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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 17, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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news were police are looking for a man who say kidnapped his daughter. the latest on the investigation. michael bloomberg is in the bay area. more on his plan to combat climate change. we are two days away from the nfc championship game. we have complete coverage including what you need to know. the news at noon starts now. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach . out of santa cruz, the search is underway for a man who police say kidnapped is one-year-old daughter. they are looking for that man on the screen. brian sellen . they say he kidnapped his daughter mila. the girl was last seen wearing pink pajamas. anyone who sees this individual is asked to call police. we do have a crew headed to the scene. we'll bring you more
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information as it comes in. we are also following breaking news out of plaster county. the sheriff's office is responding to a report of a avalanche off of highway 89. several victims are currently unaccounted for. we'll continue to follow that story and bring you more information as soon as we get it. the countdown is on. 49ers fans are excited. we are two days away from the nfc championship game. >> they are back at practice this afternoon. the game is sold out. there are some tickets on the secondary market. on stubhub, the cheapest ticket about $300 now. fans are getting very excited. allie rasmus is joining us now. there was just a rally for fans. >> reporter: yes. there is fans everywhere including at the airport. we are in the middle of a pep rally going on behind us. you can see about 100 people or so gathered in the middle of terminal three.
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this is the united terminal. you can see goldrush cheerleaders. they have trivia. they have some games. they are giving out prizes as well. we'll show you what it looked like when this kicked off about 45 minutes ago. >> let's go niners! >> let's go niners! >> reporter: we talked to some of the fans here who were on their way to catch their flight including one man who was originally from ireland. he is a diehard 49ers fan. he says he has to take a flight to switzerland. he'll be watching that nfc championship game at 1:00 in the morning on sunday. we talked to him and a lot of folks who were pleasantly surprised by this pep rally. >> here we are. five long years of torture. here we are. we are going for it, baby. we are going for it. >> fun thing.
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fun thing. go 49ers. >> you have to appreciate it. >> and his heart but i know they got the one win earlier this year. i think it is time for them to come back. >> reporter: that last fan you heard from also lives in the bay area. he has been here for 13 years. he is a packers fan. he grew up in wisconsin. he says he has to represent his home state. he had a bit of an exchange. all fun and games. he was wearing a packers shirt. what did you expect? you can see the pep rally still going on. the cheerleaders are out here. they are signing autographs and taking pictures with people. they will be out here for the next 15 minutes or so. a lot of fun out here at san francisco international. back to you.
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>> allie rasmus, thank you. the only place you can watch is on your couch. it has brought you right here on ktvu fox 2. we will have the premier of 911 lone star and then ktvu fox 2 news. a long time later has died. terence hallinan passed away this morning at his home. he was elected to the board of supervisors in 1987 where he served for eight years. in 1995 he was elected to be the district attorney. he was arrested as an antiwar protester in the 1960s. his son says he passed away in his sleep peacefully. terence hallinan was 83 years old. michael bloomberg is in the bay area making campaign appearances. he arrived this morning in oakland. he went to meet the oakland mayor on franklin street. the mayor said that bloomberg
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has been working with oakland for years on issues such as climate change and infrastructure. later, he attended a campaign event. he said part of the agenda calls for cutting greenhouse gases by closing more power plants around the country. >> i commit myself to causes that i believe in. gun safety legislation and closing coal-fired power plants, combat climate change. >> he will attend another event later today in monterey. hundreds of people turned out for campaign appearance by andrew king last night. his poll numbers are in the single digits but they have been rising giving him a chance to qualify for the february 7th debate. >> this is very much up in the air.
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no one has decided who they are going to support. we have been growing faster than any other campaign. >> he was just named national cochair of the campaign. a new poll shows bernie sanders getting support. the poll has the senator at 20% support to 19% for joe biden. elizabeth warren came in at 12% . michael bloomberg has 9%. 6% to pete buttigieg. 20% of the people said they were undecided. house speaker nancy pelosi is home today. this year's census count could be critical because california is at risk of using a congressional seat for the first time in history. experts say the population growth has slowed to historic lows in recent years. immigration has dwindled and birthrates are down.
