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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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when scherzer got that injection on sunday when he couldn't answer the bell, couldn't get himself dressed before game 5. tested his arm here yesterday before the game and then last night was getting ready to come into the ball game, working hard in the bullpen. runner goes on ball four. low. two on, one out. that will bring in gurriel who has a double and a homer off scherzer in this world series. statcast ai powered by aws. >> john: that was outstanding getting down and going to get it. over 100 miles an hour. you see the distances traveled. awfully good left field for a lot of hitters. right-handed hitters can get in trouble trying to hook the ball because of the shorter distance
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to left field. >> joe: that's a home on ball from the second. he let off any number two with that blast into left. ball one. the third cuban born player with the home run in the world series game 7. tony perez in 1975 for the reds. burt campanaris in '73 with oakland. >> john: he has the unique skill set, yuli gurriel. he had about 60 at-bats in the postseason where he didn't strike out. he is super tough to strike out. he can use every bit of the field and even though he was having some rough luck hitting the ball hard with not much results, results have come in the world series. >> joe: earlier this
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postseason he finished off a stretch of 64 straight postseason at-bats without a strikeout. he's up in the count here 2-1. popped up, shallow right. eaton coming to get it. runners will hold. two down. and now another cuban born player in this astro lineup. rookie in 22-year-old yordan alvarez who hit 22 home runs during the regular season and will likely be the american league rookie ofhe year. >> john: game 1 for max scherzer he was all over the a fight to try
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to keep the gamthin reach and he did it somehow. he had traffic on the bases. he was pulling his fastball, spiking his changeup in the ground. he's had much better stuff here the second time around. still the astros have made him work really hard. 50 pitches. >> joe: a look back at altuve. >> john: when max is at his best, he can throw that fastball anywhere in the strike zone and have late life and beat the hitter and then of course been the ball and change speeds. >> joe: fouled back. >> john: he doesn't have to be location conscious most of the time. that fastball he threw cut and a law to have hitters will tell you that. they get ready to hit a fastball and it has cutting action.
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he's not holding back, in other words. while max. >> joe: came right after alvarez and he fouled it straight back. >> john: in the first time in the history of game 7 we have two cy young pitcher's going at it. the disparity between the fastballs are quite obvious. both of them will grunt to get it done. >> joe: greinke with kansas city in '09. scherzer. the 0-2. you said it during the open. it bears repeating.
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one of the few guys who seems to have outperformed his huge long-term contract that he signed before the 2015 season. >> john: i can remember players coming out when he turned down that deal in detroit, going what is he thinking? >> joe: the 1-2. 2-2. >> john: what he was thinking is it worked out. for a guy who couldn't pitch our finished games and pitch enough innings, when he went to the national league in that seven-year deal, he's won cy youngs, pitched innings finished games and he's been the face of the washington nationals and really kind of their heartbeat. >> joe: 2-2. high fly ball to center. robles is back. on the track to end the inning. we are through three.
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astros have left five and laid by 1.
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nationals. 11 wins this postseason, he's hit .313, scored ten runs. in the five losses hasn't scored a run and has hit under .100. he lined out to third his first time up. takes a strike. >> john: well, i wouldn't normally say this and any other game but this would be the most important inning greinke pitches because chances are he's not going to face turner again. he's already gone to the lineup wants. three clean innings. he gets turned around, he feels better about we just talked about. >> joe: kept him off balance so far. in game 3, greinke had 65 pitches after three innings. tonight, 28. he has faced innings in a world series game 7 since curt schilling and 2001 for arizona against the yankees. the dirt. >> john: that last pitch he threw was one of the nasties changeup he's thrown in a long time and you just hope if you are zack that that comes back.
