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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 3, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> the outer bands are impacting parts of the atlantic side of the coast. they'll get some rain and strong surf as well. the water levels have come bay up even around a lot of the parts of the coast. fort pierce and cape canaveral at daytona beach. it is stationary. there are no steering currents to get it going. talk about an area where it parks itself over the bahamas for 24 hours. it does look like it is going to make a move parallel to the florida coast and go south carolina, georgia. the south carolina or north carolina coast ever it is simply not moving. it is close enough now where you get some gusts coming in. they are picking on long the coast. lock how this simply doesn't move. it is amazing to see that long of a hurricane just stationary. now some of those pouter bands continue to produce some rain. you can see them get some heavy
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thunderstorm activity in orlando and daytona beach. they are still in line for some of the effects. the eye is going to stay offcoast. it picks up the gulf stream. it did cool down because it produced upwelling and that produced cooler water. as it starts to make its move, it is parallel to the coast. 60s, 70s or 80s. temperatures start to cool off yesterday. the thunderstorm activity fired up just staying south of roanoke tahoe and truckee. awe few neath 0. or excuse me, sal, here we are, sal. >> we'll go to sal in just a moment. >> several nurses are on standby in florida. they are all members of the rn rn. they say they volunteered for
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the same reasons they became nurses in the first place. >> we do this to help people. it is kind of what the core of nursing is about. they definitely have a need right now. >> now, the nurses also say they are willing to go to the bahamas. the group sent volunteers to puerto rico as well in the aftermath of hurricane maria and went to florida when hurricane michael hit. the search and rescue team is also on alert. our team coverage continuings throughout the morning. we will keep a close eye on the forecast. we will have reporters in cocoa
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beach, florida and the fema headquarters in washington d.c. we'll check in with them throughout the morning. that coverage all morning long on mornings on 2. after the long weekend and last hoorah for summer it probably could get a little crowded. >> i think pretty much everyone is back today, and you know, it will be a nice surprise if people took another day off and helped the south. i don't think this is going to happen. let's take a look at 80 westbound. i will say i would like to be wrong about that. you never know what could t. happen. right now, herc actionerules. the commute is looking pretty good as you drive through the area. continues to look good on the east shore freeway. and not a bad drive at getting through burke lee ask to the bay bridge, but more and more people are beginning to show up here early in the morning especially in those cash lanes. the middle lanes are the fast track lanes. those lanes are moving slightly better.
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it is 4:34. let's go back to the deck. authorities in southern california are expected to give new information about that deadly boat fire. if boat caused a fire at 3:30 idea morning. 39 people were onboard the conception 6 other feet off the coast of santa cruise island near santa barbara. five of the crew members were rescued. they told the associated press that 25 other people are dead, though final counts will be determined from the autopsies. a news conference is set for 10:00 this morningth. at a briefing yesterday, authorities did not sound optimistic. >> this isn't a day that we wanted to wake up to for labor day, and it is a very tragic event. and we will search all the way through the night and into the morning, but i think we all should be prepared to move and to the worst outcome. >> now, one of the people reported missing is christy
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finstad from the city of santa cruz. she is lyesed as a guyed for the bolder worldwide diving. kristy was his sister and she was eding the diving tour. people in west texas are mourning those killed in this week i end's mass shooting. high school students are planning to wear yellow in solid arty with the victim's families. authorities gave new information about the investigation. they say the 36-year-old gunman had been fired from his job hours before the shooting spree. investigators have finished searching the gunman's home. >> i knowa number of you have been out there to very strange residents. i can tell you the conditions reflect what we believer his mental state was. >> a toe al of -- i a total of seven people have been killed including a 15-year-old girl, a teacher, and a truck driver. the gunman was shot and killed
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with shoot-out with police. the truck driver is a man from the bay area. he brew up in sanbruno. he moved to las vegas where he owned a small business for several years. the las vegas shooting prompted him to move to texas where i had thought he would be safer. >> he was a fun guy. he loved music. >> ruin i did is being remembered in berkeley. they grew up in san wann and he was her point of impactfriend when they were teenagers. the news that he was killed in a mass shooting in other december that, texas over the weekend angers and saddens him. you i just can't believe hit. aro's sister says he moved to the bay area and opened several taco. on the anniversary of the mass shooting, he decided he no longer wanted to raise his family there. >> he decided that he really
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needed a off her mace to raise his family because he had two younger daughters. >> so he moved his family to odessa and started a trucking company. >> he was driverring on the highway when he was hit. he deed instantly. >> reporter: arco just celebrated his 57th birthday in april. his family and friends say they are also grieving for the families of the other victim but they never imagined this could happen to someone they know and love. line >> reporter: hits home when you know somebody more so. >> reporter: arco came to the united states with his family when he was a child. his sister says they were refugees from cuba bah. family and friends say argo loved life and had a gift of lifting people up with laughter. >> you make people feel good and make people feel like there was always a possibility. he was a very positive man and
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he will be missed. >> reporter: she had not seen arco for years but had reconnected on social media. they had talked about him returning to the bay area to have dinner with friends. diego says it was a tight-knit community growing up in san bruno and had these words. >> he will be in my thoughts and prayers always. i always have a piece of my heart as well. >> reporter: arco is survived by five children and six grandchildren. his family plans to hold a memorial service in the bay area on september 49. it will be open to the public. amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. the democratic presidential candidates are toughening their stance on gun control after the mass shooting in odessa action texas. former texas congressman beto o'rourke has been calling for a complete ban and buyback of assault weapons. yesterday in iowa, the south bend mayor calls for universal background check, red flag laws
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which a been on weapons. front runner owe eden reck noises to those closure and says the interaction is disgraceful. we learned that a body found in the bay is that to of a man who crashed into a gate at the oakland airport. it began sunday morning when a driver tried to stop then man who ran a stop sign. the driver crashed near the gate and stopped near the runway. he got out of the truck and is jumped in the water. his name is being held until his family is notified. the city is dealing with concerns from tourists over the homeless population. as marie neighbor explains more homeless tenants are showing up on the best known beach in the city. fun in the sun for many of this hot labor day.