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>> this is a very important initiative to make sure that everyone is counted. >> the census takes place every 10 years. the process of deciding of how to draw the boundaries happens the following year. president trump's legal team has been announced. ellen dershowitz has been hired along with ken starr. opening statements will begin tuesday. >> reporter: the long-awaited trial officially underway thursday after john roberts was sworn into preside over the third trial of its kind. >> you will do impartial justice so help you god. the process shifting from the
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house to the senate. >> i think they will come to the same conclusion that we did it. >> we have to see the evidence go forward during this trial. we have seen a lot of new information. >> reporter: the trial reconvene after the long weekend and will run six days a week for as long as needed. >> we are ready to mount a full defense. >> reporter: dismissal is still an option they are discussing. the calls for witnesses growing louder on the other side of the aisle. now is information surfaces, alleging president trump's freeze of military aid to ukraine violated the law. >> and agency squarely raises the importance of mick mulvaney as a witness. >> reporter: opening statements
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are expected to start on tuesday. for that, house managers and the defense team will submit briefs outlining the case. the house has until saturday to submit. the president, monday. in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. a homeowner reportedly shot a suspect during a burglary attempt shortly after 10:00 this morning on san marino drive . police say the homeowner reported that someone was breaking the window and trying to enter. the homeowner says he fired shots when the suspect was trying to break into it. he does not know if he hit the suspect. the suspect was seen driving way possibly in a silver mazda or similar station wagon. anyone within formation is asked to call police the chp is investigating
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after crash involving runway driver. a honda heading southbound in the northbound lanes slammed into a toyota at 230 this morning. the runway driver died at the scene. the other person was taken to the hospital. the scene was cleared just before 6:00 a.m. this was the second deadly crash involving a runway driver in two days. yesterday morning, i driver was killed on highway one in pacifica. chp is also investigating a crash in san jose on northbound 101 just south of story road at 11:30 last night. police say the car slammed into a pole, dropping the driver inside. at one point, two lanes were close. a 14 your girl was rescued after using snapchat to tell her friend that she had been kidnapped. police arrested albert buck has who they say met the girl, gave her drugs, raped her, and then drove her to a motel.
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two others were arrested. the girl did not know where she was but her friends use the snapchat app to figure out her location and notify police a frightening account for homeowner in danville. >> i saw him standing there. what she did after coming face- to-face with an intruder and why she says it is not the first time. plus, recovery efforts are underway in australia. i will have what is bring relief to these areas coming up. a mix of sun and clouds outside this afternoon. we return to dry weather in time for the weekend. i will have look at the current conditions and what you can expect in the extended forecast, coming up. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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climate is the number 1 priority. i would declare a state of emergency on day 1. congress has never passed an important climate bill, ever. this is a problem that continues to get worse. i've spent a decade fighting and beating oil companies... stopping pipelines... stopping fossil fuel plants, ensuring clean energy across the country. how are we going to pull this country together? we take on the biggest challenge in history, we save the world and do it together.
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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an update now to breaking news about alpine ski resort. the sheriff's department says at least one person has died and one person is seriously
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hurt after an avalanche. the sheriff's department said there were several people unaccounted for and it is unclear if they are looking for more people. in addition to the one death and one person her, the avalanche happened near the ski run that is described by many as a beginners ski run. we'll continue to follow this bring you more information. firefighters on the scene of a gas leak on fifth street just south of city hall. a construction crew accidentally punctured a gas line. several buildings have been evacuated. an evacuation center has been set up. no injuries reported. rain storms in australia helping firefighters to bring the fires under control. >> that may lead to more issues with devastated communities. jeff paul has more. >> reporter: intense thunderstorms bringing temporary relief to australia on friday.
