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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> they spent months at trial, now the judge in the ghost ship warehouse case has dismissed three jurors and replaced them with three alternates. >> some things going on with this jury. keep in mind right now, they have to start right from the beginning. >> deliberating all over again.
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10 days spent in a jury room are lost. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. a decision to replace three jurors created a real stir at the courthouse in oakland today. the judge ordered the attorneys not to talk. but ktvu's henry lee tells us that the judge suggested that the dismissed jurors may have had inappropriate contact with the news media. >> reporter: a stunning development with three jurors all women booted from the ghost ship jury replaced by three alternates. this means 10 days of deliberations are down the drain. and the new jury must start all over. they were ordered by the judge not to speak to reporters. >> we are gagged. >> the gag order against us. sorry. >> reporter: judge trina thompson told attorneys not to talk to reporters after she replaced three alternates. the judge said she wants to stabilize the jury and avoid any further disruptions in this manslaughter trial. the judge suggested at least
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one of the jurors may have had inappropriate contact with the media in violation of her repeated admonition not to discuss the case with anyone other than fellow jurors. ktvu has never approached or communicated with or interacted thjudge again issued a stern warning to the jury to once again keep their discussions and conversations of the case to themselves. many family members seem relieved there wasn't a mistrial but they did not want to speak. we talked to a woman whose friend was among the 36 people who died in the fire. >> seems odd so we have to, it's been hard. >> we think because they are  thinking very long and hard on making a decision. >> does this surprise me? no. but it does disappoint me. >> reporter: legal analyst michael cardozo says it's unusual to lose three jurors in one sitting. >> usually gets at one of the time, maybe two. that begs the question, what
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went on here? did they talk to somebody in the news media? did they read something, did they watch something? and then i assume they started to discuss it in front of other jurors. and one or more of those jurors reported it to the bailiff who reported to the judge. >> reporter: now the fate of defendants derick almena and max harris are in the hands of this newly formed jury of seven women and five men. in an other potentially ominous sign the judge said there may be scheduling conflicts with five jurors which could mean the only remaining alternate would be tapped to serve on the jury. >> this new jury would be meeting monday through thursday until they reach a verdict with one or both or neither of the defendants. at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. complete coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial, henry has been at the courthouse since day one and is posting a blog at
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we've created a timeline, you can click through and of course we will be there for the verdict. now to have snohomish county where a shelter in place order has been lifted after a fire sent hazardous smoke into the air at a wrecking yard on scenic avenue just south of the santa rosa city limits. a shelter in place order was issued for neighbors on the southwest side of santa rosa. the fire also caused delays for smart train service because the tracks run through the area. new video tonight of sideshows in contra costa county, chp is forwarding eight criminal cases to the district attorney in connection with three sideshows last week. a chp helicopter captured these sideshows in martinez, and cummings skyway between crockett and interstate 80. all told, five drivers and three spectators were cited and cars were impacted. the district attorney will review the cases for possible
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charges. in san francisco the man accused of attacking a woman at the front door of her condo building is back behind bars. he is now being held on $100,000 bail on new charges of threatening people with a knife. as ktvu's christien kafton reports, the second se stems from an incident in february. >> how are you feeling? >> austin vincent walked into surrender himself looking very different than his mug shot. the 25-year-old had a previously scheduled court date for today in connection with his alleged attack on a woman trying to enter her building last sunday. that attack captured by surveillance cameras in the lobby. now vincent is facing new charges. police say following his high- profile arrest and release from custody last week, another woman has now come forward after seeing his photo saying vincent attacked her with a knife while she was waiting for a rideshare earlier this year. >> we were contacted at the middle of last week from a victim who said that she was a victim of an attack by mr.
