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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 29, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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involved in two high profile attacks in san francisco is due in court again today. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. thursday morning, august 29th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> steve paulson knows what the weather is going to be. >> i don't think she has much of a choice. >> e lows are much, much warmer. we'll get to that and if you're near the coast of the city, wait a minute, it's not cooling off. the water temps are so warm. 61 to 63 for most. bodega bay. san francisco at 65 degrees. 65 in oakland, alameda at 66. and it's a warm morning. the tropical clouds are going to fire up more thunderstorms over the higher terrain.
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and we're looking for low cloud deck. the highs will be below. that's how we'll get a little bit cooler highs and warmer lows, and there's an on shore breeze in blaze. mid-60s to upper 60s on the temps. the water temps are very warm. look for temperatures today. this will be the coolest day on the high side. and the lows are way up there. it's a kind of a push. warmer weather will push in. 60s, 70s, and 80s through the interior. here's sal at 5:01. >> the tracy commute is a little bit slow but nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the morning on 580 and continuing to 205. and of course, there's slow traffic which you will see at this time of the morning. if you're driving out to highway 4, still looking pretty good. this is a look at the san mateo
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bridge and traffic is moving nicely. bay bridge, a little bit of a backup in the cash lanes, otherwise off to a good start. hurricane dorian has passed puerto rico and is now headed for the bahamas and florida. ktvu's allie rasmus is live in the newsroom with details of where it's likely to head and what people in the areas are being told to do. >> reporter: from the national hurricane center you can see the so called cone of the storm's expected path. and florida's governor declared a state of emergency for all of the counties that may be impacted by the storm. and if we show you the graphic, right now with the exact path of the storm still uncertain. just about all of florida could be affected by this. dorian is expected to become a category 3 by the time it makes landfall by late saturday, early sunday morning. it's expected to pass over the bahamas before then. florida residents are heeding the warnings to be prepared. many are boarding up homes and
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businesses and stocking up on food, gasoline, water, and emergency supplies. the recommendation is that people in the storm's path should have enough supplies to be self-sufficient and possibly home bound for at least seven days. >> at this point it's all about preparation. everyone should have already had an idea of what they're going to do when the storm is threatening. >> reporter: this is what the storm sounded like as it passed the british virgin islands when it was growing from a tropical storm to a hurricane. the eastern part of puerto rico as a category one yesterday. it caused power outages in eastern puerto rico and st. thomas and st. croix but no major damage. dorian is expected to strengthen and grow in size. the national hurricane center
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warning it could make landfall from south florida to south carolina. full-time is 5:04. happening today, a judge may decide whether a man accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building, an attack caught on camera, should be released from jail. austin vincent has a court hearing set for the 8:45 this morning. last week vincent was arrested and put back in jail after he was accused in a february incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife. his public defender says he can prove vincent at that time was in southern california. if those charges are dropped, vincent may be released from jail. but he is still facing charges for the attack on the woman at the san francisco condo earlier this month. the hearing is set for the 8:45 this morning. and a teacher at richmond high school will be arraigned,
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accused of sex crimes with a student who is a minor. israel lopez is facing eight felonies, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. and lewd and lascivious acts on a child. bail is set at $400,000. lopez has been teaching p.e. for two years in the west contra costa school district. six people in fairfield are in custody after an eight hour standoff. they were responding to reports that a homicide suspect was in the home. the u.s. marshal service asked for help from the fairfield s.w.a.t. team. police evacuated the neighborhood while the marshals tried to make contact. >> we called out the crisis negotiations team. we did not receive an response. >> the standoff ended mid- afternoon when tear gas was
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fired into the house. everyone was taken out of the home. and the homicide suspect was still not located. family members and friends remembering the lives of a brother and sister from richmond killed in a weekend car crash. they died on interstate five as their mother was driving the family to southern california to see relatives. debra debra villalon as the latest. >> reporter: the playground at richmond college prep was awash in white. it seemed all 500 families might be here. after the loss of 10-year-old jesse contreras and his sister. the suv crashed on i have in kern county. the mother, maria, drifted into
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the center divide, overcorrected and rolled the honda. the three adults and a middle sibling, all belted in survived. the two children unbelted were ejected and died. people here wonder if the kids took their belts off to sleep on the long ride. >> we don't understand. but we're here together. and we want to show the family how much we love them. >> whatever feelings you are feeling, you are not by yourself. >> reporter: the pain is raw at this close knit school. in the 8th grade room her death is a memorial. she was a class leader and wanted to go to harvard. >> we were just talking to her about the trip on friday. and they just said we'll see you on monday and i think that hit them hard too. >> take his notebook out and say jesse is working. >> kids settling in and then