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people on the east coast experiencing heavy rain for the first time in months. >> we have had four days of rain in the last four months. that has only been short. this is the what is stay for a long time. >> reporter: that dropped thought to be a heavy cause of fires. those fires have killed two dozen of people and millions of animals. also destroying many homes. >> we needed the rain and water. especially with how dry it was. i think it will help with the haze as well. >> reporter: it is helping to clear six smoke. >> it is not a healthy environment. again, it is one of the things that is just a reality of the situation now. >> reporter: these areas aren't in the clear yet. rain is expected to help contain flames but it could bring flash floods and falling
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debris into areas without vegetation. the fire crisis still drawing support from around the world. people donating time and money. >> everybody knows somebody who has been impacted by the fires. also, we are in a high-risk area. it could be us. >> reporter: a second set of storms is expected next week bringing damaging wind gusts and flash flooding. jeff paul, ktvu fox 2 news. the san francisco zoo is launching a quality naming contest. the zoo is looking to name a quality which recently made a debut. participants will be asked to donate any amount to submit a name. all the money will benefit the bushfire wildlife fund. the sunshine is here, rosemary. >> yes. although we started way chillier this morning than
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yesterday, we are now having temperatures above. giving you alive look into the south bay. it is going to be nice weather for the big game on sunday. right now, a bit of a chilly one. santa rosa reporting 45 degrees. santa rosa started out with fog this morning. and that helped to keep the temperatures down. 49 in san francisco. low 50s, oak low. san jose coming in at 53. take a look. warmer than we were yesterday. more sunshine today. 5 degrees warmer in napa. livermore and san jose 7 degrees warmer. into the weekend, subtle changes expended. here's a look at some of that cloud cover with a mix of sun and clouds expected for the next few days. we are looking at tahoe where some areas reported 1 to 2 feet of new snow over the last 24 hours. areas over alpine reported
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close to 20 inches. we are seeing that area dry as well. the advisory for winter travel expired this morning. we've saw a few scattered showers and now we are looking a partly sunny, dry conditions over to who. it will remain that way for the weekend. as far as visibility, much improved. about a mile long i-80. the central valley had a lot of fog this morning. here's a look at the future cast for us at home. we'll remain with dry conditions. partly cloudy. as we get into saturday, more of the same. here's a look at saturday afternoon. you can see the high clouds. into sunday, increasing cloud cover as well. the rain will stay to the north at least for the next few days. stadium, gametime is 3:40. 56 degrees at kickoff and low 50s by the halftime as we get closer to sunset.
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here's a look at that afternoon highs for today. remaining cool in santa rosa. 53. 53 in san francisco. low to mid 50s for the east bay and south bay. san jose, 56. partly cloudy skies. it is a called one in tahoe at this hour. we have truckee at 27 degrees. south lake tahoe, 32. partly sunny and partly cloudy over the weekend. overnight, in the 20s. 40s for the afternoon. the extended forecast for us at home, again, we are going to remain dry. i will have a look at the extended forecast in a bit. >> thank you. we have new information on the rocket attacks on u.s. bases in iraq. what we are learning about the 11 service members were wounded.
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they then flattened out and fell. dow jones is ever so slightly on the plus side. the snp slightly up too. nasdaq as well. americans work issued in the missile attack and bases in iraq. central command says 11 service members are being treated for concussions. we get more from greg palkot. >> tensions could be arise on again after the supreme leader lashes out at the west. leading prayers for the first time in nearly a decade, he called the trump administration false and despicable american clowns. claiming the funerals for soleimani show the people still support the iranian regime. >> translator: america keep saying we are standing with the
12:25 pm
iranian people. you are lying if you stand with the people, it is because you want to stick your poisoned dagger into the chest of the nation. >> reporter: that led to a missile attack by iran against bases in iraq housing u.s. troops. rudy giuliani initially said there were no casualties. spokesperson said 11 service members were injured. >> they obliterated several aircraft facilities. >> reporter: the president trump says it is working to contain iran's implement throughout the region. >> this president launch the first airstrikes in 10 years. >> reporter: the pentagon says there are no plans for u.s. troops to be removed from iraq .
