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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 18, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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51 in san mateo. except for some clouds to the north mostly sunny today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s again. sal is here. super commute time or something else? super commute time. our friend who lives in vallejo and american canyon, they are facing a decent commute. let's go to the maps and show you that 80 westbound looks pretty good through vallejo. 37 as well. slowing in marin on 37 heading west. this is a look at 680 in highway 4 and you can see we are off to a nice start. highway 4 looks good from antioch through concord. and at the macarthur maze were off to a nice start. no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:30 am. let's go back to the desk. here is a look at the top stories this morning. a wildfire in lake county. the grove fire forced evacuations and shut down part of highway 29.
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this morning the evacuations have been lifted but that part of highway 29 is still closed while crews are battling the flames. contra costa county supervise say that gate to the nustar petroleum storage facility was locked with the first firefighters arrived to fight the fire. workers also left the scene without activating the fire suppression system. investigators are looking into what sparked the explosion and the fire. whitehouse acting chief of staff of mick mulvaney is backing off claim that prompt blocked almost $400 million in aid to ukraine for political reasons. yesterday he first said president trump's withheld the aid before releasing a statement saying otherwise later in the afternoon. president trump's has repeatedly denied any such quid pro quo deal. now to the syrian border were fighting started again despite a cease-fire record less than 24 hours ago by vice president pence and secretary of state mike pompeo. doug luzader reports from washington, d.c. on another
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challenge to the whitehouse. >> reporter: president trump called the cease-fire deal a great day for civilization but hours later it is endowed. the fighting in northern syria has resumed if on a smaller scale than we recently seen and that we offer some important clues about what's really happening on the ground. >> it would be a lot more bombing and smoke if this was turkish tanks or aircraft but it looked like it may be their proxies, the free syrian army, making trouble in that disputed region. >> reporter: this is not the progress that president trump had been hoping to see when he told a huge crowd at a rally in texas last night that the cease- fire was a success. >> sometimes you have to let them fight. like two kids and a lot. you have to let them fight and then he pulled apart. >> turkey in the u.s. have agreed to a cease-fire in syria. >> reporter: vice president mike pence was dispatched to turkey to broker a five-day deal
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hoping it would stick. the latest violence will only ramp up criticism of the administration's decision to pull out of northern syria just before turkey began attacking kurdish forces that had been u.s. allies. >> what we have done to the kurds will stand as a bloodstain in the annals of american history and will basically feel a bipartisan effort in congress to levied new sanctions on turkey. doug luzader, fox news. energy secretary faces a subpoena deadline today and the house impeachment inquiry. this comes after rick perry announced he is officially resigning from his post. he is one of the longest serving members in the cabinet but recently came under fire over his involvement in the ukraine scandal. president trump said he was in on the protocol to the president zelensky. the president said rick perry will leave by the end of the year and said he has already picked his replacement. california's election day is less than three weeks away.
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this year the race for district attorney in san francisco is a hotly contested race. there are four candidates and this morning amber lee introduces us to leif dautch who was serving as the deputy state attorney general until he took a leave of absence to run for office. >> cannot leave a flyer for you? >> reporter: leif dautch goes door-to-door campaigning for votes. on this evening he approaches people in the lower heat. >> running for district attorney in town. focus on homelessness and car break-ins. >> reporter: 31,000 reported car break-ins. the signature issue highlighted in his campaign video on social media. on the campaign trail he spoke to a man who said his car was broken into twice. >> we will start a five person task force in the das office working with the police and the sheriff's office going after these organized rings that are responsible for the vast majority.
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>> reporter: to address the homeless crisis he said he would turn juvenile hall which is killed to close by the end of 2021 into a mental health center with 150 beds. >> i work in the tenderloin so i see the homelessness crisis, the property crime crisis. the opiate epidemic. i see it every day and for those of us who care about the city, my wife and i are raising our family here. wanted to do something about it. >> reporter: leif dautch has served as california deputy state attorney general for seven years and says his experience as a prosecutor in the manager makes him uniquely qualified to be the city's next district attorney. >> my name is leif dautch anime candidate for district attorney. >> reporter: at his campaign office on union street he and volunteers phone bank for support. spinning ahere any major issues for you about crime or public safety? >> reporter: leif dautch said he plans to address police officer involved shootings with town hall meetings within six months to explain charging decisions in each case. hesays he will work to rebuild the contentious relationship the da's offices had with the police department with a focus
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on helping crime vict >> they heard from the police will not bother responding, taking report or pursuing the case because we know the district attorney's office wil not do anything. that's heartbreaking and it's got to change. >> reporter: leif dautch said he is the candidate for voters looking for accountability and someone who's focused on quality-of-life issues. >> would love your vote on the griffith. >> reporter: in san francisco, amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. the south korean sprinkled upon the current government's decision to send the flight to san francisco for 45 days. five years ago south korean transport ministry suspended the single daily flight to san francisco as a penalty for the airlines deadly plane crash at sfo in 2013. the korean high court said insufficient staff training was the main cause of that crash and says the government's punishment was legitimate.