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confronted by this. one note titled i wish they didn't go. >> they're not forgetting him. we're not forgetting him. he's not gone. and i think that's just really special. >> he never gave up. he always kept going. >> children shared the mike and memories of the siblings. the 12-year-old sibling, students plan to support him. >> i told him if you want to cry, cry. if you want to go home, go home. if you want to run out on the playground, do that. and embrace each other. >> debra villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. the son of a former bay area police chief is scheduled to appear in court this morning, accused of murder. tyrone mcallister, the son of daryl mcallister. he and evans were charged with
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a deadly shooting. the former chief's son, tyrone mcallister was on probation. he had been released after beating a man ? >> >> the mural was painted over 30 years ago. the art work shows cesar chavez, delores suerta >> the dental business decided to cover it up. a lawsuit was filed against the owners. the san jose school district defending its decision to paint over a recently completed mural that was vandalized. it was meant as a welcome back
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gift for lowell elementary school. it was painted in june. but on monday, just hours before parents arrived for a back to school night. someone painted graffiti over the mural. >> we had parents showing up as early as 4 p.m. and we wanted to make sure that the parents felt proud of the school and we had to cover it up. >> the mural had an anti- graffiti coating applied to it. and it should have allowed the graffiti to be washed off. but the surface of the shed made it impossible to save the mural. they're working with san jose police to track down the person in the surveillance video. another shakeup on the campaign trail. up next we hear from new york senator kirsten gillibrand about dropping out of the race. it's now being called a model for other cities.
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how other cities may let people live in rvs and park safely. the commute looks good if you're driving on the san mateo bridge. we'll check the other bridges for the morning commute. the lows are way up there. it's balmy. mid-60s for some. what about the highs? we'll take a look coming up.
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the city of alameda is hosting a public forum on possible changes to rent control laws that may include clarifying which rental units are exempt from rent control. requiring a relocation payment if a tenant decides to move when an increase of 10% or more is imposed. and tying relocation payments to the current market rents. the alameda city council is expected to vote on tuesday on the proposed changes. palo alto officials has transformed a parking lot into a place where people can live in rvs. the city started the program in
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may. and it has helped families transition so permanent homes. she works at a restaurant and couldn't afford the rent when it was increased by $2,000 a month. >> it has been a ttle bit hard to like get back in business, you know, get back on my feet. >> besides offering a safe place to stay. they offer dinner, toilets, washers and dry years, and job placement services. a man to convert a city parking lot. this lot is on san jose street near the balboa bart station. and as many as 33 rvs may be allowed to park there. the department of homelessness would screen. if the planning commission
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approves, the board of supervisors could debate this next month. san se'so'connor hospital has a number of high- tech improvements, including a command center. staff can come and get computer questions answered. and the hospital flipped the switch on a new health link system that connects all patient care facilities countywide. doctors and staff are learning the new system. >> we've been here for two weeks, they've all been through formal training classes. most of them have had five to eight hours. they know the medical care and how to take care of the patients. but the computer work flows are new to them. >> hospital administrators say the $80 million project took six months to complete instead of the projected 18 months. something unusual is happening in one san jose
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neighborhood. it's being invaded by cows, grazing on lawns, and just wandering the streets. on white tail lane, cows have been coming every night for the past two months and leaving big messes behind. the ranchers believe fences put up to contain the cows are being cut by the homeless or teenagers. >> we were afraid to go in front of them or very close. they are not just skinny cows, they are big cows and bulls. very big horns. >> reporter: ranchers rounded up the cows yesterday. the head of san jose animal services didn't know about the problem until this week. but he's hoping the ranchers can fix this problem. >> yeah. >> you know? >> i don't expect to see a cow on my lawn, no, or down the street. >> those are real cowboys on
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horses. >> yes. wrangling them up. >> i wonder if they wear cowboy boots. >> sure they do. let's take a look at the commute from gilroy to san jose. we call it the gilroy super commute. through morgan hill, all the way through, coming up into the west valley, there are a couple of minor things that occur, but we haven't had major problems in the san jose area. we had some small things but they are not affecting traffic. this is northbound 280 in downtown san jose. we have traffic on the nimitz freeway. 880 is moving along nicely. and no problems after the bay bridge. it's looking lighter at the bay bridge. at 5:18 usually we have a crowd. you know what's happening here,
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steve? >> i don't, tell me. >> monday is labor day. >> it is? >> this is the last hurrah for a lot of people. take a few days off. >> people are going to do that. >> after labor day all the schools are back and vacations are kind of over. >> usually that's how it works. you've noticed a little bit more traffic leading up to. >> yesterday at this time we were full at the toll plaza, and today is empty. >> we do have really warm lows. how long? like mid-60s. forecast highs will be well below average so it's going to be a push. stinson beach, 70. the city is 75. pacifica, 68. belmont, free month, san leandro, and san anselmo in the 70s. that's the spirit.