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thousands enjoying the symbolic end of summer. among all these falies, umbrellas and pop-ups, life guards pointed out several tents belonging to homeless people who have been camped here for several days. despite the signs that say no camping, between 10 and 20 tents have popped up with homeless people living inside. >> we like it so far, but we know also there are a lot of homeless. >> this marks for the first time to santa cruz. the grandfather who mothers lives near bakers whyen field said they when they claimed this, he was surprised by half a dozen tents already set up. >> what i noticed tents. they let you camp out at night. i come to find out they were homeless people they spent the night. >> the according to the homeless point in time, there were more than 2100 homeless people living in santa cruise county. half of which are in the city of santa claus tv cruise. >> there is no place that i
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vice president seen really. >> many beach goers express sympathy for those living on the street while others including workers at one local restaurant express concern about needles and safety at this popular tourist destination. >> i don't know that they were allowing them to be on the beach like this so it is not good. not good for tourism. families out here playing. it is kind of sad. >> life guards say they alert park rangers and calls to city officials and police were not returned before our deadline. and she says the homeless never bothered him in this beach and the weather will bring him back. >> i love it. i am coming back. homeless or not. >> in santa cruz, maureen naylor, ktvu, fox 2 news. well, the mother of five was hit and kimed by a stray bullet in oakland. coming up, the reaction for her family can the search for a suspect. to easy. more political uncertainty.
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the nebraskas of congress could face another before the breakfast deadline. we are looking ath a commute that is so far doing okay. this is a live look at highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. that seabreeze kicked in yesterday. many occasions started to cool down. still some temperatures inland flirting near 90. we'll show you how much coming up.
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will come back to mornings on 2. yesterday, the billionaire business man attended annual labor day picnic in the east bay. he talked about the importance of labor groups and protecting union jobs. >> every political fight i have had, my first partner had been organized labor and my best partner had been organized labor. this is not new. this is what we have always done. >> the town hall starts at 5:30 tonight at the california ballroom on franklin street in oakland. we suffered a campaign setback. he is optimistic he will be on stage for the 49 debate. kamala harris will return to the pivotal state of new hampshire. she joined a group of union members in los angeles. they protested against kaiser permanente accusing the medical center of unfair labor
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practices. she told the crowd she has devoted her life to assisting working families and would continue if she is elected president. hong kong leader denies that she wants to step down because of the antigovernment protest that have plunged the city into crisis for thee months. leaked audio tells business leaders she would quit if she had a choice. she criticized the leaking of her comments as unacceptable and said quitting is the easy way out and she is determined to stay the course. british prime minister johnson is threatening to call a special election other next month. to block his plans to lever the u union even without a deal. members of johnson's own party are joining with the opposition party to draft a deal to stop the brexit from happening. the debate has been raging in britain since 2016 when the slow majority voted to leave the european union. since then, parliament has not
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been able to agree on a deal to leave the eu. in today's dollars and cents, the escalating trade war continues to affect global markets as china fly files a complaint over the trump administration's tariff. on sunday, the u.s. imposed a new round of tariffs on chinese goods including clothes, and electronics. in response, china increased its tariffs on soybeans and crude oil. cry these say they plan to the trade negotiations that are supposed to month in washington d.c. facebook users may no longer be able to see who liked each other's post. facebook might hide the like calculator so people won't worry. instagram is hiding the like feature though not here in the u. s. they can view the number of likes on their own party but
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wouldn't be able to see how many likes other people got. time now is 4:47. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> we're looking at that far away commute in livermore and beyond that. so far, we do have some slow traffic to point out. so for people who are getting on the i freeway. 204 traffic mostly slow, then you're also going to see traffic that is going to be slow at the nothing unusual for a regular tuesday morning. you can see it is pretty slow. once you make it out to livermoore, it is ding okay. no problems here if you are drive driving on interstate 880 and oakland. when you get to the bay bridge, we're getting closer to 5:00 and getting more of a big crowd here at thal plaza. at 4:48. what is today's weather going to be like? let's bring steve. we do have a little bit of a cooler pattern for many. not for all. it will take another day for
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some inland areas to drop. my forecast zone is so much bigger than it used to be. 60s to 90s. highs near average. they are close. santa rosa, 87. 65 below. oakland, a little belot. livermore a little above. s actionn jose close but slightly below. temperatures will be starting to favor areas below. pretty good thunderstorm activity on the southern and central sierra. it just look a turn. only a little bit of activity. we're waiting on a system to the west. an area of low pressure. 51. temperatures are running cooler here. a lot more 50s than we have seen the last few mornings. you're seeing five out by the pavilion, yet buick has been nan 64. sit an amazing difference. upper 50s or 60s for some.
