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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  January 1, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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steve silver back in 1974 for what was supposed to be a 6 week run. >> reports of at least two babies born in the bay area just minutes in the new year. the first was born at 12:05 at kaiser permanente medical center in san leandro. a warning for beachgoers. we will let you know about the large rakers striking the sonoma county coastline. a chilly start to the new decade, how some ice skaters in the new area are starting the first day of 2020. sums where it is the cure to any hangover. this morning, we are sipping a classic on this national bloody mary day. grab a cup of joe and sit back and relax. it is january 1st, 2020. how about that? a new year and a new decade up and running. a phenomenal day outside, here is a live look out at the golden gate bridge, 7:46, welcome to the nine, pretty uneventful. we had an early rise today on the nine, claudine is here for
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us, i think i did a little toaster on 5:00 last night and went to bed early. what about you? >> no, i was out. you have to start the new year. >> did you bring it today since he missed last night? >> i like new year's, spending time with family. it is good. >> i know people who spent time out past midnight. if you were out early and missed the fireworks, no worries. here is a peek. skies pretty clear last night in san francisco for that firework show along the embarcadero. thousands of people, coming together to watch really what was about a 15 minute show. very thankful that the fog was not in town. this view is even better, this is a view from the top of 555 california street, the fog rolled in just before midnight, just a sliver but it cleared out so everyone could see those
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beautiful fireworks over san francisco bay. with this new year a lot of people are making, of course, those new year's resolutions. are you one of them? sarah stuck to finance, right? that is a great idea. >> how my supports am i supposed to afford living in the bay area? my new year's resolution is about saving money's. let's talk about what you can expect if you head out the door. right now there is a high surf advisory in effect. it went into effect about 2 minutes ago. this is something to be aware of, i know a lot of people have this day off and they want to enjoy the beaches. best advice, stay far away from the beaches. don't go inside the water, don't get too close, large
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breaking waves can wash people off the beaches, they can capsize a small boat, rip currents are a dangerous issue. stay out of the water, stay off the rocks until 9:00 tomorrow. be aware that. here is a look at the current temperatures right now on this new year's day. 48 degrees in oakland, 46 right now in san jose, san francisco, 50 degrees to get this morning started, 50 in concord, fairfield, 45 degrees. we are going to warm up just a bit throughout the bay area today. we are expecting the highs to be anywhere from the upper 50s to low to mid 60s. we are waking up this morning to patchy fog and partly cloudy skies. here is a look at your five-day forecast, temperatures today, we are expecting to be anywhere from the 50s to low 60s across the bay area. scattered clouds will linger into today. we are expecting a possibility for some rain friday night, into saturday morning. i will talk more about that in my next forecast. see you in just a bit.
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san francisco police investigated a shooting right near the new year's celebration at fort mason. police were called to franklin and bay street at 9:35 last night. they found two men who had been shot. cell phone videos were posted on the citizen app, police, cordoning off the area. this morning there is no word yet about a motive for the attack. police say the gunman remains at large. new at 9:00, extra officers targeted
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drunk drivers and people who fired guns during the new year. officers may 26 traffic stop, nine people were arrested on charges including stealing a car, firing a gun into the air, and possession of firearms. seven people were also cited for various infractions, two guns were recovered during patrols, and four vehicles were towed. american forces are pushing back against protest at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. that is after a group of protesters swarmed the embassy for the second time in one night. >> reporter: an additional 100 u.s. marines are now on the ground while 750 soldiers from fort north carolina have just been deployed. we have also learned roughly several thousand people have been told to be ready for deployment. helicopters dropped flares as a show of force. this is the second day of unrest outside of the embassy. security was enforced to fire tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd overnight. witnesses say protesters tried to climb the walls but never gained access to the compound. they did throw rocks at the main building and were also seen setting fires near the