12:26 pm
greg palkot, ktvu fox 2 news. jury selection complete in the harvey weinstein trial. it ended this morning with 12 jurors. seven men and five women. it sets the stage for testimony next week. he is charged with sexually assaulting a woman. he said any sexual activity was consensual. the investigation underway after unintended acceleration my several tesla vehicles. plus we have continuing coverage of the nfc championship game. i look at what fans can expect if they're lucky enough to have a ticket to the big game.
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we are following breaking news. a search is underway for man
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who kidnapped his daughter according to investigators. allport looking for this man. his name is brian sellen. they say he kidnapped his daughter, mila. the girl was last seen wearing pink pajamas. anyone who sees him or mila are asked to call police. we'll bring you more information throughout the newscast and online at we're also following breaking news out of alpine ski resort. at least one person has died and one person is seriously hurt after an avalanche. the sheriff's department said there were several people unaccounted for and it is unclear people are still missing. we do note this happened near the subway ski run in the beginner area of the resort. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more information as we get it. we are two days away from the nfc championship game. the 49ers back at practice. jimmy garoppolo met with the
12:31 pm
media yesterday and was asked if you knew the moment when the 49ers went from being a contender to a super bowl contender. >> i think you always have that feeling before the season. i wouldn't say there was an exact point during the season that it clicked. just the tightness of this group, the offense, defense, the interaction with each other. it makes for a good group to be around. >> that is the quarterback. the defense will try to stop aaron rodgers. the defensive coordinator was asked why this teams rush is one of the best. he says a lot of speed. >> when there is space created for that offensive line, you're getting them on islands. it creates a lot of one-on-one. when you're looking at buck and armistead who are more power rushers, the more space the better. when they can create that
12:32 pm
space, it makes them even better on the inside. >> nick buss has nine sacks this season. he ranked third in the nfl with 38 pressures. fans are getting pumped for the big game. elissa harrington has everything you need to know if you're lucky enough to have a ticket. >> reporter: on sunday, this empty parking lot behind me will be packed with 49ers fans tell getting ahead of the game. the game starts at 3:40 p.m. the gates open at 11:40. that gives fans plenty of time before kickoff. here is video from last weekend 's game. fans had out barbecues and where i had to tell 49ers gear. everyone with tickets this weekend it's a rally towel. there will be pregame entertainment including djs, a bud light bar, and a kid zone. they also unveiled new menu
12:33 pm
items inspired by the cheeseheads. it includes cheesesteak, beer cheese nachos, and grilled cheese toast. this is so fans can take a bite out of the competition. >> when it comes to football, i'm not really necessarily worried about the calories. i know some people are. i want this to be more about flavor, you know, you are enjoying a one time in a year event. we are going big. take it up a notch a little bit. >> reporter: more than 70,000 people are expected at the game. there are safety measures in place that you should be aware of. any bag brought in must be clear. you're not allowed to stand on your seat and the team is asking fans to avoid using profanity. leave the parting outside. if you've had too much to drink, security will not let you through the gates and you don't want to miss this game. santa clara, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. the police of san francisco and green bay has had
12:34 pm
a bit of a wager. >> if the packers win, i will where green bay packers jersey reluctantly. if the 49ers win, the chief will have to wear our san francisco 49ers jersey. >> the losing chief also has to donate to a nonprofit foundation. the chiefs were partners going back to the los angeles police department and they work together for 20 years. keep in mind, the only place to watch the nfc championship game here on ktvu fox 2. when the game ends, we will have the premier of 911 lone star and then ktvu fox 2 news. a frightening encounter for homeowners who came face-to- face with an intruder. henry lee spoke to the woman who confronted the suspect after he broke through her front door. >> there was a large crash. i jumped up and there was a man
12:35 pm
in my living room. >> reporter: karen harris is counting your blessings after a burglar broke into her home at about 8:30 wednesday morning. >> i saw him standing there. he saw me and i yelled at him. i yelled at him what the are you doing in here. he ran out. >> reporter: it happened on santa clara drive. she says she didn't get a good look at the men because it was dark inside the house but he was dressed in a ski mask. >> he was about five foot eight. >> reporter: he got into a black car. police stopped a jetta but it was the wrong car. harris wasn't hurt. she will have to get a new door. the intruder kicked it in and it knocked a hole in the wall and sent pieces of the lash flying. two boards are a temporary fix. the door was ported back in 2017 after she interrupted another burglar at 1:00 in the morning. >> i was sleeping. i heard this