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the flight had been delayed because of court hearings but is expected to begin sometime in february. survived and are okay after their small plane crashed in stockton. san joaquin county sheriff's office made an emergency landing last night when the engine failed just after takeoff. they landed in a field near the stockton airport but as they crash landed they hit a fence and a diesel truck. thankfully no one was hurt. investigators are trying to find out why the engine failed. this week ktvu is putting the spotlight on the homeless crisis in the bay area. our week long series on the bay area homeless crisis continues later this morning with the piece on housing the homeless. we took a look at the efforts to get people off the streets and we also dug into why some plans are more popular than can catch that story in our 7:00 hour here on mornings on 2. on sunday night join us for a special roundtable discussion on homelessness with leaders of the bay area's biggest cities.
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we ask about what might be causing the problem, why it's getting worse and what is being done to solve it. that's sunday night during the 10:00 news. patrick mahomes, the reigning nfl most valuable player will have an mri today after hurting his knee last night on thursday night football. the chiefs quarterback was helped off the field after that leg injury and did not go back into the game against the broncos. the injury is believed to be a dislocated kneecap. an mri is set for later today. despite losing the star quarterback, the kansas city chiefs still 130-6. the 49ers will put their undefeated record on the line this sunday in washington, d.c. when they play the redskins. the 49ers players and coaches say they are not overlooking the redskins even though they have a record of 1-5 the 49ers tough defense will have a chance to shine against one of the worst scoring offenses in
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football. you can see that game on sunday morning at 10 am right here on ktvu fox 2. the raiders come back from a bye week with the game against cowell alum aaron rodgers in the green bay packers. the game will be played at lambeau field and luckily there is no snow in the forecast. the raiders have not beat the packers since 1990. they will try to end the streak this coming sunday morning. the stanford carnival patina struggling to find a way after loss last night to the bruins at home. stanford fell behind early and could not catch up. there are 11 game winning streak against the bruins is over. you see only one that one 34-16. stanford false 3-4 on the season. still ahead, we hear from some of the heroes who jumped into action during the loma prieta earthquake 30 years ago. >> a lot of fire worker firefighters did really good work.
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a lot of civilians did even better work. >> remembering the chaos at the te ofthe cyprus freeway collapse and how engineers have improved major infrastructure projects since then. >> why a mural of a beloved comedian is expected to be taken down. you can see the morning commute is off to a good start on highway 24 as we drive toward the tunnel. not much going on here. a quiet pattern but it does look warmer going into parts of the weekend. we will see which part coming up. coffee before your 8 a.m.
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welcome back. if you were here and you're old enough to remember the loma prieta quake 30 years ago yesterday, it devastated the bay area, you will never forget it . rob roth shows us the chaos with a cyprus freeway collapsed. >> from here we cannot tell the details of the damage but we can certainly tell the damage is very serious. >> reporter: it remains one of the most searing images of the loma prieta earthquake. the double-decker and well used cyprus freeway in west oakland had collapsed in 15 seconds and 242 people in their cars and injuring hundreds more. >> reporter: the collapse would be all the way down to the roadway on one side, on the other side it would be up to 7 feet or at an angle. >> reporter: the return deputy
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oakland fire chief mark huffman and his crew were the first first responders to get there. the memories of what he saw and it still needed 30 years later. >> people looking over the edge in cars that had gone off the freeway. the car rooms have been collapsed onto the windowsills of the cars. that was where maybe some people have survived and some people haven't. >> reporter: on this anniversary the city of oakland commemorated those whose lives ended here. >> the fact that right here where we are standing 42 people perished in the cyprus collapse. that recognition was so sobering , so saddening. >> reporter: sobering and saddening for hoffman, that was especially true when he was at one particular car. >> for five hours we wrestled in getting a little girl and a
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little boy out of the car where the mother who was driving and her friend had been killed and the crossmember that separates each section of the elevated portion had dropped right on the hood of the car. >> reporter: a doctor had to abet the boy's like to free him. >> i brought out the chainsaw and prepared to do it myself. >> reporter: in the moments after the collapse hoffman saw people risking their own safety to help. >> a lot of firefighters did really good work. a lot of civilians did even better work because they don't have any training. we were starting to see other people getting people out of other cars with hand tools. >> reporter: the cyprus was later demolished and the ground level mandela parkway has replaced opening up a community that cyprus had divided. perhaps what happened here can serve as a reminder of just how devastating a major earthquake can be in that everyone needs to be prepared. in oakland, rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. a lot has changed with then with stricter regulations and seismic upgrades to infrastructure. including an improved portion of the bay bridge.
