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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 11, 2020 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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i couldn't ask for anything better than this. >> 49ers fever spreading with the defeat of the minnesota vikings. >> i believe in our team, our coaching staff, and i believe in what we can do, and i believe, you know, we're going all the way. >> that thriller beating the
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putting the bay area pro team one step closer to the ultimate prize in the game of football. here so to break down the game is scott least. scott, a step in the right direction. to say the least. >> a big step in the right direction. all right. so the stage was set. first playoff game at levi's. number one seed in the ffc. all the 49ers had to do was play their game. and you know what? that's exactly what they did. hosting the vikings, capacity crowd. fired up for football on a beautiful saturday afternoon. first drive of the game, jimmy garoppolo, play action, hits kendrick bourne in the back of the end zone to make it 7-0. jimmy g didn't do a ton in this game, but he didn't have to. well, he handed it off a bunch. there is coleman. first of two touchdowns for him. the niners rushed 47 times for
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186 yards. just awesome on the ground. fourth quarter, the finishing touch, courtesy of anything bosa, sacking kirk cousins. the niners roll in the divisional round. hey, return the ball, stop the run? that is a recipe for success. >> as far as an offensive line, it's an offensive lineman's dream right there, just come off the ball, run the ball, physical, and score. >> it's pretty fun. you have that defensive line that we have, it's scary, you know, and we knew we had to stop dalvin and the run game, and knew if we could game we wo have it. >> thought the team that would get over 30 runs would win this game, and looked at that as a team goal. when you see the way the
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defense is it so much easithat, and our whole of fed off of it. >> run the ball, control the clock. niner football. and the defense, andre, back to what we saw the first half of the regular season, absolutely elite. fantastic? >> so tomorrow we have the packers playing seattle. what's the better match-up? obviously i think it might be seattle, only because you have a little rivalry with them. >> look, if seattle wins that game, just imagine the story lines. it's going to be the most overhyped nfc championship game in maybe a decade, given that the teams are rivals. they have played each other twice. both games just crazy, down to the wire. remember what the niners did to the packers during the regular season. they blew the doors off of green bay, so there will be some angry folks if it's aaron projection company, and aaron rodgers, cal guy coming back to
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the bay. so a lot of story lines. a sold out crowd was there to witness it all today. allison rodriguez was at the stadium in santa clara today with the reaction from fans after the big game. >> reporter: if you've ever wondered what almost 70,000 happy niners fans look like, here it is. one fan saying the team's season has been a pleasant surprise. >> oh, to this point, i don't think we expected that at all. don't think any of us expected 13-3. >> reporter: it was a thrilling game for 49ers fans who came out on top, but fans of both teams dale gated and celebrated long before kickoff. >> we're fine. we're representing, too. >> reporter: ns coming together from all over california to cheer on the team. >> it's 49ers, i mean, great, and they're going to be great
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again. hate to say we had our low time, but we're back on top. >> reporter: they came in all ages, too, and they showed up their niners gear. everyone in red, on the same page, now is our time. >> niners! ette all about the niners this year! >> that defense came up big- time today! >> and i believe in our team, our coaching staff, what we can do, and i believe we're going all the way. >> reporter: the vikings had 10-6 going into the game, but no one here seemed to think this game would be a challenge. >> oh, no, not at all. the vikings? they're weak. >> reporter: these fans would rather see them plea the seahawks or the packers?? it was no contest. >> i would ed would be great to play the seahawks at home. >> you know what? give us seahawks. we've going some to prove.
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>> reporter: we will have to see who that next opponent will be. we do know the game is going to be here next sunday. kickoff is at 3:40 p.m., and scan a clara police are already advising people that traffic will be an issue, so you have about a week to make a game plan. >> let's head a few miles up the road now. you're looking at san francisco city hall. you see it there. the niners spirit. they're all lit up, showing love for the team right now. be sure to tune in to ktvu tomorrow. that's when we find out who the 49ers will play in the nfc title game. the packers and seahawks tomorrow, coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. right here on ktvu. we have an update on the va west oakland tonight. wedge wood properties said it will now offer to pay catholic charities to house the women's group for up to the next two months to give the mothers a
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chance to find a place to live. just yesterday a judge ruled that the women had no right to stay there, and had five days to leave. now the mothers group responded to the offer from wedge wood saying this it is deeply disingenuous for this multimillion dollar corporation to pretend to be concerned about the well-being of black families. their off certain insult. they also said yesterday they are not leaving that home, and are willing to arrested. well, laptop computers have long been a hot item for criminals, and lately it seems theme do about anything to get their handed on one. that was the case when a man was shot for his laptop simply waiting at a bus stop in an oakland area at a bus stop near the berkeley bothered. the victim was one of the lucky ones, he survived. as we have reported before, that is not always the case. we spoke to a man who victim. we have much more on is story from the newsroom.