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he such a great athlete the pause in the delivery and being able to repeat it over and over, not a lot of people can do that unless you truly are a pretty good athlete. what he's learned to do when he lost his fastball, he has a little cut action to his fastball, once in a while a two-seamer. he works both sides of the plate. when he misses in the middle, it's not good for him. other guys can get away with it. he will not at this point in his career. >> joe: back to greinke. one out. >> john: you don't have to play a lot of shifts when you have a guy who can take care of the middle of the field. he could have made the play but the catcher gets it.
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the easy part was fielding it, the hard part was throwing it to altuve and he gets the double play. make sure you knock it down and throw it out. watch how quickly he is able to get to it. he finishes in such great position. really truly is an added infielder after he lets go of the ball. >> joe: breaking ball misses to eaton. five-time gold glove award winner. a guy who is creative clearly on the mound. he's got great touch and feel with his pitches. usually reserve the word crafty for left-handers. he's turned into a crafty right-hander. wow. give him another gold glove. two out. >> john: this was a regular-season game, someone in the dugout in washington will go we need to pick on someone else.
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quit hitting it to greinke. again, good finished, good reaction. no stress. you couldn't ask for a better start for zack greinke a.j. hinch in his decision-making. the confidence of this crowd. >> joe: it misses at 91 to rendon who grounded to third his first time up. >> john: because he thinks differently, he will hyperfocus on things that will go awry or thinks he thinks should be different. he does think a lot differently than most people. it makes him truly unique. we were talking about why that might -- this game might work at his advantage because he won't put any extra -- the way he answers questions, you don't do that in the regular season. they don't interview you before the game.
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he's not into talking much. that man right there has done a nice job in this organization. >> joe: they dragged him into those press conferences. that's part of the duty during the postseason. that's low in the count is 3-0 here. some of his answers to questions questions, gives you a little look into what he's all about. we will give you one after this 3-0 pitch to rendon. you know what he's thinking. thinking about going deep with the count in his favor. the question, any nerves or emotions starting a big game tomorrow? zack greinke a little bit excited about it but we'll see. wish it was in the national league park. >> john: translation: i want to hit. >> joe: fouled away. no answers are really any longer
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than that. do you ever fantasize about pitching and a game 7 world series? probably. i can't remember doing that at the moment but probably. okay. 3-2 pitch. what a start in game 7. the 36-year-old zack greinke. he has faced the minimum through four. he and the astros lead.
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temptations ™. all it takes is a shake™. ♪ ♪ >> joe: gurriel has gone deep and then shut down pitching by zack greinke has taken care of
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washington so far. a long way to go tonight. strike one on correa. underway in the bottom of the fourth. bottom three in the lineup for houston against max scherzer. any questions about how the 35-year-old would get along here after the cortisone injection in the muscle spasms in his back, upper back and neck have been answered. throwing hard, throwing well, better than he did in game 1. strike two. correa bounced of base hit through the right side his first time up. a little more conventional defensive alignment on the infield than during that at-bat when alvarez was on at first with nobody out. 1-2.
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1-2 pitch. same spot. 2-2. >> john: scherzer has the ability for this moment to go as long as he needs to because he trains for this moment. he's one of those guys, throwback guy that still runs a lot. we talked about his motor and how he generates so much on the mound. a lot of energy. there is a major difference between these two besides their stuff. it's how they finish. scherzer is going to give you everything he's got. not like goose gossage but he's going to give you legs, arms. when he finishes, his head is going to drop straight down and he's not going to be able to see as quickly as greinke does. the ball up the middle is a
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little tougher for a guy like max scherzer when he fully goes through his delivery. >> joe: it was 0-2. another. another 2-2 pitch. correa. to the right side. cabrera. nice play to his left, one down. tomorrow night, thursday night football and a matchup of the 49ers, undefeated, against the arizona cardinals with the number one overall pick kyler murray. it starts at 7:30 eastern fourth4:30pacific. >> john: i wish i knew someone who was going to that game. >> joe: you do. you know troy aikman. he's watching tonight. our whole crew for thursday night football.