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cristina rendon climbs up t new span of the bridge for a look at what's been done to keep drivers seat during the next big quake. >> this is the soundest earthquake bridge over bill. >> reporter: caltrans gave trent one and inside look taking a crew under the freeway. the bridge was designed to withstand the largest potential earthquake in 1500 years. to show you what he means we went through a bit of an obstacle course. going down ladders and narrow hallways and through small openings in the steel. all to get to this transition point. inch pipe beams play a crucial role. >> this is the hinge piping here in this part of the field is weaker than the steel on either side. that so it can bend and deform in an earthquake. it allows the bridge to move longitudinal like the way cars
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are traveling on the top right now. the bridge can expand and contract. when the original bay bridge field in 1989, there was only about four inches of movement accommodating that bridge. with these we can accommodate 6 feet of movement. >> reporter: the beams can be replaced after they are damaged. the same idea for the beams inside the tower. >> those beams bend and deform. keeping the tower strong and the bridge up and later caltrans can come in and replace those beams. >> reporter: for another close look we went up. way up. the elevator was out so we started climbing hand and foot. stopping on small platforms to rest. and we kept climbing through a vertical, aerospace scaling letter after letter inside one of the legs of the tower. >> we are about 300 feet off of the water right now. it's a significant decline. >> these are built to accept
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the shocking energy of the earthquake and the four legs operate independently making the bridge one of the safest places to be. >>, earthquake standpoint there's nothing more seismically seismically resilient. >> reporter: this engineering will one day be put to the test. the bay bridge sits between the san andreas fault and hayward fault and caltrans insist any past issues with the bridge are resolved. tendons were replaced and anchor-outs are in good order. >> in the bay area we've gone through a major retrofit. where we replaced and retrofitted all the large-scale bridges. in the event of a large earthquake which we know will come, we are ready. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. sal is back watching the commute for this friday morning. how does it look so far? >> it looks pretty good. i put on my facebook page. i asked a simple question,
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where were you during the earthquake? if you want to read some good stories, go there. maybe you can put yours on there. >> going to go on there now and put my story there. >> good. i want to see it. good morning. let's start with a look at the tracy commute first of all let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza because the toll plaza is light and so we can start there and traffic is moving along very nicely coming up to the pay gates crossing into oakland. 580, slow traffic at the 205 interchange for people coming in from tracy. this is not all that bad. this is pretty routine and compared to the last few days i think people will take it getting off the double livermore looks all right with no major issues. traffic continues to move well all the way up interstate 880. now let's bring steve paulson and who i know that you were at kic you when that happened. >> i was standing there with our director looking at loma
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prieta getting ready to watch the world series when a hit. he went right for the doorframe which are not supposed to do, i've heard but it was moving. i was looking right at the santa cruz mountains. it was also very warm that day. very warm and still and calm. let's take a look at the winter outlook. again, i have to emphasize here these are wrong more often than they are right. it's a very challenging and difficult forecast so i use them for entertainment purposes. really not a forecast. maybe a projection. as one guy said on twitter, i'm surprised to ever find any blue paint. and i have to agree with that. it's always orange, browns and yellow. warmer than average for the entire country except the northern plains which i find hard to believe. the last winter outlook for the
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temperatures was very wrong. keep that in mind and of course on the precipitation outlook, this is december and january, look who is drier. of course we are. much higher than average. a lot of these simply do not pan out but we will see what moves forward but, again, i would not worry about these. mild conditions today. 70s in pleasanton in campbell. upper 60s and low 70s in mill valley, atherton, newark and albany. and 60s on the coast for most. take a break, north beach and the city. temperatures flat today and tomorrow then they start to bump up sunday and they get above on monday and tuesday as high pressure built-in. that looks like it will stick around for the rest of the month. once a pattern blocks and their sometimes tough to break down. it's october so we usually do not get a lot of rain. a lot of cloud cover to the north. we are on the southern end of these so partly cloudy to the north. if there's any rain it's around fort bragg in north.
