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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  October 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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f0 good evening. that discovery came this morning. it was found in china park state park. visitors found limited access all day. >> investigators didn't pull out of here until 7:30 tonight. that's 12 hours after the victim was found. >> it seems peaceful. >> china camp state park is a
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gem. >> the victim, a latino man. he was not shot but won't provide more detail. investigators combed the woods blocking off a section of roadway the only one through the park. there's a bunch of hiking trails through here. >> that's scary. it's concerning for the girls. >> a the east bay arrived for a weekend camp out. they found the road closed. >> we're all packed. the girls are excited. we'll assess the situation and figure out if safe or not.
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>> we don't have information to believe the public is in danger. >> no one around and no cameras. neighborhoods sit on both side of the park and some face to the road. if a suspect vehicle can be identified the detectives will reach out to neighbors who have cameras. it could happen anywhere. due to budget cuts the state rents out overnight paroles.
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new at 11:00 the police are investigating after a dozen havings were broken into. it happened yesterday. first was reported near in-n- out burger. most happened near highway 101 anyone who may have seen anything contact police. we're following developing news a oakland condo complex was evacuated. fire crews arrived and saw flames spreading. firefighters rushed inside to make sure no bun was there a ladder to stop the fire
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from spreading. some people had to stay in place. >> i heard people readying and heard the alarm go off. >> the majority got out by themselves. >> the two people that live at the unit were not home. the fallout from pg&e out hangs, tensions were up the president called the outages poorly executed but it was a last resort. >> the california public ooh
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tilts -- utilities called an emergency meeting. 738,000 customers, that's 2 million people in 35 counties that's half of the state's counties, we did this for safety. the only thing we cared about was the safety of our customers, the employees and people of california. billion son -- bill john son made the decision. >> as i look back we didn't have catastrophic fires. that was the intent. >> pg&e admitted comings but the decision was justified. there's people who have had
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little time at pg&e. many improvements were promised. in time we'll have shut offs with more precision. pg&e blamed climate growth. >> in 2012 the disease nation was 5 to 15% of the territory. today 50% of the territory has that designation. >> it spoke little about neglect and profiteering at the expense of the rate payers. >> the california public utility commissioners appeared timid and embarrassed foregoing along with the shut office team and taking no stance. >> you said we need to get
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there you need to get there now. >> it's unlikely serious improvements will be made until next year. pray for rain and hope for no more red flag weather i'm a man claims he was the target of a attack. a woman's wallet was stolen and officers attacked her. thon his behalf. >> the police officers drove up, ran to the car and pulled him away. pushed him into the bushes and yelled at him. beat him. the attorney said that he had emergency surgery and is using a
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wheelchair. we received a same from an attorney: attorney: i'm a random attack of a woman and her baby. a pedestrian is killed when two cars jumped the curb. the chain reaction crash. map tv just keeps getting better.
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. a woman is get after two cars collide and jump the s lookincaused the cars to crash but speed may have been a
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factor. one driver was taken to the hospital. neither car had passengers. police have released the photo of a person believed to be responsible on a unprovoked attack. it was fifth and market. the man stabbed the woman for no apparent reason and she was shielding her baby. the woman is referring. her six month old baby was not hurt. in the city police a cold case. >> my sister was an angel, she didn't deserve this. >> katie spoke with me.
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she described her sister as beautiful, funny and intelligent. the was shot and killed along with a friend. police and the family are offering a reward. >> we're all empty inside. place help us. >> they were living out of a box. on december 18th at 8:45 someone shot them. they were targeted and the truc related. the addiction to drugs started after hospitalization. >> those who new tennessee
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described him as someone who helped others. >> tennessee was loved in the community and would look out for people. >> no one should have to die on the streets, especially someone who's making due with what they had on the street. >> the family won't rest until the person responsible is brought to justice. >> it has destroyed my family. someone knows manage. >> the police have exhausted all leads. they are offering a $25,000 reward. . >> 100 year with a galea. it was at the row tuna
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building. the east oakland church is one of the the longest standing places of worship. >> tonight is the gala to laugh and talk, fellowship, to dance, sing whatever the night brings. they will have a saturday church service tomorrow. there's a delay to honor chauncey bailey. a group of leaders had planned to install a plaque on saturday. now the plans have been expanded and delayed. investigators saw he was assassinated because he into finances. facebook is expanding the coverage of news.