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main entrance. militia leaders eventually calling on the hundreds of demonstrators to leave, but many are camped outside of the embassy. all of the unrest starting tuesday, after the funerals for 25 fighters from an iran-backed militia who were killed in a u.s. airstrike on sunday. u.s. military officials say the air strikes were in retaliation to last week's rocket attack. president trump is blaming iran for orchestrating the protests and says they are influencing supporters to target u.s. troops in the region. >> i want to have peace, i like it. >> reporter: ron is denying the accusation, they spoke out and condemned the airstrike, blaming the u.s. and calling on trips to leave the region. >> if you were logical which you are not, you would see the people of the countries in this region hate you. you, american, committed
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crimes. >> reporter: u.s. officials say there are no plans to evacuate diplomats from baghdad at this point. five people were arrested for criminal damage or vandalism, some demonstrators hurled molotov cocktails and other debris at police during the march. officers used tear gas and pepper spray to drive off demonstrators. 6500 people, some as young as 12 have been arrested. >> a vigil will be held today for oscar grant, he was shot and killed on new year's day, 2009. it goes from noon until four clock in the afternoon, community leaders and activists are expected to join the family and friends at today's event. 11 years ago, police were responding to a report for a fight at the station when they detained grant. the officer said he was reaching for his taser, but
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mistakenly pulled out his gun. and, shot grant, killing him. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, but served less than a year in jail. the lawyer for the man accused of stabbing a teenager to death on a platform on the macarthur bart station is requesting a change of venue for the trial. he filed a motion in court this week, requesting to move the trial out of the county. she says persistent news coverage of the case has swayed potential jurors. he is charged with murder and attempted murder for allegedly stabbing wilson and her sister a year and a half ago. oakland police are looking for the person who stole a laptop at a starbucks in the montclare district. the robber then hopped into a getaway car and took off. the victim decided to chase the robber, grabbed the handle of that car door, and was dragged. eventually the victim hit his head and suffered vertical
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injuries. he was taken to a hospital where he later died. a woman heard what had happened and decided to bring flowers to the scene. >> it makes me feel sad. this is somebody's father, somebody's son, brother. a member of our community. >> police are talking to witnesses and reviewing security footage to try and identify the robber. investigators also say there may have been another person in that getaway car. will have more on that story coming up at 9:30. >> a firefighter is recovering after being injured this morning. crews were able to put out that fire quickly, they do not believe anyone was inside the home. firefighters did rescue a dog from the backyard there were some frightening moments when a firefighter was rushed to the hospital after a fall. >> a mayday was called by one of our firefighters because another firefighter had fallen
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down into the basement. that firefighter was rapidly extricated from the basement. we do know he spoke to his family, himself. he is awake and talking. >> investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. coming up next right here on mornings on 2 at nine, paying more to operate in a state. we will let you know about the marijuana businesses that are filling pressure because of a new law. plus, the 5 1/2 mile rose parade is underway. up next we are tracking the annual spectacle down south in pasadena.
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happening now, the rose parade is underway in pasadena. it kicked off at 8:00 this morning, and 40 floats are now rolling down the 5 1/2 mile route. this year, a teenager is serving as one of the rose parade honorees. she is a liver transplant recipient and an advocate for organ donation. she is riding atop the donate life float that she also helped decorate. the trump administration is expect it to announce a ban on most flavored e-cigarette pods. this would be on closed cartridges containing vaping liquids popular among younger users. it will not include menthol or tobacco flavored pods. this move is seen as a bit of a compromise between the trump
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administration officials who want to curb teen use, and campaign officials who are worried about the impact of job losses in the vaping industry. owners of legal marijuana dispensaries are fuming over the increase of cannabis taxes in california. the still in effect today. the recreational pot shop in sacramento says it pays page $120,000 a month in combined state and city texas. california is raising the fee from 60% to 80%, cultivation fees are going up for cannabis plants, flowers, and leaves. pot stores say the higher cost are driving users to the black market which leads to more problems. they say the state is losing out on revenue and say black- market products are cheaper than legal marijuana because they are not tested for toxins. >> some time ago the state came to us and said they wanted to decrease the taxes because of the increase in the black- market sales. intern they have come to us with an additional tax increase. >> i new law prevents passengers in limos, taxes, and other commercial vehicles from consuming cannabis although they can still consume alcohol.