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should be a good one. >> john: come on, troy. pick up golf again. i know you want to. >> joe: you could text him that. chirinos trying to bunt his first time, popped it up and now he's in the hole 0-2. the home run by gurriel in the second and hits by alvarez and correa. chirinos came up and tried to move them to second and third with a bunt. popped it up and caught by yan gomes for out number one and scherzer avoided any more. a strike out in first of the night for scherzer. >> john: a good sign for max. see what he already has done compared to game 1. he had to work so hard. he did have the seven strikeouts. he gave up those two runs in the
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first inning. for max scherzer in most guys and people ask why do some of the best pitchers in the game struggle early and then they get locked in later? most of those are going to be hard throwers and guys were trying to establish their fastball and they have a lot of energy. they usually hone in on that energy and that fastball, particularly after the first or second inning. for max scherzer and the reason why he strikes out so many guises that pitch right there and the slider and when they are working together, going to have a hard time. >> joe: manager dave martinez saying before the game it's when guys get on base, that's when he really bears down and concentrates, as he did back in the second. he also stranded two in the third, and the astros have left five runners on tonight. the count is 2-0 here on reddick reddick.
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strike one. dave martinez has been under instructions to stay calm in the dugout after he underwent a cardiac catheterization in the middle of september. he was hot last night, got ejected. got checked out after the game. reddick is on with two outs. scherzer has yet to go through and ending >> john: that's big because the more they can make max go to the well dig deep, make pressure pitches, the better chance they are going to have to knock him out of the game earlier. he's had the extended rest but for two days he couldn't feel or move very well. >> joe: in steps springer. he lined out to left on the 3-0
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pitch with runners at second and third to end the second. springer is one guy who doesn't pay any attention to the data provided to these hitters with regard to counts and trends, pitches that certain pitchers throw on certain counts. he just wants to see it andhe sees that one down and in. ball one. >> john: unique getting to talk to him. i asked, what percentage of times do go to the plate looking for a pitch sitting on the pitch. based on what the pitcher was trying to do to you from one to the next and he said i really don't do that at all. i can't afford to do that. it's not my style. it doesn't work for me. >> joe: 2-0.
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>> john: play with guys who are good guess hitters and certain guys when they are looking for a pitch no matter where the pitch was when they saw it, they swung which is not necessarily a good thing. if you're looking for a slider you need to look for the slider over the plate, not down and away. >> joe: 3-0. he is already cut it loose once on 3-0 in game. he draws a walk here. the third walk issued by scherzer. he thought he had thrown strike one. instead it was ball four.
6:26 pm
two on, two out and here comes jose altuve. >> john: pretty good pitch 3-0. just a little bit low. springer wanted to make sure. >> joe: astros are 0 for 5 in this game with runners in scoring position. they've got one at second. that is reddick. runner at first that is springer. jose altuve at the plate. >> john: again aggressive on the first pitch. max knows it. everyone knows it. those are the ones, joe that he pulls. that's the change up and went starts over the middle of the plate he doesn't pull it, hitters will come out of their shoes. when he pulls it the hitter can recognize that ball is away and it's not coming back and it will
6:27 pm
end up being a ball. >> joe: in at the knees at 96. a 1-11-1 count. >> john: altuve, one of the shorter guys in the league but one of the best high ball hitters in the league. he's looking middle of the belt. even sometimes higher, the way can get on top and just smoke the high fastball. >> joe: another good block by gomes. yan gomes was part of the clevelandcleveland indians roster when they went to seven games and came up just short against the
6:28 pm
cubs. three years ago. here's the 2-1 pitch. into center, robles is there and the astros now 0 for with runners in scoring position. they've left seven through four innings in game 7. still 1-0.
