build in and then it weakens as we get into friday. so there's the temperature spread. from coast to england. won't be hard to see 105 somewhere but the cooling begins on friday but i think thursday will notice cooling. friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures will drop off. significantly for the weekend. fire danger will take a break, so on so fourth. there are the forecast highs. tomorrow is another's perlier day. fire danger, there's no fire weather warnings. when you know what that means, it means high temperature, low humidity. low fuel moisture so fire
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danger is high even though there's no warnings and here is the five-day forecast. with that cooldown advertised for the weekend. >> thank you. after the break, the a's sign a former all-star plus oracle park is turned into a launching pad as the a's and giants combine for four home runs. mark is up next with the highlights. a new episode of our podcast is out. ktvu's canders win sat down with olympic gold medalist to talk about the start of her rowing career at cal and why she's fighting for college athletes to get paid. search for bay area people in your podcast player. from the couldn't be prouders
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marquez here now, no offense to oracle part but my god, there were a lot of empty seats tonight. >> yeah. you know, probably the weather had a little something to do with that. but the bay bridge series you expect probably would be jammed. and as i figured it would be, 1- 1, they split the series. will oakland but today the balls flying out of that yard. they always say pitchers park, not necessarily today. pretty good indication of what mccovey cove was all about. and here's what i'm talking about, home runs flying.
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you don't see this. matt chapman in the first, solo shot of tyler beede who again got rocked. four runs in four innings. matt olson hits a shot that might have left the yard if it was a little higher. took a weird bounce, chapman and grossman are scoring and it's 4-0 as you look at how oddly that ball hit up on the landing. and bounced directly to the right. made a hard right. sixth inning, another ball leaving the premises. off the bat robbie grossman, the a's jumped out to a 6-0 lead in this thing before the giants come alive and as has been the case, most recently, yeah, a little something to do with them getting back into it. three-run shot, he's got 13 already. didn't play the first couple months of the season. now 7-5, chapman puts it away for the a's. 27th of the year. homer bailey, the star, the starter went seven innings, two
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hits, no runs. matt chapman hot again. that's the deal with the a's. >> i think it's the hardest place to hit in the big leagues. i think oakland is second. so if you're hitting home runs in the bay area, you've got to get them because both pitchers ballparks by far. >> the weather is warm, different deal. looking at matt harvey there, last with the angels but you may know him best as an all- star with the mets when he was known as the dark knight. his career has plunged since then. angels released him, 7.09 e.r.a. after 12 starts, the a's pick him up, giving him a chance. why not? aaa club on a minor-league deal. signed a one-year deal for $11 million with the angels. no doubt regret spending on him. i don't know if you saw it but the star of issue number 2 of hard knocks, jon gruden.
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>> i want better etiquette. more than anything i want better execution. are we clear on that? i want better [ bleep ] execution! i want you to get a little bit [ bleep ] >> he doesn't talk like that when we interview him. >> talking to his players. derek carr looked shellshocked. you know? going to be entertaining viewing. episode number 2, much better than the first one. let's check this out as we leave you here. tonight, that is a walk-off that just about leaves the yard. 470-foot shot by nolan arenado off archie bradley. rockies beat arizona. this team headed to the with the little league the park home run. ryan reynolds with the pirates, the guy embarrassed by that. that's the sporting life. >> thanks for joining us. oke detector chirps ]
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