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the minimum wage is increasing today, statewide, and in more than a dozen bay areas cities. state wages go up to $12 an hour for businesses with 26 or fewer employees. and, $13 an hour for employers with more than 26. the wage will also go up a dollar an hour every year until the year 2023 when all employers will be required to pay their employees at least $15 an hour. today, 13 bay areas cities and petaluma and san jose are raising their minimum wage to at least $15 per hour. a lot allows you to know what personal information has been gathered on you in the past year. and
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you can demand the information be deleted. experts say there are some loopholes out there, businesses do not have to delete your data if there is a legal requirement to save it. companies who break this new state law face a fine of $7500 per violation. starting today, californians can start enforcing new efficiency standards for light bulbs. the rules will plan standard light bulbs, leds cost more but state officials say they last longer. these 60 watt standards go in effect for the rest of the country as well. california and 14 other states including d.c. challenged the reversal in november, saying the roll back was illegal. adding that it would boost energy costs and generate tons of carbon dioxide, annually. >> another new state law requires all new homes to have rooftop solar panels. residential buildings will be required to be constructed with
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solar panels on the roofs. california is the first state in the country to require solar panels on new homes. it is estimated the new requirement will add about $10,000 to the cost of a home. in several bay area cities, new laws are aimed at reducing the use of natural gas and homes. berkeley and san jose are prohibiting natural gas appliances in new single-family homes, and residential buildings up to 3 stories. menlo park is restricting the use of natural gas for heating but is allowing gas stoves. san mateo is not banning the use of natural gas appliances, but is requiring high energy efficiency standards for buildings. their heads up to commuters who take public transportation, b.a.r.t. is increasing fares, this is part of a program that increases b.a.r.t. prices every other year, they will go up an average of 5.4%. the shortest rides will go up $.10. most riders will pay an additional $.50 for all one-way trips, that means adult trans bay fares will be $6 with youth, disabled, and seniors paying $3 across the bay, and there will be no discount for using clipper cards on this trend day trip. clipper card discounts will continue. fare increases will
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help pay its share of money owed on the sale of the transit center. today is the first day for smart trends. the agency will now run trains every 32 minutes between larkspur and the sonoma county airport. new stations opened three weeks ago, and this new schedule is designed to make transfers from the san francisco ferry. the plan is to send service north by the end of 2021. it is going to cost more to ride cable cars starting today. fares will now be $8 for adults which is up $1. they say this bear increases crucial to running and improving the transportation system so it can continue to give riders a safe and reliable service. coming up next, making a big mistake with mother nature. coming up in the next half- hour, why you should never turn
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your back on the ocean, especially when the waves are huge. a chilly start to the new year for some ice skaters, but by choice. why they have traded in coats for swimsuits.
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welcome back, it is a very popular tradition based on canadian tradition, right in san francisco. ice skaters, flock to union square to kick off the new year in their bathing suits. it is called the polar bear skate, and the best dressed
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are actually rewarded. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> so, the ice rink in general, look i have been there every year since it has been around. how was it this year in regards to people? >> another amazing year, this is our 12th year, and it just keeps growing every year. it is one of the most highly attended ice rink's in north america. in the usa, poll last year i think we were at number 3. it keeps growing. >> what separates it from everyone else? >> quite a few things, it does not get better than being right there in the heart of san francisco. you've got union square -- >> buildings and hotels -- >> -- everything is so big and wonderful. you have to get your tickets online, you can't hardly get them on site. we are sold out nearly every session of every day during the holiday season. but today, we have this.