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40s and 50s on the temperatures. toward the santa clara valley, 46 in morgan hill. mid 40s in the santa cruz mountains. upper 40s and low 50s. cupertino, 52. san jose at 48. 21 in truckee. 40s and 50s for most including in bakersfield. a few clouds to the north. mostly sunny to the south. that system will be with us today into saturday. clouds in the north bay into saturday. partly sunny today. mostly sunny unless you to the north. and mix of sun and clouds on saturday. rain will to the north and then it's out of here. next week looks warmer with 70s and 80s. today it's 60s and 70s. not much change saturday and then it looks nice on sunday and warmer monday and tuesday. san jose's mayor telling pg&e enough is enough. coming up, the mayor's plan to
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take san jose off the power dependency on pg&e after last week's power shutoffs. >> we are really disappointed because we finally got the lights and now we can use them. >> no friday night lights. a north bay high school in a legal battle over stadium lights and the plug pulled on his homecoming game. and history is happening as we speak. look at your tv. this is live. we are in space. the very first all-female spacewalk started just moments ago. american astronauts christina koch and jessica amis are replacing a faulty controller on the space station. you are watching history here on mornings on 2. to the outside world, you look good,
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but you don't feel good. with polycythemia vera, pv, symptoms can change so slowly over time you might not notice. but new or changing symptoms can mean your pv is changing. let's change the way we see pv. you track and discuss blood counts with your doctor. but it's just as vital to discuss changing symptoms as well. take notice and take action. discuss counts and symptoms with your doctor. visit welcome back. a family in san jose is getting a lot of attention for an elaborate halloween display in the front yard of their home. azenith smith says the mother built it in honor of her son who is terminally ill. >> a lot of my props are creepy. >> reporter: show human is called the display in her home her evil halloween carnival.
4:57 am
but nothing about it is evil if you know why she built it. >> this is my way of bringing happiness to christopher and his life and to share it with others in the community. >> reporter: shelley gave birth to twins in 1995, born premature at 26 weeks. her son, christopher, has been sick his entire life with brain damage, cerebral palsy and lung disease. at the age of 24 he is terminal. >> he can be fine one minute and then half an hour later we are in the er and he's in respiratory failure. you just never know. >> reporter: christopher requires 24/7 care. the family is rarely able to leave their home, not able to travel. >> this is like our annual vacation where i go all out and we get to celebrate the whole month. >> reporter: christopher is
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able to touch the props. shelley made the displays bright color because christopher is losing his site. >> we don't really know how much you can see but he seems to really enjoy it, just hearing the sounds and hearing other people laughing about it. >> it's been fun. >> reporter: neighbors say stopped by say they love how the display brings the neighborhood together. admiring the family's strength. >> nothing is as scary and you cannot believe a parent's love for their child. >> i do think outside the box to bring joy and happiness to him. >> reporter: despite the family's long and hard journey, shelley's message is simple. life is too fragile to not get into the spirit of what you can celebrate. >> i just want everyone to feel loved and accepted and just spread kindness in this world. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news.
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four peacocks and san mateo county need a forever home. the peninsula humane society says the birds were surrendered by their owners who cannot care for them anymore. shelter officials say peacocks are great pets if you live in a rural area and have a lot of open space. by the way, peacocks also eat insects, slugs and frogs. if you want more information contact the peninsula humane society. san francisco is losing a beloved neural of the face of robin williams. the mural was painted last year on a market street building as a tribute to the late actor and bay area comedian. the century-old building is being torn down next week to make way for a new housing complex. there are several tributes to robin williams around the bay area including part of golden gate park named in his honor.
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w details about the investigation into tuesday's fire and explosion in crockett at the nustar petroleum storage facility. what firefighters now say they found on the scene that they say putting out those flames was harder. and ambush in san francisco caught on camera. the latest on the police search for a group of masked man with a baseball bat who police say attacked people in one neighborhood. good morning to you and take a look. we are taking you out to space do this first, all-female spacewalk. we are seeing history being made this morning. this walk is now underway. american astronauts christina koch and jessica meir replacing a faulty power controller on the international space station. we are looking


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