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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:59pm PDT

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nation houston astros has the me guy they want and a guy who three days ago couldn't get dressed because of muscle spasms in his neck. he is ready to go and i can't wait to see how he pitches. >> john: it's unbelievable. what an opportunity to watch another game 7. when the nationals got scherzer, they sign up to a seven-year contract rate he's pitched in all-star games, got cy youngs, pitched with a broken nose and now he's given an opportunity to pitch in the world series. i say he has outpaced his contact and what he trying to do is give the franchise their first world series. he has done at all. he's going to give you everything he has. look for the first for him but e gets past that, lights out. .> joe: it's been a specialrs the sixth team to do that in th.
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this past july they made a big deal.the ball tonight and it's all on him here, at least at the start to try to win this game for houston. >> john: they have leaned hard on the heavy one-two punch that they astros had and now they're going to need greinke. he's not going to throw 95 miles an hour. he doesn't really even care at this moment is like. he's a different guy. he's a different pitcher. look for him to be as clean as they can be for a.j. he's going to want to go to the pendant any sign of trouble. by the way, mr. cole will be looming. >> joe: for the possible usage of gerrit cole here tonight, down to the field we go and say hi to ken rosenthal. >> ken: gerrit cole has never pitched relief as a profession
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professional. at some point tonight he's likely to bullpen. did to close out game 72014 but he could pitch two innings most likely starting with a clean inning. and if roberto osuna is needed to escape the jam before the ninth, we could see gerrit cole. cy young candidate on the verge of free agency closing out the world series. for more on the national starting pitcher tonight, here is tom verducci. >> tom: thanks, ken. on sunday, max scherzer couldn't raise his arm. three days later he is starting game seven of the world series. in between he received a cortisone shot in his neck. this morning he woke up and texted manager dave martinez "i am good." tonight he has no restrictions. he has a longer leash than houston starter zack greinke.
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martinez has pulled him from a game mid inning only five times all year. it's already been an incredible comeback story, but tonight the last chapter shall be written. >> joe: it's been summarized through the month of october. two words: game 7. there's nothing like it in sports. we can't wait. ♪ farther.
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yay. [laughter] yes! thank you.
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>> it is said home is where the heart is, yet in this world series, home is where the heartbreak is. in an unprecedented twist, the home team has been humbled in all six games. in a best-of-seven championship series, that's never happened in any sport.
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which brings us here to enter probable one shot winner-t on the verge of bringing the world series title home to our nation's capital for the first time in 95 years. they start their ace in the lone star state. the astros, dominating in d.c., hammer three times in houston, still stand ever so close to an astonishing second trophy and a spray of champagne. is washington king of the road? will the astros rock in their raucous home sweet home? tonight, the two greatest words in baseball: game 7. what a fall classic. the world series on fox. >> joe: these are fun. game 7 of the world series. the road team has the all-time record at 20-19. won the last three.
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trea turner's had to go, and some of zack greinke. strike one. >> john: one thing about zack greinke, he won't have to worry about over and thing his velocity. he's not a guy who's going to throw 95, 96. it's going to be his secondary stuff to watch early on and see if his tension... the one that is caught by bregman. a rocket hit to third by turner. we talked to him before last night's game and he said it just feels like we've been hitting a lot of balls right at astros defenders. couldn't hit it any harder. >> john: no, he couldn't. you know how important that is if you're the astros because keeping them off the base means chances of runs being scored go way down.
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he's everything to the washington nationals offense at the top of the order. >> joe: here is adam eaton. big night last night. he's got the best average in this nationals line up during the world series at .333. went deep, was hit by pitch, dropped down to sacrifice bunt, drew a walk. he was all over the place. 0-1. >> john: i say that's a good sign. that means your nerves are in check. you are well within a regular-season mind-set. it's not easy to do out of the gate. the first inning is so important in a poor season game 7. you want to get in so bad with o bath in the first inning. >> joe: talked about this during his game three start, you
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still live in the mid-90s. no longer visits that neighborhood anymore. 90, 91 is where he will top out. breaking ball is outside as chirinos tried to frame it. 2-2. >> john: the one thing the washington nationals in houston for that matter have shown in the series, they can handle a fastball. those already two really slow curveballs. the pitch of the night for zack greinke is going to be his changeup. he struggled the last month or so with that pitch. spewing out in front of the plate. chirinos. he got him. strong play by robinson chirinos with a smile and a wink for his pitcher. two out. >> john: watered down in front of home plate so the ball had a little mud on it and the catcher gets out and makes a great play.