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vincent in february. >> reporter: judge christine van aken did not order vincent to go to jail last week but did schedule a court date for today. following their investigation san francisco police made arrangements to arrest him on the new charge. >> we monitored mr. vincent as we knew that he was in a treatment program and with a gps monitor so we knew his location. we spoke with the public defender, and there was an agreement that mr. vincent would turn himself in this morning. >> reporter: vincent's attorney has said that his client spent most of last week in a live in treatment center getting medical attention for mental health issues. he said today he will represent vincent against these latest allegations. >> he takes the situation very serious but he's also taking his treatment very serious and he's been doing everything he has to do to get better. >> reporter: because of today's arrest the hearing on the attack caught on video has been postponed so the court can begin processing the new allegations. >> the defendant is being
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booked. that process takes some time. and while he's getting booked, the judge indicated that the case will be put over till tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. >> reporter: police say they are looking at two more incidents, criminal incidents possibly in connection with mr. vincent at this point. not offering many details on those incidents. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. last week's attack happened outside a condo building on beale street, next to the lot on the embarcadero where the city is building a new homeless shelter. people who live in the area have fought it from the start and today they issued this statement. the city of san francisco must voluntarily halt the embarcadero homeless shelter until the courts rule on our legal claims to stop it. this is a matter of public safety not politics. now to wall street, the week started off on an up note with the dow climbing almost 250 points as fears of a recession appeared to ease at least for the moment. the nasdaq gained 1106, the
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white house is reportedly looking at a temporary payroll tax to stave off the predicted economic slowdown. "the washington post" says this may indicate the president's top aides are growing more concerned about the economy. a new survey released today by the national association for business economics found three out of four economists expect a recession by 2021 strike pg&e stock plummeted today following a key court ruling for wildfire victims. investors were reacting to a judge's ruling last friday allowing a jury to decide if pg&e should pay as much as $18 billion to the victims of the deadly tubbs fire in santa rosa. previously the judge had put a freeze on those claims against pg&e. the news center pg&e stock down today almost 30%. that's the biggest one-day loss since pg&e announced it would file for bankruptcy. now to the race for president and a pitch tonight
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by billionaire tom steyer, the democrat told an audience in the city he is talking about issues that other candidates are not. ktvu's amber lee live now along the embarcadero where the candidate met potential voters. amber? >> reporter: the candidates spoke here at the commonwealth club, it was a friendly and receptive audience who greeted him. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer arrived at the commonwealth club shortly after 6:00 monday night to speak to an audience of 200 people. he said he's in the race to take action on issues including healthcare, immigration and climate change. >> we weren't talking in the real world about what we could do and how we could do it. i think that i'very different from all the other people in a race but particularly all the people who are washington insiders. >> reporter: the billionaire philanthropist and hedge fund manager describes himself as an outsider and though he has never held elected office, he says he has a track record for
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getting things done beyond being an early voice in calling for president donald trump's impeachment. >> i have 10 years of beating corporations at the ballot box. of pushing successful change. >> reporter: members of the audience told me they came to find out more about stier. >> i was a big bernie sanders supporter. but now i think the democratic field has so many really talented people with good ideas that i'm forced to reevaluate everything. >> i'm looking for someone who like he is standing up to big corporations and i appreciate that. >> reporter: after his talk, stier met with members of the media. he says the key to winning the presidency is message and credibity. he says election security is of utmost importance, that warfare in the 21st century means protecting the u.s. and its democracy from cyberhacking by foreign governments. >> what the american people are looking for is a coherent vision of how we can create a prosperous, just and free future for ourselves and i
