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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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points, they were still having a good year, 11 oh four. that is the sporting line. it is 7:00. time for more news. >> mark, thank you. >> next at 11:00. >> it has been fun. this is crazy. i've left the doors unlocked. >> the 11:00 news starts now. police say three men broke into six homes in san ramon on saturday night. welcome, everyone, i am alex avila should. police are urging neighbors to take precautions. as smith is in san ramon, speaking with one of the victims. >> is a surprise to many that these burglaries happen. they stole jewelry, rings, watches watches, and cash and they targeted homes that looked unoccupied.
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>> one man found his patio door broken, his home ransacked. one of six homes were burglarized throughout san ramon in the evening hours. another homeowner found out about a break-in from an alert on his phone. a camera captured three people inhoodies, fshlights and gloves, faces covered as they went up the stairs. >> the mo was the same on all six burglaries. they went into the backyard and smashed windows on the rear slider. or may smashed a ad a window on it. smoothies go through the master bedroom looking for valuables. they believe it is the same trio in each case based on where they entered and what was to.
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police say this is rare. >> six in one evening. occasionally we get residential burglaries. six in one evening is a lot. >> reporter: the thieves got in and out of the home quickly. in one case they were at home for four minutes. >> there are nice homes. >> they urge residents to leave lives lights on. drugs for the victim, he is >> thankfully no one was home,
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that suspects left in a dark mercedes-benz. detectives are working on needs . police will be stepping up patrols. >> a pair of suspects are in custody tonight after he police chase, they were wanted in connection with a shooting at a parking lot. police finally caught up with those suspects, and arrested them. a lucky break helped police make those arrests. >> reporter: a man and a woman are in custody tonight and they are expressing their gratitude to a citizen who called in eight to and a pair of police department to track them down.
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>> is a very loud? >> it is very loud.'s defensive shell casings, the dictums were found bleeding in a blue suv. he drove one block away. >> he was a young kid. >> the victim got shot in his leg. there is a conversation and then hleft. >> then they got there first lucky break. >> there was a citizen listening to the police scanner. they saw the suspect vehicle and
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called 91. >> the police were able to spot the vehicle. >> lights and sirens went across the bridge. >> dated up taking the thorton exit, the police officers saw a woman exit a vehicle and the driver went east before crashing near a hardware store. police got there second break. they captured this female suspect getting away. police tracked the woman getting away. >> the suspect is a 21-year-old male out of east palo alto. we did recover a firearm. >> police are still trying to the suspects knew the victim. the good news tonight, the
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young man was expected to survive. >> thank you. the fireworks show attracts a large crowd on the city waterfront. the show's producer is promising a new look. amber talked with him and some of the businesses gearing up. >> this is a special place. we agonized over design and product choices. >> the fireworks show will have a different look. there is a new event producer this year. >> all i ever wanted to do was be fireworks man. >> the best vantage point to view the show would be along the embarcadero. a few blocks away, they are preparing for a busy new year's eve.
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they plan to offer a special prefix men says prices are lower this year compared to the last. >> we are looking at quality. >> the staff tells me it has a lot to celebrate. they opened doors early this year. there will be no cover charge. >> it is a brand-new property and we are excited to get walks through the door. alsothousand
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- - >> the show will last for 13 and a half minutes. they will be watching fireworks from treasure island. there have been issues limiting accessibility and parking. >> several bay area transit agencies are providing free rides for people out partying on new year's eve. rides are free from 8:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m., on buses during
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the same hours. they are extending services until 3:00 in the morning on new year's day. the chp they will extra officers on the road, engaging in other dangerous behavior. the maximum enforcement. starts at six clock tomorrow night and run through 11:59 p.m. >> cooper and post mates are suing california over a new law, which takes effect january 1st, designed to give the same protections and benefits given to employees. they say the industry relies on a flexible workforce and the new law would hurt business. and a lawsuit effects lift,
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door dash and insta cart, they hope to place an initiative on the ballot placing their drivers as independent contractors. a group of homeless mothers took over a vacant house in oakland. we have more on the hearing tonight to decide their fate. >> a pit bull was shot for no apparent reason and police are now looking for a bicyclist.
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a judge is deciding whether to evict four mothers and their families have been living in a vacant home in oakland. a judge in hayward said he needed more time to decide whether or not to evict the mother from her house. the owner wants them out on the grounds that they are illegal squatters, but the mothers are defending their decision to stay. >> this is not something i desire, this is what i deserve.
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the owner of wedgewood properties intends to put that - - they said that they respect what the families are saying but they do not condone the theft of the home. the mother say they will continue to stay in the house as they wait for the judge's ruling. >> the chp is asking for a judges help, a driver told officers around 7:15 on the night, someone shot at his black nissan altima, he was the only one in the car the time and he had minor injuries to his hand and shoulder from flying debris. the driver saw the person shooting from another far, chp is asking anyone who saw anything in that area to give them a call. a man cycle
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treated after being shot in the shoulder. a man on a bike was going by the owners backyard, and shot the dog for no apparent reason. the suspect is described as latino, late teens to early 20s, wearing a black hooded jacket, dark pants, and riding a dark- colored bike >> a family's home - - a family received a 20,000 by a reporter burned down. and the family had the last of their belongings stolen from the car. they are still considering moving out of the area altogether. family says they are. >> five we
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are learning more about the anti-semitic materials found in the suspect's car. >> and a last chance for fire victims. the important deadline tomorrow for those affected by the wildfires. go dry weather returned to the bay area and is expected to last. i have more details after the break. >> a person who hates to hear another person suffer, or multiple people suffer. [ electrical buzzing ] [ dramatic music ]
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ahhhh! -ahhhh! elliott. you came back!