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that was the changeup for zack greinke. the changeup and fastball velocity isn't much different that it will have a little bit more downward action. >> joe: two out, nobody on. here's anthony rendon. five rbi night last night in game 6. left side. bregman. down go the nationals 1-2-3. up come the astros in of the dprst. game 7. 1941, game 4, the player hit the ball so hard... tv announcer: ...and its gone! that one went to the moon! buzz aldrin: ... i thought it went to the moon. that's why you went there?
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♪ a more rewarding target run. with deals & surprises... it's free to join! you'll score more. and, help support your community. you're invited to target circle. a more rewarding target run is waiting for you. >> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by youtube tv. history happens live. here's the astros lineup. typical look. george springer, jose altuve, michael brantley at the top.
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four, five, six is alex bregman, yuli gurriel and yordan alvarez, the dh. carlos correa, robinson chirinos, josh reddick in right batting ninth. against the right-hander max scherzer who is 3-0 this postseason. era of 2.16. he really gutted it it out in five innings. >> john: i would not throw a first-pitch fastball to george springer. look for maybe a fastball. max scherzer has every weapon you need to get every hitter out. we will see if he's comfortable in the first or a little too amped up. >> joe: 97. >> john: the shot he got in his back will take care of the information, if it was in his arm or shoulder or elbow come i don't believe he would be able to pitch. because it's in a muscle, that's
5:16 pm
how quickly you can free it up. >> joe: the count is 2-0 on springer who jumped on an early delivery last night and hit a double off the wall and scored on a sac fly after a wild pitch. sac fly by altuve. he waits to hit next. here comes the 2-0 from scherzer. 2-1. >> john: that's that's lighter. so hard to pick up. the angle, he's got a good changeup. he will even throw a slower breaking ball. he is in attack mode. >> joe: catches the inside corner in the count is 2-2.
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full count. >> john: the theme of this series, full counts. tons of them. mi be the difference maker in tonight's game, who wins the 3-2 count battle. >> joe: springer skies one to center for robles. that is out number one paired home plate umpire is jim wolf. at first base, it's doug eddin eddings. the crew chief, who started this world series at second, has gone all the way back to second. it's gary cederstrom. james hoye is absurd. lance barksdale is down the left the line and sam holbrook is in right. replay official is alan porter back in new york. altuve digs his way in. this is the first time the road
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team has won six games in any best-of-seven series in major league baseball history, nhl history, nba history. that is strike one, and the last five world series have been clinched on the road. that includes a.j. hinch and his astros at dodger stadium in gam. 0-1 pitched a altuve. to the shortstop, turner. two down. good start here for scherzer. in the first inning so far this postseason come he's allowed five runs total. second inning, a total of one run aernd guy, pitches with a lot of energy.
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he struts around, walks around, gets the bating tempo of putting the hitter at ease or not at ease because he's in attack mode brady's not g ball. >> joe: here is brantley. we talked to george springer about scherzer, he said he is unlike any other starter. he gets it. he's the one determining the tempo of how the at-bat is going to go. 1-0 pitch. 2-0. brantley hitting .333. eight hits, 24 at-bats. possesses as good a batting eye
5:20 pm
as anyone in baseball. he is up here 3-0. 3-1. astros are wearing their orange jerseys. the jerseys they wore in gam game 7 in their win at dodger stadium in 2017. who says baseball players are superstitious? superstitious? 3-1 is outside. >> john: that wasn't coincidence? >> joe: i'm going to say no. here comes bregman. last night, alex bregman hit a home run in the first inning and then decided to bring his luggage with him. and then juan soto said okay. he went deep in the fifth that he said you're going to do it. i am too.
5:21 pm
bregman was apologetic after the ball game to his manager. he was apologetic to the media. juan soto got a visit from his manager, dave martinez, who said that's not the way we play. as scherzer drills the inside part of the plate for strike one. >> john: this series is filled with all kinds of swings. all kinds of emotions. big hits, big plays, tremendous pitching performances. sometimes you can get lost in some of that emotion. >> joe: good pitch by scherzer, as bregman was jammed a bit. eaton is there and the first bracbase runner is stranded. coming up, the 21-year-old juan soto. no score. introducing even more value from fidelity.
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home runs, two in this park. he went deep in game 1. he went deep last night. combined 830 feet with those two home runs at minute maid park. that is down and in. the count 2-0. >> john: he's gotten the attention of the astros manager, a.j. hinch. and the pitching staff. he's handled the fastball. we saw those two home runs and they're going to have to slow it down to him. this young man has been a marked man. he's not going to be the guy that beats you tonight. that's how you've got to treat him. at 21 years old, you'd think how can that be? he's been that good in that dangerous. he is commanding that much attention.
