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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 28, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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killed in a horrible crash over the weekend. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. those two children were killed in a car crash on i-5 as their mother was driving the family to southern california to see their relatives. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the children were just 10 and 13 years old. their teachers and classmates now in disbelief. new tonight, ktvu's debora villalon live at the children's school where a large crowd gathered to remember them. >> reporter: it was touching to see so many people turn out. this family is very involved at their children's school and the two victims have been enrolled here since preschool. the playground at richmond college prep was awash in white. it seemed all 500 students and their families might be here to wrap their arms around one. a family of five a few days
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ago, and now three. after the loss of 10-year-old jesse contreras and his sister citalli who was 13. >> there are no words. >> reporter: saturday midmorning when the contreras family suv crashed on i-5 in kern county. chp says mother maria driving drifted into the center divide, overcorrected and rolled the honda. the three adults and a middle sibling all belted and survived. the two children unbelted were ejected and died. people here consider that parents conscientious and wonder if the kids took their belts off to sleep on the long ride. >> we don't understand. how that happened. but we are here together and we want to show everybody how much we love them. >> whatever feelings you are feeling, you are not by yourself. >> reporter: the pain is raw at this close knit school. in citalli's room, her desk is a memorial with expressions of grief was a leader and wanted
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to go to harvard. learning how fragile life is. >> they say that we were just talking about her trip on friday. they said, see you on monday and i think that hit them hard too. >> take his notebook out and say jesse is working. >> reporter: fifth-graders save a spot for jesse. it's only the third week of school, kids settling in and confronted by this. one note titled, i wish they didn't go. >> they are not forgetting him. we are not forgetting, he's not gone. i think that's just really special. >> he never gave up. >> reporter: children shared the mic and memories of the siblings as 12-year-old brother diego listened. he attends the school too. students plan to support him even as they console themselves. >> i told him, you're going to cry, cry. want to go home, go on. you want to run on the playground, do that. and embrace each other.
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>> reporter: gofundme pages have been established to help the family with burial expenses. as it turns out i-5 down south has had three fatal rollovers with bay area drivers this month alone. in every instance, the victims were not seatbelted in. >> your heart goes out to their family. debora villalon, thanks. switching now to eastern contra costa county where a vegetation fire in byron left one person hurt and destroyed two structures. the fire broke out on a ranch in byron just after 5:00. the east contra costa county fire protection districts is a mobile home and a barn were destroyed. one person suffered minor injuries. fire officials say power lines were down in that area. the ranch is located in the of near marsh creek road. we are told the fire was contained to the ranch property. hurricane dorian has skirted to the north of puerto rico sparing the island from a direct hit. this is what it looked like as the storm hit the virgin
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islands earlier today. damage was limited but did cause power outages. forecasters say they expect the storm will pick up strength as it heads toward the united states. predicted to hit around labor day, possibly as a dangerous category three hurricane. florida has declared a state of emergency. >> don't wait. we procrastinate by human nature but when it comes to hurricanes and storm preparation, you can't procrastinate. >> while a lot of people in florida are stocking up on food, water and sand bags one homeowner in sanford had this message for the storm, he hung a banner that says go away, dorian. on the front of his house. chief meteorologist bill martin is here now with the latest on where the storm is tonight. >> going to need more than a banner. this has got some legs and it's developed into quite the storm. we talked about last night it was still a tropical storm, 50- mile-per-hour winds, now it's a category one hurricane. warm water to track through as
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it moves toward florida. dorian right now 85 miles an hour, category one is going to move quickly into a hurricane, somewhere between thursday night and friday morning. just offshore, on florida, we are going to see that thing as a category three, that the forecast model. more models, these are the major models, they update constantly so looking at the latest resolution and what you're seeing is this consolidation here of the models, really just south of daytona beach. right now category three is a major hurricane and it is the laboa big deal, we'll keep you posted on this and steve paulson will be here in the morning to update you. in addition to our newscast you can get weather information anytime at, look for our coverage of dorian right on the front page. efforts to extend b.a.r.t. into downtown san jose got a