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>> this is on your screen at home. we are talking bathing suits and ice-skating. it is called the polar bear skate, what is this? the 12 here? >> 12 year. >> where does this come from? >> it is like the canadian tradition where you take the polar bear plunge and cut the hole in the ice. here you put on your favorite bathing suit attire, some of the costumes are wacky, some are sexy, but you try to be creative to win some of the great prizes. because we have tickets to come back to the ice rink. >> i don't know anyone who did this, have you done this? >> i did. >> what was your experience like? >> it was cold. [ laughter ] >> it is definitely a wake-up call. >> it is. to a lot of people it is an annual holiday tradition to start your year on the ice rink, there at union square. got some great prizes. >> okay, prizes. let's go third-place. >> third-place, you get tickets to come back to the ice rink. you get the photo package, and you get a $50 gift certificate at john's grill. if you have not been to john's grill, this makes >> let me ask you about this,
9:24 am
is this based on like your quadruple jump? >> no, on your creativity. >> your bathing suit attire? >> yes, how creative you got with your costume. appearance, and how well the crowd likes your costume. >> crowd participation. >> second prize you get some tickets for cirque du soleil. you get the tickets to come back to the rink and you also get a gift certificate to macy's. >> okay. >> and then on first prize, you get four tickets, you get $100 macy's gift certificate, and it has some other fun things thrown in there. >> people want to go down there, do you have to pay to skate in your bathing suit? >> you do. >> okay. >> you have to enter, the entries will start lining up about
9:25 am
1:00, today, and 2:00 we kick things off from 2:00 to 3:30 is the contest, it is something like you have never seen before. >> 90 minutes of skating in your bathing suits, in union square on the ice? >> we went to john's grill. >> yes, what is going on? >> years ago people started asking their partner for their hand in marriage. >> okay. >> so now, there is a club of people who have been -- done their vows on the ice, they go to john's grill after polar bear skate. >> sounds good. >> all of these married couples, and skate in polar bear and then go to john's grill, of course, john's grill is an iconic place, it is so much fun. christie has put together this whole thing, and -- >> maybe we will get a proposal today? >>
9:26 am
may be. >> people actually fall too. that will be a cold start to the new year. >> it is but it is fun. >> happy new year. 2:30 to 3:30, down there at the ice rink in union square. >>, early, it will fill up. >> good point, thank you. claudia, we send it back to you. >> a lot of fun. earlier this morning a lot of people wearing only their swimsuits took a plunge in the ocean off of san francisco's beach. the olympic club sponsors the annual dip on new year's day, it is a tradition that started back in 1894. it starts with a run in the early morning, some exercises on the beach to warm up, and then this happens. you can see it, they run on into the freezing cold water, they do it multiple times. >> it was the most fun i have ever had on new year's day. >> fun. a lot of fun. >> yes, it is good to be out here. >> all right, between 150 and 200 people turned out for the run and dip this morning. coming up on mornings on 2 at 9:00, wounded in a senseless attack. in the next half-hour we talk about the investigation into a dog who was shot in the playing in his owner's front yard in menlo park plus, investigators are still looking for an suv that plunged into the water in san
9:27 am
mateo county. we will tell you how the weather conditions could impact that search.
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world.
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connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. happening now, a warning for beachgoers is still in effect this morning. the national weather service issued a each hazard warning yesterday afternoon for the coast line between monterey county, which means rip currents, large short breaks are expected until 9:00 tonight. larger swell today are expected to produce rakers up to 22 feet.