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think that's a huge challenge for everybody. >> reporter: steyer's campaign staff says the 62-year-old has received the 2% support needed in three of the four polls required to qualify for the next democratic presidential debate. steyer plans stops in san diego, nevada and new hampshire. >> amber lee live tonight in san francisco, thank you. coming up, a yacht pulls into san francisco bay with a message to share. how these women sailors hope to change the world one stop at a time. on the cool side around here, looking at temperatures the next few days that are going to be much milder with a warm-up for the end of the week. in two minutes, a family's plea for information tonight after a young father is shot and killed in the southbay. hbay. >> i'm angry. and sad. because of what they did to my brother. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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police in southern california looking for a man wanted in a deadly attack on the campus of cal state fullerton. the victim was a 57-year-old retired faculty member who worked in international student affairs. police say he was stabbed to death as he was getting out of his car this morning in a campus parking lot. investigators don't have a motive but they say they think
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the victim was specifically targeted. they also found an incendiary device underneath his car. >> definitely frightening. i hope they catch the killer. >> just to know something like this happened on my campus makes me more aware and more alert. >> witnesses say the suspect ran away. police were using bloodhounds to try to find him. new at 10:00, emotional plea from a sam was a family over the shooting death of a 21- year-old man. brian castro was gunned down at an arco gas station in south san jose last week and so far the case is unsolved. ktvu's azenith smith has the story. >> he was everything to me. we were so close to each other. >> reporter: at their san jose home, sister and brother, mother and father mourning the death of 21-year-old brian
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castro remembered as a devoted brother, son and father. >> my brother was a loving and caring person. he was a sweetheart. everything he would do, it was for love. >> the family is devastated. he left behind a 3-year-old boy who they haven't told yet. he's asking where poppy is. and it's hard. >> reporter: last thursday before 2:00 in the morning, castro and a friend were at the arco gas station on center road and capitol expressway just a half-mile away from his house. to fill up his gas tank when someone shot him and his friend, they drove themselves kaiser permanente in san jose where castro died from his injuries. his friend, a passenger, survived. >> sometimes people say it's another gang issue and so on. from what i could see, the lives i interacted with, there wasn't none of that present. >> reporter: charles is with
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the nonprofit from the streets to the grave, that works with families of homicide victims. >> not a number. he's not a homicide number in san jose. >> reporter: castro worked as a roofer. his passion was fixing up cars. he was driving a mercedes-benz at the time of the shooting. loved ones say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. the family is hoping surveillance video from the gas station will lead to the killer. >> i'm hoping whoever committed this crime, they find god so they can guide them to the right path. >> reporter: they hope their plea will encourage witnesses to come forward. loved ones say castro was planning to propose to his girlfriend and raise his young son. >> don't want other families to suffer. because we know how they feel and we don't like other people to feel the same as we do. >> reporter: a vigil was held at the gas station the day after the shooting.
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300 people were present. the family had plans to vacation in mexico later this year. instead they are using the funds to pay for funeral expenses. san jose had 27 homicides last year. castro is the city's 24th homicide with more than four months to go. julie? >> heartbreaking to hear his family members talk about their loss. are investigators saying anything about a motive? >> reporter: police have remained tight-lipped but the family members believe it may have been attempted robbery gone bad. they sahe was at the wrong place at the wrong time at the gas station that night. >> azenith smith at a san jose police headquarters, thanks. alameda county district attorney says the man accused of killing 18-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station more than a year ago will not face the death penalty if convicted. john lee cowell is charged with murder for the death of neil wilson and attempted murder for
10:18 pm
an attack on her sister latifah. this follows months of questions about mental state, the judge finally ruled that he was competent to stand trial. today the father talked about the decision not to seek the death penalty. >> based on the governor's decision, it's something we have to respect. you know, for us, no more death penalty. we have to go with life without parole. we'll be satisfied with that. >> a plea hearing is scheduled for october. the trial is expected to begin in january. okay. kind of mild out there today, last couple days have been on the cool side, no spare the air days and no heat advisories or record temperatures. look at how mild it was, 85 in antioch, 84 in fairfield, highs tomorrow right there, right back there, highs tomorrow in the mid-80s, maybe some upper 80s towards fairfield. and vacaville, a lot of fog out