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healdsburg, low to mid-80s, cooler high temps yet the lows are very, very warm. after today we start a warmup by nothing crazy. if you're inland get out on the boat one last time. most locations will be in the 70s and 80s as we head in. but up in fort bragg, a tropical 62 this morning. too warm sleeping with the windows open. and bodega bay has gone down one. monterey in the 60s. the city is a warm 65. 66 in alameda. oakland at 65. if you're feeling that warmth. that's what it's all about. thunderstorms will pop up over the higher terrain. the low clouds will retreat. but we have an on shore breeze. 67. look at oakland. 68 balmy degrees, my goodness.
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67 san jose. low clouds will head back to the coast and even the coast is going to be on the mild side. the monsoon making an appearance. it's been the non-soon in arizona. this low will kick out of here. and warm lows and the afternoon highs will be below average. 60s, 70s, 80s on a lot of the temps, below average on all the inland temps, and near average by the coast. kind of a flip-flop. warmer weather takes us into the weekend but not that warm. 5:21 is the time. state lawmakers are ce baiting restrictions on charter schools. the new requirements that could affect schools and teachers. and a new agreement for the millennium tower. the actions being taken to fix the sinking building. we live with at&t
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:24. people are remembering professional racer jessi combs who died trying to break her own land speed record. she was driving a jetlike car in the desert in oregon. 398miles per hour was her previous record. the cause of the crash is unknown. she was 39 years old.
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people who own condos in san francisco have reached a tentative settlement with the developer. 200 owners will be compensated for the loss in value of their home but a dollar amount has not been released. an engineering team approved a $100 million project to fix the leaning tower and shore up the building. javier becerra is expected at a meeting for the proposed sale of the $610 million sale of three medical centers. it's subject to approval. the state attorney general previously expressed opposition to the bill over concerns about the hospital care for low income patients. he is expected to meet with medical employees at 10:00 today. as a warning for anyone visiting a popular beach in tahoe, water officials say you
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may want to stay out of the water because of the possibility of toxic algae. a dog died shortly after coming in contact with the water at keva beach. it's one of the few beaches in tahoe that allows dogs. samples are being tested for toxins, and the results are expected by the end of the week. researchers warn that the fires burning in the amazon rain forest threaten climate stability worldwide. the new promise from south american leaders to address the issue. and the boost in funding to get bart trains rolling in downtown san jose. you're rolling on bridges, the san mateo bridge, the dumbarton bridge, the bay bridge. things seem to be off to a better than usual start. we'll explain. geico makeit easto get help when i need it.
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from ktvu fox 2 news. thursday morning, august 29th. i'm dave clark. expch and i'm pam cook. steve paulson is here. he's keeping an eye on dorian. >> pam and i were commiserating about people who have to take highway 57. >> it's rough.