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keep an eye on children and never turn your back on the ocean. take a look at this. you can see if you look down on those rocks, a beach goer, caught up by a monster wave in santa cruz. the giant wave takes over and he is overcome by a second one and falls into the bay. he had to be rescued by cal- fire and state park rangers. dangerous conditions out there in the pacific today, will likely prevent the search for an suv that plunged into the waters of the san mateo county coast. a witness reported a dark- colored suv going over a cliff on monday morning. the hp says there is confirmation that a car entered the water because of tire tracks at the scene along with video. apparently a still photo
9:31 am
showing what happened exists as well. the highways and chances of finding anyone alive were minimal at the time, search crews could not look for the vehicle yesterday because of the treacherous conditions out there in the pacific. let's go over for a look at the weather on this first day of 2020. hi, sarah. >> it is still kind of gray behind you, in oakland. still a little gray at sfo too. we have a live picture of sfo, you can see the blanket of fog hanging overhead. some parts of the bay area, the fog has started to burn off. partly cloudy morning we were seeing, some of the clouds are starting to lift just a little bit. we are expecting to have a mostly sunny day later on this afternoon. then those clouds will come back into our area for tonight. here is a look at the current temperatures at 9:31 a.m. on new year's day. 49 degrees to get you out the door in oakland, 50 degrees in hayward, 51, san francisco, 45,
9:32 am
redwood city. ty 46, san jose. and in santa rosa, 47 degrees. if you have any plans on heading to the mountains, south lake tahoe, shaping up to be about 45 degrees, mostly cloudy today. if you want to wait until after all of the crazy new year's eve celebrations and you are heading up today for the weekend here is a look at the forecast. we are expecting temperatures, lows in the 20s, highs in the mid 40s to 50s. we are expecting some rain to reach our area friday night into saturday morning. here is a look at the futurecast, as we will kind of jump through. you can see by saturday morning, san francisco will pick up a little rain, also in the north bay we are expecting to see showers as well. this is a weak system. it is not going to produce widespread rain across the area. just something to be aware of as you wake up saturday morning, or if you are out really late on friday night. here is a look at the five-day forecast, it stays pretty consistent through the next couple of days, we are expecting scattered clouds today. highs in the bay area
9:33 am
about 50s and 60s. really taking us through the weekend, into that friday night, saturday morning system that we are tracking. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. mike, back to you. >> thank you, turning to a developing story out of the east bay. a memorial is growing in the montclare a hood of oakland, where a man was killed trying to chase the person who had just stolen his laptop. elissa harrington is live outside the starbucks cafe where the incident began. >> reporter: good morning, such a sad story, i just spoke with a woman who told me she was sitting next to the victim just before this happened. she said they were sitting in the window, she was talking on her phone, when she left it was only minutes later that she saw the crime scene tape up, and all of the emergency vehicles. around the corner there was
9:34 am
a base made from a starbucks glass that held a single flower. somebody also placed stones and red twigs at the spot where that man died. marking that place. now, this happened yesterday just after 11:30 a.m. in the montclare village. witnesses say that a man was working on his laptop inside the starbucks on mountain boulevard, somebody walked in, swiped the computer and ran to a waiting car around the corner. the victim chased after them. >> there was a vehicle that was waiting for the suspect, who got into the vehicle with the laptop. the victim continued to try and get the laptop back, and at that time, in the 6100 block of antioch, the victim was critically injured. >> he just ran away, and then i saw a young man lying next to a white suv. he was very badly hurt. >> reporter: people nearby tried to help the victim, an oakland fire crew happened to be in the neighborhood and provided first aid on scene, but the victim succumbed to his injuries. police spent time gathering surveillance video and talk
9:35 am
to several witnesses. i spoke with the coroner's office this morning, they tell me they are not releasing the name of the victim at this time because they are still in the process of notifying family members. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a teenager, critically injured on christmas night remains in an induced coma at eden medical center in castro valley. last night people turned out for a vigil for 16-year-old jared reynoso. three other teenagers were killed in the crash, including his cousin 's, twin brothers. the twins mother, who was jared's aunt, spoke at the vigil on behalf of his mother, who has not left his side at the hospital. >> what she wants you all to know is that he is the best big brother my boys could have ever had. jared wanted to be a professional football player. his dream was to play at ohio
9:36 am
state. and from there, play for the raiders or seahawks. >> jared is a defensive line man on the logan high school football team. he was on his way to receiving a football scholarship. for the first time we are hearing from the owner of a dog who was shot and wounded in a senseless attack. rainbow, the 4-year-old people who has a launched bullet in his belly, he was playing in his front yard in menlo park last sunday night when somebody rode up on a mountain bike, and shot him. the gunshot hit his shoulder, penetrated his body, and ended up in his stomach. >> cruel world, cruel people in that world. how could you do that to an innocent little animal? they can't even stand up for themselves. >> his owner is raising money to pay for surgery to remove the bullet, his owner says his dog is protective but would not hurt anyone.