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five people were stabbed in that attack, which authorities are now calling a hate crime. they will be going any very menacing, omnipresent truck. >> jewish people in new york find that necessary after a rampage, grafton thomas bursting with a machete, and step five people including the rabbi's son. they chased the man out, and got his license plate
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investigators found disturbing evidence in his car a journal statement he also researched jewish temples online. >> these papers show the ramblings of a disturbed individual. >> governor andrew cuomo labeled it an active terrorism. there has been one anti-semitic attack each day, a man in traditional clothing was punched in the face in brooklyn and some of be a jewish mother over the head with a bag. a suspect from a third case is back on the n enough of a threat to be held before trial, she is accused of punching and yelling slurs at three women. the family claims thomas is not part of a hate group, but he developed bipolar disorder and
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schizophrenia. his mother could only do so much to get him help. >> he has always been a gentle giant. >> investors have not commented on reports that thomas is also being investigated in connection to another stabbing in a synagogue in the same town, last month. while fire victims have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to file a claim against pg&e. that includes last year's campfire, the wine country fires, and the beautifier. be submitted , or on six pg&e claims service centers. originally you had until the 31st to file claims but the
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deadline was extended. temperatures are cooling off, after a relatively mild day. it warmed up into the 60s this afternoon and we could see a repeat for tomorrow with dry conditions. was the clear skies, 43 degrees in santa rosa, and san francisco is holding at 50 degrees for 46 in oakland, 40s in livermore, 46 over san jose, wind is light and calm. hayward, san jose, livermore and half moon bay all report calm conditions with a gentle breeze, and there's a look at the cloud free sky, at the moment we have a north flow in place. if i go back just a bit more you can see the high pressure that is in control of the west. that will continue into the coming days. we are looking dry into the weekend with that storm track looking a little further north. northern california is expect to get some here and there, some
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showers, clouds spilling over the ridge of high pressure, this system actually brought us some rain on sunday and snow as well. some spots saw half an inch to an inch, recorded over the north bay over petaluma, almost eight tenths of an inch. even more than that in some areas. san francisco came in at 551 hundredths. oakland airport ported here is a look at where we stand october 1st, anywhere from 50% to 100% of average. it will turn mostly clear into the afternoon. over the evening hours, we are ingreat shape for the stroke of midnight. northern california does pick up a little bit of rain and for
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us, increasing cloud cover. cool upper 30s to upper 40s, for the afternoon we will get back into the upper 50s and lower 60s, mostly sunny skies, into the extended forecast, temperatures don't change a lot. fortys by 9:00 or so, low 40s for folks out celebrating the new year. and here is a look at the extended forecast, upper 50s and lower 60s throughout, partly cloudy skies into the weekend. tomorrow you are out and about. celebration. a science teacher to flip - -
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to addressing the issues. >> the ball is 12 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 12,000 pounds. the calbears went bowling today in their own backyard. up next, mark will have all of the highlights and we will look at who could come away with the win. with advil liqui-gels,
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the bold game garage. in the bay area today, rolled over. >> you hang out in berkeley a
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lot. >> i do. >> good stuff. they didn't get to travel a big distance. the red box bowl will forever game that helped dominate today. chase garbers put on a nice show on a 97-yard drive to complete it. also rushing 20 yards and a touchdown that made it 21-10. touchdown, running another score in, 35-20 is your final big reasons to party after.
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[ cheering & applause ] [ crowd noise ] >> they said this is bear territory seven times. russell wilson had a shot at the end zone. his first sketch of the year put him down at two. and the human wall, he makes the play that saves the day. home- field advantage for the nfc west. >> they are pushing and fighting, playing until the
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clock hit zero. >> adding a little college hoop to the hilltop. the dons go down, in fact they were down by three in the final moments of regulation. this comes for three, they had the momentum going into overtime. three at 17 points to beat the crisp crimson. they go 81 over usf. and in case you missed it over the weekend, take a look at the victorious game-winner. the gatorade bath didn't seem to go over that well.
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they got it. a nice tackle. he decides to tackle the guy that doused him. that is called. >> happy 't talk black to m" "it's inappropriate b" how do you even talk black? like, end words with "izzle"? alex: it's talk back, you idiot. oh. "act more like an adult." what does "act more like an adult" even mean? [ laughing ] look at you. you're soaked. that is so lame! you're the one who wanted to do it! what are you two doing? i picked up one of those water weasels. you hook it on the end of the hose and it flies around in the air. a weasel. [ laughing ] yeah, look at how awesome. he's so wet. i put the weasel in my pants. [ laughing ] he totally did! dork. is there a reason why my window is wet? hmm, very difficult to say. um, i don't know. what's wrong?


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