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greg? >> yeah, this happened in a neighborhood called santa fe just before 9:30 last night, when people the area say they heard a gunshot. >> we heard a loud boom, you know. thought it was probably a fire cracker, and then all of a sudden they said somebody got shot. >> heard guy screaming don't want to die like this, somebody help me. it wasn't worth it. ccall 911. >> reporter: brian vivia, a former paramedic lives nearby, and grabbed his emergency kit to help the victim. >> the guy was on the ground screaming that he had been shot, and kind of holding his right hip. there was no blood or anything on the ground, but he was obviously in a lot of pain. >> like what happened, he was, like, oh, they tried to take my laptop. >> reporter: the victim lives nearby in this building. people here say the unidentified man, said to be in his 20s, and recovering from a wound in the hip.
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counselmon dan call represent this district and said he is pushing for increased police patrols and working to get the department to host more police academies to hire herring. >> we have a vacancy that is almost twice as much as it should be, and i want to keep that vacancy rate down as much as possible. the only way to fill vacancies is to have regular police academies. >> reporter: a man in the montclair district district was killed when chasing someone he accused of stealing his laptop in a starbucks. it's putting people on edge. >> it's crazy. it's really sad it. makes us feel unsafe four neighborhood. >> reporter: opd is aware of the problem, and is trying react appropriately to be more visible, to have more operations, do investigations, to catch these people, but, you of w, we can't -- like i said,
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the time. >> reporter: the councilman says in order to get more officers on the street, the city simply has to inare happen faster than expected, so right now the department has a vacancy rate of 8%. he says 3.5% is considered normal. a $10,000 reward is being offered up for the armed robbers who held up a safeway in palo alto, but these thieves apparently weren't after crash, but drugs. surveillance video capturing the incident just around 12:30 yesterday morning at the location in the mid-town neighborhood. one pulled a handgun, while the other broke the pharmacies glass door and snatched an unknown number of prescription drugs in my opinion third was a lookout. call palo alto police if you have any information that can help find them.
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well, in iran, crowds of people gathering at the capital of tehran to protest the downing of that ukrainian airlines jet. the iranian government last night admitted to mistakenly shooting down that plane, killing the 176 people on board. protesters calling for the country's leadership to resign. president trump tweeted his support for the protesters saying this to the brave long sucherring people of iran, i've stood with you since the beginning of my presidency, and my administration will continue to stand with you. we are following your protests closely, and are inspired by your courage. now, wednesday's crash came hours after strikes on two military bases housing from as in iraq, retribution for the u.s. attack that killed iran's top general, qassem solano. an officer mistook the plane for a hostile target. however, the general in charge
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of air defense is placing the blame on the u.s. >> this is the price of miss chief, turbulence, and actions of the u.s. in the region. that night we were prepared for an all-out conflict. >> ukraine's president said he wants those responsible brought to justice. he is calling for an apology and wants compensation for the victims' families. well, there was more shaking in portis. residents puerto rico. the resources governor gavin newsom is sending to the island tomorrow. and we started out the early morning hours of today with a few sprinklers drizzle. lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon hours, but the chance of a few sprinkles. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. severe storms across the south and midwest being blamed for several death. i have the latest on the deadly conditions coming up.
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a snowstorm moving into oregon tonight. several feet of snow expected to hit the cascade mountains, blankets that region. the winter storm warning in effect until tomorrow. residents are being urged to stay indoors. crews are working 12-hour shifts a round the clock keeping the roads as clear as possible. the national weather service saying each more snow is likely to fall throughout next week. mother nature wreaking havoc close to close tonight, including the es.