9:37 am
tesla, facing a lawsuit in federal court blaming a racism at its fremont plant. a federal judge rejected the effort to dismiss the claims made by two former employees. reuters is reporting that the man said there were swastikas drawn on the bathroom. according to court documents, they say they did not hesitate to address it. >> there are concerns about drug laced with fentanyl on oakland streets. the deaths of two men may be linked to cocaine laced with fentanyl. police are responding to more calls for overdoses, in san francisco, health officials say opioid overdose is the leading
9:38 am
cause of death. reuters is reporting that pfizer is expected to increase the prices of more than 50 drugs, that includes a cancer treatment drug that is likely to bring in $5 billion for the company. the company said the average increase will be about 5 1/2%. glaxo smith kline will reportedly raise prices on more than 30 drugs from 1% to 5%. president trump has made the call and is deploying more u.s. servicemembers to the east. >> reporter: dozens of protesters are still camped out at the main gate.  angered by u.s. airstrikes on iranian-backed fighters in iraq. >> translator: we are here holding the sitting for the souls of our martyrs. >> reporter: iraq, is caught
9:39 am
in the middle. president trump says iran is directing the militias to target the u.s. troops and other assets in the region. he has deployed 270 paratroopers in response to the embassy attack. with the possibility of another 3000 in the coming days. >> i want to have peace, i like peace. around should want peace more than anyone. >> reporter: ron is living the increase in military tensions, and demanding u.s. troops leave the area. >> if you were logical and you are not, you would see that the people in this country hate you. you, american, committed crimes. >> reporter: it may also to manage damage relations between the u.s. and iran. >> they want to make it appear that the united states is the enemy of iraq. >> reporter: the air force
9:40 am
will be ready to deploy for the region by the end of the week. ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. army is banning the use of tiktok on government issued funds. the are married -- the defense departments roughly 23,000 employees were told to remove the app. the u.s. navy issued a similar ban early this month. more than one dozen state laws going into effect today involve gun restrictions. starting today people cannot buy a gun in california if they are prohibited but from buying guns and other states. starting on september 1st, an employer, coworker, or teacher can see what is called a gun
9:41 am
violence restraining order. another law says that law enforcement officers can fire their weapon only when it is necessary in the defense of human life. the police shooting of stephan clark in sacramento helped to spark these changes under the new rules, officers can be severely disciplined for inappropriate use of force. there are also new laws aimed at dealing with california's housing crisis. one law will make it harder for local governments to slow down projects with fees and public hearings. another law will make it easier for homeowners to build accessory dwelling units, also known as in the units. coming up next on mornings on 2 at 9:00, the final performance for beach blanket babylon. in minutes, who showed up to mark that last show. also, saying goodbye to 29, a cheer for the hangover you might have this morning. up next we are making some bloody marys for national bloody mary day. what'd we decide on the flyers again?
