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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  November 21, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PST

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report. >> from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. want to take you live to capitol hill, the impeachment hearing beginning momentarily. two witnesses will testify today. their testimonies come one day after embassador to the european union told committee members there was a quid pro quo and ukraine. we're taking you live there as these hearings are set to begin. we're going to have updates here throughout mornings on 2. we'll be carrying those impeachment hearings live. thank you for joining us here thursday morning. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's check your weather this thursday morning. >> we do have decrease in the wind here guys. that's the good news. we still have the red flag until 7:00. 60s or your highs today. a little above average.
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they're probably going to settle around here. next week. san francisco did dip to 55. i don't think they'll get throer than that. 62 is average for this time of year. the record high 76. not that long ago 2005 and 41. 1983. the wind speeds are coming way down. 10 to 30. that's the good news. it's still going to be an offshore direction for many here. an easterly or northerly component here. coming off the oakland berkley hills and the big system is finally moving towards torrential rain. 1" to 3" of rain reported in and around there. 50s for a few including sfo and also for downtown san francisco. morgan hills. 30s in the santa cruise mountains and couper 6:02 sal's here. quiet or something new. >> it's okay.
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we do have a little bit of slow strafk traffic. i wanted to mention the traffic approaching the macarthur maze. then you start the clock all over again. and we also see the south bay commute doing el w. we'll talk about that a little bit this is interstate 880. 6:02 let's go back to the desk. two more witnesses will be testifying in today's impeachment hearings on capitol hill that are just now getting under way. in fact we're live in washington where inside the hearing room. testimony has not gun but you can see it's fill wednesday people. we'll be watching fiona hill and david homes a u.s. nbc official in ukraine will be testifying. yesterday embassador gordon sondland testified the military aid was being held up in order to pressure ukraine into
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investigating joe biden and his son hunter. >> i later came to believe that the redemption of security aid would not occur until there was a public statement from ukraine committing to the investigations. >> now president trump insists he never demanded anything. you can watch today's hearings uninterrupted over an ktvu plus. and we will also have regular updates for you throughout mornings on 2. well this morning calm is restored on the u.c. berkley campus. that is following a night of protests and arrest. demonstrators opposed the appearance of ann colter. an estimated 1000 people formed a human chain outside wheeler hall delaying the start of her speech. live on the uc campus this morning. talking about the aftermath. it does look calm there this morning. >> pam, good morning to you
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that's right. as animated as things were, there were fireworks within as one demonstrator voiced her opposition to colter directly was on stage. usa! usa! >> that exchange and the chanting took place directly after coulter started talking about. the woman who was eventually arrested and removed from inside the event is one of its members. meanwhile, outside wheeler hall, a human chain as some protesters arrived at 7:00 in the evening and tried to shut down the coulter campus appearance. the speech is really spreading a message of division that is t
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they were not able to stop the event. ey did delay it by abou minutes. campus officials say they're pleaseded there were only six arrests and they were able to protect free speech on all sides of this issue. >> it is their right to protest that speech but it is not their right or legal ability to shut that speech down. and it is our responsibility to ensure that all speech and perspectives are protected and respected. at least to provide security so that can go forward what we agree with and belief in is the first amendment. >> the campus group berkley college republicans invited colter to speak at the school. one person was taken into
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custody for assaulting a police officer and one person in the crowd was injured. although we do not have details on how severe that injury is. university officials say they're doing outreach with those groups and persons who are opposed to coulter's appearance last night. we'll head back to you over in oakland. pg&e expects to pulley restore power by tonight. more than 50,000 pg&e customers lost power yesterday. almost 18,000 customers lost pow power in napa and solano counties and there were more outages in the sierra foothills. almost 4-dozen helicopters and 5500 pg&e employees will be inspecting power lines to make sure it's safe to turn the power back on. we saw a familiar scene
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last night. people in had that area had dealt with several planned power outages so for many of them it was another dinner eating by lantern, more time outside before the sun set. many are better prepared this time and while the frustrated. they understand why pg&e is doing this. . >> . >> i mean we didn't lose anybody. so is it worth it? of course it's worth it. >> pg&e defends the power safety sutoffs and says they'll soon be less frequent. they're expected to be on red flag alert until later this morning and pg&e will start reveals that the problem in san francisco could be far worst than first believed. many cities measure the number of homeless by holding a one
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day homeless count each year. san francisco reported more than 8,000 people living on the streets last year. but the new york times reports a different counting method total 17,595 people now splants about human and animal waste sf 311 received more than 28,000 complaints. compared to nearly 21,000 the year before. so far this year the city has received more than 1000 complaints up 7% compared to last year. the tenderloin had the most complaints at 3000 last year. >> let's get you to where you need to go can you take care of the folks. >> i can. they are getting crowded.