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major push today. the federal transit administration announced they are giving $125 million to the b.a.r.t. silicon valley phase two project. it's a 6.5-mile extension from the soon to be completed station into downtown san jose and onto the city of santa clara. the project is the first to be chosen as part of a pilot program designed to fast-track infrastructure projects. as part of the arrangement at least 75% of the project has to be funded through local and state contributions. city leaders from around the bay area visited east palo alto to learn more about a new program that provides people a safe place to park their rvs. as ktvu's amber lee tells us, the program is being touted for helping families get back on their feet. >> this is our stove. >> reporter: judith ortiz lives in her rv. with her 2-year-old nephew and her sister. she works at a restaurant but says she couldn't afford the apartment she was living in
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when rent increased from 1200 to $3,200 a month. >> it has been a little bit hard. to get back in business. get back on my feet. >> reporter: to help her and others living in rvs get back on their feet project we hope a nonprofit and the city of east palo alto started rv safe parking in may. transforming a once vacant lot into a community of rvs that house mostly families. there are toilets, showers along with washers and dryers. people can park their rvs hear from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. there is also a security guard on site. this. >> you talk to them not at them. then you begin to establish that level of trust. >> reporter:who have been living here in their rvs have transitioned into early success of this program lead leaders from other bay area cities to come see this program for themselves on this night. ear-old and her family
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are scheof their rv in september. >> it feels good. i'll have my own room. i'm going to have quiet so i can do my homework. >> reporter: the sixth-grader says living out of an rv has been difficult and scary. when they had to park out on the street. >> people were doing drugs, they were drunk. >> reporter: ortiz says she's awaiting her turn to get housing and move out of her rv. >> what's in the past is in the past and you have to work for now on. it's one day at a time. >> reporter: in addition to helping finding housing, the program offers dinner each night and services such as job placement. a city councilmember and leaders from other cities say they want to replicate this program. in east palo alto, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 11:00, a conservative group is suing santa clara county over their sanctuary city status. the group judicial watch is
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suing over the killing of bambi larson. she was murdered inside her home in san jose allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. in the lawsuit group calls the sumptuary policies in santa clara county, quote, a legal and deadly. so far the county hasn't commented on the lawsuit. a deal reached in sacramento could tighten rules for california's charter schools. the agreement involves legislation that would end the ability to authorize charter schools. going forward only school districts and county governments would be able to do that. the bill would also require all new charter school teachers to be credentialed and would give existing teachers five years to do so. the bill is expected to pass and the governor has said he plans to sign it. a richbe arraigned tomorrow on sex crimes charges. 26-year-old israel y with eight felonies including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and lewd and lascivious acts on a child. he is being held on $400,000
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bail. authorities say lopez has been a p.e. teacher with the west contra costa county district since 2017. six people are in custody after a daylong standoff in fairfield that ended with a s.w.a.t. team releasing tear gas into a home. authorities say they had information a fugitive homicide suspect might be inside a house on shenandoah court. the secret service and u.s. marshals called in the fairfield s.w.a.t. team to help. the standoff ended at around 3:15 this afternoon as police fired tear gas and people left the house. the homicide suspect was not found. are invading a neighborhood in san jose, grazing on lawns and wandering on the streets. neighbors on whitetail lane say the cows and bulls have been visiting every night for the past two months leaving a large masses behind. the cows are coming from the hills nearby. ranchers think fences put up to contain them are being cut by the homeless or teenagers. >> we were afraid to go in
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front of them or very close because they are not just skinny cows. they are big cows and bulls. with big horns. >> neighbors were pleased to see ranchers rounding up the cattle today. the director of san jose animal services says he wasn't aware of the problem until this week. he is hopeful the ranchers have resolved the issue but says they'll continue to investigate. coming up a mural of labor leader cesar chavez painted over. why the school where it's located defends the decision. did you know that the new chase center in san francisco features hundreds of pieces of artwork? ahead tonight, a sneak peek at the collection. a warming trend in the works. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with where we can expect 90-degree weather. your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? comcast business gives you high speed internet.