12:36 pm
large crash. i jumped up and i flipped on my hall light. i peeked around the corner. somebody had crashed in the front door. >> reporter: we asked like burglars seem to make a beeline for her house? >> i would like to know that too. i don't know. >> reporter: police canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses and video. >> i say the cop car and went in. i figured there is something going on here. >> reporter: gary chester has lived on the street for 44 years. >> it is scary because i do have a grandson and a daughter living with me. they are older. you're always worried about somebody breaking in. >> reporter: police tell me they are working on a number of leads. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a federal agency is looking
12:37 pm
into tesla after claims cars can speed up on their own. the national transportation safety board is looking into it. they released a document outlining the allegations with 127 owner complaints including 110 crashes and 52 injuries. several tesla models are part of the investigation. it is a three day weekend for many people. some of us will be heading to the sierra. getting there might not be too easy. this is what it look like early this morning on highway 80. mike shows us what to expect. >> reporter: we are standing at the 5000 foot elevation level. there are still some low flurries. truckers like the guys who are trying to figure out whether it is worth braving the interstate since they have been parked here last night. they say a good five inches has
12:38 pm
fallen here at the 5000 foot elevation level. if you are going on the interstate, that is the in a press right there. chain controls in effect throughout the morning and snow covering the interstate this morning. it is a slow drive over donner summit. really, a great start to the holiday weekend because no issues for spin outs and accidents this morning. we have gotten off to a smooth start. can we continue that? the big thing will be if drivers continue to heed the speed limit getting up over donner summit inside chain controls. drivers going too fast cause the problems and then cause a domino effect driving wise, you are still going to need chains but not a lot of issues yet. also, what kind of snow? that is playing a role.
12:39 pm
skiers and snowboarders, this is the top layer. that is light, fluffy powder. that is the good news if you like to play in the snow. they love that. underneath that, yesterday it was a wet, heavy snow. that is ice right now. that is white there is slick conditions. if you're coming up for the holiday weekend, one trucker said take it slow and be prepared. the worst thing you can do is come up here without chains and not be prepared for the inevitable accident or spinout that can create a lot of issues and delays on a big holiday weekend. back to you. >> many bay area peak still have snow on top. people are headed up mount diablo. park rangers closed the road at 3000 feet because the higher elevations were covered in snow and ice.
12:40 pm
some people have definitely enjoyed a good snowball fight. >> i have seen it on snapchat. >> you can see the snow up in the mountains. >> summit road at the diablo overlook is expected to remain closed throughout the day. a lot of people are as showing 49ers pride. next, you will meet a van. nice weather for the niner game this weekend. take a look at that. blue skies overhead in a bit of a warm-up. i will have a look at what you expect in your bay area forecast, coming up. tom steyer: no child should have to worry
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about finding good food in school. so, when my wife kat and i learned california public school children couldn't get fresh produce in the cafeteria, we took action. we partnered with local farmers, school kitchens, a non-profit. that program now serves over 300 million healthy meals every year. the difference between words and actions matters. that's a lesson washington dc could use, right now. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. be there for you, and them. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, control is possible. still following that breaking news of an ask the latch and to hope that is located right off highway 89 per we just received an update from the sheriff's department. one person has died and at least two people have been seriously injured.
12:44 pm
initially the person department said one person. the rescue team is looking for more potential victims. this happened right near the subway ski run. it is considered a beginner run. that is closed right now while the rest of the resort remains open. we will bring you more information as we get it here on air as well as at fans have two days before the big game. if you're lucky enough to go to the game, you made bump into one diehard fan at the parking lot perks we'll he'll likely be front and center painting. frank mallicoat has the story. >> painting has always been something in my life. >> reporter: mick motley is a certified sports not. who else sets up camp and paints in the parking lot at >> i want to go to the super bowl and go to the parade.