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these are all come down. the monterey at 57. that is a big drop from last weir week. that is double what it was yesterday. blow clouds and fog and a few high clouds. otherwise, the temporarily. it will fall apart. some of that moisture in five to seven days will drift in here. that time of year. so far, ask nothing yet. we are looking for slightly cooler weather. thursday and friday looks more so. another system drops in for a cooler weekend for you, pam. >> that sounds lovely. thank you, steve. 4:50 is the time. download the ktvu weather app. it has interactive radar, hourly up tates. has an says feature to upload
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photos and video. the weather app is a plea from download. up next, the actions one man is talk tag return a purple hurt many ed thattable to the right family.
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brandon cox buys the contents of an abandoned storage locker. when he opened liz late e purr class, he found a purple heart medal with a telegram addressed to bertha brown. it says letter son, robert w. brown had been killed. he tried to contact the locker's former owner but atlanta had any luck. i know if it - my family, they might noteth knot know about it. i don't want to try to process from that. i want to make sure that it gets back to whether or not it belongs to. >> liz father and grandfather both served in the military -- military. pump actioning sure the medal is returned is very important to him. in sacramento, hundreds of local artists spent the labor day weekend transforming the sidewalk into a colorful checkerboard of chalk art. it was all part of the annual chalk it up festival, but there
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were two squares that stood out from the rest. the davis police officers association sponsored two squares right next to each other to honor davis police officer natalie corona. they died in separate incidents in the line of duty this year. >> for me, it is really that service that these two women give the queen community, to their respective communities and departments and gave it their all, and it is really special to see them honored in this way. it is beautiful. >> there was the 29th year that the chalk it up festival was held in sacramento. organizers say proceeds from the event are put back in the community through local art grants. in west oakland, a labor day block party was the place to be for hip life without parole plans. the block party has expanded from one day to an entire weekend. this is the 8th year for the labor day festival. it was founded by oakland's
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own. there were food, booths, and vendors along with more than two dozen acts on stage. for most of the party goers, it is all about the music. >> i came here last year. i saw a whole bunch of bay area artists, and it just gets in the community come together and enjoy oakland. we alsoened spotted the oakland as mascot out and about enjoying the music and taking photos with fans. might have something to enjoy. as we come up in our 5:00 hour, we continue to follow hurricane dorian in the bahamas. five people confirmed dead. there could be more victims, and we have the warning authorities are sending to those in the storm's path. also the search continues after that deadly the boat fire off the coast of sandra park bra. good morning. we're off to a decent start. things are beginning to get a little more crowded here and there in the east bay commute. we'll tell you more coming up. a little seabreeze kicked
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in. we'll see if that continues today as temperatures hold steady or take a little drop.
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this is mornings on two. we are keeping a very watchful eye on hurricane dorian. five people are dead and more than 20 others badly injured after hurricane dorian stalled over the bahamas. the storm is a category three hurricane. is 21 people have been arealifted where they are being treated with serious injuries. officials are concerned they could find more people dead or injured now that the powerful storm is pushing past after
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hovering in the very same general area for more than a day. the storm is wider than the peninsula of florida. hurricane force winds extend as much as hah miles out from the eye of that storm. the governors of florida, georgia, and south carolina have ordered hundreds of thousands of people to evacuates. hurricane dorian is the strongest to threaten the coast. even if they don't come onshore, strong winds could create life-threatening conditions throughout the region. many are already out of their homes. others have stocked up on supplies and hunkered down to wait out the storm. you board up your house. it is taking a long time. the anticipation of it is nerve- racking. >> the national hurricane center says dorian could be, quote, dangerously close to
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florida's east coast by tonight.


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