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we're looking at for example a commute that's affected by a closure. this is the hesparian onramp near grant and hesperian boulevard. you can see it's still spilling as they tow this truck away. there was diesel spilled. you cannot get on this onramp for the time being. let's talk about 880 for the coliseum. this looks a lot better. you can see traffic is backed up for a 15 to 20-minute delay. there have been no major issues on the east bay freeway. 6:09 let's go back to the desk. >> did you forget me already. >> i always forget you. thank you sir. let's get to it here. we have temperatures that are coming down. looks like these highs subtle changes aren't going to go
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farther. still above average. are they ever going to go below. next same for diablo just heavy duty rain now it's pushed into arizona also now into the four corners and it will be a major weather maker. still an easterly component for many here and the wind speeds that's the good news. they're still coming across the
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delta and also coming right over the bridge san pablo bay. these are the water temps. they've come down. 53 those are slightly below average. half moon bay and monterey buoys are above average. everyone's always talking about warm weather and you can see the area flow coming offshore. yet 39 novato santa rosa. lake port as well. 42 in sunnivale and other 30s popping up in here. and it's closed for others as well. looks like everything's done for the sierra for now there will be some mostly cloudy skies but the sierra is over. still some down there but it's winding down still in place for us but the wind speeds are going way down. can we get some rain in here.
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itlike next wednesday, thursday friday. it's going to be cold and windy. that i can tell you. 60s on the temps to stay for awhile all the way into the weekend. >> 6:12 is the time. using technology to catch criminals. one man's arrest for armed robbery. >> if you want bold change in the united states, you're going to have to have new and different people in charge. >> democratic presidential candidate tom steyer wants one change that po leave much of his competition unemployed.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 so far only six of the democratic presidential candidates have qualified for next month's debate in atlanta. the candidates agreed on one issue they agree to have a new person in the oval office. >> he has conducted foreign policy. >> what to do about health care. two of the leading candidates laid out why they support
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medicare for all. >> and in the first week of administration we will introduce tom steyer is defending his millionaire status. >> i'm the only person on this stage who will talk about term limits. vice president biden won't. even mayor pete buttigieg will not talk about term limits i will let the american people
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pass laws themselves through direct democracy. >> and other developments from the campaign trail again. that's coming up right here on mornings on 2. muni holding a pop up informational event. every weekday almost 17 thouchlt people ride the metro line that goes through several neighborhoods including know-y valley. designed to cut back on transit delays. now that pop up will be at 24 lieutenant and church streets starting at 7:00 until 9:00 this morning
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san francisco's also testing a new water recycling program that turns waste water into drinking wa francisco public utilities building is now going through three procedures to make it safe enough to drink. the water that goes into the building is already ultra filtr reverse osmosis but now the city's testing an ultraviolet system. state law, establishing rules for purifying waste water could come as early as the year 2023. >> i'm not sure how i feel about that. >> 618 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> well i'm looking at the east bay commute and i'm beginning to see that things are beginning to shape up for kind of a typical commute day pam if you're driving on 80 westbound you will see a 27-minute ride
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to here and then it's pretty crowded at the bay bridge. it's kind of spilling out to the macarthur bridge and when you get to the bay bridge it's going to be slow and out of order heow at the toll plaza as well. san francisco looks all right. northbound 101 approaching from the peninsula all the way to downtown and if you're driving on southbound 101 down to the airport that drive looks good as well so far. >> thank you sal, we'll get to it here. highs today coming down. they're going to settle in here next week where it looks like we'll finally get our turn for some rain and cold. 62, 67 all above average. the city 62, 55. the record 762005, the low 49. so they'll be above on the low. but 32 the wind speed mount st. helena. oakland pretty good. so coming way down. the national weather service in