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there, you can see it right there along the coast. that fog pushed all the way, look where it is up into livermore valley down towards san jose in santa rosa. moving into santa rosa. when you wake up, a bunch of it everywhere. starts off tomorrow a lot like today and ends up a lot like today which means temperatures on the mild side yet again. third straight day. that changes as we get into wednesday when things start to warm up again. back into the mid-90s in that five-day forecast. in the meantime, prepare for tomorrow like you prepared for today and we'll talk about that warm-up when i see you next with the five-day forecast. all-female crew is sailing around the world to promote gender equality. they call themselves the maiden factor and this evening the crew arrived in san francisco to spread the message. the sailboat made history 30 years ago when a woman captain lead and all-female crew to win a sailing race. >> the maiden is an iconic boat
10:20 pm
having been the first all- female crew, now she's got a different mission so it's beautiful to be able to sail this boat three different mission. >> the stopovers include visits to schools where they talk to girls about breaking the glass ceiling, the maiden factor heads to los angeles next. ahead at, at 10:30, new standards for police use of deadly force. the historic change signed into law today in sacramento. it was prompted by police shootings but not everyone is a fan. san francisco joins planned parenthood in protesting a new trump administration rule. we will tell you how it might have an impact on local clinics. my experience with usaa
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planned parenthood says it is pulling out of the family- planning program known as title x. planned parenthood said it would rather forfeit the $60 million it receives than comply with a new trump administration rule banning referrals for abortion. officials call the ban a gag rule that is unnecessary and
10:24 pm
dangerous. later today the city of san francisco also announced it will be withdrawing from title x. ktvu's jana katsuyama with the department of public health, like planned parenthood will be losing federal funding. >> reporter: frank and julie, at 4:40 today san francisco's mayor and director of the department of public health announced they will not accept that ban by the trump administration on abortion referrals. this is just the latest in a nationwide battle over abortion. san francisco's department of public health runs 10 clinics that received federal title x funding but monday the city issued a statement it would not comply with a new trump administration rule that bans title 10 recipients from referring women to abortion providers. district five supervisor valley brown said the board will fight to find other funding. >> we are going to actually fight this and make sure women are protected and women's right to choose. >> reporter: title x was
10:25 pm
created in 1970 to provide affordable birth control and reproductive health care. it provides $260 million a year in funding for clinics. the trump administration new rule prohibits referral for abortion as a method of family planning. the department of health and human services says 4 million people every year get care through the title x program. 1million of those are californians. planned parenthood health centers are a major provider of services. >> i completely agree stepping out of it. >> i don't think the government should have a say in the matter and i think the people should be told as many options as they have by planned parenthood. >> reporter: antiabortion activists praised the world. it eliminates a requirement that title x providers offer abortion counseling. opening the door for faith- based clinics that oppose abortion to receive funds. under that rule, medical clinics -- they received a grant. we reached out but they said
10:26 pm
they had no comment. meantime, san francisco leaders say they will take up the issue in september to find alternate funding sources. >> we are looking at funding to be able to do an abortion fund. in the city. this is going to be a fight. we'll have the services for women. we are not going to let women down. we are going to make sure women have the right to choose and if they choose an abortion, we will be there to help them. >> reporter: and this new rule is being challenged in the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. the plaintiffs include 20 states and the american medical association. trying to overturn that new rule. the new rule does take effect on september 18. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. three potential mass shooting plot foiled in three days, why police are crediting the public with helping to thwart the potential attacks. new rules for california law enforcement. the governor's action today on when officers can use deadly force.
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unarmed black man in new york city is now out of a job. today new york's police commissioner fired the officer. you will see him on the video wrestling eric garner to the ground in 2014. the officer's arm was wrapped tightly around garner's neck. garner was accused of selling cigarettes on the street. his dying words, i can't breathe, became a flashpoint in a national debate over race and police use of force. >> i stand before you today confident that i have reached the correct decision. and that has certainly not made it an easy decision. it is clear daniel pantaleo can no longer effectively serve as the new york city police officer. >> pantaleo says he will appeal his firing. garner's family says they are calling for the eric garner law that would ban police from using the chokehold. in california law signed by the governor today will require officers to only use lethal force when, quote, necessary.