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there are a lot of people who live in vallejo and head to work. and man, is that a rough commute. >> even on the weekend sometimes. >> i say to my buddy i'll come and visit you. and then there's some event. no, not going, not going. the lows are 10 degrees above arch. this will be an interesting day. inland highs will be below average. a good 5 to 10, and coast and bayside will be above. 80s for many locations that are usually in the 90s. and 70s for many around the coast and in the city. the city is 62 on the water temp and 65 on the current temp. all you have to do is get 5 degrees. if it feels warm to you it is. getting to the high country, thunderstorms popping up in the afternoon to get the lift and heating. i would think that would
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continue. there's an on shore breeze. so while the lows will be up. the highs will be below average. 60s on the temps, mid-60s for storm. and one to 7 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. a very warm air mass in place for this morning. but with the afternoon breeze, the highs will be near average to below. 60s, 70s, an80s. 5:31 and quiet at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> quieter than usual. you guys were talking about highway 37. this highway 37 in the solano county super commute. this freeway hits three separate counties. basically, sonoma county is like this. and then this is marin and this is solano county. you can see the traffic on westbound 37 is a little bit slow as you leave solano county
5:32 am
and head to sonoma and marin counties. and on 80, there's a mark here westbound 80 coming up on pinole valley road. we have a crash that came out of the blue. well, not out of the blue. but it's an injury crash, and traffic is going to be slow. you'll face slow traffic driving in to the hill top area. and that's one of the reasons why the traffic at the bay bridge is a little lighter. but it's lighter as we get closer to the labor day holiday. some people may be trying to extend the last long weekend. 5:32. back to the desk. bart just received a big federal grant to help speed up the expansion into the south bay. elissa harrington. you have all the details. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: many south bay
5:33 am
commuters are sick of being stuck in traffic. and it could be coming faster. up until this point, in this area, the fremont, spring station. once the three stages of the silicon valley bart station are complete, there will be seven new bart stations through milpitas, san jose, and santa clara. they are awarding the vta with a $125 million grant which will go towards phase two of the project. phase two will extend service 6 1/2 miles and add four stations in san jose and santa clara. and the vta is expected to asking if more funding in the future. the entire project will cost about $5.6 million.
5:34 am
live in san jose, elissa harrington. bart is making progress in hiring more officers after riders complained there's not enough patrols on bart. three new officers were sworn in yesterday. and the number of officers has reached 40. just as many officers as joined the police force in the last two years combined. the bart police department has been accused of not doing enough to prevent violent crimes and fare evasions. they are starting to turn the corner. >> the ridership is asking for more presence on the train. and we'll hire more people and get them on the system. >> it takes a lot. you're on your feet. you're doing a different kind of policing. when i was investigating the department, they're big on community policing as well. >> the bart approved a new
5:35 am
contract, raising police officers' salaries closer to the average. bart is offering new police officers a $15,000 hiring bonus. the agency still has 34 vacancies. the time is 5:35. one minor injury reported after a grass fire in eastern contra costa county. it started last night on a ranch near the byron airport and the lazy m marina. power lines were down nearby but the cause of the fire is still being investigated. the byron highway was closed for more than an hour but it has reopened. members of the community in tracy want the stabbing death of a 64-year-old man investigated. a candlelight vigil was held last night. police have released security
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video with the hope of identifying the attacker. a motive has not been determined by police but family and friends believe he was targeted because of his religion. another man was attacked near modesto. judicial watch, suing over the killing of bambi larson killed in her home allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. the group calls the sanctuary policies quote illegal and deadly. so far, the county has made no comment on the lawsuit. the trump administration says some children of u.s. military members who were born while their parents are stationed outside the u.s. will no longer automatically be considered american citizens. beginning october 29th. the new guidance says parents have to apply for citizenship
5:37 am
on behalf of their children. the rule will primarily affect analyzed citizens who haven't lived in the u.s. for a required period of time. sirs 10 jilt brand kirsten gillibrand has dropped out of the presidential race. ellison barber following off of the action live from washington. >> reporter: 19 candidates are still in the race and only 10 will take the stage in houston, texas, next month. the first two debates featured 20 candidates, 10 on the stage at once. debate three is one night only. ten candidates, one stage. hours before the official deadline to qualify, kirsten gillibrand said her campaign is over. >> i know this isn't the result
5:38 am
we wanted. we wanted to win this race. but it's important to know when it's not your time. >> reporter: candidates needed 2% and four approved opinion polls, and 130,000 unique donors. in 40 years, no candidate has polled under 2% and gone on to become the democratic nominee. some say the party's logic is flawed. >> the whole thing gets a little bit confusing. and you have to jump into the weeds, but the bigger problem is that the whole process really lacks transparency. >> front runner joe biden said with so many on stage it makes it hard to get yo message across. >> you have so many people and you're limited to one minute to tell your life story. >> two new national polls have
