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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 16, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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today, four democratic presidential candidates will be back on the trail today looking for votes. kamala harris, joe biden and pete buttigieg will be in iowa. amy klobuchar was start a two day swing in new hampshire before making her own trip to iowa this weekend. last night democratic candidates took to that debate stage in ohio. the 12 candidates did not just target president trump's. they targeted the frontrunners as well. doug luzader joining us live from washington this morning with the impact of last night's debate and what it could have on the 2020 race. >> reporter: good morning. this was a big debate in every sense. a crowded field and for some perhaps a final opportunity to make a mark. >> your signature is to have a plan for everything except this. >> i want to give a reality check to elizabeth. i like to start with senator warren. >> reporter: no one was called
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out more than elizabeth warren. now the front runner in many poles, she had to fend off one attack after another. many of focused on her health care plan. >> let me be clear on this. costs will go up for the wealthy. they will go up for big corporations and for middle- class families. they will go down. >> reporter: is become a point of contention. warren has steadfastly refused to acknowledge what many here believe must almost certainly be true that her medicare for all plan would require a tax hike on the middle class. >> but i do think it is appropriate to acknowledge that taxes will go up. they are going to go up significantly for the wealthy. >> reporter: bernie sanders proclaimed himself to be healthy making his first debate appearance since suffering a heart attack. >> look, my son did nothing wrong. i did nothing wrong. >> reporter: and joe biden had to respond to repeated attacks from president trump that while serving as a vp he leaned on ukraine to help his son's business interests.
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there was plenty of criticism leveled at president trump over his move to pull u.s. forces out of northern syria and there was unanimous support for the ongoing impeachment probe in congress. >> he is indeed the most corrupt and unpatriotic president we have ever had. >> i swore an oath to do my job as a senator. do my duty. this president has violated his. i will do mine. >> reporter: the repeated attacks on elizabeth warren did help her in one respect because she was allowed time to respond to each of those attacks, she spoke more than any other candidate on stage last night. back to you guys. bernie sanders campaign says new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez has endorsed him for president. he is expected to appear with sanders saturday at a campaign rally in queens new york. back to our top story. all four schools in the john swett school district closed today after that fire and explosion at the new star petroleum storage plant in
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crockett. fire was contained after seven hours. it started just before the 2:00 yesterday afternoon. interstate 80 is open again this morning. it was closed during yesterday evening's commute. cal/osha will be out there helping with the investigation to figure out how that fire started. no one was hurt but the contra costa county fire protection district says two storage tanks were destroyed. they contained 250,000 gallons of ethanol. two other tanks were damaged. shelter in place order for as many as 12,000 people has been canceled now. air quality advisories were issued but health officials say the air in communities are now safe to breathe and you can open your doors and windows again. two east bay refineries are back to normal operations now. the shell refinery in martinez and the marathon facility in concord state monday's
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magnitude 4.5 earthquake set off flaring incidents. the company say they burnt off gases in their system for about 15 minutes during a safety shot off. that caused the flareup. marathon says there flaring process lasted for eight hours. 4:34 am. the recent quakes have a lot of people nervous in the bay area. we spoke to a seismologist you said that quakes on wednesday in san benito county and contra costa are not connected. >> reporter: this afternoon was a judge will compared to last night which was more of a jerk. >> reporter: she was on the 18th floor of san jose city hall when she felt tuesday's tremor. hours before she was shaken out of her bed by an earthquake. she lives in south san jose. she is actually grateful for the small quake. >> hopefully it relieve some pressure so we don't have the bigger one happen to us. >> reporter: tuesday's quake
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registered at 4.7 north of the san andreas fault. monday nights quake that caused this damage registered at 4.5 north of walnut creek between concord and calaveras fault. >> earthquakes occur somewhat randomly. and so it's just -- within 14 hours of each other in the bay area but really they are quite far away. >> reporter: this seismologist with the usgs, less than 2% chance, she says come with his earthquakes quickly to a bigger quake. she is focused on shake alert's, an early warning system that gives a second notice that an earthquake has begun. >> if you are in bed we recommend you put a pillow over your face so you don't get cuts on your face. >> reporter: seismologist forecast the big earthquake by 2043. is 72% chance of 6.7 magnitude or greater likely rupturing the hayward fault. >> if everything is in rubble
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and first responders can't get to us we need to be self- sufficient. >> reporter: county officials recommend an emergency go back with important documents and an emergency kit with the tools to turn off your gas. many survival tips and a crank radio. >> it's a bit traumatic for me and my mother cannot get to me because the streets were buckled. >> reporter: this woman was six years old one one earthquake happened supporting her from her family. she realized she is not as prepared as she should be. >> gentle reminders that we need to get it together and get that out-of-state contact arranged and our bags packed. make sure you join us on thursday, tomorrow, for an earthquake special called, quake country. you can see it right here after thursday night football sports rap on ktvu fox 2. a pro basketball superstar facing a backlash on social media after jumping into the big controversy involving the
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nba and china. laura ingle has the details from new york. >> reporter: lebron james weighing in on the dispute between the nba and china. the all-star criticizing his general manager of the houston rockets for his tweets supporting the hong kong pro- democracy protests. daryl morey's tree prompted chinese sponsors to cut ties with the nba and china's state broadcaster refused to broadcast preseason games played in the country. >> i believe he wasn't educated on the situation at hand and he spoke and so many people could have been harmed. not only financially but physically and emotionally and spiritually. so, just be careful what we tweet and we say. >> reporter: now the la lakers is taking heat from fans on social media and from lawmakers like josh kelley. the republican senator from missouri tweeting this statement is unbelievable.