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severe storms are being need deaths of 11 people, including two first responders. >> multiple deaths are being blamed on storages sweeping across the deep south on saturday, bringing whipping winds, tornadoes and tore enwere rain. a deadly twister tearing through parts of pickens county, alabama. >> it has been a very devastating storm in that area. >> reporter: the powerful storm causing widespread destruction, flattening homes and spewing debris across the neighborhood. damage captured near northwest louisiana by a drone. a roof was ripped off of a middle school. the storm dumping heavy train in the area. and nearby, a fallen tree slicing through the center of this home, narrowly missing the homeowner. >> i'm fortunate, you know. god saved me. >> reporter: heavy rain also causing severe flooding in central oklahoma. rising waters stranding cars and swallowing cars in
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kingston. folks from jackson, mississippi, also dealing with flooding. officials closing roads to prevent people from driving through enundated areas. sleet and frozen rain making for dangerous driving operations in missouri kansas and texas where icing conditions claimed this lives of first responders working on another crash scene. >> a huge loss for the public safety community here, and it was very unnecessary. if people would respect road conditions, things like this wouldn't have to happen. >> reporter: the dangerous storm is expected to impact parts of the current through sunday. we head down under where another firefighter has died battling the massive wilds in australia. the number of people killed by the fires now has risen to at least 27. firefighters. currently some 123 wildfires are burning in that region, creating a massive covering and some
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high winds are forecast, conditions that could spark even more fires in areas along the south coast. >> with so much fire in the landscape, we are going to continue to see fires getting a run-on, fires flaring up for weeks to come. >> dry inland areas are most at risk here. there was a bit of rain yesterday, but no heavy rain is expected that could help tame the flames. in addition, strong winds and lightning strike views spark understood fires in no south wales and victoria, the most populous states in australia. and the sales of the opera house are lighted in honor of those battling the flames. the fires have been burning since september. we some weak systems here today. in fact, early this morning, lots of clouds and even a few
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spot by light showers, but the rainfall numbers not amounting to much in most areas. you can see san francisco picking up over a 10th of an inch of rain. san jose just barely measurable. we v still have a high surf advisory in place with a powerful northwest swell approaching our coastal caughts. the waves have been building all week long. wave heights could be going up above 1, unabove 15 feet or so for the highest waves across portions of the coastline. here is a satellite. you can see the storm up to our north, up toward the pacific nortto portions of the north bay. looks like we have clear to partly cloudy skies for the rest of the bay area. current numbers, it's cooling off, as you would expect. santa rosa right now, 39 degrees. san francisco 47.
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fremont 43, and san jose in the upper 40s. here is a live camera for your saturday night, looking across to san francisco, where we have a break in the cloud pass and break the rainfall for tonight. now overnight, we'll have the cold numbers, 30s and 40s, partly cloudy skies and some patchy fog. the plan tomorrow, the best chance of some showers, will be to the north of the bay area. you can so we what happens, we increase the clouds throughout the day, so it will be partly to mostly cloudy, and into the afternoon hours, the chance of a shower developing, highest chance would be up in the north bay, as you can see closer to sonoma, closer to around the martin county coastline here, maybe a few sprinkles, and then two sunday night, still that chance across portions of the bay area. here is a storm track that could be active over the comes days. we'll talk more about that and your five-day forecast coming up in a little bit. most democratic candidates
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now to president trump's impeachment in the coming days, house speaker nancy pelosi expected to send those articles of impeachment to the senate. it will signal the start of the
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possible that the senate trailblazers trial could begin as as soon as as the end of this next week, but a lot needs to happen been then. we are told thhouse is expected to hold a vote to send the articles of impeachment to the senate tuesday, possibly wednesday at the latest. that measure will allow the senate to take the steps it needs to startty trial, but ano name the impeachment managers who will prosecute the case against president trump in the senate. a source familiar with the democrats plan tells fox news pelluer pillowcy is expected to have fewer managers than in the clinton impeachment. >> i think we need to have witnesses. there are a number of witnesses
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with firsthand information that i think that the american people deserve to hear from. i think there are documents that are out there that haven't been seen to test some of the witnesses that we have heard, as well as those that i would like to see called. >> reporter: one of the big names democrats want to hear from is former national security advisor john bolton who has said he is willing to testify, but last night president trump told laura ingram, he would likely block him from testifying by exerting executive privilege. >> i think you have to spore the sake of the office. i would like everybody to testify. i like mick to testify. i like mike pompeo to testify. rick perry to testify. i want, everybody but there are things that you can't do from the standpoint of executive privilege. you have to maintain that. so we'll see where it all goes. >> reporter: while it is possible a senate end of this next week, we are told it will more likely be another week and a half to two weeks before trial gets underway.