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new information about a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy who is charged
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with having sex with female jail inmates. a judge sentenced 28-year-old patrick morseman to six months of electronic home monitoring and three years felony probation. the sentence will be served in nebraska where morseman is relocating. morseman had previously pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a confined, consenting adult. he was charged with having sex with two women who were jailed in richmond last year. a new billboard along ocean avenue in san francisco asks the public for help in solving a homicide case. karen lamotte was shot and killed three years ago while he was watching an artist working on a mural. the billboard was paid for by his mother. he chose his picture and asks for anyoinformation on >> ms. jones spearheaded this project. she had the billboard erected. and the department is working with her to bring this event together today.
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other communities you have crime tips, organizations, crime solvers that will do will bring someone forward to give us information. >> anyone with information on this case is, asked to contact sfpd homicide division or call the tip line. a $25,000 reward is being offered. in san jose the school district is defending their decision to paint over the recently completed mural honoring the late cesar chavez. a vandal had covered the mural with graffiti. ktvu's jesse gary tells us school officials say the artwork couldn't be saved. >> reporter: it was meant as a welcome back gift for lowell elementary school in downtown san jose on the outside of his maintenance shed a mural of cesar chavez. >> it was a wonderful mural. it was a gift to the students, staff and a gift to the community. >> reporter: in june a local artist painted the likeness as part of a neighborhood improvement project through
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funds from assemblyman ash. all was well until monday hours before parents arrived for back- to-school night. a vandal had entered school grounds and painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as early as 4:00 p.m. we wanted to make sure parents felt proud of their it up. >> reporter: officials say their policy is to remove graffiti within 24 to 48 hours. head painter ruben bermuda says the mural had anti-graffiti coating applied which should have allowed the vandals work to be washed off. but the shed surface made it impossible to save the mural. >> i tried to clean it up with lacquer and it wasn't coming off. it was smearing everything and i couldn't get into the pores. >> reporter: district officials say they have surveillance video of the tagger defacing than merrill in nine minutes. after he was done took out a cell phone and took a picture of it. in a statement assemblyman says in part, we have an opportunity to band together as a community
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to help ensure this does not happen again. district officials say they are working with san jose police to track down the person responsible for this crime and better protect the other 80 plus murals in the district. >> it was a beautiful piece. it had depicted a great part of our history. and now it's gone. we hope to be able to replace it and not that the graffiti artist win. >> reporter: in 2 news. santa claire santa clara climate supervisors placed resources. dave cortez introduced the resolution, the county says the declaration is in tandem with efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. and the move toward 100% renewable electric power. santa clara county joins a number of other bay area cities and counties in declaring a climate crisis. so it was cooler today, better for fire danger and air quality. temperatures will be a lot like today. as you look at them 89 in
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antioch, not that warm, 84 in fairfield, down from 106 degrees not too long ago. temperature in santa rosa was 79. move them into tomorrow if you want but very similar profile tomorrow. a lot of fog along the coast right now and actually low clouds, you can see it's already pushed, it's already into livermore valley. working its way up, winds in the delta blowing to 38 miles per hour and so this is all being ushered well into the inland bay valley so even sacramento and areas like that are experiencing what they called delta breezes but a cooling. sea breeze is everywhere, that's green. temperatures running a little bit behind where they were last time, eight degrees cooler in concord. wake up a little cooler and end up a little cooler tomorrow. the fog is above our heads, look at the fog and it's been kind of capped here but over the top of us so you can't see it. that's what i'm getting at.