5:39 am
joe biden solidly leading the democratic presidential primary race. and biden is at 32% with elizabeth warren at 14. and bernie sanders at 12. a quinnipiac poll closely mirrored the results. this comes on the heels of a monmouth poll that showed a tighter race. they backed off of that later saying perhaps that poll was an outliier. brazil will meet with neighboring countries to set a policy for defending the amazon rain forest. a meeting is set for next week with the leaders of all of brazil's neighboring countries, except for venezuela. the brazilian president rejected a $20 million aid package from france to help battle the fires. a recent report found that his
5:40 am
government weakened the agency that overseas rain forest protection. without offering evidence, he accused environmental activists of starting the fires. in the meantime, a swedish climate change activist is attracting attention. she arrived in new york city two weeks after sailing from england. sailing on a boat with solar panels and underwater turbines was more ecofriendly than traveling by plane. she was greeted by a big crowd and was asked what message would she like to send to president trump. >> my message to him is just listen to the science and he obviously doesn't do that. >> the climate crisis is a global crisis and the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. >> tomorrow she'll be outside the united nations where there
5:41 am
will be a demonstration calling on world leaders to pay attention to climate change. and she'll be at the climate action summit next month. >> wise beyond her years. united airlines making a change to the mileage plus program. how frequent flyers will benefit from years to come. >> the south bay commute is beginning to wake up. plus we have a couple of things already beginning to light up the radar screens here. we'll talk about that and some of the other parts of the morning commute. the morning lows are very, very warm. mid-60s for some. so the high temps will be near average near the bay but cooler inland. we'll show you those coming up.
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a new bill working its way through sacramento will overhaul california's charter schools. the bill will tighten rules and no longer let the state authorize charter schools. instead, on school districts and county governments would be able to do that. and it would require all new teachers to be credentialed. and existing teachers would have five years to do so. it's been said that the schools are a burden on the districts. a new proposal to set a graduation requirement. it calls for a new math or science class for all extra students. critics say it could be a hardship. >> this is a serious equity issue and if we don't get this right, we could be blocking thousands of students, especially students of color,
5:45 am
from being able to access. >> we have defined it as the ability to think and reason intelligently about measurement in the real world. >> the official presentation of the proposal is scheduled at the end of next month. the earliest they would vote would be in november. and if passed. the plan would go into effect in 2026. after being criticized at teenage vaping, juul is introducing a new system to block illegal sales. $100million in incentives is being offered to retailers to install an age verification system. this system blocks each juul purchase until the driver's license or government i.d. has been scanned. and a maximum of one vaporizer, and four refill packs. 40,000 outlets have agreed to adopt the system. pinterest says from now on users who search for
5:46 am
information on vaccines will see the results from leading public health groups to cut down on misinformation on that site. social media platforms have been criticized for promoting mississippi leading health content, especially by the critics of vaccines, now a search for measles or vaccine safety will show results from organizations like the centers for disease control and prevention. two australian airlines are banning passengers from checking their mac book pros after a recent recall. qantas airlines just issued the restrictions. on virgin australia, it applies to apple laptops not subject to the recall. 15-inch pros sold between september 2015 and february 2017 contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety risk.
5:47 am
time is 5:47. marriott hotels joining other hotel chains in phasing out the plastic toiletry bottles. that includes shampoo and bath gel which will be replaced with dispensers. this will eliminate tiny bottles every year. other hotel chains have made similar decisions. lawmakers are also considering a bill to ban all plastic bottles in hotels beginning in the year 2023. united airlines gives frequent flyers an unexpected bonus. points earned in the mileage plus program will no longer expire. that follows the leads of delta and jetblue which also have no expiration dates on the frequent flyer miles. and a spokesperson for united says technically, the miles don't expire even when the
5:48 am
account holder dies. instead, united are work with fa mbers to figure out the best way to use the miles. >> that's amazing. >> isn't that good? >>s that nice, i like that. 5:47 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> pam and dave, we'll start with a look at the commute from tracy on interstate 205 and 580 where they meet. and it's beginning to get more crowded. and i see slowing in the eastbound direction. perhaps you're taking a ride out to highway 5, maybe a late vacation in the summer. westbound 580 is the commute direction, and it's slow until you get to the pass. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. and this commute looks pretty good. it's lighter than usual. there's a slowdown but by now you have 20 minute slowdowns.