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newsflash people are being harmed. shot, beaten, gassed, right now in hong kong by china by the communist party, the nba is so eager to appease. the showdown over what members of the nba can and cannot say about china comes during the trade dispute between beijing and washington. the treasury secretary saying monday he hopes the nba and china will work out this dispute. the controversy with china could have a big impact on the nba's bottom line. the lake's business in the country is estimated to be more than $4 billion. in new york, laura ingalls, ktvu fox 2 news. 4:38 am. act activists in san francisco one house speaker nancy pelosi to do something about the hong kong protests. we tell you what they want her to do. thousands of people following a family's fight against cancer. we show you how this little boy
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is warming the hearts of people all around the world. good morning. we are off to a nice start when it comes to the morning commute. highway 24 looks good. interstate 80 is open again and right now the traffic is smooth. a little bit of fog advancing from a system that will be here later today. more on that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today activists in san francisco will speak out against a congressional bill that supports protesters in hong kong. the group, chinese americans for peace and veterans for peace, will hold a news conference outside the office of house speaker nancy pelosi at 1:30 pm this afternoon. they oppose a bill in congress that would end hong kong's special trading status with the united states if human rights and democracy is damaged. house and senate committees both passed the bill and also had support among republicans and democrats including speaker pelosi. a vote in the full house or senate has not yet been scheduled. vice president mike pence and secretary of state mike pompeo are on their way to turkey today, expected to meet tomorrow with the turkish president, trying to convince turkey to stop its military incursion into syria. turkey has already turned down calls from the u.s. for an immediate cease-fire.
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president trump's ordered the withdrawal of american troops at the syrian-turkish border more than a week ago. the united nations says turkey's incursion has displaced more than 130,000 people in northern syria. half of them are children. >> it's been four days since we paid our children. there is no water. no toilet. nothing. no hot water or gas. >> russian troops have replaced american soldiers patrolling that line between turkish and syrian armies. the kurdish military has tried to strike a deal with the syrian government to shield themselves from turkey's military operation. aid agencies say they can't reach those who fled the area because of the fighting and roadblocks. 4:43 am. members of congress from both parties are meeting with president trump today at the white house, talking about the situation in syria. it will also be the first face- to-face meeting between the president and house speaker
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nancy pelosi since she called for the impeachment inquiry. also today a former senior advisor to the secretary of state is to speak in a closed- door hearing about president trump's dealings with ukraine's government. house republicans want a formal impeachment vote so they can call witnesses and also issue subpoenas. speaker pelosi says she is not going to call for a formal vote. >> we are not here to call bluff. we're here to find the truth to follow the constitution of the united states. this is not a game for us. this is deadly serious. >> the president, his attorney rudy giuliani and his allies maintain that the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate and say they have no plans to cooperate with the subpoenas. we are finding new information about a deadly shooting of an african-american woman by a white police officer in fort worth texas.
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police in fort worth are now releasing the officer's arrest affidavit which gives a clear picture of what happened that night. >> reporter: a group of protesters demanding accountability tuesday night outside fort worth's city council meeting. the first since a former police officer fatally shot 28-year- old atatiana jefferson. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: meanwhile we are learning more about what happened last saturday when 34- year-old officer aaron dean responded after a neighbor called police concerned about a door being left open. body cam footage captured dean walking around the home where jefferson was caring for her young nephew and the moment he fired through the back window. >> put your hands up. show me your hands. >> reporter: according to the arrest warrant affidavit released tuesday, the victim's nephew told police jefferson, a licensed gun owner, grabbed the gun from her purse after hearing suspicious noises. she pointed the gun at the window, possibly in self- defense and moments later she was shot and fell to the ground.