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it has reached a licensing deal that allows the social network to publish. the companies didn't give financial details. mark zuckerberg talked about a news tab in april. it's a special festival. how you can enjoy the autumn lights in the east bay. we'll tell you about the proposal to reduce traffic. the plan that would take a toll on drivers. we start the weekend with extra clouds but by sunday a different story. a warming trend headed your way.
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one of their own. the sergeant was not injured. there's no word on what caused the crash this morning.
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east palo alto is trying a unique approach. as more companies move in drivers say it's difficult to get around. one possibility may make university avenue a toll road. >> between 101 and the dunbarton bridge it's a stretch that's a problem. a slow moving problem for drivers. >> it's all the back streets. from east, west, north, south. as the frustration grows something needs to be done. >> it's a a study presented to the council last week. making university a toll road. >> university avenue being a city street, being a street that's not meant
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to handle commuter traffic. the city has knitted with the idea of adding a toll. >> it would take study and input at the state level. some have concern. >> i don't think people should have to pay higher prices for driving on the road. >> there's other ideas, reversible lane during commute hours and short- term strategy. speed bumps. >> if the city could do something about it, it is a problem. they are making it worse. >> some of the first steps would be signagto keep computers from cutting across
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residential areas. >> the autumn lights festival is underway in oakland. it kicked off yesterday. this event takes place over three nights. 7-acres of named gardens. gardens. . the weekend just about here. we're talking about a few extra clouds. sunday lots of sunshine. start off with this, a few extra clouds, the cooler of the two week into next week. a mild saturday. the real warming in next week. monday and tuesday. in the short term we have clouds from the
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north. green around eureka. some will be approaching the north bay. the rest of the bay area as well. the north bay could be spring wills. the 40s, most areas in the 50s. here's san francisco, we have clear on the partly cloudy skies, mostly the tracking sprinkles or a the mai be north. into next week tracking that offshore wind will warm up the region and increase the fire danger. wednesday night to thursday there's a chance of a reffing kick --
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reffing a raffle. lingering clouds, they will clear out by late saturday afternoon and saturday night and that will st. the stage for a sunny forecast. san jose 71 degrees. a look ahead. the latter half of october will be on see the temperatures in the upper flirting with 90- >> that's not fall-like. yankees pushed the series to a game six. . a live look from our camera on this friday night. thanks for joining us.
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. we are approaching the first regular season game at chase center. we're another warrior fan favor will be leaving the party. will wave mckinney tomorrow. his roster spot will go to chris, the dubs need healthy big guys. 1st quarter, russell, big
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finish. 2nd quarter, i don't know what that was, it was a warrior fastbreak of the finger roll, dubs by 13. curry three, drain it. six triples for curry. making friends, warriors by 16 at the break. russell west brook's rocket career is off to a bad start. redislocated a couple fingers, he's expected to be okay for the start of the regular season.
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the first playoff game in which both teams scored in thinning and neither scored the rest of the game. paxton uncorks it. springer makes it 1-0 astros. bottom one the yanks get it back from lemahieu. first home run of the game ties it at one. hicks aims at the 3 5 hits all singles. game six tomorrow in houston. the confluence of high school football. pirates, the liberty lions, homecoming at liberty high school.
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jay butterfield going to oregon next year, tonight he's throwing touchdown passes to jackson. pirates had to go to back up qb. not a problem. we go overtime. pittsburgh kicker, short field goal to take the lead. liberty takes possession. liberty won the same score. your choice for news, you can find updates around the clock. x -- again. wait, that's like our fifth one, isn't it? it's getting kind of creepy. oh, relax -- it's probably just from victor, that flower-delivery guy i dated. who's victor? we never heard about him. oh, because i knew you'd never let me go out with an ex-con.
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