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sacramento has cancelled the red flag warning out there. still some rain down towards orange county down to san diego. boy was there some really heavy rain down around san diego. fall brook 3" plus. in san diego there's about an inch plus for some. it was really on the go there. look at that. thanks just a steady stream and it went right over to blithe and also into arizona. for us, that that easterly breeze is in place. and it's making for a wide variety of temps here. downtown san francisco lake port santa rosa. all in the 30s and including san ramon, dublin and pleasant ton in the 30s. rain for us it looks like next wednesday, thursday, somewhere in that time frame we'll fine tune as we get closer to monday. the next few days will be much quieter. not as windy. temperatures in the 60s and
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temperatures might bump up a tiny bit. it looks like we have some changes pam. cellphone service works during power shut off. . plus, what we know about tesla's next vehicle that will
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welcome back to mornings on 2. access to cellphone location data. now a 24-year-old is being charged with armed robbery. officers had trouble identified the man as the suspect so they got a special geo fence warrant to search google's location data of all phones that are in the area during the crime. law the use saying that it is an invasion of privacy. a new study reveals higher paid and better educated workers in the bay area are most at risk of being replaced by artificial intelligence. ai will affect high paying jobs held by white and asian american men more than any other groups. of the occupations include market research analysts. programmers. management analysts and engineers. president trump says he is considering a plan to exempt
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apple from a new round of tariffs. that announcement comes after apple's ceo tim cook gave the president a tour of the plants in austin, texas. that macbook pro facility will be the largest employer in austin. during the tour, both supporters and opponents of the president were outside the plant. . there are people that believe in what he's doing and we appreciate what he's doing and we want to make sure he knows there's support here. >> and i grew up in a republican family and when trump took over, it was like wow, this is all wrong. this is wrong. . >> many economists believe apple has the most to lose if there's another round of tariffs. the company had considered moving its macbook company to china but decided moving the plant instead. tesla rolls out its first electric pick up today. inspired by the 1982 harrison
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ford futuristic movie blade runner. he did announce it would cost less than $50,000 and it will be an all-wheel drive. different versions of the truck are expected to have a range from 300 to 500 miles on a charge. including ford and chevy. it's now 626. we're hearing more testimony this morning. the impeachment hearing is under way right now. the two people taking the stand today after yesterday's bomb shell testimony. >> and we're going to take you live to dream force in san francisco today. who are sure to draw a big crowd. first we're going to take you out into space for a day. live picture from the international space station. 26 miles above the earth currently over the south pacific right now. you're watching mornings on 2. of
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from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. and there's the opening bell. in new york, at the new york stock exchange a couple of mergers we're keeping an eye on charles scwab is in talks and louis vaton in prably not the biggest in the luck rooe brands.
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the opening bell. talk about that company too. that's coming up in today's dollars and cents. thank you for joining us here for mornings on 2. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. >> beth in santa rosa was asking who is going to be in that trip in sonoma in a. >> well i'll be in heelsburg. >> so what are you going to be doing? >> we're doing something. some shop. >> yeah. merchant stuff. >> we'll be hanging out. >> do some shopping for me. >> i'll get you some louis vato n. >> the wind speeds are coming down. ours ended 7:00 in the morning. temperatures and wind speeds as well. you can see now 29. coming down from 40 at 4:00 a.m. the big low still turning in
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nevada. that will be a big weather maker in the rockies as well. that will make for nice conditions over by the coast and in the city where it's already 5050/501. san carlos at 49. everything is quieting down as the low moves out so 60s on the temps today. 6:31. sal's here. >> the usual we're going to go right to the east shore freeway and then when you get to the bay bridge you will see about a 15-minute delay add to that time. san francisco traffic looks pretty good as you drive through. south bay commute is getting a little bit slow but still okay getting through downtown 6:31 let's go back to the desk. >> all right, thank you.
