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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 19, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. steyer joined the race last month and needs to make up ground. he has 10 more days to meet the 2% threshold in one more poll to make the debate stage next month. ktvu's amber lee live now in san francisco where steyer met with potential voters tonight at the commonwealth club. amber? >> reporter: steyer is based here in san francisco. it was a receptive hometown crowd who came to listen before deciding who will get their vote. democratic presidential candidate tom steyer arrived at the commonwealth club shortly after 6:00 monday to speak to an audience of 200 people. he says he's in the race to take action on issues including healthcare, immigration and climate change. >> we weren't talking in the real world about what we could do and how we could do it. thin from all the other people rticu the people who are washington
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insiders. >> reporter: the billionaire philanthropist and hedge fund manager describes himself as an outsider and though he has never held elected office, he says he has a track record for getting things done beyond being an early voice in calling for president donald trump's impeachment. >> i have 10 years of beating corporations at the ballot box, of pushing successful change. >> reporter: members of the audience told me they came to find out more about steyer. >> i was a big bernie sanders supporter but now, i think the democratic field has so many really talented people with good ideas that i've been forced to reevaluate everything. >> i'm looking for someone who is standing up to big corporations and i really do appreciate that. >> reporter: after his talk steyer met with members of the media. he says the key to winning the presidency's message and credibility. steyer says election security is of utmost importance, that warfare in the 21st democracy f
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by foreign governments. >> what the american people are looking for is a w we can creat and i think that's a huge challenge for everybody. >> reporter: steyer's campaign staff says the 62-year-old has received 2% support needed in three of the four polls required to qualify for the next democratic presidential debate. steyer plans stops in san diego, nevada, and new hampshire. julie and frank? >> amber leigh, thank you. the city of san francisco says it has joined planned parenthood by withdrawing from the federal family planning program known as title x. the city issued a statement that it would not comply with a san francisco's 10 clinics stand to lose federal funding over the decision but city leaders say that findinin to be able to do an abortion
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fund. in the city. this is going to be a fight. we'll still have the services for women. we are not going to let women down. we are going to make sure women have the right to choose and if they choose an abortion, we will be there to help them. >> the new rule is being challenged in the court with lawsuits by more than 20 states including civil rights groups and the american medical association. three of the jurors in the ghost ship warehouse trial were dismissed today and replaced with three alternates. that means the deliberations that have been going on for the last 10 days after start all over. ktvu's henry lee explains why the judge made the decision. >> reporter: a stunning development with three jurors all women, booted from the ghost ship jury replaced by three alternates. this means 10 days of deliberations are down the drain. and the new jury must start all over. normally talkative defense attorneys were ordered by the jugag order against us. sorry. >> reporter: judge tina thompson told attorneys not to talk to reporters after she kicked three men off the ghost ship jury and replaced them with three alternates.
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the judge says she wants to stabilize the jury and avoid any further disruptions in this manslaughter trial. the judge has suggested at least one of the jurors may have had inappropriate contact with the media in violation of it repeated admonitions not to discuss the case with anyone other than fellow jurors. we want to make it clear ktvu has never approached, committed with or interacted with any. the judge again issued a stern warning to the new jury to once again keep discussions and conversations of the case to themselves. many family members of victims seemed relieved there wasn't a mistrial but they did not want to speak. we did talk to a woman whose friend was among the 36 people who died in the fire. >> odd and so we have to know -- very long and hard on making the decision. >> reporter: ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says it's unusual to lose three jurors in one sitting. >> usually it's one at a time. maybe two. that begs the question, what went on here? did they talk to somebody in
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the news media? did they read something, did they watch something? and then i assume they started to discuss it in front of other jurors. and one or more of those jurors reported it to the bailiff who reported it to the judge. >> reporter: now the fate of the defendants derick almena and max harris are in the hands of this newly formed jury of seven women and five men. this new jury will be meeting monday through thursday until they reach a verdict with one or both or neither of the defendants. at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a man suspected of attacking a woman outside her san francisco condo building appeared in court today on a separate assault charge. 25-year-old austin vincent was wearing a suit when he walked into court this morning with his attorney. after his arrest another woman came forward after seeing his booking photo saying he threatened her with a knife back in february. a judge had released vincent
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after this incident last week when a woman was attacked at the front entrance of her building along the embarcadero. >> we monitored mr. vincent as we knew he was in a treatment program. with a gps monitor so we knew his location. we spoke with the public defender. there was an agreement that mr. vincent would turn himself in. >> vincent attorney said his client spent most of the past week in a living treatment center getting attention for mental health issues. vincent was booked into jail and is now being held on $100,000 bail. governor gavin newsom signed a bill that sets new guidelines for the use of deadly force by police officers in california. >> one place to start is by requiring that officers find a peaceful resolution to situations whenever they can. to force officers to think more about these situations before they pull the trigger. >> currently the law states an officer can use force when they
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believe it is reasonable. starting next year that standard changes to only when necessary. a second bill to set up officer training to the escalate is still pending. a shelter in was lifted tonight after a fire sent hazardous smoke into the air. the fire started at a wrecking yard on scenic avenue south of the santa rosa city limits around 3:30. thick, black smoke was visible from 101. shelter in place order was issued for neighborhoods on the southwest side of santa rosa. the fire caused delays for smart train service since the tracks run through that area. video showing recent sideshows in contra costa county, chp is forwarding eight criminal cases to the district attorney in connection with three sideshows last week. a chp helicopter captured these sideshows in martinez, rodeo and cummings skyway between crockett and interstate 80. all told, five drivers and
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three spectators were cited and cars were impounded. the district attorney will now review the cases for possible criminal charges. to the south bay where a sound was a family is pleading for justice tonight, after the shooting death of a 21-year-old man. brian castro was killed last week in a shooting at an arco gas station. ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose tonight. the family says they are hoping that the killer will come forward. >> reporter: yes, frank. the family is heartbroken. whoever killed their loved one is out free tonight. police have not released much information. remaining tight-lipped. may hav been an >> he was everything to me. >> reporter: at the san jose home, sister, brother, mother and father mourning the death of 21-year-old brian castro remembered as a devoted brother, son and a father. >> my brother was a loving and caring person. he was a sweetheart. >> the family is devastated.