10:31 pm
as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the new law takes effect next year and is stricter than the current standard. >> 392 is now law in the state of california. >> reporter: surrounded by supporters and families who lost loved ones at the hands of police, governor gavin newsom signed a historic piece of legislation that some hope will deter officers from using deadly force. >> in a hope that we can reduce the number of lives lost and we can begin to build trust and heal. i am honored now to sign this legislation. >> reporter: with his signature newsom made california one of the strictest states in the nation limiting when an officer can use deadly force. the law states and officer can shoot their weapon when they believe it's reasonable but starting next year, the law hopes to encourage officers to use alternatives to de-escalate the situation before firing a weapon. >> standardizes the use of force for all of california law enforcement agencies like i said in san francisco, los angeles, san jose we've already
10:32 pm
been practicing. >> reporter: some unions were against the first draft of the bill stating it intended to punish the officers. union reps say after working with the co-author assembly member shirley weber, they decided to change some of the language which officers find more acceptable. >> the bill will basically make everyone in california safer, it would not bring back those that we've lost. >> one place to start is by requiring that officers find a peaceful resolution to situations whenever they can to force officers to think more about these situations before they pull the trigger. >> it's one thing to sign a piece of paper. pass legislation. it's another to change hearts and minds, to change culture. to change the way people conduct themselves, to hold themselves to a higher standard. >> reporter: union reps say they support the new law as it calls for de-escalation to be used. however they also say to do that people need to get behind senate bill 230, which requires training for officers' use of deadly force. >> it allows for training so
10:33 pm
everyone is given the same amount of training whether you are a big or small agency so we are looking to standardize everything. >> reporter: the law says necessary doesn't explain what that means. the hope is if and when a case goes to court a judge and jury will set a precedent and decide how the law will go into effect. in the newsroom, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. a new study says california's red flag law appears to be reducing the threat of mass shootings. lawmakers passed the bill three years ago which seeks to remove guns from people seen as a public danger. researchers at you see davis looked at 21 cases of people who had guns removed or purchases blocked because of court orders. the study found none of the individuals was later involved in gun-related violence. authorities in three different states say they have foiled three potential mass shooting plots and just the last three days. katherine harris tells us in each case police arrested a suspect after receiving a tip from the public.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: three potential mass shootings thwarted in three days after police acted on tips from the public. including this 25-year-old suspect kristin scott wicks of daytona florida. police moved quickly to arrest in the supermarket parking lot after his ex-girlfriend reported disturbing texts. wicks allegedly wrote, he wanted to be known as one of the most prolific mass shootings in u.s. history. end quote, i don't intend on walking away alive unless i see fit. wicks continued, a good 100 kills would be nice. >> not to be in any position of deadly weapons. i think we seized hopefully all of them. >> reporter: 20-year-old james patrick reardon was arraigned after he allegedly threatened to target a jewish community center in youngstown. middletown police say riordan's instagram account was filled with anti-semitic and white nationalist content. when the fbi raided his home they found semi-automatic weapons, body armor and related propaganda. >> this is a person that has declared himself as a white nationalist. we did our part to make sure
10:35 pm
this person was taken off the streets quickly. >> reporter: apparent reference to a documentary about the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia. where riordan went on the record. >> i want a meland for white people and i think every race should have a homeland. >> reporter: in connecticut and other suspect. 22-year-old brandon mike shaw was arrested after authorities claimed he showed an interest in mass shootings on facebook and tried to buy large capacity rifle magazines. social media included racist slurs as well as attacks on the transgender community. in a statement on the connecticut case the fbi urged the public to remain alert and report to law enforcement any suspicious activity. in all three cases the suspects text messages or online activity were red flags. in washington, catherine farage, ktvu fox 2 news. a close call involving a bear. how that bear ended up inside a lake tahoe home while two teenagers were there. we are tracking the
10:36 pm
weather, it's cool out there but a warm-up coming in the five day. the small group of protesters calling for a boycott. outside the offices of a software business in san francisco.