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the cities interim police chief said she acted as any homeowner would, calling the actions of the officer inexcusable. >> is absolutely no excuse for this incident and the person responsible will be held accountable. >> reporter: dean was arrested and charged with murder on monday and has been released on bond. the police chief says the department will be re-examining their training policies. >> we are looking at bringing in an independent third-party group to come in and evaluate our policies and practices and training to ensure that we are above best practice standards. >> reporter: at this point dean has not provided authorities with his account of the fatal incident. ray bogan, fox news. happening today a 26-year- old man charged with killing two people will be back in court to find out if his case will go to trial. he is accused of luring a driver to a remote part of skyline boulevard and san mateo county back on june 17 and then stabbing him to death.
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the next day prosecutors say he killed a tow truck driver in that same area. two doctors originally determined he is not mentally fit to stand trial. the judge will go over the case and will announce what will take place next in the case. that man remains in custody. no-bill status. later today the bart general manager will continue his rider listening tour. general manager bob powers will be at the rockbridge station in oakland at 8 am and this afternoon at 3:00 he will be at the 12th street station in oakland. powers says he knows passengers have concerns and he wants to hear what they have to say. 4:47 am. we will get you to where you need to go. sal is right here watching the commute. good morning. i'm just looking up to make sure that everything seems okay but i want to remind you that if you're just tuning in,
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interstate 80 is open. yesterday it was closed for the tank fire that was near interstate 80 in crockett. all those lanes are open. you can use that again. we will touch on that all morning long. the tracy super commute right now, a little bit of slowing on 580 and 205. you can see traffic to livermore and pleasanton looks good. already slowing on 238 at 92, i'm sorry, 238 at 880 heading down to 92. no issues here in oakland. you get to the bay bridge and traffic is doing well. remember, interstate 80 is open from the carquinez bridge heading down. it's like a normal morning. you may have gone to bed not knowing what would happen but waking up here, 80 is open as normal. 4:48 am.i know that, steve , you are happy that eddie was open. >> it was indeed. did not impact me. thankfully. i can understand if it did impact. that's a tough one. we do have a change in the weather.
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slowly throughout the day we have increasing clouds. the fog is not as widespread as yesterday but some is working its way in and those pockets where it's thick. the west, southwest, haiyan mid- level clouds. the phone itself is not much to write home about. it will be here late tonight, early tomorrow morning. temperatures below average. 60s and 70s. we should all be in the 70s. we are close but a little below. near average and slightly above yesterday. the fog which was a big fog bank yesterday has been chewed up with though some for me. 39, santa rosa. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. peninsula taps, a lot of 40s. if you on woodside, 43. the same for atherton. low 50s in and around pacifica and montera. upper 40s in union city. san carlos, 47. the system is producing good rain over the pacific northwest but for us, mostly sunny in the morning with increasing clouds leading to a cloudy to keep mostly cloudy afternoon.