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>> joe: tonight's aerial coverage is brought to you by state farm. game 7 of the world series. play ball is mlb's initiative to inspire all forms of baseball and softball participation. making play opportunities available. to find a youth organization there you go to follow on twitter facebook and instagram. juan soto at the plate, has the only hit tonight for washington and he takes a strike from zack greinke. soto then kendra then cabrera. -- then kendrick, then cabrera. the hat came in at 66 miles per
6:32 pm
hour. strike two. >> john: that something soto hasn't seen much of. now he will get spread out. he is checking his own computer, trying to figure out what zack is going to do to him with two strikes. >> joe: he went. out number one in the fifth.
6:33 pm
>> john: another great changeup. awfully close. >> joe: rendon struck out to end the top of the fourth. soto strikes out to start the top of the fifth. here is howie kendrick, the dh. 2-0 the count.
6:34 pm
2-1. >> john: zack doesn't throw many pitchers strange for that's what he can still pitch in this league for a few more years because he can pitch to both sides of the plate. a great variety of speeds. >> joe: kendrick off balance and not ready for that pitch at 89. >> john: the hitters seems like 95 because he slows you down with sliders curveballs, and changeups. and then he speeds it up. it's only 89 miles an hour but to the hitter, he doesn't know that. he's looking slow, slow, slow reaction. >> joe: full count.
6:35 pm
signed for another couple years which gives the astros some protection with the expected departure of gerrit cole. about to test the free agent waters at the age of 29 in cash and big. gerrit cole is available to work tonight on two days' rest out of the bullpen. 3-2 pitch. a one-out walk. the first walk handed out tonight by greinke. >> john: bottom of the zone where he wanted in and a good take by howie kendrick. this is just an inch. right there. a little bit down. >> joe: one out, one on for asdrubal cabrera. he grounded out his first time on a nice play by gurriel. we have said that plenty this postseason. >> john: they have been
6:36 pm
throwing cabrera a ton of off-speed pitches. a lot of curveballs. >> joe: that's outside. tom, give us more on greinke the navy's home plate umpire. >> tom: the curveball. no one threw more pitches under 70 miles an hour than zack greinke. playing for the milwaukee brewers in 2011, he had a running bet with randy wolf on who could throw the slowest curveball. randy wolf won the vet, 59 miles an hour. his brother jim wolf behind the plate tonight. jim wolf is there tonight because he was number one involves an strike calls. the job he did in the league division series. tonight he's done a terrific job because we haven't talked about the umpire too much with balls and strikes tonight. >> joe: we had to wait until game 7.
6:37 pm
1-1 pitch is outside. 2-1. it was worth the wait. this postseason, this entire season rolls forward to one game to decide who wins at all. the astros playing in their 180th game. the nationals playing in their 179th game. 2-1 pitch. greinke hops off the mound and gets the out. two down. he was going after that before cabrera squared around it look like. >> john: wonder if chirinos was yelling two, two, two. i think he was. greinke was just going to make sure he gets the out. he knows what he's got to protect when the shift is on.
6:38 pm
>> joe: now zimmerman can tie it with a hit. he bounced back to greinke his first time up. that goes down as a sacrifice for asdrubal cabrera. >> john: if greinke gets this outcome it will be the first time he completes five in a while. >> joe: made four starts this postseason. that's a strike. in his four starts this postseason, greinke has averaged 4 2/3 innings with an era of 5.30. how about that note? five assists tonight. most by a pitcher in a world series since your buddy, greg maddux in '96. >> john: he's questioning it because of the way it was caught caught. the glove slides by his back hip. >> joe: strike two.
6:39 pm
>> john: in zimmerman's mind, the plate just got 4 feet wide. he saw the glove on the inside part of the plate. now he saw one off on the outside part of the plate. >> joe: he is in the hole 0- two. pitch number 58 ball one. the astros made a deal on the 31st of july. four players to arizona and it took the owner saying will make the money work. throw in the fourth player. we need greinke and here he is in game 7 for the astros.
6:40 pm
the biggest start. he is through five. up by 1.