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pg&e says it expects to fully restore power to most customers affected by the public safety power shutoffs by tonight. throughout pg&e's territory. almost 18,000 customers lost power in napa, sonoma and solano counties. and there were more outages in the sierra foothills. almost 4-dozen helicopters and 5500 employees are checking the power lines to make sure it's safe to turn the power back on time. another impeachment hearing is under way. right now these are live pictures. two more witnesses are testifying this morning. fiona hill is a top national security. >> u.s. embassy official in ukraine. yesterday, eu embassador gordon sondland testified that the white house meeting ukraine's president asked for depended on
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announcing investigations into former vice president joe biden and his son hunter. embassador sondland said he believed the orders came from president trump through his lawyer rudy giuliani. >> was there a quid pro quo? >> as i testified previously with regard to the requested white house call and the white house meeting, the answer is yes. yes. >> gordon sondland now also testified that everyone was in the loop about the pressure put on ukraine including secretary of state mike pompeo. vice president mike pence. chief of staff mick mulvaney and former national security advisor john bolton. now the witness testimony in the impeachment hearing is happening right now. you can watch it uninterrupted on ktvu plus. we'll also have regular updates throughout mornings on 2. >> officials at uc berkley say they're relieved and pleased with the visit of controversial
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visit of ann coulter. campus police worked with berkley city police and other law enforcement from other u.c. schools to provide security. at least six to seven people were arrested including one for assaulting an officer. the one person in the crowd was injured. the university was able to uphold its commitment to free speech while keeping people safe. >> it doesn't mean the campus endorses those beliefs. it just means we support them or debris with. what we agree with and believe in is the first amendment, free speech in providing safety and security to the members of our community. >> and most of those arrested were cited and released. >> we do have an update to that 5-year-old boy who was killed by an on coming a.m.track train in santa clara. by removing boards from a fence. police say that the percent pas were inside the house at the time that it happened on
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saturday. officers say 911 dispatchers notified union pacific railroad immediately to halt train service when they received calls about a boy running on the tracks but it was too late. police say the parents told them the boy had special needs. our time it is 6:35. police in livermore seeing an increase in thefts in catalytic converters. security video shows a man suspected of at least one of those thefts. investigators hope someone can see this and identify that man. catalytic converters are popular among thieves because of the valuable metals inside. it typically will cost a car owner up to $2,000 plus the cost of labor to have it replaced. today former president barack obama is in san francisco. he is set to speak at dream force. we're live with a preview of his highly anticipated
6:36 am
appearance. christina. >> good morning to you pam. dream force is welcoming its most highly anticipated guest barack obama. he takes the stage at 10:30 this morning. we're four hours away and there's already a down the side we are here and it wrappeded around the building. i'll show you that line is just a moment but i want to give you a look at some of the people who were first in line this morning. we're talking about 2:30. 3405. 2:15. come over here and tell us why you showed up so early and why you're excited to see obama. >> i'm very excited to see obama because i love him. he has been very empowering in had my journey. i came here 5 years ago and i feel like barak and michelle have empowered me a lot to not settle for the least and go for what i want. >> you came from where? >> i came from west africa 5 years ago to learn english and
6:37 am
eventually go to college here. >> wow, that's incredible. and you say you've never seen obama speak before. what are you looking forward to? >> i'm looking to be empowered and just hear him speak. it's obama and be in the same room as him. it's barak. >> it was worth getting up at 3:15. >> i actually did not sleep. i slept for two hours and then the excitement got me here. >> what do you think of the line? >> um, i mean we're on the front of the line so we're pretty excited and the line is huge and i think he's worth it. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. rooesht appreciate your time. i want to show you what she's talking about with that line. we're going to walk down and kind of give you a look at everyone who's waiting here. this line goes pretty far. we're going to move pretty fast. how many people in line here. this stretches all the way down howard street if you're familiar this is between 3rd and 4th street. it's lining the side of the building. of stay with us just to give
6:38 am
you some perspective here these people showed up really early to get in line here. the line goes down the side of the building and it will stop right here but to give you some perspective at the very end of those lines where you see the line ends it continues to wrap around the side of the building. i would say there are roughly 500 people in line so far and the line keeps growing as we speak. former president barack obama the keynote speaker of the speech today will be speaking for about an hour along with the sales force ceo mark benioff. security is very tight and we understand after he is done he is heading down to silicon valley for a fundraiser for the democratic party. christina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. and christina sorry if i missed that part but is this first come first serve? and how many people are going it will be live streamed. if you have a seat you're basically out of luck
6:39 am
we're told the venue holds 8,000 people. so all of these folks are going to have a very good chance of getting inside no just that this line keeps growing and growing it only holds 8,000 people. >> okay. thank you for showing us that line. >> yeah. . >> that's longer than the lines outside an apple store when a new phone comes out, sal. i wouldn't know, pam. >> no you would never do that. >> i order online, pam. let's go out and take a look. i love it when i laugh at my own jokes. someone has to the westbound 24 as you drive through lafayette. it's moderately heavy. if you're hitting the roads today these commutes are about what you might expect getting down to the macarthur maze and then at the bay bridge another 15 or 20 minutes waiting. san francisco traffic looks okay if you're trying to drive down the peninsula. that will change but right now you still have a window of
6:40 am
opportunity to do that. you can see showing as the ive up towards and sunnivale. >> the national weather service in sacramento has already cancelled the red flag warning. what's the weather going to be like in walnut creek. low 40s. highs 66. there you go, anthony. that's not bad. not as windy as well. hold on a minute. >> i wonder what anthony's ootd is then? >> i don't know. . >> it's 43 currently but you don't have to go far. clayton's close 50s el sobrante. and el cirrito 62 to 67. 62ing, 65 for the city. 762005 the record high all the way down from 73 yesterday.