12:45 pm
>> i want to sit on the sidelines and take pictures. his murals adorn the walls. >> how many hours to do one of those? >> 30 to 40 hours. >> reporter: he paints his heroes to the warriors best. today he added a little george to his jimmy. >> it is effortless now after doing this for 40 years. it is just relaxing. >> you have to be mighty proud here? >> i am. i am. >> reporter: once a janitor, motley was fired for drawing on boxes. his art career then took off. some of his work has fetched thousands of dollars per his
12:46 pm
custom hats, $150 per tom brady to lebron james. the money is great but a complement is priceless. his favorite? >> wow. wow. i love wow. i can't stand it is nice but i love wow. >> reporter: he has gotten his share of wolves. joe montana wears one of his heads. jerry rice has become my friend. his favorite is this painting which led to a memorable introduction. >> i have the conversation before the games. >> reporter: he will never forget the day he got his masterpiece signed. >> he was doing a signing in san jose. i went there just to get his feeling. dwight clark was like, oh my goodness. this is often. >> reporter: and nick says is
12:47 pm
our turn. >> richard sherman, he took the super bowl away from us. now it is time to give it back to us. i'm hoping that richard sherman saves the day. hopefully, we don't need him to save the day. hopefully we take it and head to miami. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it was a party this morning. we celebrated all things 49ers. we had pizza and wings as well as sourdough sam. we had the cheerleaders. we had a helmet of legos. we asked them for their thoughts and this is what one of the veteran cheerleaders had to say. >> i have been around for a long time now.
12:48 pm
i was there when we were at candlestick park i feel good about this next game. >> they are young. their energetic energy is there. they are ready to go. >> do not forget, the nfc championship game airs on sunday at 3:40 p.m. on ktvu fox 2 perks >> i wish i had a ticket. >> me too. the weather is going to be great. outside the doors at this hour, a look into san francisco where we have a lot of blue skies. temperatures started off chillier this morning but that has since changed. we are several degrees warmer now due to all that sunshine and debt dry weather. pretty impressive. area as well to the north, more than 2 inches. almost 2.5 or so.
12:49 pm
even the urban areas did really well. san francisco, more than an inch redwood city, three quarters of an inch oakland, more than an inch. this is some good news. this system really brought us a lot. the thunder, the lightning, the low snow. here's a look at where we stand for the season. 35% to 80%. we wanted to keep coming. we are going to be dry. here's a look at what we are seeing right now. partly cloudy skies. the rain is to the north of us. it is going to stay there as we go through the next few days. i will show you the next opportunity that comes our way. we'll take a look at the temperatures for today. here's a look at saturday morning. starting out mainly dry. sunday morning, more of the same. in and out of clouds. no rain in the forecast. here is monday morning. we are still looking dry.
12:50 pm
tuesday is going to be the next system that brings us some good rainfall into the bay area. temperatures right now, a chilly one in some spots. some areas have struggled with fog this morning. still really cold for inland communities. concord reporting 45. upper 40s to low 50s. the only saving grace is the sunshine. temperatures are really cool in windsor at 48. pope valley at 46. a bit of a chill in the air. tomorrow morning, you can bet we will be cold again. afternoon highs will come up as we get into the weekend. of minor warn of but thankfully it is not a cooldown. 53 nap up. only going to 50 for santa rosa. 53, san francisco. low to mid 50s for the inner east bay. 56, san jose. getting into your extended forecast for asylum,
12:51 pm
temperatures will remain on the mild side. low to mid 50s expected on saturday afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. warmer in time for the sunday. a tad warmer for holiday monday before the chance for rain returns to the bay area. back to you. an offensive sign is barking a discussion about segregation. debora villalon reports. >> this is laying on the ground. >> reporter: a sign spotted by a staffer. >> probably about four by six. what are we going to do about it? >> reporter: call it out, the superintendent does. he used the sign to discuss segregation in san rafael schools. >> it is a huge problem. >> reporter: he teaches in english but naturally, spanish is spoken. english is a lot of their second languages.