5:26 pm
>> joe: what's he doing on 3- 3-0? he's taking strike one. after taking a couple steps to first. it's a little cool, believe it or not, here in the dome. the weather outside is colder than normal. you may see some pitchers blowing on their hands. elements being a little different. 3-1 pitch. that is on a rope into right and a leadoff base hit five juan soto. 8 for 24 at the plate with his three home runs and he is on to start the second. this is a graphic that we put together about how even the series has been. >> john: i love it.
5:27 pm
every category. these two guys in these two teams have absolutely had their moments where contact has been crucial. home runs have been huge, and the starters have all had individual moments. seven games to determine it. >> joe: there is a ball low to kendrick. we talked to a.j. hinch about greinke before the game, he said you know what makes them so good and what you see a lot with greinke is he's able to pitch his way through trouble. guys will get on. he will fall behind hitters. he will come back and typically puts up a 0. 8-1 after the astros got him in the regular season but this is game 7. how long is the leash? that is back to greinke. out at second. out at first. double play. the five-time gold glove award winning pitcher takes care of that one easily. >> john: well, he's known for getting a lot of ground ball
5:28 pm
double plays. he's also known for the athleticism. there is nothing about him right now that looks like this moment has got him a little off his game. they may get hits. he may not execute. but it doesn't look like the little things that typically this game can do to people is bothering him at this point, and that's good sign for the astros and especially for a.j. hinch. >> joe: home plate umpire just went out to check the ball. him and he checked out, so greinke gets it back and asdrubl cabrera stepped in. 5 for 18 in this world series. down for ball one. >> john: game 7 mentally for everybody is going to be fatiguing. if you are at the end of the road. everyone's tank is a little empty. it's the one that can literally go pitch to pitch, batter to
5:29 pm
batter. at the end of the day, attention to detail will be, it will feel like the longest game you've ever pitched. whether it's three innings, four innings. sometimes you are in the third inning and you are in the seventh -- you feel like you are in the seventh. >> joe: breaking ball on 2-0. this is the fifth elimination game for this national team. they trailed in each one of the previous four and came back to win. those games have average six runs per game. they have hit eight home runs. their pitchers have pitched 22.19 era. here's the 2-1 pitch. 2-2. >> john: it's unbelievable.
5:30 pm
i don't ever remember seeing a team as gritty and their ability to keep fighting back. >> joe: 2-2 pitch. nice pick by gurriel. his stellar defense continues in this postseason. the bottom of the second rosen. astros stinks!ur nasty jersey. it wash the really dirty clothes separately. remember -hard work builds character! tide pods with upgraded 4-in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! but you didn't fold it. oh, that wasn't in the note. should have sent a text. #1 stain and odor fighter, #1 trusted. it's got to be tide. ♪
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♪ >> joe: tonight's telecast is sponsored by progressive. making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. and by tide. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. welcome back to the world series presented by youtube tv on fox. yuli gurriel, fo first up. two outs, 2-run double against scherzer. takes it inside, ball one. >> john: when you're pitching on the road in this kind of game, the crowd is into everything. they are hoping that a rally happens. you want to keep the crowd to a dull roar because it's going to be allowed. every pitch, every moment that goes for the home team, you have to make sure you do your job to
5:34 pm
make it a dull roar. if you are zack greinke, you want the roar of your crowd to not take you off your game. >> joe: board and there are 96 from scherzer. former 11th overall pick by arizona out of mizzou in 2006. here's 2-1 for that is well-hit into left. back at the wall! it is gone! gurriel and the astros strike first in game 7.
5:35 pm
yordan alvarez goes after the first pitch and foul sent. >> john: that's not the dull roar. that was a slider that had more lateral movement and chart movement and gurriel just deposited it. >> joe: first home run of this world series pair that's into yordan alvarez. let's go back to the home run by yuli gurriel. >> john: fastball, strike down
5:36 pm
on the slider stage right in the middle and it's a classic gurriel kind of keep the bat in the zone as long as possible and then left the ball in the air. man, he can center some baseballs. >> joe: he's had a good postseason with the bat, with the glove. one on, nobody else. strike one on correa. before the game, kurt suzuki was in the lineup, the catcher for the nationals. he caught the majority of max scherzer's innings this year but he suffered a strained hip flexor eworld series. he's available but they took him out of the lineup, so yan gomes is tonight.