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at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more. the california board of fire protection has certified a new program that will help minimize wildfire risk as tom vacar reports, they will also ensure the highest levels of environmental and habitat protection. >> reporter: is called the
9:45 am
california vegetation treatment program. a huge step in fuel clearing to reduce the fire danger on at least a half million acres of state land, each and every year. >> the number of acres we are trying to achieve treatment upon has doubled, and i think we are going to get there in short order. >> reporter: this all began earlier this year when the governor railed against the both frequency and intensity of fires, as well as pg&e's many public safety outages. >> we are seeing the scale and scope of something that no state in the 21st century should experience. what has happened is unacceptable. >> reporter: they have earmarked tens of millions of dollars to fast-track 35 forest management clearing projects, including the north firebreak where low-lying brush and grasses were eliminated to prevent a fire from climbing up into the trees, there by setting off wind-driven, rapid fire spreading hails of burning
9:46 am
embers. most of the projects are now complete. >> they are going to extend that effort in other portions of the state. >> they think this will save lives, and property, and hopefully be able to sleep a little better. >> reporter: field breaks plus serious brush reduction near housing developments as well as restoring wildlife habitat to the area before we refuse to ever allow habitats to burn, and another rule. >> what is natural for california. when we control it, it is even better. now we are so urban we really need to put breaks in the fires. >> reporter: nonetheless, again last month, president trump echoed an old refrain get california's governor on wildfires. >> it is so bad, the governor does not know. he is like a child. he does not know what he is doing. >> reporter: the fact is, the federal government which controls more than half of california's woodlands, was responsible for half of
9:47 am
california's acres lost in the last 3 years. even it is now stepping up efforts. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. the bay area holiday tradition of eating freshly caught crab continues on this day. fishman say there are fewer crowds out there in the ocean. crab season was also off to a slow start when it was delayed by one month. they say the cat was pretty good when they started off a couple weeks ago but have seen a big drop since then. it was a packed house for the final performance of the san francisco beach blanket babylon show. 6.5 million people over 45 years have seen the show. known for its huge hats, wigs, and brilliant costumes, it is the longest running musical in the world. governor newsom what among those attending the final performance last night. >> for four decades i have had the privilege of being here. my grandfather taking me here, i had the privilege of taking my kids here. one of the matinees. it is remarkable, remarkable.
9:48 am
>> that show was created by steve silver back in 1974, it was supposed to be a 6-week run. when he passed away in 1995, his wife took over the show, but then last year made the call to close it saying simply it was time. it is the start of a new decade, and it also happens to be national bloody mary day. if you are not quite ready to embrace new year's resolutions, come in dealt with us this morning as we make our own hangover curing bloody mary. we are joined by adam snider, so we've got this little spread laid out here, it sounds like a great way to start the new year. a good bloody mary? >> it is a good way to enjoy brunch. >> is there a wrong way to make the bloody mary? i'm sure there is. >> definitely you can make
9:49 am
mistakes. >> what have we got here? how do we make the perfect one? >> we have our house mix right here. we are going to start by dipping the mug into lemon juice. getting our ring on top with celery salt. >> okay, often. when you find people coming in today to your restaurant, are they for brunch, are they ready for something, what is the favorite, going, besides the bloody mary? >> i would say our deluxe worker is probably number 1. >> they come in for probably lunch, or brunch? the lunch side? if you're going to get a burger. burger and bloody mary goes good together, right? >> good for a hangover. right. >> right. >> we take our eyes, now, philip fill up the glass. >> how many will you sell today? >> i would say a couple hundred at each location? >> are there any other popular drinks? >> i would say the mimosa.
9:50 am
>> all right, good. >> get your vodka. >> how much are we putting in? >> 2 ounces. about 1 inch up. >> good? >> yes, you are good. at your lemon juice. >> okay, my lemon juice. get it in there. >> and then we got your bloody mary mix, here. >> all right. >> not all the way to the topic you want to leave room for the garnishes. >> when you call it the hangover cure, do people like it stronger ? oopsie. >> yes, the stronger the better. we have the bloody mary bar so you can pick all of these garnishes on your own. >> what do you like to put in there? >> the more the better. >> there is a whole theme here. the more the better. >> that is the truth. olives, pepperoncini, caper. >> all right.