12:52 pm
almost every child is bussed to this more affluent and predominantly white neighborhood where most families opt for a different school. overall, white students are the minority. >> 170% of the kids are latino, that is a changing demographic. that gets hard for some white parents to deal with. >> reporter: leaders in the community say the sign is not as important as the response it triggered. >> we want to make sure all of the students feel welcomed, feel supported, and loved. >> reporter: no matter what their language. they are planning dual immersion programs expected to diversity campuses. >> you need 50% spanish speakers. that is a great way to get a
12:53 pm
good 50-50 integration. >> reporter: the goal, equity and inclusiveness. >> to have a happening once again, in 2020, and one of the more progressive counties in the united states. >> reporter: the superintendent ended his newsletter with his own custom sign. >> we want our kids to be bilingual. let's turn it into a positive. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come, changes for some passengers at oakland international. the reason jet blue has decided to no longer land at the airport. (beep)
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the ups and downs of frequent mood swings can plummet you to extreme lows. (crying) lift you to intense highs. (muffled arguing) or, make you feel both at once. overwhelmed by bipolar i symptoms? ask about vraylar. some medications only treat the lows or the highs. vraylar effectively treats depression, acute manic and mixed episodes of bipolar i. full-spectrum relief of all symptoms. with just one pill, once a day. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles, or confusion, which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements, may be permanent. side effects may not appear for several weeks. metabolic changes may occur.
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movement dysfunction, restlessness, sleepiness, stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. we are staying on top of developing stories. a man is accused of kidnapping his 1-year-old daughter.
12:57 pm
henry lee will have the latest on that. and crews are on the scene of a deadly avalanche at alpine meadows ski resort. the sheriff says one man has died in two have been injured. according to a spokesperson, these are pictures right now, according to that spokeswoman no additional people have been reported missing. the search ended about an hour ago. we'll have the latest today on the 4. a great week for the dow jones. getting closer to the 30,000. currently up more than 50 points. the nasdaq and s&p both positive. jetblue will stop flying out of oakland at the end of april. it is the only airline with nonstop service from oakland to new york's jfk. it is adding flights on existing roads and reduce flights on others that are not
12:58 pm
meeting expectations. jetblue will continue to fly from san francisco and san jose. the lsu tigers were honored in washington d.c. they met with president trump this morning. the team gave the president's special lsu jersey. the team toward the nearby national museum of african-american history and culture. marriott an nfl are teaming up to offer a once-in-a- lifetime experience for one lucky fan at the super bowl. the winner is from here in california. >> reporter: the good part is, it is here. super bowl liv just two and half weeks away and courtyard by marriott showcasing the redesign suite at hard rock stadium that has been turned into a hotel suite of sorts. >> they transformed the suite. >> reporter: you may be wondering who gets to sleep here and wake up here the day
12:59 pm
of the big game. one very lucky contest winner and her three friends. courtyard was searching for a game changing friendship and launched the contest. denise selected as the winner. >> the fact that she has passion for being a doctor and she was told many times before she became a doctor that she wasn't going to be able to do it. then she finally persevered. >> reporter: denise and her friends will get to enjoy the game in this luxurious area. and they will get to be part of exclusive events throat the weekend. >> i'm sure they will have a lot of surprises which i'm not allowed to tell you get. [ laughter ] >> the super bowl will be held sunday, february 2nd. you can watch that right here on ktvu. first things first. >> you can also watch the nfc championship game right here on ktvu fox 2. we have to win
1:00 pm
that one first. a lot of history here between the packers and the niners. three wins for the niners, 44 the packers. thanks for watching, everyone. dr. oz starts now. gaga. how a new therapy helped her through her emotional trauma. and justin bieber's battle with lyme disease. and mark wahlberg throws out a challenge to me. i'll tell you why. and opening about her own health struggles and her husband's cancer fight. coming up next. dr. oz: are you ready for season 11? [applause] >> that


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