5:37 pm
that's inside. one ball, one strike. the numbers with suzuki 2.09 era when he does the catching. with gomes, 4.09. regular season, included. postseason included. in at the knees. strike two on correa. >> john: that's where max has been really good with his fastball. if he can get the changeup, the height of the fastball and then he throws the changeup, the hitters will have no chance. the a changeup has to be worked in. he's got to get the feel for it. either that or more breaking balls. the breaking ball is the change of speed. there. typically if you're a high fastball pitcher, let's say,
5:38 pm
like cole and verlander, bring in more curveball because it works with the height of the pitch. if you're getting low four-seam fastballs of the bottom of the zone, you want to be able to break the ball at that height or throw your change of off at height. >> joe: another 1-2. base hit, right field. alvarez will stop and ask to go on with nobody else. homer homer, back-to-back singles and the astros have it cooking here in the seventh. >> john: this is just good hitting. fastball gets on the outer part of the plate and it looks like the astros have committed to hitting the fastball off of max scherzer and doing the little things.
5:39 pm
>> joe: we have seen the little things creep back in the series from both sides. last night the base hit the other way by rendon after an infield hit by turner in the sacrifice bunt. correa not trying to hit the ball off the drain. he just shot it through the wide open right side and hands it to robinson chirinos. he shows bunt. he bunts it in the air for out number one. dig out for the nationals, as chirinos can't get the ball do down. >> john: he will be disappointed with that because he had an opportunity to put runners in scoring position at second and third with reddick. >> joe: chirinos with two home runs in this world series, trying to get a bunt down. pops that up. here is reddick.
5:40 pm
2 for 12, one rbi in the series against the nationals. has not done much hitting this postseason. 5 for 34. .147 average. >> john: this is where you can make it all disappear if you are josh reddick. a hit or two in the right spot, no one's going to worry about what you weren't able to do. it's about what you did in the game 7 scenario. >> joe: that fall stays fair, hits the bag and the runners advanced to second and third with two outs. >> john: you can see zimmerman giving the sign when that ball could've gone in any direction off the bag. a hit the top of the bag and stage -- stayed straight. it hits the bag right there. >> joe: relief from zimmerman.
5:41 pm
and now springer. lying to center his first time. 8 for 24 in this world series. the mvp of this round two years ago. down for ball one. ball two. george springer, the first player in history to have at least five extra-base hits and five walks in multiple
5:42 pm
world series. looking for rbis here and a base hit. here comes the 2-0 pitch. inside, with altuve on deck. >> john: the astros had an unbelievable record in the regular season when they scored first. 71 wins. in the postseason, they've had 9. 9-3 when they've been able to get on the board. >> joe: they lead here, looking for more. springer into left, hit it hard and right at soto for the out. couldn't hit it any harder, catch.
5:43 pm
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♪ ♪ (announcer) treating others like we'd like to be treated... has always been our guiding principle. >> joe: yuli gurriel homered
5:46 pm
to lead off the second. astros had runners at first and second, nobody out. after that, did not score anymore. good job by scherzer to limited to a one-run inning and here is zimmerman taking strike one from zack greinke zack greinke. speak to this game has been tough on starting pitchers. game 7, none of pitched more than 4 2/3 innings. the past six guys that have been able to start this game. see if anyone breaks that mold. i know for dave martinez, he would love to get his horse through five and he has some weapons. a.j. has got a couple weapons himself. >> joe: that's outside. 2-1. astros, first home team to score first in a world series gam game 7 since the 2001 diamondbacks against the yanke
5:47 pm
yankees. >> john: wow. >> joe: that had a happy ending for the home team that night. here's the 2-1 pitch. breaking ball is hit off the end of the bat. greinke, looks like he's pitching in the middle of may. one down. this world series has shown the postseason is anything but predictable and this year more than 600,000 fans trying to predict how october would unfold in the mlb postseason bracket challenge presented by mgm resorts. we played game 7, less than 400 entries remain intact, with $250,000 on the line. >> john: how is that possible? how could 400 still be in play? when this is never happened like this. it's amazing. smart people out there. >> joe: i would agree. gomes takes strike.
5:48 pm
>> johnno team has won each of e first six games. till perfectappened before. brackets out there. with one out, gomes is in the hole. 0-2. into center at springer. two outs. with the bases empty, up comes victor robles. now a quick word from mastercard. >> break in the action? >> yeah. >> is fast when i tap and go with my mastercard.