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10:38 pm
a southern california district is condemning an
10:39 pm
offensive video showing several high school students giving nazi salutes. the garden grove school district is in orange county. it says the video was recorded last november before the start of an athletics banquet at pacific high school. the district says it became aware of it in march and took action to address the situation at that time. this week the video surfaced again in news reports. the garden grove district says it has reached out to the community organizations to address issues of hate, bias and exclusion. new at 10:00, a group of anti-trump protesters staged a demonstration in san francisco tonight. a handful of people stood outside the offices of easy post in the financial district. protesters are carling for a boycott of the company. they say the ceo donated more than $100,000 to the trump reelection campaign. >> to have someone like the ceo
10:40 pm
of easy post come in here, operate the company, make profits and donate almost a quarter million to trump campaign is abhorrent to a diverse city like san francisco. >> the group says he is the largest trump donor in san francisco. easy post says its software allows businesses to integrate shipping needs with established carriers. facebook and twitter say they suspended hundreds of accounts that are linked to a chinese disinformation campaign. twitter says the campaign was designed to cause political discord and undermine the legitimacy of ongoing protests in hong kong. facebook says it deleted a handful of pages but twitter says it deleted more than 900 accounts. twitter says it has evidence it was a coordinated state backed disinformation operation. some terrifying moments for two teenagers in truckee when a bear got inside their home. it happened saturday morning. the teenage boys managed to get themselves into a bedroom but
10:41 pm
had to hold the door closed as the bear kept trying to get into the room. they called 911 and when a deputy arrived she opened the door inside the garage and that gave the bear a way to get out. she then shooed the bear away as it lingered in the driveway. >> we are so grateful for sheriff allison, she saved us and just always have hope because we were hopeful and we prayed and we are fine now. >> after everyone was safe and the bear was gone, the deputy took a picture with the two teenagers. >> luckily they can smile about it now. what a story they have. still ahead, a new financial incentive to retain teachers in san francisco. why residents at a senior home in sonoma are raising the alarm about the fire danger at a vineyard next door. chief meteorologist bill martinez tracking a warm-up. he will show us when it will arrive. your complete forecast coming up.
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10:44 pm
today was the first day back to school for 57,000 students. kids were back on the
10:45 pm
playground this morning at the star king elementary in the potrero hill neighborhood. one of 126 schools in the district that started today. students had a special visitor for their first day. mayor london breed. she delivered a message of encouragement on their first day telling them to study hard and have fun at recess. the mayor also announced a new program aimed at financially supporting and retaining teachers. the program will provide stipends to teachers in underserved schools most of which are in the bayview and mission. those teachers currently receive $2,000 on top of their base salary and starting this year they will receive an additional $3,000 a year and next year also additional $2,500 for a total bonus of $7,500. residents in a small sonoma county community are worried about fire danger and pointing the finger at their neighbor. a winery for not properly trimming its dry grasses. ktvu's tom vacar has their concerns. >> reporter: the many senior
10:46 pm