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>> the race to the white house. democratic presidential candidate mike bloomberg is polling at 1% in iowa, even though she not campaigning in the state. bloomberg is in texas. here is what he said when asked why. >> a beto show that temperature can win texas. we are going to finally turn texas blue, and we're not gonna leave anyone behind. >> bloomberg said he has already spent $200 million of his own money on his campaign, and today he told the new york times that he is open to spending $1 billion of his own money on either his presidential campaign or the campaign of the eventually nominee. and bloomberg will not be appearing in the next democratic presidential debate because he did not qualify. only six candidates will take the stage on january 14th, the smallest debate so far. joe biden, pete buttigieg, amy
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klobuchar, bernie sanders, liz berth warren, and tom tires. the candidates needed to get 5% in at least four polls, or at least 7% in two polls to qualify, and also needed at least 225,000 individual donations. the debate will take place at drake university in des moines, iowa. still to come tonight, the monument unveiled today honor of a fallen officer. plus disaster specialists from california will soon be heading to puerto rico. the work they will be doing help the island reel from those devastating earthquakes. plus first play-off game at levi's stadium went pretty well for the 49ers to say the least. coming up, more coverage on tonight's thrilling win. and a backlog for immigration judges around the country. why they say they is nearly 1 million pending cases.
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a memorial unveiled today honoring deputy robert french. a statue and plaque featuring the fallen officer's name. he was kill during shootout in 2017. fellow deputies and friends, and family came out to remember deputy french. >> tears of happiness to know
10:31 pm
that people are still remembering him and want to have a permanent place for people to come to remember him in the public. >> deputy french was 52 years old. he left behind three adult children, grandchildren, a sister, and a girlfriend. disaster specialists from california are heading to earthquake ravaged puerto rico. you can see here the extent of the damage on the island. we look at some of the work they will be doing to help in the recovery efforts there. >> reporter: puerto rico rocked by another natural disaster. this time a 5.9 magnitude earthquake rattling the country. >> they asked if we could send a lot of our disaster specialists from california, that are are trained in managing big disaster events. >> reporter: the agency will answer the call. dozens of cal oas workers are
10:32 pm
briefed on the situation. they are sending a team of as many as 50 people, include something caltrans puerto rico. from aftershocks to dealing with people afraid to return to their home. to determine what structures are safe in earthquake specific cleanup. they will help navigate the logistics of a long term recovery. >> some of it is humanitarian, but we'll be helping them for the next few weeks to get themselves back up on their feet. >> cal oes and caltrans crews are scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. and are expected to be gone 16 to 20 days. part of the governor's latest budget proposal includes $20 million for a new state park. california state parks officials have not commented on where that land would be, but there are reports the state is
10:33 pm
eyeing the n3 ranch near livermore. more than a dozen bay area law makes have lobbied for that land to be protected. the ranch weren't up for sale in july for the first time in 85 years. it's sale price is listed at $72 million. a group of mayors and elected professionals joining force, to ask governor newsom to eliminate fossil fuel burning in california. the group said his recent regulations on banning fracking is a first step. the group is preparing as part of elected officials to protect california, a network created to address climate change issues. the president's crackdown on illegal immigration is causing judges to be overwhelmed with cases. judges say there are far more cases waiting to be heard than judges to hear them.
10:34 pm
one judge said the doj efforts to break up their union is only hurting their case. >> reporter: one week into 2020, and immigration officials are bracing for a busy year. as of today, immigration judges have an ever growing backlog of more than 1 million pending cases. >> it is very challenging. we are placed between a rock and a hard place. >> reporter: this immigration judge in california is in washington this week, trying to save the union she represents, that currently reports directly to the department of justice. >> imagine going into a courtroom where you find out that the prosecutor is essentially the same person who has hired the judge that's going to oversee your case, and that the prosecutor is in a position to fire the judge, and to every wait the judge. >> reporter: she said that immigration judges should be separated from the justice department. doj lawyers in turn are pushing to dissolve her union, making the case in front of a labor
10:35 pm
board in washington this week. the union argues immigration judges are overworked, sometimes assigned as many as 100 cases in an 8-hour day, including asylum and legal status requests. also deports aorder. >> when i lift the bench, there were just over 200 judges. that was in 2015. thanks to thefts of the trump administration, there are now 465 immigration judges, so we've seen the number of immigration judges be double. but what we really need is upwards of 700 immigration judges. >> reporter: in fiscal year to 2019. judges saw 444,000 new cases, up 200,000 over the said that j a union, they need help. >> congress and the president need act together in order to remove the incentives for people to enter the united states illegally. >> reporter: they are hoping for get cases through the
10:36 pm
courtroom faster with more judges, a way to shorten waiting periods that now sometimes top a full year. we already know who will host next year's golden globe awards. plus meghan markle is wait nothing time getting to work after me and prince harry step down as senior royals. the media giant she reportedly signed a deal with. >> and tracking rain chances over the next few day with, with one storm showing up in the five. -day forecast. more details coming up.