5:49 am
no questions asked here. i want to mention that there's an accident on 80 westbound near hill top drive. if you're coming through, give yourself extra time coming across the carquinez bridge to richmond. 5:49. let's bring in steve with the day's weather. >> very unusual temps is what we call. io sew thermal. and the forecast highs will be below average except san francisco. when does that happen at the end of august. i can't remember. santa rosa, livermore, and san jose will be below average. a little unusual pattern. thursday's forecast highs inland will be mainly in the 80s. near average around the bay, 70s for san anselmo and belmont and fremont.
5:50 am
pacifica. warmer weekend will start to kick in and if you're heading out today, it will be warmer and there'll be 90s to the interior. and upper 80s and low 90s. the lows will continue to be very warm because the water temps are very, very warm. one monterey buoy is 63 warm degrees. 66 in alameda. and 64 in oakland. sierra nevada looks to be on the lee side for now. we have a lot of low clouds in place and the on shore wind is there. we get the afternoon breeze. 60s for the temps. here's montara. livermore is 65. fremont is 65. and monetary rain chances is
5:51 am
montara is 65. from montara to livermore, the same temperature. low clouds give way to sunshine. and the monsoon is finally making an appearance. in arizona, it's been a nonfactor. 60s, 70s, and low to mid-80s. temperatures after today begin to warm up inland. and we'll get near average. time is 5:51. and starting today, the u.s. space command is here. it's a key part of creating a 6th branch of the united states military. new for you at 6:00. the mission of the new space command and how much it will cost. and for one running-back on the 49ers. things are not looking so good. the reason that jared mackinnon will have to wait longer to make his debut with the 49ers.
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welcome back. the time is 5:54. as students head back to school. one oakland school is giving academic credit for volunteer work. students at this alternative school began the year by picking internships to get them out the door and into their
5:55 am
communities. yesterday at an internship fair, 20 commute groups came to the school campus. >> i enjoy it because you're able to build relationships with people outside school. and it allows you to visualize what you want to do in your life. >> i'm not pushed to do this like i had to do it. it's something we picked out ourselves. >> it's about knowing that this is your community and you should be involved in trying to make it better. >> also the school is raising donations to send their students overseas. last year they wentto paris and before that they went to guatemala. and they are hoping to take two more trips overseas this year. don't expect matt chapman to play today. the a's were leading in the first when a 91-mile-per-hour
5:56 am
pitch hit matt chapman in the helmet. his helmet fell off and he staggered out of the batter's box. he actually scored a run before they took him out. he had a bruise but no concussion symptoms. the royals won 6-4 the nfl preseason ends today. the raiders are in seattle to play the seahawks. none of the starters are expected to play. only the younger players and players fighting to make the team. while the games don't count, the raiders are undefeated in
5:57 am
the preseason. generator mackinnon will have to jared mackinnon will have to wait longer. he missed all of last season with a torn acl. the 49ers said he had a setback on tuesday coming back from that injury it could put him on the injured reserve list. the 49ers play their final preseason game tonight at levi's stadium against the chargers. tension at a city council meeting in novato. the back and forth arguments about a minimum wage proposal. and three cable car lines won't be running next month. why the popular san francisco tourist attraction won't be rolling up and down the hills of san francisco for 10 days. so far, so good as you're driving in the east bay this morning. if you're in berkeley and coming out to oakland, 80
5:58 am
westbound looks pretty good. and the weather, cooler, but it's a warm 65 for many. a lot of low clouds and week take look at what's going on for the holiday weekend.
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good morning. flooding, power outages, and the threat of more damage from hurricane dorian. we are tracking the storm's movement. and the emergency warning now in effect for most of the state of florida. plus if sinking millennium towers condominium building, they're close to a deal. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2, thursday, we call it friday eve. august29th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is in his office. >> i'm looking at a lot of the hurricane tracking models. from cape canaveral to miami. >> could be hit hard. >> no, no. that's where they bring it inland. >>


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