citizens that live in creekside village outside the town of sonoma don't think the neighboring vineyard is very neighborly when it comes to clearing dry grasses. >> this year they've done the minimum that the law allows which is 10 feet. >> reporter: folks say that in previous years all of this grass all the way to the vineyard was mowed or plowed under. this year they've done the bare minimum, 10 feet wide, nothing up against this wooden fence. nothing over there. the residents are afraid in high winds that catches fire, their homes might catch on fire and destroy their neighborhood. >> we have in the afternoon on many days the winds come up at 10 to 30 miles an hour which if there were embers or a small fire started, it would fuel it and it would come into the complex of 313 senior homes. >> and it's all seniors. they're going to have, a lot of them have a tough time getting out of. >> reporter: beth and feras' house sits directly along the
10:47 pm
high wide swath of grass. after previous wildfires -- >> we had embers out here from the fires that we had earlier on. on the east side of town. >> reporter: the residents have written to the city, county and cal fire fire marshals as well as supervisors and state officials. the residents say a letter written to the vineyards owner winery etude of napa and treasury estates of australia from the homeowners association lawyer has gone unanswered. >> they offered to pay for the clearcutting and they were refused saying it's too much of a liability. for the vineyard if someone got hurt. >> my common sense tells me that somebody at the vineyard does not have common sense. >> a media contact for the vineyard owners e-mailed us the vineyard is compliant with county and state fire regulations to ensure the property is safe. >> i think there's a tremendous liability for them.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: when i asked if the owners would further reduce vegetation the answer was they will monitor and reduce grass and debris as they deem appropriate. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. let's revisit those temperatures from today. the highs from today which were not really very high compared to last week at this time 84 in fairfield, 85 in antioch, highs last week on wednesday, thursday, friday of last week or 20 and 30 degrees warmer than these, today and yesterday mild days with the fire danger as it always is in the summer, helpful. air quality is good as well, no heat advisories and that's how it goes tomorrow. a lot of fog, a big push of it tomorrow, just like this morning wake up tomorrow is a repeat of today. so what you had today is what you have tomorrow, temperatures a little warmer instead of 85 in fairfield, you may go 87. wednesday temperatures will start to build and get back into the mid-90s in some of the warmest spots. there is no fog on the golden
10:49 pm
gate bridge. that's because the marine layer is so high you can't see it. it's up over the towers. pushing across the bay towards barkley and kensington. the model does this. all that fog throughout the bay area tomorrow morning all the way up into the delta burns off slow like today and then you get this. which is just like today. move forward to tomorrow and give you an idea. looking at temperatures in the bay area, san francisco region mostly in the 60s during the day, mid-60s at lunchtime, upper 60s late in the day, mid- 60s and upper 60s, south of market. partly sunny, partly cloudy all day, this is the 44 city map that shows you what's happening. kind of in the different quadrants and you can see clear lake 83, i would expect 91 degrees this time of year. maybe 92. 73 in richmond, air quality is good, lots of mid-80s. some heat back into brentwood, upper 80s. a little warmer tomorrow, the same around the bay.
10:50 pm
wednesday the temperatures will blossom up a little bit. 84 in gilroy, 85 in morgan hill and quality is pretty good so not much more you can ask for and a good plan if, cal fire, this is the forecast you like towards wednesday, thursday, cal fire and air quality district and everybody starts ramping up going look, high pressure building in. right there. and you get this warm up and heat, not a massive heat up, doesn't appear to be like last week. record-setting thing. but we will hover in our warmest locations in the mid- 90s. okay? get that? tomorrow kind of like today, wednesday starts to warm up, pretty significantly especially inland and then the rest of the week mild but warm, warm to hot inland and mild to warm around the bay. coming up in sports, the 49ers' jimmy garoppolo sees his first live action in almost a year. let's just say it didn't exactly go well.