9:51 am
>> sometimes you need two skewers. it is not enough. >> all right, what are your new year's resolutions for your two restaurants as we head in, here? >> we are trying to be bigger, better, always providing hospitality for our customers. >> i don't even know how to get that in there. >> just laid over the top. >> laid over the top [ laughter ]. you know, and then if you have your perfect meal, someone says i want to come down to brunch, today, what is your favorite meal? bloody mary, burger? >> i would say bloody mary and start with a couple appetizers to share with a friend. i usually go for the deluxe burger. >> deluxe burger, all right. >> cheers. >> cheers, happy new year. thank you for coming in. adam, thank you. mike, are you going to join us? >> we still have about 9 minutes left ear. coming up, the big things happening in hollywood this year. a chance to kick off 2020 in
9:52 am
nature. hikes happening in the bay area and across the state. trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster. let obamacare implode. nurse: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've been a nurse in new york for thirty years. i know the difference leadership can make because i saw what mike bloomberg did as mayor. vo: mayor bloomberg helped lower the number of uninsured by 40%, covering 700,000 more new yorkers, life expectancy increased. he helped expand health coverage to 200,000 more kids and upgraded pediatric care---
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they say it can happen in an instance. what about first
9:55 am
dance? can it lead them to love? >> what are you going to say? >> premieres at 8:00 on fox 2. the new year is bringing new challenges for the 2020 democratic candidates. >> the candidates are facing a real time crunch. >> reporter: getting around iowa this time of year is not always easy. but, for 2020 candidates, there is nothing but warmth, here. >> i am so glad to be here, it feels like family. so much so i brought my husband. where are you? there he is! >> reporter: in fact, they are they all are and i will, or almost anyone, is.
9:56 am
everyone seems to be asking the same question. >> how many tickets out of iowa are there? >> reporter: kenny second or third place finisher in iowa go on to be a major contender? some say, a number of tickets. >> i think there have been some of the candidates in it, and actually candidates that are remaining in it even though they have very low percentages, that it makes it a little different situation because they might pick up a few people here and there. >> the second question has some real unknowns right now. chief among them, may be impeachment. and the wildcard prospect of an extended senate trial. something that could take a number of 2020 democratic contenders off the road and out of iowa. it could lead to a scenario where candidates like joe biden and pete buttigieg continue to battle it out in iowa while all of the senators seeking the nomination including top candidates bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are rerouting to the trial. who knows how might long that
9:57 am
might last. >> you even have people like michael bennet, cory booker, who might have to sit there, literally silent because those are the rules of the senate. if there is anything somebody running for president hates, it is having to be silent. >> reporter: the capital may be silent today also, this could be the calm before the storm. in washington, fox news. volkswagen is saying farewell to his iconic beatle after seven decades. the carmaker released a commercial called the last mile. the last beatle actually rolled off the assembly line at a plant in mexico back in july. the company says they are discontinuing that famous car because they are going to build a new electric vehicle, and are going towards rolling zero- emission cars. today californians can stay in shape while checking out some of the scenic spots in the state. the public is advised to start the new year by checking out nature. regional spots include angel island state park, the state park in pescadero, and salt point state park in jeddah.
9:58 am
activities include hiking near redwood, looking at wildlife or taking a stroll along the beach. this is part of the first day hikes program where people are encouraged to visit parks in their state. a new series starring justin bieber and adele leads the top for the decades. >> you want to start by talking about the last 4 years? >> reporter: justin bieber is giving fans a look at his life through a new docuseries on the platform where it all started, youtube. premieres january 27th. it spans the top few years for the 25-year-old popstar from his marriage to getting back in the studio. adele things her way into 2020
9:59 am
meeting the top 10 albums of the past decade. the recording industry association of america lists her collections 21 and 25 in the lead. rounding out the top five are taylor swift, 1989, and red, and drake's view. steve harvey goes from ringing in the new year on fox 2 returning to the nfl honors on february 1st. the "associated press" announced the annual award for players, performances, and plays from the season. the two hour ceremony is set in miami, and heirs the night before the super bowl, right here on fox. in hollywood, fox news. someone is definitely celebrating today. we have reports of at least two babies in the bay area, born minutes into the new year. it looks like the first baby was born at kaiser medical facility, at 12:05 this morning, a baby boy. another baby boy was born at 12:10. >> that is a way to start off the new year.
10:00 am
>> happy new year everyone. if you are packing up and you want to go skiing, there is a picture there. >> thank you for joining us. ♪ >> wendy: how you doin'? now, here's wendy! [cheers and applause] >> wendy: thank you and welcome. michaeos


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