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he left behind a 3-year-old boy. who they haven't told yet asking where poppy is. >> reporter: last thursday just before 2:00 in the morning castro and a friend were at the arco gas station on center road in capitol expressway just a half mile away from his house. to fill up his gas tank when someone shot him and his friend. they drove themselves to kaiser permanente in san jose where castro died from his injuries. his friend, a passenger, survived. >> charles najar is with the nonprofit from the streets to the grave that works with families of homicide victims. >> sometimes people say and so from i could see, the guys i interacted with, there wasn't none of that present. >> reporter: castro worked as a roofer. his passion was cars, fixing up cars. he was driving a mercedes-benz at the time of the shooting. loved ones say he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
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the family is hoping surveillance video from the gas station will lead to the killer. >> i'm hoping whoever committed this crime, they find god so they can, guide to the right path. >> reporter: loved ones say castro was planning to propose to his girlfriend and raise his young son. >> don't want other families to suffer. because we know how it feels. we don't like other people to feel the same as we do. >> reporter: police tell me last year, the city had castro is the city's 24th homicide this year. and there's still four months to go. live in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. panhandling on b.a.r.t., many find it annoying and a member of the board wants it banned. how riders are reacting to a
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new at 11:00, you see davis is opening up a first of its kind research center that will focus exclusively on cannabis. it's being called the center for cannabis and hemp research. the chair of the plant sciences department says nas is essentia researchers say the plant is complicated with different strains affecting patients in different ways. >> we need to understand more about the chemistry of the plant so we can understand how we can link that to making better drugs to treat some of these medical conditions. >> the university is also partnering with biopharmaceutical research
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companies, brc, to develop a source of clean cannabis solely for research. ard member looking to put a rs stop to panhandling. ktvu's greg liggins tells us the idea is to make it illegal to panhandle on b.a.r.t. trains and stations. >> reporter: weather inside a b.a.r.t. car or outside a b.a.r.t. station, many writers have had an encounter with a panhandler. >> pretty much every day when i'm putting money on my card someone will come up and asked me for change, couple dollars for the bus or something like that. >> reporter: panhandling is a widely known problem that one board of directors said she hears about often in e-mails and surveys. >> panhandling is defini the ri experience and my riders, my constituents tell me on a consistent basis, they want it ended. >> reporter: board of director deborah allen plans to help end the practice by introducing an ordinance to ban all forms of panhandling.
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even the entertaining kind where people sing or dance for dollars. >> i don't want to see people dancing or whatever they're doing. i'm going to point a to point b and get there, i don't need that stuff. >> reporter: while aggressive panhandling like physically blocking someone or making threats is already illegal, a kinder approach is not. some say they see no need to make a change. >> i definitely don't think it should be banned because they are asking a question. everyone is entitled to say no if they want to give them money. >> reporter: it's not a simple free-speech issue. b.a.r.t. is not completely public. since people pay to gain access so b.a.r.t. can make reasonable rules. though a stricter ordinance could be difficult to enforce, many riders say they already know how to deal with the problem. >> aggressive ones, i ignore. i just keep my earbuds in and don't pay attention. >> reporter: the proposed ordinance hasn't been drafted yet but allen says she's going to bring the topic up for discussion during the next board meeting which is this thursday.