5:49 pm
now back to the game. >> joe: robles, 3 for 21 and this world series, one rbi. last night, struck out three times. 0 for 4 hitting in the number nine spot. flies one into center for springer. back on the move, that ball carries. springer was there, and another eight pitch inning for greinke, who so far is turning in a gem. heart of the order coming up for the astros. ars... trucks... and suvs. four years in a row. since more than 32,000 real people... just like me. and me. and me. took the survey that decided these awards. it was only right that you hear the good news from real people... like us. i'm daniel. i'm casey. i'm julio. only chevy has earned j.d. power dependability awards across cars, trucks and suvs.
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change your apartment. change the world. ♪ ♪ ♪ born to be wild... >> joe: help those affected by the wildfires in california. visit or text ca wildfires 290999 to make a donation today. glad you are with us. game seven, bottom of the third and scherzer hits the inside corner with strike one to jose altuve. michael brantley and alex bregman will follow. zack greinke served right through the first nine hitters with very little difficulty.
5:53 pm
gave off a leadoff hitter in the second to soto, not a double play ball off the bat of kendrick. greinke has faced the minimum through three, thrown 28 inches -- 28 pitches. scherzer hits the inside corner again. >> john: the amount of pitch as greinke throws is not going to be the gauge for a.j. it's going to be the traffic on the bases. he's been pretty stress-free through three innings which is incredible. scherzer has had to work really hard in his two innings of work. >> joe: altuve just spoiled that pitch. 24 hits this postseason for altuve. we talked about it last night. the all-time record in one postseason for total hits, 26. pablo sandoval in 2014 of the
5:54 pm
giants. 5'6", 168. while off the plate. he is on to start the inning. he at 25 this postseason -- hit number 25 this postseason. >> john: this is what i was talking about yesterday. he expands the zone and you can get strike out against this guy with runners on but then he will do stuff like this. rachel ball that the pitcher goes there's no way he should be able to reach. he has the ability to find the baseball and do stuff like that. an amazing gift. there are times he will have some weak ground out on first pitches but he can make so many things happen.: michael brantle. drew walked his first time.
5:55 pm
>> john: here's the thing we forget. we talk about the journey of the nationals and how they faced all these elimination games and coming back and everything they did. the houston astros have not had an easy route. it looked like that against the rays up two games to one, they were pushed to the tilt and game yankees. push to the tilt and game 6. extra innings. almost went to it game 7. here they are game 7 against the nationals. as great a year and is dominating a year they've had, they too have all had to win maximally clutch games to get to this point. >> joe: a different sort of rally cap look for josh reddick. whatever works. that's into left field and soto is there for out number one.
5:56 pm
the better will be bregman who posted on his social media that earlier this afternoon he lost his grandfather, his mom's father passed away. dedicating tonight's game and what he does to his grandpa. one on, one out. bregman flied to right his first time. a.j. hinch wanted to make sure -- him carrying the bat down to first, the emotion of last night. him being apologetic for that.
5:57 pm
good stop by gomes. >> john: what bregman has been doing is owning the middle third of the plate, the part closest to him. any ball that's gotten in that area for the most part, he's hit hard whether it be the grand slam or the home run last night. getting them out away and getting them out indeed counts where he's staying a little patient, looking for his pitch. >> joe: just missed outside. world series for the first time in this game 7. bregman, we talked about at this
5:58 pm
postseason, the best hitter in the league from the 1st of august on. all of baseball, average on-base percentage, slugging percentage, ops, extra-base hit, rbis. the count here is 3-0. he's been critical of his hitting and play in this postseason. 15 of 62. four homers, 12 rbis in october. >> john: he's been much better here in the world series. >> joe: springer was swinging on 3-0. he lined out. here's bregman. takes a strike.
5:59 pm
altuve with one stolen base, one caught stealing in this world series. >> john: you mentioned seeing a little bit of everything. stolen bases. >> joe: stronger throw from scherzer but altuve back easily. >> john: the reason he's paying attention, it's a good running count. not a stolen base count but a running count, knowing bregman will protect the strike zone and not expand it.
6:00 pm
>> joe: not going. strike two. 96. when scherzer got that injection on sunday when he couldn't answer the bell, couldn't get himself dressed before game 5. tested his arm here yesterday before the game and then last night was getting ready to come into the ball game, working hard in the bullpen. runner goes on ball four. low. two on, one out. that will bring in gurriel who has a double and a homer off scherzer in this world series. statcast ai powered by aws. >> john: that was outstanding, getting down and going to get it. over 100 miles an hour. you see the distances traveled. awfully good left field for a
6:01 pm
lot of hitters. right-handed hitters can get in trouble trying to hook the ball because of th


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