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a chilly evening in houston, texas. rainy all day supposed to be even worse tomorrow weather-wise and we welcome you back to the world series presented by youtube tv on fox. max scherzer rolls in to inning number five, down by 1. yuli gurriel home run in the second. michael brantley takes a ball outside. brantley has walked on slide to left. -- and flied to left. 2-0. >> john: really hasn't gotten that changeup going. you see cole getting loose. that was his first throw at about 87. [laughs] >> joe: 2-0 the count, ground ball right side.
6:44 pm
through the shift. talking to a.j. hinch before the game the kind of seeds big picture and he says the dramatic move is when i send gerrit cole to the bullpen and during that last break with max scherzer warming up, gerrit cole made the long, slow walk to the pen and now he's getting loose. he has never appeared out of the bullpen in the big leagues, in the minors he did it once at ucla. the astros would like an encore of sorts what he did with his seven innings back in game 5 in d.c. allowing one run on three hits in that victory. here's bregman. there is strike one.
6:45 pm
game 1 of this world series, gerrit cole suffered the loss. the win two games ago put houston up 3-2 coming home. foul. >> john: you throw it far enough in, that's all he can do for mr. bregman. he sure loves the ball in. max established that pitch in their. see if he goes away.
6:46 pm
>> joe: 0-2 pitch. foul. talked about having that three games to two series lead coming home for the astros. six teams in world series history have won game 7 after a game 6 loss at home. last time it was done by the '97 marlins over cleveland at 3-2 the 11 inning win. brantley at first. nobody out. the 0-2. good take by bregman. >> john: i just think of these two fan bases. can you imagine houston leaving here down 0-2 and the fan base going oh, my gosh. and then they go home and the fan base they are leaving down three games to two thinking their chances had just been lost and here we are game 7 in a
6:47 pm
neutral situation. somebody is going to be thrilled and about two hours. >> joe: that is strike three and scherzer blows it by him. strike out number two for the veteran right-hander here in game 7. >> john: max scherzer, the fastball is a lower three quarter, hands on top. fingers on top of the ball. fastball slider, curveball.pitchers clement, him so tough. fastball 96-mile-an-hour sometimes and beyond and then you see the slider at 87 and the curveball at 80. >> joe: gurriel takes a ball. >> john: the late life is what makes max special. he's been pitching the last month probably or two battling the previous injury he had in the upper back area just
6:48 pm
fighting through games. not the late life four-seam rising fastball. >> joe: one ball, one strike. ken rosenthal can i know you talked to max and people with the nationals about what he's been through rehab-wise. >> ken: it wasn't just the cortisone shot that got him back on the mound. last night talking reporters scherzer mentioned part of the nationals medical team. chiropractor, expert on biomechanics. they did two treatments a day starting monday. 45 minutes each. worked on soft tissue, core stabilization, strengthening the neck. opening joints freeing the muscles. these sessions which continue today helped scherzer get to this point. it was a combination of things. the shot, the treatment and here is max pitching in the fifth inning of game 7.
6:49 pm
>> joe: thinks. one ball, two strikes on gurriel gurriel. >> john: the reason that is so important to max, you can see the effort he gives when he throws the baseball and he exerts. the neck snaps down when he lets go of the ball and goes away from home plate and then he looks back as fast as he can to see what happens. >> joe: left side, turner. good play. out straight to first safe. the inning continues. the only run of the game so far is the home owned by the man at first now, yuli gurriel. back in the second. 4d replay sponsored by t-mobile.
6:50 pm
a great moment, father and son out there in left. nice catch. gurriel beat the relay to first. that allows yordan alvarez a chance to hit. he homered in support of gerrit cole in game 5 at nationals park. takes ball one. >> john: going to be interesting to see what mr. mr. alvarez does for the whole season next year. getting called up late, dominating the second half of baseball. struggled up until the world series a little bit especially in the alcs. man, has he gotten it going here. sat out a couple games because of the national league and then
6:51 pm
with gerrit cole on the mound strikeout pitcher. not much needed from the defense from alvarez. able to break out of it. >> joe: came up in mid-june, hit 27 big leagues home runs. one in this world series. takes inside. the count 2-0. 3-0 with carlos correa waiting on deck.