10:51 pm
mark will show us what happened tonight against the broncos. panhandling on b.a.r.t. one member of the board has a plan to crackdown. see how it fits with riders.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
marquez here now with sports. 49ers plate tonight. jimmy garoppolo got to see his first action. this is why you have preseason
10:54 pm
games. >> you know how it goes. things go great, swimmingly, we've got something cooking here. goes bad, you just say, doesn't count. preseason football. don't worry about it. that's exactly the line the 49ers have to take with regard to jimmy garoppolo. seeing his first action in a long time. since last september in kansas city. after the acl was torn against the chiefs. he went three total series and it didn't go well. 1 for 6 passing for zero yards, shelby harris with the deflection and it wasn't long after that. what you call bad to worse as isaac with the interception. 48-yard line to the 49ers, and off the field, george kittle has an injured calf. what's the deal with our offense? they need me back in there. but there were plenty of positives. this guy is at the top of the list. raheem mostert, six carries, 58
10:55 pm
yards. and gone right there for the touchdown. 49ers leading 10-9. also great on special teams and later deebo samuel's the rookie turned the corner here after taking a little toss from c.j. beathard, 45 yards. he didn't quite get into the end zone but set up the score and the 49ers get thnal 24 15. 2-0 for what it's worth. jimmy g a little frustrated. >> obviously, a little frustrated but it's the nfl. fortunely we don't get to play the whole game so you only get so many plays. you wish you could be out there for more to bounce back and everything but it is what it is. preseason right now so you've got to take it in stride. >> just preseason. meanwhile with the raiders, the story is here's how you can boil it down, 2900 nfl players around the camps across the league. they are all happy with their helmets except for one guy and
10:56 pm
he plays for the raiders. you know his name. antonio brown. again as the raiders break camp in napa, that portion of training camp is over. and as they loaded up, fancy cars and all, yeah. he did show up. antonio brown left camp over the weekend. mike mayock the general manager said basically you've got to be all in or all out. and he's been trying to find loopholes, has brown, with regard to wearing not a recently approved helmet. that's how you boil it down. and he has filed a new grievance trying to get a helmet that suits him better. his agent drew rosenhaus of course spinning the deal. >> in my opinion i'm confident we're going to find a solution. whether it's a different helmet, whether it's the same how much, we are to find a solution. there's no if. he wants to play football. he wants to be a part of the raiders. we are trying to work it out so he's got the right equipment and he can feel safe.
10:57 pm
>> meanwhile, the a's and giants off today but the a's make a little off the field news trying to plump up the pitching staff. get used to seeing that guy. the number 2 prospect in their organization. kind of reminds you of randy johnson. who was 6'9". a.j. puk is 6'7". big time prospect, 38 strikeouts in 25 1/3 innings, coming back from tommy john surgery. we'll see how he fares in the new future with the a's. steph curry, you know about him, he's everywhere, ubiquitous and whenever and wherever he goes it's all about giving. that seems to be what he is all about. today back in the d.c. area at howard university, where he has decided to financially back the men and women's golf program at howard university. matter of fact he has signed on to take on financial responsibility for the next six
10:58 pm
years to support the finances in that program. that has been missing there for a couple of decades at least. he of course wants everybody to pay it forward with the same spirit he brings to everything he does being the golf fanatic that he is. in case you missed it, i will just tell you this is one of the craziest things you'll see. but i guess they do it on a regular basis. this is over in switzerland. the professional swim runner. what's this guy doing? standing on the streets and all of a sudden he takes off. his name is toby seager. what does he decide to do? you can imagine the guys parents see that. what are you doing? so much could go wrong. with that jumper. >> one wrong move. >> one little wrong twist. in case you missed it, something here in minneapolis. miguel sano wants no part of the squirrel. and it heads over to the twins dugout.
10:59 pm
you want to see grown men get nervous? look at them scatter right there. they finally got the squirrel safely out of there. in case you missed it, paul dejong, home run. watch the light at the big mac. he put the lights out on the m in the big mac out there. and the ball, stuck in the m. right there. that's all in case you missed it tonight. and over the weekend, that is the sporting life right now. it is 11:00. time for more news. frank and julie. >> thank you. next at 11 -- >> i have 10 years of beating corporations at the ballot box. of pushing successful change. >> a late comer to the presidential race talks about his credentials before voters in san francisco. isco the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. >> billionaire tom steyer says
11:00 pm
he's talking about issues the others are not. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. steyer joined the race last month and needs to make up ground. he has 10 more days to meet the 2% threshold in one more poll to make the debate stage next month. ktvu's amber lee live now in san francisco where steyer met with potential voters tonight at the commonwealth club. amber? >> reporter: steyer is based here in san francisco. was a receptive hometown crowd who came to listen before deciding who will get their vote. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer arrived at the commonwealth club shortly after 6:00 monday to speak to an audience of 200 people. he says he's in the race to take action on issues including e change. , immigration and clim >> we weren't talking in the real world about what we could do and how we could do it. i think that i'm very different


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