6:41 am
40 this morning and everyone else is is a north northeast breeze. big low is now finally making the move. there was some really heavy rainfall in and around the san diego area. the three plus" of rain. snow in flag staff and pretty good rain around phoenix as well. and there's still coming in. ocean side, orange county still getting some rain. up here, the wind is still easterly to northeast. but the wind speeds are much slower and that west wind continues. north winds or an east wind. that's east at 9. so that coming across san pablo bay northeast up in marin county 14 to 21 north northeast and look at the water temps. 51, 53, 54. those are cold. those are below average for this time of year. but that offshore direction makes for 50s there. 56 in the city. 30s as you saw out in the east
6:42 am
bay also lakeport. and now morgan hills. san martin and gilroy. all join the 30s party. of it's a cold morning. a low kicks out. a high's going to build in for about 5 days. holiday week but everything is pointing towards that direction. 60s on the temps today except for some cold mornings the days look pretty quiet going into the weekend. >> steve, thank you. time is 6:42. protesting plans to close a charter school in the south bay. up next what some parents are doing that may override the school district's decision to close that school. >> and the warriors were on the wrong side of history in last night's game. what happened in dallas that hasn't occurred in 50 years. >> first let's check in with gasia. coming up. >> good morning pam and dave when i join you in the studio, basketball great charles barkley is apologizing after a reporter says he made a comment
6:43 am
about hitting her. proof of the incident. here's that photo. of the what she says he told her that many say was tone deaf at the very least. >> also we're about to talk live fresh off his first appearance. we'll discuss what he addressed during his precious few minutes. we'll be right back. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps...
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welcome back to mornings on 2. more than 400 people packed a meeting in san jose to appeal the school district's decision to close charter school. last night students, parents teachers filled the meeting of the santa clara county board of education after the franklin mckinley school board voted last month not to renew its charter. not enough latino and special needs students are enrolling. >> we were one of the highest performing schools in the school district and we want to be responsive to the families. >> now the county board of education will review the
6:47 am
appeal. if the appeal is granted it will override the school district's decision and that school can stay open. former raiders and patriots wide receiver antonio brown now counter suing the woman accusing him of rape and sexual assault. brown is suing his former personal trainer. the woman's quote false accuse sensations earlier this year affected brown's business dealings and says their relationship was consensual. our time is 6:47. the warriors have tonight off after being blown out by the dallas mavericks. it was the warriors worst loss in almost 50 years against the dallas mavericks. dremond green set out the first night in a back to back. the second year star of the mavs luca dontag had more than
6:48 am
the whole warriors team in the first quart. it was the mavericks 142. the warriors 94. >> flush it down the toilet. you move on. you don't take anything from a game like this. so these guys have been working really hard and they've made a lot of improvement over the last couple weeks and so we move on from here and we're not going to be watching tape of this one. >> no i don't think so. the 48 point loss was the worst record this season loss for a warriors team since 1972. of the warriors will be in utah tomorrow night to play the utah jazz. >> i hear people are calling them the baby doves. they're young. we'll have a great team again, right sal. >> yeah, so people don't call it rebuilding, they call it transitioning because you know you will get steph and klay
6:49 am
back at some point and you might even get a good draft pick after this year. >> yeah. good morning everyone. let's go ahead and take a look at 80 westbound to the macarthur maze and then another 15 or 20 minutes here at the toll plaza. the traffic has been moderately heavy i would say it's crowded parking spots that are premium. and you don't have to worry about the car. this is a look at 101, 280 and 85 in san jose. it's a little crowded. i would say it's a typical slow commute to the west valley. of let's go to steve. >> red flags are ending pretty rapidly here. highs today 62 to 67. there are signs maybe by this time next week these temps will
6:50 am
go above average. for the city 62. record 762005. only 28 miles per hour other than that it's in the teens coming down much rapidly now compared to yesterday. of that's that strong low in las vegas that's pushing off into the four corners. still some rain on the backside and then down to san diego and ocean side. a lot of that is now winding down pushing off towards the east. there's some really impressive totals coming in. 1" to 3". and if you're traveling down there still one day. east wind at 9. there's a little northerly breeze out towards i-80 and there's the east at napa. the humidity is not that bad. it's actually pretty good and coming off the oakly berkley hills. and the water temps of that
6:51 am
north wind gone down. 51, 53, 54. those are below arch for this time of year. that offshore direction makes for 50s in the city and also at sfo albany, oakland a lot of 30s here certainly up to the north also up towards windsor. novato's in there as well and many up into lake county as well. the low moves on. the pressure goes down. the snow in the sierra has ended for now. but that easterly breeze is in place. there are many hints now that we will see some kind of rain next wednesday, thursday. >> there's some differences on the amounts but it sure looks like a very cold system will be dropping in for the thanksgiving holiday week i should say around wednesday, thursday. the mornings will be cold there. and we hope you'll join us tomorrow. the mornings on two crew.