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but that cloud is in your neighborhood tomorrow morning so you can see all the fog footprint or low cloud footprint down to san jose and silliness value. slow burn off like today, you get a day to honor like today. a beautiful day. it warms up a little bit for the weekend. this is the reason it's been cool, thunderstorms up around lake tahoe and yesterday. that's leaving. the marine layer squishes down and temperatures go up. it's that simple and -- well, not that simple but pretty simple. very repetitive pattern and its acting, we had a few weeks and a few months that were sort of a really, abnormal, 83 in pittsb aioch, behind the average little bit but saying the pattern shifts. 78 in milpitas, 84 in morgan hill and along the coasts up a more.
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nice-looking weekend ahead. we are getting a peek at another side of the new chase center in san francisco. tonight the warriors unveiled the art collection at the arena. the city of san francisco requires developers to spend 1% of their budget on public art. the warriors say they exceeded that goal with 87 or original pieces of art and 250 photographs and as you can see some of the art features familiar faces from the warriors. coming up, disappointment for the 49ers. oakland a's fans also got a scare tonight when their all- star third baseman was hit by a fastball. mark will tell us how he's doing. a new episode of our bay area people podcast is out today. claudine wong six down with two high school students collecting letters for detained immigrants through their nonprofit. their and how their efforts have grown, search for bay area people in your podcast player.
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marquez back with sports. the a's in kansas city and a scary moment for one of their s >> the a's have been ona roll, the game they lose but most worried about matt chapman. we'll get to that. playing a team, one of the worst in baseball.
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40 games under .500. bad enough you lose, but you might lose matt chapman and in the first inning marcus semien just like ricky used to do, leading off the ball game with a home run, 24 and nine rbis in his last three games. a lead that wouldn't last, chapman hitting the helmet, 91 miles an hour pitch, he's got a head contusion. no concussion protocol, he did leave the game later. and here comes mark canha with the score 2-2, 23 home runs, what a great job he is doing in center field. 4-2 lead but blake treinen having a terrible year after he was so great last year. bases loaded, he will take the loss. hunter dozier with the rbi single to put the royals ahead for good. 6-4 is your tomorrow, the giants were off. i don't know if it's bad luck or lack of judgment but the
11:25 pm
49ers have to get better with regard to free agent signings. told you about malcolm smith yesterday. jerick mckinnon who suffered that torn acl, big free agent running back before he ever played down for the fun 49ers had another setback. the seventh highest paid running back in the nfl, john lynch assessing the situation. >> okay. well, the bottom line is he had a setback today, in training and it looks like he may not start the season certainly not on the active list with regard to the 49ers. serena williams, big scare for her in the second round of the u.s. open, which she has been virtually unbeatable in her career. 18-0 going into this match against young 70-year-old catherine mcnally who actually won the first set 7-5. a lot of forced errors from serena. she gets that straightened out. 6-3, 6-1. serena an incredible 38-0 in
11:26 pm
the first two rounds of her history at the u.s. open. venus her sister did lose her second round match. we have come to that point of the night where we must check this out. when you're going bad like the baltimore orioles have all year, tempers flare. watch the pitcher richard bleier, he does not backup at all. third base when the ball is hit. they didn't hustle at all. his coach one of them, jose flores, gives him an earful when he comes out of the dugout. one of the players tries to break it up. and then we are going to go down the hall and talk it over. like i d you want to a 7'2" inch shaq looks like trying to get into a smart car? yeah. he made it. >> compact. >> yeah. the shaq compact. >> look at that. >> he makes it work. right there.
11:27 pm
>> the shocks go down. >> that reminds me of the story you told about minute bowl. -- manute bol when he played for the warriors. used to have a ford bronco and one time i saw him in the parking lot. he had taken out the front seat and remember manute bol was 7'6". and he would basically drive from the backseat. that's some long legs. with regard to the 49ers and jerick mckinnon situation, what john lynch basically said is, it's not going to happen for him. whether they release him or move on, like i said this guy was the seventh highest paid running back, 49ers spending a lot of money on guys who have not been able to contribute and that's got to turn around. you know? >> a combination of luck and judgment to. >> that's the sporting life. >> see you later. good night. ♪
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