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that will be the high-end mid- level clouds coming in. the front will arrive this evening and there's not much there. it will be cooler is the end result as temperatures will be under the influence of mostly cloudy skies. increasing clouds today. late tonight overnight into early thursday is our best opportunity for very light rain and i think san francisco, oakland and concord and north will do it. anything ut most likely drizzle. cooler temperatures take us into today and tomorrow. tomorrow, 50s and 60s for most. low 70s inland. today, 60s and 70s. morning clouds with a mix of sun and clouds and turning cloudy this afternoon. racy late thursday into friday and then it looks nice going into the weekend. make sure you download the ktvu weather app. it is interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven day forecast and a really easy feature to upload your weather photos and video. the ktvu weather app is free to download for your smart phone
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or tablet. we have an update on yesterday's massive refinery fire. the one that shut down interstate 80 and forced a shelter in place. coming up at 5:00, how fire crews were able to contain that after several hours. we had another earthquake that shook parts of the bay area. the third one in the past 48 hours. coming up, the reaction of the epicenter along the san andreas fault. first, our crew is cleaning up a messy water break at sfo and what some believe may have caused it. coffee before your 8 a.m. belvita breakfast biscuits to get you through your nine, ten and your eleven-a.m. team mixer.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. getting around san francisco international airport just became a little easier. officials launched a new airport wide alphanumeric gait numbering system. the new system will be alphanumeric where the gates will be assigned both a letter and a number. they say the new system will help you move through the airport a lot faster from the check into security to the gate. it will also help travelers better understand the layout of the airport. a water main break caused major flooding in a parking lot at sfo. jesse gary was there and shows us the muddy mess left behind and what may have caused it. >> reporter: in san francisco international, a morning
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service disruption did not impact flies but some vehicles, a dozen of which were waterlogged and caked in mud up to the wheels. >> about this only happens in louisiana? not here. >> reporter: maria gonzales was one of the lucky ones. the chevy equinox is high enough to avoid damage. others were not so lucky. the trouble started around 11:00 tuesday when a 10 inch underground water main feeding into building 676 and 674 ruptured. >> we were frightened because we saw the water level rising and rising and it wasn't stopping so then we thought of our cars. >> reporter: a dozen vehicles in lot 676 became inundated by the rising water. the pipe break comes 12 hours after a 4.5 magnitude tumbler rock the east bay and sent shockwaves throughout the bay area. airport officials said they are investigating if there's a link. >> still looking into it. difficult to say at this point. we are looking for the root
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cause. we would think that if it was affected by that we would've seen this much earlier on given the time that occurred but still under investigation at this time. >> reporter: while officials look for the why, effective vehicle owners focused on how is and how to get their cars to hire , drier air ground in an adjacent lot. elbow grease was required with this porsche boxster getting pushed into a spot while the owner called her insurance company. by afternoon repair work around the pipe break had become with cruise carving out a whole 20 feet in diameter and 60 deep. it's unknown how long repair work will take but airport operations in the flying public were not impacted. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. actress felicity huffman now serving her 14 day prison term. the judge ordered her to spend two weeks inside the low security prison for women. this is part of one of the
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punishments against her after she pleaded guilty to paying someone to alter her daughter's college admissions test. felicity huffman will also have to serve 250 hours of community service and pay a $30,000 fine. she is among the first parents to serve jail time in connection with that college admissions cheating scandal. i see you john travolta. a grease musical spinoff is coming to hbo max. that streaming service announced a new series called him a grease, rydell high. it's in production and will feature characters from the original 1978 movie as well as introducing new characters. actress is rita moreno and gina torres and olympic gymnast laurie hernandez have been named the grand marshals of the 2020 rose parade in pasadena. the tournament of roses president announced the grand marshall selection yesterday sing each of them exemplifies the theme of the 131st rose
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parade which is the power of hope. the parade of flower covered floats and marching bands will move through pasadena on new year's day for the 106th rose bowl football game. a father and son from new jersey are touching the hearts of people around the world and they certainly have a lot to celebrate. ♪ >> that's okay. you can smile. two-year-old 30 thomas is now 11 months cancer-free. he was diagnosed with leukemia last year. since then his father has been documenting his son's battle with cancer one dance video at a time. he said his family has been through a lot but says they don't dwell on the struggles of his son.kristian will celebrate turning one year come his one year of being free next month.
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start a fire or explosion. a shelter in place order and a big traffic mess. there is some relief this morning after an explosion at an oil refinery the latest update on the nustar refinery explosion that kept firefighters very busy through the night and neighbors very nervous. it's 5:00. busy morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. in a couple hours early as pam cook has the morning off. it's freezing outside. >> it was.let's ask steve . >> it's cool out there. we will have a chilly morning and increasing clouds throughout the day with temperatures cooling off and a
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couple of low 80s yesterday. a couple of sources of clouds. some patchy low clouds but med and high-level clouds coming in from the west and southwest and a very weak front will squeak through late tonight and tomorrow morning. highs coming down today. livermore, 75 after yesterday's 81. 60s and 70s. a couple near average to a little above yesterday and now we are sliding below. the fog is slow to join the party but it looks like it's starting to pick san mateo and santa cruz coast filling in and also some to the north. 40s and 50s. mainly mid 40s and upper 40s. east bay temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. livermore and pleasanton, 46. 50 in el cerrito and 50 in martinez we have the system coming in tonight. it's not much. the high mid-level clouds are coming in. increasing clouds the day with a partly sunny morning and mostly cloudy afternoon. if we get any rain it would be very light. highs today in the 60s and 70s. the end result is mainly a cooler pattern which will take


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