6:52 am
a really popular destination that's been hit hard by the kincade fire. we'll take you inside some of their world class wineries and the best restaurants. we'll also introduce you to some of the volunteer firefighters there who fiercely defended their own communities. >> so this is the first one that raced into town with such verocity and speed but the wineries, the businesses everything's still here and we've just got to realize this could happen again and we've got to be prepared. >> and we want to make it a fun show for you. so just to remind everybody what sonoma county has to offer. so make sure you join us tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. here on ktvu fox 2 and also we'll be streaming it live on we'll be live from heelsburg plaza wells the cities of sonoma and windsor. we hope you drop by and say hello. time now 6:53. boy it was an ugly fight on the
6:53 am
football field between cleveland brown and mason rudolph. it led to an indefendant suspension. you remember this. coming up how the cleveland browns fans are defending garrett in what one company is doing to show support. plus you may want to check your pantry. find out what was found in boxes of cheese nips. it prompted a nationwide recall. >> and the commercial dungeon es crab season has been officially delayed. when it may finally start and what's behind that delay. of right now though. we're going to take you live, way high. above san francisco hing mornin on ktvu fox 2 news.
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welcome, pg&e power shutoffs says they have renewed calls for pg&e to be restructured to be more accountable to ratepayers. they have until the end of june to settle the case and the mayors of more than 20 cities and a handful of county supervisors will make them a
6:57 am
customer owned utility company. supporters of publicly owned utilities say revenue can be used to reinvest in the electric grid. >> it comes down to local decision-making, providing the services that are of most importance to the community rather than having the need to provide resources such as money to stockholders. >> pg&e says it is open to considering breaking up its assets though pg&e ceo says he believes keeping it together as an integrated company is the best way to go. accumulation company is being accused of danger ring lives. the california public utilities commission says wireless equipment sites do not have backup power and customers could not call 911 and they were not getting emergency alerts.
6:58 am
california is expected to see another big budget surplus. the nonpartisan legislative analyst office predicts california will have an extra $7 billion in the next fiscal year. it is expecting themto grow to more than $18 billion by the end of the 2021 fiscal year. they warn the state against spending all that extra money just in case the economy gets weaker. the commercial crash season delayed again and it will not start in time for thanksgiving. the state department is pushing friday's scheduled start back to december no county. it was at fiovember and regulat more time is needed to reduce the risk of whales entangled in fishing nets. it also means fishermen will not be getting paid. >> we really need to bring in a
6:59 am
significant amount of money to be able to make the percentages -- my guys do not get paid @ la re-. they get paid on production . >> they say that they will assess the whale population as we get closer to december 15 and then say whether that risk of being entangled is still high. another protest an arrest from the uc berkeley campus. all of her controversial political commentator ann coulter. we are there for the aftermath. a deadly bart stabbing, they walk away from a theatrical facility nearby and we will let you hear what the victim's friends are saying. impeachment inquiry continues on capitol hill after bombshell testimony yesterday. find out who the final impeachment witnesses are and what they are expected to say
7:00 am
this morning. from the ran three ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> are you still concerned about the wind? >> no. the heater is probably kicking on for many. there are a lot of 30s. highs will be in the low 60s, 60 to 67, still above average in the wind speeds are coming way down. oakland hills is 30 miles an hour and then it has tailed off. some of the strong lows for southern california


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