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in lafayette, greg liggins, ktvu fox 2 news. a cruise in san jose began a road repaving project that had is expected to last a decade and aims to reservice every single street in the city. that means 1400 miles of roadway will be repaved by the year 2028. money from two ballot measures and state transportation funding will cover the cost of the repaving project. crews plan to pay 280 miles of major streets in residential areas this fiscal year. the current repaving will continue until the return of rainy season in the fall and then start again when the dry. london breed's mayoral campaign is reportedly under investigation by the city for possible finance violations. the chronicle says the allegations stem from donations made by people who work for companies that had won contracts previously approved. that could violate the ban on donations from people doing business with the city. the campaign attorney for the
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mayor said they have not heard from the ethics commission about the issue. southwest airlines announced today that they'll be dropping nearly 20 nonstop routes on january 6. flights out of oakland, san francisco and san jose are among those being cut. southwest says they need to free up planes for flights with stronger demand including new routes to hawaii. some of the routes on the chopping block are orlando to san jose and oakland, dallas to sfo, and columbus, ohio, to oakland. you wiwith one stop instead of nonstop. welcome back. we've got some weather here, mild weather the last couple of days and after last week's heat it's kind of a bit of a relief. 84 in fairfield, 30 or 20 degrees easily cooler than a couple days ago or the last week, well, last thursday and friday. 73 in vallejo, 85 in antioch, highs tomorrow kind of like these warmer, antioch 87 or 88,
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fairfield 87. around the bay i think temperatures stay very similar to what we saw today. a lot of fog is out there in most counties now, and it will be there tomorrow morning as it was this morning. tomorrow is a repeat, not exactly but similar to what we had today in terms of fog, burn off and daytime highs ultimately in the 70s around the bay. mid-and-upper-80s in the hotspots inland. current temperatures outside, can't, can't see the fog on the golden gate bridge because the fog is up there so high you it greens are 60s, oranges are 80s. you can see the 80s are well east so we'll see some 80s but mid-80s and maybe upper 80s at best. 90s will reside out towards sacramento east of davis. forecast for san francisco and oakland tomorrow looks like that. fog and low clouds and partly sunny, mild. good air quality, nice day. air conditioners won't be burning in the car or at your home even in the end, won' vaca
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fairfield, forecast highs for tuesday you see this in the five-day forecast but wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures come back to more typical regime for this time of year which means mid-90s in the inland bay values, that's on wednesday, thursday and friday. let me pop in, tomorrow and pop in sunday for you and you can see sunday kind of gets going but that's the low 80s around the bay, mid-90s inland, that's a classic pattern of year. see you tomorrow. >> thank you. coming up and supports the niners jimmy g sees his first live action in almost a yewhat up first a picture from our instagram feed shows the rescue today of a deer that got stuck in the oakland hills. you'll find the story on instagram, look for ktvu two.
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easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. marquez back with sports. talking about the 49ers and jimmy g. it didn't go as planned. >> you know, more than anybody, the mom of a quarterback, you know how you are on top of the
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world and then it can be devastating. >> good days and bad days. >> really bad. that was jimmy g but i don't really think anybody is overly concerned. it's his first game back since the torn acl last september. obviously, there's going to be a little rust. and there sure was in denver as he takes the field. he played three series, didn't go well, 1 for 6 for zero yards, a couple passes deflected. and the worst of the worst here, a path he never should have thrown, shelby harris intercepts it and there you go. the 49ers george kittle going what is going on? with our offense. lots of positives and right at the top of that list, raheem mostert gone. a touchdown, 58 yards and 10-9, 49ers lead. counting on to add some explosiveness looks like he's well on his way. he takes a little toss from
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c.j. beathard, almost scores. that set up a short touchdown. 24-15, san francisco, 2-0. it is jimmy g talking about that first time out. >> something i haven't done in a year obviously. got to knock the rust off and everything. thankfully we have a short week so we can bounce back quickly but the first step of getting back into it. >> getting over the mental aspect of that has got to be a little rough. the raiders have some mental aspect to get over. antonio brown has got to figure out how to get a helmet that he's happy with. have not come breaking it down, packing it up and heading into the latter stages of training camp. of course in alameda. where they will get ready for
11:25 pm
game three. >> that's a beemer, bmw. >> there's antonio brown. more concerned about him showing up. mike mayock of course over the weekend said you are either all in or all out. >> he is at this point, apparently going to show up for practice, not happy with the helmet and his agent is spinning it, of course, his way and says they're working through the situation. we'll see how that goes. keep in tune. in case you missed it, some stuff to look forward to, video- -wise. start with this, nice line drive. buffalo bisonthe jonathan davis catch. worth noting because it saves a no-hitter in the ninth inning. >> oh, really? that's cool. >> one out in the ninth inning. he saves it right there. that was beautiful. this is devonte jackson for denver, tackled by the kicker. >> what a hit!
11:26 pm
>> lit him up. >> he's a kickoff specialist and punter. not just any other guy, 6'2", to 20 pounds, you can bet donte jackson will be having problems looking at the film. in case you missed it last night at levi's stadium, no football played but >> e. >> how many times have you conc >> seeing the stones five times. candlestick park. >> and they never disappoint. >> to me, they were really on it. >> they did two encores, give me shelter and satisfaction. they brought out a woman to sing with mick jagger.
11:27 pm
>> sent shivers down your spine but the thing that's amazing here's the guy who had a serious heart procedure. couple, three months ago and he's back and looking lean and mean. >> how close were you? >> we just saw it. >> right where that camera, yeah, close enough. >> now that he's 77. >> i remember that year in '82 when george thorogoo >> good stuff. stones haven't lost a step. what that has to do with sports, i don't know. >> we got to see it. see you la from the couldn't be prouders
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