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nbc announced today that tina fey and amy puller will host the golden globes for the fourth time. meghan markle seems to have already found her financial independence. the duchess of sussex has reportedly signed a deal with disney. according to one british newspaper, the former suits star will provide voice-over for an unspecified project that will benefit elephants without borders. earlier this week, prince harry and meghan announced they would
10:40 pm
step back from their royal duties and working to become financially independent. the always entertaining harlem globetrotters are in the bay area area today. the event starts a run of seven games in the bay area, including games in san jose and oakland next weekend. the globetrotters pushing the limits world tour will be in the bay area through january 20th. well, the bay area weather pattern, we'll be tracking a lot of energy up to our north. that could impact at least our skies in terms of cloud cover, maybe some shower chances, as well. another round of king tide as we head into your sunday forecast, as you can see, the extreme high tides once again setting up for tomorrow. so not too much has changed from today. in san francisco, the high tide tomorrow morning, just about noon in fact, 11:54, and then continuing to come down into early next week, as see abbrederis we head into monday. satellite showing you last activity up to the area.
10:41 pm
portland and seattle, the rain and snowfall here and some of those clouds already moving into portions of the north bay for tonight, even some scattered showers around eureka. current numbers, a bit of a chill in the sayre. santa rosa 39 right now. hayward 44, and san jose in the upper 40s. 47 degrees. her is our live camera looking out toward the bay, toward the bay bridge for tonight, and the clouds continue to move in. we had a few showers very early this morning. tomorrow morning, probably just some clouds moving in. so tomorrow throughout the day, partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies, at least in san francisco, temperatures will be approaching the mid-50s for tomorrow afternoon. so here is the bigger picture out here in the pacic. the storm track, a well defined storm track and some of the energy, as werthern california. now, at least for tomorrow, and then once again later in the day monday, there is a chance we could have a few sprinkles, a few light showers move into portions of the bay area, but
10:42 pm
definitely this will some clouds. the most organized system is several days away, but especially wednesday night into thursday, the rainfall rates could be picking up as a stronger storm, which is still well offshore approaches our coastline. here is the forecast model. throughout the day on sunday, definitely some clouds moving in. the chance of a sprinkle 0 are a light shower, mainly favoring the northern half of the bay area, but still right around the center portion of the bay, that could pay us a visit to later into sunday evening. so once again, we have that chance. this is monday, and then into monday, 5:00, you'll notice the best chance of rainfall your -- that point, maybe a few sprinkles, but still we'll be tracking clouds, and then monday night into tuesday morning, maybe a few scattered showers. so this is all not a big deal, but still will be tracking a few showers. probably the biggest deal, as we mentioned, will be wednesday evening into thursday. forecast highs for tomorrow. we'll have the cloud cover with that chance of a sprinkle 0 are
10:43 pm
a light shower. temperatures will be in the 50s. and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. you'll notice we bring in more clouds by monday, the slight chance of a shower, and maybe a lingering chance on tuesday. mostly some pretty weak systems moving in. that deal on wednesday, a chance on wednesday afternoon, but i'm thinking a better bet wednesday night into thursday that could be more like a storm you expect in january, so i will be waiting for that. and we're not going out to a week from tomorrow just yet for the big football game. >> yeah, was looking for that. >> but right now, the model is actually keeping us dry. so we'll hold on to that forecast. >> all right, thank you so much, mark. >> dave: that's it for news. sports wrap is next. the 49ers are the alpha in their first have been playoff game at levi's stadium. introducing a single sports destination.
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