6:52 pm
i would say he's swinging on 3-0. >> john: yes. yes, he should. did not get the fastball. 3-1. that will put two on. two out. carlos correa. now a quick word. >> get started with your free online visit. roman. proud partner of major league
6:53 pm
baseball. >> joe: here is correa. scherzer walked three and game 1 paredes mark four tonight. pitch count at 93. nationals ha their bullpen. they have anibal sanchez in their bullpen. they trust two late inning relievers. daniel hudson and sean doolittle. astros up by 1. strike hits the inside corner. >> john: more than likely dave martinez would love to have corban start inning and not come in the middle of an inning so it'll be interesting to see how he navigates if he needs to get max out during the middle of an inning. >> joe: that's what martin is, the manager, dave, was talking about with regard to scherzer. opponents 1 for 27 with runners in scoring position. that's when max really bears
6:54 pm
down and he 0-2 on carlos correa correa. >> john: haven't seen many of these lower breaking balls out of max -- the slower breaking balls. >> joe: 2-2. >> john: ideally you want this to be your decision pitch. you really don't want to to go to 3-2 and send the runners with two outs. max is thinking what pitch he can get right here to get action swing and a miss, ground
6:55 pm
out. uncharacteristically the houston astros, they've been so good at home. 3 for 27. >> joe: runners in scoring position in this world series. correa. now the 2-2. that is fair. one run will score. over to the third is alvarez safe. it's 2-0 houston. >> john: the best third baseman in the game, one of the best. made so many great plays. this one just off the end of the
6:56 pm
glove. >> joe: alvarez went first to third and just got in under the tag. going to get a review. >> john: they want to see if he popped off the base at any point. i don't think rendon kept the tag off long enough but it's worth the challenge anytime in game 7. >> joe: this replay review is powered by mitel. the ball is clearly fair. that's not what they're looking at. they are looking at this part. >> john: pops up right there and that might be the difference between the first leg and the second leg. can't really tell. he pops up. that section of this foot coming up off the bag, the timing of his knee getting back will be
6:57 pm
the question if they can get something. i tell you what, it's awfully close. >> joe: you can't see at least with that replay where the top of the right foot is which is under his body. is it up against the the big by that point? you can piece it together there. if they want to go that route and say he came off. it will be 2-0 but the inning will be over. >> john: it's a great look, if they can get that one look and they get a lot of angles to be able to look at. slow it down. >> joe: this is something that's a byproduct of replay. unintended consequence. >> john: you've had to change the way you view slides, tags, and the ability to plan through and hold the tag. they teach now with the infielders don't swipe tag. hold it. tv can see everything.
6:58 pm
>> joe: they are going to stick with the call, not having enough evidence to rule alvarez out. definitely worth a look, and the inning continues for robinson 1:52 delay to look at that. no change in the call. first and third, two outs. chirinos takes a ball and the argument is probably for another time replaced but i still contend they are going to have to do something where they tell the fans in attendance what they are looking at. >> john: yeah. first and third two out
6:59 pm
one ball, one strike. scherzer tries to keep it a two-run game. a big hit by correa. did not have many hits this series, this postseason. he has made them count when he has connected. two hits tonight in game 7 and now nine rbis this postseason. on deck is the lefty, reddick. in the bullpen, the lefty corbin corbin. good fastball from scherzer. strike two. >> john: is amazing in these games when it's tight and then that one run gets added, it feels so huge for the team that has the lead and then at this point in the game, you realize any added runs just seems like an season, both offenses would come back from far greater deficits. we have already talked about what the nationals have done in this postseason alone.
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